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Celebrity Spider 7/26/05 Egg Attack Prompts Ashton Kutcher to Punk Benjamin McKenzie

Zap2It 7/18/05 Mabius a Definite for 'The O.C.'

Happycrumb 7/17/05 Jeri Ryan and Eric Mabius joins The O.C.

Celebrity Spider 7/16/05 The OC Star Saves Up For an Elephant

Celebrity Spider 7/16/05 The OC's Adam Brody Overwhelmed By Celebrity Fan Base

Celebrity Spider 7/14/05 The OC and Reunion to Premiere September 8th

Sky News 7/14/05 New Face On The OC

Jam! 7/14/05 Jeri Ryan joining 'O.C.' gang 7/14/05 Mischa's bust up

Zap2It 7/13/05 Ryan Checks into 'The O.C.'

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/05 Ryan relocates to Fox's 'O.C.'

Digital Spy 6/19/05 'OC's' Gallagher voted sexiest TV dad

Celebrity Spider 6/15/05 The OC Preview Clips for June 16th

Celebrity Spider 6/15/05 Mischa Barton Slams The OC Rift Accusations

Celebrity Spider 6/14/05 Adam Brody Bemused By His Sex Symbol Status

National Enquirer 6/13/05 Mischa's Stalker Scare

Celebrity Spider 6/11/05 The OC's Mischa Barton Struggles With Media Attention

Digital Spy 6/11/05 'OC' actor reminisces about spot advert 6/10/05 O.C. creator to speak at Wheeler, his alma mater

Sky News 6/10/05 OC Star Hunts Acne Ad

Celebrity Spider 6/9/05 The OC Star Adam Brody Inspired by Ryan Phillippe

Zap2It 6/6/05 'O.C.' Co-Star Wilde About 'Turistas'

Weekly Standard 6/6/05 The Annotated O.C. 

Zap2It 6/1/05 'O.C.,' 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Lead Teen Choice Nominees

MegaStar 6/1/05 Barton smitten with Jake?

Celebrity Spider 5/31/05 The OC Star's Bogus Birthday

Ventura County Star 5/29/05 'O.C.' TV show has fans looking for the real thing

Television Without Pity 5/25/05 The Dearly Beloved

Celebrity Spider 5/23/05 Catch 'The O.C.' Star Adam Brody in 'Missing Brendan' on Lifetime Television

Entertainment Weekly 5/20/05 Bye-bye, Black Sheep

Salon 5/20/05 Bad boy blues

Chicago Tribune 5/19/05 Priming the pump for finale of `O.C.'

The Sun Herald 5/18/05 TV fans look for the real O.C.

Milwaukee Journal 5/18/05 'O.C.' Finale to Be a Family Affair

Television Without Pity 5/17/05 The O.Sea

Purdue Exponent 5/17/05 The "OC" creates weekly ritual

Milwaukee Journal 5/12/05 George Lucas to Guest Star on 'The O.C.'

USA Today 5/12/05 The annotated 'O.C.': May 5 episode

Entertainment Weekly 5/12/05 The O.C.

Television Without Pity 5/11/05 The Showdown

Soul Shine 5/11/05 New Coldplay Song on 'The OC'

NY Daily News 5/11/05 Mischa to Brandon: 'O.C.'-ya later?

Inside Bay Area 5/10/05 'The O.C.' star makes appearance at UC Berkeley

Palm Beach Post 5/10/05 Q&A with 'The O.C.' creator Josh Schwartz

Palm Beach Post 5/10/05 It's all about 'The O.C.'

Zap2It 5/10/05 Family Ties Draw George Lucas to 'The O.C.'

Television Without Pity 5/9/05 The Return Of The Nana

SF Chronicle 5/8/05 Ogling The O.C.

Zap2It 5/8/05 'O.C.'s' Julie Cooper Strives to Be a Better Mom

TVNZ 5/6/05 The OC crew among hottest stars

Digital Spy 4/29/05 Shock in store for 'OC' finale

Television Without Pity 4/28/05 The O.C. Confidential

Television Without Pity 4/28/05 The O.C. Confidential

Extra 4/27/05 Spring Break, 'O.C.' Style

Celebrity Spider 4/26/05 George Lucas to Guest Star on The OC

Zap2It 4/26/05 The Force Is with 'The O.C.'

MTV 4/26/05 George Lucas Guests On 'The O.C.,' Announces Two 'Star Wars' Series

Coming Soon 4/25/05 Lucas to Guest-Star on The O.C.

Entertainment Weekly 4/22/05 Under-21 Jump Street

USA Today 4/21/05 The annotated 'O.C.': April 14 episode

Seattle PI 4/21/05 Seattle's Own Death Cab for Cutie to appear on 'The O.C.'

USA Today 4/21/05 The annotated 'O.C.': April 7 episode

Chicago Sun-Times 4/21/05 Adding bands to a series sounds great, but it's tricky

Television Without Pity 4/20/05 The Rager

Zap2It 4/18/05 Donovan Sails Back to 'The O.C.'

Jam! 4/18/05 'O.C.' star flies over to Jackson pic

TVRules 4/15/05 The O.C.: The Return of the Nana 4/28/2005

TVRules 4/14/05 The O.C.: The O.C. Confidential 4/21/2005

Teen Television 4/12/05 Death Cab For Cutie And T.I. To Perform On "The O.C."

Television Without Pity 4/10/05 The Risky Business

Entertainment Weekly 4/8/05 The Crystal Brawl

Dallas Morning News 4/8/05 Fans flock like gulls to beaches of 'The OC'

Star Telegram 4/7/05 Buckley makes tonight's 'O.C.' a must-see

USA Today 4/7/05 The annotated 'O.C.': March 24 episode

TVRules 4/6/05 Death Cab for Cutie and T.I. Perform on The O.C

Zap2It 4/5/05 'O.C.' Patriarch Dale Takes 'Bow' at WB

Celebrity Spider 4/4/05 Death Cab for Cutie and T.I. to Perform on "The OC"  

New Zealand Herald 4/2/05 The O.C. goes OTT

Celebrity Spider 4/1/05 Kelly Rowan's Raw Food Diet  

Celebrity Spider 3/29/05 Beck Happy for "The OC" Exposure

Television Without Pity 3/28/05 The Brothers Grim

MTV 3/25/05 Ben McKenzie Of 'The O.C.' Diversifies By Growing A Mustache

MTV 3/25/05 Death Cab For Cutie To Drop By 'The O.C.' Next Month

Entertainment Weekly 3/25/05 A Halfway House Is Not a Home

Celebrity Spider 3/23/05 Fox Orders Third Season of "The OC"

Jossip 3/23/05 'O.C.' Season 3: Mark Lisanti solves the re-up mystery  

TVRules 3/22/05 The OC: The Risky Business Preview 4/7/05

TVRules 3/22/05 The OC: The Rager Preview 4/14/05 3/22/05 The OC Goes From Newport To Miami

Zap2It 3/22/05 'O.C.' Gets Nod for '05-'06

Celebrity Spider 3/21/05 The OC March 24th Preview Clips 3/21/05 A Disappointing End to The OC's Lesbian Storyline

MTV 3/19/05 T.I. Kicks It With The 'Rich White Cats' On 'The O.C.'

Entertainment Weekly 3/18/05 Bye, Bi Love

Daily Free Press 3/18/05 Students dress up for 'O.C.' viewing

Media Life 3/18/05 Among teens, 'O.C.' shows its true grit

Miami Herald 3/17/05 'The OC', angst and all, invades South Beach

USA Today 3/17/05 The annotated 'O.C.': March 10 episode

Star Ledger 3/16/05 Sophomore antics

Celebrity Spider 3/14/05 Sandy Competes With Carter on The OC

NY Times 3/14/05 Anxious to See How It Ends? So Are the Writers

Entertainment Weekly 3/11/05 A Mall and the Night Visitors

Arkansas Democrat 3/11/05 O.C. Has a Serious Side

Star Wars 3/7/05 Dark Lord of the Seth: May "The O.C." Be With You 3/6/05 The OC: The Brother's Grim Preview 3/24/05 3/6/05 The OC: The Blaze Of Glory Preview 3/17/05

Knox News 3/3/05 Same-sex twist ignites 'O.C.' debate

MegaStar 3/3/05 OC OK for Beck

USA Today 3/3/05 The annotated 'O.C.': Feb. 24 episode

Chart Attack 3/2/05 The O.C. Announces Upcoming Beckpisode

Zap2It 3/2/05 'The O.C.' Scores 'Star Wars' Trailer Sneak

MTV 3/1/05 'O.C.' Debuts Five Tracks From Guero On 'Beckpisode'

TVRules 3/1/05 FOX To Unveil Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith Trailer During The O.C.

Entertainment Weekly 3/1/05 Revenge of the Seth

TVRules 2/28/05 Beck To Premiere Tracks From New Album On FOX's The O.C.

TVRules 2/28/05 The O.C.: The Mallpisode 3/10/2005 Preview

Zap2It 2/28/05 'The O.C.' Plans 'Beckisode'

Contact Music 2/28/05 Beck To Debut New Album On The OC

Television Without Pity 2/28/05 The Rainy Day Women

Journal Gazette 2/27/05 Tourists flocking to the real ‘OC’ hangouts

New University 2/27/05 McG from the OC

NMC 2/25/05 Modest Mouse, Beck Rock New OC Mix

Entertainment Weekly 2/25/05 Untangled Web

Teen Hollywood 2/24/05 OC Couple Ask For On-screen Separation

Toronto Eye Weekly 2/23/05 Down with O.C. peeps

Contact Music 2/23/05 OC Couple Ask For On-Screen Separation

Television Without Pity 2/22/05 The Test

BBC 2/22/05 She's a real Jem

TVRules 2/21/05 The O.C.: The L.A. 3/3/2005 Preview

Contact Music 2/20/05 Barton's Snapper Instructions

Contact Music 2/18/05 Barton Bases Marissa on Schoolmates

Chart Attack 2/18/05 The O.C. Continues Mission To Save Indie Rock

Contact Music 2/18/05 Barton Struggles With OC Wardrobe

New Zealand Herald 2/18/05 Attractively unhappy in the rich, sun-kissed OC

Daily Free Press 2/17/05 Is 'The OC' jumping the shark?

USA Today 2/17/05 Annotated 'O.C.': Feb. 10 episode

National Enquirer 2/16/05 Gay Scandal Rocks O.C. Star

Coming Soon 2/15/05 Campbell & Messner to Guest Star on The O.C.

Teen Hollywood 2/15/05 The O.C.'s Adam Brody stars in "Missing Brendan"

TVRules 2/14/05 The O.C.: Rainy Day Women 2/24/2005 Preview

Television Without Pity 2/13/05 The Lonely Hearts Club

Entertainment Weekly 2/11/05 Lip Shtick 2/11/05 Taking Stock of The OC's Lesbian Storyline

Colgate Maroon News 2/11/05 The O.C. Goes Global

Metro 2/10/05 Twosome Moving Into 'O.C.'

USA Today 2/10/05 'The O.C.' stirs latest TV lesbian controversy

Metro 2/10/05 The OC picks up Stochansky’s new single

Television Without Pity 2/9/05 The Second Chance

Contact Music 2/9/05 Brody's Cramped Living Conditions

RTE Interactive 2/9/05 Bell X1 songs to feature in The OC

USA Today 2/9/05 Surprise, 'O.C.' fans — meet the real Seth Cohen

The Gateway 2/8/05 The OC sets new fashion trends

TVRules 2/8/05 The OC: The Test Preview 2/17/05 2/8/05 Gaywatch: Inside "The O.C."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2/6/05 Flawed 'O.C.' parents too hip to be square 2/6/05 The O.C.: Lonely Hearts Club 2/10/2005 Preview

Contact Music 2/4/05 Barton Feels Unaccepted As A Pretty Girl

Zap2It 2/4/05 'The O.C.'s' Wilde Girl

Entertainment Weekly 2/4/05 Tease for Two

Toronto Star 2/3/05 The O.C. has become the No See

New Zealand Herald 2/3/05 What's hot and not in the OC

Teen Hollywood 2/3/05 The O.C. Special Guest Of The Week

USA Today 2/3/05 The annotated 'O.C.': Jan. 27 episode

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/05 `O.C.' Denies Gay Kiss Is A Sweeps Trick

Television Without Pity 2/1/05 The Accomplice

andPOP 2/1/05 Rachael Yamagata to Appear on The OC

Contact Music 1/30/05 Barton Enjoyed Lesbian Smooch

Contact Music 1/29/05 Mischa Signs Up To Model Keds Shoes

Entertainment Weekly 1/28/05 Arrested Development

Contact Music 1/28/05 McKenzie Wants To Bed Streep

USA Today 1/27/05 The Annotated 'O.C.': Jan 20 Episode

Contact Music 1/26/05 Brody Embarrassed By Supermarket Attention

Television Without Pity 1/25/05 The Ex-Factor

Ananova 1/24/05 Oasis classic to feature on The O.C.

OC Weekly 1/22/05 Season 2, Episode 9

Guardian 1/22/05 The making of a golden boy

Entertainment Weekly 1/21/05 O.C./DC

Television Without Pity 1/19/05 The Power Of Love 1/19/05 Billy Campbell, Johnny Messner & Kim Delaney Sign On To The OC

MegaStar 1/19/05 Mischa's a model example

Chicago Maroon 1/18/05 How I leanred to stop worrying and love The O.C.

Zap2It 1/17/05 Guest Stars Promise Entanglements for 'O.C.' Adults

Contact Music 1/17/05 Barton Makes Acting, Not Modeling Her Top Priority

Digital Spy 1/15/05 'O.C.' star complains about being pretty

Entertainment Weekly 1/14/05 Crooning Achievement

OC Weekly 1/14/05 Season 2, Episode 8

Contact Music 1/14/05 Barton's College Dreams

Contact Music 1/14/05 Barton: 'I'm Not A Party Girl'

Contact Music 1/14/05 Barton Still Feels British

Contact Music 1/12/05 Barton: 'I'm Judged Wrongly' 1/11/05 The OC: The Ex Factor Preview 1/20/05 1/11/05 The OC: The Accomplice Preview 1/27/05

Television Without Pity 1/10/05 The Family Ties

OC Weekly 1/7/05 Season 2, Episode 7

Entertainment Weekly 1/7/05 Whisky Business

Zap2It 1/7/05 Gallagher Joins 'O.C.' Musical Roster

Zap2It 1/3/05 'O.C.' Star Buddies Up with Lindsay Lohan

Daily Record 1/3/05 Keeping Her Cool

TVRules 12/31/04 The OC: The Family Ties 1/6/05 Video Preview

Zap2It 12/29/04 Schwartz Outs Upcoming 'O.C.' Twists 12/29/04 The OC: The Family Ties 1/6/05

Pioneer Press 12/28/04 'Housewives,' 'The O.C.' fueling fashion trends

National Enquirer 12/28/04 'O.C.' Execs Warn Brody To Lose The Attitude

NMC 12/28/04 Modest Mouse To The OC and Austin

Contact Music 12/27/04 Barton's Plans For 2005

Big News Network 12/22/04 Writer sues 'The O.C.' over show concept

Television Without Pity 12/22/04 The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't

Celebrity Justice 12/21/04 Second Suit Targets 'The O.C.' Creators

Contact Music 12/21/04 Bilson's Dirty Face Theory

Contact Music 12/20/04 Barton's Bird Fear

The Trades 12/20/04 "The OC Mix 3: Have A Very Merry Chrismukkah" Review

Boston Globe 12/16/04 It's beginning to look a lot like Chrismukkah

Extra 12/16/04 We Know What You Want for Chrismukkah
Zap2It 12/16/04 Chrismukkah Returns on 'The O.C.'

Deseret News 12/16/04 Merry (happy?) Chrismukkah!

NY Times 12/16/04 Twice the Annoyance, but a Tradition Emerges 12/16/04 'O.C.' for the holidays: Celebrate Chrismukkah

USA Today 12/16/04 'O.C.' fans are invited for 'Chrismukkah'

Chicago Sun-Times 12/14/04 Dreaming of the Chrismukkah we used to know

Television Without Pity 12/13/04 The SnO.C.

MegaStar 12/13/04 Mischa's movie moves

TVRules 12/12/04 The O.C.: The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t 12/16/04 Preview

London Free Press 12/11/04 The OC Mix 3: Have A Very Merry Chrismukkah

Zap2It 12/10/04 Somebody's O.U.T. on 'The O.C.'

Zap2It 12/9/04 'O.C.'s' Barton Says Ciao to 'Decameron'

Contact Music 12/8/04 The OC's Barton Snubs Celebrity Religions

Television Without Pity 12/7/04 The New Era

Knox News 12/2/04 'O.C.' nerd takes validation in stride

USA Today 12/2/04 The annotated 'O.C.: Nov 18 episode

The Guardian 12/1/04 How The OC saved music

TVRules 11/30/04 The O.C.: The SnO.C. 12/9/04 Preview

TVRules 11/30/04 The OC: The New Era 12/2/04 Preview

AJC 11/24/04 Fox's 'O.C.' is a sight for sore ears

Television Without Pity 11/23/04 The New Kids On The Block

Contact Music 11/23/04 Barton's Wooing Confusion

Digital Spy 11/20/04 Barton unsure of her 'O.C.' future

Contact Music 11/19/04 Barton Hints at OC Departure

Contact Music 11/19/04 Barton's Eyes Opened to Sex at an Early Age

USA Today 11/18/04 The Annotated O.C. Episode November 11

Television Without Pity 11/16/04 The Way We Were

New University 11/14/04 Fox’s ‘The OC’ is Inaccurate to the Real OC

PR Newswire 11/12/04 FOX Brings Hit Show, 'THE O.C.' to Online Video Game

Bowdoin Orient 11/11/04 The OC: Drool at life as it should be

Hollywood Reporter 11/11/04 The O.C.

Oregon Daily Emerald 11/11/04 'The OC' kicks off a predictable second year 11/11/04 To teen fans, `O.C.' rules

Reality TV World 11/10/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' sets season ratings highs versus premiere of Fox's 'The O.C.'

MegaStar 11/10/04 Mischa defends celebs

TVRules 11/10/04 'Skate The O.C.' FOX's New Online Video Game

USA Today 11/10/04 'O.C.' is OK on new night

Television Without Pity 11/9/04 The Distance

Contact Music 11/9/04 Barton Urges America To Ease Up On Young Stars

The Greyhound 11/9/04 An "OC" addict: California here I come

Media Life 11/8/04 Sweeps-wise, all eyes on Fox's 'O.C.'

Contact Music 11/8/04 Bilson Buys McGowan's Home

Sun Sentinel 11/7/04 So, that's how they do it in The O.C.

Milwaukee Journal 11/7/04 Teen fans stay in style with 'O.C.'s' evolving fashions

Zap2It 11/6/04 Dale Tries to Get Along in 'The O.C.'

Hollywood Reporter 11/6/04 Bold sweep for CBS; 'O.C.' shines on Fox

Harvard Crimson 11/5/04 This Is How We Do It In The O.C.

Zap2It 11/5/04 'O.C.' Premiere Is OK as CBS Starts Sweeps Strong

Contact Music 11/5/04 Mischa Barton Goes American

Hartford Courant 11/4/04 Gauging `The O.C.' Effect

Access Hollywood 11/4/04 Mischa On The Media Spotlight

Media Life 11/4/04 What the 'O.C.' needs to score again

Denver Post 11/4/04 "O.C." barrels into Season 2

Plain Dealer 11/4/04 'O.C.' looks for a KO

Buffalo News 11/4/04 Explaining the tide of support for silly twists of 'The OC' 11/4/04 The O.C.'s season premiere is problematic

Zap2It 11/4/04 TV Gal Welcomes Back 'O.C.'
Deseret News 11/4/04 'O.C.' rocks on

TVRules 11/4/04 Kim Delaney Signs On To FOX's The O.C.

TVRules 11/4/04 The O.C.: The New Kids On The Block Preview 11/18/04

TVRules 11/4/04 The O.C.: The Way We Were Preview 11/11/04

Deseret News 11/4/04 Sudsy 'O.C.' is guilty pleasure 11/4/04 Frothy 'O.C.' returns

Courier Journal 11/4/04 Fox's heavy hitter, 'The O.C.,' makes its return tonight

Newsday 11/4/04 'O.C.' oozes sequinned schmaltz

Toronto Star 11/4/04 TV's addictive circus returns

NY Times 11/4/04 In 'O.C.,' You Must Go Home Again

Contact Music 11/4/04 The OC Stars Get Key To Real Newport

Digital Spy 11/4/04 'O.C.' season 2 gets January premiere in UK

Salt Lake City Weekly 11/4/04 O.C.-riffic!

Beacon Journal 11/4/04 `O.C.' fills `Friends' niche tonight

Seattle PI 11/4/04 Dressing to excess is all in a day's work on 'The O.C.'

The Tennessean 11/4/04 Slumping Fox turns to 'The O.C.' for a little spark

USA Today 11/4/04 Sex on the beach: 'O.C.' steams up the Thursday ratings race

Jam! 11/4/04 Oh! See it's back

USA Today 11/4/04 Meet the new kids in town on 'The O.C.'

Seattle PI 11/4/04 Fans, grab your boards for another shrieking ride with Fox's hip soap

Rocky Mountain News 11/4/04 'O.C.' returns with answers

USA Today 11/4/04 It's a whole new day, and night, for 'The O.C.'

Seattle PI 11/4/04 Coping on 'The O.C.' 11/3/04 Must-see 'O.C.'

Zap2It 11/3/04 Delaney Complicates Matters on 'The O.C.'

Zap2It 11/3/04 Find Out How They Do It This Season on 'The O.C.'

Detroit Free Press 11/3/04 On a new day, and with tougher competition, a mellower 'O.C.' returns

NY Daily News 11/3/04 California screaming

Star Ledger 11/2/04 All TV

Union Tribune 11/2/04 Loyal fans lift 'The O.C.' to cult phenom status

Post Gazette 11/2/04 TV Review: 'O.C.' balances fun, depth in new season

Bergen Record 11/1/04 Will the morals police ruin this sublime cheesecake?

Contact Music 11/1/04 Brody Terrified Of New Film Role

Chicago Sun-Times 11/1/04 With lineup switch, pressure's on 'The O.C.'

Ananova 11/1/04 Justin to appear in The OC

Orlando Sentinel 10/31/04 'O.C.' still looks juicy in season 2

Fox News 10/31/04 'The O.C.' Is Addictive

Mercury News 10/31/04 `The O.C.' formula: Mix it up

NY Times 10/31/04 Revenge of the Nerd

Washington Post 10/31/04 'The O.C.': Tuned In To Bring Music to The Masses

Digital Spy 10/30/04 Timberlake to star in 'The OC'?

Times Dispatch 10/30/04 The O.C.: A reputation to live up to in it's second year

Times Dispatch 10/30/04 The O.C.: A chat with Benjamin McKenzie

Wichita Eagle 10/29/04 Get back to the beach with 'O.C.'

Daily Pilot 10/29/04 'The OC' imprinted

LA Times 10/29/04 'The O.C.' Rates With Newport Officials

Access Hollywood 10/29/04 'The O.C.' For Dummies

Zap2It 10/29/04 It's Business As Usual in 'The O.C.'

Contact Music 10/29/04 Timberlake To Star In The OC

CTV 10/28/04 The O.C. Returns November 4 Solidifying CTV's Thursday Night Line-up

Teen Hollywood 10/28/04 Warner Bros. Television Launches The OC Insider

Digital Spy 10/28/04 'O.C.' cast get real O.C. recognition

The Star 10/28/04 The O.C.: Fox hopes lots of viewers will get soap in their eyes

Zap2It 10/27/04 O.C. Recognizes 'O.C.'

Contact Music 10/27/04 Brody Lunches With Hoffman

Seattle PI 10/26/04 This Weeks Hot Video: 'The O.C. First Season'

Zap2It 10/26/04 Barton Goes from 'O.C.' to 'Ohio'

Hollywood Reporter 10/26/04 Barton puts the 'O.C.' in indie 'Ohio'

Contact Music 10/26/04 The OC Breaking Age Barriers

Digital Spy 10/25/04 'The OC' couple get engaged off-screen

Teen Hollywood 10/25/04 “O.C.” creator Josh Schwartz: California Dreamin’

Extra 10/25/04 Own 'The O.C.'

Contact Music 10/25/04 Barton Hints At Marissa 'Explosion'

Contact Music 10/24/04 The OC Lovers Get Engaged

TVRules 10/21/04 The O.C. The Distance (Premiere) 11/4/04 Preview

Sky News 10/21/04 Bill Watches For Mischa

Filter 10/21/04 More Music From The OC

Oregon Daily Emerald 10/21/04 'OC' star visits, stresses importance of voting

OSU Daily Barometer 10/19/04 Star of 'The OC' visits campus to campaign for Kerry

Star Tribune 10/15/04 Death Cab for Cutie goes mainstream thanks to 'The O.C' and Vote for Change

Contact Music 10/14/04 Barton Laughs Off Hilton Feud

Business Wire 10/14/04 Cast & Producers of ``The O.C.'' Get Key to Newport Beach; Stars and Creators Immortalized in Cement

Milwaukee Journal 10/11/04 'O.C.' sets sights on Thursday nights

NY Times 10/10/04 The County Formerly Known as Squaresville

Business Wire 10/9/04 Stars of Fox's ``The OC'' and WB's ``Everwood'' Join Kerry at KRAVE 11 p.m. Sat. 10/09/04

MegaStar 10/8/04 Mischa's Hexxx appeal

MTV 10/7/04 'O.C.' Star Mischa Barton Lands Role In Voodoo Thriller

Baltimore Sun 10/1/04 Benjamin McKenzie goes from 'The O.C.' to big screen

Digital Spy 9/30/04 'OC' star kicked out of clothes store

Zap2It 9/27/04 'O.C.'s' Barton Falls Under Voodoo 'Hexxx'

Coming Soon 9/27/04 Mischa Barton Toplining MGM's Hexx

BBC 9/23/04 The Thrills on The OC

The Age 9/23/04 The OC

Johns Hopkins News-Letter 9/17/04 Confessions from one of The O.C.'s addicts

Student Life 9/17/04 A "Shore" pick for the "O.C." soundtrack

Toronto Star 9/16/04 O.C. a rare hit with teens, elders

Billboard 9/16/04 'The O.C.' Rocks With Two New CDs

Baltimore Sun 9/15/04 McKenzie's looking for more than just another pretty face

Zap2It 9/14/04 'O.C.' Geek Brody Brings Back 'Nerds' 9/10/04 Phantom Planet basks in glow of 'The O.C.'

Digital Spy 8/28/04 Two 'O.C.' specials to air in the US

NY Daily News 8/27/04 O.Boy! Two 'O.C.' specials

Zap2It 8/26/04 FOX Whets 'O.C.' Appetites

Chart Attack 8/23/04 The O.C. Book The Hippest Bands Into Their Hip TV Night Club

MTV 8/20/04 Modest Mouse, Killers, Walkmen To Guest Star On 'The O.C.'

Kansas City Star 8/18/04 ‘The O.C.' wants to be the new ‘Must-See TV'

Star Telegram 8/11/04 'The O.C.' gives some bands a ticket out of obscurity

Zap2It 8/10/04 'O.C.,' Lohan Come Up Big at Teen Choice Awards

IGN 8/4/04 The O.C. Due 10/26

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Latest 'O.C.' season two news

Zap2It 7/29/04 Summer May Have a New Man on 'The O.C.'

Digital Spy 7/29/04 'The O.C.' gets DVD release

Digital Spy 7/27/04 'The O.C.' set for UK return

Television Without Pity 7/25/04 Center Stage

Sun Sentinel 7/22/04 O.C. faces heavy surf on return

STL Today 7/20/04 While young "O.C." cast members tussle for limelight, it shines on show's creator

Digital Spy 7/20/04 Hints on 'The O.C.' season two

Alameda Times-Star 7/20/04 'OC' star chilly in summertime

Hartford Courant 7/20/04 `O.C.' Fans Needn't Fear: Ryan's Returning

USA Today 7/19/04 'The O.C.' will tone it down;...

Zap2It 7/19/04 'O.C.' Creator Keeps Quiet on Season 2 (but Seth's Fine)  

Contra Costa Times 7/19/04 'O.C.' wants to be new Must-See TV

Detroit Free Press 7/17/04 'O.C.' hopes to keep fans hooked this fall with its wit, humor and move to Thursdays

Post Gazette 7/17/04 Tuned In: 'O.C.' stays on the QT

Digital Spy 7/16/04 'OC' season two premiere date set

The Trades 7/15/04 Bonnie Somerville Interview

NY Daily News 7/12/04 Phantom Planet heads from 'The O.C.' to NYC

Austin Chronicle 6/25/04 Pale imitations

Extra 6/24/04 Could 'The O.C." Be the Next 'Friends?'

Zap2It 6/23/04 'O.C.' Co-Star Righetti Washes Up on 'North Shore'

The Star 6/23/04 The O.C.’s Carmack in Bynes’ Lovewrecked

Digital Spy 6/22/04 'OC' star in talks for new romcom

Zap2It 6/22/04 'O.C.'s' Carmack Sets Sail with 'Lovewrecked'

Zap2It 6/11/04 'O.C.' Airport Proposal Put in Turnaround

WTEV 6/10/04 John Wayne's Name to be Ditched in Favor of The O.C.?

Zap2It 6/10/04 Welcome to 'The O.C.' ... Airport?

Digital Spy 6/8/04 Latest 'O.C.' season two cast news

Zap2It 5/26/04 FOX Won't Let 'O.C.' Die on Thursday
Teen Hollywood 5/21/04 The O.C. Caught Up In Legal Wrangle

Digital Spy 5/21/04 'OC' creator slapped with lawsuit

NBC4 5/20/04 Writers Sue Creator Of Hit Show, Claim Idea Was Theirs

TVRules 5/20/04 Fox's The O.C. Returns In November On New Night

NMC 5/12/04 Jet is Welcome to The OC

Television Without Pity 5/11/04 The Ties That Bind

Digital Spy 5/11/04 'OC' creator developing new series

Redlands Daily Facts 5/9/04 A real Jem for 'The O.C.'

Toronto Star 5/9/04 Why The O.C. sounds so good to us

Business Wire 5/7/04 Music From The OC's Enter The Mix Competition;...
Arizona Republic 5/6/04 Drama, sure, but too little dirt in 'O.C.' season finale

Billboard 5/6/04 Billboard Bits: We Are The Future, 'The O.C.,' Merge

Newsday 5/6/04 'O.C.' star: a jolly good fellow

Hartford Courant 5/5/04 `O.C' Calls On Clichés For Finale: Marriage, Musical Guest, Suspense

Media Life 5/5/04 A fonder farewell to over-the-top 'O.C.'

Detroit News 5/5/04 Hit teen show 'O.C.' gives fresh spin to old-time rocker Bob Seger

Savannah Now 5/5/04 'The Bachelor' longs for more passes

Detroit News 5/5/04 Hit teen show 'O.C.' gives fresh spin to old-time rocker Bob Seger

Savannah Now 5/5/04 'The Bachelor' longs for more passes

Ireland Online 5/5/04 Hot party for hot new show The OC

Sun Sentinel 5/5/04 O.C.'s Brody a lot like the character he plays

Globe and Mail 5/5/04 The O.C. scores hit with reality-weary viewers

TVRules 5/5/04 The O.C.: Season Finale Video Previews

Toronto Star 5/5/04 Why The O.C. became a hit

Courier Journal 5/5/04 'The O.C.' ends season as top teen phenomenon

Chicago Sun-Times 5/5/04 Keeping twists of 'The O.C.' on the Q.T.

Detroit Free Press 5/5/04 Wedding hijinks on splashy 'O.C.'

The Star 5/4/04 The O.C.: Life of deceit

STL Today 5/4/04 Hot 'O.C.' ends big first season 5/4/04 'O.C.' lathers into soap

Television Without Pity 5/4/04 The Strip

Mercury News 5/2/04 `The O.C.' becomes admirable instead of a guilty pleasure

Dallas Morning News 4/30/04 Living loose on 'O.C.'

Arizona Republic 4/30/04 Bringing the 'O.C.' to AZ

CTV 4/29/04 O.C.'s First Episode A Tip-Off To The Finale

National Enquirer 4/28/04 'O.C' Hottie Mischa Gets The Bum's Rush

TVRules 4/28/04 The O.C.: The Strip Video Preview 4/28

Zap2It 4/27/04 'O.C.' Star Hands Out Sandy Cohen Fellowship

Television Without Pity 4/27/04 The Shower

Zap2It 4/26/04 'O.C.' Star, Familiar Faces Visit WB Sweeps

Daily Trojan 4/22/04 Schwartz struts his stuff on 'O.C.'

NY Daily News 4/22/04 Fox-y 'OC' renewed for second season

Sun Herald 4/22/04 'O.C.' creator adds laughs, lust and love to hit show

MTV 4/21/04 'O.C.' Cast Party: Lots Of Clues About Season Finale, No Fistfights

USA Today 4/21/04 'The O.C.' has a first season worth a party

Digital Spy 4/21/04 'The O.C.', '24', 'Malcolm' renewed

Extra 4/21/04 'O.C.' Secrets From the Wrap Party

Zap2It 4/21/04 Fox Renews '24,' 'The O.C.'

TVRules 4/21/04 The O.C.: 'The Ties That Bind' Season Finale Preview 5/5

Chart Attack 4/20/04 Beastie Boys To Pay A Musical Visit To The O.C.

Television Without Pity 4/20/04 The Proposal

OU Daily 4/19/04 Viewers welcome 'The O.C.'

MSNBC 4/15/04 Jem travels to ‘The O.C.’

Launch 4/15/04 'The O.C.' Debuting New Beastie Boys Single

AJC 4/14/04 'The OC' clearly not reality TV

Zap2It 4/14/04 'The O.C.' Says 'Ch-Check It Out' to Beastie Single

Orlando Sentinel 4/14/04 Juiced on the O.C.

TVRules 4/14/04 The O.C. 'The Proposal' Video Previews 4/14

USA Today 4/14/04 Five reasons you should watch 'The O.C. '

USA Today 4/14/04 A grown-up's guide to 'The O.C.'

USA Today 4/14/04 Adult characters give teen hit more breadth

TVRules 4/12/04 The O.C.: The Strip Preview 4/28

MTV 4/8/04 'O.C.' Stars Hint At What To Expect On Season Finale

TVRules 4/7/04 The O.C. 'The Shower' Preview 4/21

Television Without Pity 4/6/04 The Nana

Seattle PI 4/6/04 The return of teen soaps

Montreal Gazette 3/30/04 Fans of The O.C. won't see show all summer

Television Without Pity 3/30/04 The L.A.

TVRules 3/30/04 The OC: 'The Proposal' Preview 4/14

Digital Spy 3/30/04 'OC' star may not be back for second season

Daily Orange 3/30/04 For some, "The O.C." is God

Globe and Mail 3/29/04 Television's hippest mom 3/28/04 Death Cab riding a wave, thanks to 'The O.C.'

Arizona Republic 3/28/04 Living the 'O.C.' life

Zap2It 3/27/04 'O.C.' Creator Defends Oliver, Misses Anna

Dallas Morning News 3/26/04 'Queer Eye' and 'O.C.' offerings lack music sense

Kansas City Star 3/26/04 Welcome to ‘The O.C.,' OP

Toronto Star 3/24/04 The O.C.'s ode to Canada

Jam! 3/24/04 From O.C. to The O.C.

Zap2It 3/23/04 How Josh Schwartz and 'The O.C.' Beat Writer's Block

Globe and Mail 3/23/04 Canadian enjoying life in The O.C.

TV Barn 3/22/04 Linda Lavin on "The O.C."

TVRules 3/22/04 The OC: The Nana Preview 3/31

Zap2It 3/22/04 Lavin Takes a Seat at 'The O.C.'s' Table

TVRules 3/22/04 Linda Lavin Guest Stars on The OC, March 31

NY Times 3/21/04 'The O.C.' Rewrites the Rules of TV Writing

TVRules 3/17/04 Paris Hilton & Colin Hanks Guest Star On The OC 3/24

Media Guardian 3/15/04 Who's running this show?

NY Times 3/14/04 Benjamin McKenzie: A Star Without Glitter

Zap2It 3/10/04 No Plan B for 'The O.C.'

Television Without Pity 3/9/04 The Goodbye Girl

Times Star 3/2/04 Boalt Hall gets serious about 'The O.C.'

Television Without Pity 3/2/04 The Telenovela

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/04 'Pirates,' 'O.C.' top publicists' nods

Daily Californian 2/25/04 Boalt Students Lay Down The Law in ‘O.C.’ Club

Zap2It 2/25/04 'O.C.'-Loving Law Students Set Up 'Sandy Cohen Fellowship'

Television Without Pity 2/23/04 The Heartbreak

TVRules 2/23/04 The OC: The GoodBye Girl 3/3

The Trades 2/20/04 The O.C. - Episode 1-19 - The Heartbreak

Zap2It 2/20/04 Rawat Expands 'O.C.' Role, Adds Pilot

Slate 2/19/04 The O.C.'s Trojan Horse

Television Without Pity 2/16/04 The Truth

TVRules 2/16/04 The OC: The Telenovela Preview 2/25

The Guardian 2/13/04 The future's Orange County

The Flat Hat 2/13/04 'O.C.' continues hot streak with big bang

Business Wire 2/12/04 ``Music From The OC Mix 1'': Songs From Series On Special Enhanced CD

TVRules 2/10/04 The OC: The Heartbreak Preview 2/18

Stuff 2/5/04 There's a charming new kid in town - OC

TVRules 2/2/04 The OC: The Truth Preview 2/11

Rolling Stone 1/30/04 Rooney, Jet Visit "The O.C."

Washington Times 1/29/04 Teen fans make 'O.C.' fashionable

AZ Central 1/29/04 'O.C.' soundtrack coming in March

Star Telegram 1/28/04 Hot 'O.C.' Texan broods his way to the big time

Television Without Pity 1/27/04 The Rivals

Billboard 1/26/04 'The O.C.' Spawns Soundtrack Series

Cavalier Daily 1/21/04 Ben McKenzie has gone on to fame and fortune

Jam! 1/21/04 'O.C.' star Brody in Pitt film
Zap2It 1/21/04 Bret Harrison Escapes Being 'Grounded' for 'The O.C.'

Coming Soon 1/21/04 The O.C.'s Adam Brody Aboard Fox's Smith

News OK 1/21/04 Comparisons sneak into Fox's 'O.C.'

NY Times 1/21/04 'O.C.' Star Brody Supporting Pitt Thriller

Television Without Pity 1/20/04 The Links
The Province 1/14/04 The O.C. replaces Sex and the City as top trendsetter

Television Without Pity 1/12/04 The Third Wheel

SunSpot 1/11/04 'The O.C.' - It's a teen soap that parents can like, too

MTV 1/8/04 Mischa Barton Of 'The O.C.': 17 Going On Famous

TV Guide 1/7/04 Meet The O.C.'s New VIP

Wichita Eagle 1/4/04 'West Wing' wilting, but 'The O.C.' fresh, eye-pleasing

Plain Dealer 1/2/04 Director's Guild gives OU grad a start with job as 'O.C.' assistant

OC Weekly 12/31/03 14 episodes of The O.C. in 1,260 words

Television Without Pity 12/23/03 The Countdown

The Fulcrum 12/13/03 Prime-time soap, The OC is witty and real

Television Without Pity 12/9/03 The Best Chrismukkah Ever

Post Standard 12/8/03 CNY chill takes heat out of teen drama 'O.C.'

Television Without Pity 12/4/03 The Secret

Deseret News 11/26/03 'O.C.' is more than just OK

Television Without Pity 11/24/03 The Homecoming

Chicago Tribune 11/20/03 On second thought, `O.C.' engaging pop

USA Today 11/19/03 Barton plays 'O.C.' low-key

Star Ledger 11/19/03 'O.C.' -- it's OK

Television Without Pity 11/17/03 The Perfect Couple

TVRules 11/17/03 An OC Thanksgiving

Zap2It 11/15/03 New Pretty People Join 'The O.C.'

Weekly Standard 11/14/03 Living "The OC"

MSN 11/11/03 'O.C.'s' Golden Girl

Television Without Pity 11/10/03 The Heights

Television Without Pity 11/3/03 The Rescue

NY Times 11/2/03 A Teen Drama's True Test? Its Adults

TV Week 10/30/03 'O.C.' Comes Back Strong for Fox

Extra TV 10/29/03 On the set of 'The O.C.'

USA Today 10/29/03 How real is 'The O.C.'?

CTV 10/28/03 Benjamin McKenzie plays tough outsider on The O.C.

Seattle PI 10/28/03 With baseball over, Fox puts heavy hitters '24' and 'The O.C.' on the field

Globe and Mail 10/27/03 The O.C.'s back and it's gonna get juicy

The Oregonian 10/26/03 The rich go prime time

Detroit Free Press 10/8/03 Fox tweaks schedule to benefit 'The O.C.'

Hollywood Reporter 9/30/03 Fox tunes lineup for 'O.C.'

TV Week 9/29/03 Fox Moves 'O.C.' to Wednesday; 'Bernie' Relocates

Zap2It 9/29/03 'The O.C.,' 'Bernie Mac' on the Move at Fox

Television Without Pity 9/20/03 The Escape

Zap2It 9/19/03 FOX Reconsiders Moving 'The O.C.'

WBBM 9/17/03 Riverside Billboard Owner Responds To 'The O.C.'

Press Enterprise 9/17/03 'The O.C.' dig gets Riverside a boost

Television Without Pity 9/15/03 The Girlfriend

Media Life 9/10/03 For 'O.C.,' hard part is still ahead

Zap2It 9/10/03 Sun Won't Set on 'The O.C.' Anytime Soon

TV Barn 9/10/03 Fox Completes Full Season Order for New 1-Hour Drama 'The O.C.'

Salon 9/9/03 Dissed by "The O.C."

Zap2It 9/9/03 'The O.C.'s' Rebel Without Sleeves

Michigan Daily 9/9/03 Fans show 'The O.C.' a little California love

TV Barn 9/8/03 Ryan, Seth and Marissa Take an End-of-the-Summer Road Trip to Tijuana....

Television Without Pity 9/6/03 The Outsider

Hollywood Reporter 9/4/03 Fox enjoying Tuesday night trips to 'O.C.'

Television Without Pity 9/1/03 The Debut

Reality Reel 8/28/03 Just having a "Ball"

TV Week 8/28/03 Fox Orders Six More Scripts of 'The O.C.

Hollywood Reporter 8/28/03 Fox living high life with 'O.C.'

Zap2It 8/26/03 New Girl in the 'O.C.' and a New Roomie for Rory

Television Without Pity 8/25/03 The Gamble

Contra Costa Times 8/23/03 The music's too good for denizens of 'The O.C.'

Zap2It 8/23/03 Riverside Politicians Irked by 'The O.C.'

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/03 'O.C.' A-O.K. as blackout skews ratings

Reality Reel 8/20/03 Dawn Craps Out

Reality Reel 8/20/03 Burning Passion

Television Without Pity 8/18/03 The Model Home 8/16/03 C.O. of The O.C.

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/03 Fox's 'O.C.' ratings up in sophomore session Tues.

Tee Vee 8/13/03 This Is How We Do It In the O.C., Bitch

Zap2It 8/12/03 7.5M watch debut of 'The O.C.'

Television Without Pity 8/12/03 Pilot

The Ledger 8/9/03 'The O.C.' Takes Stupid To a New, Lower Level

SCN 8/8/03 Drop by 'The O.C.' — you'll be glad you did

Zap2It 8/8/03 Town Upset by Negative Portrayal in 'O.C.'

Reality Reel 8/7/03 The O.C.: A Fish Out of Water

Toronto Star 8/7/03 At least they don't quote Jung

Washington Post 8/7/03 The Beautiful People of 'O.C.' Deliver Some Ugly Numbers

NY Daily News 8/7/03 'Comic' has last laugh against 'O.C.'

Zap2It 8/6/03 'O.C.' Is OK for Fox

Express Times 8/6/03 'Idol' finalist reaches for TV fame

Beacon Journal 8/5/03 Fox may have winner with `O.C.'

NY Times 8/5/03 Take One Enclave, Add Rebellious Youth

Boston Globe 8/5/03 'O.C.' bubbles with soapy fare

USA Today 8/5/03 Juicy plots, pretty faces add to appeal of 'The O.C.'

Seattle PI 8/5/03 Fox's handsome 'The O.C.' may be just what teens crave

Globe and Mail 8/5/03 Colour me orange, it's a new summer show

SF Chronicle 8/5/03 'The O.C.' tiptoes the line between drama and soap and doesn't lose its balance
Chicago Sun-Times 8/5/03 On 'The O.C.,' you can see a star arrive

Washington Post 8/5/03 'The O.C.': Land of The Brooding Teen

NY Daily News 8/5/03 No shortage of assets

Contra Costa Times 8/5/03 Fox's new drama 'The O.C.' is OK

Detroit Free Press 8/5/03 Fox's 'O.C.' is more than OK

Rocky Mountain News 8/5/03 '90210' moves south to 'OC'

Hartford Courant 8/5/03 Hot `O.C.' Gets Early Premiere

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/4/03 'The O.C.' verges on must-see

Zap2It 8/4/03 TV Gal Dives Right in with 'The O.C.'

Mercury News 8/4/03 'O.C.' fits Fox tradition of addictive soap opera

Salt Lake Tribune 8/4/03 Young actor anchors Fox's 'O.C.'

Deseret News 8/4/03 Fox's 'O.C.' updates '90210'

Zap2It 8/4/03 Somerville Heats up 'O.C.,' ...

Dallas Morning News 8/4/03 Lifestyles of the rich and edgy

Hollywood Reporter 8/4/03 Somerville goes to 'O.C'... 8/4/03 Fox moves drama from 'Beverly Hills' to 'O.C.'

Toronto Star 8/4/03 Beautiful people have angst, too

Times Picayune 8/3/03 Fox is California dreamin' with new drama

Santa Cruz Sentinel 8/3/03 Pure escapism in ‘The OC’

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/3/03 Fox Puts Another California Milieu on Air

Post Gazette 8/3/03 TV Review: 'The O.C.' provides lifeless look at rich teens

Milwaukee Journal 8/2/03 Fox gets good jump on fall with 'The O.C.'

CSM 8/1/03 Lifestyles of the rich and under 18

Extra TV 8/1/03 'The O.C.'

Sioux City Journal 8/1/03 'The O.C.' recalls rich '90210' TV days

USA Today 8/1/03 Prime-time soaps slip into lineups

LA Times 8/1/03 Deep in the shallow end of L.A.

Zap2It 7/31/03 'The O.C.' Moves to a New Teen Drama Zip Code

Knox News 7/31/03 Fox 'fall' premiere leads off August's TV highlights

Gwinnett Daily Post 7/31/03 Fox puts another California place on map

Wichita Eagle 7/30/03 Fox to get the fall season rolling early with its juicy 'O.C.'

Knox News 7/30/03 Privileged, ill-behaved kids dominate 'The O.C.'

Mansfield News Journal 7/29/03 Fox takes chance with 'O.C.'

San Francisco Chronicle 7/29/03 It's hip, cool -- it's 'O.C.' in real time

Sioux City Journal 7/28/03 Not all California kids live in 90210 zone

Hartford Courant 7/26/03 The Real Stories Of Orange County

Globe and Mail 7/19/03 Quirky Fox jumps over the rival networks

Detroit Free Press 7/19/03 Kalamazoo's McG returning to Fox with teen drama 'The O.C.'

KFOXTV 6/23/03 The Hottest New Series

Zap2It 6/16/03 FOX Sets Premiere Dates for 'Life,' 'O.C.'


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