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News Articles about UK Big Brother


Sunday Mirror 7/9/06 Exclusive: Pete: My Sex God 

Sunday Mail 7/9/06 Darius Is Censored By BB 

Daily Mail 7/9/06 Big Brother's battle of the blondes

Sunday Mirror 7/9/06 Porn Free and Lea's Loving It 

Manchester Online 7/9/06 Big Brother 7: Nikki and Aisleyne clash again

Sunday Mail 7/9/06 Shell Says 

Sunday Mirror 7/9/06 Mikey Frets over Grace 

Sunday Mirror 7/9/06 Exclusive: Wild Ash Rant is Censored 

Daily Record 7/8/06 I Boobed By Being Common 

Entertainmentwise 7/8/06 Jayne: There's 'Nasty People' In Big Brother House

Daily Record 7/8/06 It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To 

The Mirror 7/8/06 Oh Brother Where Art Thou? 

Daily Record 7/8/06 Beat Those Bullies, Says BB's Sam 

Daily Mail 7/7/06 Lea gets Big Brother boot

Manchester Online 7/7/06 Big Brother 7: Close call as Lea gets boot

Daily Record 7/7/06 Loser Lea Set For Boot 

Manchester Online 7/7/06 Big Brother 7: Mikey and Imogen just good friends?

Daily Mail 7/7/06 Tearful farewell speech as Lea faces the boot

Entertainmentwise 7/7/06 Big Brother Blondes Unhappy With Newbies

The Mirror 7/7/06 Busted 

BBC 7/6/06 Jonathan evicted from Big Brother

Sky News 7/6/06 BB7: Aisleyne's Pain

The Mirror 7/6/06 Plasma Attack!

Daily Mail 7/6/06 Aisleyne returns to the crying game

Daily Record 7/6/06 Spanks For the Tea Party, Big Bro 

Times & Star 7/6/06 Keswick man axed from Big Brother

Oldham Advertiser 7/5/06 Another Oldhamer enters the Big Brother house

Manchester Online 7/5/06 Big Brother 7: Michael and Jennie join house 7/5/06 BB Jennie: Trust me, I'm sugar and spice

Sky News 7/5/06 BB7: Latest Nominations

Daily Mail 7/5/06 The party is over for another housemate

Daily Record 7/5/06 Big Brother Gets Brain Transplant 

Manchester Online 7/5/06 Big Brother 7: Jonathan is the odd man out

BBC 7/5/06 Big Brother house gets two more

Manchester Online 7/5/06 Big Brother 7: Time to kill off the freak show?

Manchester Online 7/5/06 Lots of Liquid at BB house party

The Mirror 7/4/06 A Little Hugger

Daily Record 7/4/06 Aisleyne turns BB boys' heads

Manchester Online 7/4/06 Big Brother 7: Lea and Richard face boot

Irish Examiner 7/4/06 Lea and Richard await BB boot

Daily Mail 7/4/06 Big Brother faces the axe after shock twist is blown

Manchester Online 7/4/06 Big Brother 7: Nominations due today

Entertainmentwise 7/4/06 Big Brother's Jayne Adds To Lea's Paranoia

Manchester Online 7/3/06 Big Brother 7: Jayne digs for dirt on Aisleyne

Daily Record 7/3/06 Jayne's House Swap..

The Mirror 7/3/06 Noise To Meet You 

Sky News 7/3/06 Jade: Too Soon For Love

Daily Mail 7/3/06 Aisleyne: My date rape terror

Entertainmentwise 7/3/06 Its All About Big Brother's Aisleyne

Manchester Online 7/3/06 Big Brother 7: Lea's suspicious of Jayne

Sky News 7/3/06 BB7's New Arrivals

Media Guardian 7/3/06 Football fails to put boot into Big Brother

BBC 7/2/06 Jayne 'evicted' into Big Brother

Manchester Online 7/2/06 Big Brother 7: Lisa's flying visit home

The Mirror 7/2/06 Hands Off My Jen Warns Ben

Sunday Mail 7/2/06 DJ Raps TV Wannabes

Entertainmentwise 7/2/06 Glyn Wins Big Brother Dancing Task

Daily Record 7/1/06 New Faces Aim to Entertain on Big Brother

Female First 7/1/06 Aisleyne's Big shock

Daily Mail 7/1/06 Blindfold disco challenge for housemates

Manchester Online 6/30/06 Big Brother 7: Meet the new housemates

Daily Mail 6/30/06 Aisleyne becomes the girl next door

Manchester Online 6/30/06 Big Brother 7: Aisleyne voted into secret house

This is London 6/30/06 BB reveals new cruel twist

Manchester Online 6/30/06 Big Brother 7: Cruel eviction twist is revealed

Sky News 6/30/06 BB7 Double House Swap

icCheshireOnline 6/30/06 Brother, what inspiration

Manchester Online 6/30/06 Big Brother 7: Pete rejects Nikki's advances

BBC 6/30/06 Big Brother plots eviction twist

City Beat 6/30/06 Is Big Brother Fixed?

Manchester Online 6/29/06 Big Brother 7: Do they know about Friday's twist?

Daily Record 6/29/06 Big Brother Mates Guess They Have Got Guests 

Entertainmentwise 6/29/06 Big Brother's Aisleyne And Imogen Bitch About Lea

Daily Mail 6/29/06 Aisleyne lets slip about Big Brother fix

This is London 6/29/06 New Big Brother fix storm

Manchester Online 6/29/06 Big Brother 7: Aisleyne’s sick of Lea's tears

Anorak 6/29/06 Keeping Up With The Neighbours

Manchester Online 6/28/06 Big Brother 7: Aisleyne and Susie nominated

Daily Record 6/28/06 I Will Never Strip For a Lads Mag..

This is London 6/28/06 Imogen milks secret role

Daily Record 6/28/06 BB Eviction Nominees Hugging The Limelight 

BBC 6/28/06 Two facing Big Brother 'eviction'

The Mirror 6/28/06 Voted In!

Sky News 6/28/06 BB7 Gets Neighbourly

Manchester Online 6/27/06 Big Brother 7: Mikey is girls' dream guy

Entertainmentwise 6/27/06 Big Brother's Mikey Starts Turning Heads

This is London 6/27/06 BB housemates in a spin

The Mirror 6/27/06 Imogen's First Vote 

Guardian Unlimited 6/27/06 Susie or Aisleyne to move house?

Manchester Online 6/27/06 Big Brother 7: Will Imogen be disqualified again?

Sky News 6/27/06 Jade's Glam New Mate

Manchester Online 6/27/06 Big Brother 7: Big Brother 7: Housemates in a spin

Brand Republic 6/26/06 Big Brother producers unveil secret housemates

Daily Mail 6/26/06 'Boobs and Brains' win Big Brother quiz

Entertainmentwise 6/26/06 Are Big Brother's Mikey And Imogen The Real Thing?

Ireland Online 6/26/06 'Boobs and brains' win Big Brother quiz

Sunday Mirror 6/25/06 Pete In 3-Way Girl Woe 

Sunday Mirror 6/25/06 BB Aisleyne Was On Trial 

Entertainmentwise 6/25/06 Big Brother Housemates Work Out Secret Plan

Sunday Mirror 6/25/06 Big Mother?

Entertainmentwise 6/25/06 Big Brother's Grace Bawls Out George

Sunday Mirror 6/25/06 Big Bro Exclusive: Babe's Secret Fling 

Daily Mail 6/25/06 Glyn has boozy rant after guzzling champagne

Entertainmentwise 6/24/06 Big Brother's Grace Brands Mikey and Imogen 'Boring'

The Mirror 6/24/06 Pollyometer

Daily Record 6/24/06 Girls are sweet on Pete

Manchester Online 6/24/06 Big Brother 7: Five new housemates to join

Daily Record 6/24/06 Second Big Bro House

The Mirror 6/24/06 Pete's Snog Snub

Entertainmentwise 6/24/06 Big Brother To Reveal Secret House

Daily Record 6/24/06 Five New House Mates

This is London 6/23/06 Grace: Pete has a game plan

Entertainmentwise 6/23/06 Big Brother's Pete Does Not Fancy Aisleyne

Sky News 6/23/06 Curious George Gets Grace

Manchester Online 6/23/06 Big Brother 7: Manc Lisa gets the boot

Ananova 6/23/06 Pete in demand

Manchester Online 6/23/06 Big Brother 7: Pete fights off lusty housemates

BBC 6/23/06 Housemates await fifth eviction

Manchester Online 6/23/06 Big Brother 7: Tensions mount as eviction night looms

Daily Mail 6/23/06 Lea and Nikki get their claws out over Aisleyne

Manchester Evening News 6/22/06 Big Brother 7: Glyn falls for Lea's ample charms

Daily Mail 6/22/06 Ad watchdog launches Big Brother golden ticket probe

Sky News 6/22/06 BB7's Golden Tix Fix?

Ananova 6/22/06 Housemates become majorettes

Irish Examiner 6/22/06 Reluctant Big Brother majorettes failing to impress

This is London 6/22/06 Reluctant housemates march to beat of different drum

Guardian 6/22/06 Ad watchdog investigates Big Brother's golden ticket draw

Irish Examiner 6/22/06 Big Brother 'golden ticket' draw probe

This is London 6/22/06 Chantelle's dress fit for a princess

Daily Record BB Bride Set to do a Diana

Sky News 6/22/06 Jade Gets Soaked

Daily Record 6/21/06 Romeo Rat Stole My Voice

Daily Mail 6/21/06 Model housemates strike a pose

This is London 6/21/06 Housemates strike a pose

Ananova 6/21/06 BB bosses watch fiery Lisa

Manchester Online 6/21/06 Big Brother 7: Model housemates pass task

Entetainmentwise 6/21/06 Is Big Brother's Sezer Getting In On With Jade Goody?

Sky News 6/21/06 BB7: Who'll Be Out Next?

Manchester Online 6/21/06 Big Brother 7: Lisa's hot favourite to go

BBC 6/21/06 Four facing Big Brother eviction

Manchester Online 6/20/06 Big Brother 7: Lisa, Mikey and Imogen also face eviction

Daily Record 6/20/06 Sam I the Dad or Not?

Entertainmentwise 6/20/06 Big Brother's Richard Becomes Suspicious Of Imogen

The Mirror 6/20/06 Exclusive: My Girl's Better Than This Show

Daily Mail 6/20/06 Will Nikki walk?

Entertainmentwise 6/20/06 Big Brother's Aisleyne Fancies Pete!

This is London 6/20/06 Nikki fury at nomination

Daily Record 6/20/06 Nik Picked Again

Daily Mail 6/20/06 Trio join Nikki on eviction list

This is London 6/20/06 Jade launches new perfume

Daily Record 6/20/06 Pete's Ordeal

Guardian 6/20/06 The melt down of the plastics

Daily Record 6/19/06 Sammy, You're Not the Daddy 

This is London 6/19/06 Nikki faces third BB vote

Manchester Online 6/19/06 Big Brother 7: Tuneful housemates win barbeque treat

Entertainmentwise 6/19/06 Big Brother's Glyn And Pete Get Serious

Manchester Online 6/19/06 Big Brother 7: Pete reveals all about Tourette's

The Mirror 6/19/06 Blabbering idiots split up for rule breaking

Daily Record 6/19/06 Housemates on Song 

Entertainmentwise 6/19/06 Big Brother's Pete Finally Sees The Light

Sky News 6/19/06 BB7: Evil Nominations

This is London 6/19/06 Pete opens his heart

Glasgow Evening Times 6/19/06 Housemates are on song - despite Lisa's eggy breath

Manchester Online 6/19/06 Big Brother 7: Third time unlucky for Nikki

Sunday Mirror 6/18/06 Daughter: Susie Isn't A Hooker 

Sunday Mirror 6/18/06 Exclusive: Tickets Puts Dad Ted Back In Touch 

Sunday Mirror 6/18/06 My Verdict On Housemates  

Daily Mail 6/18/06 Housemates scoff at luxury feast laid on by Big Brother

Sunday Mirror 6/18/06 Big Brother Exclusive: Grace Tells Her Sex Secrets 

Daily Record 6/17/06 Loser Grace Soaks Susie 

Daily Record 6/17/06 Big Brother Exclusive: Sam: Now I'm A Man 

Daily Mail 6/17/06 Mikey sheds a tear as Grace leaves the house

Daily Record 6/17/06 Eviction Girls Are Feeling The Heat 

Manchester Online 6/17/06 Big Brother 7: No surprises as Grace goes

BBC 6/16/06 Big Brother viewers evict Grace

Daily Mail 6/16/06 Grace is favourite to get the Big Brother boot

Manchester Online 6/16/06 Big Brother 7: Grace hot favourite to go

Entertainmentwise 6/16/06 Big Brother's Mikey Only Likes Honest People
Daily Record 6/16/06 Fall From Grace

Manchester Online 6/16/06 Big Brother 7: Mikey wars with Nikki

Manchester Online 6/15/06 Big Brother 7: Nikki gets eviction blues

Daily Mail 6/15/06 Farce as Big Brother fix claims escalate

BBC 6/15/06 C4 denies fixing Big Brother draw

Entertainmentwise 6/15/06 Big Brother's Aisleyne Swears To Expose Mikey

Manchester Online 6/15/06 Big Brother 7: Producers - Golden ticket not a fix

Daily Mail 6/15/06 Big Brother: Highlights from last night's show

This is London 6/14/06 Party rocks the House

Irish Examiner 6/14/06 BB: Golden Ticket contest not a fix

Manchester Online 6/14/06 Big Brother 7: Romance in the air for Lea

Daily Record 6/14/06 Bosses Deny Fix Claims 

Entertainmentwise 6/14/06 Big Brother's Lea Admits She Fancies Pete

The Mirror 6/14/06 Grace fury as new girl rules

Daily Mail 6/14/06 Susie admits Big Brother ticket fix

Daily Telegraph 6/14/06 BB health fears

Manchester Online 6/14/06 Big Brother 7: Susie throws a party

Daily Record 6/14/06 United States of Susie 

Manchester Online 6/13/06 Big Brother 7: Nominees get their revenge

Daily Mail 6/13/06 Probe into Big Brother fix

Entertainmentwise 6/13/06 Big Brother's Pete Has It Out With Bunny Boiler Lisa

Sky News 6/13/06 Big Brother Love Ends

This is London 6/13/06 Susie is house dictator

Daily Record 6/13/06 Grace is favoured for boot

Manchester Online 6/13/06 Big Brother 7: State of Susie set to cause a stir

Daily Mail 6/13/06 Girls take revenge on Golden Girl Susie

Daily Record 6/13/06 Big Bro Health Warning 

Jam! 6/13/06 Canadian shines on Big Brother UK

Daily Record 6/13/06 Paul And Helen in Love Split 

Celebrity Spider 6/12/06 Charlotte Church Vows No Celebrity Big Brother

Sky News 6/12/06 BB7: Nominations Shock

Daily Mail 6/12/06 Susie nominates Grace and Nikki for eviction

The Guardian 6/12/06 Should this series of Big Brother be the last?

Sky News 6/12/06 Jade's Hot B'Day Bash

Manchester Online 6/12/06 Big Brother 7: Grace and Nikki face eviction

Daily Mail 6/12/06 They've thrown my Grace to the lions, says mum

Daily Record 6/12/06 Life's A Bitch For Golden Girl 

Sky News 6/12/06 BB7: Suzie's Golden Task

BBC 6/12/06 Two in Big Brother eviction vote

Daily Mail 6/12/06 Is new Big Brother housemate Susie a fix?

Manchester Online 6/12/06 Big Brother 7: Lisa leaves housemates standing

Daily Mail 6/11/06 Housemates in waiting game

Entertainmentwise 6/11/06 Bubbly Big Brother contestant Nikki was given “weeks to live” ...

Digital Spy 6/11/06 Aisleyne disqualified from Waiting Game

Anorak 6/11/06 Suzie's Cue

BBC 6/10/06 Ticket winner joins Big Brother

Celebrity Spider 6/9/06 Kelly Osbourne: "Big Brother is Like Rehab"

Manchester Online 6/9/06 Oh Brother! Jill snubs TV ticket

Manchester Online 6/9/06 Sam evicted from the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 6/9/06 Suzie replaces Sam in BB house

Sky News 6/9/06 Why Jade and Jeff Split 

Manchester Online 6/9/06 Big Brother 7: Pete and Nikki's late-night snog

Media Guardian 6/9/06 No more Big Brother, say viewers

This is London 6/9/06 Ticket winner to enter house

Manchester Online 6/9/06 Big Brother 7: Housemates fail weekly task

BBC 6/9/06 Big Brother holds housemate draw

Sky News 6/9/06 Chantelle: Not So Bright

The Guardian 6/9/06 Chief executive leaves the Big Brother house

Manchester Online 6/8/06 Big Brother 7: Golden Ticket winner set to go in

Media Guardian 6/8/06 Tabloid reporter in bid to enter Big Brother house

Evening Telegraph 6/8/06 Dundee student’s golden Big Brother hopes

Daily Mail 6/8/06 Claws out for Aisleyne

Powys County Times 6/8/06 Big Brother is watching Glyn but are you? 6/8/06 Lisa & Grace sick of BB newcomer Aisleyne

BBC 6/8/06 Boss of Big Brother firm resigns

Dorset Echo 6/8/06 Big (Bro) Mack

Entertainmentwise 6/7/06 Big Brother Golden Ticket Winners Are Screened

Daily Mail 6/7/06 Big Brother Golden Tickets go unclaimed

This is London 6/7/06 Nikki and Sam face eviction

Daily Record 6/7/06 Reject Vows To Starve Herself To Death 

Sky News 6/7/06 BB7: Nikki Or Sam Out?

Daily Mail 6/7/06 Housemates start their new 'careers'

Daily Record 6/7/06 Exclusive: Don't Let The Big Bullies Get You Down 

Manchester Online 6/7/06 Big Brother 7: Girls rally around eviction nominee Nikki

Sky News 6/7/06 Jade's Million Pound 'No'

Daily Record 6/7/06 Jade Kos £1.5m Diet Pills Deal 

BBC 6/7/06 Two facing Big Brother eviction

Manchester Online 6/7/06 Big Brother 7: Pete moves out of Lisa's bed

Wigan Observer 6/6/06 Student finds Big Brother golden ticket

Ireland Online 6/6/06 Nikki and Sam in line for Big Brother boot

Digital Spy 6/6/06 Housemates react to "shock" nomination

Manchester Evening News 6/6/06 Big Brother 7: Housemates await nominations news

Sky News 6/6/06 BB7: Grace In Racism Row

Daily Mail 6/6/06 Housemates put to work by Big Brother

Wigan Today 6/6/06 Student finds Big Brother golden ticket

Daily Mail 6/6/06 Lisa's eviction fears

Sky News 6/6/06 Makosi's Shock Fling

Digital Spy 6/6/06 Tears flood the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 6/6/06 Big gossip from Big Brother

The Mirror 6/6/06 Pollyometer

This is London 6/6/06 Lisa faces nervous wait

Daily Record 6/6/06 Troubled Big Brother Scot Sam Brodie wants to help other people ...

Entertainmentwise 6/6/06 Did Russell Brand Bed Former Big Brother Contestant?

Daily Mail 6/6/06 Big Brother: Look back at highlights from Day 19

This is London 6/5/06 BB bedmates' hairy moment

Metro 6/5/06 BB's Rich belts it out and wins

Daily Mail 6/5/06 Housemates kiss and make up

Irish Examiner 6/5/06 Midge-bashing puts BB ladette in dog-house

Media Guardian 6/5/06 'Every year, it's the most extreme ever'

Daily Record 6/5/06 BB Sam is New Shahbaz in House

Sky News 6/5/06 BB7: Backbiting Heats Up

Daily Mail 6/5/06 Housemates kiss and make up

This is London 6/5/06 Record vote as Sezer is evicted

Irish Examiner 6/5/06 Hairy moment for Big Brother bedmates

Daily Mail 6/5/06 Housemates in screaming match

Entertainmentwise 6/4/06 Big Brother's Sam 'Another Shahbaz'?

Sunday Life 6/4/06 House reacts to Sezer eviction

Sunday Mirror 6/4/06 Sez: I Love Im

Daily Mail 6/4/06 Imogen swops Sezer for champers

Sunday Mirror 6/4/06 Hot House's Bikini Babes  

Sunday Mirror 6/4/06 Exclusive: Ford Escor! 

Sunday Mail 6/4/06 My £1000 Goldrush

Sunday Mirror 6/4/06 Exclusive: Pete's Tourette's Caused By Dad Walking Out 

Sunday Mirror 6/4/06 House Pick Golden Pal 

Daily Record 6/3/06 Livewire Pete Was Target Of Bullying 

Daily Record 6/3/06 I'm Well Shot Of Her Says Grace Ex  

Daily Mail 6/3/06 Sezer gets the Big boot after record votes

Daily Record 6/3/06 Sleazy Big Bro Boys As Top Buddies Again 

Daily Record 6/3/06 Bitchy Big Bro Boys Bosom Buddies Again 

Celebrity Spider 6/2/06 Mental Health Worries Over UK Big Brother

24 Dash 6/2/06 Tories allege inspectors tried to tax Big Brother housemates

Manchester Online 6/2/06 Big Brother 7: Ladies' man Sezer is evicted

Daily Mail 6/2/06 End of Sezer's Big Brother reign

The Sun 6/2/06 Sleazy Sezer booted out

Daily Mail 6/2/06 Look back at highlights from Day 15

Irish Examiner 6/2/06 'Ladies' man' Sezer evicted with record vote

Daily Record 6/2/06 ASDA Chiefs Ban Sam's Edit Card 

Brand Republic 6/2/06 Race for golden tickets sees thousands of Kitkats snapped up

BBC 6/2/06 Sezer booted out of Big Brother

Daily Record 6/2/06 Anorak For Aisleyne..

Daily Mail 6/2/06 Sezer favourite for boot after heated rows

Ananova 6/2/06 Housemates pass geeky task

Daily Mail 6/2/06 Big Brother house in council tax row

Ananova 6/2/06 Lea discusses surgery

Ananova 6/1/06 Sezer is red hot tip for eviction

Daily Mail 6/1/06 Big Brother: Worse than bear baiting

Ananova 6/1/06 Aisleyne obsessed with her boobs

This is London 6/1/06 Sezer faces BB boot

Sky News 6/1/06 6/1/06 Housemates Get Geeky

Weston & Somerset Mercury 6/1/06 Mum's golden chance to enter house

Daily Record 6/1/06 BB Chiefs Fear More Walkouts

BBC 6/1/06 Three up for Big Brother eviction

The Mirror 6/1/06 Lea Will Go Next Says Sez

Weston Mercury 6/1/06 Gran hopes Big Brother Pete stays off the buns

Daily Record 6/1/06 Big Brother Stars Carry On With Antics In and Out of the House

Celebrity Spider 5/31/06 Big Brother Star is Royal Cousin

BBC 5/31/06 Brother's Dawn 'on hunger strike'

This is London 5/31/06 George: I can't handle fame

Manchester Online 5/31/06 Big Brother 7: Three face eviction

Ananova 5/31/06 Housemates turn into geeks

Daily Mail 5/31/06 He's not being exploited, says Pete's mum

Manchester Online 5/31/06 Big Brother 7: Pete's mum defends him

BBC 5/31/06 Mental health fears over Brother

Daily Mail 5/31/06 Factions form in the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 5/31/06 Former housemate goes on hunger strike

Manchester Online 5/31/06 Big Brother 7: Dawn goes on hunger strike

Blackpool Today 5/31/06 Big Brother outcasts hit town

Ananova 5/31/06 Imogen and Sezer banned from nominating

Telegraph 5/31/06 Big Brother 'cheat' goes on hunger strike

This is London 5/31/06 My son's 10 years of trauma

RTE 5/31/06 BB housemates resolve 'bunny boiler' row

Daily Mail 5/31/06 Housemates kiss and make up after 'bunny boiler' row

Daily Record 5/31/06 Shy Guy George is Latest Big Brother Quitter

Berwickshire Today 5/31/06 George exits Big Brother house by back door

Daily Record 5/31/06 Sam: I'm a Hermaphrodite

Daily Mail 5/31/06 Mental health chiefs blast 'dangerous' Big Brother

Sky News 5/30/06 BB7: George Walks Out 

Daily Mail 5/30/06 Davina: I want to star in Big Brother

The Mirror 5/30/06 Exclusive: Big Bully 

Daily Mail 5/30/06 George quits Big Brother

Berwickshire Today 5/30/06 Ladykirk student in TV's Big Brother house

Daily Record 5/30/06 Scots Transvestite In House 

The Mirror 5/30/06 Sam... The Surprise Package

Sky News 5/30/06 BB7: George Walks Out

Entertainmentwise 5/30/06 Big Brother's Pete Threatens To Become A Woman

Brand Republic Bulletin 5/30/06 Another one bites the dust as George quits Big Brother

This is London 5/30/06 X Factor beats Big Brother

Daily Record 5/30/06 Glyn's A Good Bet 

Daily Mail 5/30/06 Look back at highlights from Day 12

Daily Record 5/30/06 Shahbaz Caught Cruising For Man 

Manchester Online 5/30/06 Big Brother 7: Now George quits

Daily Record 5/30/06 Chance for 2 New BB Mates 

Daily Mail 5/30/06 New housemates arrive in Big Brother twist

Manchester Online 5/30/06 Big Brother 7: Two new housemates arrive

Ananova 5/30/06 Sam comes clean

BBC 5/30/06 X-Factor ratings beat Big Brother

Ananova 5/30/06 Two new housemates join BB

The Sun 5/30/06 Big Brother Day 13

Ireland Online 5/29/06 Pete wins human prizes in Big Brother

Daily Record 5/29/06 Book Closed On New Housemate 

Manchester Online 5/30/06 Big Brother 7: Tempers and tears hit House

The Mirror 5/29/06 Toilet Rolls Go Down Pan In Quiz 

Daily Record 5/29/06 Big Hugger Shahbaz 

Irish Examiner 5/29/06 BB housemates bicker through Bank Holiday

Daily Record 5/29/06 Lea's Big Blubber 

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 Bonnie: They Are A Bunch Of Fakers 

Sunday Mail 5/28/06 Shell Says 

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 After Shab...Glyn The Gab 

Sunday People 5/28/06 Imogen Is Rolled Over 

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 Fail Sleazer 

Daily Mail 5/28/06 Bookies suspend Big Brother betting

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 Grace In Shock At Dad In Jail 

Daily Mail 5/28/06 Big Brother gets down and dirty

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 Pete Likes Ruff Stuff 

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 Exclusive: Nik's Lost Grandpa Tunes In 

Sunday Mirror 5/28/06 Jade's Scents of Humour 

The Independent 5/28/06 New 'Big Brother' prompts record number of complaints

Daily Record 5/27/06 Big Brother's Dawn: I Was Kidnapped

Scotsman 5/27/06 Big Brother is no big deal

Manchester Online 5/27/06 Bonnie leaves 'weird' BB house

Daily Record 5/27/06 Is This TV Show the Pits?

Entertainmentwise 5/27/06 Big Brother To Draft In Twins

Daily Record 5/27/06 Big Bet Makes Big Bro Pete Favorite

Daily Mail 5/27/06 Bonnie first to get the Big Brother boot

Daily Mirror 5/27/06 Dawn: I was locked in house against my will

North Wales Chronicle 5/27/06 Big Brother gets Wise over Welsh language

Daily Record 5/27/06 It's Bye Bonnie After She Banks Most Votes

Daily Mail 5/26/06 New housemates expected in shock twist

BBC 5/26/06 Bonnie the first Brother eviction

Ananova 5/26/06 Angry Dawn denies cheating

Daily Mail 5/26/06 George Michael condemns Big Brother housemates

Daily Record 5/26/06 Smelly Gets the Welly

This is London 5/25/06 Dawn is booted out

Sky News 5/25/06 BB7 Dawn Kicked Out

BBC 5/25/06 Big Brother ejects 'rule-breaker'

The Australian 5/25/06 No live suicide, but UK Big Brother's almost a freak show

Guardian 5/25/06 Dawn ejected from Big Brother

Daily Record 5/25/06 Big Bro Scott's Shame

This is London 5/25/06 Trio face Big Brother eviction

Ananova 5/25/06 Jade's advice to Jodie Marsh

Daily Mail 5/25/06 Dawn's shock eviction for breaking Big Brother rules

Irish Examiner 5/25/06 Anguished Shabaz apologises for Big Brother 'breakdown'

Scotsman 5/25/06 Why Big Brother is all the life I'll need

Ananova 5/25/06 Three housemates face the chop

Manchester Online 5/25/06 Big Brother 7: It's a big love-in

Daily Mail 5/25/06 Love blooms in the Big Brother house

Ananova 5/25/06 Shahbaz: I cracked-up in BB house

Daily Mail 5/25/06 Shahbaz: Demons of past caused my breakdown

Daily Mail 5/24/06 Bonnie tipped to be shown Big Brother door

Daily Record 5/24/06 You Can Bank On A Bonk  

Sky News 5/24/06 BB7: Shahbaz Booted Out

Daily Mail 5/24/06 Shahbaz quits Big Brother

Daily Record 5/24/06 I've Come Out 

Sky News 5/24/06 Jade's Next Nip Tuck

Daily Mail 5/24/06 Big Brother 'must stop exploiting the vulnerable'

BBC 5/24/06 Three face first Brother eviction

Media Guardian 5/24/06 Big Brother protest by charity

Ananova 5/24/06 Shahbaz leaves the BB house

Media Guardian 5/24/06 'Unhappy' Shahbaz leaves Big Brother house

Ananova 5/24/06 Dermot backs Grace

Media Guardian 5/24/06 'I know I'm famous for nothing'

BBC 5/23/06 Welsh chat banned from BB website

Digital Spy 5/23/06 Shahbaz leaves the Big Brother house

Media Guardian 5/23/06 Fears grow for mental health of Big Brother Shahbaz

Ananova 5/23/06 Bonnie faces the sack

Daily Mail 5/23/06 Psychologists watch 'suicidal' Shahbaz

Daily Record 5/23/06 Scot Shahbaz 

BBC 5/23/06 Psychologists watch TV housemate

Daily Record 5/23/06 Flash Mahal

Daily Mail 5/23/06 Imogen and Sezer share first kiss

Ananova 5/23/06 Shahbaz on suicide watch

Daily Record 5/23/06 Big Wet Kisses In Boozy Pool Fun 

Daily Mail 5/23/06 Housemates try peace deal with Shahbaz

Daily Record 5/23/06 Only Four Golden

Media Guardian 5/22/06 Big Brother recovers from ratings dip

Ananova 5/22/06 Housemate confessions

This is London 5/22/06 Housemates pucker-up

BBC 5/22/06 Big Brother's tabloid love affair

Manchester Online 5/22/06 BB7: Shahbaz is making enemies

Media Guardian 5/22/06 Channel 4 puts ads on Big Brother online video service

Sunday Mirror 5/21/06 Mr Nasty's Verdict

Sunday Mirror 5/21/06 Ron Me Bed Imo

Daily Mail 5/21/06 Big Brotherhood enjoy slap-up meal

The Independent 5/21/06 When the truth isn't out there and no one cares

Sunday Mirror 5/21/06 Shahboz: I'm Quitting 

Daily Mail 5/21/06 Friend of Royals tipped to win BB

Sunday Mirror 5/21/06 Cuff Justice, Shahbaz

Daily Record 5/20/06 Big Brother; This Lot Are All Weirdos 

Daily Mail 5/20/06 Special status causes Big Brother friction

Portsmouth News 5/20/06 Oh brother! It's Jade Goody

The Guardian 5/20/06 Big Brother: Exploitative or admirable?

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 5/20/06 TV: I dated Big Brother's posh totty

Daily Record 5/20/06 Wails Over Show's Ban on Welsh 

Daily Record 5/20/06 Odds on the Odd Inmates

Media Guardian 5/19/06 Big Brother 'golden ticket' auction axed

This Is London 5/19/06 Housemates start to bond

Daily Mail 5/19/06 Who's tipped to win Big Brother?

Daily Mail 5/19/06 Big Brother: Tourette's housemate 'exploited'

Sky News 5/19/06 BB7: We Predict a Riot

Ananova 5/19/06 First twist revealed to housemates

BBC 5/19/06 Welsh is 'code' for Big Brother

Daily Mail 5/19/06 Full of show-offs and sexists. No change there

BBC 5/19/06 In pictures: Big Brother housemates arrive

Guardian 5/19/06 Big Brother 'golden ticket' for sale on eBay

BBC 5/19/06 Tourette's housemate 'exploited'

This is London 5/19/06 Housemates start to bond

Guardian 5/19/06 Big Brother in seventh heaven

BBC 5/19/06 Big Brother gets record ratings

Guardian 5/19/06 Big Brother scandal? Already?

Daily Record 5/19/06 Weirdos and Wannabes

The Sun 5/19/06 Here we bro, here we bro!

Guardian 5/19/06 Reality check: extroverts enter seventh Big Brother

This is London 5/18/06 Big Brother 7: Factfile

Irish Examiner 5/18/06 'More twisted' Big Brother kicks off

Daily Record 5/18/06 C4 Give Us a Clue to Latest Big Brother Oddballs

Sky News 5/18/06 Big Brother: Where Are They Now?

This is London 5/18/06 BB 'more twisted than ever'

Evening Times 5/18/06 Open house for new Big Brother

BBC 5/18/06 'Twisted' Brother to opens doors

The Scotsman 5/18/06 Who really won Big Brother?

BBC 5/17/06 Big Brother set to open its doors

Daily Record 5/17/06 Chantelle Has Right Carry On 

BBC 5/17/06 'Big brother' informs baby talk

ic Coventry 5/17/06 Big Brother's Jade signs and shines

Entertainmentwise 5/17/06 Former Miss Wales Tipped To Win Big Brother

Ananova 5/17/06 BB housemates 'revealed'

Daily Record 5/17/06 Test Your IQ 

BBC 5/16/06 Big Brother's big earners

The Sun 5/15/06 Big beds for Big Bro

Media Guardian 5/16/06 Are you sitting uncomfortably?

BBC 5/16/06 Big Brother design 'evil genius'

Ananova 5/16/06 Rabbit will keep an eye on housemates

Celebrity Spider 5/14/06 Snow Patrol Star Slams Preston For Appearing on Celebrity Big Brother

Sunday Mirror 5/14/06 Exclusive: Bitch Bro 

Sunday Mirror 5/14/06 Beauty Queen: Davina is my Style Idol 

ic Coventry 5/15/06 Jade's life is the talk of the town

Times Online 5/13/06 These people need locking up

Ireland Online 5/12/06 Britain's Big Brother promises betting bonanza

Sky News 5/11/06 Jade: I Can't Spell

Ananova 5/11/06 Jade forgets how to spell her name

Sky News 5/11/06 Chantelle: This Is My Life

Daily Record 5/11/06 All Write for Cash

Daily Record 5/10/06 Exclusive: Trash Mahal - Cross-Dressing Scot Tipped For Big Brother

Daily Mail 5/10/06 Big Brother: Series seven secrets revealed

This is London 5/10/06 £300,000 for Chantelle's life story

Ananova 5/10/06 Chantelle signs £300K book deal

Daily Record 5/9/06 A Close Call for Big Mutha Davina

BBC 5/9/06 Big Brother 7 gets 'more twisted'

Ananova 5/9/06 No hiding place on BB7

Pink News 5/9/06 Gay muscleman tipped for UK Big Brother

Entertainmentwise 5/9/06 Big Brother To Mess With Contestants Heads

Food Business 5/8/06 Kit Kat to give Big Brother fans a break

Entertainmnentwise 5/8/06 Big Brother Contestant Names Are Leaked

icWales 5/8/06 How you can beat Big Brother, by Welsh stars

The Sun 5/7/06 A Doctor in the house

Sunday Mirror 5/7/06 Pregnant Davina's Big Bro Birth Bag 

Digital Spy 5/7/06 Jade's gift flies through window

Digital Spy 5/6/06 Golden tickets to be sold on eBay?

The Telegraph 5/6/06 Have a KitKat, have a break on Big Brother

Ananova 5/5/06 Chantelle wants Corrie role

The Sun 5/5/06 Big Brother chocs away!

Ananova 5/5/06 Golden ticket to Big Brother

BBC 5/5/06 Competition for Big Brother place

Sky News 5/4/06 Jade: How Long Is A Mile?

Digital Spy 5/4/06 Jade Goody admits marathon confusion

Ananova 5/4/06 Chantelle ready for babies

Sky News 5/3/06 Big Bro 7 Surprises

The Sun 5/2/06 Big Brother gets bitchy

Daily Mail 5/2/06 Big gossip on Big Brother

Ananova 5/2/06 Golf club wedding for Preston and Chantelle

Sunday Mail 4/30/06 Crush on 'Telle

The Mirror 4/27/06 Big Brother Kicks Off Early

Digital Spy 4/27/06 Big Brother 7 details revealed

Entertainmentwise 4/26/06 Preston's Sister Refuses To Be A Bridesmaid For Chantelle

The Scotsman 4/26/06 Nothing out of the Ordinary except a famous Big Brother

Entertainmentwise 4/25/06 Chantelle Houghton Named The Second Happiest Person In Uk

Media Guardian 4/25/06 What was Jade Goody thinking?

BBC 4/24/06 Jade slated over race 'training'

The Sun 4/24/06 Big Bruv stars in Oz swap

Sky News 4/24/06 Jade's Marathon Hell

This is London 4/21/06 Galloway earned £150,000 for Big Brother

The Sun 4/20/06 Jade in cancer worry

Hello! 4/19/06 Big Brother lovebirds have fun in Brighton

Daily Record 4/19/06 Pal Pinches £500K In Cheoues Off Jade

Manchester Online 4/19/06 Jade gutted over cheque book fraud

Digital Spy 4/19/06 Jade wants tummy tuck and boob reduction

Ananova 4/19/06 Jordan sick of Chantelle and Preston

This is London 4/18/06 Jordan 'bored' by Chantelle

Croydon Guardian 4/17/06 Big Brother babe shows off frocks

Sunday Mirror 4/16/06 Exclusive: Chantelle's A Ringer For Preston Ex

The Sun 4/14/06 'Ugly' Jade not so Goody

Ananova 4/13/06 Preston and Chantelle's love-nest

ic Coventry 4/13/06 Big Brother celebrity Jade books a date

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Ordinary Boy Preston to Marry Celebrity Big Brother's Chantelle

BBC 4/12/06 Chantelle and Preston get engaged

Sunday Mirror 4/9/06 BB Jade Burglar's Cashback  

Sky News 4/4/06 Jade's Shocking Secret

Ananova 4/4/06 Preston: I wanted to make things right

BBC 4/3/06 Big Brother winner in club attack

Manchester Evening News 4/3/06 BB's Anthony beaten in city nightclub

This is London 4/3/06 BB winner Anthony beaten up in club

Sunday Mirror 4/2/06 Chantelle is Tickled Pink With Her Limo

Digital Spy 4/2/06 Chantelle to host new dating show

Entertainmentwise 3/31/06 Celebrity Big Brother's Chantelle To Write Children's Novel

Sky News 3/30/06 Chantelle Mingles with JK

Sky News 3/29/06 Chantelle Chooses Her Ring

The Mirror 3/25/06 Exclusive: Goody Life

Female First 3/25/06 Chantelle Houghton's Kelly crush

Daily Record 3/24/06 BB Star Pete In Mental Hospital 

Entertainmentwise 3/23/06 Celebrity X Factor And Big Brother To Battle It Out
This Is London 3/22/06 Chantelle tackles the bullies

Sky News 3/22/06 Chantelle Beats the Bullies

Digital Spy 3/22/06 "Complete overhaul" for Big Brother house

Daily Record 3/17/06 Nadia's on Slap Charge 

Daily Mail 3/16/06 Big Brother star signed to Virgin radio

Life Style Extra 3/16/06 Big Brother winner Nadia in court for beating up a man

The Mirror 3/15/06 Jade Set For Stars 

London 24 3/13/06 After Big Brother... Radio Ga-Galloway

Celebrity Spider 3/10/06 David Hasselhoff's Celebrity Big Brother Dream

Sky News 3/10/06 BB Bosses Slated Chantelle

Belfast Telegraph 3/9/06 Big Brother star who's in town to act the Maggot

Daily Mail 3/8/06 Hotel firm won't immortalise Chantelle

Sky News 3/7/06 Chantelle's Sex Dilemma

Ananova 3/7/06 Jade makes a boob

Entertainmnetwise 3/3/06 Chantelle Continues 'Livin' The Dream'

Digital Spy 3/1/06 Chantelle desperate for Paris Hilton

Sky News 2/28/06 Is Big Bro Wedding Looming?

Ananova 2/28/06 Preston will marry Chantelle says Maggot

Sky News 2/27/06 Pete's Posing Pouch

Daily Mail 2/24/06 Big Brother's Orlaith chases Miss Great Britain crown

Channel 4 News 2/23/06 Endemol boosted by Big Brother

South Wales Evening Post 2/22/06 Big Brother Hunt For Faces To Watch  

Ananova 2/22/06 Preston's ex tells of heartbreak

Sky News 2/21/06 Chantelle Vs Camille

Ananova 2/21/06 Chantelle comes clean

Celebrity Spider 2/20/06 Boy George Hails Pete Burns Celebrity Big Brother Appearance

Manchester Online 2/20/06 Wannabes queue for Big Brother

Channel 4 2/20/06 Chantelle and Paris double act?

Sunday Mirror 2/19/06 Chantelle Exclusive: My Love for Preston

Daily Record 2/18/06 Home Grown Fashion

The Guardian 2/18/06 A boy less ordinary

Sky News 2/17/06 Orlaith as Miss GB?

Entertainmentwise 2/17/06 Do You Wants To Be On Big Brother 7?

Manchester Online 2/17/06 Fancy being on Big Brother 7?

Daily Record 2/17/06 Davina's 'mum' on baby

Entertainmentwise 2/17/06 Big Brother's Orlaith To Be Miss Great Britain?

Ananova 2/17/06 Jade to launch perfume

BBC 2/16/06 Big Brother enters waxwork museum

Daily Record 2/16/06 I Still Bear Scars of Seeing Mum Abused

Digital Spy 2/15/06 The Kaiser Chiefs thank BB's Preston
Sky News 2/14/06 Is Davina In The Family Way?

Daily Record 2/14/06 Davina: I'm Going to Aviemore Kids

Sky News 2/13/06 Chantelle and Preston, On?

Sunday Mirror 2/12/06 Exclusive: Rula £100,000 Kitty

Entertainmentwise 2/12/06 Chantelle And Preston Are Lovers

Sunday Mirror 2/12/06 Galloway Booed At Muslim Protest

Sunday Mirror 2/12/06 Flash & Burns

Channel 4 News 2/11/06 'It's a fix' claims Pete

The Mirror 2/11/06 'Telle On George

Daily Ireland 2/11/06 Derry hopefuls vie for Big Brother fame

Digital Spy 2/11/06 Pete calls off his engagement

The Sun 2/10/06 BB Pete: Fame hit our love

Daily Record 2/10/06 For Richard For Poorer

BBC 2/10/06 Singer Burns announces engagement

Ananova 2/10/06 Pete to 'wed'

BBC 2/9/06 Galloway auctions Big Brother top

icLiverpool 2/9/06 Big Brother housemate in Liverpool

BBC 2/9/06 Own show for Brother's Chantelle

Sky News 2/9/06 Chantelle Gets TV Show

Ananova 2/9/06 Chantelle lands her own show

BBC 2/8/06 Galloway auctions Big Brother top

Ananova 2/8/06 Preston confused

Derry Journal 2/7/06 Big Brother To Audition In Derry

This is London 2/6/06 Chantelle one of world's sexiest


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