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Reality TV Magazine 5/20/10 The Marriage Ref Season Finale: Demi Moore, Kelly Ripa, & Jim Breuer

Reality TV Fans 5/20/10 Demi Moore, Kelly Ripa and Jim Breuer are the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Reality News Online 5/18/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 11: OMG! It’s the Joy of Socks! LOL

Reality TV Magazine 5/13/10 The Marriage Ref: Bette Midler, Howie Mandel, & Craig Robinson

Reality TV Fans 5/13/10 Bette Midler and Howie Mandel are Panelists Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Reality News Online 5/11/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 10: How to Throw Daggers at Your Spouse

Reality TV Magazine 5/6/10 The Marriage Ref: Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, & Greg Giraldo

Reality TV Fans 5/6/10 Gwyneth Paltrow, Jerry Seinfeld and Greg Giraldo are the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/10 The Marriage Ref: Bette Midler & Demi Moore To Guest Star

Reality News Online 5/3/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 9: Tom Papa Marks His Territory

Reality TV Magazine 4/29/10 The Marriage Ref: Sarah Silverman, Martin Short, & Matthew Broderick

Reality TV Fans 4/29/10 Sarah Silverman, Matthew Broderick and Martin Short are the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Reality News Online 4/26/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 8: Time to Duck and Cover 4/23/10 The Marriage Ref: Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 4/22/10 The Marriage Ref: Donald Trump, Gloria Estefan, & Adam Carolla
Reality TV Fans 4/22/10 Adam Carolla, Gloria Estefan and Donald Trump are the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

TV Guide 4/22/10 Bette Midler to Take Part in Marriage Ref Panel

Reality News Online 4/12/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 7: I Married A Ghostbuster and Other Tales of Terror

Reality TV Magazine 4/8/10 The Marriage Ref: Nathan Lane, Kathy Griffin, & Tracy Morgan

Reality TV Fans 4/8/10 Tracy Morgan, Kathy Griffin and Nathan Lane are the Panel Tonight on The Marriage Ref

Reality News Online 4/5/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 6: Invasion of the Dummies

TV Guide 4/5/10 NBC Renews Marriage Ref, Minute to Win It, Who Do You Think You Are?

Reality TV Fans 4/1/10 Jimmy Fallon, Kirstie Alley and Sheryl Crow are the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref” 4/1/10 The Marriage Ref: Episode 6 Recap

Reality News Online 3/27/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 5: Mariah Carey Wrecked My Marriage 3/25/10 The Marriage Ref: Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Fans 3/25/10 Jerry Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa and Alec Baldwin are the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

TV Guide 3/25/10 How Marriage Ref's Natalie Morales Went From Delivering News to Debating Pole Dancing

Reality News Online 3/22/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 4: The Great Shampoo Caper 3/19/10 The Marriage Ref: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 3/18/10 The Marriage Ref: Jason Alexander, Martha Stewart, & Cedric The Entertainer

Reality TV Fans 3/18/10 Cedric the Entertainer, Martha Stewart and Jason Alexander Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Reality News Online 3/16/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 3: The Night of the Iguana

TMZ 3/14/10 Seinfeld on 'SNL' -- Atonement for 'Marriage Ref' 3/11/10 The Marriage Ref: Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV Fans 3/11/10 Madonna, Larry David and Ricky Gervais are on the Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Reality News Online 3/8/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 2: The Battle of the Sexists

Access Hollywood 3/8/10 Jay Leno Makes ‘Marriage Ref’ Guest Appearance, Talks Being Back At ‘Tonight Show’ 3/5/10 The Marriage Ref: Episode 2

Reality TV Magazine 3/4/10 The Marriage Ref: Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld, & Eva Longoria Parker

Reality TV Fans 3/4/10 Tina Fey, Eva Longoria and Jerry Seinfeld are the Celebrity Panel Tonight on “The Marriage Ref”

Washington Post 3/4/10 In two new shows, celebrities drown in their own garish reflections

Media Life 3/4/10 'The Marriage Ref,' old-fashioned fun TV

NY Post 3/4/10 'Marriage Ref’ isn’t Jerry's first post-'Seinfeld' stumble

Reality News Online 3/2/10 The Marriage Ref, Episode 1: And You Thought Your Marital Spats Were Silly!

Buffalo News 3/2/10 Everyone’s in on the joke on ‘Marriage Ref’

NY Daily News 3/2/10 Can 'The Marriage Ref,' new Jerry Seinfeld show, be saved?

LA Times 3/1/10 NBC News' Natalie Morales to have regular role on 'The Marriage Ref'

Reality TV Magazine 2/28/10 The Marriage Ref: Sneak Peek Tonight 2/28/10 The Marriage Ref: Sneak Preview

Reality TV Fans 2/28/10 A Special Sneak Preview of “The Marriage Ref” Airs Tonight on NBC

TV Guide 2/27/10 The Marriage Ref's Jerry Seinfeld on Returning to TV and Breaking New Ground

Zap2It 2/27/10 'The Marriage Ref': Putting TV couples to the test

AJC 2/26/10 Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Marriage Ref’ Sunday features Gainesville couple’s rift over a stripper pole 

Post Gazette 2/26/10 Seinfeld's 'Marriage Ref' vows clean fun

Deseret News 2/25/10 Jerry Seinfeld's new show 'The Marriage Ref' is all about funny

NY Post 2/25/10 Tales of a Seinfeld ex

Reality TV Fans 2/17/10 The Marriage Ref Preview Clips – Jerry and Tom’s Ice Fishing Adventure

Reality TV Fans 2/16/10 The Marriage Ref Preview Clip – Jerry Sets Up the Show

NY Post 2/16/10 Madonna to guest star on 'The Marriage Ref'

NY Daily News 2/15/10 Madonna to appear as judge on Jerry Seinfeld's 'The Marriage Ref'

Sydney Morning Herald 2/15/10 Madonna now a Marriage Ref

Washington Post 2/13/10 Madonna to appear on 'The Marriage Ref'

Reality TV Fans 1/11/10 NBC to Sneak Preview The Marriage Ref Sunday February 28

LA Times 1/10/10 Jerry Seinfeld's wife made the call on 'The Marriage Ref'

Zap2It 1/10/10 Eva Longoria Parker, Alec Baldwin weigh in on 'The Marriage Ref'

Reality TV Fans 1/4/10 NBC’s The Marriage Ref Launches Search for Couples Looking to Resolve Disputes

Reality TV World 11/4/09 Tom Papa to star in Jerry Seinfeld's 'Marriage Ref' NBC reality series

Reality TV Fans 5/22/09 Casting Call - The Marriage Ref

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