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Reality TV Fans 9/24/08 Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis is Guest Judge Tonight on Top Design
Fans of Reality TV 9/20/08 Recap: The Bermuda Triangle: Reality TV Edition
Zap2It 9/17/08 Project 'Top Design' 9/14/08 Host Todd Oldham of Top Design: ‘I would not want to be a contestant’
Fans of Reality TV 9/12/08 Recap: Decorating Boot Camp
Zap2It 9/10/08 'Top Design' goes underground
NY Times 9/9/08 Duck and Decorate: Putting Flair in the Fallout Shelter
Fans of Reality TV 9/7/08 Recap: Lofty Goals
NY Times 9/5/08 Designers Get to See Themselves as Others See Them
Jam! 9/4/08 TV designer shows off trendy digs
BuddyTV 9/3/08 'Top Design' Sophomore Season Premieres Tonight
TV Guide 9/3/08 Todd Oldham Talks New-and-Improved Top Design

USA Today 9/2/08 It doesn't take top dollar for 'Top Design' host Hicks
NY Daily News 9/1/08 'Top Design's' NYC contestants share space-saving decor tips

Reality TV World 8/11/08 Report: Ex-'Project Runway' designers to appear on 'Top Design 2'
LA Times 8/11/08 Hidden complexity in 'Design' 

Celebrity Spider 4/15/08 "Top Design" to Return to Bravo for Season 2  

TV Robot 1/2/07 Jonesing for Top Design?

Reality TV Links 12/7/07 Casting Call - Top Design 2

Celebrity Spider 12/6/07 Bravo Orders New Seasons for "Shear Genius" and "Top Design"

Zap2It 12/6/07 'Shear Genius,' 'Top Design' Return to Bravo

DM News 5/18/07 Bravo’s 'Top Design' expands its virtual world

Kitchen and Bath Design News 5/2/07 Rohl Designer Appears in TV Series

Chicago Sun-Times 4/29/07 Chicagoan named best on Bravo's 'Top Design'

TV Robot 4/23/07 Best Supporting Role Award Should Go to Carpenters of Top Design

Reality Thumbnails 4/18/07 Top Design: The Finale - Paint it Black

St. James Plaindealer 4/18/07 Tops in "Top Design"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 4/15/07 Recap: It's Come Down to Exuberance Versus Order. How… Exciting

LA Times 4/15/07 Move over, Björk

Arizona Republic 4/14/07 'Design' goddess is too fabulous

Myrtle Beach Sun News 4/14/07 Designer from MB gives critique on TV

OCRegister 4/14/07 Bravo show not quite 'Top Design'

Cottonwood County Citizen 4/13/07 Man with Mt. Lake ties wins "Top Design"

Chicago Sun-Times 4/13/07 Chicagoan rides flair for 'Design' to victory

TV Guide 4/12/07 What Does Top Design's Champ Have Designs On Now?

New York Magazine 4/12/07 ‘Top Design’ Was Too Dull Even for Basic Cable

Home News Tribune 4/12/07 Former Highland Park resident comes in second on 'Top Design'

Reality TV Magazine 4/11/07 Top Design Winner Is Matt Lorenz

Reality Thumbnails 4/10/07 Top Design: Episode 9 - Inspiration Or Imitation?

Fans Of Reality T.V. 4/7/07 Recap: Always Be Cool to Your Carpenter

TV Robot 4/6/07 The Cutting Edge: Character and Criticism of Final Three Top Designers

Reality Thumbnails 4/6/07 Top Design: Episode 8 - Earth, Wind, and Fire

TV Robot 4/6/07 Suicide Thwarted but One More Design Dream Dashed

Celebrity Spider 4/3/07 Final Three "Top Design Contestants Draw Inspiration From Magazine Cover

Fans Of Reality T.V. 4/1/07 Recap: It's an Elemental Extravaganza! 3/31/07 Unflappable carpenter at center of ‘Top Design’

BuddyTV 3/29/07 Top Design, Season 1, Episode 8 “Metropolitan Home Suites” Recap

TV Robot 3/29/07 Seeing Red

Boston Globe 3/29/07 Sizing up 'Top Design'

Reality Thumbnails 3/28/07 Top Design: Episode 7 - Top Chef Pays A Visit

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/24/07 Recap: No One Wants to Eat in an Airport Crime Scene

TV Robot 3/23/07 This is Not a Chair

Worcester Telegram 3/27/07 ‘Top Design’ to Adams: Back to drawing board

TV Guide 3/21/07 Which Top Designer Should Have Designs on Winning?

Reality Thumbnails 3/20/07 Top Design: Episode 6 - It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

Zap2It 3/20/07 'Top Chef' Judge Gets Taste of 'Design'

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Final Five Designers Face Their Toughest Challenge Wednesday on Top Design

Zap2It 3/19/07 'Top Chef' Judge Gets Taste of 'Design'

Worcester Telegram 3/16/07 Athol designer’s survival cheers his fans

BuddyTV 3/15/07 Top Design, Season 1, Episode 6 “Life of the Party” Recap

Celebrity Spider 3/14/07 Top Design Contestants Vie to Design Party for Bacardi Limon Tonight on Bravo

Reality Thumbnails 3/12/07 Top Design: Episode 5 - A Pretty Place To Park

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/11/07 Recap: It’s Like Monster House, Only Less Cool

TV Robot 3/8/07 Top Design a Dysfunctional Family Affair

South Bend Tribune 3/7/07 'Top Design' call humbles area native 3/7/07 Interview With Goil and Erik of Top Design

BuddyTV 3/1/07 Top Design: What Do the Pro's Think?

Reality Thumbnails 2/28/07 Top Design Episode 4 - One Man's Trash

Buddy TV 2/27/07 Exclusive Interview: Felicia Bushman, 5th Contestant Eliminated from Top Design

Reality News Online 2/26/07 Top Design, Episode 4: Room to Live

Arizona Daily Star 2/25/07 Bravo's latest 'Top Design'

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/23/07 Recap: One Person’s Crap is Another Person’s… Crap.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette 2/23/07 Designer survives 4th round of Bravo design competition

TV Robot 2/22/07 Top Design Look with a Trading Spaces Feel

Deseret News 2/20/07 It's a guilty pleasure

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Contestants Scour Garage Sales Wednesday on Top Design

Reality Thumbnails 2/18/07 Top Design: Episode 3 - It Takes A Village

Reality News Online 2/18/07 Top Design, Episode 3: Beach Blanket Stinko

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/18/07 Recap: The Designers Are in For a Severe Beach Slapping!

Daily News 2/16/07 Patterns and personalities collide in "Top Designer"

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/07 Designing For Kids Shakes Up Rankings

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/07 Experience, The Gift, Talent, And Disappointment: Episode 2 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 2/14/07 Esprit Decor

Reality Thumbnails 2/12/07 Top Design: Episode 2 - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/12/07 Recap: No Children or Cats Were Harmed in the Filming of This Episode

NY Post 2/12/07 Top Design - Home Decor Guru Jonathan Adler Turns Drab to Fab

Reality News Online 2/9/07 Top Design, Episode 2: Twist and Twist Again

TV Robot 2/8/07 Top Design Negatives and Positives

USA Today 2/7/07 'Top' designer tells housemates he has HIV

Columbia Spectator 2/7/07 Like The Rest, Decorators Get On Top

Reality TV Calendar 2/6/07 Teaming Up And Breaking Down: Episode 1 Recap

Reality Thumbnails 2/4/07 Top Design: Episode 1 - See Ya Later, Decorator

Reality News Online 2/3/07 Top Design, Episode 1: Money On The Table

BuddyTV 2/2/07 Top Design – Blog Chatter 2/2/07

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/07 Elizabeth Tops The 'Top Design' Scoreboard

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/2/07 Premiere Recap: Drape Meets Drama Meets … Dullsville
BuddyTV 2/1/07 Top Design, Episode 1 “Mystery Judge” Recap

Washington Post 1/31/07 Furnishing Drama on Bravo's 'Top Design'

TV Guide 1/31/07 Is Top Design's Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

NY Post 1/31/07 'Top Design' for NY homes

WRAL 1/31/07 New Bravo Show Picks Motricity for Viewer Interaction

Inside Bay Area 1/30/07 Designer Oldham lacks Gunn's pop

Post Gazette 1/30/07 'Top Design': Rooms with a view

NY Post 1/30/07 Screw Gun Divas

Seattle PI 1/30/07 Fill the void with 'Top Design'

Seattle PI 1/30/07 Fill the void with 'Top Design'

Inside Bay Area 1/30/07 Designer Oldham lacks Gunn's pop

Boston Globe 1/30/07 'Top Design' too formulaic for its own good

Reality Thumbnails 1/29/07 Top Design: Meet the Contestants, Judges, and Host

Denver Post 1/29/07 Designer "Survivor"

Chicago Tribune 1/28/07 Abracadabra ... Bravo pulls a new interior design competition show out of its hat

Worchester Telegram 1/28/07 Athol native has designs on winning Bravo show 1/26/07 Bravo's gayest show ever?

Newsday 1/25/07 Top design? He'll be the judge

Celebrity Spider 1/11/07 Ad Partners Set for New Bravo Series "Top Design"

Batesville Herald Tribune 1/5/07 Designer makes reality show

Zap2It 12/8/06 Bravo Makes Room for 'Top Design'

Celebrity Spider 12/7/06 Bravo Announces "Top Design" to Premiere January 31st

Media Week 1/19/07 Coming in January: Bravo's Top Design

Celebrity Spider 10/23/06 Renowned Designer Todd Oldman to Host New Bravo Series "Top Design"

Celebrity Spider 8/1/06 Bravo Announces New Reality Interior Designer Series


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