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News Articles about the movie Troy


Ananova 5/17/04 Troy conquers box office

NY Daily News 5/17/04 Pitt's a mild hit in Grecian turn

Zap2It 5/16/04 'Troy' Scores Box Office Gold with $45.6M

Coming Soon 5/16/04 Troy is Victorious at the Box Office

Teen Hollywood 5/16/04 Bloom Envies Pitt's And Bana's Muscles

Detroit News 5/16/04 'Troy' Slays Box Office Competition

Hollywood Reporter 5/16/04 'Troy' wins weekend horse race

The Trades 5/15/04 "Troy" Review

Hollywood Reporter 5/15/04 Boxoffice preview: 'Troy' poised to hit a homer

Ananova 5/15/04 Pitt left red faced by nude scene 5/14/04 Homer's epic on the Trojan War comes to fitful life in 'Troy.'

Houston Chronicle 5/14/04 Not unscathed, but unsurpassed

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/14/04 Pitt battles to save 'Troy'

Baltimore Sun 5/14/04 Trojan Horse

CSM 5/14/04 My kingdom for a Trojan horse

Hello 5/14/04 Riviera glitters as 'Troy' premieres at Cannes

Toledo Blade 5/14/04 Movie review: Troy

CNN 5/14/04 Review: 'Troy' has guts, glory but no heart

Teen Hollywood 5/14/04 Movie Review: Troy

Coming Soon 5/14/04 Exclusive Troy Video Interviews! 5/14/04 Aussie stars dazzle Cannes

Newsday 5/14/04 Troy

Houston Chronicle 5/14/04 What's all this business about an 'Iliad'?

Louisville Channel 5/14/04 Review: 'Troy' Is Conquering Epic

Detroit News 5/14/04 Review:'Troy' Is Visually Stunning

Bergen Record 5/14/04 Test of manhood before the walls

Salon 5/14/04 "Troy" 5/14/04 Troy: visually realistic but too long

Hollywood Reporter 5/14/04 Boxoffice preview: 'Troy' poised to hit a homer

NY Times 5/14/04 Greeks Bearing Immortality

Globe and Mail 5/14/04 There are no gods in Troy

CBS 5/14/04 Cannes Can For Brad Pitt

Knox News 5/14/04 Hollywood toys with Troy

BBC 5/14/04 The return of swords and sandals epics

MegaStar 5/14/04 Troy story

Detroit News 5/14/04 Masterful 'Troy' captures the essence of war and love

Star Ledger 5/14/04 'Troy' captures much of Greece's glory

Boston Herald 5/14/04 Bana takes on hulking role in war epic

CBS 5/14/04 Pitt Makes Achilles Real

Dallas Morning News 5/14/04 Mobs storm 'Troy'

Boston Herald 5/14/04 Fight Club B.C.: `Troy' throws punches but fails to connect

Seattle Times 5/14/04 'Troy' rolls out the horse, the hunks and several actors who steal the show

USA Today 5/14/04 'Troy': Hollywood hits a Homer

Dallas Morning News 5/14/04 A fabled epic's Achilles' heel: hard evidence

BBC 5/14/04 Press reviews: Troy

Jam! 5/14/04 Empty horse a beauty

BBC 5/14/04 Brad's Jen's Troy boy

NY Daily News 5/14/04 Pitt's a perfect myth match

Indy Star 5/14/04 'Troy': love, honor and life during wartime 5/13/04 The making of Troy

Houston Chronicle 5/13/04 'Troy' reveals more than one Achilles heel

BBC 5/13/04 Troy and Shrek 2 premiere in Cannes

BBC 5/13/04 Pitt rules out further epic roles

The Star 5/13/04 Diane Kruger, not just skin deep

BBC 5/13/04 Brad Pitt's epic journey

NY Daily News 5/13/04 The man who battles Brad

USA Today 5/13/04 Ladies who launch

ET Online 5/12/04 Swords, Sandals, Coffee and Cigarettes

CTV 5/12/04 Epic Troy movie realistic, but too long

Access Hollywood 5/12/04 The Pitts' 'Troy' Reunion

MegaStar 5/12/04 The trouble with Troy

Reuters 5/12/04 "Troy" star has face to launch 1,000 ships 5/12/04 Brad comes of age in epic

NY Times 5/12/04 Trojan Fever Breaking Out, Both Seriously and Less So

USA Today 5/12/04 Premiere launches a thousand flashbulbs

ET Online 5/11/04 Brad & Jen Invade NYC for 'Troy'

CNN 5/11/04 Brad Pitt talks 'Troy,' pressure, babies 5/11/04 Bana's beefy battle

Teen Hollywood 5/11/04 Troy Actors Bare More than Their Female Costars 5/11/04 Director likens plot of 'Troy' to Iraq war

NY Times 5/11/04 Brad Pitt Plays Extreme Hero in Film Epic 'Troy'

BBC 5/11/04 Brad Pitt loves being without kit

Teen Hollywood 5/10/04 Kruger Turned Troy Downtime Into Karaoke Contest

Zap2It 5/10/04 Pitt Envisions World of Men in Skirts

BBC 5/10/04 Pitt in Berlin for Troy premier

Jam! 5/10/04 The Trojan horde

BBC 5/10/04 In pictures: Troy premiere

ET Online 5/10/04 Brad and the 'Troy' Boys Invade Berlin!

NY Daily News 5/10/04 Brad's epic gamble

Times of India 5/9/04 My big fat Greek toga party

POAC 5/9/04 Vital statistics on the men of ‘Troy’

BBC 5/9/04 World premiere for epic film Troy

POAC 5/9/04 Not that Homer Hunky guys, special effects, love and war will prompt moviegoers to see Troy

NY Times 5/9/04 Brad Pitt's Big Fat Greek Toga Party

Boston Herald 5/9/04 Are these the biceps to launch a hit? Pitt pumps hard for `Troy'

Jam! 5/9/04 Brad Pitt beefs up for Troy

Boston Herald 5/9/04 Kruger hopes `Troy' launches career

NY Daily News 5/9/04 Peter O'Toole stars as a king in 'Troy' & keeps his lust for life

New Zealand Herald 5/8/04 Falling for the Greeks

Toronto Star 5/8/04 Brad Pitt is prime beefcake, heel and all 5/8/04 Sex Scenes With Brad 5/7/04 Brad's a sexy kisser

ET Online 5/5/04 Eric Bana: From 'The Hulk' to Mighty Hector!

Teen Hollywood 5/5/04 Pitt Lost Out In Troy Fight Scenes

ET Online 5/5/04 Swords & Skirts: Behind the Scenes of 'Troy'

Hollywood Reporter 5/5/04 Troy

NY Post 5/5/04 Babe In Troy Land

Access Hollywood 5/4/04 Brad's Trojan Peep Show 5/5/04 Pitt stop for Byrne 5/5/04 Bana woos America

Teen Hollywood 5/4/04 Brad Shows Off His Buff Bod

Zap2It 5/4/04 Bloom Blushes for 'Troy'

Extra 5/4/04 Brad Pitt On The Clock

MegaStar 5/4/04 Pitt of alright

BBC 5/4/04 Brad Pitt warms to the skirt look

Boston Globe 5/4/04 Pitt quits smoking for 'Troy' role

USA Today 5/4/04 Pitt tests strength in 'Troy'

Zap2It 5/3/04 Eric Bana's Epic Journey From 'Chopper' to 'Troy'

Access Hollywood 5/3/04 Brad's Trojan Peep Show

Zap2It 5/3/04 'Troy's' Fight Club

ET Online 5/3/04 Brad Pitt Gets Naked!

Zap2It 5/3/04 'Troy's' Golden Boy

NY Times 5/2/04 'Troy' Director Petersen Dreams of Fighting Battles

Independent 5/2/04 Clay tablets hold key to tale of Helen, Paris and the siege of Troy

Cincinnati Post 4/30/04 UC expert really digs Troy 4/30/04 Brian Cox On His Troy Boy Movie Rival

ET Online 4/30/04 Brad on Jen and 'Troy'!

ET Online 4/29/04 Swords & Skirts: Behind the Scenes with Brad!

BBC 4/28/04 Museum to stage Troy exhibition

ET Online 4/26/04 Brad Sports His Sword and Sandals in 'Troy'!

The Times 4/25/04 Troy - blood, sweat and spears

Coming Soon 4/25/04 New Troy Posters & Official Site Update

Zap2It 4/20/04 Pitt Kicks Cigarette Butt for 'Troy'

Ananova 4/20/04 Brad Pitt gave up smoking for new role 4/20/04 Oh, Troy: It Easn't Easy

Coming Soon 4/20/04 A Huge Gallery of Troy Pictures!

Coming Soon 4/9/04 Troy Character Banners Revealed

Teen Hollywood 4/8/04 Kruger Stunned By Suddenness Of Orlando's Fame

Guardian 4/2/04 Troy to premiere at Cannes

Ananova 4/2/04 Troy to get special screening at Cannes

Cinescape 4/1/04 The final one-sheet for Troy

Coming Soon 4/1/04 New Troy Trailer & Poster Online!

Coming Soon 3/5/04 New The Day After Tomorrow & Troy Trailers!

Cinescape 3/5/04 Troy lays siege on the Internet

Coming Soon 2/18/04 New Troy and Harry Potter 3 Trailers!

Teen Hollywood 1/12/04 Troy Expectations Hanging On Pitt

Coming Soon 1/2/04 New Brad Pitt Photo From Troy!

Zap2It 11/26/03 Brad Pitt Injured on Set of 'Troy'

Coming Soon 11/23/03 Cool New Brad Pitt Still From Troy!

Coming Soon 11/18/03 Excellent Images From Warner Bros.' Troy

Coming Soon 11/6/03 Official Troy Site and Trailer Online!

ET Online 11/5/03 Brad Pitt Invades 'Troy'!

ET Online 11/4/03 Countdown to 'Troy'!

Coming Soon 11/4/03 Troy Trailer to Make Its Entrance

Coming Soon 10/29/03 Exclusive: The Official, High-Quality Troy Teaser Poster!

Coming Soon 10/28/03 The Troy Teaser Poster Unveiled!

Coming Soon 10/13/03 New Image of Orlando & Diane From Troy

Zap2It 9/29/03 Motorcycle Stolen from Brad Pitt's 'Troy'

E!Online 9/29/03 Pitt Set Plagued by Theft, Hurricane

MegaStar 9/17/03 Brad's epic hairdo

Ananova 7/15/03 Body double hired to cover for Brad's skinny legs

BBC 3/7/03 Orlando to star in Trojan War epic

Cinescape 11/15/02 Bloom heading to Troy

Hollywood Reporter 11/13/02 Bloom answers call to arms for Warners' 'Troy'

Ananova 11/13/02 Orlando Bloom to join cast of Troy

IGN 11/13/02 Troy in Full Bloom


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