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Boston Globe 9/5/06 'Standoff' is flirting with disaster

San Francisco Chronicle 9/5/06 Negotiators at a loss for words in 'Standoff'

San Diego Tribune 9/5/06 Fox's new drama is compelling, but is it too intense?

Charlotte Observer 9/5/06 'Standoff' is a felony rip-off

Deseret News 9/4/06 'Standoff' is a big turn-off

AM New York 9/4/06 Romancing the hostage drama

Toledo Blade 9/4/06 'Standoff' isn't nearly as smart and sexy as it thinks it is

NY Daily News 9/4/06 Fox's 'Standoff' is a big turnoff

Star Ledger 9/4/06 'Standoff' suffers from pilot error

Post Gazette 9/4/06 TV Reviews: 3 sorry series debut on Fox

The Oregonian 9/4/06 Explosive themes and relationship blowups

Orlando Sentinel 9/3/06 Ready for a standoff between predictability and nausea?

Salt Lake Tribune 9/3/06 Quarreling couple takes center stage in silly 'Standoff'

Hollywood Reporter 9/1/06 Standoff

Knox News 8/30/06 Secret romance goes public on 'Standoff'

Celebrity Spider 8/22/06 New Fox Series "Standoff" to be Showcased at New York Television Festival

Seattle PI 7/25/06 'Standoff' is a bad situation for its stars

Benton Crier 7/25/06 Ron Livingston says hes on a free pass

SBSun 7/24/06 Sex and the 'Standoff' stars


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