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Reality TV Calendar 6/1/04 Superstar USA: Is The WB Outfoxing Fox?

Star Telegram 5/28/04 The sickening reality of 'WB's Superstar USA'

Stanford Daily 5/27/04 Stanford Superstar

Fans Of Reality TV 5/27/04 Superstar: The Eliminations Begin

Grand Forks Herald 5/26/04 Erskine girl is finalist in WB's 'Superstar USA'

TVRules 5/26/04 The WB's Superstar USA 5/25 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 5/26/04 The Dirty Dozen (5/24 recap)

The Trades 5/26/04 Superstar USA: Round of 12

Reality News Online 5/26/04 Superstar USA, Episode 4: Performances of the Delusional

Reality HQ 5/25/04 Superstar USA: Episode 4 5/25/04 Fake talent contest brings out the worst in people

Reality News Online 5/25/04 Superstar USA, Episode 3: Meet the Final 12

Reality HQ 5/24/04 Superstar USA, Episode 3 Recap - Final 12

Toronto Star 5/22/04 Idolizing William Hung and the age of humiliation

TVRules 5/21/04 The WB's Superstar USA: Episode 3&4 5/24-5/25

Fans of Reality TV 5/20/04 Once More With Feeling (5/19 recap)

Fans of Reality TV 5/19/04 The Show That Proves We'll Watch Anything (5/17 recap)

WCNC 5/19/04 American Idol overshadowed by the WB's shameless effort: Superstar

Reality News Online 5/19/04 Superstar USA, Episode 2: Bad Is Good, Good Is Bad

RealityHQ 5/18/04 Superstar USA Episode 2

Hollywood Reporter 5/18/04 WB Superstar

The Spoof 5/18/04 John Stevens Advances in the WB’s Superstar USA

Reality News Online 5/18/04 Superstar USA, Episode 1: The Hoax Begins

Reality HQ 5/17/04 Superstar USA Episode 1

TVRules 5/17/04 The WB's Superstar USA Two Day Premiere 5/17-5/18

Extra 5/17/04 The Hoax Begins

USA Today 5/17/04 Can't sing or dance? Give 'Superstar' a shot

Mercury News 5/17/04 Reality TV sinks to new low 5/17/04 WB goes in search of the anti-Idol

Post Gazette 5/17/04 Show's fake contest makes WB apologize to charity

Press Release 5/15/04 Superstar USA Goes in Search of Person Who Thinks They're Next Sensation

Omaha World Herald 5/15/04 Former Nebraskan hosts ruse TV show

Zap2It 5/14/04 'Superstar USA' Mixes Music, Cruelty and Laughs

Deseret News 5/13/04 WB gets really mean

Miami Herald 5/12/04 Spoof series apologizes for Make-A-Wish remark

Chicago Sun-Times 5/12/04 Should be a howl when these dawgs yowl

Sun News 5/11/04 'Superstar' plays trick on audience

Access Hollywood 5/10/04 WB's Search For The Anti-'Superstar'

Extra 5/10/04 How Good Bad Can Be

Detroit Free Press 4/21/04 Bad singers wanted for WB's talent show 4/20/04 WB takes reality to new depths

TVRules 4/19/04 Superstar USA Gets May 17 Premiere Date On The WB

WXXA 4/19/04 Reverse American Idol Show to Hit US Screens

Billboard 4/16/04 New Show To Spotlight Worst Vocalists 

IndyStar 4/16/04 Production ends for twisted version of 'American Idol'

The WB 4/15/04 Superstar USA Press Release

Zap2It 4/15/04 The WB Lampoons 'Idol'

Reality HQ 4/15/04 American Anti-Idol

Reality News Online 4/15/04 WB’s ‘Superstar USA’ Turns ‘American Idol’ On Its Head

E!Online 4/15/04 The WB's Anti-"Idol"

Monterey Herald 4/15/04 WB airing 'Superstar USA,' an anti-talent contest

Brainbox Talent 3/16/04 Casting Call - Superstar USA

Press Release 3/11/04 Casting Call - Superstar USA


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