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Rocky Mountain News 10/18/07 Music disguises weak hand in 'Viva'

Seattle PI 10/18/07 'Viva Laughlin' is a crap shoot -- double entendre intended

Knox News 10/18/07 'Laughlin' can't find its rhythm

Bangor Daily News 10/18/07 Quirky 'Viva Laughlin' hits high note for CBS

Post Dispatch 10/18/07 Critic's TV picks for Thursday: 'Viva Laughlin' 10/18/07 It won't set your soul on fire

Daily Herald 10/18/07 New singing casino drama 'Viva Laughlin' goes bust

Salt Lake Tribune 10/18/07 CBS takes a gamble with musical 'Viva Laughlin' 10/18/07 'Viva': Lifeless, even with the music

Chicago Tribune 10/17/07 'Viva Laughlin': The sing-along 'Showgirls' of the new TV season?

Kansas City Star 10/17/07 New on the tube: ‘Viva Laughlin’

Newsday 10/17/07 Hugh Jackman, Lloyd Owen in CBS' 'Viva Laughlin'

San Francisco Chronicle 10/17/07 For Pete's sake, CBS, sing 'Viva' like you mean it

Chicago Sun Times 10/17/07 'Laughlin' can't hit high notes

NY Daily News 10/17/07 'Viva Laughlin' fails to hit the jackpot

USA Today 10/17/07 'Viva Laughlin': Think Elvis musical, just not as good

Celebrity Spider 10/15/07 Ripley Tries to Entice a High Roller From Nicky Next Week on Viva Laughlin

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/15/07 'Laughlin' falls off table; 'Band' has solid beat

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 10/14/07 Tuned In: Losing hand -- Don't bet on 'Viva Laughlin'

Milwaukee Journal 10/14/07 'Laughlin' falls off table; 'Band' has solid beat

Uncle Barky 10/12/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Viva Laughlin (CBS)

Variety 10/12/07 Review: Viva, Laughlin

BuddyTV 10/4/07 Viva Laughlin: ‘High School Musical’ for Adults?

Celebrity Spider 9/26/07 Viva Laughlin to Premiere Thursday October 18 on CBS

Hollywood Reporter 9/13/07 'Viva' song and dance: Showrunners toss dice

Zap2It 8/24/07 New Showrunners For 'Laughlin'

Hollywood Reporter 8/24/07 Bensinger, DeKnight to run 'Laughlin'

Digital Spy 8/23/07 Living goes for US 'Viva Blackpool' remake

USA Today 8/22/07 Viewers love a good mystery, but with song?

USA Today 8/22/07 For CBS, 'Viva Laughlin' is a gamble

Buddy TV 7/19/07 CBS Holds Back Series Premiere of 'Viva Laughlin'

MSNBC 7/19/07 'Viva Laughlin' Bursts Into Song

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Drama Series Viva Laughlin


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