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This show will follow Ashlee Simpson, sister of Jessica Simpson as she writes and records her debut rock album.


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News Articles about MTV Networks The Ashlee Simpson Show


Reality TV World 1/28/08 Report: Ashlee Simpson planning reality dating show for new album

Celebrity Spider 6/3/06 Ashlee Simpson Sets Summer 2006 Tour

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Ashlee Simpson's Showdown With Ryan Cabrera's New Love

Reality TV World 12/7/05 'The Ashlee Simpson Show' star reveals previous eating disorder problem

Reality TV World 11/5/05 Drunken Ashlee Simpson tape broadcast on Canadian television

Reality TV World 10/26/05 Ashlee Simpson's 'I Am Me' album debuts atop Billboard sales chart

Reality TV World 10/17/05 Ashlee Simpson dishes about lip-synching on new album

Reality TV World 10/3/05 Ashlee Simpson celebrates 21st birthday as MTV's reality cameras roll

Celebrity Spider 8/6/05 Ashlee Simpson Wants to Face Demons

Celebrity Spider 8/6/05 Ashlee Simpson to Address Lip-Synch On New Album

Celebrity Spider 6/7/05 Ashlee Simpson Denies Accusations She Physically Threatened Lindsay Lohan

Celebrity Spider 5/8/05 Ashlee Simpson Blonde Again

Celebrity Spider 4/15/05 Ashlee Simpson Ignored Her Lip-Synching Critics

Reality Reel 4/10/05 Ashlee Simpson: The Finale: Ashlee Goes On Tour

Reality News Online 4/1/05 The Ashlee Simpson Show - Season 2 Finale: The World is Watching

Reality Reel 3/30/05 Ashlee Simpson: Ryan Gets Ashlee A Dog, Ashlee Gets Ryan A Rat

Reality News Online 3/24/05 The Ashlee Simpson Show, Season 2, Episode 9: Say It with Animals

Reality News Online 3/18/05 The Ashlee Simpson Show - Season 2, Episode 8: London Calling

Reality Reel 3/13/05 Ashlee Simpson: Ringing In The New Year & Performing At The Orange Bowl

Reality News Online 3/11/05 The Ashlee Simpson Show - Season 2, Episode 7: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Reality Reel 3/7/05 Ashlee Simpson: Run For Your Lives! It's The Paparazzi!

Reality News Online 3/4/05 The Ashlee Simpson Show - Season 2, Episode 5: Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

Reality Reel 2/27/05 Ashlee Simpson: Ashlee Wins Best New Female Artist At The Billboard Awards

Reality News Online 2/24/05 The Ashlee Simpson, Episode 5: No Rest for the Ashlee

Reality Reel 2/19/05 Ashlee Simpson: Ashlee Performs At TRL, And Gets An Interior Designer


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