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TV Guide 4/25/12 The Secret Circle's Shelley Hennig: Diana Isn't Too Happy with Being a Balcoin

Examiner 4/22/12 'The Secret Circle' 1.21 'Prom' photos and spoilers

MTV 4/20/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Crystal'

BuddyTV 4/19/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Meet the Other Blackwell

Scripted TV Fans 4/19/12 Disturbing Theories About The Events Of Sixteen Years Ago Arise Tonight on The Secret Circle

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/12 'The Secret Circle': Gale Harold Teases 'Shocking' Blackwell Reveal, Finale Predicaments

Examiner 4/12/12 'Vampire Diaries' 3.20 and 'Secret Circle' 1.20 photos released

Examiner 4/5/12 'Secret Circle' 1.19 'Crystal' photos, Joe Lando teases season finale

MTV 3/30/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Sacrifice'

BuddyTV 3/29/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: We'll All Burn Together

Scripted TV Fans 3/29/12 Jake And Cassie Discover Eben’s Shocking Plan Tonight on The Secret Circle

Zap2It 3/27/12 'The Secret Circle': Adam falls out of love with Cassie, becomes instantly 100% more awesome

Scripted TV Fans 3/25/12 The Secret Circle 3/22/12 “Curse” Episode Recap

MTV 3/23/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Curse'

BuddyTV 3/22/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: This Curse is Berserk

Scripted TV Fans 3/22/12 Cassie And Adam Attempt To Reverse The Curse On Their Love Tonight on The Secret Circle

Entertainment Weekly 3/22/12 'The Secret Circle' star Phoebe Tonkin on facing off with crazy Eva: Faye is 'scared for her life'

Zap2It 3/22/12 'The Secret Circle' star Phoebe Tonkin: Will Faye, Diana, and the Circle turn on Cassie?

Scripted TV Fans 3/21/12 The Secret Circle 3/15/12 “Lucky” Episode Recap

Examiner 3/21/12 'The Secret Circle' 1.17 'Cursed' sneak peek: The curse revealed

Zap2It 3/19/12 'The Secret Circle' preview: Could Melissa be John Blackwell's child? Plus, Cassie and Adam put Jake in danger

MTV 3/16/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Lucky'

BuddyTV 3/15/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Comatose Crazy

Scripted TV Fans 3/15/12 Blackwell Is Up To His Old Tricks Tonight on The Secret Circle

Entertainment Weekly 3/15/12 'The Secret Circle' boss previews tonight's episode: Parents behaving badly

Examiner 3/13/12 'The Secret Circle' 1.18 'Sacrifice' photos: A message for Blackwell

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/12 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Secret Circle' vicious and sexy extended promo -- Exclusive Video

Examiner 3/12/12 'The Secret Circle' 1.16 'Lucky' sneak peek: A new man for Diana

Examiner 3/4/12 'Secret Circle' 1.17 'Curse' photos: Cassie and Blackwell get closer

Zap2It 3/1/12 'The Secret Circle' casts John de Lancie (aka Q) as Chris Zylka's grandfather

Examiner 2/26/12 'Secret Circle' 1.16 'Lucky' photos: Is John Blackwell up to evil?

MTV 2/17/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Return'

BuddyTV 2/16/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Blackwell, Backdown

Scripted TV Fans 2/16/12 An Evil Figure From Cassie’s Past Returns To Claim The Medallion Tonight on The Secret Circle

Examiner 2/16/12 'Secret Circle' set photos and sneak peek: Cassie surprised by daddy

Examiner 2/12/12 'Secret Circle' 1.15 'The Return' sneak peek: Ashes and danger

MTV 2/10/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Valentine'

BuddyTV 2/9/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Sleeping Over

Scripted TV Fans 2/9/12 Faye And Melissa Throw An Anti-Valentine’s Day Slumber Party Tonight on The Secret Circle

Zap2It 2/9/12 'The Secret Circle' Valentine's Day madness: Romance in all the wrong places

TV Guide 2/8/12 Exclusive Secret Circle First Look: Cassie's Witch Issues Turn Deadly

Examiner 2/5/12 'Vampire Diaries' 3.15 and 'Secret Circle' 1.15 photos released

MTV 2/3/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Medallion'

Scripted TV Fans 2/2/12 Cassie Receives A Terrifying Warning About The Witch Hunters’ Return Tonight on The Secret Circle

Zap2It 2/2/12 'Secret Circle' stars Phoebe Tonkin and Shelley Hennig talk 'Fayana' phenomenon: What's to come?

TV Guide 2/1/12 The Secret Circle Scoop: Diana's New Love, John Blackwell's Arrival and the Balcoin Child

Entertainment Weekly 1/31/12 'The Secret Circle': Cassie comes face-to-face with her father, John Blackwell -- Exclusive Photos

Examiner 1/30/12 'Secret Circle' episode 1.13 'Medallion' sneak peeks, 1.14 photos

Zap2It 1/25/12 'The Secret Circle' so far: What we love (and what we'd love to change) about the magic and the madness

Zap2It 1/24/12 'Secret Circle' casts 'Once Upon a Time's' Tim Phillipps, and he has a yacht

MTV 1/20/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Witness'

BuddyTV 1/19/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Fire and Blackwell

Examiner 1/19/12 'The Secret Circle' 1.12 'Witness' sneak peeks and casting news

Hollywood Reporter 1/19/12 Chris Zylka on Jake's Motives, Tension With Adam and the Identity of the New Blackwell

TV Guide 1/18/12 The Secret Circle: Jake Is Back! Will the Other Balcoin Child Be Revealed?

Zap2It 1/17/12 'The Secret Circle' casting exclusive: Lee LaBeque's ex wakes up from her coma

Examiner 1/15/12 'Vampire Diaries' 3.14 and 'Secret Circle' 1.13 photos and spoilers

TV Guide 1/14/12 Exclusive: The Secret Circle Casts Cassie's Mysterious Father John Blackwell

Examiner 1/13/12 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.12 'Witness' photos and spoilers

MTV 1/13/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Fire/Ice'

BuddyTV 1/12/12 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Hot and Cold

Scripted TV Fans 1/12/12 Adam Asks Cassie To The Fire And Ice Dance Tonight on The Secret Circle

Entertainment Weekly 1/12/12 'Secret Circle' star Britt Robertson: 'I don't want Cassie to be fully evil'

Digital Spy 1/12/12 'Secret Circle' Grey Damon: 'Lee is definitely dangerous'

Examiner 1/11/12 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.11 'Fire and Ice' sneak peek

TV Guide 1/11/12 The Secret Circle's Britt Robertson: Cassie Is Ready For Love

Examiner 1/6/12 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.11 'Fire and Ice' photos and preview

MTV 1/6/12 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Darkness'

Scripted TV Fans 1/5/12 Cassie Reveals Her Deepest Secret Yet Tonight on “The Secret Circle”

TV Guide 1/4/12 The Secret Circle: Where We Were — and What's Next

Zap2It 1/4/12 'The Secret Circle' exclusive clip: Cassie tries to kill Adam with her brain

Examiner 1/2/12 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.11 'Fire and Ice' photos and spoilers

Zap2It 1/2/12 'The Secret Circle' spoilers: 'Darkness' makes Cassie so much cooler

BuddyTV 12/30/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 11 Photos: Faye Meets a Bad Boy in 'Fire and Ice'

Examiner 12/23/11 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.10 'Darkness' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 12/22/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 10 Photos: 'Darkness'

Examiner 12/22/11 'Secret Circle' episode 1.10 'Darkness' sneak peek: Cassie gets evil

Examiner 12/21/11 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Secret Circle' 2012 return posters and spoilers

BuddyTV 12/20/11 Burning Questions We Want Answered by 'The Secret Circle'`

Zap2It 12/14/11 'The Secret Circle' E.P. talks fan interaction, dark magic, and romantic entanglements

Examiner 12/9/11 'The Secret Circle': Chris Zylka now series regular, new set photo

Zap2It 12/7/11 'The Secret Circle': Chris Zylka joins the Circle full-time -- plus, scoop on his big return

Zap2It 11/29/11 'The Secret Circle' gains 'Community's' Lauren Stamile as a new psychic friend

Examiner 11/25/11 'Secret Circle' spoilers: How long before Cassie's dark side surfaces?

Zap2It 11/16/11 'Secret Circle' balances the ratio: Michael Graziadei and Sammi Rotibi to guest star

Examiner 11/14/11 'The Secret Circle' 2012 return spoilers: Cassie embraces the dark

MTV 11/11/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Balcoin'

BuddyTV 11/10/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: The Mileage of Lineage

BuddyTV 11/10/11 'The Secret Circle's' Andrew Miller and Gale Harold Dish on Fall Finale and Beyond

Zap2It 11/10/11 'The Secret Circle' brews its best episode yet: 'Balcoin' toils with trouble

Scripted TV Fans 11/10/11 Cassie And Jake Dig Deeper Into Her Father’s Lineage Tonight on The Secret Circle

Examiner 11/10/11 'The Secret Circle': Gale Harold teases midseason finale 'Balcoin'

E!Online 11/10/11 The Secret Circle Midseason Finale: Major Jake and Cassie Drama! Plus, Four Other Things to Expect

TV Guide 11/9/11 7 Quick Spoilers From The Secret Circle's Midseason Finale

BuddyTV 11/4/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 9: A Fancy Party for 'Balcoin'

MTV 11/4/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Beneath'

BuddyTV 11/3/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Truth or Truth

Scripted TV Fans 11/3/11 The Circle Searches For Cassie’s Missing Grandmother Tonight on The Secret Circle

Examiner 11/3/11 'Vampire Diaries' episode 3.08 and 'Secret Circle' episode 1.08 - preview

Entertainment Weekly 11/3/11 'The Secret Circle': Britt Robertson teases Cassie's dip into dark magic, the impending love triangle

Zap2It 11/3/11 'Secret Circle' star Britt Robertson: 'Cassie definitely grows a pair in this episode'

Digital Spy 11/3/11 'The Secret Circle' Britt Robertson teases love triangle

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/11 'The Secret Circle': Tension builds between Charles and Dawn -- Exclusive Video

TV Guide 11/2/11 The Secret Circle's Britt Robertson Dishes on the Mystery of John Blackwell

Digital Spy 11/1/11 'The Secret Circle' star teases Jake choices

Examiner 10/28/11 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.08 'Beneath' photos and spoilers

MTV 10/28/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Masked'

Zap2It 10/28/11 'Secret Circle' recap: Halloween Hate Crimes

BuddyTV 10/27/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Bound Bad

Scripted TV Fans 10/27/11 Cassie’s Halloween Party Attracts Some Uninvited & Dangerous Guests, Tonight on The Secret Circle

Examiner 10/27/11 'Vampire Diaries' episode 3.07, 'Secret Circle' episode 1.07 - preview

Zap2It 10/27/11 'The Secret Circle's' Chris Zylka on the romance factor and replacing a beloved character

TV Guide 10/26/11 Can The Secret Circle's New Bad Boy Go Good?

Zap2It 10/25/11 'The Secret Circle' ups the hot quotient: Grey Damon hits Chance Harbor

TV Guide 10/24/11 The Secret Circle Exclusive: Hunter's Stepfanie Kramer to Play Creepy Charles' Mom

Scripted TV Fans 10/21/11 The Secret Circle: Love Triangle

Examiner 10/21/11 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.07 'Masked' photos and spoilers

MTV 10/21/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Wake'

BuddyTV 10/20/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: We Just Wanna Know Why

BuddyTV 10/20/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 8: More Photos (and Drinking!) in 'Beneath'

Scripted TV Fans 10/20/11 Faye Plots Her Revenge On A Guy Who Broke Her Heart Tonight On The Secret Circle

Hollywood Reporter 10/20/11 'The Secret Circle' Co-Star Previews 'Tenuous' Family Relationships, Flashbacks and ..

TV Guide 10/19/11 The Secret Circle Boss Dissects Nick's Death and the Coven's Possible Replacement

BuddyTV 10/18/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 8 Photos: Icky Things Lie 'Beneath'

Examiner 10/17/11 'The Secret Circle' releases new dark promotional posters

Scripted TV Fans 10/16/11 The Secret Circle 10/13/11 “Heather” Episode Recap

Examiner 10/14/11 'The Secret Circle' episode 1.06 'Wake' photos and preview

MTV 10/14/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Slither'

Zap2It 10/14/11 'The Secret Circle' shocker: Louis Hunter on Nick's early demise

BuddyTV 10/13/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 7: Halloween Photos from ‘Masked’

Scripted TV Fans 10/13/11 Nick & Faye Help Melissa Track Down Her Family’s Book Of Shadows Tonight On The Secret Circle

Examiner 10/13/11 'Secret Circle' episode 1.05 'Slither' preview: A demon claims Melissa

TV Guide 10/13/11 The Secret Circle Love Triangle Scoop: Diana Is Losing Faith

Zap2It 10/12/11 'Secret Circle,' 'Hart of Dixie' picked up for full seasons on The CW

E!Online 10/12/11 The Secret Circle Sneak Peek: What's Demon Melissa Up To?

Examiner 10/10/11 'Secret Circle': New Thomas Dekker photo and love triangle spoilers

Scripted TV Fans 10/8/11 The Secret Circle 10/6/11 “Heather” Episode Recap

Examiner 10/7/11 'Secret Circle': Episode 1.05 'Slither' photos and preview released

Entertainment Weekly 10/7/11 'The Secret Circle' recap: What's Your Damage, Heather?

MTV 10/7/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Heather'

BuddyTV 10/6/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 5 Photos: Magical Intrigue in 'Slither'

BuddyTV 10/6/11 'The Secret Circle' Episode 6: The Diner and a Hot Boy in 'Wake'

Scripted TV Fans 10/6/11 Cassie Helps A Woman Injured By The Circle Years Ago Tonight On The Secret Circle

Examiner 9/30/11 'Secret Circle' 1.03 'Loner' recap, 1.04 'Heather' photos and preview

MTV 9/30/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: 'Loner'

BuddyTV 9/29/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Best of 'Loner'

Scripted TV Fans 9/29/11 Melissa Sees A School Dance As An Opportunity To Get Closer To Nick Tonight On The Secret Circle

Examiner 9/29/11 Previews: 'Vampire Diaries' episode 3.03 and 'Secret Circle' episode 1.03

Zap2It 9/29/11 'The Secret Circle's' Phoebe Jane Tonkin: Just how bad is Faye?

TV Guide 9/28/11 First Look Video: The Secret Circle’s Secret Is Coming Out

Examiner 9/27/11 New 'The Secret Circle' set photos with Jessica Parker Kennedy released

Examiner 9/23/11 'The Secret Circle' 1.02 recap, 1.03 preview: Circle is forced to bind

Gather 9/23/11 'The Secret Circle' Spoilers: Louis Hunter Dishes on Bad Boy Nick

MTV 9/23/11 'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Bound'

Entertainment Weekly 9/23/11 'The Secret Circle' recap: Explosions in the Sky

BuddyTV 9/22/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: Best of 'Bound'

Scripted TV Fans 9/22/11 Cassie Attempts To Distance Herself From The Others Tonight On The Secret Circle

Examiner 9/22/11 Previews: 'Vampire Diaries' 3.02 and 'Secret Circle' 1.02

Digital Spy 9/22/11 'The Secret Circle' star: 'Faye's just misguided'

Examiner 9/20/11 'The Secret Circle': New cast photos featuring Thomas Dekker released

Entertainment Weekly 9/19/11 'The Secret Circle': First Look at seven sexy new photos! -- Exclusive

Entertainment Weekly 9/16/11 'The Secret Circle' series premiere recap: Toil and Trouble

MTV 9/16/11 'The Secret Circle' Recap: 'Pilot'

Zap2It 9/16/11 'The Secret Circle' premiere: Spellbound by Phoebe Tonkin and Gale Harold

BuddyTV 9/15/11 'The Secret Circle' Premiere Recap: Best of 'Pilot'

BuddyTV 9/15/11 'The Secret Circle' Review: Something Bewitching About Supernatural Teens

Scripted TV Fans 9/15/11 A Group Of Friends Possess Extraordinary Powers Tonight On The Secret Circle Series Premiere

TV Guide 9/15/11 Fall TV Preview: The Secret Circle

E!Online 9/15/11 Save It or Sink It: Did The Secret Circle Put a Spell on You?

Zap2It 9/15/11 'The Secret Circle' review: Bewitched, bothered and Britt Robertson

Post Gazette 9/15/11 Nothing bewitching about 'The Secret Circle'

TV Guide 9/14/11 Meet The Secret Circle's Secret Coven of Witches

Zap2It 9/12/11 'The Secret Circle' premiere: Watch it now, and tell us what you think

Zap2It 9/12/11 'The Secret Circle' premiere: Watch it now, and tell us what you think

E!Online 9/9/11 Fall TV Preview: Damon, Stefan and Elena Who?! Get Ready to Fall for The Secret Circle's Power Trio

BuddyTV 9/7/11 'The Secret Circle' Photos: Watch Everyone Play with Fire

Media Life 9/6/11 'The Secret Circle,' few secrets to tell

Zap2It 9/6/11 'The Secret Circle' photos: Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge make malicious look magnificent

Examiner 9/2/11 New 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Secret Circle' cast photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 9/1/11 'The Secret Circle' Official Cast Photos

BuddyTV 8/31/11 'The Secret Circle': Photos from the Premiere Episode

Digital Spy 8/30/11 Britt Robertson: 'Secret Circle role is challenging'

Digital Spy 8/25/11 'Spider-Man' star Chris Zylka wins 'Secret Circle' role

BuddyTV 8/17/11 New 'The Secret Circle' Videos: The Cast Spills Series Secrets

Zap2It 8/13/11 'The Secret Circle' on The CW: All about Nick Armstrong and Melissa Glaser

Zap2It 8/10/11 'The Secret Circle' preview: Will Gale Harold make us love the bad guy?

Digital Spy 8/5/11 'The Secret Circle' exec 'not planning Vampire Diaries crossover'

TV Guide 7/24/11 Comic-Con: Will The Secret Circle Series Stay True to the Novels?

Examiner 7/23/11 New previews: 'Vampire Diaries', 'Nikita', 'Secret Circle', and 'Ringer'

TV Guide 7/20/11 Exclusive: Check Out the New Trailer for CW's The Secret Circle

Scripted TV Fans 6/9/11 Secret Circle – Britt Robertson Interview

Scripted TV Fans 6/5/11 The CW Network Announces New 2011 Fall Series “The Secret Circle”

BuddyTV 6/1/11 'The Secret Circle' and 'Ringer' Full Trailers: Get the Whole Story

Digital Spy 5/26/11 Thomas Dekker happy with 'Secret Circle' role

BuddyTV 5/25/11 'The Secret Circle' and 'Ringer' Full Trailers: Get the Whole Story

Zap2It 5/24/11 'Life Unexpected's' Britt Robertson talks 'Secret Circle's' Cassie

Digital Spy 5/24/11 Britt Robertson 'excited about Secret Circle'

Zap2It 5/20/11 'The Secret Circle': Gale Harold gets devious on screen and off

BuddyTV 5/19/11 First Look at the CW’s New Shows ‘Ringer,’ ‘Hart of Dixie’ and ‘The Secret Circle’
Zap2It 5/19/11 'The Secret Circle' video preview: Get ready for the season of the witch on The CW

Zap2It 5/19/11 'The Secret Circle' photos: First look at The CW's coven of witches

BuddyTV 5/17/11 The CW Picks up 'Secret Circle' and 'Hart of Dixie,' Renews 'One Tree Hill'

Gather 5/17/11 'The Secret Circle' with Thomas Dekker Coming This Fall to CW

TV Guide 4/29/11 Video: Secret Circle's Thomas Dekker Shares a "Steamy" Moment From the Pilot

Digital Spy 4/12/11 Adam Harrington to guest in 'Secret Circle'

Zap2It 3/24/11 'The Secret Circle' pilot loses a coven member

Zap2It 3/21/11 'The Secret Circle' finds its Nick: Louis Hunter

Zap2It 3/21/11 Natasha Henstridge joins The CW's 'Secret Circle' pilot

Zap2It 3/18/11 'The Secret Circle': Shelley Hennig cast as coven leader Diana

Zap2It 3/15/11 'The Secret Circle' finds its Faye: Phoebe Tonkin

Zap2It 2/18/11 'The Secret Circle' scoop: All the insider information on Kevin Williamson's new pilot

TV Guide 2/18/11 Life Unexpected's Brittany Robertson to Star in CW's Secret Circle

Zap2It 2/17/11 Britt Robertson cast in The CW's 'Secret Circle' pilot, Who is she playing?


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