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News Articles about UK Big Brother


BBC 8/15/07 Brother 'gurus' in eviction twist

Times Online 8/15/07 Big Brother housemates forced to evict one of their own

Daily Mail 8/15/07 Chanelle follows in idol Posh's footsteps to make it in LA

Sky News 8/15/07 BB8: Who'll Face Leaving?

Entertainmentwise 8/15/07 Brian To Win Big Brother?

The Sun 8/15/07 Drunk Tracey's 'Chiggy' row

Metro 8/15/07 Kara favourite for the chop

Daily Mail 8/15/07 Big Brother Day 78: Housemates put Brian up for public vote

Sky News 8/15/07 Jade's Saucy Wish

Daily Mail 8/15/07 Big Brother Day 77: Housemates in 'Guru' quest

Reality News Online 8/14/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 70-73: Children of the Scorn

Manchester Online 8/14/07 BB8: Twins safe from eviction

Metro 8/14/07 Brian's mum gives BB couple 'her blessing'

Lancashire Evening Post 8/14/07 BB's Chanelle visits Lancashire resort

Entertainmentwise 8/14/07 Brian Wants To Be Put Up For Eviction

Sky News 8/13/07 BB8: Brian's Snog Chat

This is London 8/13/07 Housemates have no regrets over kiss

Daily Mail 8/13/07 Shilpa has her licence to thrill as a Bond Girl

Manchester Online 8/13/07 BB8: Housemates kiss

Media Guardian 8/13/07 Is anyone still watching Big Brother?

Manchester Online 8/13/07 'Guru Ziggy' immune from public vote

24 Dash 8/13/07 Chanelle 'snubs' return to 'Big Brother'

Harrow Times 8/13/07 Harrow girl stays in Big Brother

Horncastle News 8/13/07 Amy missing Big Brother House

Digital Spy 8/13/07 Paris Hilton to appear in CBB6?

The Mirror 8/11/07 Amanda's twin-laws

Entertainmentwise 8/11/07 Big Brother's Amy: My X-Rated Romps With Liam

Daily Record 8/11/07 BB Amy Says Liam's To Blame 

Manchester Online 8/11/07 BB8: Amy gets evicted

The Mirror 8/11/07 Amy gets the elbow

Daily Record 8/11/07 Who The 'Elle Does She Think She Is?

Times Online 8/10/07 Chanelle to re-enter Big Brother house?

Daily Mail 8/10/07 Big Brother Day 75: Amy gets the boot after just two weeks

BBC 8/10/07 Model Amy booted off Big Brother

Watford Observer 8/10/07 Bushey student stays in BB house

Sky News 8/10/07 BB8: Amy Gets The Boot

Lancashire Evening Post 8/10/07 Preston DJ tells of her time in the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 8/10/07 Chanelle looks all Posh in racy hotpants and corset

Ireland Online 8/10/07 Twins hoping to avoid eviction

TMZ 8/10/07 Designer Im-Posh-ter

Daily Mail 8/10/07 Big Brother Day 75: Liam tries to win back glamour model Amy

Reality News Online 8/9/07 Big Brother UK 8, Day 66-69: Judging Liam?

Daily Mail 8/9/07 Big Brother Day 74: Ziggy pines for Chanelle as bosses plot her return

Horncastle News 8/9/07 Amy faces Big Brother eviction

Manchester Online 8/9/07 BB8: Ziggy pines for Chanelle

Sky News 8/8/07 Chanelle strips down

Manchester Online 8/8/07 BB8: Five face Friday eviction

Daily Mail 8/8/07 Big Brother Day 73: Love sick Brian reveals his true feelings to Amanda

This is London 8/8/07 Chanelle's plastic surgery plans: 'I want to be a D-cup'

Sky News 8/8/07 BB8's Surprise Visit?

BBC 8/8/07 Five up for Big Brother eviction

Ireland Online 8/8/07 Housemates become cavemates for stone-age capers

Cambridge Evening News 8/8/07 Raver poses difficult question

Times Online 8/8/07 Newest housemates face Big Brother eviction

Harrow Times 8/8/07 Kara-Louise faces Big Brother eviction

Times Online 8/7/07 Big Brother's Brian finally confesses his love

BBC 8/7/07 Ex-housemates enter Big Brother

Sky News 8/7/07 BB8's Double Twin Twist

Metro 8/7/07 BB's blast from the past

Manchester Online 8/7/07 BB8: Chanelle planning pop career

Daily Mail 8/7/07 Big Brother Day 72: Bosses target twins Sam and Amanda for eviction

This is London 8/7/07 Former housemates pay surprise visit

Manchester Online 8/7/07 BB8: 2002 housemates return

Daily Mail 8/7/07 Chanelle's plastic surgery plans: 'I want to be a D-cup'

Dot Music 8/7/07 BB walker Chanelle eyes record deal

Manchester Online 8/7/07 BB8: Brian's related to king

Ireland Online 8/6/07 Old housemates back for Big Brother task

Manchester Evening News 8/6/07 BB8: Housemates taken to task

Daily Mail 8/6/07 Day 71: Does Carole have her sights set on Ziggy?

This is Nottingham 8/6/07 Nominations kick off

Ireland Online 8/6/07 BB housemates go back in time for tasks

Daily Mail 8/6/07 Day 70: Liam and Amy's 'whirlwind romance' is over

Metro 8/6/07 Blair: BB is a growing experience

Reality News Online 8/5/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 63-65: Judging Amy

Daily Star 8/5/07 Brian's a HUGE favourite

Daily Mail 8/5/07 Big Brother Day 67: Shanessa ordered to stop stripping

Mid Sussex Today 8/5/07 Time travel tasks for BB housemates

Daily Mail 8/5/07 Day 70: Liam and Amy's 'whirlwind romance' is over

Sunday People 8/5/07 Michelle Bass' BB Verdict 

Daily Star 8/5/07 Hex-mad David's Amy revenge

BBC 8/4/07 'Halfway' housemates are evicted

Entertainmentwise 8/4/07 Did Ziggy Have A Bet To Sleep With Chanelle?

The Mirror 8/4/07 It's all Amy, me, me..

Daily Record 8/4/07 Witch Ditched 

Daily Mail 8/4/07 Halfway housemates Shanessa and David shown the door

Daily Star 8/4/07 Telly Tubby Stalks Zig!

ic Wales 8/4/07 Shanessa won't be missed from BB house

Manchester Online 8/3/07 BB8: David and Shanessa go

The Sun 8/3/07 Liam and Amy new lovebirds

Cambridge Evening News 8/3/07 Nothing halfway about Tracey

Sky News 8/3/07 BB8: Two More Go Home

This Is Hertfordshire 8/3/07 Kara-Louise faces eviction

Daily Mail 8/3/07 Chanelle to follow idol Posh into music career 8/3/07 Halfway housemates suffer in new task

Sky News 8/3/07 Chanelle: No More Posh

Daily Mail 8/3/07 Big Brother Day 67: Shanessa ordered to stop stripping

Manchester Online 8/3/07 BB8: Chanelle speaks out

Sky News 8/3/07 What's Jade Done?

Manchester Online 8/3/07 BB8: Four face eviction

Reality News Online 8/2/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 60-63: It’s Not You, It’s Me… No, It’s You

Sky News 8/2/07 Who's Playing Peek-A-Bag?

Daily Mail 8/2/07 Housemates get a break from the hot seat as fans get a chance to sound off

This is London 8/2/07 Halfway housemates get replaced

Daily Mail 8/2/07 Day 66: Chanelle won't be waiting for Ziggy outside the House

Sky News 8/2/07 BB8: Where's Trace Gone?

Manchester Online 8/2/07 BB's house swap

Sky News 8/2/07 BB8: Celeb Twins

BBC 8/2/07 Four face eviction in Big Brother

Metro 8/2/07 Chanelle ditches Posh image?

This is Nottingham 8/2/07 'Weird' Jonty backed by fans

Daily Mail 8/1/07 Day 65: 'I didn't have sex with Ziggy' says Chanelle

This is London 8/1/07 Chanelle begins her quest to be Posh by going shopping

Evening Post 8/1/07 BB rivals face-to-face again

This is London 8/1/07 Liam chosen to join Ziggy in halfway house

Entertainmentwise 8/1/07 Ziggy Receiving Death Threats

Harrow Times 8/1/07 Harrow Girl is Real Housemate

Entertainmentwise 8/1/07 Shanessa Becomes Fully Fledged Big Brother Housemate

MSN 8/1/07 Liam and Ziggy in BB halfway house

Wanstead and Woodford Guardian 8/1/07 More support for Carole to win Big Brother

icWales 8/1/07 ‘Bullies forced Nessa to flee’

This is Nottingham 7/31/07 Halfway housemates to face public vote

Reality News Online 7/31/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 58-59: Do You Think I'm a Nasty Girl?

Sky News 7/31/07 BB8: Zig's New House

Daily Mail 7/31/07 Day 64: Ziggy retreats to halfway house after Chanelle quits for good

Metro 7/31/07 Halfway housemates to face public vote

Manchester Online 7/31/07 BB8: Ziggy moves to 'halfway house'

BBC 7/31/07 New Big Brother housemates picked

Yorkshire Evening Post 7/31/07 Chanelle quits Big Brother: see the unseen photos

Daily Mail 7/31/07 Chanelle walks out after blazing bust-up with Ziggy

Sky News 7/30/07 BB8: Chanelle Quits

Daily Record 7/30/07 Chanelle Does Big Bro Hokey-Cokey

Manchester Online 7/30/07 BB8: 'Don't quit Chanelle'

Times Online 7/30/07 Chanelle walks out of Big Brother house

Horncastle Today 7/30/07 Big Brother Date for Local Girl

Watford Observer 7/30/07 Bushey student enters Big Brother

Pendle Today 7/30/07 BB housemates choose Kara and David

Reality News Online 7/30/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 53-57: Dead IT Girl Walking

BBC 7/30/07 Chanelle Leaves Big Brother House

Daily Record 7/30/07 BB Witch Casts Spell On Punters 

Daily Mail 7/29/07 Farce as Big Brother Chanelle walks out - then walks back in

Daily Mail 7/29/07 Day 60: First 'halfway housemate' enters main Big Brother house

Manchester Online 7/29/07 BB8: Halfway housemates knock

Sunday Mirror 7/29/07 Ms De-MEAN-our

icWales 7/29/07 Sha’s Big Brother pole dance promise

Daily Mail 7/28/07 Day 59: 'Half-way' housemates enter the BB house

Daily Mail 7/28/07 Charley gets the boot as five new 'half-way housemates' enter the BB house

Glasgow Daily Record 7/28/07 New Big Bro Contestant is Just Like Harry Potter

Lincolnshire Echo 7/28/07 County Model Moves into the Big Brother House

icWales 7/28/07 Welsh mum enters BB ‘halfway house’

BBC 7/28/07 Charley is given Big Brother boot

Banbury Guardian 7/28/07 Halfway housemates join Big Brother

Guardian Unlimited 7/27/07 Big Brother Eviction Live: Taxi for Charley

Sky News 7/27/07 BB8: Charley's Out

Manchester Online 7/27/07 BB8: Charley gets the boot

Sky News 7/27/07 Who's Making Nikki Smile?

Daily Mail 7/27/07 Big Brother Day 59: Bookies Already paying out on eviction favourite Charley

Sussex Express 7/26/07 Wedding gift for Big Brother's Pete

Daily Mail 7/26/07 Big Brother Day 58: Fears for 'unstable' Chanelle after diary room rage

Manchester Online 7/26/07 BB8: Housemates pass task

The Sun 7/26/07 BB's Chanelle is highly strung 7/26/07 Extended eviction show for new housemates

Entertainmentwise 7/26/07 Big Brother’s Emily: ‘Keep Charley In’
Entertainmentwise 7/26/07 Posh wannabe wants out of the Big Brother house

This is London 7/26/07 Six new housemates to join Big Brother

Metro 7/26/07 Keep Charley in, says Emily

Sky News 7/26/07 BB8's New Inmates

Manchester Online 7/26/07 Extended eviction show for new housemates

The Mirror 7/26/07 New Big Brother inmates

Ireland Online 7/26/07 Happy housemates have food for thought

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 7/26/07 BB housemates pass the latest task

Entertainmentwise 7/25/07 Big Brother’s Chanelle Has ‘Evil Rage’

National Nine News 7/25/07 Shetty slams marriage wrecker claims

BBC 7/25/07 Big Brother gains six housemates

Manchester Online 7/25/07 BB8: Chanelle in quit threat

BBC 7/25/07 Charley facing Big Brother boot

Ireland Online 7/25/07 Chanelle threatens to leave Big Brother

Manchester Online 7/25/07 BB8: Charley gets her own song

Sky News 7/25/07 BB8: Charley To Go?

Daily Mail 7/25/07 Big Brother Day 57: The 'It' girl and the raver to face eviction from the BB house

Now Magazine 7/25/07 Jade Goody: My depression was no publicity stunt

Entertainmentwise 7/25/07 Charley Up For Big Brother Eviction

Metro 7/25/07 I won't string along, says Chanelle

Times Online 7/25/07 Charley and Tracey face Big Brother eviction

This is Nottingham 7/25/07 Charley hot favourite for boot

Banbury Guardian 7/24/07 Charley and Tracey facing eviction

Sky News 7/24/07 BB8's Surprise Visitor

Times Online 7/24/07 Big Brother's Ziggy falls for new arrival

Sky News 7/24/07 Shilpa's Career U-Turn

Metro 7/24/07 Ziggy only has eyes for new housemate

Daily Mail 7/24/07 Big Brother Day 56: Five new contestants expected to move in next door

This is Nottingham 7/24/07 BB rivals row over pop star

Hello! 7/24/07 Bollywood beauty Shilpa makes headlines again in the UK

Manchester Online 7/24/07 BB8: Rivals clash

Dot Music 7/24/07 BB rivals have a pop at each other

Daily Mail 7/23/07 Big Brother Day 55: Charley's 'paedophile' row with Gerry earns her a Final warning

The Sun 7/23/07 Liam discovers Harry Plotter

Now Magazine 7/23/07 Ziggy and Charley get messages from home

Entertainmentwise 7/23/07 Big Brother's Charley Stripteases Premiership Footballer

Darby Evening Telegraph 7/23/07 Carole tried for BB for years

Sky News 7/23/07 Did Zig Charm Kerry?

Entertainmentwise 7/23/07 Shamed reality TV star hit rock bottom after race row

Reality News Online 7/23/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 50-52: Thank You For A Funky Time

Sunday People 7/22/07 My BB Verdict 
Sunday Mail 7/22/07 Moaner's Ready For A Zig Exit 

Banbury Guardian 7/22/07 BB housemates to run own TV channel

Daily Mail 7/22/07 Day 54: Charley shows her soft side by bursting into tears

Entertainmentwise 7/22/07 Ziggy To Quit Big Brother House Today?

Sunday People 7/22/07 Charley Can't Stop Bitching 

Buckingham Today 7/22/07 Charley regrets BB house arguments

What's On TV 7/22/07 Big Brother: Liam's Potty birthday treat

Daily Mail 7/21/07 Nicky the grump gets her marching orders from the Big Brother house

Sky News 7/21/07 BB8: Nicky's Time Is Up

Daily Star 7/21/07 BB Nicky: I Want Sex, Sex, Sex 

Daily Mail 7/21/07 My husband's obsession with Shilpa Shetty has broken up our marriage 7/21/07  BB's 'miserable' Nicky evicted

Manchester Online 7/21/07 BB8: Nicky gets the boot

Digital Spy 7/20/07 Nicky fifth housemate to be evicted

Times Online 7/20/07 Young viewers evicting Big Brother from their homes

BBC 7/20/07 Nicky is evicted from Big Brother

Sky News 7/20/07 BB8 Steamy Shower Sesh

Daily Mail 7/20/07 Big Brother Day 51: Ziggy and Chanelle raise the temperature with a steamy shower

Banbury Guardian 7/20/07 BB shower antics raise temperatures

The Sun 7/20/07 It moth be love, Liam

Reality News Online 7/19/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 46-49: Baby I’m A Star

Daily Star 7/19/07 £1m BB Final Showdown 

Manchester Online 7/19/07 BB8: Nicky's stand-up task

Metro 7/19/07 Charley spouts vicious rant at Brian

Daily Mail 7/19/07 Big Brother Day 50: Ziggy 'dated' Scarlett Johansson

Ireland Online 7/19/07 Biggest-ever bet placed on Big Brother eviction

Times Online 7/19/07 ‘Moaning’ Nicky approaches eviction night with a smile

Burnley Express 7/19/07 BB boot favourite Nicky comic task

Manchester Online 7/18/07 BB8: Big Bro's birthday bash

Daily Mail 7/18/07 Big Brother Day 49: While housemates party, Chanelle and Ziggy continue to fight

Metro 7/18/07 Billi: I was axed to save Charley

Daily Star 7/18/07 Nicky: I want to go

Sky News 7/18/07 Gerry's Real-Life Eviction

Daily Mail 7/18/07 Big Brother Day 48: Miserable Nicky favourite to be booted out

Sky News 7/17/07 BB8: Nom Names In

This is London 7/17/07 'Miserable moaner' Nicky favourite for BB boot

Manchester Online 7/17/07 BB8: Nicky's favourite to go

This is Derbyshire 7/16/07 Moaner Nicky favourite for BB boot

This is London 7/16/07 BB boys bare all for naked nominations

Daily Mail 7/16/07 Big Brother Day 47: Chanelle's plot to escape ex-lover Ziggy

Sky News 7/16/07 BB8 Charley's Fake Exit

The Mirror 7/16/07 Chanelle and Ziggy given diary room warning

ITV 7/16/07 Big Brother boys get naked

Entertainmentwise 7/16/07 Charley: Big Brother Is Fixed

Reality News Online 7/16/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 43-45: Sorry, Charley

Entertainmentwise 7/16/07 Sex-Mad Charley’s Secret Lesbian Lover

Irish Independent 7/15/07 Chaos of Fake Week has stuffed the reality back into Big Brother

The Mirror 7/14/07 Out Thought 

Daily Record 7/14/07 Riddle of BB 'Sex Act' 

Daily Mail 7/14/07 Revolving doors for Charley as she's out - then back in - after fake eviction

Daily Record 7/14/07 Chantelle Sells Up For £750,000

Metro 7/14/07 Charley faces housemates after fake

Digital Spy 7/14/07 'Big Brother' race row influenced Walford racism plot

Reality News Online 7/13/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 41-42: Can’t Get You Outta the House

Reality News Online 7/13/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 39- 41: Can You Hear Can You Hear the Thunder?

Manchester Online 7/13/07 BB8: Evicted Charley re-enters house

Daily Mail 7/13/07 Chantelle moves back in with Preston

Times Online 7/13/07 Big Brother housemates have suspicions about 'fake week'

Metro 7/13/07 Charley back in BB after 'fake' exit

Gazette & Herald 7/13/07 How Thaila tried to fool Big Brother

Digital Spy 7/13/07 Jade Goody conman sentenced

Derby Evening Telegraph 7/13/07 Nick: Charley's a rule breaker

Sky News 7/13/07 BB8 Charley's Fake Exit

Daily Mail 7/13/07 Big Brother Day 45: Extra security called in ahead of Charley's anticipated 'eviction'

Daily Mail 7/12/07 Big Brother: Disgraced evictee Emily gets cosy with Billi in wild night out

This is Lancashire 7/12/07 BB housemates confused by banner

Manchester Online 7/12/07 BB8: Housesmates are confused

Entertainmentwise 7/11/07 Charley’s Secret Lover

Now Magazine 7/11/07 Cristiano Ronaldo wants Charley to say in BB house

Manchester Online 7/11/07 BB8: Pauline leaves the house

Daily Mail 7/11/07 Big Brother Day 43: Fake contestant 'Pauline' exits house

Times Online 7/11/07 Big Brother audition tapes released

BBC 7/11/07 Fake housemate leaves Big Brother

This is Nottingham 7/11/07 Nicky closing gap on 'fake eviction'

Sky News 7/11/07 BB8: Fake Out, Noms In

Manchester Online 7/11/07 BB8: Pauline leaves the house

RTE 7/11/07 Twist in next Big Brother eviction

Daily Mail 7/11/07 Chantelle: 'I still love Preston and kiss him goodnight'

This is Nottingham 7/10/07 Charley, Nicky in fake BB eviction

Manchester Online 7/10/07 BB8: Paranoia sets in

Daily Mail 7/10/07 Big Brother Day 42: Pauline set to become Miss Unpopular as she's told to flirt with the boys

Manchester Online 7/10/07 Housemates pass first part of task

Sky News 7/10/07 BB8 Goes Fake

Ninemsn 7/10/07 BB's fake Aussie not fooling anyone

Manchester Online 7/10/07 Goody believes miscarriage was 'God's punishment'

This is Derbyshire 7/10/07 Laura to pose topless?

Now Magazine 7/10/07 Brian's mother stands up for her son after he's branded 'brainless'

This is Nottingham 7/10/07 Church reassures Jade over miscarriage

Times Online 7/9/07 A scandalous weekend on Big Brother

Sky News 7/9/07 Ziggy On Dumping Chan

Manchester Online 7/9/07 BB8: Doubts over Pauline

Reality News Online 7/9/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 36-38: Leeches and Snakes

Telegraph 7/9/07 UK BB not fair dinkum

BBC 7/9/07 Fake housemate enters Big Brother

Sky News 7/9/07 BB8's Aussie Arrival

Digital Spy 7/9/07 Emily to make official complaint to C4

Entertainmentwise 7/9/07 Big Brother Bosses Save Charley Again

Ninemsn 7/9/07 Big Brother's fake Aussie botches accent

Daily Mail 7/8/07 Has Charley rumbled fake Aussie Pauline?

Entertainmentwise 7/8/07 Big Brother Jonathan's Cocaine And Call Girl Addiction

Guardian 7/8/07 Emily should have stayed, say 900

Metro 7/8/07 Fake 'Aussie' to join BB housemates

Entertainmentwise 7/8/07 Big Brother Warns Charley For Racist Language

Daily Star 7/8/07 How Ziggy got jiggy with BB chaperone

Sunday Express 7/8/07 Police Refuse to Protect Big Brother

Reality News Online 7/8/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 32-35: The Whip and How to Crack It

Daily Record 7/7/07 Housemates Made to Join Chain Gang

The Sun 7/7/07 BB housemates' weird phobias

This is Wiltshire 7/8/07 Swindon actress to star in Big Brother

Metro 7/7/07 Aussie addition starts BB Fake Week

Daily Mail 7/7/07 Big Brother Day 39: It's goodbye to Laura...but will it be G'day to a new housemate?

BBC 7/6/07 Nanny Laura voted off Big Brother

Sky News 7/6/07 BB8: Laura Goes Home

Ireland Online 7/6/07 Fake Australian housemate to join BB house

Entertainmentwise 7/6/07 Big Brother Dispute Race Row Bill

Daily Mail 7/6/07 Big Brother Day 38: Ziggy longs for his freedom as Chanelle faces eviction

Manchester Online 7/6/07 BB8: Pair join chain gang

Daily Star 7/6/07 Ziggy: Vote Chanelle Out Tonight 

Manchester Online 7/6/07 BB8: Housesmates lay into twins

BBC 7/6/07 Big Brother police bill disputed

Reality News Online 7/5/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 25-31: Wakey-Wakey Rules Breaky!

Ireland Online 7/5/07 Housemates lay into twins

Daily Mail 7/5/07 Big Brother's Jade Goody banned from driving for six months

Sky News 7/5/07 Charley's Hot Head

Daily Record 7/5/07 Car Ban For Big Bungler Goody 

Entertainmentwise 7/5/07 Nicky Jealous Of Liam’s Flirting

Manchester Online 7/5/07 BB8: Nominees get fan clubs

Sky News 7/5/07 Jade's Going Nowhere

Daily Mail 7/5/07 Big Brother Day 37: Anger at Channel 4 over new gay row

Sky News 7/4/07 BB8: Latest Nom Names

Manchester Online 7/4/07 BB8: Chanelle and Laura face eviction

Entertainmentwise 7/4/07 Big Brother: Liam Vows To Quit ..If his mum gets ill...

Daily Mail 7/4/07 Chantelle and Preston: Till (career) death do us part!

Metro 7/4/07 All aboard 'caravan of love'

Daily Record 7/4/07 Big Boozer For the Lads 

Sky News 7/4/07 Charley's Dramatic Fall

Daily Record 7/4/07 BB Jon Out After Death of His Gran 

Daily Mail 7/4/07 Big Brother Day 36: Chanelle's shock as she's nominated for eviction along with Laura

BBC 7/3/07 Jonathan quits Big Brother house

Now Magazine 7/3/07 Emily Parr: Charley will win Big Brother

Sky News 7/3/07 Jonathan Out BB House

Manchester Online 7/3/07 BB8: Jonathan quits

Media Guardian 7/3/07 Durden bows out of Big Brother

Daily Mail 7/3/07 Day 35: Big Brother's Jonathan quits after grandmother's death

Manchester Online 7/3/07 BB8: Boozy night for boys

Sky News 7/3/07 Chantelle And Preston Latest

Times Online 7/3/07 Jonathan walks out of Big Brother house

Daily Star 7/3/07 Emily: Charley Will Win Big Bro 

Entertainmentwise 7/3/07 Ziggy And Chanelle Go X-Rated Again

Ireland Online 7/2/07 BB 'sinners' named and shamed

This is London 7/2/07 BB 'sinners' are named and shamed

The Mirror 7/2/07 Champagne Charley 

Sky News 7/2/07 BB8: Carole's Sins

Entertainmentwise 7/2/07 Big Brother Bans Charley’s Sexy Antics

Daily Mail 7/2/07 Big Brother Day 34: Vain Amanda made to dress as a hot dog

Sunday Mail 7/1/07 Mates Go For Party as Hated Charley Turns 22

Sunday Mirror 7/1/07 A House Full of Charleys 

Daily Star 7/1/07 Billi: Sly Carole In 'Race Plot' 

Manchester Online 7/1/07 BB8: Charley's birthday splash

Sunday Mirror 7/1/07 Exclusive: Chantelle's Rage at Preston 

Daily Mail 7/1/07 Birthday girl Charley gets trollied and tries to bite Brian

Sunday Mail 7/1/07 Our Verdict

Daily Record 6/30/07 It's Murder Trying To Sleep In BB House 

Entertainmentwise 6/30/07 Chantelle And Preston Split Over Breast Op

Daily Star 6/30/07 BB Billi Reveals All!

Daily Mail 6/30/07 Big Brother Day 31: Billi accepts eviction with a shrug of his shoulders

Reality News Online 6/29/07 Big Brother UK8, Days 21-24: If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free

Daily Mail 6/29/07 Big Brother Day 31: Billi accepts eviction with a shrug of his shoulders

Manchester Online 6/29/07 BB8: Billi gets the boot

Sky News 6/29/07 BB8: Billi Goes Home

Digital Spy 6/29/07 Billi evicted!

Times Online 6/29/07 Is Brian the new Jade Goody of Big Brother?

Metro 6/29/07 Chanelle taken out of house?

Daily Record 6/29/07 Chantelle Back Home

The Sun 6/29/07 Housemates are chart BBusters

Daily Record 6/29/07 BB Hunk Ziggy in 'Pervert' Storm 

BBC 6/29/07 Billi backed for Big Brother boot

Watford Observer 6/29/07 Verdict on Billi from Big Brother

This Is Hertfordshire 6/29/07 Police anger over cost of Big Brother

Manchester Online 6/29/07 BB8: Jonathan toughs it out

Entertainmentwise 6/28/07 Big Brother: Security Guards On Stand-By

Ireland Online 6/28/07 Jonathan toughs it out in BB house

Daily Mail 6/28/07 Big Brother Day 30: Jonathan announces plans to quit the show

Manchester Online 6/28/07 BB8: Jonathan set to quit

Daily Mail 6/28/07 Big Brother Day 30: 'Chanelle is getting fat,' says Carole

The Mirror 6/28/07 Bunch of Morons 6/28/07 Ziggy talks about leaving Big Brother

Daily Mail 6/28/07 It's over: Chantelle goes home to mum as Preston clears out her rubbish

The Northern Echo 6/28/07 Big Brother star sentenced in court

Sky News 6/28/07 BB8's Jono To Quit?

Hello! 6/28/07 Chantelle and Preston part ways after ten-month union

Ananova 6/28/07 Preston's marriage is over

Times Online 6/27/07 Big Brother turns nasty on twins’ birthday

Daily Mail 6/27/07 Big Brother Day 29: Billi, Tracey and Carole face eviction

Entertainmentwise 6/27/07 Nikki Grahame Blasts Ziggy

BBC 6/27/07 Big Brother couple end marriage

Daily Mail 6/27/07 Celebrity Big Brother's Chantelle and Preston split

Metro 6/27/07 BB reveals Happy Room

BBC 6/27/07 Shetty to star in London musical

Sky News 6/27/07 Samanda's Sober B'Day

Manchester Online 6/27/07 BB8: Twins celebrate birthday

The Sun 6/27/07 Silly Billi is set for the boot

Daily Mail 6/27/07 Big Brother Day 28: Sleep-deprived housemates quit challenge

Sky News 6/27/07 Chantelle And Preston Split

Manchester Online 6/26/07 BB8: Three face boot

Times Online 6/26/07 Funniest quotes from Big Brother 2007

Entertainmentwise 6/26/07 Tracey’s Secret Slang

Manchester Online 6/26/07 BB8: Housemates abandon challenge

BBC 6/26/07 Brother house drops no-sleep task

This is London 6/26/07 Housemates quit sleep challenge

Sky News 6/25/07 BB8 Sleep Task

The Mirror 6/25/07 Big Brother: Snooze...You Lose

Times Online 6/25/07 Big Brother's big money
Daily Mail 6/25/07 Big Brother Day 27: It's a tiresome task for housemates

Entertainmentwise 6/25/07 Big Brother’s Seany Exposed As A Fake

Reality News Online 6/24/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 18-20: I Can’t Make You Love Me

Digital Spy 6/24/07 Davina to explain drugs past to kids

Irish Examiner 6/24/07 Tiresome task for Big Brother housemates 6/24/07 Charley and Brian sent packing

Daily Mail 6/23/07 Big Brother Day 23: Seany evicted from Big Brother house

Manchester Online 6/23/07 BB8: Shauny out

Daily Mail 6/23/07 Big Brother Day 23: Ziggy dumps flirtatious Chanelle

BBC 6/22/07 Seany is given Big Brother boot

Sky News 6/22/07 BB8: Dream Over For Seany

Entertainmentwise 6/22/07 Seany Fave For Big Brother Chop

Sky News 6/22/07 Jade's Baby Tragedy

BBC 6/22/07 Seany tipped for Big Brother chop

Manchester Online 6/22/07 BB8: Ziggy dumps Chanelle

Sky News 6/22/07 Ziggy The Model

ITV 6/22/07 Big Brother love affair over

Sky Showbiz 6/22/07 BB8: Seany's Naked Arrest

Metro 6/22/07 BB's Charley finally belts up

Entertainment Weekly 6/22/07 Jade Goody Loses Baby

Belfast Telegraph 6/22/07 Vote for Big Brother Seany, urges wee brother Cahir

Sky News 6/21/07 Nik's Anorexia Battle

Daily Mail 6/21/07 Big Brother Day 22: Bookies cough up £50k as Chanelle and Ziggy get jiggy

This is Lancashire 6/21/07 Big Brother's business boost

Manchester Online 6/21/07 BB8: Denials over romp

RTE 6/21/07 Big Brother's Ziggy bags modelling deal?

Reality News Online 6/21/07 Big Brother UK 8, Day 16-17: Shab-by Treatment

Sky News 6/20/07 Jade's Good News

Daily Mail 6/20/07 Big Brother Day 21: Liam wins £100,000 in surprise twist

Irish Examiner 6/20/07 Special £100,000 BB prize goes to Liam

Digital Spy 6/20/07 Big Brother puts £100,000 in the diary room

BBC 6/20/07 Jonathan tipped for Big Bro boot

Daily Mail 6/20/07 Big Brother Day 21: Newcomers face eviction as Charley tears her hair out

Sky News 6/20/07 BB8: Who's Up For Chop?

Entertainmentwise 6/20/07 Big Brother Nominations Announced

This is London 6/20/07 Jonathan favourite for Big Brother boot

Sky News 6/20/07 Emily's First Interview

Metro 6/20/07 Housemates to face 'dilemma'

Daily Mail 6/20/07 Jade's ex-childminder admits stealing cheques worth £12,500, court hears

Sky News 6/20/07 Jade's Good News

Daily Mail 6/19/07 Big Brother Day 21: Chanelle's meltdown: 'I feel like a fat whale'

RTE 6/19/07 Swim task sparks row in Big Brother house

The Sun 6/19/07 Housemates are all tongue tied

Daily Mail 6/19/07 Emily: 'I've had death threats since leaving the Big Brother house'

The Sun 6/18/07 Freedom for new boy Jon
Guardian 6/18/07 'Fearless and fat' Durden joins Big Brother

Daily Mail 6/18/07 Big Brother Day 20: Chanelle and Ziggy make pact to quit

Metro 6/18/07 Housemates begin nominations

Manchester Evening News 6/18/07 BB8: Charley's hair straightener rant

Daily Star 6/18/07 Big Brother Bonk Plot

Reality News Online 6/18/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 13-15: A Fishy Situation

Croydon Guardian 6/17/07 Big Brother star's steamy fling

Scotsman 6/17/07 Channel 4 faces lawsuit over Big Brother

Digital Spy 6/17/07 Gerry: Big Brother is like being at uni

Daily Mail 6/17/07 Big Brother Day 19: Housemates square up over hair straighteners

Daily Mail 6/16/07 Fourplay...three single guys and a millionaire move into the house

Daily Mail 6/16/07 Shabnam is met by chorus of boos as she becomes first housemate to be evicted

Glasgow Daily Record 6/16/07 The BB Millionaire

Manchester Online 6/16/07 BB8: Shabs out, four men in

The Guardian 6/16/07 Big Brother's stupid sisters

Northern Echo 6/16/07 Durham tree surgeon joins Big Brother house

BBC 6/15/07 Shabnam gets boot from BB house

Now Magazine 6/15/07 Four new guys join the Big Brother housemates

Entertainmentwise 6/15/07 Big Brother Warns Naughty Housemates

Guardian 6/15/07 Big Brother Live - The Evictors Strike Back

Daily Record 6/15/07 Man In A Million To Cheer Up Girls

Brand Republic 6/15/07 Jonathan Durden in to spice up the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 6/15/07 Big Brother Day 17: Man hungry girls to get four new male housemates

Sky News 6/15/07 Shabs To Get The Boot

Manchester Online 6/15/07 BB8: Shabnam set to go

Metro 6/15/07 Davina up for BB boot?

This is London 6/14/07 BB bosses dismiss eviction quit threats

Sky News 6/14/07 BB8: More Quitters?

Harlow Star 6/14/07 Big Brother Carole's Harlow school ties

Metro 6/14/07 Lesley: I was God's gift to BB

Ireland Online 6/14/07 Three BB housemates in threat to quit

Entertainmentwise 6/14/07 BB: Desperate Shabnam Often Kisses Girls

Daily Mail 6/14/07 Big Brother Day 15: Carole, Shabnam and Tracey will face the first Big Brother eviction

Times Online 6/13/07 Big Brother nominations out of step with public opinion

Sky News 6/13/07 BB8: Who's Going Home?

Reality News Online 6/13/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 10-11: Hello… Hello… Goodbye

Manchester Online 6/13/07 BB8: Shabnam odds-on for boot

Sky News 6/13/07 Shilpa's New Smell

Irish Post 6/13/07 Seany gets his chance on Big Brother

icSouthLondon 6/13/07 Big Brother race row fails to make record-breaker any more popular

Sky News 6/13/07 BB8: Who's Going Home?

Ireland Online 6/13/07 Shabnam odds-on for BB boot

Metro 6/12/07 Housemates fail sardine task

Manchester Evening News 6/12/07 BB8: Chanelle tells her tale

Sky News 6/12/07 BB8's Chanelle Opens Up

Digital Spy 6/12/07 Big Brother confiscates bathroom

Daily Mail 6/12/07 Big Brother Day 14: Chanelle reveals mother's fatal drug addiction

This is Lancashire 6/12/07 I Got Sucked in by Big Brother

Reality News Online 6/11/07 Big Brother UK 8, Day 8: All the Things She Said

Reality News Online 6/11/07 Big Brother UK 8, Day 7: Oops, I Did It Again

Daily Mail 6/11/07 Big Brother Day 13: Chanelle and Ziggy's romance heats up

Sky News 6/11/07 Seany Before Big Bro

Sky News 6/11/07 Double BB Trouble

Daily Mail 6/11/07 Big Brother Day 13: Three female housemates in steamy bedroom romp

Manchester Online 6/11/07 BB8: Twins to nominate

Entertainmentwise 6/11/07 Seany And Gerry Get Intimate In The Big Brother House 6/11/07 Granny ditches Big Brother

The Mirror 6/10/07 Emily Is Racist Says College Victim 

Entertainmentwise 6/10/07 Big Brother's Chanelle Dumped For Cheating With Ziggy

The Mirror 6/10/07 Exclusive: Becks Maniac 

Sunday People 6/10/07 Exclusive: Big Brother 8: Pals Reveal Racist History 

Entertainmentwise 6/10/07 Big Brother's Seany's Gay Revelation

The Mirror 6/10/07 Seany Too Barmy For Bad Lads 

Daily Mail 6/10/07 Lively Gerry is the new favourite to win BB

Media Guardian 6/10/07 Daft? Yes. Racist? Oh, come on ...

Manchester Online 6/10/07 BB Chanelle's 1984 gaffe

Media Guardian 6/10/07 Can Channel 4 step out of Big Brother's shadow?

The Mirror 6/10/07 Lesley Quits 

Daily Record 6/9/07 Don't Cry Ziggy, Here Comes The Cavalry 

BBC 6/9/07 Derry man joins Big Brother house

Daily Record 6/9/07 1000 Are Furious At Firing Of Emily 

The Mirror 6/9/07 Ziggy's BB Romance Just For Fame 

BBC 6/9/07 Big Brother's Lesley quits show

Daily Mail 6/9/07 BB's day 11 surprise: Two more men enter the house

The Sun 6/9/07 Em was halfwit at Auschwitz

Manchester Online 6/9/07 BB8: Lesley quits

The Mirror 6/9/07 Lesley Quits BB

Daily Mail 6/9/07 Racist? Emily's only mistake was to act black

Belfast Telegraph 6/9/07 Ulsterman joins Big Brother

Daily Mail 6/9/07 Big Brother claims another victim as 'bored' Lesley walks

Manchester Online 6/9/07 BB8: Emily denies being racist

Celebrity Spider 6/8/07 Shilpa Shetty Pleased With Big Brother Racism Decision

The Sun 6/8/07 Three guys and the ladies

Manchester Online 6/8/07 BB8: Two more contestants enter house

Sky News 6/8/07 BB8: More Fellas Arrive

Media Guardian 6/8/07 Big Brother eviction vote halted

Daily Mail 6/8/07 We will NOT tolerate any Big Brother racism says Channel 4

Daily Record 6/8/07 Big Bro Emily's Racist Shame 

Media Guardian 6/8/07 Duncan: race row hurt Channel 4

Sky News 6/8/07 BB8's Emily: I'm Sorry

Media Guardian 6/8/07 Emily should have stayed, say 900

Daily Mail 6/8/07 Viewers criticise C4 decision to evict Emily

Daily Mail 6/8/07 Big Brother Day 10: Two male housemates to enter the Big Brother house tonight

BBC 6/8/07 Racism row housemate apologises

Manchester Online 6/8/07 BB8: Eviction cancelled after race storm

Daily Mail 6/8/07 Big Brother Day 10: Ziggy and Nicky row over red, red wine

Media Guardian 6/8/07 She might have thought it was cool. She might have been naive. But housemate pays price for race word

Daily Mail 6/8/07 What the Big Brother henhouse has taught me about the need for male-only golf-clubs

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 UK Big Brother Evicts Contestant Over Racist Slur

Metro 6/7/07 Emily voters get cash back

Guardian 6/7/07 Channel 4 praised for Big Brother action

Telegraph 6/7/07 Transcript: New BB race row

BBC 6/7/07 Emily thrown out of Big Brother

Daily Mail 6/7/07 Fashion dreams of evicted Emily

Manchester Online 6/7/07 BB8: Shilpa welcomes Emily's exit

Digital Spy 6/7/07 Emily kicked out for racial slur

This is London 6/7/07 BB girl kicked out for racism

Daily Mail 6/7/07 Big Brother contestant evicted in new C4 race row

Hello! 6/7/07 Shilpa is star attraction as Bollywood Oscars come to Yorkshire

Manchester Online 6/7/07 BB8: Emily's kicked out

Digital Spy 6/7/07 'Apprentice' star Katie 'applied for Big Brother'

Daily Mail 6/7/07 Day 9: No make-up punishment 'torture', says Shabnam

Sky News 6/7/07 BB8: Racist Transcript

Manchester Online 6/7/07 BB8: Fashion career dream of Emily

Sky News 6/7/07 Emily Booted Out Of BB

Reality News Online 6/7/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 4-6: Girls Interrupted

Entertainmentwise 6/6/07 First Big Brother Nominations Revealed

Manchester Online 6/6/07 BB8: Emily and Shabnam face chop

Guardian 6/6/07 Mid-summer slot for Goody interview

Daily Mail 6/6/07 Day 8: Ziggy nominates Emily and Shabnam for eviction

Dot Music 6/6/07 Prince for "Big Brother"?

Reality News Online 6/5/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 2-3: It’s Reigning Man

Ireland Online 6/5/07 BB housemates row over hair straightener

Daily Mail 6/5/07 Davina finally speaks out over racism row

Manchester Online 6/5/07 BB8: Rave birthday treat for Tracey

This is London 6/5/07 Day 7: Ziggy and Chanelle jump into bed - for a cuddle

Manchester Online 6/5/07 BB8: Chanelle and Emily fall out

Daily Express 6/5/07 Fan Quits Job to Watch Big Brother Full Time

Daily Mail 6/5/07 Day 7: War breaks out in Big Brother house... over hair straighteners

Ireland Online 6/4/07 BB boot evens bet for Charley

Reality News Online 6/4/07 Big Brother UK 8, Day 1: Girlskool

Manchester Online 6/4/07 BB8: Ziggy gets his date

Metro 6/4/07 Tears in the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 6/4/07 'Bored' Lesley wants out of the Big Brother house

Female First 6/4/07 Big Brother 8- Lesley Wants Out

Digital Spy 6/4/07 Lord Puttnam 'not proud of 'Big Brother''

Female First 6/4/07 Big Brother 8- Tears on Nicky's Pillow

Sunday Mirror 6/3/07 Zig Brother & Silly Girls 

Manchester Online 6/3/07 BB8: Tensions rise

Sunday Mirror 6/3/07 BB Star Born In Prison 

Daily Mail 6/3/07 Show off more, 'magic knickers' Lesley tells housemates 6/3/07 BB's girls get wined and dined in task

Sunday Mirror 6/3/07 Don't Have Sex on BB

Daily Mail 6/3/07 Liz Jones gives her verdict on Big Brother's fashion victims

Manchester Online 6/2/07 BB8: Ziggy's the sole man

Sunday People 6/3/07 Big Brother Chanelle's Secret Heartache 

Daily Record 6/2/07 Let's Get Ziggy

Media Guardian 6/2/07 House proud

Daily Mail 6/2/07 I'm not proud of Big Brother, says C4 boss Lord Puttnam

Daily Record 6/2/07 We're Not Very Proud of Big Bro...But We Need The Money 

Entertainmentwise 6/2/07 Big Brother Girls’ Sexy Secrets Revealed

Daily Mail 6/2/07 Big Brother girls fall for Ziggy's stardust

Daily Record 6/2/07 A Race To Get Jiggy with Ziggy..

Sky News 6/1/07 BB8: Meet The Man

Daily Mail 6/1/07 C4 boss' astonishing attack on his own TV channel

BBC 6/1/07 Big Brother to get male housemate

Daily Mail 6/1/07 Macca hits out at 'mediocre' and 'wrong' Big Brother

Digital Spy 6/1/07 'Big Brother' hangs on to 4 million

Media Guardian 6/1/07 Big Brother stays in spotlight

Daily Mail 6/1/07 Camilla's friend? Well, that's stretching it a bit

Sky News 6/1/07 The Big Bro Look A Likes 

Daily Mail 6/1/07 Revealed: Shameful secrets of the Big Brother women

Sky News 6/1/07 BB8: Fellas to Join House

Manchester Online 6/1/07 BB8: Girls get breakdance challenge

Daily Mail 6/1/07 Day 2: Big Brother housemates break the ice with break-dancing

News and Star 5/31/07 Big Brother snobs are missing a treat

Daily Mail 5/31/07 First night: BB's hen party from hell
Daily Mail 5/31/07 Big Brother's royal connection: how Camilla's pal joined the house

Manchester Online 5/31/07 BB8: Women to choose male housemate

Daily Mail 5/31/07 Big Brother at a glance: Alliances and alibis

Manchester Online 5/31/07 BB8: Housemates get acquainted

Daily Mail 5/31/07 Big Brother twins' Santa dance

Manchester Online 5/31/07 BB8: 8m tune in for opening night

Sky News 5/30/07 Big Brother 8 Begins

Sky News 5/30/07 BB: Where are they now?

Sky News 5/30/07 About the BB Housemates

Daily Mail 5/30/07 It's Big Sister as 12 female housemates enter Big Brother house tonight

Times Online 5/30/07 Big Brother will be more like Big Sister

Daily Mail 5/30/07 Police reopen Big Brother racist probe

Daily Mail 5/30/07 Anger over 'waste' of police squad monitoring Big Brother

Manchester Online 5/30/07 BB8: Big sister?

The Guardian 5/30/07 Big Brother lines up WI and ex-lap dancer

BBC 5/30/07 WI member set for new Big Brother

Digital Spy 5/30/07 BB housemate teasers released 5/30/07 Shetty's a no-show

The London Paper 5/29/07 Big Brother winners - where are they now?

Entertainmentwise 5/29/07 Big Brother Housemate Goes Missing

This is London 5/29/07 Bookies braced for Big Brother bet frenzy

Guardian 5/29/07 Big Brother: back with a bore?

This is London 5/29/07 Anger over 'waste' of police squad monitoring Big Brother

Daily Mail 5/29/07 Police reopen Big Brother racist probe

Sky News 5/29/07 Big Brother's Crazy Bets

BBC 5/28/07 'No profit' from Big Brother vote

Media Guardian 5/28/07 I believed them. But they let me down

Media Guardian 5/28/07 Channel 4: a case for eviction?

Entertainmentwise 5/28/07 George Galloway To Present Big Brother's Big Mouth

The Sun 5/28/07 Jade in an L of a lot of trouble

Channel 4 News 5/27/07 Big Brother pics leaked

Sunday Mirror 5/27/07 Dav's £1M

Scotland on Sunday 5/27/07 Genderous odds on Big Brother

The Independent 5/27/07 Dermot O'Leary: BB's biggest weapon

Sunday People 5/27/07 Brawl Over For Housemate Kevin 

Media Guardian 5/27/07 Bubbles and squeaks

Sunday Mirror 5/27/07 Jade's Gang Are The Real Victims 

Scotland on Sunday 5/27/07 The lessons of Big Brother

Daily Star 5/26/07 Big Brother 8 house has secret garden!

Media Guardian 5/26/07 Sorry, Big Brother - there is such a thing as bad publicity

Celebrity Spider 5/25/07 UK Big Brother Slammed Over Race Row

Daily Mail 5/25/07 Police reopen Big Brother racist probe

Media Guardian 5/25/07 Channel 4 given a reality check

The Sun 5/25/07 Two Big Brother gardens

Daily Record 5/25/07 Done 4

Media Guardian 5/25/07 C4 to air Big Brother racism apologies

Digital Spy 5/24/07 Channel 4 unveils new 'BB' measures

Entertainmentwise 5/24/07 New Lusty Big Brother Plot Revealed

Daily Mail 5/24/07 The shameful Big Brother quotes that broke broadcasting rules

Digital Spy 5/24/07 Ofcom: 'CBB' did break broadcasting code

Media Guardian 5/24/07 Lloyd threatens to sue Endemol

Channel 4 5/24/07 Top ten Big Brother controversies

Daily Mail 5/24/07 Channel 4 covered up Big Brother race bullies

BBC 5/24/07 Big Brother rapped over race row

Manchester Online 5/23/07 Big Brother returns

The Guardian 5/23/07 Big Brother could return before Ofcom's verdict on race row

The Sun 5/22/07 Big Brother 7's Best Bits

BBC 5/22/07 Topsy-turvy house for Big Brother

Daily Mail 5/22/07 Sneak peek: Inside Big Brother's bizarre new house

Manchester Online 5/22/07 Big Brother 8: First glimpse of the house

Digital Spy 5/22/07 In Pictures: First look at new 'Big Brother' house

Daily Mail 5/21/07 Davina McCall's bid to save Chantelle and Preston's marriage

Sky News 5/21/07 Chantelle's Bafta Twin

Digital Spy 5/20/07 BB3 stars reveal Jade's bullying past

Digital Spy 5/19/07 "Sex addict" to enter BB8 house?

The Advocate 5/19/07 Gay couple to compete in U.K. Big Brother

Daily Mail 5/18/07 Davina to Quit After Big Brother 8

Life Style Extra 5/17/07 'Big Brother 8's time travel plan

Lancashire Evening Post 5/17/07 Jodie Marsh launches husband search

Digital Spy 5/16/07 'Big Brother' start date confirmed

Guardian 5/15/07 Big Brother creator back at Endemol helm

Washington Post 5/15/07 India's top court suspends Gere-Shetty kiss cases

Digital Spy 5/15/07 Brand to host 'Big Brother' retrospective

BBC 5/14/07 Consortium buys Big Brother firm

Sky News 5/14/07 Danielle Gets Attacked

Metro 5/14/07 First pictures from inside new Big Brother house

Daily Mail 5/14/07 Coleen comforts 'distraught' Danielle Lloyd after nightclub attack

Entertainmentwise 5/14/07 Former Big Brother Star To Pen Tell-All Book

Hindustan Times 5/13/07 Shilpa's career graph shoots up post-Big Brother: experts

Now Magazine 5/13/07 Narinder Kaur reveals Big Brother secrets 5/12/07 Burns' anguish over BB8

Daily Star 5/10/07 Big Brother Bro Big Blow 

Sky News 5/10/07 Jade's Big News

BBC 5/9/07 Film reunion for Shetty and Lloyd

Sky News 5/9/07 Are Dani And Shilpa Pals?

ITV 5/9/07 Big Brother stars attend premiere

The Star 5/8/07 Big Brother...big wedding

Entertainmentwise 5/8/07 Big Brother Contestant Names Are Leaked

Daily Mail 5/8/07 Big Brother unveils new multicoloured 'eye'

Hindustan Times 5/7/07 Celebrity Big Brother was a huge challenge: Shilpa

Digital Spy 5/5/07 Jade Goody pregnant with third child

Celebrity Spider 5/1/07 Heather Mills: "I'm Not Going on Big Brother"

Digital Spy 5/1/07 'Big Brother' could lose SMS voting


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