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Ashthon was raised singing in the youth choir at church and has continued to perform in various venues in Nashville. She enjoys drawing portraits and writing songs.


News Articles about American Idol Contestant Ashthon Jones


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TV Guide 3/17/11 Idol's Ashthon Jones on Being Labeled a Diva: "I Know I Ain't All That"

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Examiner 3/11/11 'American Idol': Ashton Jones 'felt' exit was coming (video)

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LA Times 3/11/11 Ashthon Jones, booted from 'American Idol,' talks about her future

TV Guide 3/11/11 Ashthon Jones on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez and Being a Diva

Entertainment Weekly 3/11/11 'American Idol': Ashthon Jones' final performance -- Exclusive Video

BuddyTV 3/10/11 She's Their Wild Card: Ashthon Jones' 'Idol' Season in Review

Reality TV Fans 3/4/11 American Idol Top 13 Finalist Revealed 3/4/11 Ashthon Jones Wins American Idol Wild Card Spot with Dreamgirls Anthem

USA Today 3/2/11 Ashthon Jones brings some Diana Ross to a Monica tune

Hollywood Gossip 2/24/11 Meet Ashthon Jones, American Idol Semifinalist


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