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News Articles about American Idol 3 contestant William Hung


Malaysia Star 3/5/05 How's William Hung?

Search Engine Journal 3/1/05 William Hung Rocks The Ask Jeeves Party

Zap2It 1/6/05 William Hung Debuts in 'Mama's Boy' Movie

Channel News Asia 1/6/05 William Hung goes from She Bangs to Shao Bing with his HK movie debut

Reno Gazette-Journal 12/23/04 Hold your ears: Here comes William Hung

The Trades 12/3/04 "William Hung, "Hung For The Holidays"" Review

Alligator.org 10/18/04 Hung joins Gators for Madness

AUtigers.com 10/16/04 Basketball: Midnight Madness Leaves No “Hung” Jury

eMediaWire 10/8/04 William Hung American Idol Phenomenon Performs Live in his First Dallas Visit

CTV 9/30/04 William Hung celebrates the holidays with a new CD

Market Wire 9/23/04 Get Ready to Deck the Halls With William Hung's Soon-to-Be-Released Christmas EP on 10/19

The Age 9/6/04 Idol reject casts off

Omaha Channel 8/25/04 Idol Reject Is Inspiration To Lady Huskers

Channel Oklahoma 8/23/04 Abdul Still Questioning William Hung's Success

Seattle Times 8/23/04 Hung hangs as poster boy for Cardinals' success

San Francisco Chronicle 8/4/04 William Hung keeps his star shining by taking act across Pacific

Utusan Malaysia Online 8/1/04 William Hung sings ``She Bangs'' at Macau casino in Asian debut

North Brunswick Sentinel 7/22/04 ‘Idol’ celebrity wows local day campers

Reality TV Calendar 6/25/04 American Idol: An Idol On The Forbes Top 100 Celeb List

Undercover Music News 6/17/04 William Hung Laughs Back (Video Report)

Daily Leader 6/16/04 Will someone make William Hung vanish?

KTVU 6/16/04 William Hung Hangs On To Spotlight

MTV 6/15/04 William Hung Squeezes Into A Body Suit For Latest Video

Big News 6/15/04 William Hung sells 100,000 of album

Zap2It 6/14/04 Hung Prepares Second Video, Second Album

Undercover 6/11/04 William Hung Butchers A Queen Song

NBC11 6/7/04 William Hung Given 'Props' By Ricky Martin

Pittsburghlive.com 6/7/04 'Idol' castoff -- uh -- wows crowd at Station Square

LA Daily News 6/4/04 'Idol' also-sang wows Six Flags crowd

Reality TV World 6/2/04 'American Idol 3' reject William Hung "sings" at Toronto Blue Jays game

Rolling Stone 6/1/04 William Hung Inspires DVD

KTOK 6/1/04 Today's Geek is Yesterday's Freak

WESH 6/1/04 Hung Hangs With 'Ballgame' Tune Despite Boos

Globe and Mail 5/31/04 William Hung sings at Blue Jays game
CTV 5/30/04 Idol reject Hung sings at Blue Jays game

Marco Island Sun Times 5/27/04 Is William Hung an American Idol?

New Times 5/27/04 Hung like a...

National Enquirer 5/24/04 Death Threats for Unlikely Idol

Chart Attack 5/19/04 William Hung Infiltrates Canadian Baseball Game

The Spoof 5/18/04 Clay Aiken and William Hung to Record a Duet Together

Times Star 5/18/04 Bomb concert: No Big Boi, but Hung hangs in there

MTV 5/17/04 William Hung Overshadows Backstreet Reunion, All-Star Lineup At Wango Tango

The Spectator 5/14/04 William Hung, who the heck is this guy anyway

Aversion 5/7/04 Cex Champions William Hung

News Tribune 5/7/04 Crowd loves Hung just the way he is

The Star 5/6/04 Even pirates are hung up on American Idol reject

Seattle Times 5/6/04 'Idol' reject William Hung is free — and so, finally, is John Stevens

Seattle PI 5/5/04 'American Idol' reject to perform in Tacoma

Pop Matters 5/4/04 Can The Subaltern Sing? Or Who's Ashamed of William Hung?

The Star 5/3/04 The iconic but ironic William Hung

Webindia123.com 5/3/04 Ricky encourages bad version of 'She Bangs'!

Defy 5/1/04 Hung's 15 Minutes

Courier Journal 5/1/04 Album Review -Inspiration

Malay Mail 5/1/04 Good Will Hung-Ting

Seattle Times 4/26/04 William Hung: A cruel, racist joke for 'American Idol'

SF Chronicle 4/20/04 Hung As Buckwheat

Seattle Times 4/20/04 'Idol' reject Hung is hanging in there — but how? And why?

Knot Magazine 4/19/04 Why William Hung's Act Isn’t Funny

Newsday 4/18/04 He's stirring up fans with 'Inspiration'

Daily Journal 4/17/04 Hung bangs into town

MSNBC 4/15/04 He believes he can fly, but can Hung sing?

TVRules 4/15/04 American Idol: William Hung's 'Inspiration' Debuts At #34

WRAL 4/15/04 'Idol' Reject's Album Debuts At No. 34 On Charts

Reality HQ 4/15/04 William Hung mixtape banned from eBay

Reality TV World 4/14/04 'Idol' reject William Hung's CD 'Inspiration' debuts at #34 in U.S. sales charts

Zap2It 4/14/04 Registers Rung by Young William Hung

MTV 4/13/04 William Hung's Sales Figures Are Nothing To Laugh At

Contra Costa Times 4/12/04 Hung up on a little hard work

News Sentinel 4/12/04 Unlikely idol's our inspiration

Toronto Star 4/11/04 Idol reject releases first CD

Anchorage Daily News 4/9/04 Sensation's bad singing Hung out for all to hear

Sun Newspaper 4/8/04 Spoofing an 'American Idol'

SF Chronicle 4/7/04 'American Idol' reject's new CD moving very slowly off shelves

Baltimore Sun 4/7/04 'Idol' loser revels in laughter

Media Life 4/6/04 No Hung jury: William's a hit

SF Chronicle 4/6/04 William Hung: Racism, Or Magic?

Village Voice 4/6/04 Hung Out to Dry

Newsday 4/4/04 He's banging out potential hit songs

USA Today 4/3/04 'Idol' reject William Hung set to release debut album

CNN 4/2/04 Hung on the radio

TVRules 4/1/04 American Idol: William Hung in an all-new Video Featurette Part II (Video)

CNN 4/1/04 Hung on the radio

Fox News 3/31/04 'Idol' Reject Hung Ready for Album Release

UVSA 3/31/04 An unlikely 'Idol'

Extra 3/30/04 Bring Hung Home

MTV 3/30/04 William Hung 'Bangs' Latin Lovers, R. Kelly Cover On Inspiration

Richmond.com 3/29/04 HUNGry for Will

Foxes On Idol 3/29/04 He Banged! He Banged! – The William Hung Concert

Times Dispatch 3/28/04 Hung up on singer who lost on 'Idol'

Canoe 3/28/04 Sure, he's a talentless schlub, but world's gung-ho for Hung

Calgary Sun 3/26/04 She-Bangin’ on heaven’s door

KFMB 3/26/04 San Diegans All Hung Up On William Hung

The Straits Times 3/26/04 Hello, Willy

Computerworld 3/24/04 Hung up on business

Channel News Asia 3/24/04 William Hung's rendition of 'She Bangs' is SingTel's number one call tone hit

Richmond.com 3/24/04 Richmond Bangs!

The Star 3/23/04 Hung up on William

TVRules 3/22/04 William Hung Tracks Available On iTunes

TVRules 3/20/04 William Hung in an all-new Video Featurette

New California Media 3/20/04 Asian 'American Idol': Stereotype or Star?

Africana.com 3/17/04 What It Iz: William Hung, American Sambo

Daily News 3/14/04 Local view: This 'idol' is no loser

The Spoof 3/10/04 Oops! Britney Gets Married Again...to William Hung!

TVRules 3/10/04 William Hung Signs Recording Deal With Fuse & Koch Records

MTV 3/9/04 William Hung Idol-ized With Record Deal, Remixes

Zap2It 3/9/04 Daffy Record Exec Calls Hung 'The New Elvis'

Reality TV World 3/9/04 'Idol' reject William Hung lands record deal, album to be in stores April 6

Rolling Stone 3/9/04 William Hung Bangs Out Debut

Foxes On Idol 3/9/04 He Bangs! American Idol 3’s William Hung’s First CD Coming April 6

SF Chronicle 3/9/04 'American Idol' cast-off cashing in on his celebrity

Billboard 3/8/04 'Idol' Reject William Hung Inks With Koch

The Chattanoogan 3/5/04 William Hung: America's Lovable Loser

The Spoof 3/4/04 Paris Hilton's Night with William Hung

News Journal 3/2/04 Talent no longer required

Purdue Exponent 3/2/04 William Hung mania sweeps the nation

Daily Trojan 3/1/04 Good Will Hung, sing: succeeding in comedy without really trying

Milwaukee Journal 2/29/04 'Idol' reject shows it can be good to be bad

Times-Star 2/29/04 Hung time revisited and London calling

Palm Beach Post 2/29/04 No talent? No problem

Milford Daily News 2/29/04 Pop Psychology: Hung jury

Washington Dispatch 2/27/04 The Lovable Loser

Foxes On Idol 2/25/04 The Legend of William Hung

Reality TV World 2/24/04 William Hung to appear on Fox's 3/1 'Uncut, Uncensored And Untalented' Idol 

Philly.com 2/24/04 Pact could be sour note in William Hung's career

The Trentonian 2/23/04 No talent? No problem for ‘American Idol’ reject

Straits Times 2/23/04 Only Hung will do

Star Telegram 2/23/04 Unlikely star off-key but on the map

Salt Lake Tribune 2/23/04 'American Idol' reject is now livin' la vida loca

St. Petersburg Times 2/21/04 Oh baby, when he moves, he moves

Go Erie 2/21/04 'Idol' loser has last laugh

Globe and Mail 2/20/04 American Idol reject idolized by Web fans

Newsday 2/20/04 'Idol' Reject Ignites Fuse Cable Offer

Daily Californian 2/20/04 Elect William Hung!

Digital Spy 2/20/04 Fuse, Koch offer Hung record deal

MSNBC 2/20/04 He's a loser, baby

Zap2It 2/19/04 William Hung Offered Bangin' Record Deal

CBS 2/19/04 Willam Hung: Singing The Boos

Daily Californian 2/19/04 From Campus Talent Show to Record Deal

Oakland Tribune 2/19/04 Idol wannabe gets record deal

Bergen Record 2/18/04 'Idol' failure goes out with a bang, and then some

NBC 13 2/18/04 'Idol' Reject Finds Way To Cult Stardom

USA Today 2/17/04 Beautiful loser Hung now an idol of sorts

Zap2It 2/13/04 He Bangs: William Hung May Return for 'Idol' Special

Contra Costa Times 2/12/04 'Idol' flop draws cult following

San Francisco Chronicle 2/11/04 UC's accidental pop star 'American Idol' reject is hot item on campus

Oakland Tribune 2/10/04 Student famous after bout with 'Idol' villain

San Mateo Times 2/10/04 Failed contestant still an idol

Tri Valley Herald 2/10/04 'American Idol' loser popular idol

Foxes on Idol 2/7/04 Presenting Clay Aiken’s Alter Ego – William Hung

Varietease 2/3/04 William Hung Phenomenon

Daily Californian 2/2/04 Berkeley Junior Shot Down in American Idol Tryout


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