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Toronto Star 5/10/07 I need Traveler insurance

Chicago Sun-Times 5/10/07 Yalies on the lam, lamely

Palm Beach Post 5/10/07 TV Review: ABC's 'Traveler'

Newsday 5/10/07 Travelogue of conspiracy theories

Post Gazette 5/10/07 ABC's 'Traveler' starts off with a bang

Hartford Courant 5/10/07 `Traveler' Unconvincing

Washington Post 5/10/07 ABC's 'Traveler' Takes a Jog Down Conspiracy Lane 5/10/07 'Traveler': Going down a confusing road?

Chicago Tribune 5/10/07 'Traveler': Been there, done that

NY Daily News 5/10/07 Lost lambs on the lam in absurd 'Traveler'

USA Today 5/10/07 'Traveler' follows familiar path, but it follows it with style 5/10/07 A chase show poses the question: When will it end?

NY Post 5/10/07 Framed!

Rocky Mountain News 5/10/07 'Traveler' bucks the trend

Courier-Journal 5/10/07 Summer throwaway 'Traveler' worth a watch 5/10/07 'Traveler' gets off to fast-paced start on ABC

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 ABC Announces Special Preview of New Series "Traveler" May 10th

The Oregonian 5/9/07 Travelers beware -- this trip's a bust

Tampa Bay Online 5/9/07 ABC's 'Traveler' Debuts Thursday

Knox News 5/8/07 'Traveler' starts with a bang, at least


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