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News Articles about NBC Networks The Restaurant


Reality News Online 6/1/04 The Restaurant, Season 2, Episode 4: Couples Therapy

Reality TV Calendar 5/30/04 The Restaurant: Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/30/04 The Restaurant: Episode 4 Recap

FOX News 5/27/04 NBC: Rocco, We Made a Mistake

RealityTVWorld 5/25/04 NBC's Zucker says NBC "made a mistake" by dropping 'The Restaurant'

Zap2It 5/24/04 NBC Banishes 'Restaurant' to Saturdays

Reality TV World 5/24/04 NBC exiles 'The Restaurant' return to Saturday evenings

Reality TV World 5/17/04 NBC pulls 'The Restaurant' from its May sweeps schedule, returns in June

Reality News Online 5/17/04 The Restaurant Taken Off NBC’s Menu… For Now

Reality Reel 5/14/04 Someone Needs A Time Out: Still No Closer To A Solution

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/04 The Restaurant: Mama's Meatballs - The Authentic Recipe

Reality News Online 5/12/04 The Restaurant, Season 2, Episode 3: Mamma Knows Best

Fans Of Reality TV 5/11/04 The Restaurant ll "We Have No Bananas Today"

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/04 The Restaurant: Episode 3 - Rocco & The CIA

The Trades 5/11/04 The Restaurant - Episode 2-3

Reality Reel 5/10/04 Cast Viewing Party for NBC's "The Restaurant" Tonight!

Herald Sun 5/9/04 Woman gets dish of reality

Reality TV Calendar 5/8/04 The Restaurant: Episode 2 - Captain Duchebag

Reality TV Calendar 5/8/04 The Restaurant: Episode 1 - Second Helpings

Reality TV Hall of Shame 5/3/04 The Intern from Hell: Drew Abruzzese from ‘The Restaurant’

Reality Reel 5/2/04 Fight for the Finish; The Intern From Hell Is Fired

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/04 The Restaurant II "When Alpha Males Attack": Episode 2 recap

Fox News 4/27/04 'The Restaurant' Burns, 'The Swan' Flies With Viewers

NBCMV 4/27/04 NBC Cooks Up a Monday 18-49 Win with 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'The Restaurant'

Reality News Online 4/27/04 Season 2, Episode 2: Captain Douchebag vs. the Intern from Hell

Salon 4/27/04 Reality TV's intern from hell

The Smoking Gun 4/26/04 The Convicted Felon Behind "The Restaurant"

Contra Costa Times 4/26/04 Fowl play: 'Swan' is one ugly ruse

Tufts Daily 4/26/04 'The Restaurant' flounders as an eatery, TV show

Reality TV World 4/26/04 'The Restaurant' struggles in 2nd season premiere, only 6.5 million viewers

Village Voice 4/26/04 The Hard Rocco Café

NY Newsday 4/21/04 Hey, guys, if you can't stand the heat ...

Fans Of Reality TV 4/21/04 The Restaurant II Episode 1 recap: That’s Not Red Ink, It’s Marinara. 4/21/04 Spaghetti Western

Reality TV World 4/20/04 'Restaurant' co-owner Jeffrey Chodorow a convicted felon...

NBCMV 4/20/04 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'The Restaurant' Serve Up Solid Ratings

Reality News Online 4/20/04 The Restaurant, Season 2, Episode 1: Where’s Rocco? 4/19/04 The Restaurant's second season could be scripted for Court TV

NBC 4/19/04 Episode #1 - Season Premiere

Media Life 4/19/04 Hail, hail the 'Apprentice's' sorcerer

Star Ledger 4/19/04 Culinary showdown

Courier Journal 4/19/04 Second helping of 'Restaurant' is spicier

Salt Lake Tribune 4/19/04 'The Restaurant' has the recipe for a tasty night of TV drama 4/19/04 You may acquire a taste for 'Restaurant'

NY Times 4/19/04 Sometimes It's Just Too Hot in the Kitchen

Beacon Journal 4/19/04 Reality show dishes drama

USA Today 4/19/04 Egos stew in 'Restaurant'

Mobile Register 4/19/04 NBC latest reality dish: More of 'The Restaurant'

Wayland Town Crier 4/18/04 Reality TV seasons ex-local chef

Miami Herald 4/18/04 NBC's 'Restaurant' Serving Up Seconds

St Petersburg Times 4/18/04 Another helping, served sizzling hot

NY Times 4/18/04 This Season Our Chef Is Offering Debt and Agita

Dallas Morning News 4/16/04 Will Rocco be baked by investors?

Reality TV World 4/15/04 Rocco DiSpirito and business partners continue trading lawsuits

Zap2It 4/11/04 Meatballs and Madness Return to 'The Restaurant'

NBCMV 4/7/04 Rocco Dispirito of ‘The Restaurant’ Cooks Things Up on 'Days of our Lives' on 4/26

Zap2It 4/6/04 'Restaurant' Chef DiSpirito Countersues Partners

NY Times 4/6/04 Dash of Reality: Restaurateur Answers Back in Civil Lawsuit

NY Times 4/6/04 TV Chef Rocco DiSpirito Files Countersuit

Reality News Online 4/6/04 The Restaurant, Season 2: Coming Back for Seconds

NY Daily News 4/6/04 Rocco cheesed

Reality Reel 3/23/04 'The Restaurant' Returns April 19th With 6 New Episodes

Reality TV World 3/18/04 NBC's second season of 'The Restaurant' to premiere April 19

Zap2It 3/18/04 'Restaurant' Serves Up New Episodes in April

NBCMV 3/18/04 'The Restaurant' & Rocco Dispirito Are Back on April 19 with 6 New Episodes

Reality TV World 2/12/04 Rocco Dispirito being sued by partners for the restaurant's failure

Zap2It 2/11/04 'Restaurant' Partners Sue DiSpirito

NY Times 2/11/04 Partners Sue Rocco, the TV Restaurateur

NY Times 2/11/04 Rocco's (Not the Spaghetti Place)

NY Times 1/23/04 Union Pacific

New Zealand Herald 12/23/03 Latest reality TV restaurant lacks the right ingredients

Zap2It 11/17/03 'The Restaurant' Will Rocco Around the Clock Again

NBCMV 11/17/03 'The Restaurant' Is Back On The Menu At NBC.... 

NY Daily News 11/17/03 2nd helping of Rocco's

Reality TV World 11/15/03 Rocco DiSpirito returning for NBC's 'The Restaurant' sequel

The Age 11/13/03 Surviving and thriving

Reality TV World 11/3/03 Australian network pulls 'The Restaurant' after only 1 episode...

SMH 10/31/03 Nasty Rocco chopped

Zap2It 9/30/03 NBC Orders 'The Restaurant,' But Hold the Meatballs

Reality TV World 9/30/03 'The Restaurant' plans midseason return,but is chef Rocco on the menu?

Reality TV World 9/10/03 NBC's 'The Restaurant' to air on Bravo at 9PM Tuesdays 9/16

Reality TV World 9/9/03 'The Restaurant' producers said to be planning a 'The Casino' spinoff

Zap2It 9/9/03 'Restaurant' Producers Think about New Gamble

Hollywood Reporter 9/9/03 The Vine: 'Restaurant' staff may head to 'Casino' tables

Reality TV Talk 8/29/03 Finale: It Was Just A Six-Week Long American Express Ad

Reality News Online 8/28/03 The Restaurant, Finale: Food as an Aphrodisiac

Reality Reel 8/26/03 Really, it's a big party in the Hamptons anyway

Reality TV World 8/25/03 'The Restaurant' finale draws highest Adults 18-49 ratings of the night

Fans Of Reality TV 8/25/03 The Final Curtain- The Restaurant Recap Episode 6

Reality TV World 8/22/03 NBC interested in a second season of Rocco DiSpirito's 'The Restaurant'

Salt Lake Tribune 8/22/03 Reality TV delivers a few gems

MSNBC 8/21/03 ‘Restaurant’ good TV, bad business

Reality News Online 8/21/03 The Restaurant, Episode 5: Mama’s Boy

Newsday 8/20/03 Credible or Half-Baked?

Reality TV Talk 8/20/03 Ep 5: The Week Before the Week After the Week Before the Finale

Zap2It 8/20/03 Rocco Wants a Second Helping of 'The Restaurant'

Reality TV World 8/19/03 Penultimate episode of 'The Restaurant' draws strongest ratings to date

Reality Reel 8/18/03 Oh Captain my captain?

Fans Of Reality TV 8/18/03 "Meatballs, Mutiny and Mayhem" - The Restaurant recap 8/17

Deseret News 8/16/03 Waiters, actors are the same

Reality TV World 8/15/03 Fourth episode of NBC's 'The Restaurant' draws well in key demos

Fans Of Reality TV 8/14/03 Interview with The Restaurant's Uzay Tumer

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/03 The Restaurant: The FORT Interview with Uzay Tumer

Reality News Online 8/13/03 Flies and Rags – Rocco’s Cited for Health Department Violations

Reality TV World 8/13/03 Rocco's from NBC's 'The Restaurant' cited for minor code violations

Reality News Online 8/13/03 The Restaurant: Reality TV or Irritating Infomercial?

Reality TV Talk 8/12/03 Episode Four: The Adventures of Super Rocco

Zap2It 8/12/03 Rocco's Attracts Fans, Flies

St Petersburg Times 8/12/03 Chefs dish over reality show

NY Daily News 8/12/03 City bugging Rocco restaurant

The Smoking Gun 8/11/03 Rocco, There's A Fly In My Zuppa

Reality News Online 8/11/03 The Restaurant, Episode 4: Take This Job and Shove It

Ad Age 8/11/03 NBC's 'The Restaurant': How Not To Do Brand Intregration

Reality Reel 8/11/03 Super Rocco?

Fans Of Reality TV 8/11/03 "When Darkness Falls" - The Restaurant recap 8/10

Alabama Live 8/10/3 Restaurant' serves up frenzied reality

Metro Weekly 8/7/03 Waiting on Fame

Zap2It 8/6/03 Meatballs and Meltdowns at 'The Restaurant'

Reality TV Hall of Shame 8/6/03 Rocco Dispirito: Elbowing His Way into a Hall of Shame Moment

Reality TV Talk 8/5/03 Episode Three: The Wrath of the Food Critic

Times Picayune 8/5/03 Nirvana it's not

Reality Reel 8/4/03 The natives are getting restless

Reality News Online 8/4/03 The Restaurant, Episode 3: Cold Food and Cold Hearts

Fans of Reality TV 8/4/03 Everything is Cold But the Bread

CNN 8/1/03 The man running 'The Restaurant'

Lowell Sun 8/1/03 This 'Restaurant' is no place to work

Reality News Online 7/30/03 The Restaurant, Episode 2: Where Are My @#%^ Clams?!

Reality TV World 7/30/03 Ratings jump in second episode of NBC's 'The Restaurant' 

Reality TV World 7/29/03 Fellow NYC restaurateur claims 'The Restaurant' scene was staged

The Columbian 7/29/03 On the Table: New York eatery is scene for reality TV

Reality TV Talk 7/29/03 Episode Two: Drama on Opening Day

Reality Reel 7/28/03 Open for business another week.

Fans Of Reality TV 7/28/03 "The Restaurant" Recap - "Nights to Remember"

Dallas Morning News 7/27/03 Review: Drama truly delectable in NBC's 'Restaurant'

Monterey County Herald 7/27/03 Restaurant reality

Extra TV 7/24/03 Rocco DiSpirito

Reality News Online 7/22/03 Episode 1: One Grand Opening, with a Side Order of Stress

NBCMV 7/21/03 NBC Ties for the Sunday Nightlong Win with Its 'Restaurant' Premiere

Reality TV World 7/21/03 NBC's 'The Restaurant' premiere draws 7.7 million viewers

Globe and Mail 7/21/03 Reality TV's plat du jour

Reality Reel Media 7/21/03 The Restaurant is Open for Business

Fans Of Reality TV 7/21/03 “The Restaurant” Recap - “The special for this evening is…”

Reality TV World 7/20/03 NBC releases names and photos of 'The Restaurant' staff

Boston Globe 7/20/03 When product placement is woven into the fabric of a show

SF Chronicle 7/20/03 Reality TV's brutal lens turns to N.Y. restaurant

NY Times 7/20/03 Cash. Fame. Pressure. And Garlic.

Washington Times 7/19/03 'Reality' TV finds 'The Restaurant' to taste

Reality TV World 7/19/03 NBC's 'The Restaurant' funded solely by product placement

Poughkeepsie Journal 7/19/03 Get an inside glimpse of 'The Restaurant'

Baltimore Sun 7/19/03 'Restaurant' tasty, with bit of lard

Salt Lake Tribune 7/19/03 'Survivor' producer serves up creative fare in new reality series

NY Times 7/19/03 Chef Special Is Product Placement

Washington Post 7/19/03 A New Recipe for Reality TV

Star Ledger 7/19/03 Scenes from an Italian restaurant

Post Gazette 7/19/03 Nothing tasty about 'Restaurant'

Newsday 7/18/03 NBC's Recipe: Into the Frying Pan

Media Life 7/18/03 'The Restaurant,' skip the salad

CNN 7/18/03 What could happen in 'The Restaurant'?

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/03 Sponsors on 'Restaurant' menu

USA Today 7/18/03 Critics Corner - The Restaurant

NY Post 7/18/03 Blue-Plate Specials

Finger Lakes Times 7/17/03 Waterloo grad is waiter on NBC reality show

Times Star 7/16/03 Chef gets his restaurant, and a show at the same time

NY Daily News 7/16/03 Rocco-solid reality fare

Rapid City Journal 7/15/03 'Restaurant' Serves Up Dinner Theater

USA Today 7/8/03 This 'Restaurant' hams it up with reality fare

Newsday 6/18/03 Can Rocco carry his three-star appeal to the small screen?

Time 6/16/03 TV Dinners

Reality TV World 6/6/03 NBC's new 'The Restaurant' reality show to premiere July 20th

NBCMV 6/5/03 NBC's New Unscripted Drama 'The Restaurant' Gets Cooking on 7/20

Zap2It 6/5/03 NBC Sets Opening Date for 'The Restaurant'

Newsday 6/4/03 At Rocco's, It's Lights! Camera! Mangia!

Zap2It 5/16/03 NBC's 'The Restaurant' Finds a Home

NY Times 5/10/03 'Hi, I'm Your Waiter, and This Is Reality'

NBCMV 4/9/03 Rocco Dispirito Serves Up National Call to Recruit Staff for 'The Restaurant'

NY Daily News 4/9/03 'Survivor' guru tries reality bites

Zap2It 4/8/03 Help Wanted for NBC's 'Restaurant' 1/30/03 'The Restaurant' Latest Reality Show Concept


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