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Hollywood Reporter 3/5/13 Rachel Zoe Fires Back at Tabloids on Premiere of 'Rachel Zoe Project' (Exclusive Video)

Daily Mail 12/29/12 Boho beach babe Rachel Zoe flaunts her pins in sarong while sunning with husband Rodger Berman in St. Barts

Digital Spy 9/5/12 'The Rachel Zoe Project' picked up for fifth season by Bravo

People 7/18/12 Rachel Zoe Gets Busy Styling Her Son Skyler

US Magazine 3/15/12 Rachel Zoe "Won't Ever See" Brad Goreski's Show

Hollywood Reporter 3/14/12 Why Rachel Zoe Isn't Number One on the 25 Most Powerful Stylists List

Daily Mail 1/2/12 Stylish Rachel Zoe takes her beach baby Skyler for more fun in the St. Barts sun

LA Times 12/29/11 Q&A: Brad Goreski on his new Bravo series and parting ways with Rachel Zoe

Reality TV Magazine 12/28/11 The Rachel Zoe Project's Brad Goreski Launches New Reality Show

Daily Mail 11/18/11 The best dressed baby in Hollywood? Rachel Zoe dotes all over her super stylish son Skylar

Reality TV Fans 10/25/11 Rachel Brings Baby Skyler To Her First Day Back At Work Tonight on The Rachel Zoe Project

Reality TV Fans 10/18/11 Skyler Arrives Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

Reality TV Fans 10/11/11 Joey & Jeremiah Help Out On Rachel’s First Elle Magazine Shoot Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

Hollywood Reporter 10/10/11 Rachel Zoe and Baby Skyler Do All White at the LA Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Reality TV Fans 10/4/11 Rachel Dresses Oscar Host Anne Hathaway For The Awards Show Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

Reality TV Fans 9/27/11 Rachel & Joey Prep For The Oscars Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

Reality TV Fans 9/20/11 Rachel & Rodger Argue About His New Role In The Company Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

USA Today 9/13/11 The latest Rachel Zoe project: A spring line

Reality TV Fans 9/13/11 Rachel & Rodger Launch Her New Line In The Big Apple Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

Daily Mail 9/9/11 'I cried for a week': Rachel Zoe reveals she was in tears after finding out she was having a boy

Us Magazine 9/9/11 Watch Rachel Zoe Do Prenatal Yoga

Reality TV Fans 9/6/11 The Season Premiere Finds Rachel’s Business And Family Growing Tonight On The Rachel Zoe Project

Zap2It 9/6/11 'The Rachel Zoe Project': It's back

Digital Spy 9/6/11 Rachel Zoe: 'My baby Skyler is the greatest thing ever'

Reality TV Magazine 8/1/11 The Rachel Zoe Project Premieres September 6, 2011 On Bravo

E!Online 7/28/11 Rachel Zoe: Dirty Diapers Are Amazing?

Reality TV Fans 7/13/11 Bravo Announces Season Four of “The Rachel Zoe Project” to Premiere September 6

Daily Mail 7/4/11 Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe takes her baby boy on yet another shopping trip

US Magazine 6/28/11 Rachel Zoe's Infant Son Sports Giant Fashionista Sunglasses

US Magazine 6/22/11 Pic: Rachel Zoe Debuts Son Skyler, 3 Months, at Hollywood Bash

Daily Mail 6/20/11 Rachel Zoe's baby Skyler makes his first red carpet appearance and tops the style stakes like his mother

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/11 'The Rachel Zoe Project' Anchors Bravo's New Stylish Summer Tuesdays

Daily Mail 5/24/11 How sweet: Rachel Zoe steps out for some frozen yoghurt with baby Skylar in tow

People 5/5/11 Rachel Zoe: I’m Happier Than I’ve Ever Been

E!Online 4/29/11 Rachel Zoe on Post-Baby Bod: "I'm Eating a Ton and Nursing My Child"

E! Online 4/19/11 Rachel Zoe Shows Off Slender Post-Baby Body

Hollywood Reporter 4/1/11 Rachel Zoe Tweets Baby Photo

People 3/30/11 Meet Rachel Zoe's Baby Boy

People 3/24/11 It's a Boy for Rachel Zoe

Hollywood Reporter 3/9/11 How Rachel Zoe Became Hollywood's Most Powerful Fashion Player

People 2/23/11 Rachel Zoe Celebrates Her Baby Shower

Us Magazine 2/11/11 Rachel Zoe's 10 Most Memorable Quotes

Daily Mail 2/7/11 Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is Still wearing sky-high heels seven months into her pregnancy

Reality TV Magazine 1/11/11 The Rachel Zoe Project: Pregnant Rachel Zoe Reveals Baby Is A Boy

Daily Mail 1/11/11 'I've been told to slow down... but it's impossible,' says pregnant Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe

E!Online 11/19/10 Rachel Zoe: Baby Will Have "Fierce" Name, Says Celeb Pal

Reality TV Magazine 11/18/10 The Rachel Zoe Project: Rachel Confirms Pregnancy

TV Guide 11/17/10 Rachel Zoe (Finally) Confirms She's Pregnant

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/10 The Rachel Zoe Project: Is Rachel Showing?

People 10/20/10 Rachel Zoe: If I Were Pregnant, I'd Be Home Sleeping

E! Online 10/20/10 Rachel Zoe: 4 1/2 Months Pregnant, Having a Boy

E!Online 10/11/10 Rachel Zoe Bumpwatch: "There's Nothing To Report"

E!Online 10/1/10 Is Rachel Zoe Pregnant?

Reality TV Fans 9/30/10 Brad Goreski Leaving Rachel Zoe Camp

TV Guide 9/29/10 Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski Part Ways: Is Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project Over?

People 9/29/10 Exclusive: Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski Calling It Quits — Amicably

Zap2It 9/22/10 'The Rachel Zoe Project' finale: Contempt is the new black

NY Daily News 9/14/10 Rachel Zoe films 'Gossip Girl' cameo during New York Fashion Week: source

Us Magazine 9/14/10 Rachel Zoe: Having a Baby Is "The Only Thing I'm Afraid Of"

E!Online 9/8/10 A Backseat Full of Bile on The Rachel Zoe Project

Zap2It 9/7/10 'The Rachel Zoe Project' preview: Johnny Weir makes Brad Goreski feel butch

Zap2It 9/1/10 'The Rachel Zoe Project': On or off the baby train?

Zap2It 8/17/10 'The Rachel Zoe Project' preview: Naomi Campbell's fashion emergency

Zap2It 8/11/10 'The Rachel Zoe Project': What would Taylor say?

People 8/10/10 Rachel Zoe Feels 'Betrayed' By Former Employee Taylor Jacobson

Entertainment Weekly 8/6/10 Former 'Rachel Zoe Project' star Taylor Jacobson speaks: 'It was a whole s-- talking campaign'

People 8/6/10 Video: Rachel Zoe Dishes On How To Be Stylish On A Budget

NY Post 8/4/10 Do you buy what Rachel Zoe is selling?

TV Guide 8/4/10 The Rachel Zoe Project's Brad Goreski: Without Taylor, "There's Not So Much Tension"

BuddyTV 8/3/10 Sneak Peek: 'The Rachel Zoe Project' Season Premiere

TV Guide 8/3/10 Brad and Rachel's Zoe-called Life

LA Times 8/1/10 TCA Press Tour: Shutting it down with 'The Rachel Zoe Project's' Brad Goreski

TV Guide 7/27/10 Exclusive: Taylor Jacobson: "I Don't Know Anyone Who Hasn't Been Supposedly Fired By Rachel Zoe"

NY Post 7/2/10 Taylor-less trailer for 'Rachel Zoe' season three

Reality TV Fans 6/14/10 Season Three of “The Rachel Zoe Project” to Premiere August 3

TV Guide 1/28/10 Rachel Zoe: Eating Disorder Claims Are "Silly"

Daily Mail 1/14/10 'I'm not too thin,' insists celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe as she reveals Size Zero frame on the beach

People 1/11/10 Rachel Zoe & Kelly Cutrone Make Reality TV Stylish

US Magazine 1/8/10 Rachel Zoe's Estimated Weight: 80 Pounds

E!Online 1/7/10 What's Eating Rachel Zoe?

Zap2It 11/6/09 'The Rachel Zoe Project': Taylor Jacobson parts ways

People 11/6/09 Taylor Jacobson Leaves Rachel Zoe Inc.

Reality TV Fans 10/12/09 Taylor Threatens to Walk Away From Team Zoe Tonight on The Rachel Zoe Project

E!Online 10/6/09 Fashion Is Hell on The Rachel Zoe Project

Reality TV Fans 10/5/09 Rachel and Brad Travel to Paris for Fashion Week Tonight on The Rachel Zoe Project

Small Screen Scoop 10/5/09 Tonight The Rachel Zoe Project shows Fashion Heaven & Fashion Orgasms

Reality TV Fans 9/28/09 Rachel Must Decide to Take Brad or Taylor to Paris Tonight on The Rachel Zoe Project

Reality TV Magazine 9/21/09 The Rachel Zoe Project: Preview Videos For September 21, 2009

NY Post 9/12/09 Spotted: Rachel Zoe

NY Daily News 9/9/09 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Bethenny Frankel slams Rachel Zoe

E!Online 9/1/09 Rachel Zoe Gets Pelted

Media Life 8/24/09 'Rachel Zoe Project,' snips and snipes

NY Post 8/24/09 Brad & Taylor Are TV's Most Divine Duo

USA Today 8/24/09 For Rachel Zoe, fashion is much more than a business

NY Daily News 8/24/09 Bravo's 'Rachel Zoe Project' returns with star stylist as snippy as ever in second season

Zap2It 8/23/09 'Rachel Zoe' sneak peek: Taylor and Brad with the assist

Reality TV Fans 7/2/09 Bravo Announces The Rachel Zoe Project Season 2 Premiere August 25

Zap2It 7/1/09 'Rachel Zoe,' 'Flipping Out' return in August

Entertainment Weekly 6/21/09 Rachel Zoe: Our 2009 Must Tastemaker Shares 34 of Her Favorite Things
Reality TV Magazine 12/13/08 Bravo Renews The Rachel Zoe Project,...
Reality TV World 12/8/08 Bravo renews 'Flipping Out,' 'Rachel Zoe,' 'Million Dollar,' 'Tabatha's'
Los Angeles Times 12/4/08 Exclusive: Bravo sizes up a second season of 'The Rachel Zoe Project'
Celebrity Spider 1/16/08 Bravo Announces New Rachel Zoe Reality Show

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