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NY Post 11/27/06 'Nine' Nixed

Zap2It 11/25/06 ABC Takes 'The Nine' Hostage

Celebrity Spider 11/23/06 Lizzie Learns about Jeremy and Franny's Relationship Next Week on "The Nine"

TV Guide 11/22/06 The Nine Plus 24 Equals One Very Busy Kim Raver

Celebrity Spider 11/16/06 Nick's Wife Suddenly Returns Next Week on "The Nine"

Television without Pity 11/13/06 Take me instead

BuddyTV 11/9/06 Exclusive Interview: Hank Steinberg, Creator of The Nine

Union Tribune 11/8/06 The Nine

NY Daily News 11/8/06 'Nine' no longer adds up to much

Television Without Pity 11/7/06 All About Eva

LA Daily News 11/4/06 Meet the drama queen

Celebrity Spider 11/2/06 Egan Plans a Poker Party Next Week on "The Nine"

Union Tribune 11/1/06 The Nine Nov. 1

ET Online 11/1/06 Scott Wolf's on Cloud 'Nine' 11/1/06 In sum, there's substance

Television Without Pity 10/31/06 Brother's Keeper

BuddyTV 10/27/06 The Nine Spoilers

Zap2It 10/27/06 Write Stuff for 'Studio 60,' 'The Nine'

Celebrity Spider 10/26/06 Franny Learns Lizzie is Pregnant Next Week on "The Nine"

Media Life 10/26/06 A sinking feeling for ABC's 'The Nine'

Union Tribune 10/25/06 The Nine Oct. 25

Digital Spy 10/24/06 'The Nine' hopes to build online buzz

Television Without Pity 10/23/06 What's Your Emergency?

Celebrity Spider 10/19/06 Lizzie Leads the Charge to Face Randall in Court Next Week on "The Nine"

Union Tribune 10/19/06 The Nine 10/18

ET Online 10/18/06 Is 'Nine' Tim Daly's Lucky Number?

Television without Pity 10/15/06 Heroes Welcome

Celebrity Spider 10/12/06 Kathryn Faces Her First Day Back in Court Next Week on "The Nine"

Union Tribune 10/11/06 The Nine Oct. 11

TV Guide 10/11/06 Tim Daly: What's Next for The Nine's Nick?

Television Without Pity 10/9/06 Pilot

Celebrity Spider 10/5/06 The Hostages Try to Get Their Lives Back on Track Next Week on "The Nine"

Inside Pulse 10/5/06 - Remote Destination - The Nine 1-1

San Diego Tribune 10/5/06 The Nine 10/4

Cleveland Plain Dealer 10/4/06 'Nine' scores a 10 after 'Lost' premiere

Charlotte Observer 10/4/06 'The Nine" debuts tonight

Buffalo News 10/4/06 Pilot for ABC's 'The Nine' will be tough to top

TV Guide 10/4/06 We've Got The Nine's Number

Deseret News 10/4/06 'Nine' out of 10

Palm Beach Post 10/4/06 TV Review: The Nine

Boston Globe 10/4/06 'Nine' hostages are freed, and now the plots thicken

South Florida 10/4/06 ABC's new hostage situation is a harrowing ordeal

Chicago Tribune 10/4/06 `Nine' hooks viewers with missing 52 hours

Newsday 10/4/06 Held hostage by a quality show

San Francisco Chronicle 10/4/06 'Nine' went into bank -- how many will get out?

NY Times 10/4/06 After a Bank Robbery Ends, the Real Drama Begins

Courier Journal 10/4/06 Suspense may carry 'Nine' to victory in tough time slot

Chicago Sun Times 10/4/06 'Nine' trails hostages post-heist lives 10/4/06 Cold opening leads to a hot new drama

San Francisco Chronicle 10/4/06 'Nine' went into bank -- how many will get out?

Contra Costa Times 10/4/06 'The Nine' is a fine companion to 'Lost'

NY Post 10/4/06 Don't Shoot

Toledo Blade 10/4/06 'The Nine' follows the former hostages in a bank robbery

Globe and Mail 10/4/06 The Nine: best new network drama this fall

Star Telegram 10/4/06 'The Nine' doesn't quite add up yet 10/4/06 'Lost' returns; 'The Nine' premieres

Star Ledger 10/4/06 Terrific start, but what comes next?

Detroit Free Press 10/4/06 Mike Duffy: 'The Nine' vaults over other thrillers

NY Daily News 10/4/06 Just take divine 'Nine' to the bank

Rocky Mountain News 10/4/06 Saunders: 'Nine' looks like a survivor

Entertainment Weekly 10/4/06 The Nine

Naperville Sun 10/4/06 Here's hoping 'The Nine' is more than a one-note show

Baltimore Sun 10/4/06 'The Nine' is a show you can bank on

Arizona Daily Star 10/4/06 From Dr. Phlox to star role on 'The Nine'

Washington Post 10/4/06 'Nine': At Least Its Viewers Can Escape

Kansas City Star 10/4/06 ‘The Nine’ has strong potential

News Observer 10/4/06 'Nine' strangers have odd bond

Detroit News 10/4/06 Mekeisha's pick: 'The Nine'

USA Today 10/3/06 'The Nine' looks like the one

LA Daily News 10/3/06 Nine lives interrupted

Chicago Tribune 10/3/06 'Lost' in the promise of 'The Nine'

Inside Bay Area 10/3/06 'The Nine' shows promise

Milwaukee Journal 10/3/06 Bank hostage drama is worthy time investment

Journal Sentinel 10/3/06 Creators hope 'Nine' better than date

Mercury News 10/3/06 `Nine' lives

Sun Sentinel 10/3/06 ABC's new hostage situation is a harrowing ordeal

USA Today 10/3/06 Bank-hostage drama plays out in 'The Nine'

Post Gazette 10/3/06 New 'Nine' not quite a 10

Houston Chronicle 10/3/06 The Nine: A case of the Devil in the details

NY Daily News 10/3/06 Hostage drama puts one of stars on cloud 'Nine'

Zap2It 10/2/06 TV Gal Is Taken With 'The Nine'

Herald Net 10/2/06 'The Nine' reveals drama behind the headlines

Quad City Times 10/2/06 Q-C grad is one of ‘The Nine’

Wilmington Star 10/1/06 9 reasons to watch 'The Nine'

Herald Tribune 10/1/06 Strangers bond with viewers and one another in 'The Nine'

Orlando Sentinel 10/1/06 ABC's 'The Nine' will leave viewers twisting for more

Denver Post 9/29/06 "Nine" a real find after "Lost"

Knox News 9/28/06 'The Nine' gives us a cast, and a show, to believe in

Tampa Tribune 9/26/06 ABC Hopes 'The Nine' Holds Viewers Hostage

Celebrity Spider 9/25/06 ABC's "The Nine" Premieres Wednesday, October 4th

Arizona Star 9/25/06 'Nine' could be captivating

BuddyTV 9/19/06 The Nine Star Pessismistic Of Show's Chances

TV Guide 9/19/06 TV Guide's Party for The Nine: Inside Scoop

Jam! 9/19/06 Premiere of new ABC hostage-saga series 'The Nine' gets red-carpet treatment

Hollywood Reporter 8/15/06 Socked with huge fine, he counters with 'Nine'

Best Syndication 8/8/06 Who Leaked ABC's The Nine TV Show Pilot

Media Week 7/24/06 Peril Hits Prime Time

Digital Spy 7/20/06 Five checks in with 'The Nine'


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