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News Articles about UK Survivor


Digital Spy 5/9/02 Survivor Panama: Dave voted off

Reality News Online 5/3/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 8: Arrows of Discontent

Reality News Online 4/27/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 7: Alpha Wail

Digital Spy 4/24/02 Survivor Panama: Alastair voted off

Reality News Online 4/19/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 6: Logging Off

Digital Spy 4/18/02 ITV pleased with Survivor ratings

Digital Spy 4/17/02 Survivor Panama: Helen voted off

Digital Spy 4/16/02 ITV gives Survivor primetime chance

Reality News Online 4/16/02 UK Survivor 2: Now What?

Reality News Online 4/12/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 5: Voyage of Discovery

Digital Spy 4/11/02 Survivor Panama: Ratings on the up

Digital Spy 4/7/02 Survivor wasn't a flop, says Lythgoe

Reality News Online 4/5/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 4: Food for Thought

Digital Spy 4/3/02 Survivor Panama: Meeta voted off

Reality News Online 3/28/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 3: Turning the Tide

Digital Spy 3/27/02 Survivor Panama: Tayfun voted off

Reality News Online 3/21/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 2: Hung Out to Dry

Guardian 3/21/02 Viewers vote against Survivor 2

Digital Spy 3/20/02 Survivor Panama: Lee voted off

Reality News Online 3/15/02 UK Survivor 2, Episode 1: Sunk

Anorak 3/14/02 I will Survive

Reality News Online 3/14/02 UK Survivor 2: Who’s Who

This is London 3/14/02 First Survivor to go

Sky News 3/14/02 Blonde Bombshell Is No Survivor

BBC 3/14/02 Contestant asks to quit Survivor

This is London 3/14/02 "Suntan" Sarah doesn't survive

Guardian 3/14/02 Viewers reject Survivor 2

Digital Spy 3/13/02 Survivor Panama: Sarah voted off

Guardian 3/13/02 PJ Smoothies to sponsor Survivor

BBC 3/13/02 Survivor II contestants revealed

BBC 3/13/02 Survivor returns with new look

IC Wales 3/13/02 ITV's Survivor makes return

Reality News Online 3/11/02 (British) Survivor Reviver

Digital Spy 3/6/02 Survivor 2: ITV releases scheduling details

Guardian 2/28/02 Survivor 2 plumps for phone poll to pick winner

BBC 2/27/02 Survivor returns to ITV

Guardian 2/27/02 ITV brings back Survivor

Digital Spy 2/26/02 ITV's Survivor 2 to debut March 13

Digital Spy 1/14/02 Hobrough to present Survivor 2 for ITV2

Sunday People 1/14/02 Hot People: Return of Charlotte the harlot

Digital Spy 12/30/01 Survivor 2 location revealed

The Mirror 12/29/01 Champagne Charlotte

Reality News Online 10/25/01 U.K. Survivor Provides an Interesting Comparison

Media Guardian 8/28/01 ITV nears Survivor decision

Digital Spy 8/28/01 Survivor 2 decision awaited

BBC 8/8/01 Weakest Link meets Reality TV

icWales 7/27/01 Charlotte: My Marriage Will Survive

Media Guardian 7/26/01 Ratings joy for Survivor - at last

BBC 7/26/01 'Modest' ratings for £1m Survivor

Anorak 7/26/01 A harlot of money

Independent 7/26/01 'Survivor' winner departs with £1m - leaving a £10m wash-out for ITV

BBC 7/26/01 Survivor proves a TV dinosaur

Digital Spy 7/26/01 Survivor: Charlotte confirmed as winner

This is London 7/26/01 Charlotte, the £1m 'harlot'

Guardian 7/26/01 £1m survivor labels rivals as vindictive 7/25/01 Charlotte scoops £1 million "Survivor" prize

Anorak 7/25/01 Named and shamed

BBC 7/25/01 Charlotte wins £1m Survivor

BBC 7/25/01 Survivor £1m winner to be revealed

This is London 7/24/01 Down to 2, the £1m survivors

BBC 7/23/01 Survivor women vie for £1m prize

Guardian 7/23/01 A parting of the ways for reality TV

Sunday Times 7/22/01 Instant celebrities lose it all for the fame game

BBC 7/17/01 Survivor evictee 'stole ketchup'

Digital Spy 7/17/01 Survivor: Eve evicted from Secutu tribe

Digital Spy 6/28/01 Survivor: James evicted from island

Guardian 6/26/01 Slimmed-down Survivor fails to impress

BBC 6/26/01 Survivor evictee lied to family

Digital Spy 6/19/01 Survivor: Andy evicted from island

BBC 6/18/01 Survivor tough guy voted out

Sunday Times 6/17/01 Survivor, ITV's Fight to Stay at the Top

BBC 6/15/01 Big Brother website trounces Survivor

Guardian 6/15/01 Big Brother beats Survivor in website battle

Ananova 6/15/01 Big Brother website trounces Survivor

Produxion 6/13/01 Survivor tide turns

Telegraph 6/12/01 Allure of being placed on an island

Digital Spy 6/12/01 Survivor: Simon evicted

Guardian 6/12/01 Survivor logs on with 6.5m

Digital Spy 6/7/01 ITV confirms Survivor shift

BBC 6/6/01 Survivor goes once a week

Financial Times 6/6/01 Big Brother ousts Survivor on Internet

This is London 6/6/01 Survivor cut to once a week

Media Guardian 6/6/01 ITV cuts back on £10m Survivor as viewers lose interest

icLondon 6/6/01 Survivor Cut to One Show a Week

BBC 6/5/01 Survivor Jayne begged to leave

Guardian 6/5/01 Survivor ratings on the slide

BBC 6/5/01 Survivor: Just holding on

Produxion 6/5/01 Survivor looks for helping hand

Guardian 6/4/01 Survivor wins back viewers

BBC 6/4/01 Ratings boost for Survivor

Financial Times 6/4/01 Survivor scores record hits on Web

Telegraph 6/3/01 Survivor game show based on public school

Independent 6/3/01 'Survivor' flop deepens ITV crisis

Digital Spy 6/2/01 Survivor: Sarah evicted from island

Unison 5/31/01 Sarah voted off Survivor

BBC 5/30/01 Brother goes big as Survivor sinks

Guardian 5/30/01 1.1m switch off Survivor

Digital Spy 5/29/01 Survivor: Uzma voted off island

Media Guardian 5/29/01 Speed races ahead of Survivor

Zap2It 5/29/01 British TV Disappointed with 'Survivor'

Media Guardian 5/29/01 Marketing reality TV

Telegraph 5/29/01 Survivor sponsored in the nick of time

iAfrica 5/29/01 Survivor doing badly in UK

BBC 5/29/01 Survivor Charlotte tipped to win

Telegraph 5/29/01 TV 'survivor' banished for refusing to eat a rat

The Times 5/29/01 Been there, done that: a survivor

Europe Media 5/28/01 UK: ITV's ‘Survivor' launches interactive text messaging

Digital Spy 5/27/01 Survivor: Producers 'happy' with ratings

The Guardian 5/27/01 You are what you eat

Sunday Times 5/27/01 Book your stay on Survivor Island

Digital Spy 5/26/01 Survivor: JJ voted off island

Guardian 5/26/01 Stripper and gays to help Big Brother in ratings war

Ananova 5/25/01 Married contestant admits Survivor fling

BBC 5/25/01 Survivor affair as ratings trail

Guardian Unlimited 5/25/01 Viewers lose interest in Survivor

BBC 5/25/01 Survivor vows to 'clear friend's name'

The Times 5/25/01 ITV hopes Survivor drama will lift ratings

BBC 5/25/01 Are you sick of reality TV?

icLondon 5/25/01 Survivors Give JJ The Boot

Ananova 5/24/01 Survivors give bossy JJ the boot

BBC 5/24/01 The world of reality TV

The Guardian 5/24/01 Reality text

The Guardian 5/24/01 Reality text

The Herald 5/24/01 Reality bites as ratings for Survivor slump

icWales 5/24/01 Survivor Rivals are Old Friends

The Guardian 5/23/01 Newscaster gets £150k for Survivor

BBC 5/23/01 Survivor ratings stall

icLiverpool 5/23/01 Surviving Celebrity

PR Newswire 5/23/01 ITV's 'Survivor' Launches Interactive Text Messaging For TV Promotions

Guardian Unlimited 5/23/01 Survivor slides in the ratings

Media Guardian 5/22/01 Survivor ratings fail to match hype

BBC 5/22/01 Gallagher's sofa schedule

Financial Times 5/22/01 Creative Survey - Survivor

This is London 5/22/01 12 million see 'Nasty Nick 2' fail

Media Guardian 5/22/01 Survivor deal excludes millions

BBC 5/22/01 Slow start for Survivor

Media Guardian 5/22/01 Austin swaps Survivor for election

Ananova 5/22/01 Survivor's first-night ratings disappointing

Media Guardian 5/22/01 Failure of social skills betrays natural leader

The Herald 5/22/01 Grim reality bites in paradise

This is London 5/22/01 Bikinis, palm trees and rats ...

Media Guardian 5/22/01 Review of Survivor first episode

Telegraph 5/22/01 Survivors stage a putsch in paradise

IC South London 5/22/01 Carter is First Survivor Casualty

BBC 5/22/01 The end of reality TV?

Media Guardian 5/22/01 ONdigital targets Survivor addicts

BBC 5/21/01 Survivor starts TV ratings battle

BBC 5/21/01 Survivor's sun, sea and scheming

This is London 5/21/01 Survival of London's fittest

Media Guardian 5/21/01 The launch of a TV game that trades on our dark side

BBC 5/21/01 Survivor: Your views

Sunday Times 5/20/01 Survivor is reality TV at its most extreme...

Independent 5/20/01 Primitive ratings survival battle is the true reality TV

Sunday Times 5/20/01 Carlton saved by Survivor sponsor

UK Telegraph 5/19/01 TV faces a new reality

BBC 5/17/01 Survivor contestants revealed

Reality News Online 5/17/01 British Survivor Scandal: Do Subliminal Ads Work?

Media Guardian 5/17/01 £5m blockbuster values - and a diet of snakes, rats and maggots

BBC 5/17/01 ITV banks on Survivor

The Times 5/17/01 These people eat rats and plot to betray each other

BBC 5/17/01 How to survive Survivor

Independent 5/17/01 TV castaways face heat, hunger and treachery

UK Telegraph 5/17/01 Critics can judge survival of the fittest TV shows

BBC 5/17/01 ITV banks on Survivor

Media Guardian 5/16/01 They ate maggots but they are "very very intelligent"

This is London 5/16/01 Survivor TV ad sparks complaints

The Guardian 5/14/01 Keep it real

Media Guardian 5/14/01 Survivor squares up for online battle with Big Brother

London Times 5/13/01 Geldof and Alli hit £50m jackpot with Survivor

BBC 5/9/01 Networks clash with reality TV

Guardian Unlimited 5/9/01 Reality TV: war declared

Guardian Unlimited 5/9/01 Survivor takes on Big Brother in TV ratings battle

BBC 3/29/01 New job for 'Nasty Nigel'

Guardian Unlimited 1/15/01 Stars in his sights

BBC 1/8/01 Reality TV bandwagon rolls

BBC 12/23/00 Big Brother's little cousins


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