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Maine Today 9/8/05 Idol Voices: Rise to the top

Seattle PI 8/19/05 Songs of Solomon take local stage on 'American Idol' road show

News Press 7/13/05 Vonzell hits another high note

News-Press 7/11/05 Vonzell live

Sun Sentinel 7/8/05 Florida Idol finalists explore options while traveling the road home

Celebrity Spider 6/14/05 'P Diddy Rejected Vonzell on Making the Band 2

News-Press 6/3/05 Vonzell won't sing here anytime soon

TV Guide 5/24/05 Idol's Baby V. Voted Off

Television Without Pity 5/23/05 The Girl Who Was Good At Singing Disco Songs

MediaFiends.com 5/21/05 - Valient Vonzell, Carrie's Career, and the Bodaciousness of Bice

Express Times 5/20/05 All Eyes on Idol: 'Baby V' grows up on stage

Zap2It 5/20/05 Going Postal with 'Idol' Vonzell

News-Press 5/20/05 'Baby V' has more in store

Celebrity Spider 5/19/05 Vonzell Solomon Eliminated From American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 5/19/05 Top Three Interview: A Chat With Vonzell Solomon

Chart Attack 5/19/05 Vonzell Solomon Booted From American Idol, Only Two Remain

E!Online 5/19/05 Vonzell Exits "Idol"

MSNBC 5/19/05 ‘American Idol’ fans will miss Vonzell

MTV 5/19/05 Vonzell Says She Doesn't Regret Picking Challenging Songs

Reality TV World 5/19/05 'American Idol 4' eliminates Vonzell Solomon, making Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood its final 2 finalists

Foxes On Idol 5/19/05 American Idol 4: Why Vonzell Lost

MediaFiends.com 5/19/05 - The Black Goddess Vonzell Solomon was dethroned

MTV 5/19/05 Vonzell Is History As 'Idol' Season Nears Its End

News-Press 5/19/05 Local fans, family mourn 'Baby V's' loss

Chicago Tribune 5/19/05 Mail carrier Solomon sent home on `Idol'

PhillyBurbs.com 5/19/05 Retrospective of Vonzell Solomon's reign on Idol

Metro 5/19/05 Vonzell gets Idol farewell

Philly.com 5/19/05 'Idol' voters give Vonzell the boot

ET Online 5/19/05 Ousted 'Idol': Vonzell's Swan Song!

Newsday 5/19/05 Baby V voted off 'Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 5/19/05 Vonz Is Not Enough

Zap2It 5/19/05 'Idol' Becomes Solomon's Minefield

MSNBC 5/18/05 Bye-bye Baby V

News Press 5/18/05 Local fans say her career is far from over

News-Press 5/18/05 Vonzell voted off 'American Idol'

AL.com 5/18/05 `Baby V' exits `Idol' setting up Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood for finals

Naples Daily News 5/18/05 'Baby V' knocked off 'American Idol'

WBBH 5/17/05 Cashing in on Baby V

News-Press 5/17/05 It's 'Idol' time for 'Baby V'

Naples Daily News 5/14/05 'American Idol' finalist Solomon makes home visit

News-Press 5/13/05 It's 'Baby V' day

Naples Daily News 5/13/05 'Idol' star signs autographs, sings to hometown crowd

Reality TV World 5/13/05 'American Idol 4' finalist Vonzell Solomon was "caught up in the moment"

News-Press 5/13/05 Local 'Idol' on whirlwind homecoming tour

News-Press 5/12/05 'Idol' to be honored here Friday

Naples Daily News 5/12/05 'American Idol' star to return home with full schedule

News-Press 5/12/05 Cancer-free after visiting Baby V; 11-year-old healthy

News-Press 5/11/05 Solomon breaks down in tears after performance

KTVU 5/10/05 Vonzell Solomon Has Family Behind Her

Daily Inter Lake 5/10/05 Kalispell woman taught 'Idol' finalist

Celebrity Spider 5/9/05 Fans of American Idol Contestant Vonzell Solomon can Congratulate her at USPS.com

Jam! 5/9/05 Vonzell Solomon goes from delivering mail to delivering hits on American Idol

Naples Daily News 5/8/05 Song advice for local 'Idol' contestant

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 USPS Issues Address Supporting American Idol Contestant Vonzell Solomon

News-Press 5/4/05 'American Idol' watch

News-Press 4/28/05 'American Idol' watch

News-Press 4/26/05 Vonzell's tricks & picks

News-Press 4/20/05 Local cancer patient sees 'Baby V' live

News-Press 4/19/05 Baby’s brothers

Naples Daily News 4/14/05 Estero girl and family to attend 'American Idol,' meet contestant

News-Press 4/13/05 'American Idol' watch

News-Press 4/11/05 Non-Fox stations ignore Vonzell Solomon

News-Press 4/6/05 'American Idol' watch

News-Press 3/30/05 'American Idol' watch

News Press 3/29/05 Pain, pleasure mark fourth season of show

News-Press 3/25/05 'Baby V' one of show's top 10 finalists

News-Press 3/23/05 'Baby V' impresses judges with performance

News-Press 3/22/05 'Idol' fans drive local TV ratings

News-Press 3/15/05 American Idol’ watch

News-Press 3/15/05 Withdrawal may boost 'Baby V'

Naples Daily News 3/15/05 Parents of 'Idol' finalist from SW Florida in tonight's audience

News Press 3/13/05 Local businessman pays for family's flight to see 'Idol'

News Press 3/12/05 She's everybody's baby

News Press 3/10/05 'Baby V' part of 'Idol's' final dozen

News Press 3/10/05 Family, fans not surprised 'V' lives to sing another day

News Press 3/9/05 'Baby V' part of 'Idol's' final dozen

News-Press 3/9/05 'Baby V' awaits outcome

News-Press 3/9/05 Local fans turn out to support 'Baby V'

News-Press 3/8/05 'V' is for vulnerable, critics say

News-Press 3/4/05 'Idol' hopeful savors spot in sweet 16

News-Press 3/3/05 ‘Baby V’ on to sweet 16

News Press 3/2/05 'Baby V' hoping to make sweet 16

News Press 2/24/05 ‘Baby V’ still going in ‘Idol’

ET Online 2/21/05 Meet the 'Idol' Divas

News Press 2/18/05 'Baby V' enjoying wild roller-coaster ride

ET Online 2/18/05 Get to Know 'Idol''s Final 24!

News-Press 2/17/05 Local singer makes finals

News - Press 1/29/05 Woman has 'Idol' dreams


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