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Inside Pulse 10/14/05 A Talk With Apprentice: Martha Stewart's Shawn Killinger

Post Standard 10/14/05 'Bad kid' gives it back to Martha Stewart

Fans of Reality TV 10/14/05 Dawn of the Dead

Always Reality Television 10/13/05 From The Street To The Suite -- Dawn Dismissed, 10/12 recap

The Apprentice Blog 10/13/05 Martha's Apprentice Incomplete Suite

Reality HQ 10/13/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 10/13/05 Dawn Eliminated From The Apprentice Martha Stewart

Reality News Online 10/13/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 4: Unfinished Business

The Trades 10/13/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 4 10/13/05 Commentary: Tiny details lead to firing on 'The Apprentice Martha' 10/13/05 Martha Stewart Apprentice - Week 4

Zap2It 10/13/05 'Martha Stewart' Cracks the Matchstick Whip

Inside Pulse 10/12/05 An Interview with Apprentice: Martha Stewart's Chuck Soldano 10/12/05 Martha's Breakdown

Inside Pulse 10/12/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Live Coverage - 9 PM - Episode 4

Reality TV Hall of Shame 10/12/05 Hall of Shame Moment: Shawn's big mouth gets her fired from 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart'

Miami Herald 10/12/05 Fired on TV, he tries politics

TV Guide 10/12/05 Martha Newscaster's Story Gets Spiked

Reality News Online 10/12/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 3 Performance Appraisals: Let Them Eat Cake

Washington Post 10/12/05 What Fall Canning Season Might Mean for Stewart

Ottawa Citizen 10/12/05 Don't phone it in, creative team: Martha

Celebrity Spider 10/11/05 "Suite" Dreams Greet Candidates on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

TVRules 10/11/05 Martha Stewart's The Apprentice: Episode 3 Summary 10/05/05

Reality TV Talk 10/11/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Ep. 3 - Cake for the Masses!

Reality TV Hall of Shame 10/11/05 Why Martha Stewart Is Not in the Hall of Shame for Firing Shawn

NY Post 10/11/05 Martha Upheld

Seattle PI 10/10/05 Apprentice 101: A Stewart no-no: Not thinking before speaking

Reality News Online 10/10/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Why Shawn Lost

Reality News Online 10/10/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 3: MVPs and LVPs

Chicago Tribune 10/10/05 Martha is no master of prime time

North County Times 10/10/05 Cardiff man competes in Martha's 'Apprentice'

Fans of Reality TV 10/9/05 You're So Fake, You Make Me Ache

Television Without Pity 10/8/05 Bake It 'Til You Make It

Reality TV Calendar 10/7/05 You Can't Fake the Cake: Episode 3 Recap

E!Online 10/7/05 Martha Up; Her TV Boss Down

Always Reality Television 10/6/05 Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice -- Shawn Eliminated, 10/05 recap

Reality TV Calendar 10/6/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Oct. 6th

The Trades 10/6/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 3

The Apprentice Blog 10/6/05 Shawn Killinger - Fired 3nd

Orlando Sentinel 10/6/05 Local anchor knocked out of Martha's 'Apprentice'

The Apprentice Blog:: Martha's Apprentice 10/6/05 Martha Messing With My Stats.

Reality HQ 10/6/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 10/6/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 3: Just Desserts

Zap2It 10/6/05 'Martha Stewart' Lets Them Eat Cake

Palm Beach Post 10/6/05 Martha Does the Right Thing

TV Guide 10/5/05 Apprentice: Martha Chucks Chuck

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 A Baby is Born & Wedding Bells Ring on the next The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Reality News Online 10/4/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Begins New Time Slot

Reality TV World 10/4/05 NBC flips its 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart' ratings flop to Wednesdays versus 'Lost'

Television Without Pity 10/4/05 Business Is Blooming

Reality News Online 10/4/05 Weekly Performance Appraisal, Episode 2: A Weed in the Flower Patch

NY Daily News 10/4/05 An underachiever for Martha

Washington Post 10/4/05 Martha, Caught in NBC's 'E-Ring' Circus

Zap2It 10/3/05 'E-Ring,' 'Martha' Swap Timeslots on NBC

Reality News Online 10/3/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Ep. 2 MVPs and LVPs: Corner Office & Mailroom Assignments

TVRules 10/2/05 Martha Stewart's the Apprentice - Episode #2 - 09/28/05

TVRules 10/2/05 Martha Stewart's "The Apprentice" Episode #1 Summary 9/21/05

American Chronicle 10/1/05 Donald Trump’s and Martha Stewart’s Reality Shows are Not Reality Says Millionaire Author

Media Week 10/1/05 NBC Flips Apprentice: Martha and E-Ring

The Apprentice Blog:: Martha's Apprentice 9/30/05 Taglines, Jail and Cigars

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/05 It's a Bloomin' Fiasco! Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/05 The Trouble With Martha

Houston Voice 9/30/05 Where’s the real Martha?

USA Today 9/30/05 Martha's TV return isn't getting the job done

Fans of Reality TV 9/29/05 The Apprentice Martha Stewart: An Ass Runs Amok In The Flower Shop

USA Today 9/29/05 Better to be fired by Trump or Martha?

Journal Register 9/29/05 Burnett upfront about 'Martha' gender ratio

Reality HQ 9/29/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 2 Recap

Reality Shack 9/29/05 An Hour of Flower Power – The Apprentice Martha Stewart, Episode 2

Always Reality Television 9/29/05 Beautiful In Bloom - Minus Chuck, 9/28 recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/29/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of September 29th

The Trades 9/29/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 2

The Apprentice Blog: Martha's Apprentice 9/29/05 The Gardening Gloves are Off

Reality News Online 9/29/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 2: Petal Pushers

Reality TV Magazine 9/29/05 The Apprentice Martha Stewart – Is Jim Bozzini the next great reality TV villain?

MSNBC 9/29/05 Martha’s ‘Apprentice’ gets a bit crazy

Entertainment Weekly 9/29/05 The Spirit Is Wilting

Zap2It 9/28/05 Quitters Never Prosper with 'Martha Stewart'

Reality TV Talk 9/28/05 Martha Stewart's Apprentice: Episode 1 "The Banana Drama"

Inside Pulse 9/28/05 Apprentice: Martha Stewart Live Coverage Tonight - 8 PM

TV Guide 9/28/05 Martha Ousts First Apprentice Wannabe

Reality News Online 9/28/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 1 Extras: Who are These People Anyway?

ABC News 9/28/05 Martha Stewart sticks to kinder, gentler TV image

Celebrity Spider 9/27/05 Martha Stewart Passionate and Appalled at Next Conference Room Meeting

Reality News Online 9/27/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 1 MVPs and LVPs

Reality News Online 9/26/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Weekly Performance Appraisal, Episode 1: Beans to You

Inside Pulse 9/26/05 Apprentice: Martha Stewart's Jeff Rudell Interview

Detroit Free Press 9/26/05 Martha, you don't 'fit in'

Reality Shack 9/25/05 Connections – The Apprentice Martha Stewart, Premiere

Chicago Tribune 9/25/05 Will real Martha please step up

Television Without Pity 9/25/05 Once Upon a Time

Boston Globe 9/24/05 Martha serves her 'Apprentice' well chilled

Sign On San Diego 9/23/05 Ill-suited Martha's 'Apprentice' attempt: You're tired

Chicago Tribune 9/23/05 With Stewart, it's in the fit

Reality TV Calendar 9/23/05 Message to Martha's Apprentice: "You Just Don't Fit In" - Ep 1 Recap

Reality News Online 9/23/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Why Jeff Lost

Always Reality Television 9/23/05 They All Lived Happily Ever After - Except Jeffrey, 9/21 Premiere Recap

Hollywood Reporter 9/23/05 The Apprentice: Martha
Dallas Morning News 9/23/05 Write off this 'Apprentice'

Hollywood Reporter 9/23/05 'Apprentice' burns MSLO shares

Washington Post 9/23/05 Martha Stewart, Out of the Can And Into the Tank

NY Times 9/23/05 Is the World Suffering From Too Much Martha?

The Trades 9/22/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Week 1

Entertainment Weekly 9/22/05 Exercising Bad Judgment

Access Hollywood 9/22/05 Martha Says 'Goodbye' To First 'Apprentice'

Zap2It 9/22/05 Martha's 'Apprentice' Not a Good Thing for NBC

Inside Pulse 9/22/05 Martha Stewart: Naughty Or Nice?

Fans of Reality TV 9/22/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Don't Disrespect Me With Your Banana

Media Life 9/22/05 Martha's 'The Apprentice' lays an egg

E!Online 9/22/05 Martha's Ratings: Not a Good Thing

Reality TV Calendar 9/22/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Sept. 22nd

Toronto Star 9/22/05 Martha Inc. is back in business instantly

Reality HQ 9/22/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Episode 1 Recap

WCNC 9/22/05 'The Apprentice' a day early and a Donald short

NY Times 9/22/05 Yes, Martha Fires Someone, but Pink Slip Is Scented

MSNBC 9/22/05 For her 'Apprentice,' Martha's all business

Newsday 9/22/05 Martha's new show could learn from the Donald

Indy Star 9/22/05 Martha tries to fit in 'Apprentice' niche

Washington Post 9/22/05 Martha Stewart's Chopping Block

Dallas Morning News 9/22/05 Review: Write off this 'Apprentice'

USA Today 9/22/05 'Lost' worth the wait, unlike 'Stewart'

Zap2It 9/22/05 Sweet Dreams Are Made of 'Martha Stewart'

Reality TV Magazine 9/22/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart – Martha Writes Nice Letters To Eliminated Candidates

Reality News Online 9/22/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Episode 1: Fairy Tales Can Come True

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/05 Pre-Premiere Photo Scoreboard and Rankings

Reality News Online 9/21/05 What ‘Apprentice 4’ and ‘Martha Stewart Apprentice’ Applicants Should Have Learned

Chicago Tribune 9/21/05 Will new `Apprentice' defrost Stewart's image?

Detroit News 9/21/05 Ex-Metro Detroiter is a 'Martha' contestant

Tampa Bay Online 9/21/05 Martha Stewart Fires Up 'Apprentice' Series With 1 Bay Area Contestant

Hartford Courant 9/21/05 Stewart Seeks Her 'Apprentice'

Reality TV World 9/20/05 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart makes debut as PETA spokeswoman

MSNBC 9/20/05 In Martha's world, the good life isn't easy

Inside Pulse 9/20/05 'Apprentice: Martha Stewart' Spoiler : First Episode Details

ET Online 9/20/05 Martha Breaks a Record

Post Dispatch 9/20/05 Howell Central grad is a Martha man

Reality News Online 9/19/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Episode 1 Preview: Once Upon a Time

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 Martha Stewart Presides Over First "Conference Room" September 21st

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 Odds Offered on The Apprentice and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Celebrity Spider 9/12/05 Donald Trump: "Martha Stewart Was Not My First Choice"

Deseret News 9/12/05 'How-to' goes to whole new level

Jam! 9/12/05 Martha Stewart ready for her closeup

Rocky Mountain News 9/12/05 Saunders: It's all Martha, all the time

Bergen Record 9/13/05 More game-show gimmicks in Martha's TV return

St. Petersburg Times 9/11/05 Creating a good thing

Orlando Sentinel 9/11/05 Martha strides onto the comeback trail

Reality TV World 9/8/05 Upcoming 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart makes talk show rounds

SF Chronicle 9/7/05 Stewart Back on TV in Daytime and Night

MSNBC 9/6/05 Vote Martha’s catchphrase off the island

TVRules 9/2/05 The Apprentice Martha Stewart To Re-Air On CNBC

Zap2It 9/2/05 Martha Unbound: Stewart Flies on First Day of Freedom

Reality TV World 9/1/05 New 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart finally loses ankle bracelet

E!Online 9/1/05 Martha Free from Ankle Accessory

Happycrumb 8/31/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart catch phrase revealed!

MSNBC 8/31/05 Martha’s catchphrase: ‘You just don’t fit in’

MSNBC 8/30/05 Vote Martha’s catchphrase off the island

NY Post 8/30/05 Another Apprentice Link

Zap2It 8/29/05 Stewart 'Apprentice' Once Dated Judge's Son

Reality TV Calendar 8/29/05 Meet Martha's Wannabe's

NY Post 8/28/05 Martha 'Apprentice' In 'Rig' Scandal

Dallas Morning News 8/26/05 Stewart kicks up her heels

USA Today 8/26/05 Martha Stewart coming right at you

NY Times 8/26/05 Issues of Past Not Off Limits in TV Return, Stewart Says

Star Ledger 8/26/05 A new Martha?

Post Gazette 8/26/05 Martha ready to roll on two fronts

Jam! 8/26/05 Martha Stewart to play Trump card

NY Post 8/26/05 I'll Show You Mine

Detroit Free Press 8/26/05 Good Martha, Mean Martha: Stewart to star in 2 kinds of TV shows

LA Times 8/26/05 She's outta prison, now heeere's Martha

Wireless Flash News Service 8/26/05 Martha Stewart Soon Free To Do Reality TV

TV Week 8/25/05 Stewart Previews 'Martha,' 'Apprentice' for Press

ET Online 8/25/05 Martha's Freedom Date

Extra 8/25/05 The Big Return of Martha Stewart

Zap2It 8/25/05 Trump Will Cameo on Stewart's 'Apprentice' 8/24/05 Reveal Martha's secrets? No way

MSNBC 8/23/05 She's Back!

NY Post 8/23/05 Second Helping

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Martha Stewart Selects Advisors for The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

NY Daily News 8/22/05 Martha is new diva of pink slips

Reality News Online 8/22/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Who's Helping Martha?

Zap2It 8/22/05 Stewart's 'Apprentice' Becomes a Family Affair

Reality TV World 8/19/05 NBC reveals the identities of its 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart' contestants

Celebrity Spider 8/18/05 Candidates Announced for The Apprentice: Martha Stewart 8/18/05 3 Area Residents Chosen For Martha Stewart Show

E!Online 8/18/05 Tyra and Martha's New Recruits

Zap2It 8/18/05 Stewart Gathers Her 'Apprentices'

Reality News Online 8/18/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Candidates Announced

USA Today 8/15/05 Martha's 'Apprentice' line is anyone's guess

Happycrumb 8/11/05 NBC gives preview of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Reality TV World 8/4/05 Upcoming 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart confined for 3 extra weeks

Jam! 7/27/05 Martha is 'not going to hide'

Reality TV World 7/25/05 NBC's 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart' to premiere September 21 7/25/05 No 'raging diva' on Martha's show, NBC exec vows

E!Online 7/14/05 Martha Stewart Sets "Rules"

Reality TV World 7/6/05 Upcoming 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart hates dealing with ankle bracelet

Hollywood Reporter 6/23/05 Stewart won't reveal her 'Apprentice' catchphrase

Reality TV World 6/6/05 Report: Upcoming 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart may sell Connecticut home

Reality TV World 5/17/05 NBC to air both Donald Trump and Martha Stewart 'Apprentice' editions this fall

Celebrity Spider 5/16/05 NBC Announces The Apprentice: Martha Stewart on Fall Schedule

CNN 5/16/05 Martha, 'You're hired'

Reality TV World 5/11/05 Future 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart attends shareholder meeting

E!Online 5/3/05 Martha Talks "Martha"

TV Week 5/2/05 Stewart, Burnett Preview 'Martha' Show

Reality TV World 5/1/05 Upcoming 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart credits prison for better skin

Newsday 4/17/05 Trump’s ‘friend’ Martha may hit the air this fall

Reality TV World 4/12/05 Will Martha Stewart's 'The Apprentice' edition air as the franchise's next installment?

Zap2It 4/12/05 Judge Won't Relax Stewart's House Arrest

Reality TV World 4/11/05 Judge denies cut of 'Apprentice 4' star Martha Stewart's sentence

Reality TV World 4/5/05 New 'Apprentice' star Martha Stewart gripes about home confinement commute time

Reality TV World 4/4/05 Prosecutors refuse Mark Burnett's request to remove Martha Stewart's anklet

E!Online 4/4/05 Prosecutors Slam Martha

National Enquirer 3/11/05 Martha's Jail Hell

Sun Sentinel 3/11/05 Jail term might bring Martha Stewart `street cred' 3/7/05 Martha's hot: Trump

Toledo Blade 3/6/05 Aspiring to be an 'apprentice'

SF Chronicle 3/5/05 Sorry, Martha. Housekeeping's not my idea of 'reality'

Contact Music 3/5/05 Trumps Treat For Free Martha

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/4/05 How should Martha fire people?

BBC 3/4/05 What's next for Martha Stewart?

E!Online 3/4/05 Martha: Home's a Good Thing

Zap2It 3/4/05 Martha Stewart Goes Home

Christian Science Monitor 3/3/05 For a new Martha, add contrition and stir

MSNBC 3/2/05 Martha Stewart faces reality with TV show

The Examiner 2/28/05 Hoping to make the cut

Indy Star 2/27/05 Hundreds fired up for shot at fame

Kansas City Star 2/27/05 Union Station gets reality check as ‘Apprentice' hopefuls interview

News Tribune 2/27/05 They line up for the chance to be fired 2/27/05 Martha's comeback mania takes the biscuit

Newsday 2/26/05 Reality show hopefuls pack casting call

Union Tribune 2/26/05 Casting call for 'Apprentice' gets more than 800 fired up

Lawrence Journal World 2/25/05 KU answers 'Apprentice' casting call

Indy Star 2/24/05 Casting call brings out 'Apprentice' hopefuls

Business Week 2/24/05 Is Martha's Return a Good Thing?

Boston Globe 2/23/05 Stewart's post-prison life looking up

Orlando Sentinel 2/23/05 The lamb-shank redemption

Seattle PI 2/23/05 'Apprentice' candidates sought in Seattle

The Age 2/21/05 Stewart's millions multiply

Chicago Sun Times 2/20/05 'Apprentice' hopefuls say Donald trumps Martha

USA Today 2/20/05 'A TV show, not a job interview'

Times Picayune 2/18/05 The Don and the con

Courier Post 2/17/05 Aspiring `Apprentices' to audition in Phila.

WAVE 2/17/05 Louisville Gears Up For Apprentice Auditions

KYW News Radio 1060 2/17/05 Drexel Students, Grads Seek Slots on "The Apprentice"

TV Guide 2/17/05 Martha vs. Trump: TV Titans Battle!

Arizona Republic 2/15/05 A simultaneous shot at Stewart, Trump slots

GW Hatchet 2/14/05 Who wants to work for a millionaire?

Dallas Morning News 2/13/05 'Apprentice' hopefuls show up at TCU for a shot at the top 2/13/05 They came, they waited, they argued -- but why?

Sunday Herald 2/13/05 Jailed ‘domestic diva’ lands prime TV job

Washington Post 2/12/05 'Apprentices' of Many Stripes

Tampa Tribune 2/12/05 They're Hired, They Hope

Providence Journal 2/12/05 They're fired up

Baltimore Sun 2/12/05 Fired up

St. Petersburg Times 2/12/05 They long to be Martha's minion

Post Standard 2/12/05 Martha's apprentice: Is applying a good thing? 2/12/05 'The Apprentice' Holds Casting Call At NBC 10

Star Telegram 2/12/05 'Apprentice' applicants answer reality-TV casting call, but why?

Dallas Morning News 2/11/05 Calling all Martha wannabes

York Daily Record 2/11/05 Casting Call - 'Apprentice' wants you

Post-Dispatch 2/10/05 Candidates for 'The Apprentice' need more than business smarts 2/10/05 Apprentice casting team looks for strong personalities

Contra Costa Times 2/10/05 'Apprentice' calls to your inner Martha Stewart

Macon Telegraph 2/9/05 Hey, Martha, look at me

Toronto Star 2/8/05 Hopefuls aim to line up Apprentice jobs

Miami Herald 2/8/05 Auditioning to Be Stewart's 'Apprentice'

MSNBC 2/7/05 Stewart’s ‘Apprentice’ won’t replace Trump

The Scotsman 2/7/05 What Martha did next

Times Online 2/6/05 Martha's been cooking up a few ideas behind bars

TVRules 2/6/05 Martha Stewart To Host Apprentice Sequel

WXIA-TV 2/6/05 Hundreds Line Up for 'Apprentice'

Denver Post 2/6/05 600 in line as next "Apprentice"

WIS 2/5/05 News 10 sits in on "The Apprentice" casting in Atlanta

News-Journal 2/5/05 'Apprentice' casting calls set for Tampa, Orlando

MSNBC 2/5/05 Wannabe Trumps and Stewarts audition

Newsday 2/5/05 Crowds try for chance on new 'Apprentice'

Digital Spy 2/5/05 Airdate unclear for Martha's 'Apprentice'

NY Daily News 2/5/05 Fired up to be Trump

Newsday 2/4/05 Cooking up a catchphrase

KVOA 2/4/05 Casting call for The Apprentice

CNN 2/4/05 Hire me, Martha!

Orwell Project 2/4/05 Martha Stewart To Host New Version Of "The Apprentice"

Telegraph 2/4/05 Convicted home guru to star in reality TV show 2/3/05 For Martha, Apprentice will be a good thing; casting call coming to R.I.

Press Release 2/3/05 Casting Call – The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Hartford Courant 2/3/05 Jumpsuit To Trump Suit: `Apprentice' À La Martha

Contact Music 2/3/05 Trump Gives Stewart Her Own Apprentice Show

Orlando Sentinel 2/3/05 'Apprentice' spinoff will star Stewart

CBS Marketwatch 2/3/05 'Apprentice' deal boosts Stewart stock

Dallas Morning News 2/3/05 Martha will do firing in new 'Apprentice'

NY Times 2/3/05 Stewart to Star in Trump Spinoff

Media Guardian 2/3/05 TV Martha to host Apprentice

Deseret News 2/3/05 Martha makes like Trump

Reality News Online 2/3/05 Martha Stewart's Apprentice: A Good Thing?

Digital Spy 2/3/05 Martha Stewart to host 'Apprentice' spinoff

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/05 NBC cooks up 'Apprentice' spinoff with Stewart

Washington Post 2/3/05 NBC, All Fired Up Over Its Martha Stewart Show

Reality TV World 2/3/05 Martha Stewart to star in her own NBC 'The Apprentice' series

Seattle PI 2/3/05 Living after prison: Stewart inks her own 'Apprentice' show

USA Today 2/3/05 For Martha: Prime time after doing time

NY Daily News 2/3/05 The Donald & Diva show!

The Apprentice Blog 2/2/05 You Thought The Donald Was Tough - The Martha Spinoff

NBCMV 2/2/05 Martha Stewart To Host New Version Of NBC's "The Apprentice"

Newsday 2/2/04 Martha to host version of "The Apprentice"

Access Hollywood 2/2/05 Trump To Maven Martha: 'You're Hired'

Extra 2/2/05 The Donald and The Martha?

Coming Soon 2/2/05 Martha Stewart to Host New Apprentice

E!Online 2/2/05 Martha Goes Donald

Reality TV World 2/2/05 Martha Stewart to star in NBC 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart' spin-off

Zap2It 2/2/05 Stewart to Star in 'Apprentice' Spin-Off

Sydney Morning Herald 1/22/05 Saint Martha, a survivor ready for her comeback 1/21/05 Martha Stewart: Ready for prime time?

Media Life 12/8/04 It's a go for new Martha daytime show

Washington Post 12/9/04 Martha, From Slammer to Syndication

Reality TV World 12/8/04 Mark Burnett to produce Martha Stewart's new post-prison daytime series

Zap2It 12/8/04 Stewart, Burnett Lock Down NBC Syndication Deal

NY Times 12/8/04 NBC to Announce Details of Martha Stewart Reality Show

E!Online 12/8/04 Martha Ready for Return

Toronto Star 12/2/04 Martha Stewart jailbird cooking

Reality TV World 12/1/04 Report: NBC set to land Mark Burnett's upcoming Martha Stewart reality show

TVRules 12/1/04 Martha Stewart To Join Mark Burnett & NBC For Reality Series

Zap2It 11/30/04 NBC Wants Stewart for Post-Prison Series

E!Online 11/30/04 Martha's Post-Prison Reality

Hollywood Reporter 11/30/04 The Vine: Stewart has big postpokey plans

Contact Music 11/30/04 Stewart To Star In Reality TV Show

Reality TV World 9/23/04 Mark Burnett and Martha Stewart's company ink deal for future TV shows

Zap2It 9/23/04 Burnett Teams with Martha Stewart

Hollywood Reporter 9/23/04 Stewart, Burnett to play house

Contact Music 9/23/04 Stewart Offered A Dose Of Reality

CNN 9/22/04 Mark Burnett to Martha's rescue

Orwell Project 9/21/04 Reality TV Guru Mark Burnett In Talks To Produce Reality TV Show Featuring Martha Stewart

Media Bulletin 9/21/04 Martha Stewart could return to TV after spell in prison

USA Today 9/21/04 Martha Stewart a 'Survivor'?

CNN 9/21/04 Martha could get new TV deal

Dallas Morning News 9/21/04 Stewart's stock rises on TV talks

NY Daily News 9/20/04 Martha seen as survivor


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