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Reality TV Calendar 2/28/06 Passion And Romance Take The Night: Episode 6 Recap

Celebrity Spider 2/28/06 Season Finale of Skating With Celebrities to Air March 2nd

Foxes on Idol 2/28/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Skating with Celebrities, February 27

Reality News Online 2/28/06 Skating with Celebrities, Episode 6: Coming Up "Short"

MSNBC 2/28/06 ‘Skating’ through part one of a bloated finale

Jam! 2/27/06 Skating on thin ice

Celebrity Spider 2/23/06 Kristy Swanson: "I'm No Home Wrecker"

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 The Season Finale of Skating With Celebrities (Part 1) Preview

TV Guide 2/20/06 Jillian Barberie on Skating 'n' Dating
NY Times 2/19/06 Worrying With Celebrities

Reality TV World 2/17/06 'Skating With Celebrities' Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler pairing up off the ice

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/06 Sex Scandal On Ice

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Skating With Celebrities Show Caught Up in Romance Scandal

Reality TV World 2/15/06 Skating With Celebrities - Episode 5 summary

NY Post 2/15/06 Just A Coupla Cheat Skates 

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/06 Aggressive Programs And Dramatic Tricks: Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 2/14/06 Skating With Celebrities, Episode 5: Supply and Demand

Foxes On Idol 2/14/06 We’ll Be The Judge Of That! – Skating With the Celebrities, February 13

Reality TV Magazine 2/14/06 Skating With Celebrities – Bruce Jenner Loses Skate-Off

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Feb. 14th

MSNBC 2/13/06 Out-of-his-depth Jenner cut on ‘Skating’

Deseret News 2/13/06 Fox show hurt Hamilton 2/13/06 'Reality' overtakes real TV

Palm Beach Post 2/8/06 Why No One Really Cares About Fox's 'Skating With Celebrities'

Fans of Reality TV 2/7/06 2/6 Recap Blood on Ice 2/7/06 - I'm Done 2/7/06 Skating With Celebrities: Episode 4 Recap & Elimination Results 2/6/06

Reality TV Calendar 2/7/06 It's Not Fluff And Cheese And It's Not For Wimps: Episode 4 Recap

Foxes On Idol 2/7/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Skating with Celebrities, February 6

Reality News Online 2/7/06 Skating with Celebrities, Episode 4: The Next Time I Fall…

Reality TV Calendar 2/7/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Feb. 7th

Reality TV Magazine 2/7/06 Skating With Celebrities - Dave And Nancy Eliminated

MSNBC 2/6/06 Dave Coulier comes up empty on ‘Skating’

Reality TV World 2/6/06 Skating With Celebrities - Episode 3 summary

Fans of Reality TV 2/1/06 1/30 Recap Dude Looks Like a Dude in a Dress

Reality TV World 2/1/06 Fox's 'Skating With Celebrities' proving to be a ratings success 1/31/06 1-Legged Motown Lunge

Reality TV Calendar 1/31/06 A Clean Slate, Injuries, And The Lunge: Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 1/31/06 Skating with Celebrities, Episode 3: One and Done

Foxes On Idol 1/31/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Skating with Celebrities, January 30

Reality TV Calendar 1/31/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 31st

Media Life 1/31/06 So way way cool: 'Skating with celebs'

Reality TV Magazine 1/30/06 Skating with Celebrities Results - Confusion Reigns

TV Guide 1/30/06 Todd Bridges Is No Longer Skating By

MSNBC 1/30/06 Gibson hangs up her skates on ‘Skating’

Fans of Reality TV 1/25/06 Blame it on the FauxFro

Celebrity Spider 1/24/06 The Ice Heats Up on the Next Skating With Celebrities 1/24/06 Skating With Celebrities: Episode 2 Recap & Elimination Results 1/23/06

Reality TV Calendar 1/24/06 Is It About Popularity Or Performance? Episode 2 Recap 1/24/06 - Disco Is Dead

Foxes On Idol 1/24/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Skating with Celebrities, January 23

Reality TV Calendar 1/24/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 24th

Reality News Online 1/24/06 Skating with Celebrities, Episode 2: …The Harder They Fall!

MSNBC 1/24/06 Bridges takes a fall on ‘Skating with Celebrities’

Celebrity Spider 1/23/06 Deborah Gibson Falls in Love With Skating

Celebrity Spider 1/23/06 One Pair Eliminated Tonight on Skating With Celebritie

Pop Matters 1/23/06 Skating With Celebrities

Celebrity Spider 1/21/06 Bruce Jenner and Debbie Gibson Comment on Skating With Celebrities 1/21/06 Skating With Celebrities: Episode 1 Summary (Premiere) 1/18/05

Fans of Reality TV 1/20/06 Skating With Celebrities Spandex and Sequins and Ice, Oh My!

CSM 1/20/06 'Skating with Celebrities'

NY Times 1/20/06 Replace the Dance Floor With Ice, and It Just Works 1/19/06 Toe Pick

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/06 Celebs Discover The Kiss & Cry Of Skating: Episode 1 Recap

Foxes on Idol 1/19/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Skating with Celebrities, January 18

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 19th

Reality TV Magazine 1/19/06 Skating With Celebrities Results

Reality News Online 1/19/06 Skating with Celebrities, Episode 1: A Night of Jitters and Glitter

Heraldnet 1/19/06 Skating, dancing shows make sluggish viewing

Contra Costa Times 1/18/06 It's no skate, insist celebs on the ice

MSNBC 1/18/06 Just call it ‘Aimless Icy Drifting with Celebrities’

Slate 1/18/06 Fox's Skating with Celebrities is fruity good fun.

Palm Beach Post 1/18/06 Celebrities on ice! 1/18/06 'Skating' has some dull edges

Express News 1/18/06 'Skating With Celebrities' pairs six amateurs with the sport's best

Boston Globe 1/18/06 They've got two left feet. Just add ice.

Washington Post 1/18/06 Fox's 'Skating': Olympians and Triple Klutzes

Newsday 1/18/06 Famous, yes, but can they skate?

Courier Journal 1/18/06 Fox's 'Skating With Celebrities' includes some real falling stars

USA Today 1/18/06 Competition is stiff on and off the ice

TV Guide 1/18/06 Six Celebs Are Skating on Thin Ice!

Hollywood Reporter 1/18/06 Skating With Celebrities

Jam! 1/18/06 'Skating with Celebrities' to debut

USA Today 1/18/06 Who's getting put on ice?

NY Daily News 1/18/06 Gibson puts talent on ice

Mobile Register 1/18/06 Networks dance, skate with Stars,' Celebrities'

Hartford Courant 1/18/06 Celebrities, Skaters Pair Off On Ice

Birmingham News 1/17/06 Zimmerman with stars in ice

Detroit Free Press 1/17/06 Celebs skate with pros on Fox show

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 1/17/06 Stars hit the ice, literally, in new Fox show 1/16/06 FAQ: 'Skating With Celebrities'

Variety 1/15/06 Skating With Celebrities

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 Skating With Celebrities Premiere Episode January 18th

ET Online 1/10/06 Skating with Celebrities

Reality TV Calendar 1/5/06 Initial Photo Scoreboard and Rankings

Toronto Star 1/3/06 Next: celebs as test pilots

Celebrity Spider 12/28/05 Skating With Celebrities Season Premiere Preview Clip

Reality TV Calendar 12/27/05 It May Be "Fired For Scott Hamilton"

Reality News Online 10/20/05 Singing and Skating Celebrities On the Horizon

Reality News Online 9/8/05 Singing and Skating Celebrities Prepare to Rule the Airwaves

Celebrity Spider 9/6/05 FOX Announces Skating With Celebrities Participants

Zap2It 9/6/05 FOX Goes 'Skating' with B-Listers

Variety 9/5/05 Olympians skate to Fox skein

Reality News Online 6/27/05 Hit Me Idol With the Skates

TVRules 6/14/05 FOX To Produce Skating With Stars, Errr Celebrities

Reality TV World 6/14/05 Fox planning its own 'Skating With Celebrities' copycat of ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' hit


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