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Sydney Morning Herald 2/3/08 Sam's a man with big plans to be a good loser

Courier Mail 2/2/08 The Biggest Loser trainer Shannon Ponton shows no mercy

Herald Sun 1/29/08 Putting a price on flab

Sunshine Coast Daily 11/27/07 Biggest Loser winner

Geelong Advertiser 11/19/07 Fit and fab, The Biggest Loser trainer wows fat-busters

Adelaide Now 11/6/07 Adelaide's Biggest Loser at Blackfriars 10/23/07 Losers go into retreat 9/10/07 Biggest Losers' TV reality check

Herald Sun 9/9/07 Fat chance of success after show

Scoop 8/21/07 Former Biggest Loser Joins Jenny Craig 8/2/07 Biggest Loser host sheds her pal 7/19/07 Jo won't be living off fat of the loser

Southern Highlands 7/2/07 Biggest loser is a weight loss winner

Adelaide Now 6/19/07 From fab to flab

Herald Sun 6/18/07 Weight winner felt a big loser 5/19/07 Bigger Loser Chris hits out at 'manorexia' 5/17/07 Biggest Loser now lucky in love

Geelong Advertiser 5/10/07 The Biggest Loser star back on track

Daily Telegraph 5/8/07 Biggest Loser's top diet secrets

West Australian 4/27/07 The Biggest Loser will return in 2008

Sydney Morning Herald 4/27/07 Biggest Loser the biggest winner

Herald Sun 4/27/07 Win gives Chris heart

Adelaide Now 4/27/07 Being a loser feels great 4/27/07 Biggest Loser has a lot to gain

West Australian 4/26/07 The weight is almost over for trio 4/26/07 No pain, but plenty of gain

Sydney Morning Herald 4/22/07 Weight just a minute

The Age 4/10/07 Big Loser out, but focused

Daily Telegraph 4/7/07 Biggest Loser host's radio role 4/3/07 Measuring up in Middle Earth

Herald Sun 3/30/07 Loser 'promotes dangerous weight loss'

Daily Telegraph 3/28/07 Slimmer Damien, big chance

Herald Sun 3/25/07 Biggest Loser

eNews 3/19/07 The Biggest Loser piles on the audience 3/18/07 The biggest loser - week 7

Daily Telegraph 3/17/07 Biggest winners in love

Perth Now 3/13/07 Loser leaves show due to health risk

eNews 3/12/07 The Biggest Loser Weighs in with 1.1m

Daily Telegraph 3/9/07 Race slur on Biggest Loser

Sydney Morning Herald 3/9/07 The Biggest Loser 5/4/07 Big Brother sinks to new low with baby task

Herald Sun 5/4/07 Big Brother's whiter shade of jail

The West 3/5/07 Biggest Loser evictee hitting goal

The Age 3/1/07 Losing it, big time, what a treat 3/1/07 You lose, you booze 2/26/07 Loser evictee puts love search on hold

Daily Telegraph 2/21/07 Losers to hurt big time

Daily Telegraph 2/19/07 Spurned wife out of Biggest Loser 2/13/07 Chef voted off Biggest Loser

The West 2/13/07 Chef voted out first but defends The Biggest Loser

Geelong Advertiser 2/13/07 Our loser's a big winner 2/12/07 Biggest Loser eliminated defends show 2/10/07 TV's 'Biggest Loser' sheds another contestant

Herald Sun 2/6/07 Reality bite for TV show

Nine MSN 2/5/07 Cricket hits The Biggest Loser for a six

Courier Mail 2/4/07 Worth the weight

Sydney Morning Herald 2/4/07 The Biggest Loser

Daily Herald 2/1/07 Loser's hubby cops it

The Age 2/1/07 Back, and bigger than ever

Herald Sun 1/31/07 Biggest Loser under fire

Kalgoorlie 1/31/07 Supersized Marty keen to be a real loser

Herald Sun 1/31/07 Biggest Loser "far from reality" 1/26/07 Biggest Loser ignores critics

Geelong Advertiser 1/24/07 Our new Biggest Loser

Carb Wire 1/23/07 Coverage Begins For 'Biggest Loser Australia'

Herald Sun 1/23/07 Biggest Loser back

The Common Voice 1/15/07 Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels Reunite For 'The Biggest Loser Australia' 2
Adelaide Now 1/14/07 'Biggest Loser' entrant quits

The Common Voice 11/1/06 'Biggest Loser' Gets Tummy Tuck, Making Weight Loss Documentary

Daily Telegraph 10/27/06 Night Jo lost the plot

Daily Telegraph 10/7/06 Casey fails as Biggest Loser

Herald Sun 10/1/06 A bride with nothing to lose

Courier Mail 10/1/06 Let the weigh-in begin

The Common Voice 9/28/06 'Biggest Loser' Trainer: 'Health Is Everything'

Geelong Advertiser 9/19/06 From Birre to the ballroom

The Age 9/18/06 Biggest Loser star battled weight, blues 9/18/06 Trainer wins weight battle

Courier Mail 9/6/06 Loser TV holds big appeal

Sydney Morning Herald 9/3/06 Biggest Loser host gets camera-shy

ABC Brisbane 8/10/06 The Firefighters and their famous pal 6/14/06 Loser trainer smitten

Daily Telegraph 6/1/06 Big loser Wal just big again 5/22/06 Biggest lover

Herald Sun 5/7/06 Work's biggest loser

Star News Group 5/2/06 A loss worth celebrating

The Age 5/2/06 Loser a ratings winner for Ten

Sydney Morning Herald 5/1/06 Biggest Loser loses Michaels

The Australian 5/1/06 Losers give Ten rare win

Herald Sun 4/30/06 Biggest Loser now a looker

Sydney Morning Herald 4/28/06 Biggest loser's health scare

Herald Sun 4/28/06 Biggest winner set for surgery 4/28/06 The weight is off

Herald Sun 4/27/06 Lining up for a big fat payday 4/26/06 The losing battle

Sydney Morning Herald 4/24/06 Weight's right for fat of the land

Herald Sun 4/23/06 Final three hope losing is winning 4/18/06 Jo's excess

Herald Sun 4/17/06 Biggest loser loses bar service

eBroadcast 4/11/06 'The Biggest Loser' Ten's Biggest Gainer

Sunday Mail 4/2/06 AJ tells her big secret

The Age 4/2/06 Catch my disease 3/24/06 Artie tells all 3/19/06 Loser's secret past

Herald Sun 3/19/06 Artie's big fat fraud 3/16/06 Big fat secret

Pop Matters 3/15/06 The Biggest Loser: Australian Edition 

The Common Voice 3/6/06 Australian 'Biggest Loser' Accused Of Promoting Poor Diet, 'Humuliating' Obese

The Age 3/1/06 So, who's the biggest loser here? 2/22/06 Weight loss show 'poses health risks'

eBroadcast Australia 2/21/06 The Biggest Loser TV's Biggest Sleeper Hit

Courier Mail 2/20/06 Doubts raised on weighty Wal's loss

The Age 2/19/06 The other F word that may sometimes offend

Herald Sun 2/19/06 Loser unrealistic and cruel

Sydney Morning Herald 2/19/06 Biggest losers could be the viewers who vilify the fatties

The Age 2/19/06 The Biggest Loser is just fine with Geoff

Geelong 2/18/06 Fiona aims to be biggest loser

The Age 2/16/06 Rewind

eBroadcast 2/14/06 Biggest Loser is Ten's Biggest Winner

itWire 2/14/06 Traffic spike causes Biggest Loser to crash

Sydney Morning Herald 2/13/06 The overweight are the latest putting the boot into fat people

Sydney Morning Herald 2/13/06 Fat Chance

Sydney Morning Herald 2/13/06 The Biggest Loser

The Courier 2/13/06 Ballarat's Shane aims to be the biggest loser

Sydney Morning Herald 2/12/06 TV bulge battle earns ire of health experts

The Age 2/12/06 Reality TV program 'humiliates fat people'

Courier-Mail 2/9/06 Everyone's a winner

Herald Sun 1/29/06 I'll be trim to wed


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