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AJC 3/12/08 Tim Gunn makes it work in Atlanta

Reality TV Links 2/25/08 Casting Call - Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

The Hook 2/20/08 Tim Gunn gives UVA his guide to post-grad style

Kansas City Star 12/6/07 Three questions with fashion guru Tim Gunn

Celebrity Spider 12/3/07 Season Finale of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style Airs Thursday on Bravo

Snark Raving Mad 9/27/07 Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style: Make it work, Doogie

Metro Weekly 9/27/07 Naked Gunn

Extra 9/20/07 Tim Gunn Shows 'Extra' His Guide to Style

Celebrity Spider 9/17/07 A One Time Prom Queen Gets Help Thursday on "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

Jersey Journal 9/14/07 Smoking Gunn 

The Mirror 9/13/07 Tim Gunn's New Gig  

Daily Californian 9/13/07 Tim Gunn Makes it Work

Salon 9/11/07 Conversations: Tim Gunn

Hollywood Reporter 9/10/07 'Guide to Style' makes fashionable debut

MSNBC 9/7/07 Lovable Tim Gunn misses target on ‘Style’

After Elton 9/7/07 Tim Gunn "shines" to some and "too tasteful to star in reality television" to other reviewers

NY Times 9/6/07 A Kindly Pygmalion to Fashion Failures

San Diego Union Tribune 9/6/07 Tim Gunn's new Bravo project offers tough love from a charmer

Deseret News 9/6/07 Tim Gunn's got style

Boston Globe 9/6/07 Harsh judgments rule Gunn's 'Style'

NJ Blog 9/6/07 Hoboken resident gets Gunn'd

Newsday 9/6/07 Review: 'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style' on Bravo

OK Magazine 9/6/07 A Session With Tim Gunn 

Washington Post 9/6/07 'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style': A Button-Down Reality Show

NY Post 9/6/07 Son of a Gunn

Slate 9/6/07 Fashion Don't

NY Daily News 9/6/07 'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style' has smart hosts, smart looks

Philly.com 9/6/07 Gunn's 'Guide' sticks to usual makeover show format

NY Post 9/6/07 Could it be this publisher is Gunn-shy?

Seattle PI 9/4/07 Tea and dish with Tim Gunn ... an exclusive conversation with the "Guide to Style" star

Chicago Tribune 9/4/07 Tim Gunn makes it work with his own show

Seattle PI 9/3/07 Fashion guru rifles through America's closets in his funny, practical new show

NY Post 9/2/07 Tim Gunn does Page Six

Washington Post 9/2/07 Styling a Sharper You

Detroit Free Press 9/2/07 Tim Gunn's New Project

Seattle Times 9/2/07 From strutting the "Runway" to pounding the fashion police beat

Detroit Free Press 9/2/07 Veronica Webb, Gunn's new sidekick

Journal Sentinel 9/1/07 From 'Project Runway' to running his own show

USA Today 8/31/07 At home: Tim Gunn makes it work in his NYC apartment

Detroit News 8/30/07 A chat with Tim Gunn

AfterElton.com 8/29/07 Interview with Tim Gunn

Mercury News 8/26/07 Tim Gunn: `Runway' favorite has new fashion show on Bravo

Buddy TV 8/20/07 Tim Gunn Dishes On New Show

Chicago Tribune 7/16/07 Catching up with Tim Gunn, his new Bravo show and his advice for Meryl Streep

Celebrity Spider 7/15/07 Tim Gunn's Guide to Style to Premiere September 6 on Bravo

Zap2It 7/16/07 Tim Gunn Guides in September, 'Top Chef 4' Ordered

Reality TV Links 5/31/07 Casting Call - Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

NY Magazine 5/23/07 Busy Tim Gunn Moves, Guides, Films

NY Journal News 5/21/07 Forget about the "it" bag

Celebrity Spider 5/11/07 Bravo Taps Veronica Webb for "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

E!Online 5/9/07 Always in Style: Project Runway's Tim Gunn

Reality TV Links 5/2/07 Casting Call - Want to be Made Over by a Celebrity? 

Union Tribune 4/27/07 Call him the anti-Simon Cowell; Gunn is reality TV's nice guy

Sun Sentinel 4/25/07 Style guru Tim Gunn is, well, as hot as a pistol

ET Online 4/19/07 Tim Gunn 'Makes It Work' with New Show

ET Online 1/18/07 Tim Gunn Gets His Own Show

Chicago Tribune 1/14/07 `Runway's' Gunn to get own show

Celebrity Spider 1/12/07 Bravo Announces New Series "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

Chicago Tribune 1/12/07 Talking Tim Gunn and 'Project Runway' with the head of Bravo

Queerty 1/12/07 Tim Gunn Can Do The Job Of Five Queers

Zap2It 1/12/07 Gunn Guides 'Style,' 'Queer Eye' Says Goodbye

USA Today 1/12/07 Paula Abdul, Tim Gunn to star in Bravo reality shows

Reality TV World 1/12/07 'Project Runway' star Tim Gunn getting his own Bravo reality series


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