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LA Times 5/2/10 Siobhan Magnus explains the ill-fated 'Teen Idols' week, takes issue with 'scream' label, more at 'Dream' house

Digital Spy 5/1/10 'Idol' singer Magnus gets new tattoo

Gather 4/30/10 American Idol 2010 - Siobhan Magnus Visits Ellen Degeneres - American Idol Ratings Keep Going Down

Extra 4/30/10 'Idol' Castoff Siobhan Magnus Reaches Out to Young Girls

People 4/30/10 Siobhan’s Post-Idol Plans: Dork Out with Her Boyfriend

BuddyTV 4/29/10 Siobhan Magnus Has Big Plans for "Whoever Wants to Hear Me Scream"

BuddyTV 4/29/10 Siobhan Magnus' Season in Review

Foxes On Idol 4/29/10 American Idol 9: Why Siobhan Lost

Boston Globe 4/29/10 Siobhan: My 'wild ride' isn't over

LA Times 4/29/10 Taylor Hanson offers encouragement to Siobhan Magnus -- and a guest spot at NYC show

E!Online 4/29/10 Siobhan Magnus: "I’m Not Going to Change for Other People"

NY Daily News 4/29/10 Sons of Sylvia perform as Siobhan Magnus kicked off 'American Idol' on April 28

LA Times 4/29/10 Ann Powers: Siobhan should have let us 'know her crazy'

Zap2It 4/29/10 'American Idol': Siobhan Magnus can 'picture any one of them the winner'

NY Post 4/29/10 Inked 'Idols' - Michael, Siobhan, Lee & Crystal bond with tats

Reality Rewind 4/28/10 American Idol: Siobhan Magnus Voted Off

Boston Globe 4/28/10 'Idol': Siobhan reaches the end

LA Times 4/28/10 An 'Idol' goes home, but Randy predicts 'major career' ahead

Zap2It 4/28/10 'American Idol': Siobhan Magnus wails her last note

People 4/28/10 American Idol Idol‘s Casey and Siobhan: Comeback Kids

Gather 4/27/10 American Idol 2010 - Siobhan Magnus Screams Any Man Of Mine - Lyrics And Video Here

LA Times 4/26/10 Cape Cod goes Siobhan crazy -- literally

Irish Central 4/14/10 Fans fear Siobhan Magnus is in 'serious danger' on 'American Idol'

Irish Central 4/14/10 'American Idol' judges blast Siobhan Magnus and 'so-so Suspicious Minds'

Boston Globe 4/8/10 Cape singer still an ‘Idol’

Gather 4/7/10 American Idol 2010 - Siobhan Magnus Takes Us Across The Universe - Lyrics And Who Made Her Cry?

Boston Globe 4/7/10 Magnus’s ‘Idol’ reviews mixed

Puggal 4/7/10 Siobhan Magnus Sisters

Boston Globe 4/7/10 Magnus’s ‘Idol’ reviews mixed

Puggal 4/7/10 Siobhan Magnus Sisters

Cape Cod Times 4/7/10 Siobhan Magnus clears tough hurdles

Boston Globe 4/7/10 Getting their Siobhan on

USA Today 4/6/10 Siobhan Magnus shows her tender side

Idolhead Ed 4/3/10 Siobhan makes it through the fire; not defeated and with no excuses: I have one

Irish Central 4/2/10 Siobhan Magnus' town gives back to 'American Idol' charity

Irish Central 3/31/10 Siobhan Magnus' performance on 'American Idol' called manslaughter by Simon Cowell

Idolhead Ed 3/29/10 It seems Siobhan Magnus has gotten the message

Irish Central 3/28/10 Siobhan Magnus’ teacher recalls 'American Idol' star singing 'Tomorrow' from 'Annie'

LA Times 3/28/10 Paula Abdul pokes fun at self, denies Broadway run, loves Siobhan

Irish Central 3/27/10 Siobhan Magnus says no more high notes on "American Idol" 3/26/10 American Idol 9 – Are You a Crystal Bowersox or Siobhan Magnus Fan?

Idolhead Ed 3/26/10 Open Letter to Siobhan Magnus:.....About that note...

Irish Central 3/25/10 Siobhan Magnus to go on tour with 'American Idol'

Irish Central 3/24/10 Siobhan Magnus sings strong rendition of 'Superstition' on 'American Idol'

USA Today 3/23/10 Siobhan Magnus. Nothin' more to say

Mercury News 3/22/10 'American Idol': Judges panel buzzing over Siobhan's edgy antics

TMZ 3/18/10 'Idol' Chick -- Amazing 'Grace'

Irish Central 3/17/10 'American Idol' Siobhan Magnus sparks revival of Irish names

People 3/17/10 Siobhan Stands Out on Rolling Stones Night

LA Times 3/17/10 'American Idol's' Siobhan Magnus steals the Rolling Stones show

E!Online 3/16/10 American Idol: Siobhan Stands Out "Like Snooki's Poof" as Top 12 Roll With the Stones

Irish Central 3/16/10 Siobhan Magnus vows 'big blast of a song' for "American Idol"

USA Today 3/16/10 Siobhan Magnus paints it black

Cape Cod Times 3/13/10 'American Idol' worship at Barnstable High

LA Times 3/12/10 Decoding Siobhan Magnus' style

Irish Central 3/12/10 Siobhan Magnus sails into the final 12 of 'American Idol'

MTV 3/12/10 Siobhan Magnus Profile: Is She Too Quirky To Win 'American Idol'?

Zap2It 3/12/10 'American Idol' Top 12 party: Siobhan Magnus talks tattoos and eliminations

Littleton Independent 3/11/10 Make mine Magnus

MTV 3/10/10 Siobhan Magnus Resurrects 'The House Of The Rising Sun' On 'American Idol'

Irish Central 3/6/10 Siobhan Magnus tells “American Idol” fans more about herself

Irish Central 3/4/10 Siobhan Magnus rocks 'American Idol' with Aretha Franklin classic 'Think'

USA Today 3/4/10 Blake Lewis: Siobhan Magnus 'is a ninja'

Irish Central 3/4/10 'American Idol' Siobhan Magnus and her Irish connections

Zap2It 3/4/10 'American Idol' Top 10 women: Siobhan Magnus' 'Think' leaves us speechless

USA Today 3/3/10 Siobhan Magnus: 'Think' about That Note

Irish Central 3/2/10 Siobhan Magnus continues her 'American Idol' journey

Cape Cod Times 3/1/10 Siobhan Magnus emerged in rock shows

Cape Cod Times 2/26/10 Cape's Siobhan Magnus advances on 'American Idol'

USA Today 2/25/10 Siobhan Magnus, Lee DeWyze raise their social-network status 2/24/10 American Idol 9 – Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox Steal the Night

MTV 2/24/10 Siobhan Magnus Resurrects Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game' On 'American Idol'

USA Today 2/23/10 Siobhan Magnus: Adores Courtney Love ... and Hanson

Irish Central 2/20/10 Irish singer Siobhan Magnus makes final 24 in 'America's Idol'

The Enterprise 2/19/10 Local Teen Siobhan Magnus Shines On ‘American Idol’ This Week

Lehigh Valley Live 2/19/10 'American Idol' finalist Siobhan Magnus has ties to the Lehigh Valley

Cape Cod Times 2/18/10 Barnstable graduate makes final 'Idol' cut

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