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This show is a gay version of similar reality dating shows like The Bachelor.  As an added twist there are several straight men in the group.  If they are chosen they win a cash prize.


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News Articles about Bravo Networks Boy Meets Boy 9/10/04 Gaydars going haywire

Elites TV 5/28/04 Star of TV’s “Boy Meets Boy” Joins the Cast of Off-Broadway’s Comedy Smash

Slate 3/24/04 Why gay men on reality TV can paint bedrooms but aren't allowed to pair-bond

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Reality TV World 11/24/03 'Boy Meets Boy's James and Wes ended relationship,....

Reality TV World 10/9/03 Final date of James and Wes on 'Boy Meets Boy' flirted ... with disaster

Reality TV World 9/8/03 Boy Meets Boy - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 9/5/03 Episode 6: The Home Stretch… and Stretch… and Stretch

The Advocate 9/5/03 Meet the boys

Fans Of Reality TV 9/4/03 Boy Meet Boy, 9/2/03: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Planet Out 9/4/03 The dish from James of "Boy Meets Boy"

Reality TV World 8/29/03 Boy Meets Boy - Episode 5 summary

Reality Reel 8/28/03 Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Reality News Online 8/28/03 Episode 5: The Possibly Straight Cat’s out of the Bag

Fans Of Reality TV 8/27/03 James, The New Nancy Drew.

Reality TV World 8/25/03 Boy Meets Boy - Episode 4 summary

Reality TV World 8/25/03 'Boy Meets Boy' Jason Tiner booted from Navy for disclosing sexuality

Zap2It 8/25/03 'Boy Meets Boy' Contestant Discharged from Navy

Fans of Reality TV 8/21/03 Wanna Ride My Pony?

Reality Reel 8/20/03 Down to Three, But Who the &%!$ Could the Straight Mate Be!?

Reality News Online 8/20/03 Boy Meets Boy, Episode 4: Yeah, But Do You LIKE Me?

Reality TV World 8/15/03 Boy Meets Boy - Episode 3 summary

Reality News Online 8/14/03 Boy Meets Boy, Episode 3: It’s Raining Gay and Secretly Straight Men

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/03 Boy Meets Boy, 8/12/03: Lions And Tigers And Men...Oh My!

Reality Reel 8/13/03 It's Raining Men, But Who Will Survive?

Reality TV World 8/11/03 Boy Meets Boy - Episode 2 summary


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