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Zap2It 3/2/12 'The Finder' moves to Fridays, 50 Cent will see you there

BuddyTV 2/23/12 'The Finder' Recap: 'Bones' Crossover Event

Scripted TV Fans 2/23/12 Walter Helps Dr. Hodgins (Guest TJ Thyne) Hunt Up Some Little Green Men Tonight on The Finder

TV Guide 2/23/12 The Finder: Bones' TJ Thyne Leads Walter on an Alien Hunt

Zap2It 2/23/12 'The Finder': TJ Thyne talks 'Bones' crossover, 'Little Green Men'

BuddyTV 2/22/12 'The Finder' Episode 7 Photos: A Hurricane Hits in 'Eye of the Storm'

BuddyTV 2/22/12 'The Finder' Videos: What Happens When Hodgins of 'Bones' Visits Walter?

Zap2It 2/22/12 'The Finder': TJ Thyne, Geoff Stults, Hart Hanson and more on aliens, crossovers and 'Little Green Men'

BuddyTV 2/9/12 'The Finder' Recap: Disappearing Act

Scripted TV Fans 2/9/12 Walter Tracks A Vanished Magician’s Assistant Tonight on The Finder

BuddyTV 2/8/12 'The Finder' Episode 6 Photos: 'Bones' Hodgins Guest Stars in 'Little Green Men'

BuddyTV 2/2/12 'The Finder' Recap: Searching for Socks

BuddyTV 2/2/12 'The Finder' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Swing and a Miss'

Scripted TV Fans 2/2/12 Walter Helps Isabel’s New Ballplayer Boyfriend Find His Mojo Tonight on The Finder

BuddyTV 2/1/12 'The Finder' Episode 5 Photos: Finding Magic in 'The Great Escape'

BuddyTV 1/31/12 'The Finder' Episode 5 Photos: Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson in 'Life After Death'

BuddyTV 1/31/12 'The Finder' Casting: Walter Sherman Gets a Family

TV Guide 1/30/12 The Finder Exclusive: Meet Walter's Parents

Scripted TV Fans 1/26/12 Walter Helps A NASA Scientist Find His Cinderella In Red Stilettos Tonight on The Finder

Zap2It 1/23/12 'The Finder' hires George Stults for some brotherly love

Scripted TV Fans 1/19/12 Walter Tries To Find Exonerating Evidence Just Days Before An Execution Tonight on The Finder

Entertainment Weekly 1/19/12 'The Finder': Michael Clarke Duncan talks Leo's backstory, previews his tough guy moments

TV Guide 1/19/12 Behind the Scenes with The Finder

BuddyTV 1/18/12 'The Finder' Video: Sweets of 'Bones' Visits

BuddyTV 1/18/12 'The Finder' Episode 4 Photos: 'Swing and a Miss'

TV Guide 1/13/12 Ratings: Rob Astounds in Its Debut; The Finder Gets Lost in the Shuffle

BuddyTV 1/12/12 'Finder' Premiere Recap: How a 'Bones' Spinoff Begins

BuddyTV 1/12/12 'The Finder' Review: Flawed But Fun

Scripted TV Fans 1/12/12 Walter Sherman Helps A Teen Locate His Missing Father Tonight on the Series Premiere of The Finder

Zap2It 1/12/12 'The Finder': Michael Clarke Duncan and Mercedes Masohn take us to the gun show

Chicago Sun-Times 1/11/12 Lighthearted ‘Finder’ may be a keeper

Zap2It 1/11/12 'The Finder': Geoff Stults introduces us to Walter Sherman

USA Today 1/11/12 Actors Duncan and Stults find chemistry on 'The Finder'

USA Today 1/10/12 'The Finder' turns up a fresh twist

TV Guide 1/10/12 Watch My Show: The Finder's Hart Hanson Answers Our Showrunner Survey

BuddyTV 1/9/12 'The Finder' Episode 3 Photos: A Killer Shoe in 'A Cinderella Story'

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/12 TCA: 'The Finder' and 'Bones' Intended as Companion Series, EP Sees Future for Both

Post Gazette 1/8/12 'Finder' gives us a quirky character with an unusual gift

BuddyTV 1/6/12 Hart Hanson and Geoff Stults Talk About 'The Finder'

Uncle Barky 12/31/11 Mid-season merry-go-round: Fox's The Finder has solid characters, shaky storytelling

BuddyTV 12/27/11 'The Finder' Photos: Take a Look at the Series Premiere

Zap2It 12/5/11 'Bones': FOX moves episode to January to lead into 'The Finder'

BuddyTV 12/1/11 FOX 2012 Mid-Season Schedule: ' Idol,' 'The Finder' and More Premiere Dates

Entertainment Weekly 12/1/11 Fox's midseason schedule revealed! 'Alcatraz,' 'Touch,' 'The Finder' premiere dates

TV Guide 11/22/11 Eric Roberts Joins The Finder-Bones Crossover Episode   
Zap2It 11/11/11 50 Cent to guest star on 'The Finder'

Digital Spy 11/11/11 50 Cent to play hip-hop mogul in 'Bones' spinoff 'The Finder'

Scripted TV Fans 7/25/11 Comic-Con 2011: The Finder – Thumb War with Michael Clarke Duncan

Digital Spy 7/20/11 Mercedes Masöhn, Maddie Hasson join 'The Finder'

Scripted TV Fans 6/4/11 FOX Announces New Fall 2011 Midseason Series “The Finder”

Digital Spy 5/26/11 Saffron Burrows exits Fox's 'The Finder'

Zap2It 5/17/11 'The Finder' video clip: How will the 'Bones' spin-off look on its own?

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