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Clarion Ledger 1/16/06 Hattiesburg TV station to continue with 'Daniel'

Washington Times 1/16/06 D.C. church's 'Daniel' blog seizes preachable moment

Telegraph 1/15/06 Christian protests force series about drug addict priest off air

Television Without Pity 1/14/06 Acceptance

WDC Media News 1/14/06 Some NBC Affiliates Closing the Book on Daniel

Kalamazoo Gazette 1/14/06 After initial viewing, many area priests ready to close the book on NBC's new series

Journal News 1/14/06 The 'Daniel' debate

Toledo Blade 1/14/06 ‘Book of Daniel’ opens to controversy

World Magazine 1/14/06 TV Review: The Book of Daniel

Mich News 1/13/06 The Book of Daniel: A Form of Godliness, But Denying the Power

TV Guide 1/13/06 The Book of Daniel: The Eye of the Storm

Hattiesburg American 1/13/06 'Book of Daniel' deserves open mind

Christian Post 1/13/06 ''The Book of Daniel''—A Satire on Liberal Christianity?

USA Today 1/13/06 Nashville station pulls 'The Book of Daniel' citing racy scenes

Television Without Pity 1/12/06 Forgiveness

Halifax Live 1/12/06 NBC's 'The Book of Daniel' Latest Target of Faith-Based Censorship

Herald Leader 1/12/06 Protests of 'Book of Daniel' vanished after its premiere

Beacon Journal 1/12/06 `Book of Daniel' gets scorn and accolades
NY Times 1/11/06 Few Are Booking Ads on 'The Book of Daniel'

Television Without Pity 1/11/06 Temptation

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 TV Bosses Call on Security After Death Threats Over Book of Daniel

Yahoo 1/9/06 No solace for NBC as 'Daniel' disappoints

Media Life 1/9/06 Much show, little go, for NBC's 'Daniel'

Knox News 1/7/06 Tempest in a teacup #1: 'Book of Daniel'

Knox News 1/7/06 'Daniel' decision tough

The Trades 1/6/06 The Book of Daniel - Pilot

TV Guide 1/6/06 How The Book of Daniel Came to Be

E!Online 1/6/06 Conservative Groups Slam NBC's "Book"

Chicago Sun Times 1/6/06 Quinn sees courage in 'Book of Daniel'

San Francisco Chronicle 1/6/06 Priest is a pill-popper who chats with Jesus. Controversy, anyone?

Tampa Bay Online 1/6/06 Desperate Ministers

Boston Globe 1/6/06 Family dysfunction of biblical proportions

Beacon Journal 1/6/06 Faith rules supreme in `Book of Daniel'

Washington Post 1/6/06 'Book of Daniel': A Mean-Spirited, Unholy Mess

Seattle Times 1/6/06 Sex, drugs, visits from Jesus and "family" protests sight-unseen

Courant 1/6/06 'Book Of Daniel' Maintains Friday Spiritual Tradition

Access Hollywood 1/6/06 Four TV Stations Refuse To Air NBC's 'Book Of Daniel' 1/6/06 NBC's 'Daniel' trapped between heaven & hell

Celebrity Spider 1/5/06 The Book of Daniel Show Premieres With Back to Back Episodes

Providence Journal 1/5/06 Unconventional Book of Daniel values family

NY Daily News 1/5/06 Don't judge this 'Book' by its boycott

Post Gazette 1/5/06 'Book of Daniel' takes page from 'Six Feet Under'

Journal Now 1/5/06 Lion's Den: Book of Daniel faces a tough sell, even in TV land

Zap2It 1/5/06 Two Affiliates Close 'Book of Daniel'

USA Today 1/5/06 Soapy 'Daniel' loosens the clerical collar

Dallas Morning News 1/5/06 Joking around with Jesus

USA Today 1/5/06 Irreverent, ambitious 'Daniel' doesn't do anything by the book

Rocky Mountain News 1/5/06 Family the focus of 'Daniel'

NY Daily News 1/4/06 Trying to keep the faith

Zap2It 1/2/06 'Book of Daniel' Aspires to a Higher Level

Herald Net 1/2/06 NBC steps ahead with 'Daniel,' back with 'Kings' 12/28/05 Aidan Quinn is a priest with a habit

Zap2It 12/28/05 Protests Begin Against NBC's 'Daniel'


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