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News Articles about CW Networks Stylista

Reality TV Magazine 11/6/08 Stylista: Like Mother Like Daughter
Zap2It 11/5/08 'Stylista': Mo' drama, mo' problems
Reality TV Fans 11/5/08 One Contestant Takes a Surprising Stand Tonight on Stylista
All Your TV 11/5/08 Photo Gallery--Stylista
NY Post 11/4/08 Editrix From Elle: Slowey
BuddyTV 10/30/08 Exclusive Interview: Jason of 'Stylista'
BuddyTV 10/29/08 Stylista: Episode 2 "Hidden Gems" Recap
Zap2It 10/29/08 'Stylista': Evil is the new black
Reality TV Fans 10/29/08 Contestants Dress Mannequins for Anne Tonight on Stylista
Seattle Times 10/29/08 'Stylista' Wears Its Mean Spirit Too Well
OC Register 10/29/08 Newport Beach Native Holds Her Own on 'Stylista'
Columbia Spectator 10/29/08 The CW Has Stylista, But Lacks Substance
The Record 10/29/08 Apprentice Meets Devil Wears Prada in Stylista 10/28/08 Sylista Doesn't Cut It
The Miami Herald 10/26/08 Shows Like Stylista Should Die, But Critics Much Watch
BuddyTV 10/23/08 Stylista: Series Premiere Recap
Reality Blurred 10/23/08 CW's Stylista: Bitchy, Mean, Derivative, Unlikable
Union Tribune 10/23/08 Stylista: Pilot
Zap2It 10/22/08 Premierewatch: 'Stylista'
Reality TV Fans 10/22/08 Stylista Premieres Tonight on The CW 10/22/08 A kinder, gentler editor on 'Stylista'
LA Times 10/22/08 Review: 'Stylista'
NY Post 10/22/08 Go-Fer Broke
Washington Post 10/22/08 'Stylista': Reality Right Off the Rack
NY Daily News 10/22/08 Fashion show 'Stylista' has a 'Devil' of a time
Detroit News 10/22/08 'Stylista' a fashionable treat
The Times 10/22/08 Elle's Stylista-Amusingly Catty
CityLife 10/22/08 Stylista: The Verdicts Are In
Media Life 10/22/08 'Stylista' Quite Fashionable On Target
OC Register 10/22/08 Newport Beach Native Tackles The Fashion World In Stylista
Variety 10/21/08 Stylista
Detroit Free Press 10/21/08 'Stylista' review
Chicago Tribune 10/21/08 Fashionistas strut their stuff on 'Stylista'
NY Times 10/21/08 It’s a Fashionista War: Wear Armor
Union Tribune 10/21/08 First Look Review: Stylista
Zap2It 10/20/08 'Stylista' Review
Post Gazette 10/19/08 TV Reviews: Two extremely different reality shows to premiere
BuddyTV 10/17/08 Stylista' Review: Wickedly Stylish Fun
Reality TV World 9/26/08 The CW reveals the identities of 'Stylista's eleven contestants
Reality TV Fans 9/25/08 The CW Announces Eleven Contestants for “Stylista”
Zap2It 9/25/08 Meet Your 'Stylista' Fashionistas
Reality TV Magazine 9/2/08 Stylista Will Premiere One Week Earlier This Fall
BuddyTV 8/26/08 CW Announces Earlier Premiere for 'Stylista'
Zap2It 8/22/08 CW Moves Up 'Stylista' Premiere
BuddyTV 8/6/08 Stylista: Judge Joe Zee Speaks Out


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