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About the Bands on the Run Show


VH1 sends four regional bands on the road for two months and the ultimate winner gets $50,000.   The music network has booked the four competing groups at small clubs across the country and outfitted them with tour vans. Other than that, they are on their own to generate tickets sales and sell their merchandise. The winner will be the band that generates the most revenue.


Listen to samples of the Flickerstick CD - "Welcoming Home the Astronauts"!


News Articles about Bands on the Run


NY Rock 1/8/02 Flickerstick Gear Up to Hit the Road

CD Now 12/12/01 Daft Punk, Flickerstick, & Lina Share Their Faves Of 2001

PopMatters 11/6/01 Flickerstick: Welcome Home the Astronauts

Billboard 10/30/01 Flickerstick's Off To A Running Start

Mighty Big TV 10/28/01 Harlow Show in Philly

Pollstar 9/2/01 Headlining Tour For Flickerstick

Our Midland 8/15/01 Uh-O-town

Zap2It 8/12/01 MTV/Viacom Sued Over VH1's 'Band'

Allstar 7/26/01 VH1 Bands On The Run Winner, Flickerstick, Signs To Epic

Mighty Big TV 7/24/01 Casting Special

Mighty Big TV 7/18/01 Reunion Special

Mighty Big TV 7/9/01 Miami, Part 2

Mighty Big TV 7/1/01 Tampa

Indy Week 6/27/05 See Band Run

Mighty Big TV 6/24/01 May 30 Show At Brownie's

Mighty Big TV 6/24/01 Atlanta, Part 2

Reality TV Fans 6/20/01 Bands Still on the Run in Atlanta - Episode 12

Mighty Big TV 6/20/01 Atlanta

Mighty Big TV 6/11/01 Atlanta

Mighty Big TV 5/28/01  Memphis

Mighty Big TV 5/21/01 Nashville

Mighty Big TV 5/13/01 Columbus, Part 2

Mighty Big TV 5/11/01 Columbus

Entertainment Weekly 5/11/01 Last Band Standing

Cincinnati Post 5/4/01 'Bands' is a sleazy but true reality show

Music Dish 5/1/01 Whether on the Run or Not, Josh Dodes Band Makes a Name for Itself

Reality News Online 4/8/01 Bands on the Run Premieres

Caller Times 4/6/01 Reality TV: It just keeps going and going ...

Dallas Observer 7/20/00 VH1 hires Flickerstick to be on of its Bands on the Run


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Reality TV Links - Bands on the Run   (See more about their CD here)

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Josh Dodes Band



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