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Contact Music 12/31/04 Robinson Ordered To Apologise For Theft Insults

Sky News 12/29/04 Anne, Queen of Mean, Goes OTT

Media Guardian 12/2/04 Robinson's weakest joke leaves Liverpool seething

This Is London 11/9/04 The Sleekest Link

BBC 9/26/04 Life of TV's 'Queen of Mean'

Launch 9/8/04 Osbournes for 'Weakest Link'

Digital Spy 9/8/04 Ozzy to appear on 'Weakest Link'

Sky News 7/6/04 Anne's Weakest Link

This is London 3/26/04 Anne in surgery riddle

The Inquirer 12/4/03 Cap’n Cyborg loses to boffinette in Weakest Link

Sunday Mail 11/15/03 My Before Pic Was Better Than My After Pic

Stockport Express 11/5/03 Angela is anything but the weakest link

News & Star 11/1/03 You’re Dim, Anne Tells Alan

icBirmingham 8/22/03 You're not the Weakest Link!

Evening Star 8/18/03 Brave duo face quiz show ice maiden

News Herald 6/22/03 Host of ‘The Weakest Link’ turns heads on Lake Havasu with Amphicar

Guardian 6/3/03 Mail columnist is Weakest Link

Seattle Times 3/21/03 'Weakest Link' used to test why we discriminate

BBC 3/14/03 'Nice' Weakest Link planned

Ananova 3/14/03 Anne Robinson showers contestants with praise

Courier Journal 3/8/03 Weakest link? Darwin knows

USA Vanguard 2/24/03 USA student survives "The Weakest Link"

This Is London 12/16/02 Family: Anne's strongest link

Ananova 12/4/02 No action against Dyke over Anne's anti-welsh outburst

BBC 12/4/02 Robinson's 'Welsh jibe' repeats cleared

Ananova 11/28/02 Celebs don pantomime costumes for Weakest Link special

Zap2It 11/25/02 Game Show Net Says 'Hello' to 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 11/20/02 Anne Robinson upsets the Welsh again

The Crimson 11/14/02 Junior Proves Strength on ‘Weakest Link’

Ananova 11/10/02 Tarrant and Robinson give right answer for love

BBC 11/10/02 Robinson draws viewers to news quiz

Ananova 11/9/02 Anne Robinson boosts viewing figures

Ananova 11/7/02 Merton the weakest wink as Anne takes revenge

BBC 11/1/02 Robinson is next Deayton stand-in

Ananova 11/1/02 Robinson to replace Deayton for one show

Ananova 10/30/02 Anne Robinson's daughter to present US kids TV show

BBC 10/14/02 Robinson attacks Diana choice

Decatur Tribune 9/9/02 Area Residents On 'the Weakest Link'

Zap2It 9/6/02 'Weakest Link' Tweaks Its Format

BBC 8/22/02 Anne's banter is all in good spirit

Ananova 8/21/02 Anne Robinson launches 'attack' on single mother

Ananova 8/21/02 Welsh boxer to take on 'Welsh-hating' quiz host lookalike

Reno Gazette Journal 8/4/02 Finalists get chance to try out for 'Link'

Ananova 7/31/02 Welsh Tory calls for 'Anti-Anne Robinson week'

Ananova 7/18/02 Irish version of The Weakest Link is dropped

Ananova 7/5/02 Page 3 girl's 'fantastically terrible' on The Weakest Link

Zap2It 7/5/02 Anne Robinson Tests High School Students

Zap2It 6/28/02 Family Members Pick Out the Weakest Relative

Ananova 6/25/02 Celebrity lookalikes join Anne Robinson for Weakest Link

Ananova 6/14/02 Anne Robinson to host new chat show

Guardian 6/13/02 BBC2 invites Robinson to dinner

Independent 6/13/02 'Weakest Link' proves strong seller abroad

Miami Herald 5/27/02 Hundred hopefuls make strong play for `Weakest Link'

Zap2It 5/17/02 'Weakest Link' Host Unimpressed with U.S. Smarts

Zap2It 5/15/02 Rap Stars Face Off on Weakest Link

Ananova 5/15/02 The Weakest Link 'to carry on in US' - BBC spokeswoman

Ananova 5/15/02 The Weakest Link told 'Goodbye' in US

Seattle PI 5/14/02 NBC says goodbye 'Link,' hello fall lineup

Ananova 5/12/02 Anne Robinson and JK Rowling in 'battle of the rectors'

Ananova 5/10/02 Weakest Link ratings drop to all-time low

Ananova 5/8/02 Anne Robinson trades insults with up-and-coming comedians

Zap2It 5/7/02 Classic TV Stars Davy Jones and Erin Gray Compete on Weakest Link

Ananova 4/26/02 Page 3 girls set for Weakest Link special

Ananova 4/24/02 Billy Bragg lined up for celebrity Weakest Link special

Ananova 4/24/02 Anne Robinson brands US contestants the Weakest Link

BBC 4/23/02 Robinson to test the UK

Ananova 4/22/02 Weakest Link could face the chop in the US

Zap2It 4/17/02 Memorable Moms Look for Weakest Link

Ananova 4/17/02 Celebrity chefs team up for Weakest Link special

Kent County Times 4/13/02 Will Paul be a strong or a weak link?

Ananova 4/12/02 Welsh contestant says Anne Robinson is "the weakest link"

Indianapolis Star 4/11/02 Host enjoys his role on 'Link' lite

IC Wales 4/11/02 Welsh winner tells Robinson she's weakest

Ananova 4/10/02 Weakest Link (UK) searching for contestants for sci-fi special

This is London 4/3/02 Say knickers to playing Anne Robinson, Anna

Ananova 3/31/02 Anne Robinson linked with university post

Ananova 3/28/02 Anne Robinson's autobiography to be turned into a movie

Ananova 3/28/02 Anne Robinson eyes chance to appear in Frasier

Detroit News 3/27/02 Ypsilanti girl to appear on 'Link'

Zap2It 3/26/02 Playboy Playmates Compete on the Weakest Link

The Pioneer 3/14/02 United Way happy with 'Weakest Link'

Guardian 3/12/02 Thailand threatens to pull plug on Weakest Link

Knox News 3/8/02 'Weakest,' he ain't

Ananova 3/6/02 Germany's answer to Anne Robinson is too rude and good-looking

Ananova 2/26/02 Weakest Link game show produced for mobile phones

Zap2It 2/26/02 NBC Soap Stars to Score on The Weakest Link

Ananova 2/24/02 Good-looking men are Weakest Link on show

St. Petersburg Times 2/23/02  Traversing the Cultural Divides

Ananova 2/22/02 'Aggressive' Weakest Link could be scrapped in Thailand

Ananova 2/21/02 Export of The Weakest Link brings in £15m for BBC

BBC 2/21/02 Weakest Link boosts BBC sales

BBC 2/19/02 Weakest Link 'bad for Thai youth'

BBC 2/17/02 Police escort for Robinson at hunt event

Ananova 2/16/02 Hunt protesters tell Anne: You are the weakest link

Ananova 2/15/02 Protest planned as Anne Robinson comes out to support hunt

Ananova 2/13/02 Thai PM 'stressed out' watching Weakest Link

This is London 2/8/02 Weakest Link's Anne faces hunt protest

Guardian 2/7/02 Queen of Mean vanquished by flower power

Reality News Online 2/5/02 Computer Game Is the Weakest Link

Zap2It 2/1/02 LA Law Cast Gathers Once More for The Weakest Link

Reality News Online  2/1/02 'Weakest Link' Host Shares Her Human Side in New Autobiography

Louisville Channel 2/1/02 'Weakest Link' Killer Gets Life In Prison

Digital Spy 1/30/02 "LA Law" cast guest in "Link" special

Zap2It 1/30/02 Man Judges Wife to Be 'Weakest Link'

Reno Gazette Journal 1/27/02 Auditions draw Reno-area linksters

Florida Times Union 1/26/02 Adventures on 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 1/25/02 Stress counsellor says training helped him on Weakest Link

London Times 1/23/02 'Weakest link gibe' as wife is killed

Green Bay Press Gazette 1/22/02 ‘Weakest Link’ fans line up for a chance at ridicule

BBC 1/16/02 Formula for quiz show success

Detroit News 1/10/02 Network wants strong look-alikes for 'Weakest Link'

Telegraph 1/10/02 Anne Robinson gets a dressing down

Ananova 1/9/02 Robinson hits back at fashion's 'weakest link' claim

Sky News 1/9/02 Anne Dresses Down Pundit

Zap2It 1/9/02 Anne Robinson: Fashion's Weakest Link

Ananova 1/9/02 Seinfeld actors in Weakest Link special

Hollywood Reporter 1/9/02 'Link' not fully connected in syndication premiere

Zap2It 1/8/02 Anne Robinson Named Worst Dressed

E!Online 1/8/02 Robinson: Fashion's Weakest Link?

Ananova 1/8/02 Anne Robinson named fashion's weakest link

Detroit Free Press 1/7/02 'Weakest Link's' daytime host is less of a meanie

Knox News 1/3/02 'Weakest Link' as the sun shines

Post Gazette 1/1/02 'Link' returns to 'Burgh

Ananova 12/29/01 Anne exchanges insults with Weakest Link drag queens

St. Petersburg Times 12/26/01 Side Show

Zap2It 12/21/01 Fear Factor Winners Compete on The Weakest Link

Seattle Times 12/14/01 Are you game? 'Weakest Link' pulls into Seattle for tryouts

Guardian 12/13/01 Neil Hamilton to face the queen of mean

Ananova 12/13/01 Neil Hamilton in 'headline grabbers' Weakest Link special

Guardian 12/12/01 Weakest Link travels to China

Ananova 12/12/01 Weakest Link to be launched in China 12/6/01 BBC exports 'Weakest Link' to China

Globe and Mail 12/3/01 Fading game shows are prime time's weakest link

BBC 11/27/01 Weakest Link beats Richard and Judy

Guardian 11/27/01 Robinson thwarts Richard and Judy's debut

Zap2It 11/26/01 Third Watch Cast Appears on Weakest Link

Ananova 11/26/01 Club promoter to appear on The Weakest Link

The Register 11/23/01 Teenage dotcom millionaire to star on Weakest Link special

Ananova 11/19/01 Weakest Link family turn nasty

Zap2It 11/15/01 Star Trek Cast To Prosper on The Weakest Link

Ananova 11/15/01 Millionaire trounces Weakest Link in TV ratings battle

Guardian 11/15/01 Robinson is weakest link

Cincinnati Post 11/14/01 'Link' searches for station

Ananova 11/12/01 The Mummy Returns and The Weakest Link hit UK shops

Zap2It 11/7/01 Jerry Mathers and Danica McKellar Compete on the Classic Child Stars Edition

Ananova 11/7/01 Night And Day beaten by Weakest Link in opening episode

BBC 11/2/01 Robinson is top TV earner

Ananova 11/2/01 No question - Anne Robinson is a top earner

Zap2It 11/1/01 WWF Stars Face Off on The Weakest Link

Zap2It 11/1/01 Ice-T and Kathy Najimy Compete on The Weakest Link

Digital Spy 10/31/01 NBC orders more celebrity 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 10/27/01 Weakest Link spokesman denies claims of over-60s ban

Oregonian 10/24/01 Harding finds the ice too thin to hold her on 'Weakest Link'

This is London 10/23/01 TV's queens of mean at loggerheads

TV Guide 10/22/01 Clinton Mistress on Weakest Link!

BBC 10/22/01 Millionaire and Link top toy charts

Zap2It 10/18/01 Jerry Springer and Mark Walberg Match Wits with Host Anne Robinson

Digital Spy 10/17/01 Anne Robinson to host other TV hosts

Kansas City Star 10/12/01 You, too, can be `The Weakest Link'

Zap2It 10/9/01 'Weakest Link' Joins WGA

Telegraph 10/6/01 I've lied about my daughter for 30 years, reveals Anne Robinson

St. Petersburg Times 10/5/01 Side show

Cincinnati Post 10/5/01 In search of the strongest link 'Weakest Link' holds auditions

Ananova 10/5/01 'Nasty' second presenter picked for US Weakest Link

Zap2It 10/5/01 'Junkyard' Host Moves To 'Weakest Link'

Digital Spy 10/5/01 "Newsmakers" Weakest Link to air shortly

Florida Times Union 10/1/01 Tryouts for game show pull a crowd

Des Moines Register 9/28/01 'Weakest Link' searches for contestants in D.M.

BBC 9/28/01 Weakest Link game scores points  (Order here)

South Bend Tribune 9/26/01 NBC seeks Michiana's 'Weakest Link'

TV Guide 9/24/01 Brady Bunch Meets Weakest Link!

Post Gazette 9/24/01 Bradys on 'Weakest Link

Detroit News 9/18/01 Television networks begin to return to normal programing

Ananova 9/11/01 Weakest Link contestant dresses up as Anne Robinson

The Star 9/10/01 Quiz-show mania hits Hong Kong

Globe and Mail 9/4/01 Robinson to Regis: You are the weaker show

Ananova 9/4/01 Hong Kong's Weakest Link is ratings hit after presenter becomes 'nicer'

Zap2It 9/2/01 'Weakest Link' Host In Running for 'Top TV Bitch'

Ananova 9/1/01 Chris Tarrant says he'll annihilate Anne Robinson

Ananova 9/1/01 Anne Robinson joins race for Top TV Bitch title

Ananova 8/31/01 World Cup heroes prove to be The Weakest Link

Free Lance Star 8/26/01 Anne Robinson certainly no weak link herself

Ananova 8/25/01 Anne breaks into a smile on comedians' Weakest Link

Zap2It 8/23/01 'Brady' Cast Reunites on 'Weakest Link'

CNN 8/22/01 Hong Kong 'Weakest Link' hit by cheating claims

icWales 8/21/01 The day the Welsh fought back

Ananova 8/19/01 Weakest Link trounces Premiership football

BBC 8/19/01 Weakest Link trounces Premiership

Ananova 8/18/01 'Nasty' Nick is the strongest link

BBC 8/17/01 Robinson winds up Welsh contestants

Ananova 8/17/01 Anne mocks the Welsh again

News Wales 8/17/01 Anne Robinson faces Wales in TV showdown

BBC 8/15/01 Virtual Anne Robinson unveiled

Ananova 8/14/01 Cyber Annie is the strongest link

Ananova 8/12/01 Big Brother's Penny is once more The Weakest Link 8/10/01 Anne Robinson's dominatrix style fuels our sadistic desires

Zap2It 8/10/01 Russia Gets 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 8/10/01 Weakest Link heads for Russia

BBC 8/9/01 Weakest Link goes Russian

Digital Spy 8/9/01 BBC pits 'Weakest Link' against 'The Premiership'

Ananova 8/9/01 Weakest Link goes head to head with ITV football

Guardian 8/8/01 BBC pitches Robinson against ITV's football

BBC 8/8/01 Robinson battles Lynam in schedule

Ananova 8/8/01 Anne Robinson to find the Weakest Link in the Brady Bunch

BBC 8/8/01 Weakest Link meets Reality TV

Ananova 8/4/01 Weakest Link to feature Big Brother special

Zap2It 8/3/01 Who's the 'Weakest Link' Brady?

Digital Spy 8/3/01 Weakest Link special to feature Brady Bunch

Ananova 7/20/01 Comedians to feature on The Weakest Link

Zap2It 7/19/01 NBC Execs Defend Summer of Reality

San Francisco Chronicle 7/15/01 Why are you still watching 'Link'?

Ananova 7/6/01 Scary Movie parrot tells victims 'you're the weakest link - goodbye'

Detroit News 7/6/01 Clark couldn't grab 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 7/6/01 Anne Robinson's anti-Welsh remarks drew most complaints

BBC 7/5/01 Robinson dig tops TV complaints

Zap2It 7/5/01 Gottfried Strongest Candidate for Syndicated 'Weakest Link'

Guardian 7/5/01 Robinson draws most complaints

Rocky Mountain News 7/2/01 Hey, it's easier to play at home

San Francisco Examiner 7/1/01 Fans line up to be pick of the 'Weak'

Ananova 7/1/01 Anne Robinson turns 'Big Brother' in pop video

Zap2It 6/27/01 'Weakest Link' Snafu

BBC 6/27/01 Ex-wife of TV boss wins Weakest Link

Ananova 6/27/01 Weakest Link winner is ex-wife of TV boss

E!Online 6/26/01 A "Weakest Link" Missing Link

Ananova 6/25/01 US Millionaire and Weakest Link to go out in the daytime

Ananova 6/22/01 Anne Robinson gets praise from American fans

BBC 6/22/01 Weakest Link goes Welsh

Ananova 6/22/01 Anne Robinson to host the Welshest Link

Detroit News 6/21/01 Television's mean streak

Guardian 6/20/01 Weak link loses his job appeal

Post Gazette 6/20/01 You think it's easy to be 'Weakest Link'? Wrong

Penn Live 6/19/01 Hello! Your daughter is on ‘The Weakest Link’

BBC 6/19/01 'Goodbye' to stressed contestant

Zap2It 6/18/01 'Weakest Link' Heads For Syndication

BBC 6/17/01 Weakest Link to battle Millionaire

Ananova 6/16/01 BBC Choice to dedicate night to The Weakest Link

Clarion Ledger 6/15/01 On this game show, only the weakest links can survive

Zap2It 6/13/01 'Weakest Link' Host Becomes 'Dance Floor Diva'

Ananova 6/12/01 US labels bid to sign up Weakest Link single

Jam! 6/12/01 'Weakest Link' No. 1 in Canadian ratings

BBC 6/12/01 Weakest Link hits the dance floors

Globe and Mail 6/12/01 NBC's strongest link

Post Gazette 6/12/01 'Weakest Link' in town

Ananova 6/11/01 Activision release early shots of The Weakest Link

Oklahoman 6/11/01 Host of 'Weakest Link' hides smile from game

BBC 6/8/01 Web link for Weakest Link

BBC 6/8/01 Weakest Link website: Your views

BBC 6/5/01 Weakest Link woman leaves BBC

BBC 6/4/01 Anne Robinson plans bio-pic

Zap2It 6/1/01 NBA-Themed ‘Weakest Link’ Planned for Halftime

Zap2It 6/1/01 NBA-Themed "Weakest Link" Editions (6/8-6/10/01)

BBC 5/25/01 Football's Weakest Links

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/23/01 Brutal honesty can be bad policy

BBC 5/19/01 Weakest Link computer game unveiled

BBC 5/17/01 Weakest Link hits small screen

Oklahoman 5/16/01 NBC attacks weak spots

The Guardian 5/15/01 Leather-clad Robinson turns on US TV chiefs

St. Petersburg Times 5/15/01 NBC builds on 'Link'

BBC 5/15/01 Weakest Link tightens grip

Zap2It 5/14/01 'Weakest Link' Host Helps NBC Make Fun of Itself

Milwaukee Journal 5/13/01 British invasion hits U.S. media

Zap2It 5/11/01 Original 'Survivors' Vote Off Richard Hatch

Reality News Online 5/11/01 Which Survivor Is the Weakest Link?

Milwaukee Journal 5/10/01 Former 'Survivor' gets no love

TV Insite 5/10/01 NBC adds another Link

Rocky Mountain News 5/10/01 'Weakest Link' spoofs Dems

Ananova 5/10/01 Anne Robinson has a new dig at the Welsh

BBC 5/9/01 Stronger showing for Weakest Link

Ananova 5/9/01 Robinson rallies as The Weakest Link regains US viewers

St. Petersburg Times 5/7/01 A livelier 'Link'

Detroit Free Press 5/7/01 Manners are the weakest link on TV

Ananova 5/4/01 Rector says Weakest Link is destructive

Zap2It 5/4/01 Regis Gloats Over 'Link' Ratings

Ananova 5/3/01 'Shock jock' Stern offers to appear on Weakest Link

Ananova 5/2/01 BBC wants to register Weakest Link catchphrase

BBC 5/2/01 Weakest Link weakens grip

Holland Sentinel 5/1/01 Surviving a night of reality TV leaves one off the island

Zap2It 4/30/01 NBC Looks for 'Links'

Zap2It 4/30/01 Survivors Play Weakest Link

Zap2it 4/29/01 'Weakest Link' Host Discusses Strengths

Globe and Mail 4/28/01 Fear & loathing in America

Milwaukee Journal 4/28/01 TV's Robinson 'Pushover' With Dogs

Zap2It 4/26/01 PAX Picks Up 'Weakest Link'

Seattle PI 4/26/01 'Link' pulls NBC out of prime-time gloom

BBC 4/25/01 Weakest Link doubles in strength

Zap2It 4/25/01 'Weakest Link' Contestant Tells All

Salon 4/25/01 Here's to you, Ms. Robinson

Zap2It 4/24/01 NBC Orders More 'Weakest Link'

BBC 4/24/01 Robinson jibes not racist

Zap2It 4/24/01 'Weakest Link' Still Strong On Monday

Milwaukee Journal 4/23/01 People line up for 'Weakest Link'

Zap2It 4/23/01 Did 'Weakest Link' Get It Wrong?

Salon 4/23/01 Rude Britannia

TVInsite 4/23/01 NBC plots syndie plans for Weakest Link

London Times 4/22/01 She can afford to sneer at everyone

Ananova 4/22/01 American columnist challenges Anne Robinson to a duel

Ananova 4/22/01 The Weakest Link makes strong impact stateside

Fox News 4/21/01 Weakest Link Host in High Stakes Book Auction

Ananova 4/21/01 Anne Robinson to write life story

Zap2It 4/20/01 NBC Leaves Out 'Survivor'

BBC 4/20/01 Weakest Link gets stronger

UK Telegraph 4/19/01 Robinson dismisses critics as weak link

Ananova 4/19/01 Weakest Link stays strong in the US

Zap2It 4/19/01 'Weakest Link' Keeps Building Up NBC On Wednesday

Fox News 4/19/01 Hell of a Start

St. Petersburg Times 4/18/01 Strong start for 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 4/18/01 TV bosses deny Anne Robinson is under armed guard

BBC 4/18/01 Weakest Link builds on US success

Zap2It 4/18/01 Weakest Link Gets Survivor Contestants May10

Zap2It 4/18/01 'Weakest Link' Grows On Tuesday

Zap2It 4/18/01 'Weakest Link' Headed to a Computer Near You

BBC 4/18/01 Weakest Link wins US ratings battle

The Guardian 4/18/01 Weakest Link tops US ratings

BBC 4/17/01 Weakest Link wins US ratings battle

Zap2It 4/17/01 'Weakest Link' Pulls Strong Ratings

Reality TV Online 4/17/01 The Weakest Link Premieres in Pro Wrestling Style

Zap2It 4/17/01 Hatch Gets Tossed On 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 4/17/01 Anne Robinson shines but US contestants are The Weakest Link

BBC 4/17/01 Weak welcome for US Link

USA Today 4/17/01 Which 'Survivor' is not the 'Weakest Link'?

Zap2It 4/17/01 'Weakest Link' Host Not a Racist

Time 4/17/01 Amber Waves of Self-Esteem

Zap2It 4/17/01 NBC Is the Strongest Link On Monday

Milwaukee Journal 4/16/01 'Weakest Link' more hype than happening

Fox News 4/16/01 NBC Puts All Eggs in Weakest Link's Basket

The Guardian 4/16/01 TV watchdog clears Anne Robinson over Welsh jibes

UK Telegraph 4/16/01 Is America ready to be ridiculed by Robinson?

BBC 4/16/01 Weakest Link hits US screens

Cincinnati Post 4/16/01 'Link, 'Chains' raise bizarreness bar

San Francisco Chronicle 4/16/01 Anne Robinson Pointed Demeanor to 'Weakest Link'

Star Ledger 4/16/01 Mary Poppins she isn't

Seattle PI 4/16/01 'Weakest Link' adds insult to quizzer-y

BBC 4/16/01 Robinson remarks 'not racist'

Sunday Times 4/15/01 US gets tough with Weakest Link fans .

Milwaukee Journal 4/15/01 NBC Hedging Bets on 'Weakest Link'

St. Petersburg Times 4/15/01 She plays rough

Detroit Free Press 4/15/01 Caustic host is the anti-Regis

Post Gazette 4/15/01 Host only as strong as her 'Weakest Link'

Milwaukee Journal 4/11/01 New reality shows shackle, pummel or insult contestants

Zap2It 4/11/01 'Weakest Link' Premieres With Three Day Run

Zap2It 4/11/01 Philbin Calls 'Weakest Link' A 'Copycat'

Florida Times Union 4/9/01 Moms host their own game shows

Zap2It 4/4/01 Weakest Link Premieres On NBC 4/16/01

BBC 4/3/01 Robinson 'makes peace' with Welsh

BBC 3/15/01 Robinson receives death threat

BBC 3/13/01 Robinson booed at awards

BBC 3/12/01 Expats plan trouble for 'racist' Anne

BBC 3/11/01 Robinson's 'racist' remarks re-broadcast

BBC 3/9/01 Britain dominates TV award nominations

BBC 3/9/01 Police enter Robinson 'race row'

BBC 3/9/01 Robinson defiant over Welsh stance

BBC 3/6/01 Robinson comments anger Welsh MPs

Click on Detroit 3/5/01 You Could Be A Contestant On New NBC Reality Show

Milwaukee Journal 3/4/01 Look out, 'Millionaire'; here comes 'Link'

Zap2It 2/27/01 NBC Wants To Get Real

BBC 2/20/01 Anne Robinson - Goodbye Britain?

BBC 2/17/01 Quiz host joins top earners

UK Guardian 2/9/01 NBC orders 13-part series of Weakest Link

BBC 2/9/01 Weakest Link goes to America

Zap2It 2/8/01 NBC Orders 'Weakest Link' -- Without Hatch

BBC 1/20/01 Anne Robinson: Rudest woman on TV?

This is London 1/19/01 Studio heads turn to Britain in quest to fill the airwaves

Seattle PI 1/13/01 Hatch may surface as game show host

The Guardian 1/12/01 The Weakest Link to make BBC millions

Produxion 1/12/01 NBC buys The Weakest Link

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/01 Hatch of 'Survivor' May Have TV Job

UK Telegraph 1/11/01 Anne Robinson looks for America's Weakest Link

Zap2It 1/11/01 NBC Grabs U.K.'s 'Weakest Link'

BBC 1/11/01 Weakest Link goes worldwide

TVinsite 1/10/01 Survivor star lands NBC pilot

BBC 1/9/01 Weakest Link gets stronger

BBC 1/9/01 Weakest Link man leaves BBC

The Guardian 1/9/01 Weakest Link recommisioned for BBC1

BBC 1/1/01 Weakest Link host cried for loser

BBC 10/23/00 BBC criticised for quiz cash


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