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News Articles about the Sopranos


Newsday 3/30/07 The 10 greatest 'Sopranos' moments

Newsday 3/30/07 Waiting for big bang on 'Sopranos'

USA Today 3/30/07 Gandolfini, Iler have a father-son chat about life-changing series

Detroit News 3/29/07 A chat with Aida Turturro

NY Daily News 3/29/07 Which 'Sopranos' star are you?

NY Post 3/29/07 Whacked 'Sopranos' Actors Recall Exits

Celebrity Spider 3/28/07 Sopranos Stars Weep on the Red Carpet

Celebrity Spider 3/28/07 Joe Pantoliano Upset About Headless Photo

FOX News 3/28/07 'The Sopranos' Cast Needs Headhunters as Show Winds Down

Extra 3/28/07 'Sopranos' Kicks Off Final Season in Manhattan

NY Post 3/28/07 Last Stand

NY Daily News 3/28/07 The mother of all stares 3/28/07 Falco cried a river over 'Sopranos' demise

Newsday 3/28/07 'The Sopranos': New season worth the wait

NY Daily News 3/28/07 Mob rules

MSNBC 3/28/07 ‘Really sad — it's not even mixed emotions’

NY Daily News 3/28/07 'Sopranos' swan song has cast out of whacks

Star Ledger 3/28/07 The final walk

USA Today 3/28/07 'Sopranos' swan song hits emotional note

VOA News 3/26/07 New Jersey Prepares to Bid 'The Sopranos' Farewell

Asbury Park Press 3/25/07 Film remains mystery for "Sopranos" star

NY Daily News 3/25/07 Awaiting whole ball of whacks!

Newsday 3/25/07 Fast Chat: Michael Imperioli

Milwaukee Journal 3/24/07 Vacation's Over

Herald News 3/23/07 Sopranos in home stretch

Asbury Park Press 3/23/07 The Importance of being James Gandolfini

USA Today 3/23/07 Jersey ready for life without 'Sopranos'

Daily Mail 3/23/07 Out on a high note - the end of The Sopranos

Associated Content 3/23/07 Bye Bye to the Sopranos

NY Times 3/23/07 Does Soprano Get Whacked? Does He Get a Banana Split?

Star Ledger 3/23/07 Die-hards in Bloomfield enjoy last brush with 'Sopranos' fame

NY Daily News 3/23/07 Sopranos' swan song

Orlando Sentinel 3/15/07 A preview of the final "Sopranos"

Entertainment Weekly 3/14/07 Getting Into Tony's Spumoni

The Independent 3/14/07 "The Sopranos" The Final Chapter

Star Ledger 3/14/07 'Sopranos' didn't look to take cut of TV cash

Celebrity Spider 3/13/07 Sopranos Filming Permit Approved

Vanity Far 3/13/07 The Family that Preys Together

NY Post 3/11/07 'Sopranos' Says Arrivederci With Less Hype 

TMZ 3/10/07 "Sopranos" Co-Star Defends Big Pussy's "Dancing" Dump

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 Sopranos Producers Caught Up in Film Permit Row

Washington Post 3/9/07 `Sopranos' Can Film in North Jersey Town

NY Daily News 3/9/07 'Sopranos' iced in Jersey

Celebrity Spider 3/7/07 James Gandolfini Poses for Vanity Fair

E! Online 3/7/07 Jersey Town Whacks Sopranos

NY Post 3/7/07 Outta Jersey

Daily Mail 3/6/07 Tony Soprano gets to grips with a real body of evidence

Celebrity Spider 3/1/07 Sopranos Star Quits Dancing With the Stars

Jam! 2/23/07 'Sopranos' actor facing murder charge insists he's no 'cold-blooded killer'

Daily Mail 2/19/07 Sopranos star crowned carnival king

Detroit News 2/16/07 Gandolfini ready for his Mardi Gras role

Asbury Park Press 2/16/07 "Sopranos" may shoot episode in Belmar 2/2/07 Going out with a Bada Bing!

Celebrity Spider 2/1/07 Sopranos Star Turns to Martial Arts to Quit Smoking

Burlington County Times 1/28/07 Bada-bing!: ‘The Sopranos’ go to college

Washington Post 1/28/07 Imperioli: Tae Kwon Do Changed His Life

Variety 1/19/07 'Sopranos' sees ratings dip on A&E

Celebrity Spider 1/17/07 Jamie-Lynn Sigler: "I'm Embarrassed of My Album" 1/17/07 A mob of Easter treats from HBO in the final season of Sopranos

Celebrity Spider 1/16/07 Jamie Lynn Sigler: "Jessica Simpson Helped Me With Marriage Breakdown"

San Francisco Chronicle 1/15/07 Take your sex and violence straight up, not diluted on A&E

Chicago Tribune 1/13/07 Sanitized Sopranos

Zap2It 1/12/07 One More for 'The Sopranos'

Chicago Tribune 1/10/07 Taming Tony Soprano

Courier Journal 1/10/07 A&E adds Emmy-winning 'Sopranos' reruns to its hit list

Chicago Times 1/9/07 `Sopranos' bingo takes TV show to new realm

Post Gazette 1/8/07 'The Sopranos' to say ciao, but how?

San Diego Union Tribune 1/8/07 When 'The Sopranos' mob comesto A&E, bad words get whacked

Celebrity Spider 1/7/07 Sopranos Star Keen to Strip on Camera

Celebrity Spider 1/6/07 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Scared of Sopranos Ending

Milwaukee Journal 1/5/07 Cleaner but still the freakin' 'Sopranos'

Orlando Sentinel 1/4/07 'Broken Trail,' 'Sopranos' top SAG nominations

Contra Costa Times 12/31/06 In '07, 'Sopranos' say ciao, but how?

Orlando Sentinel 12/29/06 Keep an eye on 'Sopranos' as end nears

NY Post 12/28/06 'Too Old To Lose Weight': Gandolfini  

Boston Globe 12/27/06 Gandolfini's thin Mafia

NY Post 12/22/06 'The Sopranos' & Musical Anchor Chairs 

St. Louis Dispatch 12/18/06 'The Sopranos': End days

Digital Trends 12/14/06 Interview: Sopranos Vincent Pastore

Zap2It 12/13/06 'Sopranos' Back in April

KATC 12/12/06 Tony Soprano' will rule over Mardi Gras Bacchus

NY Times 12/11/06 To Get Viewers for Reruns, a ‘Sopranos’ Game

Hollywood Reporter 12/11/06 Net plays mob rule for 'Sopranos'

Charlotte Observer 12/8/06 Little Steven starts own record label

Celebrity Spider 12/7/06 Sopranos Star Pleads Guilty to Shoplifting

NY Daily News 12/7/06 'Sopranos' cleans up its act

NY Daily News 12/7/06 'Soprano' takes hit for shoplift

Sydney Morning Herald 12/4/06 The Sopranos

NY Daily News 12/3/06 'Vito' Gannascoli takes his cue

USA Today 12/1/06 Could Tony on A&E bring restrictions to cable?

Zap2It 11/29/06 A&E Joins 'Sopranos' Mob in January 11/29/06 Making 'The Sopranos' suitable for basic cable

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 The Sopranos Star Considered Suicide

Orlando Sentinel 11/28/06 New life for Sopranos

Celebrity Spider 11/26/06 Jamie Lynn Sigler So Committed to Anorexia She Walked Off Gum Calories

Mercury News 11/25/06 Not much to respect in shoddy `Sopranos'

Celebrity Spider 11/24/06 James Gandolfini Cut Up Over Sopranos Fight Scene

Gwinnett Daily Post 11/24/06 'Sopranos' features too much violence

Star Ledger 11/22/06 HBO gets more Bada Bing for its bucks

NY Post 11/21/06 Extra Tony

E!Online 11/20/06 The Sopranos Goes Long

Inside Pulse 11/17/06 The Sopranos - Season 6, Part 1 - DVD Review

Star Ledger 11/13/06 Dead-end 'Road' 11/10/06 'Sopranos' star revisits her own demons

Seattle PI 11/7/06 This Week's Hot Video: 'The Sopranos: Season 6, Part 1'

NY Post 11/7/06 Caution: Graphics Violence

Standard Speaker 11/5/06 Hazle twins ‘Sopranos’ stars 10/25/06 Mob rule

Courier Mail 10/25/06 A real wisegay

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/22/06 Rare talons: Jersey nail artist adds polish to 'Sopranos'

NY Post 10/19/06 Toning down Big Tony

News Journal Online 10/13/06 'Sopranos' mobster to join motorcycle benefit ride

Sydney Morning Herald 10/11/06 Sopranos gets whacked

Herald Sun 10/11/06 Da end for Tony 10/5/06 'Sopranos' at Borgata

MTV 10/4/06 'Sopranos' Creator: Video Game Has Nothing To Do With Show

Stuff 9/28/06 TVNZ Sopranos claim shot down

Sydney Morning Herald 9/25/06 A farewell to arms

Palm Beach Post 9/23/06 60 seconds with Joe Gannascoli

Sentinel and Enterprise 9/22/06 'Sopranos' star heads to Leominster

The Age 9/21/06 The Sopranos nears dark finale

Sydney Morning Herald 9/20/06 The Sopranos

Sydney Morning Herald 9/18/06 Keeping a family secret

Ithaca Journal 9/18/06 ‘Sopranos' fans meet the stars

Star Gazette 9/12/06 "Sopranos" stars headed to Tioga Downs

Zap2It 9/11/06 'Sopranos' Co-Star Breaks Bread With FOX

Yahoo 9/11/06 "Sopranos" cast member muscling into late-night

Bankrate 9/7/06 Fame & Fortune: Steve Schirripa

Boston Globe 9/5/06 Mob mentality

The Independent 9/5/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler: A made woman

Soo Today 9/5/06 Che cosa c'è alla televisione, Big Pussy?

Bankrate 9/5/06 Fame & Fortune: Steve Schirripa Fat Joe Joins The Mob, Spotted On "The Sopranos"

Newsday 8/22/06 Holy 'Sopranos'

Jam! 8/21/06 Gandolfini sticks with HBO

Asbury Park Press 8/18/06 Pop Culture: A blue moon in their eye

Political Gateway 8/14/06 Margulies unsure of 'Sopranos' future

CBS 8/13/06 'Sopranos' Bodyguard Cuts A Deal

NY Daily News 8/12/06 Wrist slap for Tony's guard

Digital Spy 8/10/06 'Sopranos' set to lead shows onto HD-DVD

E!Online8/8/06 "Sopranos" Bags a Baldwin

Zap2It 8/8/06 'Sopranos' Books a Baldwin

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/06 Baldwin cast in 'Sopranos' Hollywood arc

Yahoo News 8/8/06 Daniel Baldwin grabs horror role in "Sopranos"

HeraldNet 8/3/06 HBO promises big final season for 'Sopranos'

Celebrity Spider 7/15/06 James Gandolfini Surgery Stalls Final Sopranos Episodes

South Florida 7/15/06 Sopranos delayed by star's surgery

BBC 7/14/06 Sopranos put back after knee op 7/13/06 Sopranos delayed by star's surgery

Chicago Tribune 7/13/06 HBO chief refuses to sing about Tony

Star Ledger 7/12/06 Waiting for Tony 7/11/06 'Sopranos' star sues Atlantic City Hilton for billboard photo

BBC 7/6/06 Last Sopranos stars sign pay deal

Celebrity Spider 7/5/06 Sopranos Pair Agree to New Deals

Zap2It 7/3/06 Backstage 'Sopranos' Drama Ends Happily

Zap2it 6/29/06 Bracco, Turturro Settle with 'Sopranos'

Metro 6/29/06 "Sopranos" gets four more to sign on for final episodes

Celebrity Spider 6/27/06 Sopranos Star John Ventimiglia Pleads Guilty to DUI

BBC 6/27/06 Drink-drive rap for Sopranos chef

NY Daily News 6/27/06 Actor to teach lesson on DWI

Zap2It 6/27/06 Plea Deal for 'Sopranos' Chef

Celebrity Spider 6/26/06 Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler Secure Sopranos Pay Increase

Zap2It 6/26/06 'Sopranos' Kids Get a Raise

NY Daily News 6/23/06 Edie's 'Wonderful'

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/06 Gandolfini puts muscle on pals

Celebrity Spider 6/17/06 Sopranos Star Steven Van Zant Plans Theatrical TV Project

MTV 6/16/06 Whack Or Be Whacked In 'Sopranos' Video Game

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Sopranos Stars Warn "Pay Rise or We're Off"

NY Daily News 6/14/06 'Soprano' sauce with pizza

Star Ledger 6/14/06 Bracco puts herself 'On the Couch' in memoir

Milwaukee Journal 6/11/06 'Sopranos' has lots of loose ends going into final season

Dot Music 6/9/06 'Sopranos' star to make musical debut in Portugal

Jam! 6/9/06 'Sopranos' pulls only average ratings

Star Ledger 6/8/06 A few more observations on 'The Sopranos' finale

Rocky Mountain News 6/8/06 20 questions for 'Sopranos'

NY Daily News 6/8/06 She's no shrinking violet

CBS 6/7/06 Eating Like A 'Goomba' 6/7/06 Finale has fans feeling out of whack

Buffalo News 6/6/06 It's Christmas in June for fans of 'The Sopranos'

Boston Globe 6/6/06 'Sopranos' ends quietly, hints at looming storms

San Diego Tribune 6/5/06 The Sopranos: June 4

Celebrity Spider 6/5/06 Lorraine Bracco Deliberately Destroyed Relationship With Harvey Keitel

Entertainment Weekly 6/5/06 Death Takes a Holiday

CBS 6/5/06 'Sopranos' Harley, For Cancer Research

Star Ledger 6/5/06 Call it a semi-finale

Newsday 6/5/06 'Sopranos' finale leaves them waiting

Dallas Morning News 6/5/06 'Sopranos' fans have plenty to chew on

Chicago Tribune 6/5/06 `Sopranos' ends without a big bang

Dallas Morning News 6/5/06 What's next as 'The Sopranos' takes break?

Mobile Register 6/4/06 'The Sopranos' will hide out for the rest of 2006

Jam! 6/4/06 Sopranos say goodbye for another season

Milwaukee Journal 6/4/06 'Sopranos' future fireworks

Jam! 6/4/06 The Sopranos wraps season 6

Celebrity Spider 6/3/06 Diet Pill Makers Sue Sopranos Star 6/3/06 A big finish?

Jam! 6/3/06 TLN to air 'Sopranos'

The Oregonian 6/3/06 Can Tony Soprano ever just fly away?

MSNBC 6/2/06 The big, bad cars of ‘The Sopranos’

Boston Globe 6/2/06 By suddenly shifting gears, ‘Sopranos’ shows it can still take viewers for ride

USA Today 6/2/06 'The Sopranos' deserves all the time it takes

Newsday 6/1/06 Q & A: 'Sopranos' actor Frank Vincent 6/1/06 'Sopranos' season: From bang to whimper

Celebrity Spider 5/31/06 Sopranos Stars Sign Up

Celebrity Spider 5/30/06 Sopranos Star Slams Chase

New Zealand Herald 5/30/06 Pair made for last episodes of Sopranos

Celebrity Spider 5/29/06 James Gandolfini "I'll Go to Iraq"

Metro 5/29/06 Pair made for last episodes of 'Sopranos'

Celebrity Spider 5/27/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Young, Free and Single Again

Television Without Pity 5/27/06 Cold Stones
Buffalo News 5/25/06 Gannascoli looks forward to life after death on 'Sopranos'

Star Ledger 5/25/06 Sins of the past catching up with everyone

Mercury News 5/25/06 Network dramas are challenging `The Sopranos'

Times Picayune 5/25/06 Eat like the Sopranos

Celebrity Spider 5/24/06 Joe Gannascoli Upset Over Cut Sopranos Scenes

NY Daily News 5/24/06 Some gay 'Soprano' scenes get rubbed out

NY Daily News 5/23/06 No surprise that gayfella is over & out

Newsday 5/23/06 Mixed reviews on 'Sopranos' gay killing

Star Ledger 5/22/06 Sins of the past catching up with everyone

NY Daily News 5/22/06 The family outing turned rough

Entertainment Weekly 5/22/06 We'll Always Have Paris

Union Tribune 5/22/06 The Sopranos: May 21

Chicago Tribune 5/22/06 `Sopranos' set up for major finale drama

Television Without Pity 5/20/06 Moe N' Joe

Chicago Tribune 5/19/06 `Sopranos' in line for whacky episode

NY Daily News 5/19/06 Mobsters and munchies

National Catholic Reporter 5/16/06 'Sopranos' mobster wrestles with his mortality

Union Tribune 5/15/06 The Sopranos: May 14

Entertainment Weekly 5/15/06 Married to the Mob 5/15/06 `Sopranos': Janice prods Tony

Star Ledger 5/15/06 Vito's doing it his way; so's David Chase

New York Observer 5/15/06 The Sopranos: The Unredeemed

Winnipeg Sun 5/14/06 Sopranos actor gets whack at spotlight

Digital Home 5/12/06 Sopranos and Big Love Season finales air June 4th

Mercury News 5/12/06 Sopranos' `Uncle Junior' sings national anthem

Television Without Pity 5/12/06 The Ride

NY Times 5/9/06 'Sopranos' Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery for Basic Cable

Star Ledger 5/8/06 Mob life looking less glamorous all the time

Entertainment Weekly 5/8/06 A Shot in the Dark

Now Playing Magazine 5/8/06 The Sopranos - “The Ride”

San Diego Tribune 5/8/06 The Sopranos: May 7

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 The Sopranos Game Unveiled

Television Without Pity 5/6/06 Johnny Cakes

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 James Gandolfini's Scooter Accident

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 Sopranos Star Seeks Separate Trial

BBC 5/5/06 Sopranos actor requests own trial

USA Today 5/4/06 'The Sopranos' joins video-game family

Detroit News 5/4/06 'Sopranos' actor seeks separate trial

Hollywood Reporter 5/4/06 'Sopranos' made at THQ

NY Daily News 5/4/06 Readers react to 'Sopranos'

Orlando Sentinel 5/4/06 Cab whacks 'Sopranos' Gandolfini

Miami Herald 5/4/06 'Sopranos' home's for real

Celebrity Spider 5/3/06 Sopranos Stars John Ventimiglia and Louis Gross Arrested

Newsday 5/3/06 Criminal minds off the 'Sopranos' set

Newsday 5/3/06 'Sopranos' life imitates art

NY Daily News 5/3/06 Tony backs 'Sopranos' redfella

Zap2It 5/2/06 'Sopranos' Actors Arrested

USA Today 5/2/06 2 more 'Sopranos' run afoul of the law

NY Daily News 5/2/06 Can 'The Sopranos' still shoot straight? A 'yes'....

NY Daily News 5/2/06 ... and a 'no'

NY Daily News 5/2/06 'Sopranos' tough guy in bad-boy rap

Star Ledger 5/1/06 Changing times for the Family

Entertainment Weekly 5/1/06 Like ''Godfather,'' Like Son

Boston Globe 4/29/06 'Sopranos' analyzes masculine insecurity

Milwaukee Journal 4/29/06 'Sopranos' Van Zandt rocks in 'Underground Garage'

Television Without Pity 4/29/06 Luxury Lounge

Celebrity Spider 4/27/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Blasts Sopranos Star Lillo Brancato 4/26/06 'Sopranos' season settles in

National Enquirer 4/25/06 Jamie-Lynn Gives Fallon The Brush-Off 

NY Post 4/25/06 Bacall Bashing - Why Did 'Sopranos' Bash An Icon?

Star Ledger 4/24/06 Artie finds himself, but Christopher's losing his way

Entertainment Weekly 4/24/06 Dinner and a Movie

Television Without Pity 4/23/06 Live Free Or Die 4/18/06 Tony S. likes 'Sanatorium'

The Advocate 4/18/06 Will Sopranos' gay mobster live free or die?

Entertainment Weekly 4/17/06 Down and Outed

Star Ledger 4/17/06 A place to live free and die

Sign on San Diego 4/17/06 The Sopranos: April 16

WFAA 4/17/06 A made man

Television Without Pity 4/15/06 Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request...

TMZ 4/14/06 Sopranos Star Speaks Out

USA Today 4/14/06 On 'Sopranos,' a wiseguy gets the queer eye

Plain Dealer 4/14/06 A wiseguy Sopranos' fan weighs in

NY Daily News 4/12/06 Gay 'Soprano' can't be out and about

Chicago Tribune 4/11/06 Actor set to make impact as gay `Sopranos' wiseguy

Entertainment Weekly 4/10/06 My Big Fat Mob Wedding

Star Ledger 4/10/06 Bosses' crumbling facades

CBS 4/10/06 Gay 'Sopranos' Mobster Glad for Exposure

Zap2It 4/10/06 'The Sopranos' Won't Let Buscemi Die

Television Without Pity 4/7/06 The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Entertainment Weekly 4/3/06 Trash Talk

Miami Herald 4/3/06 'Sopranos' star knows his hits

Sign on San Diego 4/3/06 The Sopranos: April 2
Star Ledger 4/3/06 Things change, but people stay the same

Dallas Morning News 4/2/06 Back from the dead

Democrat and Chronicle 4/2/06 QED seen on 'The Sopranos'

Television Without Pity 4/1/06 Mayham

NY Daily News 3/29/06 'Sopranos' call ill tot Toughfella

NY Daily News 3/29/06 Gandolfini's image takes a hit

Jam! 3/28/06 Cdn. actor gets physical in 'Sopranos'

Dallas Morning News 3/27/06 A 'wisegay' among the wiseguys

Entertainment Weekly 3/27/06 The Coma-Back Kid

Star Ledger 3/27/06 Silvio leaves a paper trail

Celebrity Spider 3/24/06 Sopranos Manager Sued for Defamation

San Francisco Chronicle 3/24/06 Deconstructing Tony -- it's not so easy to do

Press of Atlantic City 3/24/06 Hilton hopes ‘Sopranos’ cast draws a mob

MSNBC 3/24/06 Music another member of the Sopranos’ crew

Gainesville Sun 3/24/06 'Sopranos' star shares story at UF

NY Post 3/24/06 Marketers Have Dessert With the Sopranos

WTHR 3/24/06 Actor who plays Uncle Junior hears from "Sopranos" fans about shooting Tony

News Tribune 3/24/06 Newest face on ‘Sopranos’ got early start

Television Without Pity 3/23/06 Join The Club

GM News 3/23/06 Old Bridge man works as double on 'Sopranos'

TMZ 3/22/06 Dream Night for 'The Sopranos'

Hollywood Reporter 3/22/06 'Love' slumps, but 'Sopranos' remains stable

CSM 3/22/06 Desperate Mobsters

Celebrity Spider 3/21/06 Sopranos Cast Demand Pay Increase

DMN News 3/21/06 HBO's 'Sopranos' Break Through Clutter With Bada Bing Insert

Entertainment Weekly 3/20/06 Coma As You Aren't

Palm Beach Post 3/20/06 Inside Tony Sopranos Head

Grand Forks Herald 3/20/06 Dreams, drama highlight Sopranos episode

Celebrity Spider 3/19/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Dog Helped Her Through Split

Jam! 3/19/06 'Sopranos' delivers more surprises

Mobile Register 3/19/06 'Sopranos' past its peak?

OC Register 3/19/06 Mob hit comes to Costa Mesa

Celebrity Spider 3/17/06 Kate Winslet Impressed James Gandolfini With Profanity

Celebrity Spider 3/17/06 Sopranos Star Dating Club Boss

Celebrity Spider 3/17/06 James Gandolfini Stands Up For Working Class

Television Without Pity 3/17/06 Members Only

Jam! 3/17/06 Things looking good for Sopranos' star

Celebrity Spider 3/15/06 Sopranos Star Aims for Plea Deal Over Murder

NY Times 3/15/06 Mob Boss Takes Hit; Housewife Implicated

NY Daily News 3/15/06 'Sopranos' shocker: Low rating!

USA Today 3/15/06 Ratings slip for 'Sopranos'

Buffalo News 3/14/06 'Sopranos' debut ends with a bang

NY Daily News 3/14/06 'Sopranos' ratings shy of bang-up

Zap2It 3/14/06 'Sopranos'-'Housewives' Battle Bloodies Both

Wichita Eagle 3/14/06 'Sopranos' opener delivers surprises

TV Week 3/13/06 'Sopranos' Muscles Into iPod Territory

Newsday 3/13/06 TV's crime family returns

Star Ledger 3/13/06 Season Six of 'The Sopranos' comes in like a lion

Chicago Sun Times 3/13/06 Fingering false notes in 'The Sopranos'

USA Today 3/13/06 'The Sopranos' is latest show to shock

Chicago Tribune 3/13/06 What happened last night on `The Sopranos'

CBS 3/13/06 'Sopranos' Are Back, With A Vengeance

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/06 Uncle Junior Whacks Nostalgic

Post Gazette 3/13/06 Spoiler warning: 'Sopranos' surprises cast

NY Post 3/13/06 Know Your Mob Squad

AJC 3/12/06 The Sopranos: The Who, The What, The Whacked 3/12/06 Will 'Sopranos' go out on a high note?

Star Ledger 3/12/06 The complete 'Sopranos' - A guide to every episode of the first five seasons

AJC 3/12/06 The Sopranos: Together again as final destiny looms

Denver Post 3/12/06 Kin and killing: New "Sopranos" guns for family values' dark side 3/12/06 'Sopranos' comes out blazing

Palm Beach Post 3/12/06 A 'Sopranos' Field Guide

Dallas Morning News 3/12/06 Parting shots

Toronto Star 3/12/06 The end of the Sopranos finally begins

Dallas Morning News 3/12/06 Recapping 'The Sopranos'

The Oregonian 3/12/06 Tony's back, and still struggling with his family values

Palm Beach Post 3/12/06 Even with these lovable hoods, absence makes the heart grow fonder

Contra Costa Times 3/12/06 Oh, those Sopranos ... they pull us back in again

Chicago Sun-Times 3/12/06 Dirty laundry: The Sopranos cast

Jam! 3/12/06 'Sopranos' returns after long hiatus

Charlotte Observer 3/12/06 Will 'Soproanos' go out on a high note?

Zap2it 3/12/06 A Visit to Tony and Carmela's

Jam! 3/12/06 Spoiler alert! Crime pays for viewers

Palm Beach Post 3/12/06 'The Sopranos': What to expect this season

NY Daily News 3/12/06 'Housewives' or 'Sopranos' - what to watch first

Washington Post 3/12/06 Mob Hit: The Boss of Comedy?

AM New York 3/12/06 An obsession returns

Washington Post 3/12/06 Back With a Vengeance

St. Petersburg Times 3/11/06 We could tell you but we'd have to (well, you know)

Knox News 3/11/06 Mob boss's life still as good as TV gets

Detroit News 3/11/06 Who's da real boss?

Hartford Courant 3/11/06 `Sopranos' Returns With More Depth

Courier Journal 3/11/06 After a long hiatus, 'The Sopranos' returns with a bang

Deseret News 3/11/06 'The Sopranos' still surprises

Jam! 3/11/06 'Sopranos' returns after long hiatus

NY Daily News 3/11/06 Who's gonna get whacked?

Rocky Mountain News 3/11/06 Bada-Bang!

Detroit News 3/11/06 'Sopranos' kicks off new season with a thriller

Celebrity Spider 3/10/06 Sopranos Star Has Wild Birthday Bash

Celebrity Spider 3/10/06 The Sopranos Star Lorraine Bracco Turns Wine Expert

NY Times 3/10/06 Brutality and Betrayal, Back With a Vengeance

Boston Globe 3/10/06 'Sopranos' reclaims its territory atop TV 3/10/06 Another shot of Tony & the gang

Beacon Journal 3/10/06 `Sopranos' shoots for stars

USA Today 3/10/06 Then and now: Catching up with 'Sopranos'

Star Ledger 3/10/06 I can say no more

Hollywood Reporter 3/10/06 The Sopranos

Zap2It 3/10/06 'Sopranos' Is Done Lying Low

Sign on San Diego 3/10/06 'Sopranos' has big payoff for steadfast, patient fans

CBS 3/10/06 'Sopranos' Final Season: 'Sadder'

USA Today 3/10/06 'Sopranos' starts on high note

Seattle PI 3/10/06 'Sopranos': Epic series is headed toward a glorious finish

Detroit Free Press 3/10/06 Still complicated and intense, 'The Sopranos' is back for the last time

Zap2It 3/10/06 The Sopranos Return

NY Daily News 3/10/06 Shooting for the perfect scene

Seattle Times 3/10/06 Death and "The Sopranos"

NY Daily News 3/10/06 Wiseguys enjoy a musical hit list

Celebrity Spider 3/9/06 Odds Issued for Which Sopranos Character Will be Wacked First in Season 6

TMZ 3/9/06 Sopranos' Real-Life Legal Woes

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/06 The Sopranos

Chicago Tribune 3/9/06 Back and better than ever: 'The Sopranos'

Washington Post 3/9/06 Death by Script

Post Gazette 3/9/06 TV Review: 'Sopranos' as dangerous as it ever was

Herald Net 3/9/06 'The Sopranos' are back for a long good-bye

NY Daily News 3/9/06 Role out of the closet opens doors 3/9/06 Sopranos is back

Post Gazette 3/9/06 Where we left off with 'The Sopranos' ...

Star Ledger 3/9/06 The long goodbye

Post Gazette 3/9/06 Tony Soprano and America's favorite mob family return to HBO with a dozen new episodes

NY Daily News 3/9/06 Mob-deprived fans found a shady lane in the 'burbs 3/9/06 Sopranos is back

Star Ledger 3/9/06 Ultimate 'Sopranos' quiz

Milwaukee Journal 3/8/06 Family Portraits

Extra 3/8/06 'The Sopranos' Returns with a Bang

Metro 3/8/06 One last hit for Sopranos

USA Today 3/8/06 Museum-quality 'Sopranos'

Star Ledger 3/8/06 Another red carpet ride for the Sopranos

SF Chronicle 3/8/06 'The Sopranos' returns with the end in sight -- and that just makes everything juicier

Milwaukee Journal 3/8/06 It's wrong, wrong and oh so right

NY Daily News 3/8/06 Starting it off with a big bang!

TMZ 3/7/06 'The Sopranos' Returns With a Haunting Kickoff

Star Ledger 3/7/06 Ultimate 'Sopranos' quiz

Knox News 3/7/06 New 'Sopranos' season maintains quality viewers have come to expect

Star Ledger 3/7/06 Meet the man upstairs: When you disrespect Tony, you end up here

Orlando Sentinel 3/7/06 Sopranos (five out of five stars)

Star Ledger 3/7/06 Answers

AM New York 3/6/06 Whatever happened to...

Baltimore Sun 3/6/06 'Sopranos' is back: Don't forget about it

Star Ledger 3/6/06 Ultimate 'Sopranos' quiz

Star Ledger 3/6/06 The stuff that Tony's dreams are made of

Boston Globe 3/5/06 When it comes to 'Sopranos,' I'm glad to be kept waiting

Knox News 3/5/06 'The Sopranos' sing again with 20 more episodes

Chicago Tribune 3/5/06 Sopranos RIP

Celebrity Spider 3/2/06 James Gandolfini Likes Fat Tony Soprano

Entertainment Weekly 3/2/06 Nine Lives

USA Today 3/2/06 'Sopranos' sings one last time

NY Daily News 3/1/06 Underworld-class drama

Fox News 3/1/06 'Sopranos' Creator Whacks Press

Entertainment Weekly 2/28/06 The Gang of Four

Entertainment Weekly 2/28/06 Chase Scene

E!Online 2/27/06 Tony Soprano Ready for His Close-Up?

NY Post 2/27/06 What To Look For On 'Sopranos'

Fox News 2/26/06 Exec: 'Sopranos' to Be Whacked Next Year

Celebrity Spider 2/24/06 Sopranos Star Shocked by Kate Winslet's Foul Mouth

Rocky Mountain News 2/21/06 'Sopranos' back, cooking

NY Times 2/20/06 Can't Remember Who Whacked Whom? Just Check the Map on the Web Site

TMZ 2/16/06 'Sopranos' Returns To Jersey

Celebrity Spider 2/15/06 Mob Widow Sues The Sopranos

Deseret News 2/15/06 'The Sopranos' won't sing

Orlando Sentinel 2/14/06 Mob wife may hit 'Sopranos' -- with a lawsuit

Bergen Record 2/12/06 Edie Falco holds to the code of silence

Celebrity Spider 2/10/06 Jamie Lynn Sigler Stunned by Fan's Thank You Letter

Milwaukee Journal 2/8/06 Dark secrets lurk for 'Sopranos'

NY Post 2/8/06 Sopranos Preview

Metro 1/25/06 Sopranos’ swan song

NY Daily News 1/25/06 'Sopranos' star whacks fashion firm with lawsuit

The Independent 1/24/06 Kingsley's new role is more Gandolfini than Gandhi

Rocky Mountain News 1/18/06 Long goodbye for 'Sopranos'

Celebrity Spider 1/17/06 James Gandolfini Turns His Back on Tough Guy Roles

USA Today 1/16/06 'Sopranos' fans can expect a downbeat season 1/16/06 'Sopranos' stars stay mum, stick to script

NY Daily News 1/16/06 Final chorus for 'Sopranos'

Star Ledger 1/16/06 Aiming to go out on a high note

Celebrity Spider 1/15/06 Sopranos Creator Confirms Finale

Toronto Star 1/15/06 Soprano swan song

Zap2It 1/14/06 'Sopranos' Won't Squeal About Season Six

Post Gazette 1/14/06 Press Tour Journal for 1/14/06: The Sopranos return

Jam! 1/14/06 'Sopranos' cast mum on final season

Milwaukee Journal 1/14/06 'Sopranos' cast ain't sayin' nothin'

BBC 1/14/06 Sopranos creator confirms finale

Dallas Morning News 1/13/06 End in sight for 'Sopranos'

Milwaukee Journal 1/13/06 Gandolfini Says 'Sopranos' a Life Lesson

Celebrity Spider 1/10/06 Sopranos Star Charged With Murder

Celebrity Spider 1/10/06 Sopranos Star Slammed by Former Fiancée

E!Online 1/10/06 "Sopranos" Actor Arraigned in Cop Killing

Jam! 1/9/06 Former Sopranos actor arraigned

Celebrity Spider 1/5/06 Sopranos Star Addicted to Real Estate
Celebrity Spider 1/5/06 Sopranos Star Hit by Civil Lawsuit

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Sopranos Star Financial Struggles

NY Daily News 1/4/06 Bada ka-ching! Actor's new sauce of income

USA Today 1/3/06 Lorraine Bracco sticks to real estate

Celebrity Spider 1/2/06 The Sopranos Star Slims Down 

Celebrity Spider 12/30/05 Sopranos Star Weeps As He Recalls Police Officer Slaying

E!Online 12/29/05 "Sopranos" Actor Sorry for Cop Killing

Zap2It 12/29/05 'Sopranos' Actor Says He's Sorry for Cop's Death 12/29/05 Report: 'Sopranos' actor says he's sorry

Newsday 12/16/05 Alleged cop killers arraigned

Metro 12/15/05 HBO aims Sopranos clips at Cingular phones-analyst

Celebrity Spider 12/13/05 Sopranos Star Charged With Murder

Celebrity Spider 12/12/05 Sopranos Star Shot in Police Gunfight

Celebrity Spider 12/12/05 Sopranos Creator Honored

E!Online 12/12/05 "Sopranos" Actor Facing Murder Rap

Jam! 12/10/05 'Sopranos' actor suspect in New York cop-killing

CBS 12/10/05 'Sopranos' Creator Gets Filmmaking Award

NY Post 12/8/05 Slay Ride

NY Daily News 11/24/05 Penance on hold

Zap2It 11/22/05 'Sopranos' Actor Cops Plea in Assault Case

E!Online 11/21/05 Big Pussy Cops Plea

Detroit News 11/21/05 'Sopranos' actor pleads guilty

NY Post 11/15/05 Uncle Junior Talks

E!Online 11/11/05 Big Pussy Plea Postponed

NY Daily News 11/11/05 'Big Pussy' needs OK for shrink

Sky News 11/10/05 Fergie Goes Mafia

Ananova 11/10/05 Sopranos role for Fergie

Hollywood Reporter 10/24/05 'Sopranos' trek to 'Brooklyn' for mob indie 

Celebrity Spider 10/12/05 Ray Winstone Turned Down Role in The Sopranos

Zap2It 10/11/05 'Sopranos' Writing Duo Network-Bound

Celebrity Spider 10/10/05 The Sopranos Cook Up a New Book, Shut Up and Eat!

NY Daily News 10/10/05 Reading between 'Sopranos' lines

Access Hollywood 9/26/05 Ex-'Sopranos' Star Pleads Guilty To Assault

E!Online 9/26/05 "Sopranos" Star Separates

E!Online 9/26/05 Pastore Bows to Plea Deal

Celebrity Spider 9/22/05 Jamie-Lynn DiScala's Marriage Over?

Zap2It 9/21/05 'Sopranos' Actress DiScala Splits with Husband?

CBS 9/14/05 Soprano's Hit Man Writes For Kids

NY Post 9/13/05 Teenfellas

NY Daily News 9/12/05 'Sopranos' fans at the point of no return

TV Guide 9/12/05 Sopranos Star Loves the Goomba Life

NY Daily News 9/7/05 An offer we can refuse

TV Guide 9/12/05 Sopranos Star Loves the Goomba Life

NY Daily News 9/7/05 An offer we can refuse

Daily Record 9/4/05 Boonton will be mobbed this week

Dallas Morning News 8/29/05 A quiet exit at 'Sopranos'

Daily Record 8/26/05 'Sopranos' set to shoot in Boonton next month

NY Post 8/23/05 Well Armed 'Sopranos'

Celebrity Spider 8/15/05 The Sopranos to Continue as It's Sixth Season is Extended

Asbury Park Press 8/13/05 "Sopranos' adds "bonus" episodes

NY Times 8/12/05 Tony Soprano and Crew Will Return for '07 Season

E!Online 8/12/05 HBO Won't Let Go of "Sopranos"

Washington Post 8/12/05 The End of 'The Sopranos'? Fuhgeddaboudit

Chicago Tribune 8/12/05 `Sopranos' reheating HBO water-cooler talk

Star Ledger 8/12/05 Defining a 'season'

BBC 8/12/05 Bonus Sopranos episodes planned

NY Daily News 8/12/05 'Sopranos' get new life

NY Post 8/12/05 Tony Pushes a 'Bonus' Season

Zap2It 8/11/05 'Sopranos' Adds Extra Episodes, Then That's It 8/11/05 'Sopranos' adds eight 'bonus' episodes to sixth season

Metro 8/11/05 'Sopranos' may extend final run

Celebrity Spider 8/6/05 Sopranos Star Robert Iler Slims Down

National Enquirer 8/5/05 Gandolfini's Double Despair

NY Daily News 8/1/05 'Sopranos' do right bada-thing

Celebrity Spider 7/26/05 Sopranos Upset New Jersey Town

BBC 7/24/05 US town wary of Sopranos request

Jam! 7/23/05 N.J. town still sore over 'Sopranos' depictions

South Florida 7/21/05 Even HBO chief in the dark about Sopranos future

AJC 7/19/05 'Sopranos' back for sixth HBO season in March

NY Daily News 7/19/05 Tony nearly punches out of work

Zap2It 7/18/05 Even HBO Chief Doesn't Know 'Sopranos' Future

Zap2It 7/1/05 'Big Pussy' Rejects Plea Offer

SF Chronicle 6/22/05 They steal, they cheat, they lie, and we wouldn't want it any other way 6/12/05 The cameras are rolling for 'Sopranos'

NY Daily News 6/8/05 Crime marches on

Star Ledger 6/7/05 On the lam

Knox News 6/6/05 'Sopranos: Fifth Season' now out on DVD

Zap2It 6/3/05 HBO Sets 'Sopranos' Return for March '06

Metro 6/2/05 Soprano doorman's staying power

Jam! 6/2/05 'Sopranos' star so funny it hurts

Celebrity Spider 5/29/05 The Sopranos to Continue for a Seventh Series

Celebrity Spider 5/24/05 The Sopranos Annabella Sciorra Joins Cast of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Zap2It 5/24/05 Next (Last?) 'Sopranos' Season Goes for the Green  

Reality TV World 5/19/05 Extra 'The Sopranos' DVD feature reveals Adriana la Cerva's fate

Star Ledger 5/19/05 Beginning of the end

Celebrity Spider 5/18/05 James Gandolfini: Soprano's Rage is Based on My Own

CBS 5/18/05 Who's Gonna Get Whacked?

Reality TV World 5/18/05 Violent HBO 'The Sopranos' scene has real world roots

Jam! 5/17/05 Gandolfini reminisces about Sopranos

MSNBC 5/17/05 Will Carmela die on ‘The Sopranos’?

National Enquirer 5/15/05 Bracco's New Book

E!Online 5/6/05 Big Pussy Whacks Plea

Zap2It 5/6/05 Ex-'Sopranos' Co-Star Considers Plea Deal

BBC 5/6/05 Sopranos star considers plea deal

USA Today 5/6/05 'Sopranos' actor considers plea deal

NY Daily News 5/6/05 Big Pussy slaps down no-jail deal

Celebrity Justice 5/5/05 'Sopranos' Star Considering a Deal from DA?

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Sopranos Star Caught Up in Brawl Litigation

NY Daily News 4/24/05 'Sopranos' beau tells his side

Rocky Mountain News 4/21/05 A 'Soprano' tries on badge 4/17/05 If Adriana could see him now

Bergen Record 4/17/05 Guesswork, again, about 'Sopranos'

Jam! 4/15/05 It's a long Soprano wait 4/14/05 'Sopranos' guy gets taste of 'Law & Order'

Entertainment Weekly 4/13/05 Family Matters

NY Daily News 4/13/05 Imperioli: 'Sopranos' may see 7th season

Zap2It 4/12/05 'Sopranos' Set to Resume Filming

NY Daily News 4/11/05 Sidelined 'Soprano' sends notes to fans

Celebrity Justice 4/8/05 'Sopranos' Star Says Accusing Ex-girlfriend 'Crazy'

Extra 4/6/05 'Sopranos' Star Charged With Assault

E!Online 4/6/05 Big Pussy Beats Gal-Pal 4/6/05 'Sopranos' ex-star charged

Zap2It 4/6/05 'Sopranos' Co-Star Pastore Hit with Assault Charge

BBC 4/6/05 Assault charge for Sopranos star

Newsday 4/5/05 'Sopranos' actor arraigned on assault charges

News-Journal 3/28/05 'Sopranos' actress describes ordeal

WJXX 3/25/05 Travolta, Gandolfini Film In Springfield

Boston Globe 3/24/05 A Brockton connection to 'Sopranos'

Boston Globe 3/22/05 Wait for new 'Sopranos' season is criminal

NY Daily News 3/17/05 'Sopranos' star adopts baby boy

Asbury Park Press 3/16/05 'Sopranos' Star Edie Falco Adopts Baby

Extra 3/11/05 Bracco Back from the Edge

BBC 3/11/05 Sopranos star in depression fight

Jam! 3/10/05 'Sopranos' star on battle with depression

Toledo Blade 2/27/05 A&E Placing Huge Bet on 'Sopranos' Reruns 2/27/05 Soprano's in the gun over signage

Star Ledger 2/24/05 'Sopranos' sure makes a mean pinball

Mercury News 2/17/05 HBO to move up release date on `Soprano's fifth-season DVD set

NY Daily News 2/17/05 HBO to hit replay button

Star Ledger 2/15/05 A director with a sure hand and clear vision

Globe and Mail 2/12/05 Toning down Tony Soprano

Zap2It 2/11/04 Acclaimed 'Sopranos' Director Dies

NY Times 2/11/05 John Patterson, Director on 'Sopranos,' Dies at 64

Jam! 2/8/05 Sopranos' stars contribute to Italian cookbook titled Shut Up and Eat!

National Enquirer 2/7/05 Goodbye, Gandolfini

Rocky Mountain News 2/7/05 A&E to clean up 'Sopranos'

Palm Beach Post 2/6/05 Expect HBO to sanitize 'Sopranos' dialogue for syndication

Knox News 2/4/05 Gentler 'Sopranos' to air on A&E

NY Daily News 2/4/05 Gandolfini going solo as fiancee goes to L.A.

Contact Music 2/3/05 Gandolfini's Girl Confirms Split Rumours

Guardian 2/2/05 Sopranos clean up their act for $200m syndication deal

Metro 2/2/05 A&E gets Sopranos offer it can’t refuse
Washington Post 2/1/05 A&E Nabs 'Sopranos' To Tune of Many Millions

Star Ledger 2/1/05 'Sopranos' gets down to basics

NY Times 2/1/05 A&E Buys Rights to Rerun 'Sopranos'

New York Daily News 2/1/05 New A&E family hour: 'Sopranos'


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