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News Articles about UK Big Brother


Daily Mail 9/9/11 'I'll give them the ride of their lives': Pamela Anderson set to join Big Brother contestants

Daily Mail 9/9/11 My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty's disbelief after winning Celebrity Big Brother

Daily Mail 9/9/11 'Once you walk through the doors you put your past behind you': Kerry Katona wins nation's heart again

Daily Mail 9/8/11 Housemates cheer up birthday girl Katona with surprise party, sexy stripping and an emotional group hug

Daily Mail 9/7/11 Newlywed Tara Reid reunited with her husband after entering Big Brother house

E!Online 9/6/11 Tara Reid on Her Big Brother Eviction: "No Wonder People Booed Me"

Daily Mail 8/31/11 Who's that girl? Big Brother star Josie Gibson is almost unrecognisable after losing even More weight

BBC 8/26/11 Speaker's wife Sally Bercow voted off Big Brother

Daily Mail 8/26/11 Get on the floor you sexy dancer: Tara Reid demonstrates her best sensual moves on a boozy night

Daily Mail 8/26/11 Bobby reaches a new low as he sweats into 'Tin Man' Darryn's oil can... but his conscience gets the better of him

Daily Mail 8/25/11 We're off to see the Wizard: Celebrity Big Brother housemates get dressed up as characters from famous movie

Daily Mail 8/25/11 Bobby Sabel labels Darryn Lyons 'fake' and Kerry Katona 'a moron' ....but not to their faces

Daily Mail 8/25/11 Romantic night out? Alex Reid brings Chantelle Houghton to see Batman Live, but makes it up to her with dinner

Daily Mail 8/25/11 'It's demeaning and humiliating': Sally Bercow blasted by I'm a Celeb Christine Hamilton for being on Big Brother

Daily Mail 8/25/11 Danielle Lloyd presents Jamie O'Hara with boots inscribed with children's names

Digital Spy 8/23/11 Celebrity Big Brother star Amy Childs "distraught" over 'TOWIE' exit

BBC 8/19/11 Big Brother relaunch on Channel 5 attracts 5.1m viewers

Daily Mail 8/19/11 Celebrity Big Brother 2011: The full line-up revealed

Daily Mail 8/19/11 Celebrity Big Brother 2011: The most glamorous series yet? Amy Childs, Tara Reid & Kerry Katona compete

Daily Mail 8/19/11 Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Sally Bercow promises to 'stick two fingers up to the establishment' in house

Daily Mail 8/18/11 Not on Big Brother then: Katie Price returns to Marbella with Leandro Penna

Daily Mail 8/18/11 Amy Childs is polka dot pretty as she enjoys some normality before entering the Big Brother house

BBC 8/17/11 Why is Channel 5 bothering with Big Brother?

Daily Mail 8/11/11 Sneak peek inside The new Big Brother House a week before celebrities move in to plush pad

Daily Mail 8/10/11 'We're in love and moving in together': Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton show no sign of slowing down

Reality TV Magazine 8/1/11 Is Charlie Sheen Heading To The UK’s Celebrity Big Brother?

Daily Mail 7/19/11 Years of crash diets left me infertile, says reality TV star Chantelle Houghton

Daily Mail 6/24/11 X Factor stars Jedward sign £1million deal (that's £500k each) to appear on Celebrity Big Brother

Daily Mail 4/19/11 Imogen Thomas shows strain as scandal over Premier League star's super-injunction rumbles on

Daily Mail 4/18/11 Rav Wilding confirms split from Chantelle Houghton after pair are pictured having furious row during park picnic

Hollywood Reporter 4/5/11 U.K.'s Channel 5 Inks Two-Year Deal for 'Big Brother'

Daily Mail 3/24/11 That's a nicely dressed salad! Chantelle Houghton dons a dress made entirely of lettuce for PETA campaign

Daily Mail 1/26/11 What a cutie! Danielle Lloyd's baby Archie is as good as gold as she gets her hair done

Daily Mail 1/25/11 Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding gush about their love for each other as they pose for cheesy shoot

Daily Mail 1/25/11 Not-so Big Brother star Josie Gibson shows off her new bikini body after losing 3 stone in 3 months

Reality TV Magazine 1/9/11 Big Brother: Former Contestant Kenneth Tong’s Pro-Anorexia Tweets Spark Outcry

Daily Mail 11/9/10 Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes hits out at 'lying' Jack Tweed in angry Twitter tirade

Daily Mail 10/20/10 Heartbroken Chantelle Houghton reveals the truth behind her 'showmance' with Preston

Daily Mail 10/20/10 'Everything goes south when you're pregnant' Chanelle Hayes shows off post-baby figure

Daily Mail 9/28/10 Big Brother winner Josie bids to shift her spare tyre with Two personal trainers

Daily Mail 9/27/10 Reunited: Chantelle and Preston hug, laugh and cry on first date since leaving the Ultimate Big Brother house

Daily Mail 9/27/10 Big Brother's Chanelle Hayes is one proud mother as she posts baby's photo album on Twitter

Daily Mail 9/21/10 Chantelle hits boot camp in preparation to meet Preston for love talks

Daily Mail 9/14/10 Josie and John James make their first public appearance as a couple at the show's wrap party in London
Daily Mail 9/11/10 It's over! Brian Dowling is the Ultimate Big Brother champion as he wins final series

BBC 9/10/10 Former air steward Brian Dowling wins last Big Brother

BBC 9/10/10 TV stars bid Big Brother goodbye

Daily Mail 9/7/10 Ultimate Big Brother: Ulrika locks lips with Nasty Nick (again) as housemates play spin the bottle

Daily Mail 9/6/10 Ultimate Big Brother: Chantelle breaks down (again) over divorce from Preston on Vanessa's talk show

Daily Mail 9/4/10 Ultimate Big Brother: Makosi and Nadia evicted as Vanessa Feltz enters as Victor's 'bride'

Daily Mail 9/2/10 Ultimate Big Brother 2010: Ulrika and Nasty Nick kiss as they recreate Endless Love duet

Daily Mail 9/1/10 Nadia's chair collapses as Nikki gets hit by a flying baton in accident prone Big Brother

Daily Mail 9/1/10 Ulimate Big Brother 2010: Spot the odd one out - Makosi stands out from her housemates

Daily Mail 8/31/10 Big Brother's Chantelle admits: 'I should have had therapy after my divorce, not plastic surgery'

Telegraph 8/31/10 Ultimate Big Brother: Will Chantelle and Preston reunite?

Daily Mail 8/30/10 Michelle gets into her bikini just hours after entering Big Brother house

RTE 8/30/10 Nick angry over Coolio's departure

Daily Mail 8/27/10 Bored already? Ultimate Big Brother housemates Makosi and Chantelle pass time by sizing each other up

Daily Mail 8/27/10 'The housemates were making me paranoid over John James,' Josie reveals why she left Ultimate Big Brother

BBC 8/25/10 Big Brother final and 'Ultimate' launch seen by 4.1m

Telegraph 8/25/10 Big Brother 2010: Josie Gibson wins final
BBC 8/25/10 'Nasty' Nick Bateman back in Big Brother house

Daily Mail 8/25/10 Big Brother 2010: Bristol blonde Josie Gibson wins final series

The Sun 8/25/10 Josie Wins Big Brother

Daily Mail 8/24/10 Big Brother 2010: Bristol blonde Josie 'firm favourite' to win in tonight's final

Daily Mail 8/24/10 Big Brother 2010: John James recreates idol David Beckham's infamous underwear adverts
RTE 8/24/10 Alex Reid denies Big Brother rumors

Daily Mail 8/22/10 Big Brother 2010: John James declares his love for Josie as she is left crying over his eviction

Daily Mail 8/21/10 Big Brother 2010: Steve, Corin, Sam and John James are out in quadruple eviction ahead of Tuesday's final

TV Guide 8/23/10 Kardashians Premiere Draws Record Ratings for E!

Daily Mail 8/21/10 Kardashians' fury as little brother Robert goes AWOL from Larry King show

US Magazine 8/20/10 Paris Hilton Flies Into Rage Over Kim Kardashian

BBC 8/19/10 Rain floods part of Big Brother compound

Daily Mail 8/18/10 Exclusive: Housemates evacuated from the Big Brother house and put up in a hotel after flooding

Daily Mail 8/18/10 Big Brother 2010: Amazing moments as housemates are caught in a freak flood downpour Inside the house

BBC 8/18/10 A Leaky roof at the Big Brother house forces contestants to leave.

Daily Mail 8/10/10 BB 2010: Mario saves himself from eviction (again) after housemates face off in round of sloppy nominations

Daily Mail 8/9/10 Big Brother 2010: Corin admits she's 'embarrassing' herself over crush on John James

Daily Mail 7/28/10 Big Brother 2010: Laura becomes the latest housemate to leave as she walks out after just five days

Daily Mail 7/27/10 BB 2010: Virginal Andrew is treated to lapdance from three underwear-clad women after passing secret task

Daily Mail 7/24/10 Big Brother 2010: Housemates choose Jo, JJ and Laura to join them in the house after surprise vote

Daily Mail 7/23/10 Big Brother 2010: Keeley is out as six potential new housemates go in. But which three will stay?

Daily Mail 7/20/10 Big Brother 2010: Caoimhe dramatically quits Big Brother as she walks out just days before eviction

RTE 7/20/10 Caoimhe walks out of Big Brother house

RTE 7/20/10 Ex Big Brother star Chanelle has baby
Daily Mail 7/20/10 Big Brother 2010: Rachel and Caoimhe up for eviction as housemates celebrate show's 10th anniversary

Daily Mail 7/19/10 Big Brother 2010: Housemates celebrate show's 10th anniversary with huge party

Daily Mail 7/17/10 Big Brother: Shaven-haired Ife dances out of the house

BBC 7/16/10 Ife evicted from Big Brother house

Daily Mail 7/16/10 Big Brother 2010: Caoimhe gets a topless massage as housemates shed their clothes

Daily Mail 7/13/10 Big Brother 2010: Caoimhe escapes eviction after choosing Mario to replace her on the firing line

Daily Mail 7/13/10 Big Brother winner Sophie Reade takes her love life to Another Level on date with Dane Bowers

Daily Mail 7/12/10 Big Brother 2010: Caoimhe, Corin and Ife face eviction.

Daily Mail 7/9/10 Big Brother 2010: Nathan gets the boot as Three new housemates are beamed into house

Daily Mail 7/9/10 Big Brother 2010: Three new contestants to enter the house during tomorrow's eviction night

RTE 7/8/10 Big Bro: Are We There Yet?

Daily Mail 7/7/10 Big Brother 2010: Big Brobot takes over the house in Man V Machine task

Daily Mail 7/6/10 John James and Caoimhe up for eviction as Shabby says she wants to go back in 'to sort nasty people out'

BBC 7/2/10 Big Brother audience evicts Sunshine

Daily Mail 7/2/10 Big Brother 2010: Ben to perform stand-up routine in front of tonight's live eviction crowd
Mirror 7/1/10 Big Brother 11 Ben shows he is no hero

Daily Mail 7/1/10 Big Brother 2010: Sunshine throws a temper tantrum and tension mounts between Shabby and Caoimhe

RTE 7/1/10 Ben to perform in front of BB crowd

RTE 6/29/10 Ultimate housemates to get just £30 a day

RTE 6/28/10 Big Brother stars not keen on new series?

Daily Mail 6/28/10 Big Brother 2010: Josie tells John James 'I love you'... and Dave, Shabby and Sunshine face eviction again
RTE 6/28/10 Big Brother nominations revealed

Daily Mail 6/26/10 Big Brother 2010: Govan is the second housemate to be evicted after receiving 72 per cent of the public vote

Daily Mail 6/25/10 Big Brother 2010: Winner will go head-to-head with former housemates for final series crown

Daily Mail 6/24/10 Big Brother 2010: Cheeky Caoimhe checks out Corin's surgically enhanced assets

Daily Mail 6/21/10 Big Brother 2010: Shabby to face public vote for second time along with Ben, Govan and Dave

Daily Mail 6/19/10 Big Brother 2010: Corin takes on a member of the public in candle-blowing challenge

Daily Mail 6/19/10 Big Brother 2010: Beyonce lookalike Rachael is first housemate to get the boot

BBC 6/18/10 Rachael is first evictee from Big Brother house

Daily Mail 6/18/10 Big Brother 2010: Curious Caoimhe tells Shabby about her lesbian dream

Daily Mail 6/17/10 Big Brother 2010: Katie Price lookalike Corin has a Myleene Klass moment as she showers outside in bikini
Daily Mail 6/17/10 Big Brother 2010: Housemates left retching after I'm A Celebrity-style Munchermind task
Daily Mail 6/16/10 Big Brother 2010: John James gets flirty with Josie in the bedroom before revealing his hatred towards Rachael

Daily Mail 6/15/10 Big Brother 2010: Dave, Shabby and Sunshine face eviction as first nominations are announced

Daily Mail 6/15/10 Big Brother 2010: Rachael up for eviction after Dave wins Hickory Dickory Dock task

Daily Mail 6/14/10 Big Brother 2010: Backstabbing starts as four housemates gather in the garden to bitch about Sunshine

Daily Mail 6/14/10 Big Brother 2010: First bit of drama as Sunshine breaks down after housemates accuse her of being 'the mole'

Daily Mail 6/13/10 Big Brother 2010: Aloha! Housemates go Hawaiian after 'mole' Mario wins fixed quiz

RTE 6/12/10 Big Bro mole told: 'Tonight's the night'

Daily Mail 6/12/10 Big Brother 2010: Sunshine left on her own as the rest of housemates join the mile high lunch club

Daily Mail 6/11/10 Battle of the Big Brother bikini babes... and it's only Day Two

Daily Mail 6/10/10 Big Brother: A Jordan wannabe, two bisexuals, a one-eyed amputee... thank God this is the last ever series

Daily Mail 6/9/10 Big Brother 11, as 81 nervous hopefuls await their fate to see if have bagged a place in the house...

Daily Mail 6/8/10 Big Brother: Reality show's couples reunited... but did they last longer than their 15 minutes of fame?

Daily Mail 6/8/10 Introducing the 79 hopefuls aiming to make it into the last ever Big Brother house

BBC 6/5/10 Big Brother adopts circus theme for final series

Daily Mail 6/5/10 Big Brother 2010: First look inside this year's house just days before the 11th and final series starts

Daily Mail 5/27/10 Big Brother prepares to go out with a bang - and will be the longest series ever

RTE 4/22/10 BB star hit out at 'fake pregnancy' rumours
Daily Mail 3/21/10 Jade Goody spoke of cancer fears for documentary to mark first anniversary of her death

Daily Mail 3/20/10 Jade's death was 'unnecessary and preventable': Reality star's doctor launches attack on NHS

Daily Record 3/8/10 Tragic TV star Jade Goody leaves £3m to her sons.. and a secondhand car to rape rap widower Jack Tweed

Daily Mail 1/30/10 Alex Reid crowned winner... but will Celebrity Big Brother return to screens?

Daily Mail 1/29/10 Davina is chased around the Celebrity Big Brother house as she sneaks in dressed as a chicken

RTE 1/29/10 Reid remains favourite to win CBB

Daily Mail 1/27/10 Davina McCall to finally get a taste of life inside the Celebrity Big Brother house as she sneaks in in disguise

BBC 1/27/10 Ivana Trump and Nicola Tappenden exit Big Brother

Daily Mail 1/22/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Stephen Baldwin celebrates 21 years of sobriety... with tarts and vicars party

RTE 1/22/10 Three facing Big Brother eviction

Daily Mail 1/22/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Alex Reid shows off his spotty back... but what does Jordan think of it?

Daily Mail 1/21/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola T breaks down in tears... but will she walk out of the house?

Daily Mail 1/20/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Vinnie gloats as Baldwin, Trump and Sisqo are put up for eviction

BBC 1/20/10 Big Brother hopefuls audition for final series

Daily Mail 1/20/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Housemates left with a funny taste in their mouths as sugar is swapped for salt

Daily Mail 1/19/10 Lady Sovereign becomes third star to be evicted as contestants make speed nominations

Daily Mail 1/18/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Price says she will be waiting 'with open arms' for Alex Reid

RTE 1/18/10 Davina would consider Big Brother offers

Daily Mail 1/16/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Booing as Katia Ivanova is first to be evicted... then Heidi Fleiss joins her

RTE 1/15/10 Katia the favourite for CBB boot

Daily Mail 1/13/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Katia cosies up to Jonas again after forgiving him over 'claim to fame' row

RTE 1/13/10 Tears in Celeb Big Brother house

Daily Mail 1/12/10 Katia in tears as former flame Jonas tells her: 'You're only here because you dated a Rolling Stone'

RTE 1/8/10 New celeb in the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 1/8/10 Celebrity Big Brother's men let it all hang out in mankinis as they take part in the Hunk Off

RTE 1/7/10 Katia says no Big Brother romance

Daily Mail 1/7/10 WAG Nicola 'spending spree' T wants to clear £35,000 debts with Celebrity Big Brother fee

RTE 1/7/10 Music 'torture' in Big Brother house

Daily Mail 1/5/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Katia sets pulses racing as both Sisqo and Basshunter show interest

Daily Mail 1/5/10 Stephanie Beacham refuses to slum it in Celebrity BB house as she brushes teeth in designer shades... 

Daily Mail 1/4/10 Celebrity Big Brother: Alex Reid and bruised Dane Bowers share an awkward hug as they enter the house

Daily Mail 1/4/10 Celebrity Big Brother launch night beaten in the ratings by (wait for it)... The Antiques Roadshow

BBC 1/4/10 Vinnie Jones named Celebrity Big Brother favourite

BBC 1/4/10 Celebrity Big Brother stars enter house

BBC 12/30/09 'Hellish' Celebrity Big Brother house unveiled

Daily Mail 12/30/09 Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Price's ex Alex Reid offered £150,000 to appear on show as alter-ego Roxanne

Zap2It 12/27/09 Boy George goes to court to be on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Times Online 12/26/09 Row as Big Brother targets amputee soldiers

Daily Mail 12/26/09 Ronnie Wood's ex-lover is set for a £100,000 pay packet as she's lined up for Celebrity Big Brother

Daily Record 12/23/09 Boy George ruled out of Celebrity Big Brother after court refuses to relax probation conditions

BBC 12/23/09 Boy George loses Big Brother legal battle

Daily Record 12/23/09 Boy George asks judge to relax parole conditions so he can go on Celebrity Big Brother.. and earn £200k

RTE 12/16/09 Jedward wanted for Celeb Big Brother?

Daily Mail 12/9/09 Big Brother winner Kate Lawler 'caught in aeroplane toilet with a male friend'

Daily Mail 11/9/09 Big Brother twins Samanda transform into X Factor brothers Jedward

RTE 9/29/09 Lohan not joining Celebrity Big Brother

Daily Mail 9/8/09 I piled on more than a Stone in the BB house! Sophie Reade reveals weight gain as she hits town with housemates

Daily Mail 9/7/09 Big Brother winner Sophie Reade plays the diva as she gets two dogsbodies to carry her pet chihuahuas

BBC 9/5/09 Sophie crowned Big Brother winner

Daily Mail 9/4/09 Big Brother: Siavash threatens to quit over Noirin guilt the day before the final

Daily Mail 9/4/09 Pete Burns wins £450k in damages for bungled cosmetic surgery

Daily Mail 9/3/09 Big Brother: Glamour model Sophie dumps Kris ahead of the final

Daily Mail 9/2/09 Big Brother 10: Lisa is booted out just days before the final

RTE 8/31/09 Big Brother nominations revealed?

Daily Mail 8/31/09 Big Brother 10: Housemates win £10,000 for the prize fund with pointless challenges

RTE 8/31/09 BB stars upset over surprise eviction

Daily Mail 8/29/09 Rodrigo wins £6,000 for the prize fund... and gay David says he 'loves Lisa more than chips'

Daily Mail 8/28/09 Big Brother 10: Marcus refuses to cut off his ponytail for £15k... while Siavash dresses in heels

Times Online 8/27/09 Channel 4 axes Big Brother after 10 years

Guardian 8/27/09 Why Big Brother's death could be the key to Channel 4's survival

Times Online 8/26/09 Remember why we used to watch Big Brother?

Daily Mail 8/27/09 'Boring' Big Brother axed by Channel 4 after ratings disaster

Guardian 8/26/09 Major channels say no to Big Brother
RTE 8/26/09 No prize money for Big Brother winner?

Daily Record 8/26/09 Big Brother bows out... probably

Daily Mail 8/25/09 Big Brother: Glamour model Sophie asks 'Is Sweden near America?'

Daily Mail 8/21/09 Big Brother: Bea is in the middle of the arguments Again as she falls out with David

Daily Mail 8/19/09 Big Brother 10: Rodrigo and Charlie are still not friends while Bea stings again

Daily Mail 8/18/09 Big Brother 10: Marcus, Bea and David face the chop as housemates refuse to nominate

Daily Mail 8/18/09 Big Brother 10: Tears and tantrums as Bea blows up over a message from home

Daily Mail 8/14/09 Big Brother: Sophie's bikini shows the strain after she plumps up in the house

Daily Mail 8/13/09 Big Brother: Tearful Bea loses her temper... then accuses Marcus of 'bullying' her

Daily Mail 8/11/09 Big Brother: Fury as housemates are punished for sleeping... but now CAN talk about nominations

Daily Mail 8/10/09 Big Brother 10: Tensions erupt between housemates after Marcus hides cigarettes

Daily Mail 8/9/09 Sexual tension in Big Brother house reaches boiling point as Rodrigo and Charlie canoodle under the covers

Daily Mail 8/8/09 Big Brother's Chanelle Hayes: 'The blazing row that drove me to attempt suicide'

Digital Spy 8/7/09 Chanelle Hayes leaves hospital

Daily Mail 8/7/09 Big Brother: Has glamour girl Sophie piled on the pounds? Blonde shows off swollen stomach

Daily Mail 8/6/09 Big Brother: Lisa denies she has a gameplan in angry row as eviction looms

Daily Mail 8/4/09 Big Brother: Freddie vows to close down his emotions as Bea rejects his advances

Daily Mail 8/2/09 Big Brother 10: Housemates fall out over a biscuit after they attempt to entertain each other

Daily Mail 8/2/09 Big Brother: Noirin announces plans to marry Isaac... and she's already planning babies

Daily Mail 8/1/09 Eviction for Noirin as she gets her comeuppance for breaking Siavash's heart... and one hour later Isaac leaves

Times Online 7/31/09 Big Brother ; Psychoville; How the Other Half Live

Daily Record 7/29/09 Big Brother springs new twist as love triangle Noirin's ex enters house

Daily Record 7/29/09 New Big Brother crisis as viewing figures hit all-time low

Times Online 7/29/09 Big Brother contestant Sree Dasari slashes wrists

Daily Mail 7/28/09 'We're just friends with benefits': Siavash is put in his place by temptress Noirin
BBC 7/27/09 Tom quits the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 7/24/09 Tonight's eviction cancelled after Kenny escapes over the wall of the Big Brother house

BBC 7/23/09 Kenneth walks out of Big Brother

Daily Mail 7/23/09 Charlie and Rodrigo become Big Brother's first gay couple as they share passionate embrace

Daily Mail 7/22/09 Big Brother warns Kenny over threats to Bea as a record 11 housemates face eviction

Daily Mail 7/20/09 Tensions flare in Big Brother house as Noirin brands Kenneth a 'womanising dirt bag'

Digital Spy 7/16/09 Karly: 'I don't want to see Sophie go'

Digital Spy 7/16/09 Noirin, Lisa quit electric shock task
Daily Record 7/15/09 Big Brother housemates told of Michael Jackson's death after Federico lets cat out of bag

Daily Mail 7/15/09 Battle of the glamour girls: It's war as Sophie, Noirin and Karly face eviction in Big Brother

Daily Record 7/14/09 Big Brother 2009: 'Nasty' Nick Bateman turns down chance to re-enter house

BBC 7/13/09 Nasty Nick pulls out of BB return
Daily Mail 7/11/09 Kris refuses to call Sophie his 'girlfriend' as he is evicted from the Big Brother house

Daily Record 7/11/09 Davina McCall sparks new Big Brother racism row with attack on Karly

Digital Spy 7/10/09 BB Imogen 'dating Jermain Defoe'

BBC 7/10/09 Shock Big Brother exit for Kris

Daily Mail 7/10/09 Big Brother fans get confused as the programme is repeated... while Sophie tells Kris they have a future

Daily Mail 7/9/09 Big Brother viewers complain to Ofcom about Marcus 'racially bullying' Sree

Daily Mail 7/9/09 Playboy Jack Tweed parties with Bianca Gascoigne after missing unveiling of Jade's memorial

Daily Mail 7/8/09 BB's Sophie, Kris & Charlie fail to understand the meaning of silence as they join Marcus & Halfwit for eviction

Daily Mail 7/8/09 Lisa and Rodrigo 'do a Bruno' by donning nude bodysuits on Big Brother

Digital Spy 7/8/09 Karly: 'Marcus will be evicted'

Daily Mail 7/7/09 'Car crash' television on Big Brother as housemates become test dummies in latest task

Digital Spy 7/7/09 Sophie's mum 'does not like Kris'

Daily Mail 7/6/09 'My hair's falling out': Big Brother's Sophie panics about her tatty golden locks

Daily Mail 7/6/09 Sophie 'Dogface' gets down on all fours and barks like a dog in Big Brother secret task

Daily Mail 7/2/09 Big Brother has Siavash over a barrel as he is forced to wear a series of ridiculous costumes

Daily Mail 7/1/09 Halfwit and Sree up for eviction in Big Brother... as tensions rise over alcohol use

Daily Mail 6/30/09 Stinging nettles in sacks and a cactus for a baton.... Big Brother housemates tackle extreme sports day

Daily Mail 6/26/09 Putting her foot in it: Angel riles housemates by saying Noirin looks three months pregnant

Daily Mail 6/25/09 Sophie and Kris steam up Big Brother with raunchy shower... as Angel and Halfwit go up for eviction

Daily Mail 6/25/09 Chantelle Houghton goes back to her roots... as a Paris Hilton lookalike

Daily Mail 6/24/09 Angel is the Third housemate to fall for Noirin's Irish charms as she declares 'it's love'

Daily Mail 6/23/09 A celebration of Halfwit: Freddie gets a sloppy birthday kiss from Angel on Big Brother

Daily Mail 6/21/09 Sophie and Kris share an intimate bubble bath in the Big Brother house

Daily Mail 6/21/09 Big Brother reaches a new low as Noirin licks glamour girl Sophie's chest

BBC 6/20/09 Cairon booted out of Big Brother

Daily Mail 6/17/09 Halfwit in fight to stay in Big Brother as he goes up for eviction against Cairon

BBC 6/13/09 Sophia is voted off Big Brother

BBC 6/12/09 Saffia walks out of Big Brother
BBC 6/8/09 Big Brother claims first victim
BBC 6/5/09 Big Brother 10: Meet the housemates

BBC 6/4/09 'BB house mates to sleep on floor' 
Reality TV World 4/14/09 Husband of late British reality TV star Jade Goody sentenced to jail

Reality TV Magazine 3/24/09 British Reality TV Star Jade Goody Has Died
Reality TV World 3/23/09 Former British 'Big Brother' star Jade Goody dies from cancer at 27
Reality TV Magazine 2/27/09: Top 10 Most Shocking Big Brother Moments

Reality TV World 2/15/09 Ex-British 'Big Brother' houseguest Jade Goody given months to live

Digital Spy 12/6/08 Jade Goody staying 'naive' over cancer

Digital Spy 11/28/08 Goody reveals new 'Jack' tattoo
RTE Entertainment 11/24/08 New reality TV show for Jade Goody
Digital Spy 11/10/08 BB Jen: 'Dale and me hate each other'

Digital Spy 11/8/08 Carr: BB Billi was worst 'Cats' guest
Digital Spy 11/7/08 Shetty offers support to Goody
Digital Spy 11/5/08 BB Dale 'keeps socks on during romp'

Digital Spy 11/4/08 Goody goes through early menopause
Digital Spy 11/4/08 BB Dale, Jen 'row over lads' mag snaps'
Daily Mail 11/4/08 Cancer-Stricken Jade Goody Admits She's Going Through Menopause at 27
BBC 10/28/08 Zombie Big Brother's Killer Debut

NOW 10/28/08 Bobby Brown May Join Whitney Houston In Celebrity Big Brother
BBC 10/27/08 Zombie Big Brother Stars on E4
Wigan Today 10/27/08 Big Brother Star to Switch Xmas Lights On
Daily Mail 10/27/08 Cancer-Stricken Jade Goody Breaks Down In Tears As Chemotherapy Takes Its Toll
Anorak News 10/26/08 Big Brother Charley Uchea's Reading Matter
Daily Mail 10/25/08 Chantelle paid a heavy price for finding fame on BB- now she wonders if her fairytale marriage was a set-up too

Digital Spy 10/25/08 Chantelle wonders if marriage was a sham

Daily Mail 10/24/08 Mini Heart-Throb George Sampson Proves A Real Turn-On
Digital Spy 10/22/08 Goody denies wedding plans
Digital Spy 10/22/08 Cancer-stricken Goody to marry?
Daily Record 10/22/08 Jade Goody To Wed Jailed Ex-Boyfriend Jack Tweed

Liverpool Echo 10/22/08 Big Brother Star Pete Burns Wins Lip Op Pay Out
Daily Mail 10/22/08 Big Brother's going to get you: Davina turns killer in new zombie version of the show
Guardian 10/22/08 Kerry Katona's This Morning Appearance Was A New TV Low

Daily Mail 12/21/08 Jade Goody tattoos eyebrows 'so children won't be upset when they fall out during chemotherapy'
Daily Mail 10/17/08 'Leave Jade alone, she's saving lives,' says Kerry Katona as she wades into row with Katie Price
Daily Mail 10/17/08 Big Brother bully Alexandra De Gale 'threatened women with a knife in the street'
Digital Spy 10/16/08 Meet the new 'Big Brother' housemates
Digital Spy 10/16/08 Goody 'wants to end her days with Tweed'
Daily Mail 10/10/08 Cancer-stricken Jade 'is comforted by dying Wendy Richard at first chemotherapy treatment'
Daily Mail 10/7/08 'People think I deserve to die,' says cancer-stricken Jade Goody in revealing interview
Digital Spy 10/7/08 Goody starts to plan her funeral
Digital Spy 10/7/08 Troyer linked to 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Digital Spy 10/7/08 Rex accused of acting like "an animal"
Digital Spy 10/1/08 Opik signs for 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Digital Spy 9/29/08 Chantelle 'chats up Stephen Gately'
Digital Spy 9/27/08 Goody prepares to tell sons the truth
Digital Spy 9/24/08 Goody faces a year of chemotherapy
Digital Spy 9/16/08 Jade's mum vows to support her
The Citizen 9/15/08 Review: Big Brother: What the Housemates Did Next, Channel 4
Celebrity Spider 9/13/08 Reality Star Jade Goody Undergoes Cancer Surgery
BBC 9/13/08 Surgery on Jade Goody 'went well'
Digital Spy 9/12/08 BB Steph plans single release
Digital Spy 9/12/08 Goody 'terrified' about cancer treatment
BBC 9/12/08 Goody to undergo cancer operation
Digital Spy 9/8/08 Jade Goody: 'I smoked crack'
BBC 9/6/08 Big Brother win for Rachel Rice
Digital Spy 9/6/08 'Big Brother' finale is lowest rated yet
Digital Spy 9/5/08 Rachel crowned winner, Mikey is runner-up
Times Online 9/5/08 Big Brother stole my life
Digital Spy 9/5/08 Houston to star in Celebrity Big Brother?
Digital Spy 9/4/08 Goody shocked by new cancer warning

Daily Mail 9/3/08 New racism row for Big Brother as storm erupts over Wendy Richards' 'slur on housemate Kat'
Monsters and Critics 9/3/08 Tease Rex
Digital Spy 9/3/08 Ofcom investigating BBLB 'racism' claims
BBC 9/2/08 Mo and Kat lose Big Brother vote
Times Online 9/2/08 Big Brother 9: the 20 most memorable moments
Mirror 9/2/08 Big Brother: Contestants discuss who they think will win
BBC 9/2/08 Duo set for Big Brother eviction
Daily Mail 9/2/08 Thrilled Lisa is evicted from Big Brother to share a joyful reunion with fiancé Mario
Digital Spy 9/1/08 Jade Goody 'frustrated' by mother
Entertainmentwise 8/26/08 Big Brother: Mario Returns To BB House
TV Scoop 8/26/08 Big Brother: Mo becomes 'head of house'
Daily Mail 8/25/08 Mohamed guaranteed place in Big Brother final after being nominated Head of House
Daily Mail 8/25/08 Big Brother's Lisa feels 'complete' after accepting Mario's surprise proposal

Celebrity Spider 8/23/08 Reality Star 'Three Months From Death'
Digital Spy 8/23/08 Goody reveals extent of cancer scare
Digital Spy 8/23/08 Nicole's eviction boosts BB ratings
BBC 8/23/08 Goody's fears for sons' future

Guardian 8/21/08 Celebrity Big Brother to return to Channel 4

Digital Spy 8/21/08 Brooker show set in 'Big Brother' house
Digital Spy 8/21/08 Shetty offers friendship to ill Goody
Daily Mail 8/20/08 Rowing Nicole and Rex disrupt housemates in Thriller task
BBC 8/20/08 Goody back home for cancer tests
Celebrity Spider 8/19/08 British TV Star Jade Goody Battling Cancer

Mirror 8/18/08 Nicole threatens to leave Big Brother after row with Rex
BBC 8/19/08 Big Brother star Goody has cancer

BBC 8/19/08 Profile: Jade Goody

Press Association 8/18/08 BB housemates chew over Roman task
Press Association 8/14/08 BB Sarah admits to crush on Stuart

Daily Mail 8/15/08 Big Brother lovers: Dale and Jen display their affection on a night out
BBC 8/14/08 Goody 'will appear in Indian BB'
Daily Mail 8/13/08 Housemates channel Olympians for Big Brother Games 2008

BBC 8/13/08 Rachel and Stuart facing BB axe
Entertainmentwise 8/12/08 Big Brother: The Rex & Nicole Show!
Press Association 8/11/08 Watchdog raps Big Brother spin-off
Daily Mail 8/11/08 Rex unamused after girlfriend Nicole enjoys a lesbian kiss with Sara 'a little too much'
Press Association 8/11/08 Housemates face BB barber shop chop
What’s On TV 8/10/08 Big Brother: Mikey is new head of house!
Digital Spy 8/8/08 Jade Goody in cancer scare
Heckler Spray 8/8/08 Big Brother Betting Odds - Eviction Day, Bye Bye Dale… Surely?
In the News 8/7/08 Big Brother 9 Rex worried about break from Nicole
Times Online 8/6/08 Big Brother's Stuart and Dale nominated for eviction

BBC 8/6/08 Dale and Stuart face BB eviction
This Is London 8/5/08 Battle of the Big Brother hunks: Dale and Stu up for eviction
Daily Mail 8/5/08 Romance takes over the Big Brother house as Rex showers Nicole with kisses
Now Magazine 8/4/08 Big Brother's Luke Marsden: A slug is more sexually experienced than me

Daily Mail 8/4/08 'Jealous' Darnell in trouble with Big Brother after crossing the divide over Sara's bedtime with Stu
Mirror 8/4/08 Hell for Rex and Nicole in Big Brother house after task plan backfires
Entertainmentwise 8/4/08 Big Brother: New Housemate Nicole Gives Rex A Treat
Entertainmentwise 8/4/08 Big Brother: Rachel Crowned Head Of The House
This Is London 8/1/08 Prankster Rex wastes shopping budget on 57 luxury tokens
Manchester Evening News 8/1/08 Becs to make BB romance a reality?
The Sun 8/1/08 May's out to get Rex
Heckler Spray 8/1/08 Big Brother Betting Odds: Dale Out Tonight?
Guardian 7/31/08 Maysoon quits Big Brother house
Daily Mail 7/30/08 Calamity Jade: Big Brother star launches her perfume... by dropping it on the floor!
Press Association 7/30/08 Nine housemates facing BB eviction
Times Online 7/29/08 Big Brother is becoming more like Bedlam every day
This Is London 7/29/08 Brush with the law: Big Brother housemates handed Cops and Robbers task
This Is London 7/29/08 Stuart stripped of head of the house title after discussing nominations
Monsters & Critics 7/29/08 Enter Rex's girlfriend
In the News 7/28/08 BB9 Stuart named Head of House after chilli challenge
The Sun 7/28/08 Hunk hooked on wild group sex
Daily Record 7/28/08 Big Brother reveals pod to let Heaven housemates plot eviction strategies
Entertainmentwise 7/23/08 Big Brother: Nominations Are In
Mirror 7/23/08 Big Brother’s Luke and Bex spend another night snogging under the sheets
Monsters and Critics 7/23/08 Housemates' eviction chat
Digital Spy 7/22/08 'Apprentice' Claire pulled out of BB
Monsters and Critics 7/22/08 Rex' Rachel tease
Entertainmentwise /22/08 Who Is Going To Win?
Sify News 7/22/08 Big Brother couple go 'all the way' live on telly!
What’s On TV 7/22/08 Big Brother draws lowest eviction audience
This Is London 7/21/08 Truth or bare: Big Brother's Bex strips off Again

Entertainmentwise 7/21/08 A New Leader Is Crowned!

Mirror 7/20/08 Out, out, out for Big Brother's Belinda, Belinda, Belinda
Daily Mail 7/18/08 Arrogant Darnell is 'locked up in jail' as Big Brother housemates take their revenge
Daily Record 7/18/08 Rex believes his Big Brother time is coming to an end
Entertainmentwise 7/18/08 Big Brother: Housemates Accused Of Wasting Food
In the News 7/17/08 BB9 Rex: Being in the house has changed me
Metro 7/16/08 Luke's birthday banter
Daily Mail 7/16/08 Big Brother love rat Luke gets dumped on his birthday by REAL girlfriend
Times Online 7/16/08 Belinda and Rex face Big Brother eviction
Daily Mail 7/16/08 Agony for weeping Big Brother housemates as they collapse from 1,000 km cycle ride
Daily Mail 7/11/08 Flirty Rebecca and Luke finally share a kiss in the Big Brother house
Entertainmentwise 7/11/08 Luke & Bex - The Odd Couple!
Evening Star 7/11/08 Mario favorite to leave BB house
Entertainmentwise 7/10/08 Big Brother: Lisa Confesses 'Cracks Are Showing' In Her & Mario's Relationship
Daily Mail 7/10/08 Concerned Big Brother quizzes Luke after Bex accidentally fondles him in bed
Press Association 7/10/08 BB snoring row reaches a crescendo
Daily Mail 7/10/08 Chick peas and rice for a week - the price for tripping up in the River Dance
The Sun 7/10/08 Horny HMS go sex mad
Digital Spy 7/9/08 BB winner Belo plans single release
Mirror 7/9/08 Big Brother winner Brian Belo to release single
Daily Mail 7/9/08 Big Brother housemates get 'jiggy with it' in leotards as they dance their way through this week's task
Times Online 7/8/08 Big Brother's Mario and Rebecca face eviction
Times Online 7/8/08 Big Brother's Mario and Lisa have first fight
This Is London 7/8/08 Big Brother gets its first kiss as Kathreya and Sara enjoy a lesbian snog in the pool
Mirror 7/7/08 Big Brother's Jennifer Clark: I was beaten by my husband
Telegraph 7/7/08 Big Brother house evacuated after bomb scare
Daily Star 7/7/08 BB Alex Out to Get Jen
Mirror 7/5/08 Three new girls in the Big Brother house
Daily Mail 7/3/08 Big Brother lovers? Stephanie and Ziggy share coffee and a kiss
Daily Mail 7/3/08 Big Brother housemates get mucky with a food fight
The Sun 7/3/08 Jen's hubby got jiggy as a gigolo
Daily Mail 7/3/08 Heated row between Bex and Rex over a glass of wine leaves Kathreya in tears Again
What’s On TV 7/3/08 Big Brother: Alex back to her threatening ways?
Wales Online 7/3/08 ‘Help keep my grandson in the Big Brother house’
The Sun 7/2/08 Chan evicts her clothes again
BBC 7/2/08 Jen favourite to exit Big Brother
Mirror 7/2/08 In pictures: Big Brother housemates' zoo task
What’s On TV 7/1/08 Big Brother: Housemates react to nominations!
Daily Mail 7/1/08 Big Brother ladies man Stuart had a perm to make him look like Man Utd idol Ryan Giggs
Telegraph 7/1/08 Next Big Brother housemate to face eviction to be announced
Daily Mail 7/1/08 'Jen's too big for her boots - and not very pretty'... Chanelle's blistering verdict on new Big Brother vixen
Daily Mail 6/30/08 Eye opening: BB housemates pass blind task set in honour of visually impaired Mikey
Daily Mail 6/30/08 Big Brother's Rex decides to stay after threatening to walk out
Entertainmentwise 6/30/08 Jennifer & Bex Get Nasty!
The Sun 6/30/08 Bex: BB told me to bare my body
Daily Mail 6/29/08 I'm sorry, says Big Brother spitter Dennis after fleeing back to his family in Scotland
Guardian 6/27/08 Big Brother: Dennis thrown out for spitting in housemate's face
Entertainmentwise 6/27/08 Sylvia & Stuart's Secret Past
Mirror 6/27/08 Big Brother's Dale also faces the boot over spitting row
Press Association 6/27/08 Second Big Brother housemate ousted
Daily Mail 6/26/08 Now unpopular Sylvia sparks a row with Big Brother's Luke
What’s On TV 6/26/08 Big Brother: Luke suspects new housemates
The Sun 6/26/08 Big Bro's Mario is a flex pest
Times Online 6/26/08 Quarrel threatens Big Brother romance
Daily Record 6/26/08 Mohamed admits nerves as Big Brother eviction vote looms
Guardian 6/25/08 Big Brother's Little Brother is looking a bit peaky
Mirror 6/25/08 Big Brother's Dale gets a kiss from Jennifer
Daily Mail 6/25/08 Big Brother's Rachel and Rebecca devastated after being excluded from treadmill task
Heckler Spray 6/25/08 Big Brother Betting Odds: Kathreya To Win? Well, Yes, Obviously
Entertainmentwise 6/25/08 Alex Is Victim Of Vandals
Daily Mail 6/24/08 BB Rachel was called 'thunder thighs' and 'fat' by her own boyfriend
Mirror 6/24/08 Big Brother's Alexandra: 'They were right to boot me off show'
BBC 6/24/08 Two housemates go to Brother jail
Now Magazine 6/24/08 Big Brother's Sylvia: I'm going to be dumped
Daily Mail 6/24/08 Big Brother's Sylvia and Mohamed nominated for eviction
The List 6/22/08 Alexandra lives on?
Entertainmentwise 6/22/08 New Big Brother Housemate Causes Paranoia
What’s On TV 6/22/08 Big Brother: Rex's girlfriend speaks out
Now Magazine 6/23/08 Big Brother's Rachel Rice has long-lost sister
Metro 6/23/08 Stuart: I'm not in this for fame
In the News 6/23/08 New housemate Stuart causes a stir in Big Brother house
Mirror 6/20/08 Exclusive: Axed Big Brother bully Alex has gang links
Now Magazine 6/20/08 Big Brother: New housemate to enter tonight
Telegraph 6/20/08 Big Brother's Alexandra De Gale says 'I'm the real victim'
Mirror 6/20/08 Big Brother 9: Rebecca the first housemate to go to Big Brother jail
The List 6/20/08 Bitchy Mario and Lisa
Guardian 6/19/08 Alex thrown out of Big Brother house: has Channel 4 done the right thing?
Entertainmentwise 6/19/08 Alex Axed Over Gangster Threats
The Sun 6/19/08 Alex needs anger classes
The List 6/19/08 Food fights
Now Magazine 6/19/08 Jennifer Clark to quit Big Brother?
Metro 6/18/08 Alex dumps dumpling plan
In the News 6/18/08 Alexandra and Mario face Big Brother eviction
Clydebank Post 6/18/08 Big Brother update - It's the bottom line for Mikey
The Sun 6/17/08 Darnell: My jail misery
Mirror 6/17/08 Where would we be without Big Brother?
Daily Mail 6/17/08 Big Brother bully Alexandra in 'Muslim hate rant' at birthday boy Mohamed
The List 6/17/08 Sylvia's intimate piercing
Entertainmentwise 6/17/08 Alex Accuses Mohamed Of Mocking Muslim Faith
Digital Spy 6/17/08 Ofcom: 'Big Brother' complaints soar
Mirror 6/16/08 Big Brother 9: Is romance blossoming between Rebecca and Luke?

Daily Star 6/16/08 Steph Back in BB for Sex
Entertainmentwise 6/16/08 Big Brother: Jennifer & Dale Hot Up!
Mirror 6/16/08 Big Brother 9: Dennis says the bullying has to stop
Mirror 6/16/08 Big Brother 9: Mario and Mikey's late night bitching session
Digital Spy 6/15/08 'Big Brother' holds off incest doc in ratings
Daily Mail 6/13/08 Killjoy Big Brother chiefs halt housemates' saucy pool party
Metro 6/12/08 BB Vox Pop
The Sun 6/13/08 Mazza's 'memorable' moments
Metro 6/13/08 I don't regret a thing, says Luke
The Sun 6/12/08 BB task is a real Big Buzzer
OK Magazine 6/12/08 Big Brother Housemates Go Hungry

Telegraph 6/12/08 Big Brother draws 500 complaints in first week
Daily Mail 6/12/08 Face-off: Is Big Brother's Stephanie turning into Jade Goody?
Mirror 6/12/08 Big Brother's Alexandra – should she stay or go?
Croydon Guardian 6/12/08 BB's Alex was expelled for drugs, claims former schoolmate
Telegraph 6/11/08 Big Brother faces new bullying claims
Metro 6/11/08 Is BB set for a second race row?

Entertainmentwise 6/11/08 Rex & Darnell Win 'Big Brother's Got Talent'
The List 6/11/08 Jennifer's abortion opposition
Mirror 6/11/08 Big Brother 9: Housemates giant Buzz task
Mirror 6/11/08 Big Brother 9 Video: Mario and Lisa celebrate his birthday
Digital Spy 6/10/08 Picture Special: Big Brother boys part 1
Mirror 6/10/08 Big Brother 9: Alex, Sylvia and Dennis attack fellow housemates
Mirror 6/10/08 Big Brother 9: Alex and Sylvia's furious chip row leaves Rachel in tears
OK Magazine 6/10/08 Big Brother Love Triangle Develops
Daily Mail 6/10/08 'BB house is a ticking time bomb,' say Dale and Luke as all-out war breaks out between contestants
The Sun 6/9/08 Dale and Jen discuss toe-jobs
The Sun 6/9/08 Mario beat me up, says ex-lover
Digital Spy 6/9/08 Four task members face eviction
Entertainmentwise 6/9/08 'Big Brother's Mario Bullied Lisa Into Getting Boob Job'
Daily Mail 6/9/08 Michael devastated by 'ghetto bitches' attack
What’s On TV 6/8/08 Big Brother: Secret mission failed!
Metro 6/6/08 BB wedding announced
Mirror 6/6/08 Big Brother 9 Video: Watch Mario propose to Steph
The Citizen 6/6/08 BB launch attracts smaller audience
Daily Mail 6/6/08 Big Brother love triangle: The Girls Aloud reject, Italian Stallion and his girlfriend face first secret task
NineMSN 6/6/08 Britain's Big Brother a "circus freak show"
Telegraph 6/6/08 Britain's got too much talent for Big Brother
Digital Spy 6/6/08 'Big Brother' launch show ratings down
Jam! 6/6/08 New run of British TV's 'Big Brother' hopes to reverse ratings decline
BBC News 6/5/08 Ninth Big Brother set for launch
The Sun 6/5/08 Sexiest BB moments
The Sun 6/5/08 BB names leaked online?
Now Magazine 6/5/08 Big Brother: Who's in the house?
Coventry Telegraph 6/5/08 New Big Brother Contestants Wait To Enter House
Daily Mail 6/5/08 A blind person, a Buddhist and a Girls Aloud reject... it must be Big Brother time
Daily Mail 6/4/08 Former Big Brother stars Aiselyne and Nikki come to Friday Night Project reunion
The Sun 6/4/08 BBoot camp
BBC News 6/4/08 BB housemates 'to grow own food'
Borehamwood Times 6/4/08 Big Brother, big business
Mirror 6/4/08 This year's BB house is 'greenest' yet
The Sun 6/3/08 BB's Charley joins The Sun
Monsters and Critics 6/3/08 Big Brother 9 - Davina McCall Interview
Guardian 6/3/08 Big Brother: Virgin Media unveils sponsorship idents
Shiny Shiny 6/3/08 Hello Kitty alert: Big brother barbie's Samanda join sanrio town
Sky 6/3/08 BB: Where Are They Now?
In Entertainment 6/2/08 Davina McCall escorts first blind housemate to Big Brother 9 house

Buzzkilled 6/1/08 Big Brother House Guests To Face Jail Time, Plus The Truth About Davina
Metro 5/30/08 Big Brother's 10 sexiest stars
The Sun 5/30/08 'Shower' film gets Bruvs mad
BBC 5/30/08 Reality show Goody's home burgled
The Sun 5/30/08 Big Brother's Best Couples
Mirror 5/29/08 Big market for Big Brother reality TV eviction circus
Mirror 5/29/08 Oh no.. I've grown too old for Big Bro
The Sun 5/29/08 They're all too nice without me
The Sun 5/29/08 Nick puts it on record
The Sun 5/29/08 Nookie time for Big Tom
This Is London 5/28/08 New Big Brother compound pictured from the air
The Sun 5/28/08 New girl Claire had a boob job
The Sun 5/28/08 Nick’s hasty exit from the Big Brother house could earn him as much as $1million
The Sun 5/28/08 Nasty Nick: my life is hell
The Sun 5/27/08 Girls face boot from Big Brother
Guardian 5/27/08 Big Brother: Show cleared of humiliating contestant
Mirror 5/27/08 In pictures: Inside the new Big Brother house
The Sun 5/27/08 Outrage over Big Brother sex
The Sun 5/23/08 Big Bro 9 will pack a WAG
Metro 5/21/08 Julie: I love Big Brother
The Sun 5/21/08 Top Big Brother mingers
Now Magazine 5/20/08 Jade Goody poised for TV comeback
The Sun 5/20/08 BB contestants will 'suffer'
Mirror 5/20/08 Big Brother: Start date announced
Chronicle Live 5/19/08 Big Brother star in charity zipslide plunge
Guardian 5/16/08 Praise be. Danielle Lloyd finally breaks her silence
Daily Star 5/16/08 Phil’s BB-ig Idea: A Pint and The Star
Great Yarmouth Mercury 5/16/08 Big Brother's Chantelle to open new shop
Heckler Spray 5/14/08 Hooray! Another Reality Star’s Career Is Set To Implode.
InTheNews 5/13/08 Return for Celeb Big Brother?
The Press Association 5/13/08 Davina rejects rumours over BB exit
TVScoop 5/13/08 New Big Brother eye logo revealed
Now Magazine 5/12/08 Chanelle Hayes dating Spurs footballer
Digital Spy 5/12/08 Chanelle: 'I'll quit if single is a flop'
Daily Mail 5/12/08 Big Booer: Chanelle Hayes fails to win over gay fans with her raunchy performance
MSN UK 5/9/08 Davina to bow out of Big Brother?
Daily Mail 5/7/08 Busty brunettes your type then, Jack? Jade Goody's ex steps out with her doppelganger
Digital Spy 5/7/08 Tweed charged over cabbie assault
Brand Republic 5/7/08 Virgin Mobile stays on board for Big Brother 9
News of the World 5/4/08 Davina McCall quits Big Brother to be an actress

Times Online 5/4/08 John Loughton: after Big Brother 
Hawkesbury Gazette 4/30/08 Terri tackles Big Brother house

Daily Mail 4/30/08 Chantelle, Chanelle and Charlotte: Unholy trinity of D-listers descend on Funky Buddha

Daily Mail 4/28/08 Big Brother winner Brian Belo collapses in a mess after bender

The Scotsman 4/28/08 Big Brother winner joins the Constitutional Commission team

Daily Mail 4/27/08 'I want it' might just clinch Chanelle her pop career ... as she survives a night Without being heckled

Digital Spy 4/26/08 BB's Aisleyne to release autobiography

Digital Spy 4/23/08 Chanelle: 'Sex tape was publicity stunt'

The Sun 4/22/08 Chanelle 'sex tape' in full

Digital Spy 4/22/08 Chanelle: 'I've had no singing lessons'

Daily Mail 4/21/08 Jade Goody gets up close and personal with another girl

Daily Star 4/21/08 Bigger Bro

icWales 4/20/08 Big Brother stars up for the cup

Daily Mail 4/19/08 Jade Goody goes home with on-off boyfriend Jack Tweed after mass brawl in Essex club

Digital Spy 4/19/08 Chanelle's agent responds to tape leak

Daily Star 4/19/08 Chanelle Sex Tape Leaked 

Daily Mail 4/19/08 A GCSE in Jade: How foul-mouthed Goody has made it onto the national curriculum

Daily Mail 4/18/08 Has Chanelle got talent? Racy Posh clone launches her new single in fishnets and a corset

Digital Spy 4/18/08 Tweed, Goody 'scrap' at Faces club

Digital Spy 4/18/08 Hayes, Mills top 'least talented' list

RTE 4/17/08 BB's Ziggy wants to be fighting champion

Digital Spy 4/17/08 Ziggy dating Jermain Defoe's ex?

Hamilton Advertiser 4/17/08 Big Brother star will launch weekend of fun

Digital Spy 4/17/08 Chanelle: 'Charley missed her chance'

Sky News 4/16/08 Not The Bezt Of Times For Big Bro Winner

Digital Spy 4/16/08 Craig Phillips's BB winnings donee dies

Daily Mail 4/15/08 From glamour girl to glowing beauty: Jodie Marsh goes au naturel

Peterborough Today 4/14/08 Big Brother's Craig stars at garden show

ic Wales 4/14/08 Big Brother’s Imogen Thomas aims to nail her business dream

Sunday Mirror 4/13/08 Jodie Marsh: Now I've got perfect new boobs I'll be at it like a maniac

Digital Spy 4/13/08 Aisleyne confirms Winehouse friendship

Guardian 4/12/08 Goody English: Polish TV uses Big Brother to teach language

Daily Mail 4/10/08 Jade Goody puts on a brave face as she juggles motherhood alone at Butlins

Digital Spy 4/10/08 Carr told off for Big Brother comments

This is London 4/9/08 Bronzed & bronzer: Chanelle & Chantelle form a striking duo to party with Chelsea's celebrating soccer stars

The Mirror 4/8/08 Striker Jermain Defoe is secretly dating Big Brother's Aisleyne

Digital Spy 4/6/08 Jade Goody to make TV comeback

Daily Star 4/5/08 Big Brother 9 Revealed 

Digital Spy 4/5/08 Channel 4 delays Big Brother 9 launch

The Mirror 4/4/08 Big Brother bosses hunt for new Little Brother host

Daily Mail 4/1/08 The odd couple: Amy Winehouse gets a visit from Big Brother Z-lister Aisleyne

Metro 4/1/08 Winehouse in Big Brother talks

Sunday Mirror 3/30/08 Jade Goody dumps cheating boyfriend Jack Tweed

Daily Mail 3/30/08 Jade dumps 'cheating' boyfriend Jack and this time it's for Goody

Digital Spy 3/30/08 Jade Goody dumps 'love cheat' boyfriend

Daily Star 3/30/08 Big Bro Chanelle Gets Bigger 

This is London 3/27/08 Spilling cleavage and micro mini skirts galore as Big Brother has-beens grasp for attention

Digital Spy 3/27/08 Goody: 'I felt like Mr Blobby's wife'

Showbiz Ireland 3/26/08 Is Jade Living with Lucy?

Daily Mail 3/24/08 Goody turns bad again: Jade caught up in ugly brawl in Essex nightclub

Daily Star 3/20/08 Big Brother 9 Goes Nude

Digital Spy 3/18/08 BB winner to be Shakespearean actor

Digital Spy 3/15/08 Chanelle dumps Hines over girlfriend

The Scotsman 3/14/08 BB winner John delivers the views

Daily Mail 3/14/08 Big Brother's Chanelle stops traffic... and holds the PM 's car up in the process

Now Magazine 3/14/08 Big Brother presenter sports bizarre turf coat

Daily Mail 3/13/08 Work it, Jade! Miss Goody fights the flab with a bizarre outdoor training session

Sky News 3/13/08 Chan Does Another Posh

Digital Spy 3/13/08 Chanelle song is "sexy" and "feministic"

Daily Mail 3/13/08 Sad Chanelle watches her ex Ziggy take home EastEnders star Kara Tointon

Dot Music 3/11/08 BB's Chanelle to release pop single

Sky News 3/11/08 Charley's up 'n' down night

Daily Mail 3/11/08 Chanelle's WAG hopes shattered as footballer love interest is having a baby with girlfriend

This is London 3/11/08 Jade Goody unveils new look with stylish fringe

Daily Mail 3/10/08 Plastic fantastic?: Chantelle flaunts her fake assets on yet another boozy night out

Sky News 3/10/08 A Makeover for Chan?

Digital Spy 3/10/08 BB Chanelle lands reality popstar show

Digital Spy 3/10/08 BB's Nikki thrown out of Essex club

Scotsman 3/10/08 Big Brother victor weighs up his future

Daily Mail 3/9/08 Big Brother's Chanelle lands herself a footballer - just like her idol Posh

Digital Spy 3/6/08 Chantelle praises "fit" new lover

Showbiz Ireland 3/5/08 Big Brothers Have TV Throw Down...

Sky News 3/5/08 Chan on Jen's ex

Daily Mail 3/5/08 Heating up: Chantelle and new man Tony Richardson spend the night together

Varsity 3/4/08 Big Brother star backs freelance punters

Digital Spy 3/4/08 Fountain slams 'BB' star over sex story

Sky News 3/3/08 Jade's hot new look

Digital Spy 3/3/08 Goody's son rushed to hospital

Digital Spy 3/3/08 Chanelle reveals mother's killer fears

Daily Mail 3/2/08 Jade Goody flashes some unsightly flesh

Digital Spy 3/2/08 BB winner Pete regrets shunning spotlight

Hindustan Times 3/1/08 Bollywood filmmaker wants to make a film with Jade and Shilpa

icLanarkshire 2/28/08 Big Brother star is given keys to door

Digital Spy 2/27/08 Chantelle: 'Preston made me eat greens'

Digital Spy 2/27/08 BB's Charley attacked at gunpoint

Daily Mail 2/26/08 Dangerous liaison? Chantelle dates Jennifer Ellison's violent ex boyfriend

The Telegraph 2/23/08 Fame and fortune: Sam and Amanda Marchant

Digital Spy 2/23/08 Nathan pleased with modest 'Hijack' ratings

News of the World 2/23/08 Big Brother beauty Charley Uchea goes topless

Metro 2/21/08 Dermot calls for Celebrity Big Brother to be axed

Sky News 2/20/08 Chantelle gets emotional

Digital Spy 2/20/08 Chanelle: 'I will be new Lorraine Kelly'

Sky News 2/19/08 Chantelle blasts ex

This is London 2/19/08 Chantelle: 'I cried all night when I heard Preston and Camille got back together'

Yorkshire Evening Post 2/18/08 Leeds Big Brother contestant speaks of her 'bizarre' and 'amazing' experience

Digital Spy 2/15/08 Gilliam tests BB twins for Ledger film?

Sky News 2/14/08 Whose gross kiss?

Sky News 2/14/08 Wanna dress like Aisleyne?

Sky News 2/14/08 Jade slims again

Scotsman 2/14/08 Big Brother winner calls for snares ban

Daily Mail 2/13/08 Z-listers reunited: Chanelle and Chantelle show a leg

This is London 2/13/08 Preston is back with ex-girlfriend Camille after dumping her for Chantelle

Digital Spy 2/10/08 Ziggy wants to date Danielle Lloyd

Digital Spy 2/8/08 Chanelle fumes at Best's model fans

The Sun 2/4/08 Whoops - there she blows

The Sun 1/31/08 BB Lisa loses libel appeal

Sky News 1/31/08 Chan, is this appropriate?

Sky News 1/31/08 Chanelle shuns LA Man

Daily Mail 1/30/08 Wannabe Chanelle continues to style-stalk Victoria Beckham

This is Nottingham 1/30/08 John gives winnings to mum

Scotsman 1/30/08 Big Brother victory praised by Labour group

Daily Record 1/30/08 Big Brother Winner John Houghton's Mum In Hotel Bomb Scare

Guardian 1/29/08 Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack quietly leaves the room

This is London 1/29/08 Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack winner emerges to discover nobody's ever heard of him

Times Online 1/29/08 John Loughton wins Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack

BBC 1/29/08 John wins Big Brother hijack show

Glasgow Daily Record 1/29/08 Scot John Loughton Wins Celebrity Big Brother Hijack

Daily Mail 1/28/08 Chantelle's cellulite problem exposed as she continues wild lifestyle

Irish Independent 1/27/08 Sad reality for Big Brother

Now Magazine 1/26/08 Jay and Calista get Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack boot

Daily Star 1/26/08 Charley In Big Bother 

Scotsman 1/25/08 John gets mum's vote

The Sun 1/25/08 Calista up for the double chop

Daily Mail 1/25/08 Big Brother's future in doubt as viewing time gets moved to 'graveyard slot'

Daily Star 1/25/08 Big Brother 9 Chopped 

Female First 1/24/08 Big Brother; Celebrity Hijack House - Day 22

Times Online 1/24/08 Latoya voted out in Big Brother Celebrity Hijack surprise eviction show

Metro 1/24/08 Goody: Big Brother 'is over'

Sky News 1/24/08 Is this Chan or Jodie?

This is London 1/24/08 Chantelle gets more and more like Jordan by the day... as Katie Price dresses down

Female First 1/23/08 Big Brother; Celebrity Hijack House - Day 21

This is North Scotland 1/23/08 Latoya out in surprise eviction

Guardian 1/23/08 Big Brother besieged by far-right protest

Metro 1/23/08 Housemates win nerd task

This is Cheshire 1/23/08 Big Brother star Liam goes pop

Evening Standard 1/23/08 Former Big Brother contestant bids to be councillor

Digital Spy 1/23/08 Chantelle: 'I feel like a born-again virgin'

Female First 1/22/08 Big Brother; Celebrity Hijack House - Day 20

This is North Scotland 1/22/08 Big Brother 9 auditions end

In The News 1/22/08 'John the mole' theory continues

Digital Spy 1/21/08 BB winner Pete hits out at show

Female First 1/21/08 Big Brother; Celebrity Hijack house; Weekend Catch-up

Sky News 1/21/08 Jade Looks Goody

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Showbiz Spy 12/31/07 Davina McCall says the first kiss with her husband left her mouth red raw

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Showbiz Spy 12/4/07 Chantelle Houghton says marriage to Preston was a “complete lie”

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icWales 11/17/07 Big Brother’s Lisa can appeal against a libel case ruling

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Now Magazine 11/16/07 Ziggy Lichman: Chanelle called my sister a fat bitch

Daily Mail 11/14/07 Chanelle's new date Dizzee is a bit of a rascal

Daily Mail 11/14/07 Is Big Brother's Preston back with ex he split with for Chantelle?

Digital Spy 11/12/07 Chanelle: 'Ziggy ruined my birthday'

Showbiz Spy 11/12/07 Danielle Lloyd defends her behaviour in Celebrity Big Brother

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News of the World 11/10/07 BB Ziggy reveals shocking secret truth about affair with Chanelle

The Sun 11/9/07 Danielle: we were not racist

Athlone Advertiser 11/9/07 Big Brother Star Chanelle comes to Athlone

ic 11/9/07 Shilpa: No regrets about Big Brother

Daily Mail 11/9/07 Chanelle gives Ziggy the boot after he says they are not engaged

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BBC 11/5/07 Big Brother cleared over language

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Guardian 11/5/07 Channel 4 cleared over N-word row

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Sky News 10/26/07 Chan's No Psycho

Showbiz Sky 10/25/07 Chantelle Houghton made more than £925000 in a year

Sky News 10/25/07 Chan's In The Money

Now Magazine 10/24/07 Chanelle and Ziggy deny engagement

Entertainmentwise 10/24/07 Chanelle: 'I'm Scared My Mum's Murderer Will Kill Me Too'

Daily Mail 10/23/07 Chanelle and Ziggy: 'Our plans for a Posh and Becks wedding and babies'

Digital Spy 10/23/07 BB housemates to reunite for party

Sky News 10/22/07 Who's A Cheeky Girl?

Daily Mail 10/22/07 Grin and bear it: when SpongeBob met Chiggy

Daily Mail 10/21/07 Big Brother's Charley in 3am catfight outside London club

The People 10/21/07 Charley Bust-Up

The Sun 10/19/07 BB star's arrest after dog fight

Manchester Online 10/17/07 'Real' Shilpa set for city

Daily Post 10/16/07 Big Brother star gets a beauty job for big day

Entertainmentwise 10/15/07 Weirdo Puts Big Brother Twins' Rubbish Up For Auction

Sky News 10/15/07 Chan's new man probs

Entertainmentwise 10/14/07 Jade Goody Rekindles Romance With Jack Tweed

Daily Mail 10/13/07 Do you fink I'm stupid? Chantelle shows what it takes to make a million as a reality TV star

Manchester Online 10/13/07 Barbie girls enjoy degree of success

Sky News 10/11/07 Chan's Spicy Role

Press Gazette 10/10/07 Big Brother Danielle in libel settlement over cheating claim

Sky News 10/10/07 Chan's Cry For Help

Entertainmentwise 10/10/07 Big Brother Stars Past And Present Out In Full Force

Metro 10/9/07 Jade to launch acting career?

Digital Spy 10/8/07 New Big Brother spin-off show in January

Sky News 10/8/07 Who's Ziggy Smooching?

Entertainmentwise 10/7/07 Big Brother's Chanelle Cosies Up With Jade's Ex

Sunday Mirror 10/7/07 Jade Robbed Again

Daily Mail 10/7/07 Chantelle: 'Marriage to Preston made me bulimic'

Daily Star 10/7/07 Chan-Hell's Living Nightmare 

Cambridge Evening News 10/6/07 Cousin of Big Brother's Carole helps her nephew

News of the World 10/6/07 £250k bid for nude Big Brother twins

Daily Mail 10/5/07 Inside Chantelle and Preston's former love nest

Now Magazine 10/5/07 Chanelle Hayes to judge other Posh wannabes

Sky News 10/3/07 Chiggy's Naff Wedding

Sky News 10/1/07 Shilpa Works It

Daily Mail 9/29/07 BB's barbie girl twins hit the stage as Chanelle becomes a real WAG for a day

Sky News 9/28/07 Samanda's A-List Wish

Hello! 9/28/07 'Big Brother' twins join music stars David and Craig at glitzy bash

Digital Spy 9/27/07 BB twins plan to fly to US to meet Paris

Sky News 9/27/07 Sam gets jiggy

This is London 9/27/07 Shilpa Shetty arrested at airport over infamous Gere kiss

The Sun 9/26/07 Burglars' £30k raid on Jade

Sky News 9/26/07 Samanda rake in cash

Sky News 9/26/07 Why The Grump, Chan?

Sky News 9/27/07 Chantelle goes skinny

Daily Mail 9/26/07 Calum swoops in as Chanelle parties without Ziggy

Manchester Online 9/26/07 From Big Bro to Barbie

Sky News 9/25/07 How Posh is Chan?

Sky News 9/25/07 Ziggy Guns for New Lady

Now Magazine 9/25/07 Chanelle Hayes stalked by internet weirdo

Entertainmentwise 9/24/07 Jade Goody Was Addicted To Diet Pills

Digital Spy 9/24/07 BB6 contestant to star in racial sitcom

Daily Mail  9/24/07 Chanelle: 'I did not cheat on Ziggy'

The People 9/23/07 Twin Tub

Sky News 9/21/07 Samanda the models

Daily Mail 9/21/07 Double vision: Chanelle really takes the plunge with her latest Posh look

Digital Spy 9/21/07 Carole strips to promote fuller figure

Digital Spy 9/21/07 Big Brother twins steal the show at star-studded Fashion Relief

Sky News 9/20/07 Whose Sheer Frock Shock?

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The Sun 9/18/07 Manda: 'Mum loves Brian'

Yorkshire Evening Post 9/17/07 Big Brother's Chanelle scores for charity

Sunday People 9/16/07 Chanelle's Ex Factor 

Entertainmentwise 9/16/07 Big Brother's Chanelle And Ziggy 'Totally In Lust'

Sunday People 9/16/07 Davina Flees Stalker 

Entertainmentwise 9/15/07 Jade Goody 'Besotted' With Old Flame

Hello! 9/14/07 'Orphan' Dan gets sibling support at UK premiere of new flick

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Daily Mail 9/14/07 Big Brother twins are just wild about Harry Potter

Media Guardian 9/13/07 Kate Lawler to present on Kerrang! Radio

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This is Chelmsford 9/12/07 The simple life of Brian, Big Brother star

Sky News 9/12/07 Samanda's Big News

Sky News 9/12/07 Charley's Chest Trick

Showbiz Spy 9/12/07 Big Brother’s Carole in naked magazine stint

The Press 9/11/07 Big Brother’s Amy at York club

Times Online 9/11/07 Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Marchant launch pop career

Sky News 9/11/07 Twins' ride of their life

Daily Mail 9/11/07 Big Brother twins launch pop career with Barbie Girl cover

Manchester Online 9/11/07 BB8: Twins to release single

My Park Magazine 9/11/07 BB Brian and Amanda to shack up

BBC 9/11/07 BB twins to release Barbie Girl

Sunday Life 9/9/07 Oh Brother! Thaila can do no wrong

Entertainmentwise 9/9/07 Big Brother's Ziggy And Chanelle's Boozy Row

Channel 4 9/9/07 Danielle turns to acting

Sunday Mirror 9/9/07 BB Brian In Seven Heaven 

Daily Mail 9/9/07 Chanelle and Ziggy bust up as she yells: ' I can't believe you're dumping me'

Reality News Online 9/7/07 Big Brother UK 8 Finale: Winner Takes It All

Daily Star 9/7/07 Busted By BB's Charley 

Daily Record 9/7/07 We Made Big Bruv Boring On Purpose 

Daily Star 9/7/07 BB 8 Star Signs On Dole 

The Mirror 9/7/07 Brian's Bard guides

South Manchester Reporter 9/6/07 Twins to revel in celebrity lifestyle

Guardian 9/6/07 Carole: 'We were bullied by Big Brother'

Gazette & Herald 9/6/07 Big Bro star in homophobic slur allegation

Daily Mail 9/6/07 This year's Big Brother was a 'deliberate' big bore admits show's boss

Entertainmentwise 9/5/07 Chanelle And Ziggy - Its On

This is London 9/5/07 Chanelle: Why Ziggy's my dream man

Sky News 9/4/07 Whose BB Bum?

This is London 9/4/07 BB lovers Chanelle and Ziggy rekindle romance

Virgin Media 9/4/07 BB twins to record Barbie Girl?

Sky News 9/3/07 Amanda 4 Brian?

Guardian Unlimited 9/3/07 Big Brother goes out with a whimper

Sky News 9/3/07 BB8-ers Hit The Town

Manchester Online 9/3/07 BB8: Series failed to grab attention

Entertainmentwise 9/3/07 Big Brother Amanda: I Fancy Brian!

Sky News 9/3/07 Chan's Peachy Plans

Daily Mail 9/2/07 Big Brother winner Brian plans to romance twin Amanda - with a Big Mac and fries

Sunday Mirror 9/2/07 Ziggy and Chanelle bust-up

Daily Star 9/2/07 Brian: My Beloved

Manchester Online 9/2/07 'No Loving' for Chiggy

Times Online 9/1/07 All’s well that ends well for Shakespeare dimwit

Daily Record 9/1/07 Brian Wins Big Brother 

Daily Mail 9/1/07 Brian the winner, but could poor ratings make series eight the last Big Brother ever?

The Scotsman 9/1/07 Big Brother winner revealed but show is the loser 9/1/07 Bookies cash in after Brian's BB triumph

Channel 4 9/1/07 Brian wins Big Brother 8

Daily Record 9/1/07 Fame and Fortunate 

The Sun 9/1/07 Bri win: Tears of a clown

Entertainmentwise 9/1/07 Ziggy And Chanelle Make Plans For A 'Sexy Time'

Northern Echo 9/1/07 Big Brother Liam is reunited with family

The Telegraph 9/1/07 Big Brother future in doubt after poor series

Daily Record 9/1/07 Out of the House and in the Money 

ic Wales 9/1/07 BB star in court ahead of final

Daily Mail 8/31/07 Brian triumphs over twins to be named Big Brother 8 winner

Sky News 8/31/07 BB8: The Finale

BBC 8/31/07 In pictures: Big Brother 8 final

The Sun 8/31/07 Brian wins Big Brother 8

Manchester Online 8/31/07 BB8: Brian is the winner

Reality News Online 8/31/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 89-91: Days are Numbered

Kent News 8/31/07 'My advice to Big Brother winner' by past victor

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The Sun 8/31/07 Ziggy's fury at Richard jibe

Manchester Evening News 8/31/07 BB8: Will twins return to MMU?

Sky News 8/31/07 Shilpa Gets Flexy

Daily Record 8/31/07 Grim Reality 

BBC 8/31/07 Brian scoops Big Brother victory

Borehamwood Times 8/30/07 Bye bye Big Brother

BBC 8/30/07 Could Big Brother be in big bother?

Digital Spy 8/30/07 Emily Parr banned from BB live final

Entertainmentwise 8/30/07 Twins Favourite To Win Big Brother

Daily Mail 8/30/07 Big Brother Day 91: Twins flirt up a storm as betting frenzy continues

Manchester Online 8/30/07 BB8: Twins tipped to win

Sky News 8/30/07 Chan's Make-Up Disaster

Ireland Online 8/30/07 Big Brother viewing figures dip

Entertainmentwise 8/30/07 Big Brother’s Brian To Appear On Hollyoaks

Daily Mail 8/30/07 BB's Chantelle and Nikki holiday in Med (and don't they look like they need it)

Manchester Online 8/30/07 BB8: Jonty steps into BB's shoes

Sky News 8/30/07 Aisleyne's Boob Flash

Evening Star 8/30/07 BB fan's petrol station surprise

Sky News 8/30/07 Posh's Big Bro Chat

RTE 8/29/07 Chanelle obsession 'a bit odd' says Posh

Entertainmentwise 8/29/07 Chanelle Gets Beefy Bodyguards

Wiltshire Times 8/29/07 Big Brother stars drop in

Daily Mail 8/29/07 Big Brother Day 90: Vain Ziggy begs for haircut and make-up ahead of final

Daily Mail 8/29/07 Big Brother Day 90: Twins hot favourite to win

Times Online 8/29/07 Big Brother’s final countdown

Daily Mail 8/29/07 Jade Goody dumps bikini diet for junk food binge

Manchester Online 8/29/07 BB8: Spoof time for housemates

Reality News Online 8/28/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 87-89: Us vs. You

Wanstead and Woodford Guardian 8/28/07 Carole in the running to win Big Brother

Sky News 8/28/07 Zig and Chan reunited

Daily Mail 8/28/07 Big Brother Day 89: Chanelle's fury over Ziggy's boast they had 'sex' in the house

Derry Journal 8/28/07 Derry reception was brilliant says Seany

Manchester Online 8/28/07 BB8: Housemates punished

Scotsman 8/28/07 Back to life, back to reality, the end is near

Sky News 8/28/07 Nikki's Skinny Woes

Manchester Online 8/28/07 Goody's still a BB favourite

RTE 8/28/07 Big Brother dishes out fake punishment

Entertainmentwise 8/28/07 Chanelle: It's Back On With Ziggy

Belfast Telegraph 8/28/07 Seany takes pride in place at parade

Ireland Online 8/28/07 Dowling is public's favourite Big Brother housemate

Ely Standard 8/28/07 Big Brother Tracey to return to her cleaning job?

Reality News Online 8/27/07 Big Brother UK 8 Day 83: We Don’t Need No Education

RTE 8/27/07 Ziggy and Chanelle briefly reunited

Cambridge Evening News 8/27/07 'My Tracey isn't going to change'

Glasgow Daily Record 8/27/07 Carole's on Course

Sunday Mirror 8/26/07 Tracey: Ziggy is a BBig Fake 

BBC 8/26/07 Twins tipped for Big Brother joy

Daily Mail 8/26/07 Friends again: Jade Goody holidays with Danielle Lloyd and a mystery man

Sunday Mail 8/26/07 Our Show Will Go On 

ic Wales 8/26/07 Teflon Trace kicked out of the BB house

Sunday People 8/26/07 Ziggy's my type. If I slept with anyone it would be him..

Entertainmentwise 8/26/07 Big Brother's Amy Strips Off In The Sun

Daily Mail 8/26/07 Big Brother Day 88: Chanelle returns to the house

Digital Spy 8/25/07 'Celeb BB' boss admits learning lessons

Daily Record 8/25/07 Student Kara and Tracey Get Big Bro Boot 

Daily Mail 8/25/07 Davina loses her footing in embarrassing Big Brother slip-up

Ireland Online 8/25/07 Big Brother enters final week

The Sun 8/25/07 Davina falls as Trace & Kara out

Sky News 8/25/07 BB Double Eviction

Media Guardian 8/25/07 Celebrity Big Brother 'rested' after racism row

Daily Mail 8/25/07 Tracey and Kara-Louise evicted from the Big Brother house

BBC 8/24/07 Double eviction from Big Brother

Entertainmentwise 8/24/07 Big Brother’s Chanelle To Make A Comeback!

Sky News 8/24/07 What Charley Did Next

Manchester Online 8/24/07 BB8: Prepare for double eviction

Daily Mail 8/24/07 Big Brother Day 87: Carole reduces Sam to tears

The Times 8/24/07 Celebrity Big Brother 2008 axed

Sky News 8/24/07 Chan's Out On The Razzle

BBC 8/24/07 Celebrity Big Brother 2008 axed

Manchester Online 8/24/07 Channel 4 axe Celeb BB

Daily Mail 8/24/07 Channel 4 axes Celebrity Big Brother in wake of Shilpa race row

Manchester Online 8/23/07 BB8: Amanda and Brian's love-in

Daily Mail 8/23/07 Big Brother Day 86: Brian tells Amanda 'I love you'

Sky News 8/23/07 Chan's Out On The Razzle

Entertainmentwise 8/23/07 Jonty Disciplined At Uni For Breaking And Entering

Daily Mail 8/23/07 Split with Preston takes its toll on Big Brother's Chantelle

Daily Mail 8/23/07 Big Brother's Chanelle's kinky boots are not made for walking

Entertainmentwise 8/23/07 Big Brother’s Chanelle To Make A Comeback

Metro 8/23/07 Charley's big plans

Entertainmentwise 8/23/07 Big Brother: Jonty Disciplined At Uni For Breaking And Entering

Metro 8/23/07 Beth to make catwalk debut?

Reality News Online 8/22/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 78-82: Anger Pangs

Daily Mail 8/22/07 Jade's ex Jack tries on the charm with Big Brother's Chantelle

BBC 8/22/07 Trio facing Big Brother eviction

Daily Mail 8/22/07 Big Brother Day 85: Jonty, Kara-Louise and Tracey face double eviction on Friday

Digital Spy 8/22/07 Jade Goody splits from Jack Tweed

Sky News 8/22/07 BB8: Three Noms In

Manchester Online 8/22/07 BB8: Three face eviction

Daily Mail 8/22/07 Devastated: Jade in tears as she splits with boyfriend Jack

Times Online 8/22/07 Carole survives Big Brother nominations again

The Sun 8/21/07 Liam cries in the shower?

The London Paper 8/21/07 Three facing Big Brother eviction

Daily Record 8/21/07 Big Brother: Mega Punishment For Twin 

This is London 8/21/07 Housemates try for a class act

Manchester Online 8/21/07 BB8: Class time for housemates

The Sun 8/21/07 HMs will go to Ball tonight

Entertainmentwise 8/21/07 Chanelle: I’m Scared Charley's Planning To Kill Me

Daily Mail 8/21/07 Big Brother Day 84: Has Kara-Louise fallen for Ziggy?

RTE 8/21/07 Deportment challenge for housemates

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 Paris Hilton to Appear on Celebrity Big Brother

Sky News 8/20/07 BB8: Double Exit News?

The Sun 8/20/07 BB books housemates

Manchester Online 8/20/07 BB8: Gerry plans book

Daily Mail 8/20/07 Big Brother Day 83: Housemates in for major shock with double eviction

Entertainmentwise 8/20/07 Davina McCall Blasts Chanelle For Quitting Big Brother

RTE 8/20/07 Elocution lessons for Big Bro housemates

Entertainmentwise 8/20/07 Big Brother Evictee Gerry Slams Carole Over 'Stunt' Jibe

Scotsman 8/20/07 BB evictee writes guide to dating

Daily Mail 8/19/07 Big Brother Day 81: Amanda lets Brian down gently

Guardian Unlimited 8/19/07 Reality TV just got, well, real

Independent 8/19/07 Big Brother, why bother?

Entertainmentwise 8/19/07 Big Brother's Chanelle Getting Boob Job

Entertainmentwise 81/9/07 Big Brother's Gerry: I Lied About Being Gay

icWales 8/19/07 ‘Don’t panic’, BB6’s Imogen tells students

Daily Mail 8/18/07 Big Brother Day 81: Housemates give Gerry the boot

Glasgow Daily Record 8/18/07 Jerry happy as his BB brothers boot him out

Belfast Telegraph 8/18/07 Seany O'Kane: My Big Brother regret

Reality News Online 8/17/07 Big Brother UK 8, Days 74-77: Doomed! Doomed, I Say

Sky News 8/17/07 Gurus Choose Gerry To Go

BBC 8/17/07 Gerry given boot from Big Brother

Manchester Online 8/17/07 BB8: Gerry evicted by housemates

Daily Mail 8/17/07 Big Brother Day 80: Eviction twist in store for housemates

This is Nottingham 8/17/07 BB teddies on travels to earn food

Manchester Online 8/17/07 BB8: Eviction twist awaits

This is London 8/17/07 Chanelle follows in Posh's LA footsteps...again

Daily Mail 8/17/07 Charley ditches the anger therapy for fun in the sun

Entertainmentwise 8/17/07 Chanelle Snubbed By Posh

BBC 8/17/07 Gerry favourite for Brother boot

Entertainmentwise 8/16/07 Chanelle Would Consider Dating Ziggy Again

ITN 8/16/07 Gerry a favourite for BB boot

RTE 8/16/07 Biscuit bother in Big Brother household

Entertainmentwise 8/16/07 Big Brother’s Charley: ‘I’m A Nice Girl’

This is Nottingham 8/16/07 Ziggy loses it after food punishment

Daily Mail 8/16/07 Day 79: Brian's acting up to win

Digital Spy 8/16/07 Jade Goody to appear on TV again

This is London 8/16/07 Basic rations annoy housemates

Sky News 8/16/07 Jade's Fame Role

Manchester Online 8/16/07 BB8: Rations struggle for housemates

Manchester Online 8/16/07 BB: Brian faces public vote


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