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News Articles about UK Big Brother


ic Liverpool 4/15/05 Big Brother's Bez goes for the Domino effect

Digital Spy 4/15/05 BB4's Ray in new dating show

Media Guardian 4/14/05 Channel 4 can't do without Big Brother

Media Guardian 4/14/05 Big Brother's father buys it back

BBC 4/14/05 Big Brother's future in spotlight

DeHavilland 4/8/05 Mystery star to join BB house

Sky News 4/8/05 Dippy Jade Meets Her Match

Ananova 4/5/05 Big Brother date confirmed

Sky News 4/1/05 Big Dough: Davina's Payout

Ananova 4/1/05 Davina agrees to more BB

DeHavilland 3/27/05 Big Brother "nutters"

Daily Record 3/19/05 Jade Pal Cleared

The Scotsman 3/18/05 Cameron to drop in to Murraufield

Daily Record 3/18/05 Be Quiet, Jade

Ananova 3/17/05 Jade plans topless calendar

Daily Record 3/16/05 Jade Beach Bust-Up

Sky News 3/16/05 Jade's Holiday Drama

Ananova 3/16/05 Jade in holiday bust-up

Daily Record 3/15/05 Shell Keeps Them On

The Sun 3/3/05 The Goodys on display

Digital Spy 3/3/05 C4 reaffirms commitment to Big Brother

Digital Spy 3/2/05 Davina, Dermot confirmed for BB6

ic 2/28/05 Hopefuls flock to Big Brother auditions

icNewCastle 2/21/05 No wedding for BB star

Manchester Online 2/21/05 Fifteen minutes of Big Brother fame

ic Wales 2/18/05 Big Brother puts out call to Welsh wannabes

Ananova 2/18/05 Big Brother's Stuart sets up helpline

Manchester Evening News 2/17/05 Stewart's Big Brother advice

Ananova 2/17/05 Jackie: I was going to call the Queen to complain

Ananova 2/17/05 Jade: Ryan's a bit thick

Ireland Online 2/16/05 BB wannabes plead for five weeks of fame

Anorak 2/16/05 Low And Behold

Scotsman 2/16/05 Irish Hopefuls Knock on Big Brother's Door

Anorak 2/16/05 Face Ache

The Mirror 2/13/05 Brrrother It's A Little Nippy

DeHavilland 2/12/05 Big Brother star in hospital drama

The Sun 2/12/05 Brigitte in 999 dash

Manchester Evening News 2/11/05 Brother's big day in town

Daily Record 2/9/05 Praise From BB Winner

The Scotsman 2/6/05 Big Brother circus hits town

The Scotsman 2/5/05 Big Brother TV hopefuls queue up in the Capital

London 24 2/1/05 Loads of fun for Brother Bez

Guardian 2/1/05 Big Brother helps C4 beat the January blues

Ananova 2/1/05 Jackie says her dogs predicted Bush win 

Romford Recorder 1/31/05 Loads of fun for Brother Bez 1/31/05 Big Brother Shell still likes to strip off naked

Contact Music 1/28/05 Nielsen Slams Stallone's Age Claims

Contact Music 1/28/05 Happy Monday Bez Becomes Unlikely Health Guru

Sky News 1/28/05 Bez To Star In Get Fit Vid

Ananova 1/28/05 Brigitte slams Jackie's youth

Ananova 1/28/05 Bez to release fitness video

Borehanwood Times 1/27/05 Celebrity Big Brother goes out with a bang

Contact Music 1/27/05 Happy Monday Bez To Be Reality TV Star

Sky News 1/27/05 Big Bro's Victor Arrested

Launch 1/27/05 Bez: the TV show?

Contact Music 1/26/05 Nielsen Still Blames Stallone

Contact Music 1/26/05 Stallone Considered Writing Letter To Queen

Daily Record 1/25/05 BB's Drop In Ratings

Ananova 1/25/05 Partying Bez misses Richard and Judy

Chart Attack 1/24/05 Happy Mondays' Dancer Wins British Celebrity Big Brother

RTE 1/24/05 Big Brother's Bez abandoned drugs plan

This is London 1/24/05 Bez planned to smuggle drugs

Scotsman 1/24/05 Slight Drop in Viewers for Celebrity Big Brother

Sky News 1/24/05 Happy Monday: Bez Is Dancing To The Bank

Daily Record 1/24/05 I'm Going to Pimp Up My Ride Man

BBC 1/24/05 Bez's shock win

Ananova 1/24/05 Bez's win is biggest shock in show's history

Times Online 1/24/05 It's a very happy Monday for Bez

This is London 1/24/05 Freaky Bez wins Big Brother

Digital Spy 1/23/05 Series voting breakdown

Digital Spy 1/23/05 Celeb BB3 raises £262,002 for charity

Digital Spy 1/23/05 Which charities will benefit from CBB3?

Digital Spy 1/23/05 Bez wins Celebrity Big Brother 3

BBC 1/23/05 Celebrity Big Brother won by Bez

Scotsman 1/23/05 Freaky Dancer Waltzes off with Celebrity Prize

Mirror 1/23/05 Bez Went Broke Paying Friends Mortgage

Digital Spy 1/22/05 Chavs and kebabs task passed

Digital Spy 1/22/05 Davina's half-a-million BB payout

Daily Record 1/22/05 Cap's Off

Daily Record 1/22/05 Inside Story on Sausage and Beans

Daily Record 1/22/05 Breakfast in Bed

Digital Spy 1/22/05 Sly Stallone: Celeb BB is a 'nightmare'

Scotsman 1/22/05 Bookies Halt Big Brother Bets after 'Leak' Fears

BBC 1/22/05 Bets off after Big Brother 'leak'

Sky News 1/21/05 Jez and Caprice Get the Boot

Scotsman 1/21/05 Big Brother Shocked by Second Surprise Eviction

Scotsman 1/21/05 Big Brother: Caprice Out

BBC 1/21/05 Double eviction from Big Brother

Digital Spy 1/21/05 Shock second eviction - Jeremy's out

Digital Spy 1/21/05 Caprice is evicted

Scotsman 1/21/05 Caprice faces boot as Brigitte cries over spilt beer
Sky News 1/21/05 Caprice Fave for the Boot

Daily Record 1/21/05 Sauna Fan Caprice Hot Fave for Boot

Digital Spy 1/21/05 Little squirt

Digital Spy 1/21/05 Good Evans

Digital Spy 1/21/05 Jeremy's revenge

Digital Spy 1/21/05 The yokes on you

Ananova 1/21/05 Jade has plastic surgery

Ananova 1/21/05 Housemates get breakfast in bed

Ananova 1/21/05 Bez's girlfriend defends his behaviour

Ananova 1/21/05 Caprice's secret toyboy

NY Times 1/20/05 Germaine Greer's Orwellian Ordeal on 'Big Brother'

Ananova 1/20/05 Housemates shocked by Lisa's departure

BBC 1/20/05 Lisa's out

Daily Record 1/20/05 McCririck Exit Hits Ratings

Daily Record 1/20/05 Loser Lisa Gets Boot

Digital Spy 1/20/05 BB6 auditions details announced

Digital Spy 1/20/05 Chairman of the bored

Scotsman 1/20/05 Evicted I'Anson Backs Kenzie for Celebrity Big Brother

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Lisa ousted

Sky News 1/19/05 Shock Eviction in Big Brother House

BBC 1/19/05 I'Anson booted out of Big Brother

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Let the games commence

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Nursery times

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Brigitte predicts Kenzie win

Contact Music 1/19/05 Stallone's Movie Sales Increase After Jackie's Eviction

Manchester Online 1/19/05 Big Brother nominations for Brigitte and Bez

Sky News 1/19/05 Shock Eviction In Big Brother House

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Kate wrestling for fame
Digital Spy 1/19/05 Fake nominations shocker!

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Freaky dreams and fried eggs

Digital Spy 1/19/05 Party pooper!

Ananova 1/19/05 BB ratings slump since John's eviction

Ananova 1/19/05 Housemates make bogus nominations

Digital Spy 1/18/05 Bingo!

Digital Spy 1/18/05 Pondering possibilities

Digital Spy 1/18/05 Drugs counsellor help for Bez

Daily Record 1/18/05 And He's Off

Sky News 1/18/05 Bored Bez Climbs Walls

Ananova 1/18/05 Drug counsellor brought in to help Bez

Ananova 1/18/05 Lisa favourite to be evicted next

Ananova 1/18/05 John delighted following eviction

Ananova 1/18/05 McCririck's wife considered divorce

BBC 1/17/05 McCririck tipped for TV show exit

icKent 1/17/05 BB John favourite for boot

BBC 1/17/05 Bez's unhappy Monday

Ananova 1/17/05 John favourite for the boot

Daily Record 1/17/05 Brigitte's Daft as a Brush

Sky News 1/17/05 Bez And John Facing The Public Vote

Female First 1/17/05 Big Brother: Making themselves into dolls task

This is London 1/17/05 Bez's eviction rage

Digital Spy 1/17/05 Bez and breakfast

Digital Spy 1/17/05 John's C4 Racing colleague 'embarrassed'

Digital Spy 1/17/05 Radioaid offers amazing BB house tour

Digital Spy 1/17/05 Bez: "I march alone"

Contact Music 1/16/05 Stallone Disgusted by Mothers Treatment

DeHavilland 1/16/05 Housemates turn Bavarian after ghost ride success

Digital Spy 1/16/05 Next task: 'Rejuvenation Retreat'

Digital Spy 1/16/05 Bez and John face eviction

The Mirror 1/16/05 Jackie to reunite Sly & ex

BBC 1/15/05 Big Brother protesters in court

Reality TV World 1/15/05 Jackie Stallone first celeb evicted from Britain's 'Celebrity Big Brother 3'

Sky News 1/15/05 Jackie Slams Housemates

Daily Record 1/15/05 Housemates Hear Both Sides of the Stallone Saga

Daily Record 1/15/05 Stallone's Mother is First Celebrity Eviction

Daily Record 1/15/05 Fathers Try to Get Support from Big Brother

Daily Record 1/15/05 Federico's House Call

BBC 1/14/05 Stallone evicted from Big Brother

Ananova 1/14/05 Jackie remains favourite to be evicted

Ananova 1/14/05 Lisa loses her temper with Jackie

Media Bulletin 1/14/05 Record audiences tuning in to C4's Celebrity Big Brother

Big Brother 1/14/05 The Bodyguard

Daily Record 1/14/05 Elevator Sex Gives Me A Big Lift

Daily Record 1/14/05 The Ugly Contest

Daily Record 1/14/05 Caprice: I'm Too Selfish For Kids

This Is London 1/14/05 Fifteen held after Big Brother raid

Sky News 1/14/05 Fathers 4 Justice Strike

Ireland Online 1/14/05 I'll fall at first fence, predicts racing pundit

Sky News 1/14/05 Moaning John Fears Exit

Media Guardian 1/14/05 Greer and loathing

Contact Music 1/14/05 Stallone Backs Mother's Reality Turn

Digital Spy 1/14/05 Jackie threatens to leave

Digital Spy 1/14/05 Feel the burn!

Big Brother 1/14/05 Game For A Laugh

Digital Spy 1/14/05 Fathers 4 Justice attempt BB house raid

Digital Spy 1/14/05 Stumbling in the dark

BBC 1/14/05 Men arrested for Big Brother raid

Ananova 1/14/05 John and Brigitte's war of words

BBC 1/13/05 Famous pair face Big Brother boot

Sky News 1/13/05 Jack & John Nominated

Media Guardian 1/13/05 Germaine's brush with Big Brother

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Jezzersize!

Ananova 1/13/05 John and Jackie face first public vote

Digital Spy 1/13/05 John and Jackie to face public vote!

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Dinner dash

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Greer's snub to BB2 housemate

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Flexi-time

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Not another housemate to enter?

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Betting Update: Jackie is rank outsider

Digital Spy 1/13/05 Fridgecam exposed

Ananova 1/13/05 Caprice's loo horror

Telegraph 1/12/05 Why I said yes to Big Brother's shilling

Contact Music 1/12/05 Naive Greer Quits Big Brother 

The Scotsman 1/12/05 Jackie Says BB House Is 'Full of Morons'

Manchester Evening News 1/12/05 John and Jacqueline clash in Big Brother house

Ananova 1/12/05 Odds offered on McCririck Coke ad

BBC 1/12/05 Germaine hits back at Celeb BB producers

Daily Record 1/12/05 Celebrity Big Brother: Germaine's Verdict

Daily Record 1/12/05 Celebrity Big Brother:: He's The Bez Bet

Anorak 1/12/05 The Fame Game

Daily Record 1/12/05 Celebrity Big Brother: Don't Be So Nazi

Media Guardian 1/12/05 Greer walks out of 'bullying' Big Brother

Sky News 1/12/05 Was Jackie A Mistake?

Independent 1/12/05 Going, going, gone: Greer takes reality check and walks out on 'Big Brother'

Digital Spy 1/12/05 Now Jeremy wants to leave?

Digital Spy 1/12/05 First nominations begin

BBC 1/12/05 Germaine's big bother

Digital Spy 1/12/05 Bedtime banter
Ananova 1/12/05 BB celebrities nominate

Ananova 1/12/05 Germaine criticises BB's 'bullying' 1/12/05 I was naive to go on Big Brother, says Greer

The Scotsman 1/12/05 Feminist Greer launches attack on Big Brother after walking off show

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Davina interview: Germaine Greer

Reality TV World 1/11/05 Germaine Greer quits Britain's 'Celebrity Big Brother 3'

BBC 1/11/05 Greer quits Big Brother TV show

Sky News 1/11/05 Germaine Quits Celeb BB

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Greer to reappear?

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Missing you already

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Germaine quits the house!

The Sun 1/11/05 Brigitte: I'm miserable

Contact Music 1/11/05 Stallone Mother Joins Nielsen In Reality Show

Sky News 1/11/05 Brig Sad At Jackie Arrival

The Sun 1/11/05 Rocky Horror Show

Big Brother 1/11/05 Mother In War

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Just how old is Jackie?

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Morning moaning

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Jackie is bum expert

Digital Spy 1/11/05 Brigitte wants to walk

Contact Music 1/11/05 Nielsen And Stallone's TV Battle

BBC 1/11/05 Germaine walks and Jackie Stallone arrives

Ananova 1/11/05 Germaine to leave the Big Brother house

Ananova 1/11/05 Bez remains bookies favourite

Ananova 1/11/05 Stallone's mother joins the BB house

Digital Spy 1/10/05 Brigette's tears make John talk

Digital Spy 1/10/05 Housemates stunned at Jackie's arrival

Digital Spy 1/10/05 Jackie eligible to win Celeb Big Brother

BBC 1/10/05 Stallone's mother on Big Brother

Daily Record 1/10/05 Joust A Minute John

Daily Record 1/10/05 Celebrity Big Brother: Stars Fury At Moaner McCririck Monarch Of Playpen

BBC 1/10/05 Big Brother loses launch viewers

Anorak 1/10/05 ZZZZZZZ-Listers

Big Brother 1/10/05 The Wrath Of Queen Lisa

Contact Music 1/10/05 Stallone In Talks To Join British Reality Show

This Is London 1/10/05 Mystery lover to join BB

Sky News 1/10/05 McCririck Fave For Boot

Digital Spy 1/10/05 Princess of punishment!

Digital Spy 1/10/05 Off with their heads!

Ananova 1/10/05 Brigitte and Kenzie fear task failure

Big Brother 1/10/05 Kitchen Bitchin'

Digital Spy 1/10/05 A right Royal lie-in

Ananova 1/10/05 Plucking Hell - new task for housemates

Ananova 1/10/05 BB boys perform medieval dance rap

Ananova 1/10/05 Sly's mum 'may join Big Brother house'

Ananova 1/10/05 Brigitte completes 3am loo-warming duty

Herald Sun 1/10/05 Greer's unique experience

The Times 1/10/05 McCririck finds going heavy under Greer-group pressure

Digital Spy 1/9/05 John in silent cola protest

The Scotsman 1/9/05 Mystery Lover to Join Celebrity Bib Brother

The Mirror 1/9/05 Celebrity Big Brother: Brigitte Goes Topless

The Mirror 1/9/05 Celebrity Big Brother: Cap's Fit

Media Guardian 1/9/05 Big Sister gears up for knockout blow

Independent 1/9/05 Big Sisters vs Big Brother: feminists subject Germaine to trial by television

Digital Spy 1/8/05 Big Brother to send in lover?

Daily Record 1/8/05 Celebrity Big Brother: House of Horrors 

The Guardian 1/8/05 Barbie doll, Bez and co watch and wonder as feminist icon takes on flatulent sexist 1/8/05 Germaine to be Big Sister

The Guardian 1/8/05 Perhaps she will pass it off as research

This is London 1/7/05 BB's John: 'Ugly girls are grateful'

The Scotsman 1/7/05 Jeremy Loses his Clothes in BB Task

MSNBC 1/7/05 Feminist icon joins ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Media Guardian 1/7/05 Greer and Caprice draw 5m to Big Brother

Sky News 1/7/05 Celeb BB: Mac The Lech

Media Guardian 1/7/05 Channel 4 suffers for Big Brother success

Media Guardian 1/7/05 Duncan: Channel 4 must overcome 'Big Brother effect'

Anorak 1/7/05 Naked Ambition

Media Guardian 1/7/05 From feminist sister to Big Brother housemate

Ananova 1/7/05 Brigitte strips in BB house

Ananova 1/7/05 Bez is BB favourite

Ananova 1/7/05 McCririck angers Greer with Caprice love talk

Ananova 1/7/05 McCririck wants to snog Caprice

BBC 1/6/05 Celebrity Big Brother - who's watching?

BBC 1/6/05 Bridget's BB plan - go in, get naked

This Is London 1/6/05 Are you ready for Celebrity BB?

Ananova 1/6/05 Sauna added to BB house

BBC 1/6/05 Mystery stars set for Big Brother

Daily Record 1/6/05 Hot Stuff Claim For BB Sauna

The Scotsman 1/6/05 Celebrity Big Brother Line-Up Revealed Tonight

Media Bulletin 1/5/05 Model Caprice joins C4's Celebrity Big Brother line-up

The Scotsman 1/5/05 Celebrity Big Brother Makes Tsunami Promise

This Is London 1/5/05 Crisis time for Celebrity Big Bro

BBC 1/5/05 Get ready for Celeb Big Bro

Ananova 1/5/05 'Castle' task for celeb housemates

Ananova 1/5/05 Caprice 'in £110k Big Brother deal'

Sky News 1/4/05 BB's Kate To Wed Woody

Ananova 1/4/05 Eddie Irvine favourite to win BB

Ananova 1/4/05 BB's Kate to marry Woody in Vegas

Ananova 1/4/05 Chapman snubs celebrity BB

The Mirror 1/3/05 'Evil' Plan For Latest Celeb BB

DeHavilland 1/3/05 Big Brother blonde walks

Sunday Mail 1/2/05 Frank: I Got The Big Heave

Sky News 12/29/04 Celeb BB's £100K Won't Tempt Holly

Ananova 12/29/04 Holly turns down Big Brother

Ananova 12/29/04 'Shy' McCririck 'demands BB bath'

Ananova 12/29/04 BB bosses worried about Brigitte baring all

Daily Record 12/28/04 A Nad World 

Sunday Mirror 12/26/04 Caprice Makes It Big

Ananova 12/21/04 Brigitte in Big Brother?

Contact Music 12/21/04 Nielsen To Strip On UK TV

Media Bulletin 12/20/04 Eighties star Nielsen to appear in Celebrity Big Brother

Digital Spy 12/19/04 Davina McCall joining BBC?

Sky News 12/16/04 Caplin Set To Join Big Brother

Media Guardian 12/16/04 Five's Jain to take charge of Big Brother at C4

Ananova 12/16/04 Cherie Blair's lifestyle guru agrees to celeb BB

Sky News 12/14/04 BB Bosses Eye Bosnich

Sky News 12/10/04 Celeb Big Bro's Extended Run

This Is London 12/10/04 Longer run for Celebrity BB

Media Guardian 12/10/04 Celebrity Big Brother returns

Ananova 12/10/04 Celebrity Big Brother details announced

Ananova 12/10/04 Davina says BB6 will be 'best yet'

BBC 12/9/04 I'm A Celeb..Get Me In Big Brother

Ananova 12/9/04 EastEnders Spencer considers celeb Big Brother

BBC 12/9/04 Celebrity Big Brother to return

Anorak 12/7/04 Reality Love

Sky News 12/3/04 BB Winner Nadia's Hollyoaks Thrill

Daily Record 12/2/04 Didn't She Do Shell

Sky News 12/2/04 Nadia's New Record Is A Flop

Sky News 12/2/04 BB's Alex In Fatal Crash

Ananova 12/2/04 Nadia's single sells less than 2000 copies

Media Bulletin 12/1/04 Jade and Nasty Nick to star in E4's Big Brother panto

Ananova 12/1/04 Michelle and Stuart enjoy celebrity life

Ananova 12/1/04 Row over Jade's £30K panto fee

BBC 11/30/04 Nadia wants to be Pussy Galore

Daily Record 11/29/04 Macca In Paradise

Ananova 11/25/04 Nancy wants £300K to appear in Celeb Big Brother

Sky News 11/24/04 Disgraced Mutu For BB

Ananova 11/24/04 Mutu in talks for celebrity Big Brother
Daily Record 11/22/04 Cameron Helps Out For A Worthy Cause

Daily Record 11/19/04 Children In Need Hits The Screens With Big Brother Stars : Shell Out For Kids

ic NorthWales 11/16/04 Pudsey signs up Big Brother star 11/15/04 Becky from big brother launches new T.V/Broadband talent channel

Ananova 11/12/04 Big Brother stars agree to pantomime
Sky News 11/10/04 Jade: I Nearly Died

Ananova 11/10/04 Jade reveals childbirth trauma

Ananova 11/9/04 Celebrity Big Brother will be biggest yet

BBC 11/4/04 Hollyoaks boys' secret crush

Media Guardian 11/1/04 Channel 4 rapped over Big Brother promotion

Media Bulletin 11/1/04 Big Brother censured by watchdog over Talk Talk link-up

Anorak 11/1/04 A New Model

Ananova 10/29/04 Band's secret gig in Big Brother house

BBC 10/28/04 Nadia gets a little bit of action

Anorak 10/26/04 Now We Are One

Sunday Mirror 10/24/04 Good Nightie, Shell

Sunday Mail 10/24/04 BB'S Nadia Sold Sex To Pay For Op 10/24/04 Big Brother must go, say ex-chiefs of Channel 4

Sunday Mail 10/24/04 Students Get Shell Of A Tutor

The Herald 10/21/04 Not so Big Brother

Daily Record 10/21/04 Shell The Asset Stripper

DeHavilland 10/20/04 Bubbly Big Brother winner joins soap

Sky News 10/19/04 Channel 4 Slow To Step In

Daily Record 10/19/04 Rap For Big Bro Bust-Up Scenes

Ananova 10/19/04 Jade: 'Rebecca's welcome to Jeff'

The Guardian 10/19/04 Ofcom criticises Channel 4 over Big Brother fight

Independent 10/19/04 Channel 4 censured for 'Big Brother' scuffle

The Mirror 10/18/04 Love Rat Hewitt's 'Dating' BB Bitch

BBC 10/18/04 C4 rebuked for Big Brother brawl

Anorak 10/18/04 Shell's Back

Media Bulletin 10/18/04 Celebrity Big Brother gets sexed up with busty blondes

Media Bulletin 10/18/04 Live feed of Big Brother fight sees E4 rebuked by Ofcom

Ananova 10/18/04 Hewitt dates former Big Brother girl

Digital Spy 10/17/04 'Big Brother' winner makes soap debut

Ananova 10/17/04 Nadia stars in Hollyoaks

Sunday Mirror 10/17/04 Nadia Makes Soap Debut

Ananova 10/17/04 Nadia has 'secret lover'

Ananova 10/16/04 Busty blondes lined up for Celebrity BB

Ananova 10/16/04 Nadia records single

Isle of Wight County Press 10/14/04 Big Brother Spot For David Icke

Daily Record 10/14/04 I'm Not Stout

Scotsman 10/13/04 Big Brother Star Less Stout after Study

BBC 10/13/04 Cameron not so stout after diet

Scotsman 10/13/04 Moment of Truth for Weight-Study Reality TV Star

Ananova 10/12/04 Shell's hair in demand

Sky News 10/11/04 BB Kate Wants Woody Back From Spain

Media Guardian 10/8/04 Big Brother stars take Shelter at Ideal Home show

The Wharf 10/7/04 Big Brother winner Kate joins the Bra-Vo! cancer campaign

Ananova 10/5/04 Nadia shows off new figure

Daily Record 10/1/04 Kate's Big Bra Brolly

Launch 9/30/04 Doherty for Big Brother?

Ananova 9/30/04 Libertines star set for Celebrity Big Brother

Media Bulletin 9/30/04 Celebrity Big Brother tries to sign Libertines' Doherty

Anorak 9/29/04 Jaded

Ananova 9/29/04 Jade to pen life story

Digital Spy 9/28/04 Ant and Dec prank 'Big Brother' winner

Ananova 9/28/04 Nadia 'spooked' by Ant and Dec

Anorak 9/27/04 A Roman Eye

Anorak 9/20/04 Letters Of Love

Digital Spy 9/19/04 Jade gives birth to second child

Ananova 9/19/04 Jade has a boy

Daily Record 9/16/04 'Evil' Return For Big Bro Stars

Media Bulletin 9/16/04 Channel 4 to bring back Celebrity Big Brother next year

Ananova 9/16/04 Nadia to play mermaid

Anorak 9/13/04 Do, Ray & Me

Digital Spy 9/11/04 Struggle to find Celeb BB contestants

Daily Record 9/11/04 Blue Jay's Ibrox Snub

Media Guardian 9/10/04 Big Brother says no to sex and alcohol

Cumberland News 9/10/04 Big Brother House Tour For Phil

Reuters 9/9/04 Big Brother goods on the way but no condoms

Ananova 9/8/04 Vanessa finds 'The One'

The Stage 9/8/04 Big Brother’s Michelle to appear in St Alban’s panto

Evening Times 9/8/04 Pop Idol Will set for extra SECC gig

Cambridge News 9/8/04 Rumours of Big Brother Couple Buying House

Ananova 9/7/04 Stuart and Michelle laughed over BB sex claims

Media Bulletin 9/6/04 Channel 4 on lookout for Big Brother 6 partner brands

This is London 9/3/04 BB's Nadia set for pop fame

Sky News 9/3/04 Nadia to Release Single

Daily Record 9/2/04 I'm Nad About Milk

Adoption Net 9/2/04 Big Brother star reunited with natural mother

The Scotsman 8/31/04 Big Brother Star Reunited with Natural Mother

Daily Record 8/31/04 I'm So Proud Of Big Brother Son 8/30/04 Jade Battles Infection

Digital Spy 8/29/04 Jade to spend two months in hospital

Digital Spy 8/29/04 Jason dating a millionaire

Ananova 8/29/04 Pregnant Jade's health scare

Ananova 8/28/04 News veteran slams Big Brother

Sky News 8/26/04 We Want to be Movie Stars

Ananova 8/26/04 Michelle and Stuart 'in love'

Digital Spy 8/25/04 Shell puts on clothes for good

Ananova 8/25/04 Emma the popstar?

Ananova 8/25/04 Michelle and Stuart want to escape to Miami

Ananova 8/25/04 Beckham is Nadia's top date

Gambling Gates 8/25/04 Big Brother 5 housemates move into showbiz

Digital Spy 8/24/04 Kitten exchanges vows with Lianda 8/24/04 Shell Back In Her Shell

Ananova 8/24/04 Big Brother's Shell is covering up for good

Anorak 8/23/04 Plumbing The Depths

Anorak 8/23/04 Shell's Nubbins 8/23/04 Shell Is Page 3 Model

Big Brother 8/23/04 Shell's a Page 3 Stunner!

Ananova 8/23/04 Big Brother's Dan 'mobbed in court'

Hull Daily Mail 8/21/04 Big Brother's Dan Courts His Public

Big Brother 8/20/04 Nadia Comes Out

Big Brother 8/20/04 Chicken Flies The Coop

Digital Spy 8/20/04 Nadia to appear at Manchester Pride

Ananova 8/20/04 Nadia to take part in Manchester Pride

Ananova 8/20/04 Bottoms up for BB's Shell!

Digital Spy 8/19/04 Michelle heckled in home town

Manchester Evening News 8/19/04 Big Brother winner takes Pride in blind date

Ananova 8/19/04 Big Brother's Michelle heckled in home town

UK Gay News 8/18/04 “This is Big Brother … Would Nadia please come to Manchester Pride...”

Ananova 8/18/04 Vanessa and Ben could team up for wildlife show

Ananova 8/18/04 Stu and Michelle looking forward to time alone

Digital Spy 8/17/04 Vanessa to front wildlife show with boyfriend?

Ananova 8/17/04 BB Jason's dream to be Jolie's fitness guru

Ananova 8/17/04 Nadia wanted to be a woman from age of five

Anorak 8/16/04 A Mother's Love

Anorak 8/16/04 Playing Chicken

Ananova 8/16/04 Michelle and Stu enjoy time together on holiday

Daily Record 8/16/04 Incredible Sulk Finally Gets A Girl

Sunday Mail 8/15/04 Our Mum Feels Jason Has Slapped Her In Face 8/15/04 'Big Brother Was A Fix'

Ananova 8/15/04 Jason claims BB was fixed 8/14/04 Victor's Blue Bust Up

Ananova 8/14/04 Victor's Blue barney

Digital Spy 8/13/04 Big Fibber Vanessa in handcuff hoax

Anorak 8/13/04 Cupid Stunt

Media Guardian 8/13/04 TalkTalk calls on Big Brother's Shell

Big Brother 8/13/04 The Incredible Disappearing Man!

Ananova 8/13/04 Vanessa's kidnap was a TV stunt

Ireland Online 8/12/04 Big Brother's Jason 'to meet birth mother'

This Is London 8/12/04 BB's Jason to meet his real mum 8/12/04 Drunk Claims BB Trophy

Digital Spy 8/12/04 Jason reunited with long-lost mum

Ananova 8/12/04 BB's Vanessa in tears after handcuff stunt

Ananova 8/12/04 Big Brother's Jason to meet his real mother

Daily Record 8/12/04 Big Brother Aftermath: Cuff Luck, Vanessa

Daily Record 8/12/04 Big Brother Aftermath: Jason's Golden Fleece

Daily Record 8/12/04 Pay Jay £1,500 An Hour

ET Online 8/11/04 'Big Brother' Spans the Globe!

Big Brother 8/11/04 Dan Web Chat

Big Brother 8/11/04 Winners' Week TV Show

Media Guardian 8/11/04 Reality bites for Big Brother contestants

Digital Spy 8/11/04 Jason signs up for fake tan company

Ananova 8/11/04 Jason to advertise fake tan

Ananova 8/11/04 Michelle keeps her eye on Stu

Daily Record 8/10/04 So That's Where Jay Was

BBC 8/10/04 Nadia: she'll be back

Digital Spy 8/10/04 Big Brother 7 in doubt

BBC 8/10/04 Nadia: Jason's a pussycat

Ananova 8/10/04 Michelle up for three in a bed with Stu

Media Guardian 8/9/04 Nine million boost Big Brother final

The Advocate 8/9/04 Portuguese transsexual wins U.K. Big Brother

Media Bulletin 8/9/04 Big Brother finale captivates 9m as Nadia storms home

Anorak 8/9/04 Big Futures

Anorak 8/9/04 The Nightmare Continues

Daily Record 8/9/04 Nad's Lads

Digital Spy 8/9/04 Nadia disappoints her biggest fans.

Digital Spy 8/9/04 Massive ratings for BB final 8/9/04 Winner Wooed By Viewers

Media Guardian 8/9/04 Big Brother online architect quits Endemol

BBC 8/9/04 Nadia wins BB5

BBC 8/9/04 Shell's in the money

Ananova 8/9/04 Jason snubs BB housemates

Ananova 8/9/04 Big Brother could run for 30 years

Sunday Herald 8/8/04 Deep Down, We Really Love Nadia

Digital Spy 8/8/04 Reunion no-show from Jason

Independent 8/8/04 Eight million watch Nadia win 'Big Brother' by record margin

Digital Spy 8/8/04 Shell admits under-sheet fumbles

Guardian 8/8/04 Focus: Big Brother

This is Hull 8/7/04 Why are viewers gripped by TV phenomenon?

Daily Record 8/7/04 Nad for It 

icSouthLondon 8/7/04 Winner Nadia wants a white wedding

BBC 8/7/04 Nine million see Big Brother end

Independent 8/7/04 Unlikely heroine triumphs in a human petri dish

Ananova 8/7/04 Big Brother is a ratings winner

The Scotsman 8/7/04 White Wedding for Big Brother's Transsexual Nadia?

Guardian 8/7/04 Big Brother's ratings win defies critics

BBC 8/7/04 Support groups back Nadia victory

This is Hull 8/7/04 I'm Still Taking it in

Daily Record 8/7/04 Secret for Dan

Daily Record 8/7/04 It Just Had to Be Nad

Daily Record 8/7/04 Shrine to Shell

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Voting breakdown: Nadia won with 61%

BBC 8/6/04 Nadia triumphs in Big Brother 5

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Nadia wins 'Big Brother 5'

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Jason finishes second!

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Daniel: The interview

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Daniel comes third!

Ananova 8/6/04 Nadia crowned BB5 champion

Ananova 8/6/04 Jason comes second

Ananova 8/6/04 Dan comes third in BB5

Ananova 8/6/04 Shell comes fourth
Ananova 8/6/04 Happy times for Dan and Nadia

Big Brother 8/6/04 Shell Evicted!

Guardian 8/6/04 Big Brother's big money deals

Guardian 8/6/04 Big Brother sponsor reaps rewards

Guardian 8/6/04 Big Brother eviction press gaffe

BBC 8/6/04 Big Brother goes back to basics

Anorak 8/6/04 Brother Beyond

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Jason's biological mum wants to meet him

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Rude awakening for HMs on final morning

Ireland Online 8/6/04 Last-minute flutter on Jason to win Big Brother

The Scotsman 8/6/04 Evicted Big Brother Pair Star in 'Fight Night 2'

Media Bulletin 8/6/04 Big Brother finale expected to pull in over 9m viewers

BBC 8/6/04 Countdown to Big Brother TV final

Ananova 8/6/04 Housemates reflect on their time in the house

BBC 8/6/04 BB's Victor: 'Shell and Dan must not win'

Ananova 8/6/04 Jason's real mum 'wants to contact him'

Ananova 8/6/04 Nadia's dad 'always wanted a daughter'
Ananova 8/6/04 Big Brother Awards winners named

Digital Spy 8/6/04 Nadia's long-lost father tracked down

Guardian 8/5/04 Star lands Big Brother Stu exclusive

Digital Spy 8/5/04 BB Fight Night re-enacted on MTV's TRL

Digital Spy 8/5/04 BB Awards ceremony to be held tonight

The Scotsman 8/5/04 Dan the Big Brother Diplomat

The Scotsman 8/5/04 'Princess' Shell: the Naked Lawn Mower

The Scotsman 8/5/04 The Highs and Extreme Lows of Big Brother 5

Guardian 8/5/04 Ooh aah Daily Star blunders

icSouthLondon 8/5/04 Stuart and Michelle back together

Daily Record 8/5/04 Make My Day Jay

Daily Record 8/5/04 Mum: I was just 17 when they took Jay away

Daily Record 8/5/04 Live...Well Not Quite

Daily Record 8/5/04 Chicken is Stuffed

Daily Record 8/5/04 Federico's House Call

BBC 8/5/04 Chicken Stu gets thrown out

Digital Spy 8/5/04 Stuart signs six-figure tabloid deal
Digital Spy 8/5/04 Massive ratings for Stuart's eviction

Ananova 8/5/04 Stu's eviction gets record ratings

Ananova 8/5/04 BB second place can't be decided by bookies

Ananova 8/5/04 'The Final Countdown' gets housemates moving

Sky News 8/5/04 'Chicken Stu' In Shock BB Eviction

The Scotsman 8/5/04 How low can Big Brother go in the fight to get ratings?

Big Brother 8/5/04 Nadia In Shock

The Herald 8/5/04 Two Scots among Big Brother final four

BBC 8/5/04 Eviction shock for Brother's Stu

Ananova 8/5/04 Housemates in shock after eviction

Ananova 8/4/04 Stu evicted

The Scotsman 8/4/04 Stu and Michelle Rekindle Their Passion...

Digital Spy 8/4/04 Stuart's interview: "Not saying a word!"

Digital Spy 8/4/04 Eviction surprise - Stuart evicted!

The Scotsman 8/4/04 Big Brother Coming to the Boil

Guardian 8/4/04 Sex, games and booze rescue Big Brother

Daily Record 8/4/04 Molehunt in Big Burrow House

Daily Record 8/4/04 Jay Fears Backlash by Public

Daily Record 8/4/04 She's Much Too Dirty

Sky News 8/4/04 BB Continues Evil Ways

Telegraph 8/4/04 Big Brother staff get £9m pay rise

Digital Spy 8/4/04 Nadia's mum jets into UK

Ananova 8/4/04 Housemates told to pack - again

Ananova 8/4/04 Nadia's mum flies to UK for reunion

Ananova 8/4/04 Dan reads Nadia's aura

Ananova 8/4/04 Michelle 'approached by KFC'

Ananova 8/4/04 Michelle 'to see Stu cuddling Shell'

Digital Spy 8/4/04 Wednesday night's eviction - the lowdown

Digital Spy 8/4/04 Dermot, Davina to appear on EFourum

Ananova 8/4/04 Housemates watch past nominations

Guardian 8/3/04 BB's Nadia is hot favourite for bookies

Guardian 8/3/04 BB takes time to dispel voter apathy

Guardian 8/3/04 Big Brother: ratings up but voting down

Ananova 8/3/04 Housemates suspect mole

BBC 8/3/04 'Clear Big Brother win' for Nadia

The Scotsman 8/3/04 Nadia Odds on for Big Brother Prize

The Telegraph 8/3/04 Big Brother housemates rebel

Sky News 8/3/04 Nadia is a sure favourite to win

Hemel Hemsted Today 8/3/04 Hemel Woman is Big Brother

DeHavilland 8/3/04 Big Brother revolt

Daily Record 8/3/04 Hands Off Our Stuart

Daily Record 8/3/04 Jay's Now 2nd Fave

Daily Record 8/3/04 We Want a Party

Digital Spy 8/3/04 Nadia's shock discovery

Digital Spy 8/3/04 Shell is "far from posh"

Digital Spy 8/3/04 Stu's mate: No dream wedding for Michelle

Ananova 8/3/04 Nadia makes Big Brother history

Ananova 8/3/04 Big Brother tampers with house

Ananova 8/3/04 Jason 'apprehensive' as final looms

Ananova 8/3/04 Michelle has little chance of marrying Stu, says friend

Ananova 8/3/04 Housemates refuse to nominate

icBerkshire 8/2/04 Evil BB plans surprise eviction

Digital Spy 8/2/04 All housemates refuse to nominate

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Jason becoming more distant

DeHavilland 8/2/04 Big Brother buddies

DeHavilland 8/2/04 Jason second favourite to win Big Brother

Daily Record 8/2/04 Shell Shock at Hate Mail

Daily Record 8/2/04 Party Mate for the Axe

Daily Record 8/2/04 Big Brother: Gig Brother

BBC 8/2/04 Michelle: I do not boil bunnies

Ananova 8/2/04 Nadia favourite to win - but Jason now also frontrunner

Ananova 8/2/04 Chaos as BB orders housemates to pack bags

Ananova 8/2/04 Ice cream machine after task completed

Ananova 8/2/04 Beer and wine for the housemates

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Jordan slams Michelle's chances

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Michelle wants kids with Stuart

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Victor: 'Shell is a silly little girl'

Digital Spy 8/2/04 BB winding HMs up again?

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Who will be top male?

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Wednesday's twist revealed?

Daily Record 8/2/04 Big Brother: Shell Shock At Hate Mail

Daily Record 8/2/04 Big Brother: Gig Grother

Daily Record 8/2/04 Big Brother: Tran-Tastic News For Nad

Big Brother 8/1/04 Making A Big Impression

Digital Spy 8/1/04 HM become Ventriloquists for latest task

This Is London 8/1/04 Big pay day for Big Brother staff

The Mirror 8/1/04 Big Brother: Bunny Broiler

Media Guardian 8/1/04 Reality cheque: Big Brother maker Endemol gives chiefs £9m pay rise

Independent 8/1/04 'Big Brother' just got even bigger. Now the hunt is on for the next-generation format

Ananova 8/1/04 Michelle plans reunion with Stu

Big Brother 8/1/04 The Name Game

Ananova 8/1/04 Jason feeling unwell after challenge

Ananova 8/1/04 Michelle 'approached by Playboy'

Ananova 8/1/04 Housemates pass challenge

Sunday Mail 8/1/04 Big Brother: Odds Are On For Final Five

Sunday Mail 8/1/04 Big Brother: Lock Up Your Bunnies

Digital Spy 7/31/04 Housemates Pass The Final Saturday Challenge

Female First 7/31/04 Big Brother housemate in shot horror

YorkShire 7/31/04 Dan through to final of Big Brother

Digital Spy 7/31/04 The Ghost of Saturday's past

Daily Record 7/31/04 Big Brother: Federico's House Call 7/31/04 Michelle Missing Her Stu

Daily Record 7/31/04 Big Brother: See Stu Later

The Mirror 7/31/04 Clucking Out Time

Daily Record 7/31/04 Big Brother: No Comment

The Mirror 7/31/04 Viewers Had Enough Of Jabba The Slut

Daily Record 7/31/04 Big Brother: I Wanna Walk Like Stu, Talk Like Stu

Ananova 7/31/04 Bookies offer odds on Michelle's pop career

Ananova 7/31/04 Jason tips Stu for BB prize

Ananova 7/31/04 Counsellors will prepare Michelle for life without Stu

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Meeting Michelle: The Eviction Interview

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Michelle out in latest eviction

BBC 7/30/04 Michelle evicted from Big Brother

Ananova 7/30/04 Michelle refuses to confirm whether she had sex

Ananova 7/30/04 Michelle is seventh housemate to go 7/30/04 'Bunnyboiler' Set To Walk

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Mind games?

BBC 7/30/04 Michelle tipped for Brother boot

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Condoms thrown over wall of house

Ananova 7/30/04 Stu locked in Diary Room as Big Brother unnerves gang

This Is London 7/30/04 Michelle tipped for eviction

Ananova 7/30/04 Jason and Dan have another spat

Big Brother 7/30/04 The Birds And The Bees

Big Brother 7/30/04 Left Luggage

Ananova 7/30/04 BB delivers suitcases

Ananova 7/30/04 Housemates have summer garden party

Ananova 7/30/04 Michelle notices weight gain

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Suitcases delivered

Ananova 7/30/04 'All the girls fancied Nadia as a lad'

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Betting update: Bye bye Michelle

Ananova 7/30/04 Michelle not happy with Team Handsome

Digital Spy 7/30/04 Victor's last scheme?

Ananova 7/30/04 Housemates have another conspiracy

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Michelle the interrogator?

Digital Spy 7/29/04 More hooligans shout over BB wall

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Michelle: 'I look like Jabba The Hut' 7/29/04 Threat To Stu's Mates

The Mirror 7/29/04 Be Afraid

Media Bulletin 7/29/04 Nadia now has 75% chance of taking Big Brother crown

ic 7/29/04 Help Jason make Big Brother final

This Is London 7/29/04 Michelle threatens violence

Scotsman 7/29/04 Chain Gang's Jason Becomes Missing Link

Daily Record 7/29/04 Big Brother: Off The Boil

Female First 7/29/04 Big Brother: Lots of loving in the BB House

Daily Record 7/29/04 Big Brother: Here's Geordie

Ananova 7/29/04 Jason opens-up to housemates

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Betting update: Massive gamble on Michelle to be evicted

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Jason: 'I've nothing in common with you'

Ananova 7/29/04 Housemates pass chain task

Digital Spy 7/28/04 Housemates pass chained task! 7/28/04 Messages For Housemates

The Scotsman 7/28/04 Tearful Unchained Melody in Big Brother House

Anorak 7/28/04 Poultry Packet

Ananova 7/28/04 Housemates play guessing game over nominations

The Mirror 7/28/04 Big Brother: Stu's Sexy Shell Shock

This Is London 7/28/04 Mich scared of 'Ghost' chain

Digital Spy 7/28/04 Nadia fears her secret is out

Digital Spy 7/28/04 Housemates go potty

Daily Record 7/28/04 Big Brother: It's Not Working On The Chain Gang

The Scotsman 7/28/04 Chains Straining Big Brother's Michelle and Jason

Digital Spy 7/28/04 Betting update: More support for Michelle to be evicted

Ananova 7/28/04 Nadia's secret exposed?

Ananova 7/28/04 Michelle favourite for eviction

Ananova 7/28/04 Two tasks for housemates

Daily Record 7/27/04 Big Brother: Oi! Hands Off My Manacle

Daily Record 7/27/04 Big Brother: Gridiron Bid For Jay

Media Bulletin 7/27/04 Michelle rivals Jason as most likely to leave 'Big Brother'

Daily Record 7/27/04 Big Brother...And She Has Mower Clothes On

Daily Record 7/27/04 Big Brother: House Shackles Raising Hackles

Evening Telegraph 7/27/04 Dundee offer to Big Brother’s Jason Cowan

Female First 7/27/04 Big Brother: Chain gang keep fit

Digital Spy 7/27/04 Betting update: Michelle odds cut for eviction

Digital Spy 7/27/04 Stu's mum 'disappointed'

Ananova 7/27/04 Housemates get workout class

Ananova 7/27/04 Housemates fail task?

Ananova 7/27/04 Nadia's long-lost dad 'still thinks she's a man'

Ananova 7/27/04 Jason and Michelle get mini task

Ananova 7/27/04 Stu and Michelle get jealous

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Chained task failed already? 7/26/04 Michelle's Fury At Task

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Group set first test

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Group sussing omni-nomination

The Scotsman 7/26/04 Big Brother Housemates Shackled Together

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Weekly task: Housemates chained together!

Launch 7/26/04 Busted for Big Brother? 7/26/04 Housemates Face 'Cuffing'

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Busted to play at BB final?

BBC 7/26/04 Victor blasé about fame, innit

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Housemates to be handcuffed together?

BBC 7/26/04 Jade's a Victor fan

Ananova 7/26/04 BB housemates to be handcuffed

Ananova 7/26/04 BB housemates get to workout

Ananova 7/26/04 Nadia jokes about whisking Stuart away

Ananova 7/26/04 Busted to play on BB5 finale?

Digital Spy 7/25/04 For the chop

Female First 7/25/04 Big Brother: Jason to walk? 7/25/04 BB Prize Drops By £3,000

Ananova 7/25/04 Jason threatens to quit

Ananova 7/25/04 Victor: I fantasised about foursome

Ananova 7/25/04 Stu and Michelle imagine meeting the parents

Ananova 7/25/04 Housemates lose £3k on celeb challenge

Sunday Mail 7/25/04 Big Brother: She Wears It Shell

Sunday Mail 7/25/04 Big Brother: Nadia Still Queen Of House

Sunday Mail 7/25/04 Big Brother: Lonely In The Jungle

Digital Spy 7/24/04 Celebrity task completed 7/24/04 All Six Facing BB Chop

Daily Record 7/24/04 Big Brother: Law Of The Jungle

Digital Spy 7/24/04 HMs to play celebrity 'guess who?'

Ananova 7/24/04 Celebrity guess who game for housemates

Ananova 7/24/04 Jungle Cat survivor Jay ponders game plan

Ananova 7/24/04 Nude Nadia cheers up the housemates

Daily Record 7/24/04 Big Brother: Another Task Bungled As Nadia Natters During Mime Task

Daily Record 7/24/04 Big Brother: Federico's House Call

Ananova 7/23/04 Victor is out of the Big Brother House

Ananova 7/23/04 Housemates fail Friday's task

Digital Spy 7/23/04 Victor Vanquished

Digital Spy 7/23/04 Facts and figures: The vote totals

Digital Spy 7/23/04 Victor to go

Ireland Online 7/23/04 Big Brother's 'Mr Slick' on the slide

Digital Spy 7/23/04 Chicken spat

Digital Spy 7/23/04 Jungle cats didn't get the cream

BBC 7/23/04 Jason tipped for Big Brother exit

Female First 7/23/04 Big Brother: Mime Evictions!

Media Bulletin 7/23/04 Victor's fight with Shell could cost him Big Brother title

The Mirror 7/23/04 Thick Vic's Monstering For Shabby Shell

Female First 7/23/04 Big Brother: Dan Rattles Victor!

BBC 7/23/04 Big Bro one of most influential TV shows

Ananova 7/23/04 Surprise BB eviction in final week

Ananova 7/23/04 Victor and Shell receive warnings

Daily Record 7/23/04 Big Brother: Jungle Cats In Demand

Daily Record 7/23/04 Big Brother: Honey Moan Suite 7/22/04 "Big Brother" Star Marco Sabba to Be Part of London's Little By Little

Digital Spy 7/22/04 Second formal warning for "Princess"

Ananova 7/22/04 Housemates fail wedding task 7/22/04 BB Lovebirds At It Again

Ananova 7/22/04 Odds offered for real BB5 wedding

Media Bulletin 7/22/04 Big Brother springs extra eviction on 'thick' housemate

Female First 7/22/04 Big Brother: Bride and Groom love each other!

This Is London 7/22/04 Big Brother star left in agony by bagsnatcher

Digital Spy 7/22/04 Wedding task failed

Ananova 7/22/04 New jobs for jungle cats?

Digital Spy 7/22/04 BB to shock HMs with 'unfair' eviction

Ananova 7/22/04 Victor feels guilty following row

Ananova 7/22/04 Michelle and Stu hijack honeymoon suite

Ananova 7/22/04 Marco lands role in musical

Ananova 7/22/04 Shell and Victor have blazing row after wedding


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