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Zap2It 6/23/13 'Celebrity Wife Swap: Bristol Palin and Melissa Rivers switch lives

Reality TV Fans 6/23/13 Joan & Melissa Rivers Trade Lives With Bristol & Willow Palin Tonight on Celebrity Wife Swap

Access Hollywood 6/11/13 Joan Rivers Dishes On Celebrity Wife Swap With Bristol Palin

Zap2It 6/6/13 'Celebrity Wife Swap' returns with Bristol Palin and Melissa Rivers

Reality TV Fans 5/2/13 The Cold War Is Back On, Tonight on The Season Finale of Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 4/25/13 Families Tap Into The Occult Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Magazine 4/19/13 Wife Swap Recap: Food Versus Fitness

Reality TV Fans 4/18/13 An Italiana Mama And A Fitness Fanatic Trade Lives Tonight on Wife Swap

Patch.com 4/15/13 Westchester Woman's 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV Magazine 4/12/13 Wife Swap Recap: Rules Versus Freedom

Reality TV Fans 4/11/13 One Mom Finds Her Swap Home So Filthy She Escapes To A Nearby Hotel Tonight on Wife Swap

Conway Daily Sun 4/10/13 Madison family featured on 'Wife Swap' episode Thursday

Reality TV Fans 4/4/13 A Pageant Mom Goes Duck Hunting Tonight on Wife Swap

ABC6OnYourSide.com 4/3/13 Local Family Featured on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 3/28/13 One Of The Wife Swap Moms Shares A Live-In Girlfriend With Her Husband Tonight on ABC

Riverfront Times 3/21/13 St. Louis Tea Party Original Gina Loudon on ABC's Wife Swap

STLtoday.com 3/21/13 Former STL Tea Party pols starring in 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV Magazine 3/12/13 Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: Fancy Versus Frugal

Reality TV Fans 3/12/13 Gilbert Gottfried Introduces Tanya Thicke to Life on the Cheap in NYC Tonight on Celebrity Wife Swap

Reality TV Magazine 3/5/13 Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: The Rapper And The Rocker

Reality TV Fans 3/5/13 Mark McGrath And Coolio Trade Ladies Tonight on Celebrity Wife Swap

People 2/27/13 Kendra Wilkinson Isn’t Ready to Sacrifice Social Life for Second Child

Daily Mail 2/27/13 Kendra Wilkinson breaks down in tears on Wife Swap after taking charge of Kate Gosselin's eight children

Reality TV Magazine 2/26/13 Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: Kendra Plus Eight Is Not Great

People 2/26/13 Kendra Wilkinson Takes Kate Gosselin's Parenting Advice After Celebrity Wife Swap

Zap2It 2/26/13 'Celebrity Wife Swap': What did you think of Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson?

Reality TV Fans 2/26/13 It’s Kendra And Kate Plus Nine Tonight on The Season Premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap

Extra 2/26/13 Kate Gosselin: My Kids Were Onboard for 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Zap2It 2/15/13 'Celebrity Wife Swap': Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson to switch lives

Reality TV Magazine 2/14/13 Kate Gosselin & Kendra Wilkinson To Appear On Celebrity Wife Swap

E!Online 8/29/12 Wife Swap Star Alicia Guastaferro Arrested for Prostitution

Reality TV Magazine 7/11/12 Wife Swap Now Casting For Season Seven – Find Out How Your Family Can Be On The Show

TV Guide 5/11/12 ABC Renews Happy Endings, America's Funniest Home Videos, Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 1/31/12 A Week Apart Is Too Much For One Couple Tonight on the Season Finale of Celebrity Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 1/18/12 Niecy Nash And Tina Yothers Trade Places Tonight on Celebrity Wife Swap

Zap2It 1/18/12 Tina Yothers and Niecy Nash 'Celebrity Wife Swap': What did you think?

Reality TV Fans 1/10/12 Flavor Flav and Dee Snider Featured Tonight on “Celebrity Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 1/4/12 Carnie Wilson Talks Addiction and Weight Gain

Reality TV Magazine 1/4/12 Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: Gary Busey and Ted Haggard

TV Guide 1/4/12 Cheers & Jeers: Wife Swapping with the "Stars"

NY Daily News 1/4/12 ‘Twisted’ Dee Snider tries ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ for comeback

NY Daily News 1/4/12 Recap: Gary Busey’s and Ted Haggard’s better halves show just how much better they are

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/12 Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: Tracey Gold and Carnie Wilson

Reality TV Fans 1/3/12 Gayle Haggard and Gary Busey are Featured on Tonight’s Premiere of “Celebrity Wife Swap”

ET Online 1/3/12 Gary Busey: No Meltdowns on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

NY Daily News 1/3/12 Recap: ABC reality show returns with Tracey Gold and Carnie Wilson’s wedded blitz

LA Times 1/3/12 'Celebrity Wife Swap': Gary Busey, Ted Haggard have a bad day

Zap2It 1/3/12 Gary Busey and Ted Haggard 'Celebrity Wife Swap': What did you think?

Reality TV Fans 1/2/12 Tracey Fold and Carnie Wilson Featured Tonight on “Celebrity Wife Swap”

CNN 1/2/12 Ted Haggard talks scandal, 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Vancouver Sun 1/2/12 Reality show raises crazy bar

Zap2It 12/1/11 'Celebrity Wife Swap' pairings announced: Gary Busey, Ted Haggard, Carnie Wilson and more

Entertainment Weekly 9/21/11 Ted Haggard, Gary Busey to appear on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

TV Guide 8/6/11 Flavor Flav, Dee Snider Sign Up for Celebrity Wife Swap

Zap2It 5/4/11 'Celebrity Wife Swap' with Victoria Jackson? ABC orders episodes, casting underway

Reality TV Magazine 10/28/10 Wife Swap: Balloon Boy Father Back With New Invention

Reality TV Fans 8/13/10 A Family of Superheroes and a Family of Chores and Discipline Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Fans 8/6/10 A Competitive Family of Gymnasts and a Family That Plays Kickball Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Fans 7/30/10 A Family of a Hip Hop Artist Kid and a Monster Obsessed Family Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 7/16/10 Wife Swap: McLeish And O’Dell Families

Reality TV Fans 7/16/10 A Prim and Proper Family Switches Moms with a Mud Racing Family Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Fans 7/9/10 A Family of Survival Enthusiasts and a Family With a Golf Prodigy Daughter Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 6/28/10 Wife Swap: Logan And Flannigan Families

Reality TV Fans 6/25/10 A Family With an 1840s Lifestyle and a Tech Savvy Family Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 5/21/10 Wife Swap: Herrington And Trevino Families

Reality TV Fans 5/21/10 A Clean Cut Family of Performers and a Rule Free Family of Low Riders Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Magazine 5/14/10 Wife Swap: Haller-Wren And Spencer Families

Reality TV Fans 5/14/10 A Football Loving Family and a Hippie Family Featured Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 5/7/10 Wife Swap: Beauvais And Clayton Families

Reality TV Fans 5/7/10 A Positive Thinking Family and an Unemployed Family Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 4/30/10 Wife Swap: Adams And Hess Families

Reality TV Magazine 4/30/10 Wife Swap: Schroeder And Wardle Families

Reality TV Fans 4/30/10 A Family of Dancing Goths and a Hockey Family Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 4/30/10 A Family With 29 Pets and a Family That Hates Pets on Tonight’s Second Episode of “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Fans 4/23/10 A Family of Popstars and a Family of Protesters Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Reality TV Magazine 4/2/10 Wife Swap: Season Premiere

Reality TV Fans 4/2/10 A Family That Pampers Their 14 Plastic Babies Tonight on “Wife Swap”

Zap2It 3/23/10 'Wife Swap's' Alicia Guastaferro sues ABC for $100 Million

NY Daily News 3/23/10 New Jersey mom Marian Drago doesn't regret 'nightmare' of a stint on ABC's 'Wife Swap'

NY Post 3/23/10 TV 'Wife Swap' kid sues show for $100M

Reality TV Fans 3/13/10 Casting Call  - Wife Swap

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/9/09 Balloon Saga Floats Wife Swap’s Richard and Mayumi Heene into the Reality TV Hall of Shame

Reality TV World 11/13/09 Parents of former 'Wife Swap' family plead guilty to balloon boy hoax

Reality TV World 11/12/09 Lawyer: Ex-'Wife Swap' family to plead guilty to alleged balloon hoax

Reality TV World 10/23/09 Affidavit: Ex-'Wife Swap' Heene family's mom said balloon was hoax

Reality TV World 10/21/09 FAA investigating ex-'Wife Swap' Heene family's alleged balloon hoax

Reality TV World 10/21/09 Lifetime pulls rerun of Heene family's first 'Wife Swap' appearance

E!Online 10/21/09 Lifetime Swaps Out Balloon Brood

Reality TV World 10/20/09 Police question associate of former 'Wife Swap' balloon hoax family

Reality TV World 10/18/09 Sheriff: "Balloon Boy" saga was a hoax concocted to land reality show

Reality TV World 10/18/09 Former 'Wife Swap' family to face charges over "Balloon Boy" saga

Reality TV World 10/16/09 Former 'Wife Swap' family denies "Balloon Boy" saga was a big hoax

E!Online 10/16/09 Sheriff States the Obvious on Balloon Clan: "This Is Not a Typical American Family"

Reality TV Fans 10/15/09 Colorado Family Featured on Wife Swap Involved in Balloon Mishap

Reality TV Magazine 10/16/09 WifeSwap Update: Falcon Heene Is Found Alive And At Home

Reality TV World 10/15/09 Family of balloon boy was twice featured on ABC's 'Wife Swap'

E!Online 10/15/09 Wife Swap Family Breathing Sigh of Relief for Balloon Boy

Reality TV World 10/15/09 Former two-time 'Wife Swap' family at center of "Balloon Boy" incident

Zap2It 10/15/09 Balloon Boy and family were on 'Wife Swap'

LA Times 10/15/09 Cable news networks riveted by 'balloon boy' [updated]
Reality TV World 6/11/09 Former 'Wife Swap' mother accused of stabbing her husband

Jam! 6/11/09 Did 'Wife Swap' mom stab hubby?

Cinema Spider 6/5/09 A Thrifty Mom and a Spending Free Spirit Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 5/1/09 A Halloween Obsessed Family and a Strict Traditional Family Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 4/24/09 A Cowboy Family and a Vegan Astrologer Family Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 4/17/09 A Pioneer Family and a Wealthy Materialistic Family Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV World 4/13/09 'Wife Swap' producers considering show about transgendered mayor 

Cinema Spider 4/10/09 A Sweepstakes Obsessed Mom and a Party Animal Mom Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 4/3/09 A Biker Family and a Irish Step Dancing Family Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 3/27/09 A Demolition Derby Mom and a Fanatical Boot Camp Mom Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Fans 3/20/09 A Real Estate Power Couple and a Prankster Family Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Fans 3/13/09 Two Favorite Families Swap Lives Again Tonight on the 100th Episode of Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 3/9/09 Wife Swap Marilyn and Martial Arts
Reality TV Fans 3/6/09 A Martial Arts Family and a Unconventional Family of Actors Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Magzine 3/2/09 Wife Swap: Spoiled Milk
Reality TV Fans 2/27/09 A Yoga Mom and a Dairy Farmer Mom Tonight on Wife Swap

Cinema Spider 2/18/09 A Wife Who Supports Her Husband's Dreams of Stardom Friday on "Wife Swap"
Reality TV Magazine 2/16/09 Wife Swap: Fantasy and Family Time
Reality TV Fans 2/13/09 A Fantasy Adventure Mom and a Overachiever Mom Tonight on Wife Swap

Cinema Spider 1/22/09 A Rastafarian Mom and a Money-Minded Mom Tomorrow on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 1/12/09 Wifeswap: Pageant Mom vs. Rugged Rollerderby Diva
Reality TV Magazine 12/13/08 Wife Swap Parties and Plays!
Reality TV Fans 12/12/08 A Sweepstakes Obsessed Mom and a Party Animal Mom Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 11/24/08 Wife Swap Rocker Mommy Swaps With Mom of 9!

Chicago Sun-Times 11/18/08 Lakemoor Man Swaps His Wife For Another
Reality TV Fans 11/14/08 A No-Nonsense Mother of Nine Featured Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 11/10/08 Wife Swap Discipline And Dancing
Celebrity Spider 11/7/08 Wife Swap: Strict Super-Mom vs. A Supportive Free-Spirit Tonight on ABC
Reality TV Fans 11/7/08 A Rigid Super Mom and a Free Spirited Mom Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 11/3/08 Wifeswap Dreadlocks vs. Discipline
Reality TV Magazine 11/3/08 ABC Wife Swap Casting Hockey Families
Reality TV Magazine 11/3/08 ABC Wife Swap Casting Salvage Yard Families

Reality TV Fans 10/31/08 A Rastafarian Mom and a Disciplinarian Mom Tonight on Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 10/31/08 Wife Swap: Rasta Mom Swaps With Money-Minded Mom Tonight On ABC
Reality TV Magazine 10/30/08 Wife Swap Casting For Superstar Families
Reality TV Magazine 10/25/08 WifeSwap: SwampWife vs. The Ballerina!
Celebrity Spider 10/24/08 Wife Swap: A Cajun Woman Swaps With A Ballerina Tonight On ABC
Reality TV Fans 10/24/08 A Cajun Swamp Woman and a Cultured Ballerina Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 10/20/08 Wife Swap Lobsters and Living Large!
Celebrity Spider 10/16/08 Wife Swap: Maine Lobsterwoman Swaps Lives With California Princess Tomorrow on ABC
Reality TV Magazine 10/16/08 Wife Swap Now Casting

Reality TV Magazine 10/13/08 Wife Swap Powerlifting and Princesses
Celebrity Spider 10/9/08 Wife Swap: 'The Beast' This Week On ABC

Reality TV Magazine 10/6/08 Wife Swap Storm's Brewing!
Reality TV Fans 10/3/08 A Tornado Chaser and a Saftey Conscious Mom Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Fans 9/23/08 Wife Swap Asks Viewers to Vote for Families to Appear on 100th Episode
Reality TV Fans 9/17/08 A Perfectionist and a Bounty Hunter Switch Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 9/2/08 Wife Swap Is Seeking Smart Homes
Reality TV Magazine 8/14/08 Wife Swap: Wrestling Family Swaps With Artistic Cafe Owner Family

RealityWanted.com 6/18/08 Wife Swap Now Casting
Reality TV Magazine 5/14/08 Wife Swap: Tanya Ives Swaps with Pam Coste...
Telegraph 5/7/08 Husband dies after appearing on Wife Swap
Celebrity Spider 5/1/08 A Perfectionist and a Bounty Hunter Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap"
Celebrity Spider 4/30/08 It's Classy vs Sassy Tonight on "Wife Swap"
Reality TV Magazine 4/30/08 Wife Swap: Stephanie Sundstrom Swaps with Joy Tower...
Reality TV Magazine 4/23/08 Wife Swap: Kathy Stockdale Swaps with Laurie Tonkovic…
Celebrity Spider 4/23/08 A Country Mom and a Free Spirited Mom Tonight on "Wife Swap"
The Review 4/23/08 Band set for summer concert set to appear on ABC's 'Wife Swap' tonight
Canton Repository 4/19/08 Stark family to be on 'Wife Swap'
Rockford Register Star 4/17/08 Poplar Grove family finds ‘Wife Swap’ educational
Buffalo News 4/15/08 Think you want to star on a reality show? Think again
Celebrity Spider 4/2/08 A Kickboxer Mom and a Karaoke Mom Tonight on "Wife Swap"
Reality TV Magazine 3/26/08 Wife Swap: The Gillette Family and the Turner Family...
Celebrity Spider 3/26/08 An Upper Class Wife and a Carnival Wife Tonight on "Wife Swap"
Berkshire Eagle 3/26/08 Pittsfield couple get air time on popular TV show
Evening Sun 3/20/08 'Wife Swap': Local band appears on reality show  
Reality TV Magazine 3/19/08 Wife Swap: Teresa Ketchum Swaps with Donna Sheron
Celebrity Spider 3/19/08 A Sports Crazed Wife and an Artistic Cafe Owner Tonight on "Wife Swap"
ABC 2 3/18/08 Frederick Mom is on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 3/12/08 Wife Swap: The Grafs and the Medicis Swap...
Reality TV Links 3/12/08 Casting Call - Wife Swap 
WMUR 3/12/08 N.H. Woman Recounts Experience On 'Wife Swap'
Union Leader 3/7/08 Wife swaps dirndl for bodybuilders

Celebrity Spider 3/6/08 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Wife Swap"

Mom Logic 3/6/08 'Wife Swap' Moms: Would They Do It Again?

Celebrity Spider 3/5/08 A Pet Funeral Home Mom and a Shock Jock Mom Tonight on "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Magazine 3/5/08 Wife Swap: Cat and the Cat Cremator

Northwest Herald 3/5/08 Swap meet

Times Union 3/5/08 'Wife Swap' manages to put fun in its place

San Antonio Express News 3/4/08 Wednesday's 'Wife Swap' spotlights S.A. mom

Northwest Herald 3/2/08 Swap meet

Reality TV Magazine 2/27/08 Wife Swap: The Coal Miner, the Ghost Hunter, and a Dad-Mom

Courier Press 2/27/08 Ky. family trades comfort for 'Wife Swap'

Northwest Herald 2/27/08 Huntley family stars on 'Wife Swap'

Louisville Courier Journal 2/27/08 'Wife Swap' plays up family's 'backwoods of Kentucky' ties

Daily Herald 2/26/08 Huntley ghost-hunters scare Kentucky woman on 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 2/21/08 A Coal Miner's Wife and a Ghost Hunting Wife Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Magazine 2/20/08 Wife Swap: The Glamazon vs. Colonel Mommy

ABC 2/20/08 Wife Swap Star One of Lowcountry's Own

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 A Rock and Rock Wife and a Former Military Wife Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Magazine 2/13/07 Wife Swap: The Battle of the Bible

Pawtucket Journal 2/13/08 Wife Swap visits Pawtucket tonight

Maryland Gazette 2/13/08 Potomac mom trades lives with rock-and-roll wife for reality show

Reality TV Links 2/7/08 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 2/7/08 A Battle of Liberal vs Conservative Religious Beliefs Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 1/31/08 The Wife of a Truck Puller and a High Maintenance Wife Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 1/30/08 A Burlesque Dancer and A Lumberjack Wife Tonight on "Wife Swap"

Kitsap Sun 1/28/08 Burlesque Dancer to Show Off Mothering Moves in ‘Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 1/23/08 A Carefree Wife and A Super Perfectionist Tonight on "Wife Swap"

MySA.com 1/23/08 'Top Chef' contestant for new season has South Texas roots

Buddy TV 1/20/08 Top Chef: Harold Dieterle Talks Thai

The Province 1/13/08 Flavours anyone can warm up to

ABC 1/23/08 Local family on Wife Swap

Monroe News 1/22/08 Swapping wives, changing lives - on TV

Modesto Bee 1/22/08 'Wife Swap' show brings 'magic' to Modesto family

Toledo Blade 1/16/08 Toledo family makes magic on 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 A Drill Sergeant Mom & a Prank Loving Mom Switch Tonight on Wife Swap

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/8/08 It's all in good television fun for couple in 'Wife Swap'

Frederick News Post 1/7/08 Wife Swap: Popular ABC reality show comes to film in Frederick

Celebrity Spider 1/2/08 A New Season of "Wife Swap" Premieres Tonight on ABC

The Indy Channel 1/2/08 Hoosier Quaker Trades With Millionaire Mom In 'Wife Swap'

Post Gazette 1/2/08 Family to appear on ABC reality show 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV Links 12/29/07 Casting Call - Wife Swap

WKBW-TV 12/28/07 Williamsville family swaps wives on Reality TV Show

Broadcast & Cable 12/18/07 Lifetime Acquires Off-Network Rights to Wife Swap

KVAL 8/4/07 Eugene pair use reality TV to get message out

Honolulu Advertiser 7/28/07 'Wife Swap' seeks Isle family

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 A Laid Back Mom and a Controlling Mom Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 A Cowgirl and a Demanding Wife Switch Places Monday on "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 5/29/07 A Boxing Mom and Competitive Eating Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 A Pushover Mom and a Psychic Mom Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Alaska Star 5/17/07 Wife Swap seeking Alaskan contestants

Wise County Messenger 4/25/07 Las Vegas diva

Celebrity Spider 4/21/07 A Flashy Diva Mom and a Scrap Yard Mom Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 4/14/07 A Redneck Mom & a Status Conscious Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

Reality TV Links 4/12/07 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 4/7/07 A Competitive Coach and Chat Room Mom on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 3/12/07 A Beauty Queen and Blue Collar Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 A Squeaky Clean Mom and an Unorganized Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 3/3/07 A Ballroom Dancer and a Prison Guard Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 2/27/07 A Rodeo Champ and a Social Butterfly Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

Middletown Journal 2/26/07 'Swap' gives Springboro wife new view

Dayton Daily News 2/26/07 Local 'Wife Swap' mom:'I wasn't expecting the deer urine.'

Celebrity Spider 2/24/07 A Pirate Mom and a Professional Organizer on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

Media Life 2/24/07 In 'Wife Swap,' ABC has an ideal mate

Reality TV World 2/22/07 'Wife Swap' appearance sparks child abuse calls for Iowa family

Celebrity Spider 2/20/07 A "Princess" Mom and an Overworked Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

Des Moines Register 2/19/07 'Wife Swap' sends Iowa farmer to San Francisco

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 A Farm Wife and a Polished City Wife Next Week on Wife Swap

Columbia Daily Tribune 2/12/07 Hickman, MU grad's Grammy; Mid-Mo. family on 'Swap'

The Eagle 2/10/07 Brenham musicians participate in 'Wife Swap'

The Ranger 2/9/07 Student punk group manager to appear on 'Wife Swap' Monday

Celebrity Spider 2/6/07 An Ultra Conservative Mom & A Rock Star Hopeful Next Week on Wife Swap

Daytona Beach News Journal 2/6/07 'Swap' contrived, but DeLand family smiles anyway

Westside Star 2/5/07 Meeks/Hoover “Wife Swap” set to air Monday

Orlando Sentinel 2/5/07 Central Florida families on 2 shows tonight

Celebrity Spider 1/30/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 1/27/07 ABC Announces Early Series Pick-Ups of Supernanny and Wife Swap

Zap2It 1/26/07 ABC Unscripted Troika Returning

Poughkeepsie Journal 1/22/07 Local family featured on tonight’s ‘Wife Swap’

Record Online 1/22/07 Mother goes to Texas for TV’s ‘Wife Swap

WTVG 1/17/07 Local family on 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 1/16/07 A Model and a Farm Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

Detroit Free Press 1/15/07 Local mom is happy to 'Swap'

Celebrity Spider 1/9/07 A Religious Mom & a Tattooed Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

Daily Press 1/8/07 'Wife Swap' has local roots

Celebrity Spider 1/2/07 A Body Builder and A Little Person Switch Families Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Calendar 12/19/06 Mommie Dearest Vs. Hard Hat Mom

Celebrity Spider 12/12/06 A Husband Dials 911 During a Fight With His New Wife on the Next "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Calendar 12/12/06 Favorite Mom Swaps With Mountain Mom: Episode 13 Recap

Celebrity Spider 12/5/06 A Pageant Mom & a Mom That Shuns Makeup Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Calendar 12/5/06 Sergeant Mom Meets The Hot Mom: Episode 12 Recap

Macomb Eagle 11/29/06 'Not a snowball's chance in hell' Macomb family featured on Wife Swap views with friends, family

Reality TV Calendar 11/28/06 Peeper Parents And The Big Whatever: Episode 11 Recap

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 A Militaristic Mom and a Pushover Mom Switch Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Trentonian 11/22/06 Burlington Co. family to appear on 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 11/21/06 A Laid Back Mom and a Controlling Mom Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Herald Dispatch 11/19/06 ABC's show Wife Swap is looking for coal miner cast

PhillyBurbs 11/18/06 Local woman appears on 'Wife Swap'

Marion Star 11/15/06 Local skating rink hosts 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV Calendar 11/14/06 Bossypants Mom And The Rhinestone Cowdork: Episode 10 Recap

New West 11/14/06 Jerome Family Paints Idaho Rhinestone-y on TV’s Wife Swap

Reality TV Links 11/10/06 Casting Call - ABC Looking for Unique Families for Reality Series

Celebrity Spider 11/7/06 A Cowgirl and a Demanding Wife Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap"

SoundSlam 11/2/06 ABC's 'Wife Swap' Turns Hip Hop, Interested Families Stand Up

TV Robot 10/31/06 Wife Swap, Lesson Swap

Reality TV Calendar 10/31/06 Don't Drink The Kool-Aid: Episode 9 Recap

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 A Wiccan and Traditional Mom Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Reality TV Calendar 10/24/06 Team Dork Meets The Anarchists: Episode 8 Recap

Celebrity Spider 10/17/06 A Baseball Obsessed Mom & Tattooed Punk Rock Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

Redding Searchlight 10/13/06 'Wife Swap' wants biking mamas

Celebrity Spider 10/10/06 A Redneck Mom & a Status Conscious Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

Reality TV Calendar 10/10/06 Stuff The Hot Dog - Pump That Iron: Episode 6 Recap

WJAC TV 10/9/06 Local Couple On National TV

Sun-Sentinel 10/8/06 So you want to be on TV? Here's a harsh reality

Celebrity Spider 10/3/06 A Boxing Mom and Competitive Eating Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

Reality TV Calendar 10/3/06 Dance USA Vs. Cop Land: Episode 5 Recap

Celebrity Spider 9/26/06 A Ballroom Dancer and Prison Guard Next Week on Wife Swap

Reality TV Calendar 9/26/06 The Gamers Vs. The Medalists: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/26/06 Satan And The Doormat Meet The Goths: Episode 3 Recap

TV Robot 9/25/06 Wife Swap 'Aint No Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

Celebrity Spider 9/19/06 A Competitive Coach and Chat Room Mom on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

Reality TV Calendar 9/19/06 Pirates Are Cool, Fine Ain't So Good: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/19/06 Wayne, You're Still A Jerk! Episode 1 Recap

Albany Democrat Chronicle 9/19/06 Baurs’ getting responses from ‘Wife Swap’

Reality TV Links 9/18/06 Casting Call - ABC Searches for Motorcycle Enthusiast Families

Seattle Times 9/18/06 Arrr! Take my matey, will ye?

Celebrity Spider 9/13/06 A Pirate Mom and a Professional Organizer on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 9/7/06 A Beauty Queen and Blue Collar Mom on the Season Premiere of Wife Swap

Central Kentucky News Journal 9/3/06 Does life mirror reality (TV)

Reality TV Links 8/25/06 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Journal Register 8/18/06 Tooth Fairy turns down a shot at TV's 'Wife Swap'

Albany Democrat 8/4/06 Albany couple trading spouses for ‘Wife Swap’

Reality TV Links 7/27/06 Casting Call - Wife Swap

NY Times 7/5/06 Israel's Version of 'Wife Swap,' in Which Cultures and Religions Collide

Celebrity Spider 6/20/06 A Wiccan and Traditional Mom Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 6/13/06 A Pastors Wife and an Atheist Swap Places on the Next Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 6/5/06 A Police Detective and Surrendered Wife Trade Places on the Next "Wife Swap"

Rochdale Observer 10/28/05 ‘Upmarket’ house swap for TV Lizzy

Celebrity Spider 5/16/06 Season Finale of Wife Swap Monday, May 22nd

American Farm 5/9/06 Delaware family featured in ABC's 'Wife Swap' episode

Press of Atlantic City 5/7/06 Reality TV show scouts talent at O.C. block party

San Angelo Standard-Times 5/2/06 Dividing Duties

The Enquirer 5/1/06 Local family stars tonight on 'Wife Swap'

WCPO 5/1/06 Local "Wife Swap" Couple Shares Their Story

Cincinnati Post 5/1/06 Mason family featured on 'Wife Swap'

Press of Atlantic City 4/28/06 ‘Wife Swap' coming to Ocean City

WCPO 4/28/06 Local Couple Featured On "Wife Swap"; Fist Fight Concludes Episode

Community Press 4/26/06 Mom gets 'swapped' on TV

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 A Rodeo Champ and a Social Butterfly Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

Phillyburbs.com 4/25/06 ‘Wife swap’ turns into a family affair

Celebrity Spider 4/18/06 Preview April 24th Episode of Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 An Etiquette Teacher & the Mother of Three Wild Boys This Week on Wife Swap

10 News 4/10/06 North County Mom Featured On 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 4/4/06 An Iron Fisted Mom and an Easygoing Mother Next Week on Wife Swap

Reality TV Links 3/29/06 Casting Call – Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 3/28/06 A Free Spirit and Southern Baptist Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

The Boston Channel 3/24/06 Former R.I. Reality Show Participant Charged With ID Theft

Providence Journal 3/24/06 Wife Swap husband faces fraud charge

Celebrity Spider 3/21/06 A Freak Show Performer & A Beauty Queen Switch Places on the next "Wife Swap"

Reno Gazette-Journal 3/19/06 My husband: Why won't he swap me?

Celebrity Spider 3/14/06 A Wife Swap Classic Episode to Air March 20th

First Coast News 3/13/06 Jacksonville Mother Appears in ABC's "Wife Swap"

Flint Journal 3/11/06 Swappers Swamped 

Robertson County Times 3/8/06 White House mother experiences a different world in ‘Wife Swap’

Celebrity Spider 3/7/06 A Medieval Mom and a 21st Century Mom Featured on the next "Wife Swap"

Providence Journal 3/5/06 Do you dare to share?

Seattle PI 3/1/06 Casting call: Wife Swap wants you

Celebrity Spider 2/28/06 A Wiccan and Traditional Mom Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 A Modeling Agency Executive & Traditional Country Woman on the Next "Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 2/20/06 ABC Special "Wife Swap Saved My Marriage" to Air Tonight

NY Times 2/20/06 There's No Place Like Home. Who Knew?

Go Memphis 2/18/06 The reality effect

Post Courier 2/18/06 Couple credit 'Wife Swap' show for turnaround

Asbury Park Press 2/16/06 "Wife Swap" family finds happiness in their original roles

North Journal 2/16/06 Family credits reality show with improving their life

News Transcript 2/15/06 Local family to make return to network TV

NY Daily News 2/9/06 In 'Swap,' she traded up
Celebrity Spider 2/7/06 A Hunter and an Environmentalist Switch Place on the Next Wife Swap

Philly.com 2/2/06 Bucks mom brings zing to a modest Tenn. family

Celebrity Spider 1/31/06 A Shopaholic and a Country Mom Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

NY Times 10/16/05 Supercalanormalistic

Philly.com 1/24/06 Life on the farm

Princeton Packet 1/19/06 Family participates in ABC's "Wife Swap."

Asbury Park Press 1/14/06 "Wife Swap" mother gets an eye-opener

Reality TV Links 1/10/06 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 1/10/06 A Kung Fu Master Mom on the next Wife Swap

Newswire Today 1/10/06 Wife Swap to Feature Children’s Fitness Mentor

ABC 13 1/9/06 Local family featured on ABC reality show

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/8/06 Reality TV comes to the Santa Cruz Mountains

Daily News 1/6/06 Family featured on 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 1/3/06 A Husband Dials 911 During a Fight With His New Wife on the Next "Wife Swap"

News OK 1/2/06 Suit alleges unfair portrayal

Brenham Banner Press 12/24/05 ‘Wife Swap' participant says she made impact on ‘no rules' family

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Husbands Swap and the Wives Stay Home on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 12/13/05 A Do-Good Mom and A High Maintenance Wife Switch on the Next Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 12/10/05 Wife Swap Makers Sued

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 A Police Detective and Surrendered Wife Trade Places on the Next "Wife Swap"

Celebrity Spider 11/30/05 A Family That Lives on a Bus is Featured on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

After Ellen 11/30/05 Don’t Quote Me: Wife Swap

ABC12.com 11/28/05 Local mom makes appearance on 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 11/22/05 A Pastors Wife and an Atheist Swap Places on the Next Wife Swap

Reality TV World 11/21/05 'Wife Swap' husband sues show for sending family a gay man

NY Post 11/21/05 Gay 'Swap' Suit

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 11/18/05 Area man sues for gay 'Wife Swap'

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 Fitness Obsessed Mom Swaps Lives With Sofa Loving Mom on Wife Swap Nov 21st

WTVQ 11/14/05 "Wife Swap" Makes Another Stop in Kentucky

Celebrity Spider 11/13/05 A Hunting Mom Swaps With a Animal Rights Activist on Wife Swap, Nov 14th

Projo.com 11/1/05 R.I. housewife not desperate, just swapping for reality show

Courier-Journal 10/24/05 Eminence mom gets 'Wife Swap' duty

NY Daily News 10/22/05 'Wife' plays by the rural

Kentucky.com 10/21/05 Kentuckian's Wife Swap Episode Airs Monday

Reality News Online 10/14/05 Wife Swap, Yonts/Jan-Turan: I Feel Pretty

The Aspen Times 10/14/05 Aspen's red-hot spousing market

Narrowsburg River Reporter 10/13/05 Love, art and ‘Wife Swap’

Messenger-Inquirer 10/12/05 'Wife Swap' puts Beechmont on map

The Wayne Independent 10/10/05 Damascus Woman to Appear on ABC Reality Series ‘Wife Swap'

WBKO 10/10/05 Muhlenberg County Family on Wife Swap

The Eagle 10/2/05 Mom gets a dose of reality

MSNBC 9/30/05 Baseball meets punk on ‘Wife Swap’

Post Standard 9/23/05 North Syracuse family harassed after TV show

Globe and Mail 9/23/05 Wife Swap family claims harassment

Charlotte.com 9/20/05 Charlotte woman on 'Wife Swap' tonight

TV Week 9/13/05 'Wife Swap' Improves ABC's Monday

Clarion Ledger 9/12/05 'Wife Swap' shakes up Starkville household

Boston Channel 9/12/05 Malden Mom To Appear On 'Wife Swap'

Hartford Courant 9/12/05 Polar Opposites In `Swap'

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal 9/11/05 Starkville mom signs up for 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV Links 9/2/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Celebrity Spider 8/29/05 ABC Announces Wife Swap Premiere September 12th
Star Telegram 8/28/05 Wanna swap?

Media Guardian 8/26/05 Supernanny meets Wife Swap? Reality TV firms discuss tie-up

Fort Mills Times 8/12/05 Family ready to make swap for reality TV fame

Reality TV Links 7/28/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Reality TV Links 7/28/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap (New York)

Digital Spy 7/9/05 Changes in store for US 'Wife Swap'

The State 6/22/05 Maybe you ought to be on reality TV

Tribune-Review 6/18/05 ABC looking to 'Swap' ultra-feminine wife

Reality TV Links 6/16/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap on ABC Network

Reality TV Links 6/1/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Media Guardian 5/18/05 US makers of Wife Swap pay $10m for second series

Aberdeen American News 5/18/05 Area: Families sought for 'Wife Swap'

The Tennessean 5/11/05 Restaurateur pleads guilty, will attend anger classes

The Star 5/8/05 Heated exchange

Reality TV Links 5/4/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap

Reality TV World 4/28/05 ABC to air four new reality shows and new 'Wife Swap' episodes this summer

WRIC 4/19/05 Wife Swap Casting Call

Russellville Courier 4/16/05 ABC television show seeks area families

Grand Forks Herald 4/9/05 She's 'Livin' La Vida Loca' -- but would swap

Reality TV Links 4/6/05 Casting Call - Wife Swap

York Daily Record 3/31/05 Be on ABC's 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV World 3/28/05 Production of ABC's 'Wife Swap' halted after father arrested for child abuse

Digital Spy 3/28/05 'Wife Swap' filming 'halted after child abuse'

Reality News Online 3/28/05 Vacation Swap, Episode 1: Aspen Skiing Vs. Cow Field Camping

Fans of Reality TV 3/25/05 The Rich, the Loud, and the Fart Joke That Brought Them Together

Entertainment Weekly 3/25/05 Reality Hit

Tennessean 3/24/05  Husband's arrest halts 'Wife Swap' production

Metro 3/24/05 Wife Swap crew tackles abusive father

WKRN 3/23/05 "Wife Swap" father arrested on child abuse charges

Providence Journal 3/23/05 Wife Swap stars tell all: Reality TV part real, part script

SF Chronicle 3/22/05 'Wife Swap' Breaking Down Barriers in U.S.

Reality News Online 3/21/05 Wife Swap, Episode 18, Cedarquist/Oeth: Welcome to the Nut House

South Coast Today 3/20/05 'Wife Swap' participants needed

Digital Spy 3/19/05 'Wife Swap' contestant stayed in hotel

Fans Of Reality TV 3/18/05 Wife Swap 3/16 recap: "Chickens in the Burbs and Nuts in the Trees"

Salon 3/17/05 Wives' tales

Portsmouth Herald News 3/17/05 Exchange wives, exchange lives

Celebrity Spider 3/16/05 ABC Announces "Vacation Swap"

WPVI 3/16/05 Bucks Family to Appear on "Wife Swap"

PhillyBurbs.com 3/16/05 Treehouse not a home for Bucks mom

NY Times 3/16/05 One Show's Unexpected Lessons in Reality

Times Argus 3/14/05 Family finds reality TV is not what it's cracked up to be

County Courier 3/10/05 Wife Swap or life swap?

Reality News Online 3/8/05 Wife Swap, Episode 17, Patrick/Leierwood: War! What Is It Good For?

Fans of Reality TV 3/4/05 When Philosophies Attack

Pioneer Press 3/2/05 Pacifist mom seizes TV bully pulpit

Courier Journal 3/2/05 'Wife Swap' sends anti-war activist to battle Kentucky family

Pine Bluff Commercial 2/28/05 Dollarway graduate to appear on 'Wife Swap' on Wednesday

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/05 Not Always Black and White...Except When It Is

Reality News Online 2/25/05 Wife Swap, Episode 16, Flummerfelt/Bray: White Men Can't Strut

Garden City Observer 2/24/05 Family finds reality TV isn't really reality

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/05 Wife Swap Does Boss Swap

Baltimore Sun 2/22/05 A Baltimore family relishes its 'Wife Swap' discoveries

KTRK 2/22/05 "Wife Swap" show episode becomes nightmare for local family

Detroit Free Press 2/22/05 Race takes a backseat to reality TV squabbles in episode featuring Westland family

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/05 I'm Dying to Get Off This Bus

Reality News Online 2/19/05 Wife Swap, Episode 15, Pyke/Smith: Rolling Over

WCPO 2/17/05 Indiana "Wife Swap" Mom Tells Her Side Of The Story

MediaFiends.com 2/17/05 - 2/16: Help! I'm being held hostage by my Dad on a BUS!

MediaFiends.com 2/17/05 - 2.16.05: Dad's Screwed Up Priorities

SouthFlorida.com 2/16/05 Life on the road collides with reality in Wife Swap

WCPO 2/16/05 Indiana "Wife Swap" Mom Tells Her Side Of The Story

Courier-Journal 2/15/05 'Wife Swap' mom's new family 'dys-FUN-ctional'

Reality TV Hall of Shame 2/14/05 Hypocrite, Thy Name is Kris - Kris Gillespie from 'Wife Swap'

Digital Spy 2/12/05 'Wife Swap' ep including gays praised

Fans Of Reality TV 2/11/05 Wife Swap 2/9 recap: "The Right-Wing Bigot versus the Nice Lesbians"

Reality News Online 2/11/05 Wife Swap, Episode 14, Boone Luffey/Gillespie: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Arizona Republic 2/10/05 'Wife Swap' features Phoenix lesbian couple

AfterEllen.com 2/10/05 When Conservatives Attack: Wife Swap's Lesbian Episode

MediaFiends.com 2/10/05 - 2.9.05 Wife Swap: Hypo's Excellent Adventure

MediaFiends.com 2/10/05 - 2/9: Hey! My New Mommy is a Bigot!

East Mountain Telegraph 2/10/05 Swap Wife And Learn Lesson

AZCentral.com 2/9/05 Conservative, lesbian clash on 'Swap'

Torrington Telegram 2/9/05 TV’s ‘Wife Swap’ targets ranchers

TVRules 2/9/05 Wife Swap: #116 Pyke/Smith 2/16/2005 Preview

Boston Herald 2/9/05 `Wife' will leave viewers feeling cheated

The Times Argus 2/9/05 Swap meet

Commercialappeal.com 2/9/05 'Wife Swap' goes to extreme, abruptly taking an ugly turn

The Advocate 2/8/05 Rough trade

Rutland Herald 2/5/05 ‘Wife Swap’ seeks Vt. recruits

Fans of Reality TV 1/23/05 How to Dismantle an Atomic Family

Reality TV Calendar 1/21/05 How Insane Is This Woman?

Reality News Online 1/21/05 Wife Swap, Episode 13: Fontaine/Herman - The Clutter Shall Set You Free

MediaFiends.com 1/20/05 1.19.05 Wife Swap

The Day 1/19/05 The Moms Are Switched, The Families Enlightened

Dayton Daily News 1/18/05 Area family unhappy with TV experience

Reality News Online 1/16/05 Wife Swap, Episode 12: Parsons/Bramhall: The Kids Aren't All Right

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/05 When You Bleep the Parrot, You've Gone Too Far

Reality TV Calendar 1/13/05 A Loose Moose and the Detroit Mob: Commentary by Alisa

MediaFiends.com 1/13/05 - Let me be the first to rip out the Tongue Stud!

MediaFiends.com 1/13/05 - 1.12.05 Wife Swap

NY Times 1/12/05 The Moms Are Switched, the Families Enlightened

Detroit Free Press 1/12/05 A single mom from Taylor enjoys 60 minutes of fame on tonight's episode of 'Wife Swap'

NY Daily News 1/12/05 'Swap'ing suburbs for 'squalor'

Star Ledger 1/12/05 'Wife Swap" motives

Detroit News 1/11/05 Mom swaps families - and gets dose of reality

Montclair Times 1/6/05 Trading home bases: Montclair mom takes the ‘Wife Swap’ challenge

TVRules 1/6/05 Wife Swap: Fontaine/Herman 1/19/2005 Preview

Reality News Online 12/20/04 Wife Swap, Episode 11: Burkhalter/Elliott - Can't We All Just Get Along? Yes, We Can!

Fans of Reality TV 12/17/04 All the Whos Down in Whoville Had Credit Cards and Cell Phones

Natchez Democrat 12/16/04 'Swapped' wife relieved after broadcast

Reality TV Calendar 12/16/04 Boot Camp and Club Med: Episode 11 Recap

Contact Music 12/16/04 Wife Swap Makers Sue US Copycat

Zap2It 12/16/04 'Wife Swap' Producers Sue FOX over 'Spouses'

BBC 12/16/04 Wife Swap makers sue US 'copycat'

MediaFiends.com 12/15/04 - 12/15/04 Wife Swap

St Petersburg Times 12/15/04 'Wife Swap' producers sue Fox over show

The Natchez Democrat 12/15/04 Natchez wife: How real will 'reality' show be?

WJLA 12/15/04 Local Woman Seen Tonight on 'Wife Swap'

Washington Post 12/15/04 Strict Mom Takes On Spoiled Home for TV

Reality News Online 12/14/04 Wife Swap, Episode 10: Aguirre/Ray: What Is This "Bible" Thing They Keep Talking About?

TVRules 12/12/04 Wife Swap: Burkhalter/Elliott 12/15/04 Preview

Fans Of Reality TV 12/10/04 Wife Swap 12/8 recap: "Pierced Punks and the Puritans Who Pray For Them"

Seattle PI 12/10/04 Wife exchange is eye-opening viewing

Reality TV Calendar 12/9/04 Head Bangers Vs. Bible Thumpers: Episode 10 Recap

MediaFiends.com 12/9/04 Wife Swap 12/8/04

Reality News Online 12/6/04 Wife Swap, Paiss/Davis: Same Show, Only Hairier

Manhunt 12/4/04 Aguirre Family on Wife Swap

MediaFiends.com 12/3/04 Wife Swap: Hubbies do the switching; wives do the bitching

Fans Of Reality TV 12/2/04 Wife Swap, 12/1: The Biker and the Bongo-Beater

Reality TV Calendar 12/2/04 Biker Madman Meets Organic Lunatic: Episode 9 Recap

Philly.com 12/1/04 Spouse-trading shows expose real America

USA Today 12/1/04 'Wife Swap' does a Daddy switcheroo

NY Daily News 12/1/04 Why 'Wife Swap' really hits home

Milwaukee Journal 11/30/04 It's the men's turn on ABC's 'Wife Swap'

TVRules 11/30/04 Wife Swap: Aguirre/Ray Families 12/8/04 Preview

Denver Post 11/29/04 Harley meets tofu as hubbies trade homes for "Wife Swap"

TVRules 11/28/04 Wife Swap: Zev/Kenny 12/1/04 Preview

Reality News Online 11/22/04 Wife Swap, Harris/Van Noy: Real Men Scrub Lockers

Fans Of Reality TV 11/19/04 Wife Swap 11/17 recap: "Chauvinists, Shrews and the Submissives Who Love Them"

MediaFiends.com 11/18/04 Wed 11/17: Wife Swap--Kim makes Redneck Cry

Reality TV Calendar 11/18/04 You're Not the Boss of Me Anymore! Episode 8 Recap

Star Telegram 11/17/04 Get a 'Wife' -- or just swap with someone else

Journal Star 11/17/04 Former Lincolnite on 'Wife Swap'

Reality News Online 11/15/04 Wife Swap, Episode 7: Bittner/Reimer: Like Getting Hit With a Whacker

The Mirror 11/15/04 'Hillbilly' woodcutter and Manhattan heiress swap in U.S. version of TV hit

Fans Of Reality TV 11/11/04 Wife Swap Recap: Get These Barley-Swilling Robots Out of My Face!

Reality TV Calendar 11/11/04 Give Me Liberty or At Least A Burger! Episode 7 Recap

Reality News Online 11/9/04 Wife Swap, Smith/Weiner: Survival of the Fittest

Chicago Sun-Times 11/8/04 'Wife Swap' serves up alternate reality

Fans Of Reality TV 11/5/04 Wife Swap 11/03: "Of Strudels and Stairmasters".

Fans Of Reality TV 11/5/04 11/03 recap: "Of Strudels and Stairmasters"

Reality TV Calendar 11/4/04 Hurricane Dena & Earthquake Dawne Invade: Episode 6 Recap

Pioneer Press 11/3/04 'Wife Swap' makes ABC happy

Reality News Online 11/2/04 Wife Swap, Episode 5 – Ghanis/Stallones: Normal vs. the Nut

NY Daily News 11/2/04 Remarried to 'Wife'

Digital Spy 11/2/04 ABC confirms full 'Wife Swap' season

Tampa Bay Online 11/1/04 2 Weeks Of Mom Swap 2 Too Many For Family

TV Week 11/1/04 ABC Picks up 'Wife Swap' for Full Season

Zap2It 11/1/04 ABC Will Swap Wives All Season

Hollywood Reporter 11/1/04 ABC 'Swap' meet year round

Zap2It 10/31/04 'Wife Swap' Explores Family Reality

Asbury Park Press 10/30/04 'Wife Swap' family gets star treatment after reality show

Fans Of Reality TV 10/28/04 Wife Swap 10/27 recap: "Zen and the Art of Dustbunny Maintenance"

Reality TV Calendar 10/28/04 Help Me Karma, Help Me Get Her Out of My House! Ep 5 Recap

NY Daily News 10/27/04 'Wife' recalls grime spree

Asbury Park Press 10/26/04 'Wife Swap' too real for local family

Reality News Online 10/25/04 Wife Swap, Episode 4: Cowed By Your New Life

Fans Of Reality TV 10/22/04 Wife Swap 10/20 recap: "The Milkmaid and the Emasculating Diva"

Reality TV Calendar 10/21/04 Who Stinks More--Christie or the Cows? Episode 4 Recap

Observer-Dispatch 10/20/04 'Wife Swap' experience reminds local woman there's no place like home

News Transcript 10/20/04 ‘Wife Swap’ will feature area family

KATC3 10/20/04 Sign up for Wife Swap

State Gazette 10/18/04 From The Farms to the farm Baker selected for ABC's 'Wife Swap'

Journal Gazette 10/13/04 ‘Wife Swap’ provides family insight, not sex

Reality News Online 10/11/04 Wife Swap, Episode 3: When Beavers Go Up in Smoak

Knox News 10/8/04 Consider this reality show a 'teaching moment' ... really

Fans of Reality TV 10/8/04 No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Recap (10/6 recap)

Reality TV Calendar 10/7/04 Tree Huggers and Gun Lovers: Episode 3 Recap

The Kansas City Channel 10/7/04 'Wife Swap:' Tree Huggers Vs. The Hunters

KATV 10/6/04 Arkansas Woman to Appear on ABC's 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV Calendar 10/3/04 Pistol Packin' Mama - Next Episode Preview

Media Life 10/1/04 'Wife Swap' spoils Wednesday for NBC

Fans of Reality TV 10/1/04 A Tale of Four Nannies and One Woodpile (9/29 recap)

Reality Shack 10/1/04 A Rich Bitch, A Country Bumpkin, and A Three Legged Dog - Wife Swap, Episode 2

Reality News Online 10/1/04 Wife Swap, Episode 2: It's Me Time

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/04 Help! I'm a Spoiled Bitch, Get Me Out of Here! Ep 2 Recap

Kansas City Channel 9/30/04 'Wife Swap:' The Wood-Cutter Vs. The Princess

Media Life 9/29/04 'Wife Swap,' great fun stuff with a point

Deseret News 9/29/04 'Wife Swap' will try to be positive

Boston Globe 9/29/04 ABC's 'Wife' is divorced from real life

Palm Beach Post 9/29/04 'Wife Swap' asks, 'Who's my mommy?'

Courier Journal 9/29/04 Diverse moms get a reality check in 'Wife Swap'

Washington Post 9/29/04 'Wife Swap': A Welcome Change

NY Daily News 9/29/04 A change for the better

NY Times 9/29/04 The Latest Reality Show Twist: Take My Wife, Please

Newsday 9/29/04 Tell Mom she's traded

Atlanticville Independent 9/28/04 Manalapan mom swaps life on reality TV show

Republican American 9/28/04 Waterbury family says TV show warps reality

Extra 9/28/04 A Mile in Her Shoes

Digital Spy 9/28/04 Strong premiere for 'Wife Swap' in US

Reality TV Calendar 9/28/04 Episode Two Preview

Reality HQ 9/28/04 Wife Swap - Sneak Peak - Premiere Wednesday

Mercury News 9/27/04 Fox clone is no match for classy `Wife Swap'

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/04 A Tale of Two Spouses: Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 9/27/04 Wife Swap, Premiere Episode: Meet the Felix and the Oscar Households

TV Week 9/27/04 'Makeover' and 'Wife Swap' win ABC Sunday

Sun-Sentinel 9/26/04 ABC debuts the real Wife Swap

Post Gazette 9/25/04 TV Previews: 'Wife Swap' a light sociological study

Times Dispatch 9/25/04 Couples say 'I do' to reality TV

State Gazette 9/24/04 Bakers to be on Oprah today

Bergen Record 9/24/04 Wives trade places and wreak havoc

Chicago Sun-Times 9/24/04 Moms trade places, cultures clash, ABC fumes

SF Chronicle 9/24/04 Pit sugary good against smarmy evil and you've got a wash on Sunday night

CTV 9/22/04 With Award-Winning Formula, Wife Swap Makes its North American Debut

Digital Spy 9/11/04 'Wife Swap' producer may sue FOX

Media Guardian 9/10/04 American Wife Swap in 'copycat' row

Digital Spy 9/9/04 C4 to air American 'Wife Swap'

Post Dispatch 8/24/04 Mom-swap shows are surprisingly insightful

Milwaukee Journal 8/16/04 Milwaukee family says no to ABC reality

NY Times 8/15/04 Swap My Wife, Please

Philly.com 8/11/04 'Trading Spouses,' 'Wife Swap'; how did it get to this?

Press Release 8/4/04 Casting Call - Wife Swap

SF Chronicle 7/22/04 Relax -- these reality shows don't mean the sky is falling

Berkshire Eagle 7/18/04 Reality show seeks recruits

Orlando Sentinel 7/15/04 Despite name, 'Wife Swap' might be a needed change

Beacon Journal 7/13/04 `Wife Swap' reality show worth wait

Journal Gazette 7/13/04 On TV, these are the days of our wives

NY Daily News 7/13/04 Once in a wife-time 'Swap'

Post Gazette 7/5/04 ABC swapping everything

Philly.com 7/4/04 'Wife Swap' seems a sure thing (it's not what you think)

Denver Post 7/1/04 Riveting "Wife Swap" trades on desire for better life

Media Guardian 6/29/04 US networks in Wife Swap contest

Reality TV World 6/28/04 Fox "borrows" another concept-'Trading Spouses' rips off 'Wife Swap'

Reality TV World 6/28/04 ABC greenlights 2 'Wife Swap' spinoffs: 'Husband Swap' and 'Boss Swap'

Digital Spy 6/28/04 'Wife Swap' spinoffs ordered in US

Zap2It 6/28/04 ABC Plans to Start Swapping Everything

Hollywood Reporter 6/28/04 ABC will 'Swap' bosses, hubbies

Hollywood Reporter 6/26/04 'Wife Swap' spawns pilots with hubbies, bosses

Press Release 6/25/04 Casting Call – Wife Swap on ABC

Digital Spy 6/5/04 'Wife Swap' recommissioned in US

Wisconsin State Journal 5/20/04 'Swap' concept is just stupid

BBC 5/20/04 Wife Swap wins US prime-time slot

Independent 5/20/04 'Wife Swap' leads UK invasion of American prime-time television

Media Guardian 5/19/04 Wife Swap and The Office win US slots

WSBtv.com 5/13/04 Looking to 'Swap' Families?

Vail Daily 5/11/04 15 minutes of familial fame

Guardian 2/17/04 Outrage over 'racist' Wife Swap

Herald Mail 2/15/04 Reality show has received local interest

TheBostonChannel.com 2/9/04 Swap Your Family For New Reality Show?

TheIndyChannel.com 2/9/04 Indiana Families Sought For New Reality TV Show

NewsNet5.com 2/9/04 Ohio Families Sought For New Reality TV Show

Baxter Bulletin 2/5/04 New program 'The Swap' is searching for entrants

Daily World 2/3/04 Reality TV show scouts for families

The Weatherford Democrat 2/2/04 Locals invited to apply for new family reality show

Argus Online 1/11/04 Local teen gets dose of reality

Cumberland Times 12/26/03 ABC’s ‘The Swap’ looks for Cumberland moms

Times Leader 12/14/03 In reality, show audition not a total bust

Scranton Times 12/14/03 Local Families Set To 'Swap'

Zap2It 11/13/03 ABC Wants More 'Makeover,' Gets Ready to 'Swap'

Press Release 11/12/03 Casting Call - The Swap

Ananova 10/17/03 Wife Swap has made life 'living hell'

Zap2It 10/9/03 ABC Swings to 'Wife Swap'

Media Guardian 10/8/03 Wife Swap heads for America

Press Release 4/22/02 ABC Casting Call for The Swap

SignOnSanDiego.com 3/15/03 Take my wife, please: Show lets people swap

Zap2It 1/25/03 ABC Picks Up British Show 'Wife Swap'


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