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Digital Spy 3/30/13 'The Voice' Judith Hill: 'Adam Levine and I will be tough to beat'

Digital Spy 3/29/13 Blake Shelton: 'I'll leave The Voice when they can't pay me enough'

MTV 3/29/13 'The Voice' Beats 'American Idol' In Ratings For First Time

Reality Recaps 3/28/13 "The Voice" Recap-- Blind Auditions #2

Reality TV Magazine 3/27/13 Blake Shelton Thinks Shakira And Usher Are Doing Better Than Expected On The Voice

Reality TV Calendar 3/27/13 An American Idol Finalist On The Voice

Reality TV Calendar 3/27/13 Sweet Moments, Amazing Talent And Great Judges - Recap and Commentary

Billboard 3/27/13 'The Voice' Recap: Happy Endings for Everyone But Blake Shelton

Digital Spy 3/27/13 'Voice' coach Usher on his sense of humor: "I'm the new Larry David"

BuddyTV 3/26/13 ‘The Voice’ Season 4: Meet Adam Levine’s Team

BuddyTV 3/26/13 'The Voice' Recap: An 'American Idol' Finalist Makes a Team

Reality TV Magazine 3/26/13 The Voice Recap: The Second Round Of Blind Auditions Turn The Tables On Blake Shelton

Reality TV Magazine 3/26/13 The Voice Contestants Dish About Their Experience

Reality TV Magazine 3/26/13 Usher: Prepare For A ‘Different Person’ On The Voice

Reality TV Calendar 3/26/13 New Blood Livens It Up And The Bromance Lives One - Recap and Commentary

Reality Recap 3/26/13 "The Voice" Recap-- Season 4 Premiere

Reality TV Magazine 3/26/13 Shakira Can Definitely Hold Her Own On The Voice

Rolling Stone 3/26/13 'The Voice' Premiere Recap: New Coaches Shakira and Usher Mark Their Territory

HitFix 3/26/13 'The Voice' recap: 'The Blind Auditions Premiere'

People 3/26/13 Blake Shelton Dishes on Fame, Marriage and More

Entertainment Weekly 3/26/13 'The Voice' season premiere recap: Just Like Christmas Morning

People 3/26/13 Who Has the Better ‘Voice’ Style: Shakira or Christina Aguilera?

USA Today 3/26/13 Shakira, Usher really sing in 'The Voice' judging debut

People 3/26/13 Shakira, Usher Debut on an Emotional Premiere of The Voice

People 3/26/13 Blake Shelton's New Album Is 'Dang Likable' – Like the Voice Coach Himself

BuddyTV 3/25/13 'The Voice' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Ushering in a New Shak-year-a

Reality TV Magazine 3/25/13 The Voice Recap: Season Four Premiere Delivers Usher, Shakira, And Massive Talent

Wall Street Journal 3/25/13 ‘The Voice’ Season Premiere: TV Recap

TV Guide 3/25/13 Rating the New Voice Coaches: How Did Usher and Shakira Do?

Hollywood Reporter 3/25/13 'The Voice' Season 4 Premiere: Blind Auditions Begin, Usher and Shakira Debut

Reality TV Fans 3/25/13 The Fourth Season of The Voice Premieres Tonight on NBC

Reality TV Magazine 3/25/13 Shakira And Usher Gear Up For Their Debut On The Voice Tonight

Zap2It 3/25/13 'The Voice': Christian Porter's 'Sexy and I Know It' cover a ripoff -- Who did it best?

Zap2It 3/25/13 'The Voice's' Blake Shelton on Miranda Lambert: 'It is what is meant to be'

TV Guide 3/25/13 The Voice Team on Adding Usher and Shakira: "The Show Is Greater Than Any One Coach"

Zap2It 3/25/13 'The Voice' Season 4 premiere: 10 things to expect when Usher & Shakira join Adam Levine & Blake Shelton

Zap2It 3/25/13 'The Voice' Season 4: Usher and Shakira join the party

BuddyTV 3/22/13 'The Voice' Blind Audition Video: Christian Porter Is Sexy and He Knows It

People 3/22/13 Adam Levine: Shakira Has 'Hot Flashes' During The Voice

TV Guide 3/22/13 American Idol Judges Challenge Jimmy Iovine; Wish The Voice Well

BuddyTV 3/21/13 'The Voice' Season 4 Premiere Red Carpet Photos

BuddyTV 3/21/13 Watch Usher Get 'Voice' Advice from the 'Parks and Recreation' Cast

People 3/21/13 Blake Shelton Explains the Strange Reason He Stares at Shakira on The Voice

Extra 3/21/13 ‘The Voice’ Premiere: Christina Rocks New Bod, Blake Talks Breakup Rumors

E!Online 3/21/13 Christina Aguilera Shows Off Weight Loss at The Voice Screening, Talks Shakira, Blake & Adam—Watch Now

BuddyTV 3/20/13 'The Voice' Video: Watch Judith Hill's Amazing Season 4 Blind Audition

BuddyTV 3/19/13 ‘The Voice’ Season 4 Coaches' Dos and Don’ts

Reality TV Magazine 3/19/13 Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Poke Fun At Cheating & Split Rumors

LA Times 3/19/13 'The Voice': 6 Things to expect from its premiere

Zap2It 3/19/13 'The Voice' Season 4: Carson Daly talks new coaches Usher and Shakira

BuddyTV 3/18/13 'The Voice' Sets Season 4 Schedule and Finale Date

TV Guide 3/18/13 The Voice to Battle American Idol! Plus: See the New Coaches in Action

Entertainment Weekly 3/18/13 'The Voice' review: Shakira charms, Usher rocks a healthy ego

Hollywood Reporter 3/18/13 'The Voice' Adds Double Dose of Two-Hour Tuesday Episodes

People 3/14/13 Voice Winner Cassadee Pope Writes About Heartbreak ... Just Not Her Own

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/13 Will 'The Voice' Out-Sing 'American Idol'?

Reality TV Magazine 3/10/13 Blake Shelton Feels That He Has A Target On His Back For The New Season Of The Voice

Hollywood Reporter 3/6/13 Inside Adam Levine's $35 Million-Plus a Year Empire

Extra 3/4/13 Sneak Peek! ‘The Voice’ Coaches Play ‘Who Would You Rather?’

Hollywood Reporter 3/4/13 'Voice' Winner Cassadee Pope to Tour With Rascal Flatts

Entertainment Weekly 3/4/13 Shakira's claws come out on 'The Voice': First look at the new coach -- Exclusive Video

Digital Spy 2/28/13 Shakira: 'The Voice is an adventure to me'

Reality TV Magazine 2/20/13 She Knows RTVM Interview: Cee Lo Green

Examiner 2/11/13 'The Voice': New Usher photos and a tease for what is coming

BuddyTV 2/8/13 Meet the 'Voice' Season 4 Advisers

Reality TV Magazine 1/23/13 Shakira Gives Birth To Baby Boy, Milan

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/13 Adam Levine Spoofs 'The Voice' in 'SNL' Promos (Video)

Digital Spy 1/22/13 Sheryl Crow to be a mentor on 'The Voice'

TV Guide 1/18/13 Did Manti Te'o's Hoax Perpetrator Also Try to Trick The Voice?

E!Online 1/17/13 The Voice Scoop: Pharrell Williams Joins Usher's Battle Rounds as Adviser

Hollywood Reporter 1/17/13 'The Voice' Winner Cassadee Pope Signs With Republic Nashville

E!Online 1/7/13 The Voice: Adam Levine and Blake Shelton Dish on Keeping Bromance Alive With "Hot" Usher Around

NY Post 1/6/13 ‘Voice’ shake up?

Hollywood Reporter 1/4/13 'American Idol' Alum Jermaine Jones to Audition for 'The Voice'

BuddyTV 1/3/13 'The Voice' Coach Adam Levine to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Examiner 1/3/13 'The Voice': First season 4 photos and Cassadee Pope talks plans

Examiner 12/20/12 'The Voice': Cassadee Pope, Blake Shelton, and first season 4 talk

Access Hollywood 12/20/12 Cassadee Pope Dishes On The Men In Her Life

BuddyTV 12/19/12 'The Voice' Season 4 Preview: Welcome to Usher and Shakira

BuddyTV 12/19/12 5 Key Moments That Helped Cassadee Pope Win 'The Voice' Season 3

Reality TV Magazine 12/19/12 The Voice: Cassadee Pope Wins, Christina Aguilera & Cee Lo Green Say Goodbye

Reality TV Magazine 12/19/12 The Voice Winner Cassadee Pope Expected To Get Booted Weeks Ago

Reality TV Magazine 12/19/12 Christina Aguilera Celebrates 32nd Birthday

Reality TV Magazine 12/19/12 Christina Aguilera To Perform At People’s Choice Awards 2013

Reality TV Calendar 12/19/12 Its No Surprise And Well Deserved - Recap and Commentary

Access Hollywood 12/19/12 The Voice: Blake Shelton Talks New Coaches & Cassadee Pope’s Future

People 12/19/12 The Voice Champ Cassadee Pope Is Courting Country Music Fans

E!Online 12/19/12 The Voice's Adam Levine Threatens Blake Shelton: "It's On in Season 4!"

US Magazine 12/19/12 Christina Aguilera Celebrates Birthday on The Voice, Gives Blake Shelton Dead Stuffed Animal

TV Guide 12/19/12 The Voice Season 4 Preview: Shakira vs. the Boys?

TV Guide 12/19/12 The Voice Winner Cassadee Pope: I Thought I Was Done After the Knockout Rounds

BuddyTV 12/18/12 'The Voice' Season 3 Finale Results: The Winner Is Revealed

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/12 The Voice Season Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…

LA Times 12/18/12 'The Voice' recap: Cassadee Pope wins Season 3

Zap2It 12/18/12 'The Voice' Season 3 winner: Cassadee Pope beats Terry McDermott and Nicholas David

TV Guide 12/18/12 The Voice: Who Won Season 3?

BuddyTV 12/18/12 The 33 Best Performances from ‘The Voice’ Season 3

BuddyTV 12/18/12 'The Voice' Season 3 Finale Predictions: Who Will Win?

Reality TV Fans 12/18/12 Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and The Killers Appear on Tonight’s Finale of “The Voice”

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/12 Terry McDermott: Shirtless Adam Levine Was Not Expected

Reality TV Calendar 12/18/12 Has Cassadee Got It? Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/12 Adam Levine’s Honey Boo Boo Slam…What’s Next?

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/12 The Voice’s Touching Tribute To Sandy Hook Victims

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/12 Adam Levine Slams Honey Boo Boo

BuddyTV 12/17/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Finale Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 12/17/12 'The Voice' Recap: Performance Finale with Cassadee, Nicholas and Terry

Reality TV Magazine 12/17/12 The Voice Recap: A Touching Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary

NY Daily News 12/17/12 Season 3, Ep 29 recap: Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David & Terry McDermott make their final stands

People 12/17/12 The Voice's Top Three Give Final Performances in the Competition

Zap2It 12/17/12 'The Voice' pays tribute to Newtown shooting victims with 'Hallelujah': Watch the performance

Digital Spy 12/17/12 Carson Daly: 'Usher inspired creation of The Voice'

BuddyTV 12/14/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Nicholas David’s Journey to the Finale

BuddyTV 12/13/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Terry McDermott’s Journey to the Finale

Reality TV Magazine 12/13/12 Trevin Hunte Sounds Off Following The Voice Elimination

Examiner 12/13/12 'The Voice' photos: Trevin Hunte and Carson Daly talk elimination

BuddyTV 12/12/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Cassadee Pope’s Journey to the Finale

Reality TV Calendar 12/12/12 A Winner Goes Home - Recap and Commentary

People 12/12/12 Tevin Hunte Is 'So Happy' After His Voice Elimination

Digital Spy 12/12/12 'The Voice' Tony Lucca: 'Justin Timberlake collaboration possible'

People 12/12/12 The Voice: Team Blake Goes Two-For-Two

BuddyTV 12/11/12 'The Voice' Results: Who's in the Season 3 Finale?

Reality TV Magazine 12/11/12 The Voice Results Recap: And Then There Were Three

E!Online 12/11/12 The Voice Elimination: 3 Singers Go to Finals

BuddyTV 12/11/12 'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Be in the Finale?

Reality TV Calendar 12/11/12 The Angels Are Singing - Recap and Commentary

CBS 12/11/12 "The Voice's" Chris Mann on "Roads" and his return to the show

Zap2It 12/11/12 'The Voice': Cassadee Pope wows with 'Stupid Boy' by Keith Urban

People 12/11/12 The Voice Semi-Finals Bring Out the Best in Singers

BuddyTV 12/10/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Top 4 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 12/10/12 'The Voice' Recap: Final 4 Perform in the Semifinals

Reality TV Magazine 12/10/12 The Voice Recap: The Top 4; Who’s Heading To Finals?

NY Daily News 12/10/12 'The Voice' Season Three, Episode 27 recap: Pass the hankies for Trevin Hunte, Cassadee Pope,..

Reality TV Magazine 12/9/12 Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert’s Dog Gone Christmas Traditions

BuddyTV 12/7/12 Best and Worst Performances of 'The Voice' Final 4

Digital Spy 12/7/12 'The Voice' Christina Aguilera: 'Season three is most competitive yet'

Reality TV Calendar 12/5/12 It Comes Down To Country Versus Crazazy - Recap and Commentary

BuddyTV 12/4/12 Why 'The Voice' Needs to Change the iTunes Top 10 Voting Rule

BuddyTV 12/4/12 'The Voice' Results: The Final 4 Are Revealed

Reality TV Magazine 12/4/12 The Voice Results Recap: Two Contestants Leave Not-So-Overjoyed

Reality TV Magazine 12/4/12 Twas The Night Before Christmas: Blake Shelton Style

People 12/4/12 The Voice Reveals Top Four Contestants

Zap2It 12/4/12 'The Voice' results: Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown leave Adam Levine with no team

E!Online 12/4/12 The Voice Top 6 Results Show Recap: And the Final 4 Are...

Hollywood Reporter 12/4/12 'The Voice' Recap: One Coach Says Farewell to Two Fan Favorites    
USA Today 12/4/12 Who's gone from 'The Voice'?

Zap2It 12/4/12 'The Voice' video: Cassadee Pope does 'Stand' and 'I'm With You' for Top 6 performances

Reality TV Magazine 12/4/12 Blake Shelton’s ‘Not So Family Christmas Special’

BuddyTV 12/3/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Top 6 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 12/3/12 'The Voice' Recap: Top 6 Perform, Xtina Sits on the Sidelines

Reality TV Magazine 12/3/12 The Voice Recap: The Top 6 Get Their Kicks

E!Online 12/3/12 The Voice Recap: The Top 6 Perform and Train Frontman Pat Monahan Subs for Cee Lo Green

Reality TV Magazine 12/2/12 Adam Levine Slams The Roxy, But Is He Really Just A Whiner?

Reality TV Magazine 12/1/12 Christina Aguilera Sounds Off Following Dez Duron’s Elimination

BuddyTV 11/28/12 ‘The Voice’ Top 6 Power Rankings: Who Will Win?

BuddyTV 11/28/12 5 Reasons Christina Aguilera Lost 'The Voice' Season 3

Reality TV Calendar 11/28/12 Forget The Results! We've Got Muppets! Recap and Commentary

US Magazine 11/28/12 Christina Aguilera Slams Past Voice Winners After Dez Duron Gets Eliminated

Access Hollywood 11/28/12 Christina Aguilera Sad To Lose Dez Duron On The Voice: ‘I’ll Always Support Him’

LA Times 11/28/12 'The Voice' recap: CeeLo sings with Kermit, top 6 revealed

People 11/28/12 Christina Aguilera Faces Major Blow on The Voice

BuddyTV 11/27/12 'The Voice' Results: Top 6 Revealed, Cee Lo and Kermit Duet

Reality TV Magazine 11/27/12 The Voice Results Recap: The Muppets Take ‘The Voice’

Zap2It 11/27/12 'The Voice' results: Cody Belew and Dez Duran get the boot

BuddyTV 11/27/12 'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 8?

Reality TV Magazine 11/27/12 Cee Lo & Muppets Kermit The Frog Duet On The Voice

Reality TV Magazine 11/27/12 Adam Levine Slams The Roxy on ‘The Voice’…And The Roxy Responds

LA Times 11/27/12 'The Voice' recap: The top 8 keep up the fight

People 11/27/12 The Voice Contestants Explain Their Song Choices

Zap2It 11/27/12 'The Voice': Adam Levine slams The Roxy, The Roxy responds beautifully

Entertainment Weekly 11/27/12 'The Voice' recap: This is 50

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/12 Eight Perform And Two Dominate - Recap and Commentary

BuddyTV 11/26/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Top 8 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 11/26/12 'The Voice' Recap: The Top 8 Perform

Reality TV Magazine 11/26/12 The Voice Recap: Game Changers

E!Online 11/26/12 The Voice Recap: The Top 8 Perform and Adam Levine Takes on a "Big Brother" Role

TV Guide 11/26/12 Cee Lo Green to Seek Anger Management Help from Charlie Sheen

BuddyTV 11/23/12 Cee Lo Green to Duet with Kermit the Frog on 'The Voice'

Digital Spy 11/23/12 'The Voice': Cee Lo Green to perform with Kermit the Frog

BuddyTV 11/21/12 ‘The Voice’ Top 8 Power Rankings: Who Will Win?

Reality TV Calendar 11/21/12 And Then There Were Eight - Recap and Commentary

People 11/21/12 Christina & Adam Share Encouraging Words for The Voice's Eliminated Singers

BuddyTV 11/20/12 'The Voice' Results: Two Go Home from the Top 10

Digital Spy 11/20/12 Usher: 'I am loving The Voice'

Hollywood Reporter 11/20/12 'The Voice' Recap: The Top 8 Announced

People 11/20/12 The Voice: Top Eight Contestants Revealed

USA Today 11/20/12 'The Voice': Who are the final eight?

Zap2It 11/20/12 'The Voice' double elimination: Team Christina and Team Adam lose players

BuddyTV 11/20/12 'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 10?

Reality TV Calendar 11/20/12 The Top Ten Sing For Their Lives - Recap and Commentary

People 11/20/12 Blake Shelton Has Unforgettable Night on The Voice

NY Daily News 11/20/12 Episode 21 recap: Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton show contestants how its done with 'Just a Fool'

BuddyTV 11/19/12 The Voice Season 3: Top 10 Performance Rankings

Reality TV Magazine 11/19/12 The Voice Recap: “Holy Buckets, That’s Jennifer Hudson!”

Zap2It 11/19/12 'The Voice': Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera debut 'Just a Fool' duet

Zap2It 11/19/12 'The Voice' Top 10 perform: Cassadee Pope gets personal with 'Over You' by Blake Shelton

E!Online 11/19/12 The Voice Recap: The Top 10 Contestants Take the Stage—and Receive Advice From Jennifer Hudson

BuddyTV 11/16/12 Jennifer Hudson to Mentor on 'The Voice,' Brings 'Smash' Season 2 First Look

US Magazine 11/16/12 Video: Christina Aguilera on Cee Lo Green's Jheri Curl: "He's Just Fearless!"

BuddyTV 11/15/12 Music Battle: Watch 'The Voice' and 'The X Factor' Take on 'My Heart Will Go On'

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/12 Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Shoot Down Pregnancy Rumors

BuddyTV 11/14/12 ‘The Voice’ Top 10 Power Rankings: Who Will Win?

Reality TV Calendar 11/14/12 All 12 Chart But Two Go Home - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Magazine 11/14/12 Christina Aguilera Rocks Pink Afro

Zap2It 11/14/12 Christina Aguilera's pink afro on 'The Voice': Fun and daring or unattractive?

Hollywood Reporter 11/14/12 Christina Aguilera on Live Show Cuts, and Why She Doesn't Read What's Written About Her

BuddyTV 11/13/12 'The Voice' Results: Two Go Home from the Top 12

Reality TV Magazine 11/13/12 The Voice Results Recap: From 12 to 10

US Magazine 11/13/12 Exclusive: Christina Aguilera Shares Her Voice Advice for Usher and Shakira

Hollywood Reporter 11/13/12 'The Voice' Recap: America Selects the Top 10

People 11/13/12 The Voice Sends Two Contestants Home

Digital Spy 11/13/12 'The Voice' result: Two singers go home as Top 10 revealed

BuddyTV 11/13/12 'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 12?

Reality TV Magazine 11/13/12 The Voice Sneak Peek: November 13 And Beyond

Reality TV Calendar 11/13/12 Leaving Blood And Guts On The Stage - Recap and Commentary

TV Guide 11/13/12 Adam Levine Hits a High Note With The Voice and American Horror Story: Asylum

People 11/13/12 The Voice: Trevin Hunte Gives 'Magical' Performance

BuddyTV 11/12/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Top 12 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 11/12/12 'The Voice' Recap: The Top 12 Take the Stage
Reality TV Magazine 11/12/12 The Voice Recap: The Top 12 Perform Live (and Christina Aguilera Shows a Little Boob)

Access Hollywood 11/12/12 Which Voice Coach Would Christina Aguilera Let Babysit Son Max?

TV Guide 11/10/12 America Votes Off Gay Contestants First on The Voice and The X Factor – Coincidence?

Post Gazette 11/10/12 Former Pittsburgher Loren Allred gets booted from 'The Voice'

BuddyTV 11/9/12 ‘The Voice’ Top 12 Power Rankings: Who Will Win?

BuddyTV 11/9/12 'The Voice' Sets Season 3 Finale Date

Zap2It 11/9/12 'The Voice' Season 3 finale will lead-in to '1600 Penn' preview on NBC

Reality TV Calendar 11/8/12 America Gets it Right, Cee Lo Doesn't - Recap and Commentary

BuddyTV 11/8/12 'The Voice' Results: Who Makes the Top 12?

Reality TV Magazine 11/8/12 The Voice Results Recap: The Votes Are In

BuddyTV 11/8/12 'The Voice' Predictions: Who's Going Home from Cee Lo and Xtina's Teams?

Reality TV Calendar 11/8/12 The Voice Recap: Baby Makin' Music And A Twitchy Uterus - Recap and Commentary

TV Guide 11/8/12 The Voice's Cee Lo Green Accused of Sexual Battery

BuddyTV 11/7/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Live Playoffs #2 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 11/7/12 'The Voice' Recap: Live Playoffs Night #2 with Team Xtina and Team Cee Lo

Reality TV Magazine 11/7/12 The Voice Recap: Teams Christina and Cee Lo Go Live

E!Online 11/7/12 The Voice Recap: Playoffs Continue and Adam Levine "Wants to Make a Baby!"

Reality TV Magazine 11/6/12 The Voice Recap: The Choice is Yours

BuddyTV 11/6/12 'The Voice' Predictions: Who's Going Home from Adam and Blake's Teams?

Reality TV Calendar 11/6/12 Its Time To Vote America - Recap and Commentary

US Magazine 11/6/12 Christina Aguilera's Colorful Hair and Makeup: All the Details

People 11/6/12 Blake Shelton & Adam Levine's Teams Deliver Unforgettable Solo Performances on The Voice

USA Today 11/6/12 'The Voice' kicks off its live playoffs

BuddyTV 11/5/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Live Playoffs #1 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 11/5/12 'The Voice' Recap: Live Playoffs Begin with Top 20 Singers

Reality TV Calendar 11/5/12 Sandy Delayed But Better Late Than Never - Recap and Commentary

BuddyTV 11/5/12 'The Voice' Top 20 Official Promo Photos

BuddyTV 11/5/12 Maroon 5 vs. One Direction: Battle of the 'Voice' and 'X Factor' Thursday Results Shows

Post Gazette 11/4/12 Pittsburgh native Loren Allred advances on 'The Voice'

Reality TV Magazine 11/2/12 Cee Lo Accuser Cries Ecstasy And Sexual Assault

Reality TV Magazine 11/2/12 Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert's Emotional Win At The CMAS

Baltimore Sun 11/2/12 'The Voice' recap, Getting through the last knockout rounds

Zap2It 11/2/12 Christina Aguilera and Steven Tyler perform on Hurricane Sandy Telethon for the Red Cross

Digital Spy 11/1/12 'Voice' Adam Levine: 'Blake Shelton and I didn't haze Shakira, Usher'

BuddyTV 10/31/12 ‘The Voice’ Top 20 Power Rankings: Who Will Win?

Reality TV Magazine 10/31/12 Cee Lo Green Denies Assaulting Woman

Reality TV Magazine 10/31/12 The Voice Recap: Knockouts Night Two

NY Daily News 10/31/12 Cee Lo Green denies sexual battery accusation

Rolling Stone 10/31/12 Team Blake Standout Takes a Dive on 'The Voice'

People 10/31/12 The Voice: Christina Aguilera Makes Surprising Cut in Knockouts

People 10/31/12 Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: How We Make Our Marriage Work

BuddyTV 10/30/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Knockout Round #2 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 10/30/12 'The Voice' Recap: Knockout Rounds, Part 2

BuddyTV 10/30/12 NBC to Re-Air Monday's 'Voice' and 'Revolution' Thursday and Friday

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/12 The Voice Recap: The Knockout Rounds Begin

Rolling Stone 10/30/12 Team Cee Lo's Star Gets Knocked Out on 'The Voice'

TV Guide 10/30/12 The Voice Exclusive Video: A Vote for Team CeeLo Is a Vote for Freedom

BuddyTV 10/29/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Knockout Round #1 Performance Rankings

Hollywood Reporter 10/29/12 'The Voice' Recap: Knockout Rounds Begin

Reality TV Magazine 10/29/12 Christina Aguilera’s Costume: Hit Or Miss?

Reality TV Magazine 10/28/12 Adam Levine Jumps To Christina Aguilera’s Defense Over Weight Issues

TV Guide 10/28/12 The Voice's Adam Levine Talks New Knockout Rounds, X Factor and Season 4

People 10/27/12 Adam Levine Defends Christina Aguilera Against Body 'Bullies'

BuddyTV 10/26/12 'The Voice' Live Shows Format: Teams Don't Matter in Season 3

Hollywood Reporter 10/25/12 Christina Aguilera Dismisses Tabloid 'Trash,' Calls Simon Cowell a 'D*ck' at Industry Event

Reality TV Calendar 10/24/12 The Battles Are Over – Its Time For Sudden Death - Recap and Commentary

Rolling Stone 10/24/12 Team Cee Lo's Breakout Star Melts 'Titanium' on 'The Voice'

TV Guide 10/24/12 The Voice's Final Battle: Did They Save the Best for Last?

BuddyTV 10/23/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Meet the Top 40 Singers

BuddyTV 10/23/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Battle Round #6 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 10/23/12 'The Voice' Recap: The Battles Are Over

Reality TV Magazine 10/23/12 The Voice Recap: The End of The Battle Rounds (Finally!)

Reality TV Fans 10/23/12 Coaches Have the Opportunity to Steal Artists Eliminated From Opposing Teams Tonight on The Voice

Reality TV Calendar 10/23/12 The Battle Rounds Continue - Recap and Commentary

Rolling Stone 10/23/12 Blake Shelton Ups His Diva Quotient on 'The Voice'

Access Hollywood 10/23/12 Adam Levine On The Benefits To Wearing Underwear & His Plans To Stay Put On The Voice

People 10/23/12 The Voice: Blake Shelton Steals MarissaAnn from Christina Aguilera

NY Daily News 10/23/12 Recap: Next to presidential debate, Adam Levine & Cee Lo Green's choices most controversial

TV Guide 10/23/12 The Voice: Battle of the Divas

BuddyTV 10/22/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Battle Round #5 Performance Rankings

Reality TV Magazine 10/22/12 The Voice Recap: The Battles Rage On

BuddyTV 10/22/12 'The Voice' Live Shows Begin with 3-Night Event

Reality TV Magazine 10/22/12 Christina Aguilera Offered $3 Million To Flaunt Her Curves

TV Guide 10/22/12 The Voice Goes Live During Election Week

Parade 10/21/12 Christina Aguilera on Leaving 'The Voice' and Dealing With Body Issues

Reality TV Calendar 10/17/12 More Battles, More Cuts, More Snark - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Magazine 10/17/12 The Voice Recap: The Battles Continue

Reality TV Magazine 10/17/12 Christina Aguilera Dishes About Her Body

Entertainment Weekly 10/17/12 'The Voice' recap: Clash of the Teen Titans

Digital Spy 10/17/12 The Voice: Battle round week two winners on battles, competition, more

Yahoo 10/17/12 Christina Aguilera Had ‘The Voice’ Even As A Kid

BuddyTV 10/16/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Battle Round #4 Performance Rankings

BuddyTV 10/16/12 'The Voice' Recap: Christina Aguilera Finally Uses the Steal

E!Online 10/16/12 The Voice Recap: Christina Aguilera Makes a Dramatic Steal

Hollywood Reporter 10/16/12 'The Voice' Recap: Country Crooners and Teenage Dreamers Battle

Reality TV Magazine 10/16/12 The Voice Recap: The Battle Rounds Continue

Reality TV Calendar 10/16/12 Gnarly Good Singers With So Many Notes - Recap and Commentary

TV Guide 10/16/12 The Voice: Watch the Strangest Battle Yet

Entertainment Weekly 10/16/12 'The Voice' recap: Funny People

BuddyTV 10/15/12 The Voice Season 3: Battle Round #3 Performance Rankings

Reality TV Magazine 10/15/12 Christina Aguilera Rocks Bright Pink Hairdo

Pagan Media That Bites 10/14/12 The Voice Huge Talent & Coaches Comedy Bond Audio Review

Reality TV Calendar 10/10/12 Precious, Commanding, Haunting & 50 Shades of Crazazy - Recap & Commentary

Entertainment Weekly 10/10/12 'The Voice' recap: American Gothic

People 10/10/12 The Voice: Second Night of Battles Intensifies Competition

Reality TV Magazine 10/9/12 The Voice Recap: Another Night of Knockouts

Wall Street Journal 10/9/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3, ‘The Battles Premiere, Part 2': TV Recap

BuddyTV 10/9/12 ‘The Voice’ Season 3: Battle Round #2 Performance Rankings

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BuddyTV 6/7/11 'The Voice' Goes Live: Sneak a Peek at the Coaches' Queen Medley

Reality TV Fans 6/7/11 Fans of “The Voice” Can Now Vote for Their Favorite Artists Via iTunes

Reality TV Fans 6/7/11 The Live Shows Begin Tonight On The Voice

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/11 The Voice: Live Shows Start Tonight

Digital Spy 6/6/11 'The Voice' coaches to perform Queen medley

Reality TV Fans 6/3/11 NBC Announces Extra Episode of “The Voice” And Finale Date of June 29

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Fans of Reality TV 6/2/11 Recap Battle the Fourth

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BuddyTV 5/31/11 'The Voice' Week 6 Recap: The Battle Rounds End With a Bang! Well, A Kiss.

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BuddyTV 5/4/11 'The Voice': Meet Blake Shelton's Team

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TV Guide 5/4/11 Ratings: The Voice Hits a Higher Note

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Digital Spy 4/27/11 'The Voice' recap: The teams take shape...

Zap2It 4/27/11 'The Voice': Jeff Jenkins turns all four coaches' chairs with a Rascal Flatts hit

BuddyTV 4/26/11 'The Voice' Premiere Recap: Blind Auditions Begin

Reality TV Magazine 4/26/11 The Voice: Season Premiere

TV Guide 4/26/11 Post-Show Thoughts on The Voice Premiere: The 5 Big Ways It’s Different from Idol

Reality TV Fans 4/26/11 The Celebrity Music Coaches Select Their Contestant Teams Tonight On The Voice

NY Daily News 4/26/11 Host Carson Daly says 'The Voice' differs from 'American Idol' because focus is talent, not drama

Hollywood Reporter 4/26/11 10 Things You Need to Know About NBC's 'The Voice'

BuddyTV 4/25/11 The Real 'Voice' Competition: Which 'Voice' Coach Has the Best Voice?

Reality TV Magazine 4/25/11 The Voice: Get an Extended Preview of Tomorrow’s Premiere Episode

USA Today 4/25/11 'The Voice' coaches have their reasons

USA Today 4/25/11 'Voice' coaches voice thoughts on idols, goals

Post Gazette 4/24/11 A new role for Christina Aguilera: 'voice of reason'

TV Guide 4/24/11 How NBC's The Voice Plans to Out-Class TV's Singing Competition Shows

NY Post 4/24/11 'Voice' lesson

MTV 4/22/11 Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green Sing 'Crazy' In 'The Voice' Preview

Zap2It 4/22/11 'The Voice' coaches take on Cee Lo Green's 'Crazy'

BuddyTV 4/21/11 'The Voice' Extended Preview: The Coaches Go 'Crazy,' Ready Themselves for Battle

Reality TV Fans 4/21/11 12 Minute Sneak Peek of “The Voice” Airs Tonight as Lead-In to “The Tonight Show”

NY Post 4/18/11 Can 'The Voice' do for Christina what 'Idol' did for J.Lo?

NY Post 4/18/11 'Voice' recycles 'Idol' castoffs

Hollywood Reporter 4/15/11 Cee Lo Green: Why I Turned Down Fox's 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 4/14/11 'The Voice': Watch an extended preview

MTV 4/5/11 Cee Lo Calls Judging 'The Voice' His 'Day Job'

Digital Spy 4/5/11 Christina Aguilera: 'I support Britney Spears'

TV Guide 3/31/11 Exclusive First Look: The Voice—The Eyes Have It

Reality TV Fans 3/29/11 NBC Names Alison Haislip as Backstage Correspondent for New Series “The Voice”

Hollywood Reporter 3/28/11 'The Voice' to Have Strong Social Media Component

Gather 3/27/11 'The Voice': New Performance Promo Featuring 'Time After Time' Released

Gather 3/21/11 'The Voice' First Look: Promo With Adam Levine & Christina Aguilera Released

Entertainment Weekly 3/18/11 Frenchie Davis returns! 'Idol' castoff passes blind audition on NBC's 'The Voice'

US Magazine 3/17/11 Christina Aguilera Post-Bust: It's Hard Under the "Microscope"

TV Guide 3/16/11 Why “Judging” Is a Dirty Word on NBC’s Singing Competition The Voice

E!Online 3/16/11 Christina Aguilera Meets the Press, Prefers to Focus on The Voice and Not Her Vices

Reality TV Fans 3/8/11 Blake Shelton Announced as Fourth Musician Coach of “The Voice”

Zap2It 3/7/11 'The Voice': Country singer Blake Shelton fills final coaching slot

TV Guide 3/7/11 Blake Shelton Rounds Out Coaching Staff on The Voice

Reality TV Fans 3/3/11 NBC Announces Christina Aguilera as Musician Coach of “The Voice”

BuddyTV 3/2/11 Time for a Comeback! Christina Aguilera Confirmed as Third Coach on 'The Voice'

E!Online 3/2/11 Christina Aguilera Tries to Put Boozy Bust Behind Her—With Reality TV

Zap2It 2/28/11 NBC's 'The Voice' lands Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green as coaches

Hollywood Reporter 2/28/11 Cee Lo Green, Maroon 5's Adam Levine Join NBC's 'The Voice'

Zap2It 2/18/11 NBC's 'The Voice' offers online audition tool that could give singers an advantage

Reality TV Fans 2/2/11 Carson Daly Announced as Host of New Series “The Voice” to Premiere Spring 2011

Reality TV Magazine 2/2/11 The Voice To Be Hosted By Carson Daly

TV Guide 1/13/11 Report: Carson Daly to Host NBC's The Voice

Reality TV Fans 12/20/10 New NBC Series “The Voice” Announces Open Auditions

NY Post 12/14/10 'Idol's' new competition

Reality TV Fans 12/13/10 NBC Announces Reality New Series “The Voice of America” to Debut in Spring 2011

Zap2It 12/13/10 NBC wants its own 'Idol' with 'The Voice of America'


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