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News Articles about the Sopranos


Jam! 1/31/05 A&E network wins bidding war for basic cable rights to 'Sopranos'

Zap2It 1/31/05 A&E Makes Offer 'Sopranos' Can't Refuse

Contact Music 1/21/05 Gandolfini and Fiancé Split?

Contact Music 1/16/05 Sopranos Watered Down for TV

RTE Interactive 1/12/05 Sopranos' stars among SAG nominees

NY Times 1/11/05 Would a Cleaned-Up 'Sopranos' Be Too Naughty for Sponsors?

Tribune-Review 1/10/05 HBO pitches 'Sopranos' syndication deal

Zap2It 1/10/05 De Matteo 'Hates' Golden Globe Nomination

Jam! 1/10/05 'Sopranos' reruns up for sale

Guardian 1/7/05 Paramount position for Sopranos producer

Contact Music 1/6/05 Travolta And Gandolfini Set To Reteam

Contact Music 1/4/05 Soprano's Star Asked To Become A Hit-Man

Contact Music 12/29/04 Sopranos Star Turned Down The Godfather

NY Lawyer 12/22/04 Big Plot Twist in 'Sopranos' Lawsuit

Contact Music 12/22/04 Sopranos Creator Claims Thrown Out

NY Daily News 12/22/04 'Sopranos' claimant still has a shot 12/21/04 Part of Jersey judge's lawsuit against 'Sopranos' creator still alive

Zap2It 12/20/04 Bracco Takes 'Jury' Duty with NBC

Playbill 12/19/04 Chatting with "Sopranos" and Second Hand Memory Star Dominic Chianese

USA Today 12/16/04 Bracco to moonlight on 'Law & Order'

Contact Music 12/8/04 Gandolfini Inspired by Travolta

Chicago Sun Times 12/7/04 'Sopranos' may get reprieve for seventh season

NY Daily News 12/6/04 Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts go to war

BBC 12/3/04 Sopranos actor set for cop show

Zap2It 12/2/04 Imperioli Subs for Martin on 'Law & Order'

NBCMV 12/2/04 Michael Imperioli ('The Sopranos') to Fill in for Several Episodes of 'Law & Order'...

Hollywood Reporter 12/2/04 'Law' catches up with Imperioli

Contact Music 11/23/04 DiScala Weight Comments Branded A 'Joke'

Toronto Star 11/22/04 Goomba's guide to showbiz success

Contact Music 11/20/04 DiScala Ditches Deal After Weight Comments

The Herald 11/19/04 Sopranos star donates sketch to Scots charity

Contact Music 11/19/04 The Sopranos is TV Heads Favorite

Contact Music 12/16/04 Jack Osbourne Slams Cowell

Contact Music 12/16/04 Sharon Osbourne Needs A Rest

USA Today 11/17/04 Tony Soprano, Paulie Walnuts visit troops

Contact Music 11/12/04 Gandolfini Ready To Leave The Sopranos

Contact Music 11/12/04 Falco's Hearing Aid Problem

Ananova 11/12/04 James ready to quit the Sopranos

CTV 11/9/04 Sopranos actor says role gives him respect

NY Times 1/7/04 Edie Falco, Unmarried to the Mob

Zap2It 11/4/04 'Sopranos' Daughter Delivers UPN Drama

Herald Sun 10/27/04 Sopranos star leaving

Contact Music 10/25/04 Sopranos Star Lands Sitcom

The Scotsman 10/24/04 Sopranos Star Gets Own Comedy Show 10/23/04 Sopranos henchman in Disney deal 10/22/04 Broadway Says 'night, Mother to Falco and Blethyn With Oct. 22 First Preview of Norman Revival

Cinescape 10/22/04 Sopranos friend of the family joins Revolver

Zap2It 10/22/04 Touchstone Makes Offer 'Sopranos' Co-Star Can't Refuse

Big News 10/22/04 Edie Falco moonlighting on Broadway

Contact Music 10/21/04 Bracco: 'The Sopranos Is My Favourite Show'

Journal News 10/20/04 Mount Vernon students meet 'Sopranos' star

Contact Music 10/18/04 Gandolfini's Sleepless Nights Over Violent Scenes

Contact Music 10/17/04 Buscemi To Direct The Sopranos

Contact Music 10/17/04 Walken's Sopranos Dreams

Contact Music 10/12/04 Italian Politician Adds Weight To Sopranos Debate

Zap2It 10/10/04 Walken Has 'Sopranos' Itch

Monterey County Herald 10/10/04 From 'Sopranos' to Hemingway 10/7/04 "Sopranos" Star Produces Off-Broadway Premiere of Ponies

CBS 9/27/04 Michael Imperioli's Mob Scene

Mobile Register 9/25/04 Peter Bogdanovich talks 'Sopranos' and 'Hustle'

Ananova 9/23/04 Gandolfini thought he was too fat for Sopranos 9/20/04 Sopranos runs away with Emmy Awards

Zap2It 9/20/04 Gandolfini Meant to Salute Troops at Emmys

Contact Music 9/20/04 Gandolfini Takes On Hemingway Film

Boston Herald 9/20/04 `Sopranos' finally takes top honors in awards show built for speed

Hollywood Reporter 9/20/04 'Angels' wings it, 'Sopranos' bings it at Primetime Emmys

Ananova 9/20/04 The Sopranos lands Emmy Awards

Detroit Free Press 9/20/04 A night of 'Angels' and mobsters at the Emmys

Zap2It 9/20/04 It's Not the Emmys -- It's HBO

Hollywood Reporter 9/20/04 It's mob rule at last for 'Sopranos'

Newsday 9/19/04 "Sopranos," HBO win big at Emmys

Toledo Blade 9/19/04 Imperioli, de Matteo Win for'Sopranos'

CNN 9/19/04 Emmy Awards approach - 'Angels,' 'Sopranos' are leading nominees

BBC 9/19/04 Sopranos tipped for Emmy success

Ananova 9/19/04 Sopranos tipped for Emmy success

CNN 9/17/04 This could be Emmy year for 'Sopranos'

WBEX 9/10/04 Sopranos Star's Sex Romp With Campbell

Contact Music 9/9/04 More Traffic Trouble for Gandolfini

Contact Music 9/7/04 Driver Arrested in Gandolfini Hit and Run

Daily Record 9/7/04 Sopranos Car Saves Crash Star

Contact Music 9/6/04 Bracco Gives Up River Life

Contact Music 9/3/04 Democrat Falco Struggles With Republican Carmela

Alameda Times-Star 8/28/04 'Sopranos' actor pops up on 'GL'

WOKR-TV 8/27/04 The Sopranos Hits the Movies

Daily Record 8/27/04 Sopranos Film Plan

Zap2It 8/25/04 'Sopranos' Actor Sees 'Light' with CBS

Hartford Courant 8/21/04 Didn't Get Whacked Or Sacked, Just Flacked At Hard Rock Cafe

Anorak 8/17/04 Mob Rules

Coming Soon 8/16/04 Gandolfini to Play Ernest Hemingway

This Is London 8/6/04 Sopranos star beats cancer

Zap2It 8/4/04 Falco Recovered from Cancer Bout

CTV 8/4/04 Sopranos' Falco healthy after cancer fight

Teen TV 7/27/04 Sopranos Fans Will Have to Wait Until 2006 for Finale

Access Hollywood 7/27/04 'Sopranos' In 2005? Fuggedaboutit!

AJC 7/27/04 Hurry up and wait: Tell us how you'd end 'The Sopranos'

Globe and Mail 7/26/04 A sabbatical for Sopranos and catcalls for Cattrall

Detroit Free Press 7/24/04 'Sopranos' ending pushed back again

Digital Spy 7/23/04 'Sopranos' delayed until 2006

BBC 7/23/04 Long wait for return of Sopranos

Zap2It 7/23/04 'Sopranos' Won't Be Back Before '06

Washington Post 7/23/04 New 'Sopranos' Episodes Won't Be Shown Until 2006, HBO Says

NY Daily News 7/23/04 'Sopranos' bumped to '06

Beacon Journal 7/22/04 'Sopranos' will be back, but be prepared to wait

TV Week 7/22/04 Albrecht: 'Sex' Movie Dead; Extra 'Sopranos' Episodes Possible

Star Tribune 7/21/04 'Sopranos' shrink takes roundabout route to gala

New Zealand Herald 7/16/04 The Sopranos leads Emmy nominations

Star Ledger 7/16/04 'Angels' and mobsters lead the pack in Emmy race

New Zealand Herald 7/15/04 A criminal lack of respect in The Sopranos

CTV 7/15/04 Sopranos leads Emmy TV series nominations

Rocky Mountain News 7/13/04 'Sopranos' star boosts 'Joey'

Zap2It 7/12/04 There's Still Some Life in 'Sopranos' Adriana

NY Daily News 7/12/04 A new life for Adriana

Washington Times 7/2/04 Crime boss' wife likes 'Sopranos' 7/2/04 Melbourne life 'just like The Sopranos'

Courier Post 6/27/04 `Soprano' fans mob opening of dealership to meet cast

NBC13 6/17/04 'Sopranos,' 'Monk' Stars Announcing Emmy Noms

Monterey Herald 6/13/04 Big numbers for 'Sopranos' season finale

Television Without Pity 6/10/04 All Due Respect

Chicago Sun-Times 6/10/04 NBA whacks 'Sopranos' and that other Tony

Zap2It 6/9/04 'Sopranos' Finale Stays in Key

Washington Post 6/9/04 The Mudder Who Whacked Tony Soprano

Hollywood Reporter 6/9/04 11 million witness season finale of 'Sopranos'

USA Today 6/9/04 'Sopranos' holds its turf

NY Daily News 6/9/04 Tony's last whack big hit for HBO

Boston Globe 6/8/04 Season ends strongly for 'Sopranos'

Dallas Morning News 6/8/04 Critics' 'Sopranos' roundtable: 'All Due Respect'

Salon 6/8/04 Death in the family

Newsday 6/7/04 'Sopranos' ends on funny note

Washington Post 6/7/04 'Sopranos,' Ending on a High Note

NY Times 6/7/04 A Family Just Like Yours, but With More Sly Jokes and Rub Outs 6/7/04 Tony taketh away... 'Soprano's' season ends with more questions than answers

Milwaukee Journal 6/7/04 'Sopranos' finale is family- oriented

NY Daily News 6/7/04 Tonys go out with a bang

Star Ledger 6/7/04 'Sopranos' finale: One hit, bottom of the fifth

Arizona Republic 6/6/04 'Sopranos' sending out 'bad' vibes

Star Telegram 6/6/04 Re-married to the mob

Newsday 6/6/04 Will finale, unlike Tony's omelet, be over easy?

Chicago Tribune 6/6/04 What does next season have in store for fans?

Beacon Journal 6/6/04 `Sopranos' cements fifth season tonight

Charlotte Observer 6/6/04 Let Tony take whack at controlling all sports

Boston Globe 6/6/04 Singing on 'The Sopranos'

Mobile Register 6/6/04 HBO's mob hit reaches finish of fifth season

St Petersburg Times 6/6/04 'Sopranos': Who's next?

NY Daily News 6/6/04 Lull before the storm

Palm Beach Post 6/5/04 Resurgent 'Sopranos' proved worth the wait

Rocky Mountain News 6/5/04 HBO executes art form with 'Sopranos' teases

Fox News 6/4/04 'Sopranos' Finale: Who Will Get Whacked?

Star Ledger 6/4/04 Comic relief on 'The Sopranos' -- but don't tell Tony

Knox News 6/4/04 'Sopranos' season finale unlikely to surpass explosive past episodes

USA Today 6/4/04 Who gets whacked in 'Sopranos'?

Salon 6/4/04 The Sopranos' stomping ground

Detroit Free Press 6/4/04 Tony is a man on the edge in the explosive 'Sopranos' finale

Toronto Star 6/3/04 All hail 'Sopranos' season finale

Zap2It 6/3/04 'Arrested,' 'Sopranos' Lead TV Critics' Nominees

Boston Globe 6/3/04 The beauty of Edie Falco 6/3/04 Bloody it may be, but 'Sopranos' won't let go

Chicago Sun-Times 6/3/04 It's enough to make a guy envy Adriana

National Enquirer 6/2/04 'Sopranos' Star vs. 'Queer Eye' Guys

Detroit News 6/2/04 'Sopranos' Spirals Downward, Deliciously

Media Life 6/1/04 Pondering Adriana's bout with lead

Secaucus Reporter 5/30/04 Sopranos sightseeing bus departs from Secaucus twice weekly

Knox News 5/30/04 Mob War brews during season climax of 'Sopranos'

The Oregonian 5/30/04 Death and dreams dog 'Sopranos' fifth season 5/30/04 The Bada Bing (minus Sopranos) opens

Television Without Pity 5/29/04 Long Term Parking 5/26/04 Things get out of whack for 'Sopranos' women

Chicago Sun Times 5/25/04 'Sopranos' season bang comes early

NY Daily News 5/25/04 Hit shocks 'Sopranos' fans

Star Ledger 5/25/04 After Tony's dream, a rude awakening

Star Ledger 5/24/04 Soprano notes

New Zealand Herald 5/24/04 Hit Mob series returns 5/21/04 Sopranos star takes up with Joey
Television Without Pity 5/21/04 The Test Dream

CNN 5/20/04 'Soprano' de Matteo: Headed for the end?

Hotel Online 5/20/04 Jamie-Lynn DiScala Showcases $55 Million Renovation At Grand Hyatt NY

Dallas Morning News 5/18/04 Critics' 'Sopranos' roundtable: 'Test Dream'

NY Daily News 5/16/04 'Sopranos' aid schools

Television Without Pity 5/16/04 Cold Cuts

SF Chronicle 5/14/04 Cold cuts and Jersey hotheads

OurSports Central 5/14/04 Sopranos stars to support ALS walk

Indy Star 5/13/04 Adriana may die, but Gina will live

BBC 5/12/04 Sopranos star in Friends spin-off

Boston Globe 5/11/04 'Sopranos' tackles race with realism

AJC 5/11/04 'Sopranos' Star to Appear on 'Joey'

Dallas Morning News 5/11/04 Critics' 'Sopranos' roundtable: 'Cold Cuts'

Detroit Free Press 5/10/04 Gay wise guy character a first for 'Sopranos'

Television Without Pity 5/8/04 Unidentified Black Males

Arizona Republic 5/6/04 Maybe he can be Sparky - 'Sopranos' kid covets ASU

NY Daily News 5/3/04 Extra special dramas

NY Daily News 5/3/04 TV wisegay

Television Without Pity 5/1/04 Marco Polo

Dallas Morning News 4/27/04 Critics' 'Sopranos' roundtable: 'Marco Polo'

Detroit Free Press 4/26/04 A 'Sesame Street' vet turns 'Sopranos' moll

Albuquerque Journal 4/25/04 'Sopranos' Devotees Torn Between Two Families
Television Without Pity 4/24/04 In Camelot 4/22/04 Gandolfini honoured by alma mater

Star Ledger 4/20/04 All right, already

Television Without Pity 4/17/04 Sentimental Education

TV Barn 4/15/04 HBO PR: May "Sopranos" epguides

Knox News 4/14/04 Polly Bergen dresses down for her 'Sopranos' role

Slate 4/14/04 Potty Mob

NY Daily News 4/14/04 Mrs. Soprano got manhandled

CBS 4/13/04 Bracco's Psychiatrist To The Mob

Knox News 4/13/04 Polly Bergen dresses down for her 'Sopranos' role

NY Times 4/13/04 Philosophy Hitches a Ride With 'The Sopranos'

Television Without Pity 4/10/04 Irregular Around The Margins

Portland Tribune 4/9/04 'Sopranos' is star of bland TV season

Staten Island Advance 4/8/04 A 'Soprano' signs posters

Seattle PI 4/8/04 Springsteen guitarist, 'Sopranos' actor rocks on

Mercury News 4/4/04 De Matteo Feels Guilty Over TV Success

NY Times 4/4/04 Prime Time for Mrs. Chris-Tuh-Fuh

Television Without Pity 4/3/04 All Happy Families

Zap2It 4/1/04 Sopranos Whack Sponges in Cable Ratings

USA Today 3/30/04 De Matteo jumps from 'Sopranos' to 'Joey'

NY Daily News 3/30/04 'Sopranos' actress gets a friend

Zap2It 3/29/04 'Sopranos' Co-Star Joins 'Friends' Spinoff

Miami Herald 3/28/04 Meadow grows up in a hurry

Television Without Pity 3/27/04 Where's Johnny?

Chicago Sun-Times 3/27/04 This season, Valli with 'Sopranos'

Zap2It 3/26/04 'Sopranos' Star Steps out as Hollywood Madam

Ananova 3/26/04 Footballers' Wives star set for Sopranos role

Detroit News 3/25/04 Hitmaker Frankie Valli joins hit men on 'Sopranos'

Zap2It 3/24/04 'Sopranos' Mines Diamond Dave

CBS 3/22/04 From Soprano To Fleiss

MSNBC 3/22/04 Sopranos' weekly body count: March 21

NBC13 3/22/04 'Sopranos' Star Gets Body Double For Sex Scenes In Movie

TV Week 3/22/04 Sprint to Offer 'Sopranos' Ring

Television Without Pity 3/20/04 Rat Pack

Seattle Times 3/14/04 Buscemi gets his wish, joins 'Sopranos'

Plain Dealer 3/14/04 'Sopranos' score a hit with critics

The Oregonian 3/14/04 Means and ends

Television Without Pity 3/13/04 Two Tonys

Zap2It 3/11/04 Sponges and Sopranos Dominate Cable Ratings

NY Times 3/10/04 'Sopranos' Premiere Sets a Record (Sort Of)

Hollywood Reporter 3/10/04 HBO whacks Big Four with 'Sopranos'

USA Today 3/10/04 'Sopranos' muscles in

Washington Post 3/10/04 Tony Soprano, Sweepin' Wit' da Sponges

NY Daily News 3/10/04 'Sopranos' showing its muscle

Star Ledger 3/10/04 Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) is back, and so is most of the audience

AJC 3/9/04 'The Sopranos' Draw 12 Million Viewers

Zap2It 3/9/04 'Sopranos,' 'Jordan' Bounce Back after Long Absences

Washington Post 3/9/04 'Sopranos' Season Debut Takes a Ratings Hit

Hollywood Reporter 3/9/04 'Sopranos' gives N.J. tourism a shot in the arm

TV Week 3/8/04 On The 'Sopranos' Scene

NY Daily News 3/8/04 Bada-bang! 'Sopranos' back 3/7/04 Nice work and they got it: Guests on 'Sopranos'

The Oregonian 3/7/04 There's plenty for Tony to growl about this season

Chicago Sun-Times 3/7/04 Family affairs

Star Ledger 3/7/04 Whack jobs
Washington Post 3/7/04 The Mobster Shift

Hartford Courant 3/7/04 The Bada-Bing Bunch

Express Times 3/7/04 The mob ties that bind

Denver Post 3/7/04 'Sopranos' shock waves

The Olympian 3/7/04 Mob family's antics return in hit series

Star Ledger 3/7/04 When Sopranos make call, the trainer jumps

Chicago Tribune 3/7/04 Tony Soprano takes the fifth

Star Telegram 3/7/04 Sopranos are more like us than you think

Fox News 3/7/04 New Jersey Gets Boom From ' Sopranos'

Toronto Star 3/7/04 The hit is on: Sopranos loaded for fifth season

Mobile Register 3/7/04 'The Sopranos': Taking the fifth

The Ledger 3/7/04 'Sopranos' Finally Back, Depressing As Country Song

Calgary Sun 3/7/04 All in the Family

Hudson Reporter 3/7/04 Hudson Co. native to star on 'Sopranos'

Newsday 3/7/04 The gang's all here

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/7/04 ‘The Sopranos’ are ready to sing in a new season

The Olympian 3/7/04 Olympia stylist works on 'The Sopranos'

Sun Sentinel 3/7/04 New hoods in the 'hood

Houston Chronicle 3/6/04 One Man's Family

Redlands Daily Facts 3/6/04 The Sopranos are back for the 5th season

Contra Costa Times 3/6/04 Laughs? Fuhgeddaboudit

Wisconsin State Journal 3/6/04 Getting a fix of 'The Sopranos' brings friends, the shakes

Mercury News 3/6/04 `Sopranos' sings

Globe and Mail 3/6/04 Welcome back, wiseguy

Detroit News 3/6/04 Pop-culture icon 'The Sopranos' is back in action for fifth season

Contra Costa Times 3/6/04 Laughs? Fuhgeddaboudit

Projo 3/6/04 Time for a sit-down

Dallas Morning News 3/5/04 Fifth season of 'Sopranos' looks like another hit

Boston Globe 3/5/04 Raging on

Globe and Mail 3/5/04 The Sopranos enters its winter of discontent

NY Times 3/5/04 Bullies, Bears and Bullets: It's Round 5 3/5/04 "The Sopranos" hits its darkest note 3/5/04 Ready, set, whack!

SF Chronicle 3/5/04 Season five of 'The Sopranos' proves its genius is intact.

St Petersburg Times 3/5/04 New blood for 'Sopranos' 3/5/04 Previously on 'The Sopranos'...

USA Today 3/5/04 The Sopranos guide to the universe

Newsday 3/5/04 Review: A rich, unsatisfying 'Sopranos' 3/5/04 The new wiseguys on the block

St Petersburg Times 3/5/04 A family update

USA Today 3/5/04 The family is back, and life is good

CBS 3/5/04 Edie Falco's 'Soprano' Encore

Seattle Times 3/5/04 Strife in the family — and The Family: Welcome back, 'Sopranos'

USA Today 3/5/04 Whack 'em: 'Sopranos' in business

Detroit Free Press 3/5/04 The family business

Seattle PI 3/5/04 Cable's bad boys are back hitting delicious new lows on 'The Sopranos' ...

Chicago Sun-Times 3/5/04 The cast acts up off camera, too Mob action rubs off on cast, too

NY Daily News 3/5/04 Ranking the family's cars 3/4/04 For 'Sopranos' regular, loosening the belt was no act

Chicago Sun-Times 3/4/04 Making the wait bearable

USA Today 3/4/04 'Sopranos' family celebrates fifth season in style

NY Daily News 3/4/04 'Soprano'-land

NY Daily News 3/4/04 Just like Carmela, Edie's on her own

Star Ledger 3/4/04 New kid on Tony's block

Knox News 3/3/04 Gandolfini looking beyond Tony Soprano

Milwaukee Journal 3/3/04 'Sopranos' is back, with a vengeance

Extra 3/3/04 Mafia Night in Manhattan

Zap2It 3/3/04 'The Sopranos' Returns: Got a Problem with That?

Hollywood Reporter 3/3/04 The Sopranos

NY Daily News 3/3/04 Mob scenes in the works

NY Daily News 3/3/04 'Sopranos' is back with a bang

Chicago Sun-Times 3/3/04 Catching up on old crimes

NY Daily News 3/3/04 A made(over) woman

AJC 3/2/04 Whack! HBO Series 'The Sopranos' Returns

Star Ledger 3/2/04 Chase continues to follow his inner-mobster: This may/may not please the audience

NY Daily News 3/2/04 A meal to die for

NY Daily News 3/1/04 Soprano family values

NY Times 2/29/04 The Real Boss of 'The Sopranos'

Newsday 2/27/04 Rub out the itch for Tony

Knox News 2/26/04 Time to step back into the world of 'The Sopranos'

The Olympian 2/24/04 Calling all 'Sopranos' fans

Time 2/24/04 Welcome Back, Capos

Zap2It 2/23/04 Federal Court Whacks Judge's 'Sopranos' Suit

Trentonian 2/22/04 Court shoots down ‘Sopranos’ claim

NBC13 2/19/04 Edie Falco To Appear As Lesbian On Sitcom

Billboard 2/13/04 Little Steven Spreads Garage Rock Love

Zap2It 1/31/04 'Sopranos' Cast Settles Suit with Best Buy

Go Memphis 1/26/04 Little Steven finds a new role

Boston Globe 1/25/04 'Sopranos' star bares her soul, and more, onstage

NBC 17 1/21/04 'Sopranos' Star Performs In Raleigh In 'The Graduate'

SCN 1/15/04 Gangsters in season of 'Sopranos'

Deseret News 1/13/04 'The Sopranos' not ready to call it quits just yet

Zap2It 1/12/04 'Sopranos' Team Squeals on Upcoming Season 1/12/04 'Tony Soprano's' not as gun-shy now

USA Today 1/12/04 Back soon: 'Sopranos,' 'Queer'

Chicago Sun-Times 1/12/04 'Mafia Class of 2004' hits streets of 'Sopranos'

Rocky Mountain News 1/12/04 Tony Soprano going solo

Seattle PI 1/12/04 'Sopranos' reaches the end of the road in season six

Beacon Journal 1/11/04 `Sopranos' creator critique tough

Post Gazette 1/10/04 'Sopranos' season looks worth the wait

AJC 1/10/04 'Sopranos' say 'hi'

Redlands Daily Fact 1/10/04 It'll be a wiser Tony Soprano calling the shots

Washington Post 1/9/04 Out of the Pen for the Penultimate 'Sopranos' Season

Zap2It 1/9/04 Buscemi's on Both Sides of the 'Sopranos' Camera

Star Ledger 1/9/04 Jersey cases inspire new 'Sopranos' season

Ananova 1/9/04 Steve Buscemi becomes Tony Soprano's cousin

BBC 1/9/04 Sopranos star welcomes new series

NY Daily News 1/9/04 'Sopranos' days are numbered

People 1/9/04 Gandolfini Ready to Rumble as Tony

Hartford Courant 1/9/04 Close to End for ‘Sopranos’ 1/9/04 Gangsters on the Loose in New 'Sopranos'

Toronto Star 1/9/04 Last hurrahs for Sex, Sopranos

Dallas Morning News 1/9/04 'Sopranos' fully loaded

TV Barn 1/8/04 Guest stars/ new writers named for Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet

NY Daily News 1/6/04 'Sopranos' big making radio waves

Cinescape 12/30/03 The Sopranos are coming back for more whacks

Coming Soon 12/30/03 The Sopranos Return on March 7

E!Online 12/30/03 "Sopranos" Back in the Game

NY Daily News 12/23/03 Gandolfini, the Lord of the Bling?

Star Ledger 12/10/03 The art of the deal 11/27/03 A Sopranos' thug goes straight

Zap2It 11/21/03 'Sopranos,' 'Sex' Set Return Dates

My San Antonio 11/15/03 S.A. native Woodruff had small role on 'Sopranos'

DVD Talk 11/10/03 The Sopranos - The Complete Fourth Season 11/7/03 'Sopranos,' mob-movie actor visits for his festival premiere

Courier Post 11/2/03 S.J. native lands role in `Sopranos' episode

Rocky Mountain News 10/31/03 A gentler 'Sopranos' hits DVD

Denver Post 10/31/03 'Sopranos' leads crime wave

Fox News 10/30/03 'Sopranos' New Season: The Rise of Johnny Sack

Newsday 10/28/03 More 'Sopranos' Behind-the-Scene High Notes

WSB 10/28/03 Another Season Of 'Sopranos' On DVD

Knox News 10/28/03 'Sopranos' DVD carries into fourth season

Beacon Journal 10/26/03 `The Sopranos' still pitch perfect

Zap2It 10/17/03 'Sopranos' Meadow Turns Madam for Fleiss Movie

SF Chronicle 10/17/03 'Sopranos' equals subscription at HBO

NY Times 10/15/03 Mob Muscles In on Brooklyn Docks (to Shoot a Few Scenes)

Zap2It 10/15/03 'Sopranos' in for a Haunting

Ananova 10/15/03 Sopranos to raise the dead

Hollywood Reporter 10/15/03 The Vine: Dawn of the dead on 'Sopranos'

NY Daily News 10/13/03 'Sopranos' star's new tune

Market Wire 10/9/03 "Sopranos" Aida Turturro Brings RA Awareness Campaign to Atlanta

Daily Freeman 9/26/03 It's a mob scene in Red Hook, thanks to 'The Sopranos' 9/23/03 Emmy judges attacked for Sopranos snub

Star Ledger 9/22/03 'The Sopranos' and Jersey's Jon Stewart are multiple Emmy winners

Globe and Mail 9/22/03 The Sopranos back on top 9/22/03 Falco, Gandolfini win dramatic awards 9/22/03 US Honours TV Stars

NY Daily News 9/22/03 A prime time for families

CNN 9/21/03 'Sopranos' looks to whack Emmy competition

MSNBC 9/19/03 ‘Sopranos’ odds-on Emmy favorite

CNN 9/19/03 Gangsters, undertakers vie for Emmys

SF Chronicle 9/19/03 A true crime if 'Sopranos' doesn't win at Emmys

NY Daily News 9/18/03 Tony Soprano doing shots?

WXXA 9/16/03 Banged up Eagles sign defensive tackle from "The Sopranos"

NY Times 9/7/03 A Goodfella Feels Good at a Blast With His Past

Newsday 9/4/03 'Sopranos' Mobster Pleads Guilty

Stamford Advocate 8/24/03 'Sopranos' star trades his gun for a paintbrush

Zap2It 8/20/03 'Sopranos' Stars to Present Emmys

WBRE 8/12/03 Old Forge 11 Year Old Wins a Role on the "Sopranos"

Newsday 8/7/03 Tony Soprano For Governor?

Rocky Mountain News 8/7/03 Pantoliano wears the pants in a new series

The Age 8/7/03 Tony Soprano, battler?

NY Daily News 8/6/03 Agents ask Soprano song

NY Daily News 7/29/03 Tony, crew hit Maspeth

Macon Telegraph 7/27/03 Hitting a mob scene `Sopranos' style

NY Daily News 7/25/03 'Sopranos' case bumped off

Zap2It 7/18/03 Oddsmaker Favors Garner, 'Sopranos' for Emmys

CBS 7/18/03 'Bad Boy' Gets Emmy Nomination

Newsday 7/14/03 Right Up There With 'Sex' and 'Sopranos'

NY Daily News 7/12/03 'Soprano' A Mob Princess Bride

NBC4 7/11/03 Attorneys In Soprano-Style Murder Case Quit

Zap2It 7/11/03 HBO: We Didn't Ask for More 'Sopranos,' But We'll Take It

Boston Channel 7/3/03 Credits For Next Season's 'Sopranos' To Change

Kansas City Star 6/30/03 The best of `The Sopranos' may already be behind it 6/30/03 'The Sopranos' to end after six seasons

TV Guide 6/30/03 Will The Sopranos Go For Seven?

Mobile Register 6/21/03 HBO signs 'Sopranos' for an extra season

Media Life 6/18/03 A sixth season for 'The Sopranos'

Ananova 6/18/03 Sopranos to return for sixth series

NY Daily News 6/18/03 Sopranos take a whack at 6th year

Dallas Morning News 6/18/03 Sixth season planned for 'Sopranos'

Houston Chronicle 6/13/03 'Sopranos' fashions have mob ties

WOKR 6/13/03 Sopranos Star Gets Married

Zap2It 6/12/03 Gandolfini Redistributes New-Found Wealth

Fox News 6/11/03 'Carmela Soprano' Disputes Report on Show

Star Ledger 6/10/03 'Sopranos' payoff

Mobile Register 6/10/03 Sopranos' season slow in coming

Zap2It 6/9/03 'Sopranos' Delayed, but Could Have Extra Episodes

NY Daily News 6/9/03 'Sopranos' no-show

NY Daily News 6/1/03 Looks like Tony's a hit with the ladies

FOX News 5/30/03 Sopranos Spoiler: Furio(us) Speculation

Plain Dealer 4/20/03 Here's your chance to get the real scoop on 'Sopranos'

Dallas Morning News 4/19/03 On the radio, Steven Van Zandt gets to play

Times-Ledger 4/10/03 Sopranos shoot meal scene at nautical Bayside eatery

Ananova 4/4/03 Steve Buscemi could join Sopranos

Ananova 4/4/03 Sopranos actor held on drug charge

Zap2It 4/3/03 Robert Loggia Joins 'Sopranos' Cast

Newsday 3/28/03 Give 'Sopranos' A Big Whack

Star Ledger 3/22/03 'Sopranos' might see a sixth season, after all

BBC 3/20/03 Sopranos back in production

Globe and Mail 3/20/03 Gandolfini, HBO make peace

Star Ledger 3/20/03 Peace and war

NY Times 3/19/03 'Sopranos' Star Drops Suit Against HBO

Ananova 3/19/03 Gandolfini drops Sopranos lawsuit

Star Ledger 3/19/03 'Sopranos' plays the waiting game

Chicago Sun-Times 3/19/03 HBO, Tony work out That Thing of Theirs

Zap2It 3/18/03 Gandolfini, HBO Ready for a Sit-Down

Ananova 3/18/03 James Gandolfini 'to withdraw HBO lawsuit'

USA Today 3/18/03 'Sopranos' star to stay with HBO's hit show

Zap2It 3/17/03 'Sopranos' Feud Becomes Grey Zone, Deal Could Be Near

NY Times 3/17/03 In 'Sopranos' Staredown, Both Sides Blink

Hollywood Reporter 3/17/03 Grey acts as consigliere in Gandolfini, HBO battle

NY Daily News 3/17/03 'Sopranos' ceasefire

FOX News 3/14/03 Sopranos Producers Have Hidden Problems

Toronto Star 3/14/03 An offer that is refused

Milwaukee Journal 3/13/03 'Sopranos' postponed by star's pay request

E!Online 3/13/03 "Sopranos" to Sleep with Fishes?

Zap2It 3/13/03 HBO Delays 'Sopranos' Filming

Washington Post 3/13/03 Don't Shoot! HBO Holds Up 'Sopranos' Production

CBS 3/13/03 'Sopranos' Hits A Low Note

Rocky Mountain News 3/12/03 Will cement shoes fit Tony?

Star Ledger 3/12/03 Gandolfini eyeing bigger slice of HBO's pizza

CBS 3/12/03 'Sopranos' Showdown

Zap2It 3/11/03 HBO Strikes Back at Gandolfini

NY Daily News 3/11/03 HBO taking on Tony

Chicago Sun-Times 3/11/03 Here's an offer HBO had better not refuse

BBC 3/10/03 Sopranos scoop actors' awards

NY Daily News 3/10/03 Tony's bada-big demands

Star Ledger 3/8/03 Gandolfini strong-arms HBO

NY Times 3/8/03 'Sopranos' Star Files Lawsuit Against HBO

Extra 3/7/03 Gandolfini Takes HBO to Court

Zap2It 3/7/03 Gandolfini Threatens 'Sopranos' Holdout

Ananova 3/7/03 Sopranos star takes producers to court

BBC 3/7/03 Sopranos star sues to escape contract

Media Guardian 3/7/03 Has fat lady sung for Tony Soprano?

Beacon Journal 2/28/03 `Sopranos' supporting cast is singing a wealthier tune

Zap2It 2/26/03 'Sopranos' Co-Stars Put Hit on HBO For More Money

Seattle PI 2/26/03 A moment with Jamie-Lynn Sigler

UPI 2/20/03 Interview of the week: Joe Pantoliano

ABC News 2/14/03 Joey Pants Keeps His Head

Zap2It 2/4/03 'Sopranos' Actors Sue Best Buy

Detroit Free Press 2/2/03 Revisit 1st season of provocative 'Sopranos'

Detroit Free Press 1/31/03 Metro wiseguys dream up scenarios for 'The Sopranos'

Zap2It 1/28/03 'Sopranos,' 'West Wing' Lead SAG Nominations

TV Guide 1/16/03 Annabella Sciorra's Sopranos Secret

Star-Ledger 1/14/03 Separation anxiety: 'Sopranos' return delayed

Chicago Sun-Times 1/14/03 'Sopranos' could gain a reprieve

Zap2It 1/6/03 'Sopranos,' '24' Top TV Critics' Poll

Zap2It 12/28/02 'Sopranos' Stars Trade Off on Broadway

USA Today 12/25/02 Real therapists put Sopranos' TV marriage on the couch

New York Times 12/23/02 'Friends' Coup May Put Focus on 'Sopranos'

Zap2It 12/19/02 'Sopranos' Gandolfini a Free Man

Ananova 12/18/02 Sopranos star set for lonely-hearts Christmas film

Rocky Mountain News 12/17/02 Saunders: 'Blame' news for TV violence

Television Without Pity 12/15/02 Whitecaps

Zap2it 12/11/02 'Sopranos' Finale Whacks Competition

The New York Times 12/11/02 A Big Night for 'The Sopranos'

The Toronto Star 12/11/02 Carmela cleans house 

MSNBC 12/10/02 Housing corruption: reality TV?

The Beacon Journal 12/10/02 `Sopranos' domestic side seethes in finale

USA Today 12/10/02 Shattered marriage boosts 'Sopranos'

CNN 12/10/02 'Sopranos' finale earns big ratings

SF Gate 12/10/02 Fourth season 'Sopranos' goes for character over crime

The Globe and Mail 12/10/02 Bleak finale to a whacked Sopranos season

Chicago Sun-Times 12/10/02 Sopranos more alive than ever

Salon 12/10/02 Divorce Italian style

CNN 12/9/02 'Sopranos' ends with a whimper, not a whack

USA Today 12/9/02 'The Sopranos' season comes to end

Zap2it 12/9/02 'Sopranos' Finale Leaves Tony on the Outside

Boston Herald 12/9/02 `Soprano' couple's bitter end hits like a bullet in the heart

NY Daily News 12/9/02 Sopranos sing da blues

The Star-Ledger 12/9/02 Season 5: Not too soon to speculate

NY Daily News 12/9/02 Season's end a shot in the heart

The Star-Ledger 12/9/02  It was the best of the times, the worst of times

The Star-Ledger 12/9/02 Tony and Carmela hit the rocks

CBS News 12/9/02 Tony Gets The Boot

Dallas Morning News 12/9/02 Review: Carmela, Tony boil to a break

Milwaukee Journal 12/8/02 Tony gives 'Sopranos' a moving season's end

Beacon Journal 12/8/02 `Sopranos' finishes up one of best seasons

St Petersburg Times 12/8/02 The 'Sopranos': so many loose ends, so little time

NY Daily News 12/8/02 'Sopranos' are under da gun

The Oregonian 12/8/02 The hungry season

Dallas Morning News 12/8/02 'Sopranos': Drama so good it's almost criminal

Dallas Morning News 12/7/02 'Sopranos' chat: Our critics anticipate the finale

CNN 12/6/02 Finale for a strange 'Sopranos' season

Extra TV 12/6/02 'The Sopranos' 12/6/02 Steve Van Zandt's always using his head

Extra TV 12/5/02 'The Sopranos'

Globe and Mail 12/5/02 When Tony goes, I go

Television Without Pity 12/4/02 Eloise

USA Today 12/4/02 'Sopranos' muscles in on wider audience

Dallas Morning News 12/3/02 'Sopranos' roundtable

Boston Herald 12/3/02 She'll have more lines, anyway

USA Today 12/2/02 HBO shows use real brands

Zap2It 12/2/02 Meadow Soprano To Visit Pine Valley

Zap2It 12/2/02 'Sopranos' Henchman Paints

Mobile Register 12/1/02 HBO seasons are short, sweet

Television Without Pity 12/1/02 Eloise

Seattle PI 11/30/02 'Sopranos' Actor an Accomplished Painter

MSNBC 11/29/02 Don’t Whack ’The Sopranos’ Just Yet

Globe and Mail 11/28/02 Soprano's David Chase receives Banff award

Dallas Morning News 11/26/02 'Sopranos' roundtable: Episode 11

Zap2It 11/24/02 Tony and Carmela Consider Buying a Summer Home

Zap2It 11/24/02 Tony Continues to Haggle With Johnny Sack Over the Esplanade Profits

Press of Atlantic City 11/24/02 ‘Sopranos’ delivers brilliant acting, plots

Television Without Pity 11/24/02 The Strong, Silent Type

Sun Sentinel 11/23/02 What wiseguy thinks The Sopranos is off its game?

The Advocate 11/21/02 After violent on-screen death, 'Sopranos' actor asks 'Who's Sorry Now'

Zap2It 11/19/02 Get the Shirt Off Tony's Back in 'Sopranos' Auction

NY Times 11/17/02 Mrs. Robinson Has a New Fan: Lorraine Bracco

Press of Atlantic City 11/17/02 Violence heats up action on ‘Sopranos’

Mobile Register 11/17/02 What's next after gruesome Sopranos' episode? 11/17/02 Who's Next on Sopranos Hit List

Guardian 11/17/02 Sopranos actor linked to Mafia hit

Television Without Pity 11/17/02 Whoever Did This

Chicago Tribune 11/15/02 If you missed `Sopranos,' catch Saturday's repeat

New York Daily News 11/15/02 Bada-Bing! 'Sopranos' in Suffolk

Milwaukee Journal 11/15/02 TV mob boss 'Uncle Junior' teaches Chianese about life

Zap2It 11/14/02 VH1 Inks 'Sopranos' Stars to Celebrate Year That Was

New Haven Register 11/14/02 ‘Sopranos’ couple to host VH1 awards

Toronto Star 11/14/02 America: Land of the plot spoilers

Zap2It 11/13/02 'Sopranos' Taking Less Time Off Between Seasons

New York Daily News 11/13/02 HBO mob to do less time away

New York Daily News 11/13/02 It was a contract hit

NY Daily News 11/12/02 Fans put in plug for Ralphie

Star Ledger 11/12/02 Finally, a 'Sopranos' smackdown

Dallas Morning News 11/12/02 Sopranos roundtable: Episode nine blasts our critics

Toronto Star 11/12/02 Tony Soprano's family problems

Post Gazette 11/12/02 Perfect 10: 'Sopranos' cast changes

Television Without Pity 11/10/02 Mergers and Acquisitions

Zap2It 11/9/02 Onetime 'Sopranos' Actor Implicated in Real-Life Mob Hit

This is London 11/8/02 Sopranos actor 'was a real killer'

Connecticut Post 11/7/02 'Sopranos' star greeted like kin

NY Daily News 11/6/02 Tony's new lover remains mistress of her career

CBS 11/5/02 'Goomba' Secrets From 'Sopranos' Star

USA Today 11/4/02 Tony Soprano's latest is a straight shooter

Television Without Pity 11/3/02 Watching Too Much Television

Extra TV 11/1/02 'Sopranos' Sneak Peek

Zap2It 10/31/02 'Sopranos' Still Riding High on Cable

Zap2It 10/31/02 TV Gal Pledges Allegiance to 'The Sopranos'

NY Daily News 10/30/02 For Tony Soprano, 'Oh Girl' has a great beat

San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/02 Disloyalty oaths

Dallas Morning News 10/29/02 'Sopranos' roundtable: Adriana shines in 'Too Much Television'

CNN 10/28/02 More flirting than hurting on 'Sopranos'

Milwaukee Journal 10/28/02 'Sopranos' food line finally comes off HBO's back burner

Television Without Pity 10/27/02 Everybody Hurts

NY Daily News 10/27/02 Tony and mob due at Vito's

NY Daily News 10/20/02 Real-life dramas of 'Sopranos' cast

Television Without Pity 10/20/02 Pie-O-My

Miami Herald 10/20/02 Joey Pants' proudest hit: A book they can't refuse

Telegraph 10/19/02 Wife says Sopranos actor liked 'kinky sex'

Concord Monitor 10/17/02 From 'Sopranos' to Concord

Zap2It 10/17/02 'Sopranos' Star Admits Drug Past

Hollywood Reporter 10/16/02 Just business: 4 'Sopranos' seek pay hike

Star Ledger 10/16/02 'Sopranos' notes

Sun Journal 10/16/02 Carter’s “Sopranos”-inspired TV ad prompts criticism

Smoking Gun 10/15/02 Sopranos Stars Barred From Parade

NY Daily News 10/15/02 The gang that really sets it up

CBS 10/14/02 Bloomberg To Parade: Fughedaboutit

NY Daily News 10/13/02 'Sopranos' flap steals attention

Star Ledger 10/11/02 Sopranos: The squeal deal

BBC 10/11/02 Giuliani defends Sopranos

NY Daily News 10/11/02 She dons a new look for 'Sopranos' role

NY Times 10/10/02 'Sopranos' Are in Parade. What Are You Gonna Do?

Zap2It 10/10/02 Mayor Quits Parade Over 'Sopranos' Snub

Teen Hollywood 10/10/02 Affleck's J.Lo Cameo

Zap2It 10/10/02 Columbus Day Group Wants 'Sopranos' Actors Out of Parade

New York Daily News 10/10/02 Mayor whacks back

Ananova 10/9/02 Anger at Sopranos' actors involvement in march

NY Daily News 10/8/02 'Musica' sung in 'Soprano'

NY Times 10/7/02 Cable Conquered, What's Next for 'The Sopranos'?

DMN 10/7/02 Subplots, nuances strengthen cursed characters in Episode 4 of 'Sopranos'

San Francisco Chronicle 10/7/02 Killer song on 'Sopranos' shows how great themes grab viewers

Television Without Pity 10/6/02 The Weight 10/2/02 Gaywatch: Meet Julie Goldman

Dallas Morning News 9/30/02 Gunsmoke and mirrors: 'Sopranos' wallows in self-reference

CNN 9/30/02 Imperioli writes weak 'Sopranos' episode

Television Without Pity 9/29/02 No Show

Zap2It 9/28/02 'Sopranos' Actor Whacks Cancer Rumor

Extra TV 9/27/02 'The Sopranos'

Zap2It 9/26/02 HBO's 'Sopranos' Untouchable on Cable

VH1 9/26/02 Slipknot, Ja Rule As Important To 'The Sopranos' As Silvio Dante

CBS 9/24/02 Sopranos Grilling Galls NJ Beauty

Post Gazette 9/24/02 Fans mob 'Sopranos' at race track

Television Without Pity 9/22/02 For All Debts Public And Private 9/22/02 'The Sopranos': still the mob hit

New York Daily News 9/21/02 Ya gotta love 'The Sopranos' - it's epic TV

New York Daily News 9/18/02 Super 'Sopranos'

BBC 9/18/02 Sopranos TV return breaks records

Ananova 9/18/02 The Sopranos makes US TV history

Guardian 9/18/02 Top-rating mobsters make TV history

Zap2It 9/17/02 'Sopranos' Sets HBO Record

USA Today 9/17/02 Viewers mob HBO to see 'Sopranos' opener

New York Daily News  9/17/02 'Sopranos' is talk of jocks

Milwaukee Journal 9/17/02 'Sopranos' kills the competition

Extra TV 9/16/02 'Sopranos' Season Premiere

New York Daily News 9/16/02 Bada bing! It's back

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/15/02 'Sopranos' are feeling the economic pinch

Star Ledger 9/15/02 N.J.'s favorite family comes back strong

Washington Post 9/15/02 HBO's 'Sopranos': More High Notes

New York Daily News 9/15/02 One family's roots

Mobile Register 9/15/02 'Sopranos' returns after 16 months

Globe and Mail 9/14/02 Family plot

Oregonian 9/14/02 Dark, hilarious, deadly

Independent 9/14/02 It's only TV stoopid! How the Sopranos took on a new lease of life

Seattle PI 9/14/02 'The Sopranos' characters still cheating fate with rich payoffs for viewers 9/14/02 Michael Imperioli shines as actor and writer on 'The Sopranos'

Seattle PI 9/14/02 Show's popularity spills into real life

CNN 9/13/02 'Sopranos' returns to the scene of the crime

Houston Chronicle 9/13/02 `Sopranos' creator wasn't prepared for show's success

St. Petersburg Times 9/13/02 'Sopranos' by the book

San Francisco Chronicle 9/13/02 Sopranos,' returning after a 16-month hiatus, doesn't miss a beat

NY Times 9/13/02 Mob Life Resumes, Darker by the Day

Post Gazette 9/13/02 Season 4: Uneasy 'Sopranos'

St. Petersburg Times 9/13/02 Bracing for a whack job

Detroit Free Press 9/13/02 'Sopranos' worth the wait

Zap2It 9/13/02 'Sopranos' Star Getting Married

USA Today 9/12/02 'Sopranos': A cultural landmark earns respect

Contra Costa Times 9/13/02 It pays to check in on HBO's No. 1 crime family

Bay Area 9/12/02 Bets say Ralphie most likely to die

Milwaukee Journal 9/11/02 'Sopranos' again are on target

Zap2It 9/10/02 'Sopranos' Could Move to Big Screen

Zap2It 9/9/02 'Sopranos' Star had Panic Problems

Zap2It 9/7/02 Twin Towers Removed from 'Sopranos' Titles

Extra TV 9/6/02 'Sopranos' Premiere Party

Star Ledger 9/5/02 'Sopranos' cast flourishes with late blooming actors

Extra TV 9/5/02 'The Sopranos'

Zap2It 9/4/02 War of Words in 'Sopranos' Suit 9/4/02 `Sopranos' creator admits meetings about show

Extra TV 8/29/02 'The Sopranos'

BBC 8/28/02 Sopranos goes on university syllabus

Oregonian 8/18/02 'Sopranos': Therapist praises analyst's ethics

Ananova 8/12/02 Fans download blueprint to Sopranos lifestyle 8/7/02 HBO moving into `Sopranos'-related food line

BBC 8/6/02 Dine out with The Sopranos 7/31/02 Gandolfini stars in another Rutgers football commercial 7/21/02 Muscling in

BBC 7/16/02 Sopranos creator to bow out

Extra TV 7/15/02 'The Sopranos'

Zap2It 7/13/02 'The Sopranos' Keeps Unraveling

Independent 7/6/02 Curtain falls on Tony and the gang as 'Sopranos' scriptwriter makes his exit

BBC 7/3/02 New move in Sopranos legal action

Zap2It 7/1/02 Case Against 'Sopranos' Dropped

Zap2It 6/4/02 'Sopranos' Switches Actresses in Rerun

Extra TV 5/31/02 David Chase

Extra TV 5/22/02 Jamie-Lynn Sigler

BBC 5/17/02 Judge stakes Sopranos claim 5/17/02 Judge: I'm the brains behind 'Sopranos'

Zap2It 5/17/02 'Sopranos' Creator Faces Lawsuit

Zap2It 5/15/02 'Sopranos' Back on HBO in September

Zap2It 5/9/02 'Sopranos' Producer Finds New Studio Home

BBC 4/24/02 Sopranos actor admits mugging

Zap2It 9/24/02 'Sopranos' Actor Pleads Guilty of Petty Larceny

Zap2It 4/23/02 Cop Says 'Sopranos' Kid Had Marijuana

Independent 4/16/02 Actor who plays Soprano son confesses to mugging

BBC 4/1/02 Sopranos star faces May trial

Zap2It 4/1/02 'Sopranos' Son Ordered to Stand Trial

Zap2It 3/13/02 Gandolfini Files for Divorce

Zap2It 2/4/02 'Sopranos' Star Refuses Real-Life Plea Deal

Zap2It 12/5/01 'Sopranos' Filming Without Paulie

Zap2It 10/31/01 'Sopranos' Star Turns to Hip Hop

BBC 9/20/01 The Sopranos given 'right to sing' 9/20/01 Judge Throws Out 'Sopranos' Lawsuit

Zap2It 9/19/01 'Sopranos' Suit Dismissed

Zap2It 8/31/01 Judge Delays 'Sopranos' Decision

BBC 8/30/01 Sopranos 'robbery' actor pleads not guilty

BBC 8/29/01 Judge hears case against Sopranos

BBC 8/29/01 Sopranos hit back at 'racist' claim

Zap2It 8/28/01 Chase: 'Sopranos' To End After Fifth Season 8/16/01 Jersey loves 'The Sopranos' best

Zap2It 8/9/01 'Sopranos' Son Indicted on Robbery Charges 7/30/01 Judge tells pal of `Sopranos' teen to be home by 7 p.m. 7/24/01 Man held in attack on TV actress

BBC 7/22/01 Critics name Sopranos best show

Zap2It 7/21/01 Attacker of 'Sopranos'' Maid Arrested

BBC 7/18/01 Sopranos lands fifth series 7/17/01 'Sopranos' Producer OKs 5th Season

Zap2It 7/10/02 'Sopranos' To Get Fifth Season?

BBC 7/10/01 Sopranos actor back in court

Zap2It 7/7/01 Iler 'Embarrassed' By Charges

BBC 7/6/01 Sopranos actor's regret over arrest

BBC 7/5/01 Sopranos actor 'unaware' of robbery

BBC 7/5/01 Sopranos actor arrested 7/5/01 'Sopranos' teen charged in $40 holdup

Ananova 7/4/01 Teenage Sopranos star 'arrested for alleged robbery'

Zap2It 7/4/02 'Sopranos' Son Arrested for Real

Ananova 6/18/01 Sopranos star to provide song for new Levi's advert

Zap2It 6/17/02 'Sopranos' Co-star Sings For Levis

Ananova 5/31/01 Sopranos actress to make UK stage debut

Ananova 5/25/01 The Sopranos receives warm welcome in Italy 5/24/01 Roukema introduces resolution critical of `The Sopranos' 5/24/01 TV mob series gets rave reviews in Italy 4/25/01 Ex-Newark wiseguy says `Sopranos' stole from his book

Extra TV 4/18/01 Sopranos Book Club

BBC 4/6/01 Sopranos sued by Italian group

Ananova 4/6/01 Italian-Americans sue over Sopranos' gangster image

Zap2It 4/5/01 'Sopranos' Sued

E!Online 4/5/01 Italian-American Lawyers Snub "Sopranos"

Zap2It 4/3/01 'Sopranos' Creator Gives Reporter a Crack

Zap2It 3/16/02 'Sopranos' Actress Speaks Out Against Hollywood Diets 3/14/01 Boss of bosses

Zap2It 3/2/01 'Sopranos' Shines in Third Season Debut

BBC 2/28/01 Sopranos star digitally recreated

Zap2It 2/26/01 Dr. Melfi Was Almost Mrs. Soprano 2/26/01 Season 3: : A couple of kids join the family 2/24/01 Season 3: : The Soprano sound 2/21/01 Season 3: Cop story -- He collars a part on 'The Sopranos'

E!Online 2/14/01 Will "Sopranos" Get Whacked? 2/14/01 Leaving the family

Zap2It 2/11/01 Gandolfini Hits Jersey 2/12/01 "Sopranos" Star Gandolfini buys house in Somerset County

Zap2It 2/7/01 'Sopranos' Leads DGA Dramatic Series Nominations 12/19/00 'Sopranos' welcome in other counties 12/16/00 Essex officials tell 'The Sopranos': Fuhgeddabout filming around here 11/15/00 Marred by the mob

Ananova 11/6/00 College bumps The Sopranos off filming list 11/2/00 William Paterson University cancels filming of `Sopranos' scenes on campus

BBC 11/3/00 Sopranos in campus row 8/15/00 Philly woman gets 'Sopranos' role 8/1/00 'Sopranos' sought extras, got the works

Independent 7/28/00 Still married to the Mob

BBC 7/24/00 Crowds mob Sopranos auditions 7/23/00 For a day, Harrison sees its population double

BBC 7/20/00 Sopranos lead Emmy pack 5/23/00 Italian-American group blasts `Sopranos' producer 5/23/00 'Sopranos' fans gather 3/21/00 The Star-Ledger Sopranos look-alikes 1/16/00 'Sopranos' start season two on high note 1/14/00 'Sopranos' throw bash for neighbors 1/13/00 R.I. Mayor Says No To 'The Sopranos'

BBC 7/22/99 Sopranos sing loudest at Emmys


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