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TVRules 8/31/05 Tommy Lee Goes To College: Episode #6 Season Finale 9/13/2005 8/29/05 Tommy Lee Goes To College: Episode 4 Preview 8/30/05

USA Today 8/29/05 'Tommy Lee Goes to College'

NY Daily News 8/28/05 Reality bites

MSNBC 8/26/05 Tommy Lee doesn’t care, why should you?

Happycrumb 8/26/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College - Tommy's first marching band performance - Episode 3

Rolling Stone 8/25/05 Q&A: Tommy Lee

MTV 8/25/05 Tommy Lee Flaunts His 'Peacock': How His Reality Show Came To Be

Orwell Project 8/24/05 Tommy Lee Steps Up His Game - Tommy Lee Goes To College Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/05 The Speedo & The Nervous Coeds: Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 8/24/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College, Episode 3: Good Sport

Reality Shack 8/23/05 Tommy Lee, the Athlete? - Tommy Lee Goes to College, Episode 3

Reality News Online 8/24/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College, Episode 3: Good Sport

Access Hollywood 8/23/05 Tommy Lee: Hot For Tutor

Zap2It 8/23/05 Lee's Endowment Deemed 'Incredible'

USA Today 8/22/05 'Tommy Lee Goes to College'

Fans of Reality TV 8/18/05 Tommy Lee Goes To College: Old School

Reality HQ 8/18/05 Warning: Stupid Rockstar loose in an area near you

Reality Shack 8/17/05 Killer! - Tommy Lee Goes to College, Premiere

Reality News Online 8/17/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College, Episode 2: The Beat of His Own Drum

Celebrity Spider 8/17/05 Tommy Lee Loved His Tutor's Armpits

Boston Globe 8/17/05 Old Tommy Lee roommate stars for the night

Happycrumb 8/17/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College - My first impressions of the premiere.

Happycrumb 8/17/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College - Tommy Lee arrives - Episode 1

Happycrumb 8/17/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College - Finally it's band rehearsal - Episode 2

Orwell Project 8/17/05 Tommy Lee: - Hip, Hot, And Cool At Age 42 And Going To School!

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/05 Welcome To Tommyland - It's A Strange Ride: Episodes 1&2 Recapped

Reality News Online 8/17/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College, Episode 1: Go, Huskers!

Zap2It 8/17/05 Tommy Tops Pam in Ratings; '16' Sweet for MTV

Celebrity Spider 8/16/05 VH1 Goes Back to School Each Friday Night Beginning August 19

Celebrity Spider 8/16/05 Tommy Lee Licks Eva Longoria 8/16/05 Tommy Lee went to college... really

Courier Journal 8/16/05 Reality-show beat goes on with 'Tommy Lee Goes to College'

Deseret News 8/16/05 Whoa! Tommy Lee is a charmer

Chicago Tribune 8/16/05 Tommy Lee gets a passing grade -- barely

Beacon Journal 8/16/05 Charm -- really -- to `Tommy Lee'

NY Times 8/16/05 Abandoning His Plush Life, Tommy Lee Hits the Books

Toronto Star 8/16/05 Buttoned-down Lee a bore

NY Post 8/16/05 Hide All The Co-Eds

Boston Globe 8/16/05 Motley 'Tommy Lee' proves unfunny, unreal

Palm Beach Post 8/16/05 Tommy Lee: On campus to drum up ratings

Reality TV Magazine 8/16/05 Tommy Lee Goes To College Premieres on NBC

Detroit News 8/16/05 'Tommy Lee Goes to College' really

Jam! 8/16/05 School is a joke for Tommy Lee

Seattle PI 8/16/05 You'll drain your brain watching 'Tommy Lee Goes to College'

NY Daily News 8/16/05 'Tommy' rocks 'n' enrolls

Star Ledger 8/16/05 Sad reality at NBC

USA Today 8/16/05 'Tommy Lee': Reality TV minus the reality

Reality TV World 8/15/05 'Tommy Lee Goes to College' star had fun going back to school

Reality News Online 8/15/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College - A Preview

USA Today 8/15/05 Tommy Lee gives it the new 'College' try

TV Guide 8/15/05 No Panty Raids for Tommy Lee

Salt Lake Tribune 8/15/05 Tommy Lee's school of rock is no laughing matter

Arizona Republic 8/15/05 Tommy Lee's 'College' flunks out - KISS off 'Simmons,' too

Orlando Sentinel 8/14/05 Simmons scrapes by but Lee flunks

Toledo Blade 8/14/05 Scholar, he's not: Tommy Lee tries college in reality show

Post Gazette 8/14/05 TV Reviews: Barbershop cuts up; Lee gets passing grade

Washington Post 8/14/05 Least Likely To Succeed?

Journal Now 8/13/05 School of Rock

Milwaukee Journal 8/13/05 Rockers enroll in reality TV

Zap2It 8/13/05 'Tommy Lee' Rocks Nebraska

Sioux Falls Argus Leader 8/12/05 Tommy Lee returns to school

Hollywood Reporter 8/11/05 Tommy Lee Goes to College

Orwell Project 8/11/05 Tune into Motley Crue's Tommy Lee on NBC

San Antonio Express-News 8/10/05 Preview: Rock star gives reality TV the old college try

Jam! 8/10/05 Tommy Lee's school daze on TV

Commercial Appeal 8/9/05 Tommy Lee decends on college in new reality TV show

MTV 8/9/05 Tommy Lee Says He Got College Nookie, Ponders Future In Police Academy

Detroit News 8/9/05 Tommy Lee denies wedding rumors

Celebrity Spider 8/6/05 Tommy Lee Runs in Last on Reality Show

Celebrity Spider 8/5/05 Tommy Lee Makes College Band

Celebrity Spider 8/4/05 VH1 Goes Back to School Friday Nights Beginning August 19th

Celebrity Spider 8/1/05 Pamela Anderson Romance With Tommy Lee is only Publicity for Reality Show

Celebrity Spider 7/19/05 Pamela Anderson To Marry Tommy Lee Again

Ananova 7/19/05 Pam to wed Tommy?

Celebrity Spider 6/16/05 Tommy Lee Gets a Manners Lesson from Kathy Hilton

Reality TV World 6/2/05 NBC pushes its 'Tommy Lee Goes to College' premiere back to August 16

Celebrity Spider 5/10/05 Tommy Lee's Tree Life

BBC 5/10/05 Pam's ex likes it natural

Daily Nebraskan 5/2/05 NBC sets date to air Tommy Lee reality show

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 NBC Announces Tommy Lee Goes to College

Zap2It 4/29/05 'Joes,' 'Losers,' Tommy Lee Highlight NBC's Summer

Daily Nebraskan 4/1/05 Contentious couple compete for reality

Contact Music 11/28/04 University Split Over Tommy Lee Reality Show

Celebrity Justice 11/26/04 Lee's Criminal Record Stirs Campus Controversy

Omaha World-Herald 10/12/04 Tommy Lee, 'reality' TV have own take on truth

St Petersburg Times 11/9/04 Tommy Lee says school work is rough

Omaha World Herald 11/8/04 Tommy Lee says stint at UNL tough work

Celebrity Justice 11/4/04 Is Tommy Lee Shucking the Cornhuskers?

Contact Music 11/4/04 Lee Exchanges Womanising Tips For Homework Help

Contact Music 11/4/04 Tommy Lee's Passion For Trees

Jam! 11/2/04 Tommy Lee: The man, the myth, the book

Contact Music 10/21/04 Tommy Lee Declines To Party At College

Contact Music 10/21/04 Tommy Lee Reality Show Causes Controversy

Contact Music 10/21/04 Tommy Lee Gets Serious About Reality Project

Chicago Sun-Times 10/20/04 Drum line: Tommy Lee takes the field for reality show

Toledo Blade 10/17/04 Tommy Lee Plays With College Marching Band

Times Record 10/14/04 UCA Boss Turns Down Reality TV Gig

Daily Nebraskan 10/14/04 University's hands tied by reality show contract

Launch 10/11/04 Tommy Lee university

KATV 10/11/04 UCA Denies Rocker Tommy Lee Denied Permission for Reality Show

Daily Nebraskan 10/11/04 An aged rocker in college: How the idea was born

Metromix 10/11/04 School of rock

Omaha World Herald 10/9/04 Perlman says rocker's trying to do better

State Paper 10/9/04 Rocker Tommy Lee Is A Student At NU - With Film Crew

Omaha World Herald 10/8/04 UNL hopes Tommy Lee is must-see TV

Contact Music 10/8/04 Tommy Lee's University Enrollment Causing A Stir

AZ Central 10/8/04 Tommy Lee becomes a Cornhusker for reality TV show

Daily Nebraskan 10/8/04 Rock star gets ready for class on first day as student

Access Hollywood 8/25/04 Tommy Lee & NBC Head Back To School


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