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Eclipse 3/19/04 Wonderfalls: Another Cool Show Sacrificed On The Altar Of FOX Friday Night?

Television Without Pity 3/17/04 Wax Lion

TVRules 3/17/04 Wonderfalls: Karma Chameleon Preview 3/19

Zap2It 3/16/04 FOX Tries to Draw Viewers to 'Development,' 'Wonderfalls'

NY Times 3/14/04 Joan, But Definitely Not of Arcadia

Boston Globe 3/14/04 Will 'Wonderfalls' be windfall for her?

Contra Costa Times 3/13/04 Fox's 'Wonderfalls' not all that amazing

Salt Lake Tribune 3/12/04 'Joan of Arcadia' is a tasty dinner; 'Wonderfalls' is a quirky dessert

Washington Post 3/12/04 Comedy Makes A Splash

Projo.com 3/12/04 Wonderfalls: Hearing voices can be fun

Calgary Sun 3/12/04 Plain wonderful

NY Times 3/12/04 Orders Come From a Talking Lion (Made of Wax)

Deseret News 3/12/04 'Wonderfalls' isn't 'Arcadia'

The Oregonian 3/12/04 Quirky, surreal 'Wonderfalls' has right touch of offbeat mysticism

USA Today 3/12/04 Take the 'Wonderfalls' plunge while you can

SF Chronicle 3/12/04 Trinkets are spirit guides in Fox's brilliant 'Wonderfalls'

NY Daily News 3/12/04 Weird series 'Falls' short

Southern Voice 3/12/04 Some Fox-y ladies

Seattle PI 3/12/04 This midseason it's a 'Wonderfalls' life

Boston Globe 3/11/04 'Wonderfalls' is unique mix of whimsy and cynicism

Beacon Journal 3/11/04 Look what's talking in show

Baltimore Sun 3/11/04 'Joan,' with more edge, anger and odd energy

Chicago Sun Times 3/11/04 The toy bossing her around -- whose lion is it anyway?

Sun Sentinel 3/11/04 Wonderfalls' premise is silly but TV star is likable

Newsday 3/11/04 Her life's just divine

Zap2It 3/10/04 'Wonderfalls' Offers a Torrent of Wit

Globe and Mail 3/10/04 Break on through to l'autre side

Rocky Mountain News 3/10/04 Saunders: Go figure: 'Wonderfalls' fun

Redlands Daily Facts 3/10/04 Prophet-minded entertainment

Milwaukee Journal 3/10/04 'Wonderfalls' has promise but no soul

Star Ledger 3/10/04 Lions and monkeys and cows. Oh my!

Redlands Daily Facts 3/10/04 A philosophical grudge match

Mercury News 3/9/04 Slacker in new satire learns errors of her ways

USA Today 3/9/04 Caroline Dhavernas works magic

Media Life 3/8/04 The hot midseason show: Fox's 'Wonderfalls'

Trekweb 3/8/04 See the Wonder of Bryan Fuller's New Series

Washington Post 3/7/04 Taking Orders from Animals

Pittsburgh Live 3/7/04 Objects speak to clerk in 'Wonderfalls'

News OK 3/7/04 Fantasy comes to life on Fox's 'Wonderfalls'

Mercury News 2/22/04 Caroline Dhavernas of ``Wonderfalls''


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