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TMZ 3/11/10 Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart Problem

NY Daily News 3/11/10 Corey Haim in the midst of comeback attempt when he died; actor had a slew of projects underway

TMZ 3/11/10 Corey Haim -- Vicodin, Valium, Soma Found

Access Hollywood 3/11/10 Corey Haimís Mother: Actor Had Enlarged Heart, Died Of Pulmonary Congestion

E!Online 3/10/10 Corey Haim Remembered by Ex-Girlfriend, Costars, Two Coreys Crew

Digital Spy 3/10/10 In Pictures: Corey Haim - 1971-2010

E!Online 3/10/10 Corey Haim Began Dating VH1 Reality Star Shortly Before Death

US Magazine 3/10/10 Corey Haim's Sad Lifelong Struggle to Stay Sober

E!Online 3/10/10 A Lost Boy Forever: Corey Haim Dies at 38

US Magazine 3/10/10 Teen Idol Corey Haim Dies at 38

TV Guide 3/10/10 Corey Haim Dies at Age 38

BBC 3/10/10 Lost Boys actor Corey Haim dies aged 38

Daily Mail 3/10/10 Lost Boys heart-throb Corey Haim found dead of 'accidental drug overdose', aged 38

Access Hollywood 10/28/09 Corey Feldmanís Wife Files For Divorce

Zap2It 10/30/08 Corey Haim Engaged to 'Princess of Scream'
RealityShack  7/3/08  The Two Coreys, Season 2, Episodes 3 & 4 - How Not To Say You're Sorry
Whats Hot On TV 6/30/08 The 2 Coreys - Working It Out, Or at Least, Trying To
RealityShack 6/24/08 The Two Coreys, Season Two, Premiere - A Broken Bromance

BuddyTV 6/22/08 'The Two Coreys' Returns Tonight
RealityShack  6/22/08  My Favorite Corey - An Interview With Corey Feldman of The Two Coreys

Celebrity Spider 2/12/08 The Two Coreys Reunite for Lost Boys Sequel

Buddy TV 1/9/08 A&E Renews 'The Two Coreys' Despite Feud

Zap2It 1/9/08 A&E Renews 'The Two Coreys'

Hollywood Reporter 1/9/08 Fightin' 'Coreys' in rematch

Metro 10/23/07 Teen idol draws on second career

TMZ 9/12/07 Talking Something with Corey Haim

Zap2It 9/10/07 'The Two Coreys': Time enough for one last clip show

Long Island Press 8/29/07 A Day In The Life Of Former Teen Idol Corey Haim

MTV 8/30/07 Lindsay, Paris And Britney's Behavior Is 'Society's Problem,' Say Ex-Child Stars Corey Feldman And Corey Haim

Pop Matters 8/29/07 Feldog Revisited: An Interview with Corey Feldman

MTV 8/28/07 Corey Feldman And Corey Haim Salivating Over Long-Awaited 'Lost Boys' Sequel

Reality Shack 8/27/07 The Two Coreys, Episode 5 - Rumble at Casa Feldman

Zap2It 8/26/07 Fight night on 'The Two Coreys'

Reality Shack 8/21/07 The Two Coreys, Episode 4 - Trouble in Whistler

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 The Two Coreys Hit the Big Screen With Lost Boys Sequel

Globe and Mail 8/17/07 Corey Haim -- still alive, but just barely

Reality Shack 8/14/07 The Two Coreys, Episode 3 - Corey Haim is 35...and Single

Sky News 8/14/07 Coreys Do Lost Boys 2?

Zap2It 8/12/07 'The Two Coreys': Haim needs a woman

Zap2It 8/6/07 'The Two Coreys': Feldman helps Haim get a license to drive.

She Knows 8/3/07 Corey Feldman lost and found

Rocky Mountain News 8/1/07 Feldman vs. Haim: The Showdown

Sky News 8/1/07 The Corey Comeback

Reality Shack 7/30/07 The Two Coreys, Premiere - Lost Boys Finally Found

Zap2It 7/30/07 'The Two Coreys': Reunited and it feels so good

NY Post 7/30/07 'Coreys' Move Up 

Palm Beach Post 7/29/07 When they were stars . . . Corey vs. Corey

Daily Southtown 7/29/07 A tale of two Coreys -- has-been actors get reality show

Palm Beach Post 7/29/07 Corey + Corey = boring

CT Now 7/28/07 What's Worse Than One Corey? How About `The Two Coreys' On A&E?

Pop Matters 7/28/07 The Two Coreys Versus Your Mortal Soul

NY Times 7/28/07 Double Shot of Reality

Washington Post 7/28/07 To Young Fans, These Bad Boys Had It Together

NY Times 7/28/07 Still Buddies: 2 Guys With One Name

NY Daily News 7/28/07 The lost 'Coreys'

ABC News 7/27/07 The Two Coreys: America's Original Child Stars

Boston Globe 7/27/07 It's more sad man than odd couple

Globe and Mail 7/27/07 For these B-listers, bad acting is the reality

NY Post 7/27/07 Class Reunion

Variety 7/26/07 The Two Coreys

Entertainment Weekly 7/19/07 The Found Boys

TMZ 7/19/07 Coreys "Fight" on Their "Reality" Show

Celebrity Spider 6/9/07 A&E Announces New Series "The Two Coreys" to Premiere July 29th

TV Guide 6/4/07 The Lost Boys Reunite in The Two Coreys

Globe and Mail 2/1/07 Two Coreys, and one mighty ticked producer

LAist 1/12/07 Who is YOUR favorite Corey?


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