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Alameda Star Times 3/25/04 You don't know Jack on 'Tru'

TVRules 3/25/04 Tru Calling Video, Premiering March 25 (Behind the Video-Video Clips) 3/25/04 Will two Fox heroines survive low ratings?

Zap2It 3/24/04 Jason Priestley Has a 'Tru Calling'

Star Tribune 3/24/04 Dushku's drama-thriller series 'Tru Calling' returns

TVRules 3/23/04 Tru Calling: 'The Getaway' 4/1

TVRules 3/22/04 Music Video for Tru Calling Theme Song To Air March 25

TVRules 3/20/04 Jason Priestley Talks About His Role On Tru Calling (Video)

TVRules 3/17/04 Tru Calling: Drop Dead Gorgeous 3/18 Preview

TVRules 3/17/04 Tru Calling: Daddy's Girl 3/25 Preview

Washington Post 3/7/04 'Tru Calling': Living Day to Same Day

Hartford Courant 2/5/04 Show Finds Its `Tru Calling'

Seattle PI 12/24/03 Priestley hears a 'Tru Calling'

TV Barn 12/17/03 Fox PR: Jason Priestly joins "Tru"

BBC 11/26/03 Tru Calling extended

TV Barn 11/25/03 Fox PR: "Tru Calling" picked up

Pop Matters 11/10/03 'Tru Calling' Star Feels Drawn to Death

TV Barn 11/5/03 Tru Calling costar reveals his Tru feelings about the show

Teen Television 10/31/03 Dushku Sees Dead People in 'Tru Calling'

BBC 8/20/03 Tru Calling postponed

Film Jerk 8/10/03 Television Review: ''Tru Calling'' (Pilot Episode)

News Journal 6/3/03 Star receives her 'Tru Calling'


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