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Digital Spy 9/15/07 Food critics visit 'Hell's Kitchen'

Digital Spy 9/14/07 Rice is given chop in 'Kitchen'

This is Nottingham 9/14/07 Abbey: Kitchen was hard work

Digital Spy 9/14/07 Adele secretly spits out Marco's food

Digital Spy 9/13/07 Ryan returns to the 'Kitchen'

Digital Spy 9/13/07 Evans frustrated by 'Hell's Kitchen'

Guardian 9/12/07 Jim Davidson's Hell's Kitchen exit

Digital Spy 9/13/07 Clancy insists she'll 'never cook again'

Digital Spy 9/13/07 'Kitchen' stars miss Davidson

Daily Mail 9/12/07 TV show Hell's Kitchen blamed for wild mushroom shortage

Digital Spy 9/12/07 Whiley kisses Deayton in 'Kitchen'

Telegraph 9/11/07 Jim Davidson thrown out of Hell's Kitchen

Daily Mail 9/11/07 Jim Davidson axed from Hell's Kitchen after calling gay Brian a 'shirt-lifter'

Digital Spy 9/11/07 Jim Davidson says 'Kitchen' is like SAS

Digital Spy 9/9/07 'Kitchen' stars attack 'divvy' Davidson

Digital Spy 9/9/07 'Kitchen' stars angry over Clancy pay?

Sunday People 9/9/07 Stars' Outrage Over Abbey's £100K Celery 

Sunday People 9/9/07 Hell? It's Heaven

Reality TV World 9/8/07 British 'Hell's Kitchen' chef Marco Pierre White in hot water over slur

Daily Record 9/8/07 Protest over Gypsy Jibe 

Digital Spy 9/8/07 Dowling confronts Davidson in 'Kitchen'

Daily Mail 9/8/07 Chef Marco rebuked over 'pikey' remark

Digital Spy 9/8/07 'Hell's Kitchen' hit by racism row

TMZ 9/7/07 Gordon Ramsay: Great Balls of Fire

Digital Spy 9/7/07 Boycott booted off 'Hell's Kitchen'

Times Online 9/6/07 Don’t talk with your mouth full while on camera

Digital Spy 9/5/07 Lee Ryan quits 'Hell's Kitchen'

Digital Spy 9/5/07 'Kitchen' stars dubbed 'f**king muppets'

Caterer Search 9/5/07 What's it like to dine at Hell's Kitchen?

Glasgow Daily Record 9/4/07 Marco: I won't cook for veggies

Digital Spy 9/4/07 'Kitchen' customer thrown out by Marco

Digital Spy 9/4/07 Costa wants reunion with 'Kitchen' star?

Daily Record 9/3/07 Celebs Are No Yolk For Marco 

Digital Spy 9/3/07 'Kitchen' chefs rated on egg dishes

Digital Spy 9/3/07 'Kitchen' star thinks women are better chefs

Digital Spy 9/3/07 'Hell's Kitchen' celebs divided by sex

Digital Spy 9/3/07 'Hell's Kitchen' celebs announced

Digital Spy 9/2/07 Adele Silva joining 'Hell's Kitchen'

Sunday Mail 9/2/07 Food Fighters

Daily Record 9/1/07 That's the Spirit

Digital Spy 8/30/07 'Hell's Kitchen' chef plans punishments

Digital Spy 8/28/07 'Hell's Kitchen' star worries about temper

Celebrity Spider 8/14/07 Shannon Elizabeth Set for British Hell's Kitchen Show

Digital Spy 8/6/07 White slams Ramsay's 'Kitchen' skills

Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 Gordon Ramsay: "I Can't Watch Myself on TV"

TV Guide 7/23/07 Bitchin' in the Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay

Digital Spy 7/14/07 New 'Kitchen' chef won't be like Ramsay

Metro 6/11/07 Adele set for Hell's Kitchen?

Digital Spy 6/10/07 Adele Silva signs up for 'Hell's Kitchen'

Hello! 5/7/07 Dawn French gives TV chef Gordon Ramsay a tasty makeover

Reality TV World 2/22/07 Marco Pierre White replacing Ramsay as U.K. 'Hell's Kitchen' host

This is London 2/20/07 Fiery Marco Pierre joins Hell's Kitchen

Media Guardian 2/20/07 Marco takes over Hell's Kitchen

Daily Mail 12/19/06 TV chef backs elderly Christmas meal campaign

Celebrity Spider 11/17/06 Gordon Ramsay Opens New Restaurant in New York City

Celebrity Spider 10/25/06 Gordon Ramsay Pays Brothers Rent

Herald Sun 10/23/06 Nuts over "celebrity" tag

Celebrity Spider 10/18/06 Gordon Ramsay: "George Clooney and Brad Pitt Were Worst Celeb Diners"

Daily Mail 10/16/06 Ramsay is scariest TV celebrity

Celebrity Spider 10/12/06 Gordon Ramsay Axed from UK Hell's Kitchen

Daily Record 10/11/06 Ramsay a turn-off as boss

Celebrity Spider 10/5/06 Gordon Ramsay to Meet Secret Sister

Daily Record 9/22/06 Ramsay Tops Chef Power List

BBC 12/17/05 Complaints as Ramsay kills turkey

The Scotsman 12/9/05 Hell's Kitchen chef 'attacks waiter'

This is London 10/10/05 Ramsay voted best chef

Celebrity Spider 7/28/05 Gordon Ramsay Makes A Mess of Tonight Show Studio

Hexham Courant 6/3/05 Hell's Kitchen Super-Chef Has Winning Ingredient

The Mirror 5/29/05 Sam's Wild Romp With Hunk Aaron
This Is London 5/3/05 Victory tastes sweet for TV chef

BBC 5/3/05 Hell's Kitchen prize for caterer

The Mirror 5/1/05 Secret Lover Of TV Chef

Digital Spy 5/1/05 'Hell's Kitchen' fails to turn up the heat

Daily Record 4/30/05 Gross Out Of Kitchen

Digital Spy 4/29/05 McCririck cooks up a stir at 'Hell's Kitchen'

Daily Record 4/29/05 It's Hell Bitchin

Daily Record 4/29/05 The New Naked Chef

Daily Record 4/28/05 Trainee Is Too Hot To Handle In TV Kitchen

Guardian 4/27/05 Hell's Kitchen contestant thrown off show after bust-up

BBC 4/27/05 Stein couldn't stand the heat, he's out of Hell's Kitchen

The Mirror 4/27/05 Chef's Temper Boils Over

RTE Interactive 4/27/05 Contestant thrown out of Hell's Kitchen

Daily Record 4/26/05 Get Out Of The Kitchen

BBC 4/25/05 Hell's Kitchen makes you look like a twit

Digital Spy 4/24/05 'Hell's Kitchen' chefs may come to blows

The Mirror 4/24/05 Hell's Kitchen: Why Sam Fears Her Ex

Digital Spy 4/24/05 Novelli not interested in 'Kitchen' trainee

Digital Spy 4/23/05 Ellison complains about new 'Hell's Kitchen'

Daily Record 4/21/05 Chef Jean Sticks Knife In

Digital Spy 4/21/05 'Kitchen' contestants spend time in bathroom

Daily Record 4/20/05 Is Chef Jean-Christophe The Dishiest Man On TV?

Sky News 4/20/05 Tennis Pair Grapple In Hell

This Is London 4/19/05 Novelli loses it in Hell's Kitchen

Sky News 4/19/05 Trainee Reduced To Tears

Sky News 4/18/05 Celebrity Kitchens Get Steamy

BBC 4/18/05 Heat back on for Hell's Kitchen

This Is London 4/8/05 Nicole heads for Hell

Sky News 4/8/05 Hell's Kitchen's Gets Saintly

Digital Spy 3/12/05 New 'Hell's Kitchen' chef warns contestants

BBC 3/3/05 Want to go to Hell?

Digital Spy 2/17/05 Huge overhaul for new 'Hell's Kitchen'

MegaStar 12/22/04 Ramsay says Hell, no

Digital Spy 12/20/04 Gordon Ramsay bows out of Hell's Kitchen

Ananova 12/20/04 Gordon says no to Hell's Kitchen

Digital Spy 12/15/04 Gordon Ramsay "lying low"

Ananova 10/2/04 Ramsay says his mother was a battered wife

MegaStar 9/27/04 Jen is all woman

Digital Spy 9/25/04 No more 'Hell's Kitchen' for Ramsay

Ananova 9/25/04 Ramsay slams 'whinging' celebs

Ananova 8/24/04 Ellison's saucy snaps stolen

Daily Record 8/24/04 Ramsay Rapped For The Wrong Kind Of Cursing

BBC 8/23/04 Chef Ramsay rapped for swearing

This Is London 8/23/04 Swearing Ramsay rapped

Ananova 8/23/04 Ramsay rapped for swearing

Daily Record 8/18/04 Hell's Belle

Sky.com 8/17/04 Jennifer Is A Sizzler

This Is London 8/17/04 Hell's Belle! Jen's in Chicago

Ananova 8/9/04 Jennifer loses her temper

Ananova 8/7/04 Ramsay to team up with comedian

MegaStar 7/26/04 Jen's kitchen bitching

Sky.com 7/24/04 Not A Chance In Hell

BBC 7/24/04 Chef Ramsay signs Channel 4 deal

The Scotsman 7/24/04 No more Hell for Ramsay

Ananova 7/22/04 Ramsay turns down £1m Hell's Kitchen offer

BBC 7/21/04 Ramsay 'to miss Hell's Kitchen 2'

Independent 7/21/04 Ramsay to miss out on second helping of Hell's Kitchen

BBC 7/15/04 Gordon goes to Hollywood

Media Guardian 7/13/04 America opens door to Hell's Kitchen

Ananova 7/3/04 Hell's pigeon for Jen

Sky News 7/3/04 Jennifer in Plane Scare

Digital Spy 6/21/04 Ramsey is UK's favourite celebrity chef

ic SurreyOnline.co.uk 6/17/04 Currie cooking in Ramsay's kitchen was taste of hell

BBC 6/17/04 Happy Birthday Jen

Ananova 6/17/04 Jennifer joined by celebs at birthday bash

Ananova 6/16/04 Ramsay approached about rap CD

MegaStar 6/16/04 Ramsay 'rap hell'

Sky.com 6/11/04 Bros Boy On The Boil

Ananova 6/11/04 Ramsay admits Edwina-phobia

Ananova 6/11/04 Goss hits out at Deayton

Sky.com 6/9/04 A Recipe For Disaster

BBC 6/8/04 Jen goes from the Kitchen to the Opera

Daily Record 6/8/04 Currie Goes Potty

Ananova 6/8/04 Jennifer says she likes sex in the kitchen

BBC 6/7/04 Jennifer Ellison wins Hell's Kitchen

Anorak 6/7/04 Hell's Belle

Media Guardian 6/7/04 Going stir-crazy ...

MegaStar 6/7/04 Ell's kitchen

This Is London 6/7/04 Jen's top of the pots

Independent 6/7/04 Ramsay's insults give way to clichés in a sickly final helping

Ananova 6/7/04 Jennifer Ellison wins Hell's Kitchen

Guardian 6/7/04 Kitchen set for second helping

Sky.com 6/6/04 Jennifer Is Top Chef

BBC 6/6/04 Jennifer wins in Hell's Kitchen

Ananova 6/6/04 Edwina gets the boot from Hell's Kitchen

Sky.com 6/6/04 Hell's Kitchen Finale

Telegraph.co.uk 6/6/04 Minister hits out at foul-mouthed Ramsay

The Scotsman 6/5/04 Landlord Al Hopes to Include Ramsay in Show

Daily Record 6/5/04 Ramsay Blamed For Kids' Foul Talk

Ananova 6/5/04 Hell's Kitchen bar bill 50K

Ananova 6/5/04 Al voted out of Hell's Kitchen

BBC 6/5/04 Last orders for Hell's Kitchen Al

MegaStar 6/4/04 Tit of a bore

Daily Record 6/3/04 Abi Kicked Out Of The Kitchen

Sky.com 6/3/04 'That Was The Real Me'

Independent 6/3/04 Big Brother feels the heat of Hell's Kitchen

Sky.com 6/2/04 Abi Titmuss Is Elbowed

Ananova 6/2/04 Jennifer offered job at Claridges

Scotsman.com 6/2/04 Drawn by sultry Cleopatra into Hell's Kitchen

Mirror.co.uk 6/1/04 Pregnant Jade's Fall From Hell

Sky.com 6/1/04 Jen's A Hit With Ramsay

BBC 6/1/04 Hell's Kitchen loses another two celebrities

Independent 6/1/04 The recipe for success

BBC 5/31/04 Carlisle voted off cookery show

Sky News 5/31/04 Carlise Kicked Out

BBC 5/30/04 Chefs drag Ramsay over hot coals

Independent 5/29/04 My descent into Hell's Kitchen

Telegraph 5/29/04 Viewers start to lose appetite for the Hell's Kitchen recipe

Guardian 5/28/04 The Guardian profile: Gordon Ramsay

Guardian 5/27/04 Hell's Kitchen turns cold for ITV

MegaStar 5/27/04 Celebs flee Ramsay's kitchen

BBC 5/26/04 Celebs get the Hell out of the Kitchen

MegaStar 5/26/04 Hell's boobs and blubs

Sky News 5/26/04 Revolt in Hell's Kitchen

Digital Spy 5/26/04 Two can't stand the heat in 'Hell's Kitchen'

BBC 5/26/04 Stars walk out of Hell's Kitchen

Ananova 5/26/04 Ramsay claims his first scalps in Hell's Kitchen

Ananova 5/26/04 Viewers enjoy celebrities' misery in Hell's Kitchen

BBC 5/25/04 Ramsay rocks in Al's kitchen

Ananova 5/25/04 Al Murray is favourite to win Hell's Kitchen

Digital Spy 5/25/04 'Hell's Kitchen' is breakout hit for ITV

BBC 5/25/04 All hell breaks loose in Gordon's kitchen

BBC 5/24/04 Hell's kitchen opens for business

BBC 5/24/04 Chef Ramsay cooks up 7m audience

BBC 5/21/04 Matt Goss descends into Hell's Kitchen

Sky.com 5/13/04 Jordan: Welcome To Hell

Media Guardian 5/4/04 Currie and Cook join Hell's Kitchen

Sky.com 5/4/04 Abi Aims To Be Spice Girl

BBC 4/30/04 Restaurant in chef show row

Sky.com 4/17/04 Back To Reality For Host


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