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Contra Costa Times 8/21/06 'Vanished' falls short of amazing

Toledo Blade 8/21/06 Prescient title? Fox’s ‘Vanished’ doesn’t seem to have an ongoing appeal

Boston Globe 8/21/06 Something's missing in new Fox series 'Vanished'

Washington Post 8/21/06 Fox's 'Vanished,' Painting by Numbers With Invisible Ink

Kansas City Star 8/21/06 Thriller needs character

Spokesman Review 8/21/06 'Vanished' shy of odd characters

Virginia Pilot 8/21/06 Fox starts early, rolling out its first TV premiere tonight

Media Life 8/21/06 'Vanished,' and fairly soon most likely

Sun Sentinel 8/21/06 Serial Vanished could be quite a find for viewers

Deseret News 8/21/06 'Vanished' underwhelms

Lawrence Journal World 8/21/06 ‘Vanished’ hopes to kidnap viewers for the long haul

CT Now 8/21/06 Fox's `Vanished' Is Promising 8/21/06 Real, not reality, drama arriving on Fox

Charlotte Observer 8/21/06 Watch for `Vanished,' because it may disappear pretty soon

SF Gate 8/21/06 In 'Vanished,' a senator's wife disappears but once she's found -- then what?

Knox News 8/21/06 Morrow: 'Vanished' steals its best character away

USA Today 8/21/06 'Vanished' conspires to keep you intrigued

Chicago Tribune 8/21/06 `Vanished' might disappear into TV serialized thriller logjam

Post Gazette 8/21/06 TV Reviews: If there's a reason to like 'Vanished,' it may elude the viewer

NY Post 8/21/06 '24' for missing persons

NY Daily News 8/21/06 'Vanished'? It's a goner

St. Petersburg Times 8/21/06 Agent of change

Rocky Mountain News 8/21/06 Saunders: 'Vanished' pops up tonight

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/06 Vanished

Chicago Tribune 8/20/06 Secrets revealed

Orlando Sentinel 8/20/06 Thrills pull a disappearing act in drama 'Vanished'

The Oregonian 8/20/06 'Vanished' is missing much more than senator's wife

Washington Post 8/20/06 A Serial Worth Consuming

Milwaukee Journal 8/19/06 Fox's 'Vanished' could disappear quickly

Nashville City Paper 8/17/06 ‘Vanished’ gets on serialization bandwagon

Chicago Tribune 8/16/06 Ming-Na makes a name for herself in action role

San Francisco Chronicle 8/14/06 Ming-Na Packs Some Heat on New Fox Drama

Zap2It 8/11/06 'Invasion' Star Found on 'Vanished'

Celebrity Spider 8/10/06 New FOX Series "Vanished" Preview Clips

Charlotte Observer 7/26/06 Fox's 'Vanished' lacking a magic touch

Post Gazette 7/26/06 Fox, NBC both go for disappearing acts

Digital Spy 6/23/06 Five snaps up 'Shark', 'Vanished'

Zap2It 6/21/06 'Vanished' Draws 'Dennis' Dude

Celebrity Spider 6/19/06 Penelope Ann Miller and Esai Morales Join Cast of New Fox Drama "Vanished"

Zap2It 6/19/06 Miller, Morales Appear in FOX's 'Vanished'


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