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News Articles about FOX Networks Simple Life


TVRules 2/28/05 Simple Life: Daycare 3/9/2005 Preview

Reality Reel 2/27/05 The Simple Life: Episode 5: The Plastic Surgery Internship

Reality Shack 2/25/04 "Paging Dr. Nicole!" - The Simple Life 3, Episode 4

Morning Call 2/24/05 'The Simple Life' goes under the knife

Reality News Online 2/24/05 The Simple Life 3: Interns, Episode 5: Fantastic Plastic 2/23/05 'Simple Life' undergoes makeover in Buckingham

Asbury Park Press 2/23/05 Hilton, Richie Work With Plastic Surgeon

Celebrity Spider 2/22/05 Richie's Liposuction Horror

Ananova 2/22/05 Nicole vows never to get liposuction

TVRules 2/21/05 Simple Life: Interns: Broadcasting 3/2/2005 Preview

Celebrity Spider 2/21/05 Hilton and Richie Anger New Jersey Residents  

Reality Reel 2/20/05 The Simple Life: Episode 4: The Funeral Home Internship 2/19/05 'Simple Life' episode upsets viewers

Reality Shack 2/18/05 I See Dead People's Ashes! - The Simple Life 3, Episode 3

Fans Of Reality TV 2/17/05 Simple Life 3, Ep. 3 Recap: Death Becomes Them

Contact Music 2/17/05 Hilton And Ritchie Dubbed 'Bitches From Hell'

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/05 Paris Holds Porn Record!

Reality News Online 2/17/05 The Simple Life 3: Interns, Episode 4: Ashes to Ashes

Ananova 2/17/05 Paris and Nicole are 'b*****s from hell'

E!Online 2/15/05 Paris Can't Get "Lost"

New Kerala 2/14/05 Hilton, Richie shock travellers at airport

Reality Reel 2/12/05 Simple Life: Episode 3: The Airport Internship

Webindia123 2/11/05 Paris and Nicole sweep washrooms at an airport

Ananova 2/11/05 Paris and Nicole put on underwear show

Reality Shack 2/10/05 “Fly the Friendly Skies with Paris and Nicole” - The Simple Life 3, Episode 2

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/05 Come Fly the Dysfunctional Skies

Penn Live 2/10/05 'Simple Life' stars try out jobs at LVIA

MegaStar 2/10/05 The Simple Splice

Reality News Online 2/10/05 The Simple Life 3: Interns, Episode 3: The Mile High Club

The Age 2/10/05 Simple Life too clever

St. Petersburg Times 2/9/05 Airline misses its last laugh

Reality TV World 2/9/05 'Simple Life's Paris Hilton invites Prince Harry to birthday bash

The Sun 2/9/05 Simple Life star engaged

Entertainment Weekly 2/9/05 Doubly 'Simple'

Allentown Morning Call 2/8/05 'Simple Life': Terrible two tackle Valley airport chores

E!Online 2/8/05 Nicole Richie: "Simple" Bride to Be

TVRules 2/8/05 The Simple Life's Nicole Richie Engaged

TVRules 2/8/05 The Simple Life 3 Interns: Plastic Surgery Preview 2/23/05

Bergen Record 2/8/05 'Simple Life' Star Nicole Richie Engaged

TVRules 2/7/05 The Simple Life: Interns Episode Three-The Mortuary 2/16/2005 Preview

Digital Spy 2/5/05 'Simple Life' bus ride a first for Richie

Borowitz 2/4/05 Man Sues McDonalds and Paris Hilton for Making Him Fat and Stupid

Nashua Telegraph 2/3/05 ‘Simple Life’ shows money can’t buy personality

Reality TV World 2/2/05 'Simple Life' star Paris Hilton won't face charges over porn video theft

E!Online 2/1/05 Paris' Big "Life"

Nashville City Paper 1/31/05 Open Wide: Paris pursues dentistry

Reality Reel 1/29/05 The Simple Life 3: Episode 2: The Advertising Agency Internship

Reality Reel 1/29/05 The Simple Life 3: Episode 1: The Auto Shop Internship

Digital Spy 1/29/05 Hilton forgets to pay for 'Simple Life' gift

Contact Music 1/28/05 Record Audience For The Simple Life

Reality Shack 1/27/05 "Which One Is the Engine?" - The Simple Life 3, Episode 1

The Tennessean 1/27/05 An arresting development for Paris & Nicole?

Fans of Reality TV 1/27/05 Silly Bitches on a Greyhound Bus

Boston Globe 1/27/05 Fox Has 'Simple' Solution as 'Idol' Rules Wednesday

Metro 1/27/05 Simple girls return

TVRules 1/27/05 The Simple Life-Interns: Premiere Summary 1/27/2005

Reality News Online 1/27/05 The Simple Life 3: Interns, Episodes 1 & 2: It Was the Hottest Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Jersey Journal 1/26/05 Bayonne family reality TV 'celebs'

Courier Journal 1/26/05 Hilton and Richie up to old antics on 'The Simple Life: Interns'

Jam! 1/26/05 Paris & Nicole on the road again

Reality TV World 1/26/05 Report: Paris Hilton wants to dump 'Simple Life' co-star Nicole Richie

Chicago Tribune 1/26/05 `Simple Life' goes through the motions

Hollywood Reporter 1/26/05 The Simple Life: Interns

Toronto Star 1/26/05 No room for reality in Paris and Nicole's lives

NY Daily News 1/26/05 The 'Simple' answer: They're wearing thin

Chicago Sun-Times 1/26/05 'Simple' tons the worse for third go-round

Ananova 1/26/05 Nicole loves her flat chest

Detroit Free Press 1/26/05 'Simple Life' stumbles on its third phony road trip

Hartford Courant 1/26/05 Hilton, Richie Hard At Work

Contact Music 1/25/05 Hilton's TV Appearance Put On Hold For Carson Tribute

Democrat Gazette 1/25/05 Appeal wearing thin as Simple Life returns

Reality TV Calendar 1/25/05 Simple Life Returns And I'm Cringing

Reality News Online 1/25/05 The Simple Life 3: Interns Preview: Loves It

Dallas Morning News 1/25/05 Hot corner: 'Simple' sums it up

Charlotte Observer 1/24/05 'Simple Life' is simply bad

Herald Net 1/24/05 Simpson sisters' shows make 'Simple Life' look bearable

Jam! 1/22/05 Paris & Nicole have a hire purpose

Herald Sun 1/20/05 Paris and Nicole dress to impress

ESPN 1/20/05 Summonses issued in Paris Hilton deer flap

NBC30 1/20/05 Paris Hilton Drops 'F-Bomb' On Fire-Dispatch Radio

Reality TV World 1/20/05 Paris Hilton ignites controversy during 'Simple Life' firehouse taping

Knox News 1/19/05 The 'Simple Life' girls hit the road again

Jam 1/19/05 Tough questions mesmerize Hilton

Courier Post 1/17/05 Hilton, Richie leave area; no word on show

Digital Spy 1/15/05 'The Simple Life' comes under fire

MSNBC 1/14/05 ‘Simple Life’ denies deer poaching allegation

Reality TV World 1/14/05 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie no-shows for 'Simple Life' sewage task 1/14/05 Tough call: Sleep or working a sewage pump

Digital Spy 1/14/05 'Simple Life 3' still filming

The Tennessean 1/14/05 Paris, Nicole coming here? That's hot

Contact Music 1/13/05 Hilton And Richie Change Jobs

TVRules 1/13/05 The Simple Life 3: Interns Hits Production Snag

Jam! 1/12/05 'Simple Life' moves from country to city

Ananova 1/12/05 Hilton and Richie banned from school

KYW 1/11/05 TV Show Filming Moved To A.C.

E!Online 1/11/05 "Simple Life" Too Saucy for Schoolkids

Reality TV World 1/11/05 'The Simple Life' taping canceled following community protests

Newsday 1/10/05 Reality show will not film at South Jersey school

TVRules 1/10/05 The Simple Life: Interns Premiere Preview 1/26/05

Courier Post 1/6/05 `Simple Life' in South Jersey?

Reality TV World 1/6/05 'The Simple Life' taping talks upset New Jersey high school parents

Daily Journal 1/5/05 'Simple Life' raises concerns in Buena school

NBC10 1/5/05 Paris Hilton Not Welcome In Jersey Middle School

Digital Spy 1/4/05 'Simple Life' girls get job in morgue

Contact Music 1/4/05 Hilton Hated Death Job

Ananova 1/4/05 Paris and Nicole work in a morgue 12/16/04 - Simple Life & Arrested Development Clips

Reality TV World 11/30/04 Fox's 'The Simple Life 3: Interns' to premiere January 26

Zap2It 11/30/04 'Simple Life,' New Dramas Fill FOX's January Slate

Baltimore Sun 11/26/04 Have YOU seen Paris?

Contact Music 11/24/04 Richie's Dirty Bus Experience

USA Today 11/23/04 'Simple Life 3' is a wrap, and a party

Reality News Online 11/18/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip Bonus Footage: Extra Hot 11/17/04 'Simple Life 2': The Stuff We Weren't Allowed To Show You Clips

Baltimore Sun 11/16/04 The first time they saw Paris

Reality TV World 11/16/04 Fox to air "lost" 'Simple Life 2' episode, plus 'Simple Life 3' teasers, on November 17

WNEP 11/15/04 Airport officials won't say what Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie did

TVRules 11/12/04 Simple Life 2: The Road Trip Special 11/17/04 Preview

WPVI 11/11/04 Paris & Nicole on the Move

News Journal 11/11/04 Reality for Paris Hilton is a dirty diaper

Miami Herald 11/11/04 Hilton, Ritchie Visit Delaware Day Care

Morning Call 11/10/04 'Simple Life 3' team romps through LVIA

Star Ledger 11/5/04 They'll always have Paris

Malaysia Star 11/3/04 Reality Check on 'Simple Life'

Jersey Journal 10/29/04 Paris Hilton moves to Hudson (sort of)

Ananova 10/29/04 Paris and Nicole have 15 suitcases for bus ride

Digital Spy 10/28/04 Paris, Nicole filming third 'Simple Life'

NY Daily News 10/28/04 Poop & circumstance

Washington Post 10/27/04 Paris Packs Her Bags for 'Simple Life 3'

Extra 10/27/04 Lock Up Your Sons

Zap2It 10/27/04 Hilton, Richie Get on the Bus for 'Simple Life 3'

Contact Music 10/27/04 Hilton And Richie Get On The Bus

Contact Music 10/27/04 Hilton And Richie Rejected By Wall Street Journal

E!Online 10/26/04 Paris, Nicole Hop a Bus

Reality TV World 10/26/04 Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie to begin 'Simple Life 3' filming tomorrow

Contact Music 10/19/04 Hilton And Richie To Get Simply Schooled

Reality TV World 10/1/04 New sex tape featuring 'Simple Life' star Paris Hilton surfaces

Hollywood Reporter 10/1/04 The Vine: 'Simple' test for syndication

Hollywood Reporter 9/28/04 'Simple Life' on road trip for Fox World

Teen TV 9/21/04 Paris and Nicole head to Capitol Hill

E!Online 9/19/04 "Simple Life" on Capitol Hill?

Press of Atlantic City 11/7/04 Battle of the Billionaires With a mogul on every network, it’s must-CEO TV

Reality TV Calendar 11/6/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/6/04 What's On Tonight?

MSNBC 11/5/04 Cruel reality shows don’t play fair

Times of India 9/17/04 Paris Hilton: The next Lewinsky

Zap2It 9/16/04 Paris Goes to Washington: 'Simple Life' Stars Seek Internships

Reality Shack 9/6/04 "Six Degrees of Irritation" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 1

Teen Hollywood 9/4/04 Paris Too Busy For The Simple Life

Reuters 9/1/04 Hilton may be too busy for "The Simple Life"

Teen Hollywood 8/30/04 Hilton Snubs Simple Life Offers

Zap2It 8/18/04 National Nightmare Ends: Tinkerbell Recovered

Go Memphis 8/18/04 Paris Hilton's Lost Chihuahua Turns Up

Zap2It 8/18/04 'Simple Life' Co-Star Goes Missing

Digital Spy 8/13/04 'Simple Life' gets third season

Bandera Bulletin 8/11/04 Simple Life II shows two sides of Bandera

Hollywood Reporter 8/11/04 Fox's 'Simple Life 2' strong but CBS tops week

Reality TV World 8/9/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 9 summary

Reality TV World 8/9/04 The Simple Life 2 - Finale episode summary

Courier Post 8/8/04 `Simple Life' star adds flair to A.C. blackjack tourney

Fans of Reality TV 8/6/04 Paris & Nic Go to Jail, Encounter a Whole Lotta Bull

TV Rules 8/5/04 The Simple Life 2 - Finale Episode Ten - 8/4/04

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/04 Saving Billy and Acting Silly: Finale Recap

Reality Shack 8/5/04 Country Roads, Take Me Home.... The Simple Life 2, The Season Finale

TV Rules 8/5/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 9 - 8/4/04

Reality Shack 8/5/04 "Bad Girls, Bad Girls..Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?" - The Simple Life 2, Episode 9

Reality News Online 8/4/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 10: Kill Bill, Volume 3

Reality News Online 8/4/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 9: Beverly Hills Cops

Globe and Mail 8/4/04 Frothy shows fizzle the second time around 8/3/04 'Simple Life 2' Finale Clips

Toronto Star 8/2/04 Simple girl sits pretty in pink

Knox News 8/1/04 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie finish off "The Simple Life 2"

Washington Post 8/1/04 For Paris, Not Such a Simple Life 7/30/04 - 7/28 Simple Life 2 Clips

Knox News 7/29/04 'Simple Life 2' ends with a taste of Texas

TVRules 7/29/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 8 - 7/28/04

Reality TV Calendar 7/29/04 Beauty and the Brainless Beasts: Ep 8 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/04 Waxing Pathetic/Working Hard or Harley Working? (Ep. 8 recap)

Reality Shack 7/29/04 The Simple Life 2, Episode 8 - Desperately Seeking Spicewood…

Reality News Online 7/29/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 8 - Not Old School Biker Trash

Bandera Bulletin 7/28/04 Hilton's crew simply rude

Bandera Bulletin 7/28/04 Chuck E. Cheese, Paris Hilton join assault forces

Teen Hollywood 7/27/04 Hilton, Richie to host Teen Choice Awards.

Zap2It 7/27/04 Paris and Nicole Spice Up Teen Choice Awards

TVRules 7/27/04 The Simple Life 2: Season Finale, Part 2 Preview, August 4

TVRules 7/27/04 The Simple Life, Season Finale Part 1 Preview, August 4

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 7/26/04 Cedar Falls native on "Simple Life 2" TV show

Reality TV World 7/23/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 7 summary

Fans of Reality TV 7/23/04 Who Will Save Your Soul From Shagging & Balls? (ep. 7 recap) 7/22/04 - Simple Life 2 "Loves It" Clips

Reality TV Calendar 7/22/04 Foul Mouths and Foul Balls: Simple Life Ep 7 Recap

Reality News Online 7/22/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 7: Foul!

The Trades 7/22/04 Simple Life 2 episode 7

Reality TV World 7/20/04 Fox closes 'The Simple Life 3' deal with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

TVRules 7/22/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 7 - 7/21/04

TVRules 7/19/04 The Simple Life 2: Episode 7 Preview 7/21 7/17/04 - Outtakes from 7/15

Reality TV World 7/15/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 6 summary

The Trades 7/15/04 The Price to Pay

Crazy4RealityTV 7/15/04 Farm Help Needed, Call Paris and Nicole - The Simple Life 2 - Episode 6

Reality TV Calendar 7/15/04 Horny Boys and Dancing Sheep: Episode 6 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 7/15/04 Simple Life 2, Ep. 6 Recap: Hippies & Sheep & Paris in Bed with a Chicken, Oh My

TVRules 7/15/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 6 - 7/14/04

Reality News Online 7/15/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 5: The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Reality TV World 7/13/04 Paris Hilton settles with Rick Salomon over 'One Night In Paris' sex tape

Bandera Bulletin 7/12/04 Hilton's crew simply rude

Bandera Bulletin 7/12/04 Paris Hilton "arrests" Bandera's Joe Davis

E!Online 7/12/04 Hot Paris Saves Cold Fox

TVRules 7/10/04 Simple Life 2: Outtakes

Sun Herald 7/9/04 'The Simple Life' is truly the life for me

Reality TV World 7/9/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 5 summary

The Trades 7/8/04 Simple Life 2 episode 5

Fans Of Reality TV 7/8/04 Simple Life 2, Ep. 5 Recap: Snooty and the Crawfish

TVRules 7/8/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 5 - 7/7/04

Reality TV Calendar 7/8/04 Cajuns and Crawfish in Britney Country: Ep 5 Recap

Crazy4RealityTV 7/8/04 Home of Britney Spears! The Simple Life 2 - Episode 5

Reality News Online 7/8/2004 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 5: Never Been Kissed

Reality HQ 7/7/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip - Episode 5 Recap

Teen Hollywood 7/6/04 Farm Family Fall Out With Simple Life Socialites

CTV 7/6/04 Steppenwolf won't let Hilton use 'Born to be Wild'

Access Hollywood 7/6/04 Did Paris Snub 'Simple' Family?

ET Online 7/6/04 Paris and Nicole Get Swamped

Spokesman Review 7/3/04 ‘Simple' starlets ride in style

Sun Herald 7/3/04 'Simple' days were anything but
A/P 7/3/04 Host to Paris Hilton: We Weren't Calling

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/04 Simple Life: Simply Boring

Mississippi Press 7/1/04 Jackson County on primetime: Mixed reactions from locals

WLOX 7/1/04 Jackson County's "Simple Life" Takes The National Spotlight

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/04 Simple Life: Come On Bimbos, Light My Fire

TVRules 7/1/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 4 - 6/30/04

TVRules 7/1/04 The Simple Life 2: Episode 4 Outtake 7/1/04 - Another 'Simple Life 2' Outtake

Reality News Online 7/1/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 4: Southern Hospitality?

The Trades 7/1/04 Simple Life 2 episode 4

Biloxi Sun Herald 6/30/04 'Simple Life' In Mississippi See Paris, Nicole tonight

Reality HQ 6/30/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip - Episode 4 Recap

Teen TV 6/30/04 Hilton Admits To Acting For Reality Tv Show

USA Today 6/30/04 Paris when it sizzles...

Reality TV World 6/29/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 3 summary

Go Memphis 6/28/04 Contrived 'reality' insult to real road-trippers

Reality TV Talk 6/28/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 2

Reality TV Talk 6/28/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 1 6/27/04 Paris and Nicole equal up on J.O. Batten's houseguest scale

TBO 6/25/04 Caliente Appreciates `The Simple Life'

Media Life 6/25/04 For teens, 'Simple Life' is so last year

St. Petersburg Times 6/24/04 Nudist resort residents get their 'Simple Life' moment

The Trades 6/24/04 Simple Life 2 episode 3

Herald-Tribune 6/24/04 Nudists tune in to `Simple Life 2' 6/24/04 Nicole Richie’s clothes go missing

CBS 6/24/04 Nicole Richie, Hotel Maid

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/04 Simple Life Recap: The Nake Truth

TVRules 6/24/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 3 - 6/23/04

Fans of Reality TV 6/24/04 Bare Naked Ladies & Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention Please

Crazy4RealityTV 6/24/04 The Girls Get Shy Around Naked People? - The Simple Life 2 - Episode 3

Reality News Online 6/24/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 3: That’s Hot

Hollywood Reporter 6/24/04 Fox wins 18-49 on Wed. with 'Simple' plan

Reality HQ 6/23/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip - Episode 3 Recap

Extra 6/23/04 The Empire of Paris

Reality TV World 6/23/04 Fox's 'The Simple Life 2' premieres well, wins time periods

TVRules 6/23/04 The Simple Life 2: Episode Four Preview, June 30

E!Online 6/22/04 Paris Soaks Up Summer Ratings

Daily Camera 6/21/04 The Naked Truth

Digital Spy 6/21/04 Paris Hilton 'sets trailer on fire'

MegaStar 6/21/04 Hilton's hot trailer

Teen Hollywood 6/20/04 Paris' Trailer Blaze

Fans Of Reality TV 6/18/04 Simple Life 2, Ep. 2 Recap: Trailer Park Mermaids

Reality TV World 6/18/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 2 summary

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/04 'Simple' strategy at Fox 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2: Video Out-takes Episode 1 & 2 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip Episode 2 Summary 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip Episode 1 Summary

Miami Herald 6/17/04 'Simple' in Florida

IGN 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip

The Trades 6/17/04 Simple Life 2 - Episodes 1 and 2

AZ Central 6/17/04 Paris says Nicole has a talent for begging

Reality TV World 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2 - Episode 1 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 6/17/04 Simple Life 2 Premiere Recap: Batten Down the Hoochies

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 The Simple Life Ep 2: Mishaps and Misdemeanors

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 The Simple Life Ep1: Two For The Road

Crazy4RealityTV 6/17/04 Mermaids R Us - The Simple Life 2 - Episode 2

Crazy4RealityTV 6/17/04 No Bull About It - The Simple Life 2, Episode 1

Reality News Online 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 2: Killer Ducks

Reality News Online 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, Episode 1: Horsing Around

I Love Reality 6/17/04 Simple Life II - Episode #2 Recap.

I Love Reality 6/17/04 Simple Life II - Episode #1 Recap.

TVRules 6/17/04 The Simple Life 2, Episode Three, June 23 Preview

Soul Shine 6/17/04 Simple Life’s Paris Hilton Set To Release Album

Reality HQ 6/16/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip - Episode 2 Recap

Reality HQ 6/16/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip - Episode 1 Recap

Newsday 6/16/04 'Simple' is the word

ESPN 6/16/04 Stupid is as 'Simple' does

St Petersburg Times 6/16/04 Caliente singed by Hilton's remarks 6/16/04 Nicole Richie hates the sight of nude oldies!

Sun Herald 6/16/04 Local Boyz have message for Paris, Nicole

St Petersburg Times 6/16/04 A sneak peek at 'Simple Life 2'

Pioneer Press 6/16/04 'Simple Life' reveals more than skin

Baltimore Sun 6/16/04 'Road Trip' wrecks

Hartford Courant 6/16/04 `Road Trip' Keeps Paris And Nicole On A Roll

Globe and Mail 6/16/04 Fox takes another shot at the rich girls

Deseret News 6/16/04 Paris, Nicole hit the road

NY Times 6/16/04 Who Needs Money When You've Got a Lot of Nerve?

Star Ledger 6/16/04 The simpleton life

Hollywood Reporter 6/16/04 The Simple Life 2: Road Trip

Dallas Morning News 6/16/04 Celebutantes gone wild

Jam! 6/16/04 Blond moments

Star Ledger 6/16/04 TV Review: Fox series thin on plot and humor

Toronto Star 6/16/04 Paris, Nicole: Simple indeed

USA Today 6/16/04 Airstream was the only way to go

USA Today 6/16/04 'Simple' friends for life

NY Daily News 6/16/04 An American odd-yssey

Teen TV 6/15/04 Paris Annoyed About Accident Footage

St Petersburg Times 6/15/04 'Simple' humiliation, Part 2

STL Today 6/15/04 'Simple' is meant to be dumb; 'Quintuplets' is dumber

Ottawa Citizen 6/15/04 The, like, stupid life

Union Tribune 6/15/04 Fox's 'Simple Life 2' isn't the best of 3

Access Hollywood 6/15/04 Paris' Late Night Payback

Zap2It 6/15/04 Paris and Nicole Prepare to Sizzle in the Summer

Boston Herald 6/15/04 Rich duo delivers poor excuse for laughs

Boston Herald 6/15/04 `Simple' pleasures: The Paris-Nicole road show visits small-town America

Chicago Sun-Times 6/15/04 'Simple Life 2' brings out their ugly sides

Jam! 6/15/04 Paris and Nicole hit the road

Chicago Tribune 6/14/04 Paris and Nicole are back at it in 'Simple Life 2'

Reality TV World 6/14/04 Paris Hilton to finally make Letterman show appearance on 6/14

NY Daily News 6/14/04 'Simple' gal won't get fooled again

NY Times 6/13/04 They'll Always Have Paris

Zap2It 6/13/04 Paris Hilton Tries to Keep Her Life 'Simple'

Digital Spy 6/11/04 'Simple Life' star: "I'm still a virgin"

St Petersburg Times 6/11/04 Locals bask in 'Simple Life' exposure

The Sun 6/11/04 Nicole: I'm still a virgin

NY Daily News 6/11/04 Dave has his Hilton booking again

Zap2It 6/10/04 Hilton Finally Visits 'The Late Show'

Post Standard 6/10/04 The real deal

TV Barn 6/10/04 Dave's got Paris

Sun Herald 6/9/04 Pampered pair not high on South

Star Tribune 6/9/04 Hilton and Richie return to 'Simple Life' on Fox

Mercury News 6/9/04 Wild girls return

National Review 6/9/04 Paris When She Fizzles 6/9/04 Lionel's reality check 6/8/04 The Simple Life 2: Season Premiere Previews 6/16 6/8/04 The Simple Life: Mini Marathon Preview 5/9 6/8/04 The Simple Life 2: Driving Instructions Video Preview

Press Release 6/2/04 First Book on Paris Hilton Exposes The Naked Truth

St Petersburg Times 6/2/04 Name and rump recognition in Hernando 6/2/04 Nicole Richie blames dad Lionel for her drug addiction!

Teen Hollywood 6/1/04 Nicole Richie's Drug Addiction

Fox News 5/30/04 'Simple Life' Fans Get Ready to Return to Paris

CTV 5/27/04 The Simple Life 2 anything but simple

TVRules 5/24/04 The Simple Life 2: New Video Clips

MTV 5/19/04 Movie File: Nicole Richie, Shrek, Queen Latifah, & More

Teen Television 5/14/04 Trailer Bosses Hunt For Hilton + Richie's Mobile Home

TVRules 5/11/04 The Simple Life 2: Paris & Nicole Discuss The New Season

TVRules 4/29/04 Meet The Real Stars Of The Simple Life 2: A Video Preview

ITV 4/28/04 Richie: proud to be 'Nicole's father'

TVRules 4/26/04 The Simple Life 2 Premieres June 16

Bandera Bulletin 4/23/04 Hilton's crew simply rude

Extra 4/22/04 Paris And Nicole's Excellent Adventure

Times of India 4/21/04 Fox's summer offering is Paris Hilton

E!Online 4/20/04 Fox's "Simple" Plan for Summer

Reality TV World 4/20/04 FOX's 'The Simple Life 2' road trip adventure to premiere June 16

CNN 4/20/04 'Simple Life 2,' 5 others for Fox summer

USA Today 4/16/04 Paris and Nicole have landed

Bandera Bulletin 4/15/04 Paris Hilton "arrests" Bandera's Joe Davis

ET Online 4/15/04 Paris & Nicole's Homecoming Party

Access Hollywood 4/15/04 Paris & Nicole's 'Simple' Premiere, Take 2

The Spoof 4/15/04 Bennifer Has Been Replaced: Hollywood has new "Super Couple"

Foxes On Idol 4/13/04 Justin Guarini and Nicole Richie: Reality Romance

Teen Hollywood 4/11/04 Nicole Richie Marrying Justin Guarini?

WOKR 4/9/04 Nicole Richie Marrying Justin Guarini?

Celebrity Justice 4/7/04 Osbourne Daughter Harassed by Nicole Richie -- For Love?

Deutsche Welle 4/6/04 Germany Seeking the Simple Life

St Petersburg Times 3/31/04 'Simple Life' host contends for commission seat

Sun Herald 3/30/04 Hot on the trail of Paris, Nicole 3/29/04 Paris not taking to the Simple Life

WXXA 3/29/04 High Heels Harrassed Hilton Horse, Says Source

National Enquirer 3/25/04 Cops Investigate as Aimee Osbourne Accuses Nicole Richie of Harassment

St. Petersburg Times 3/25/04 See Paris, see nudists - and stay tuned

Sydney Morning Herald 3/25/04 The Simple Life: Reunion Special

Reality News Online 3/23/04 Paris Hilton Learns Horse Sense

Boston Herald 3/23/04 The buck doesn't stop here for Paris' horse

Reality HQ 3/21/04 A Simple Life 2!

St Petersburg Times 3/20/04 'Simple' may bring exposure to Pasco

St Petersburg Times 3/20/04 Paris, on her rear, puts town on its ear 3/20/04 Paris Ditched By Horse

Times of India 3/20/04 Paris Hilton's horsey experience!

TVRules 3/20/04 Paris Hilton Hospitalized During Taping Of Sequel

Zap2It 3/20/04 Paris Hilton Injured While Horsing Around

NY Daily News 3/20/04 Paris, Brit sing black & blues

Ananova 3/20/04 Paris Hilton thrown from horse

E!Online 3/19/04 Paris Bucked Up

MSNBC 3/19/04 Paris Hilton thrown from horse

St Petersburg Times 3/19/04 'Simple' sighting at the springs

Teen Hollywood 3/19/04 Ozzy's Daughter Calls The Police On Lionel's Girl

Reality News Online 3/19/04 Filming Begins for ‘The Simple Life 2’

Sun Herald 3/18/04 Lizana family vies for 'Simple Life' host role 3/18/04 Richie's Simple Life

E!Online 3/17/04 Paris Pauses to Mourn

Reality TV World 3/17/04 'The Simple Life 2' pauses filming due to death of Hilton family matriarch

Sun Herald 3/17/04 'Simple Life 2' may visit Biloxi firefighters

CNN 3/15/04 'Simple Life' sequel hits the road

Digital Spy 3/15/04 'Simple Life' gets UK DVD release

AJC 3/13/04 Paris Hilton Primps for 'Simple' Trip

Access Hollywood 3/12/04 Paris And Nicole's 'Simple' Road Trip

WOKR-TV 3/11/04 Nicole's Probation Praise 3/10/04 Breath of fresh airheads as city girls go country

TBO 3/9/04 Fox Makes It Difficult To Learn About Taping In Area Of `Simple Life 2'

Celebrity Justice 3/9/04 Life Not Simple or Easy for Richies

New Zealand Herald 3/9/04 We are the girls from down on the farm

Stuff 3/7/04 Paris, Arkansas

Teen Hollywood 3/3/04 Nicole Richie's Dad's Objection

TVRules 2/26/04 Casting: Open Casting Call In TX For Simple Life 2

Orlando Sentinel 2/24/04 Will Kissimmee's simple life be TV fodder?

Hattiesburg American 2/23/04 Reality TV looks for cast on Gulf Coast

Sun Herald 2/22/04 'Simple' lingerie in show's future?

TVRules 2/18/04 Open Casting Call In FL and MS For Simple Life 2

The Advertiser 2/18/04 Families want shot at ‘Simple Life’

Sun Herald 2/18/04 'Simple Life' casts eye toward Biloxi

KATC 2/17/04 "Simple Life" reality show sparks protests in Acadiana

WDSU 2/17/04 Reality TV Show 'Simple Life' Coming To Acadiana

The Advertiser 2/16/04 Coming to the country

St Petersburg Times 2/15/04 Simply the area's best families?

St Petersburg Times 2/14/04 Even more of Paris, Nicole to be seen?

TBO 2/13/04 Brooksville, Be Warned: Paris And Nicole Could Be Headed Your Way

Herald Sun 2/12/04 Paris Hilton loves simple life

Teen Hollywood 2/12/04 Socialites Hit The Road

St Petersburg Times 2/11/04 Brooksville may get taste of 'The Simple Life'

Sydney Morning Herald 2/11/04 The Simple Life

Hello 2/11/04 Paris and Nicole head for the sticks once again

Reality TV World 2/10/04 FOX officially announces that 'The Simple Life' will return

Reality TV World 2/10/04 Paris Hilton sues Panama-based Internet company over sex tape

TVRules 2/10/04 The Simple Life 2: It's A Road Trip

Reality News Online 2/10/04 The Simple Life 2: Paris and Nicole Hit the Road

NY Daily News 2/10/04 Can't hold 'em down on farm

E!Online 2/9/04 Paris and Nicole Get More "Simple"

Newsday 2/9/04 Hilton, Richie Take Show on the Road

Reality TV World 2/9/04 Rick Salomon offered to drop lawsuit in exchange for Paris sex tape rights

TV Barn 2/9/04 Fox PR: Who Wants To Host Two Millionaires? "Simple Life 2" casting call

Zap2It 2/9/04 'Simple Life 2' Begins Casting

Reality HQ 2/7/04 Simple Life 2!

The Age 2/5/04 The Simple Life

TVRules 2/4/04 Open Casting Call In AZ, FL and LA For Simple Life 2

Reality TV World 2/3/04 'The Simple Life 2' looking for host families

TVRules 2/2/04 Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP) Announces Casting For: The Simple Life 2 1/31/04 The Simple Life's producer dies

Reality TV World 1/30/04 Report: "The Simple Life' sequel to center around RV road trip

Reality TV World 1/29/04 The Simple Life - The "Lost" Episode summary

Crazy4RealityTV Magazine 1/28/04 “Missing In Action” - The Simple Life Lost Episode

Reality TV World 1/28/04 "Lost" 'Simple Life' episode remains lost to viewers, places fourth in timeslot

Television Without Pity 1/28/04 The Simple Life Reunion

TVRules 1/27/04 The Simple Life: 'Leftovers, Slightly Warmed Up' 1-26 Summary

Fans Of Reality TV 1/27/04 1/26 Episode Recap - "I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found"

The Trades 1/27/04 The Simple Life: The Lost Episode

Reality News Online 1/27/04 The Simple Life, The Lost Episode: Homesick Blues

NoPointNecessary 1/26/04 Simple Life Reunion Recap

Vermont Cynic 1/26/04 The Simple Life: Americans sure do love sex and ignorance

Media Life 1/26/04 Paris returning in bonus 'Life'

Coming Soon 1/26/04 The Scoop on The Simple Life 2

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/26/04 Simply Shameful: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie from “Simple Life”

Baltimore Sun 1/22/04 Mock street sign honors Hilton, Richie

Reality News Online 1/22/04 Second Season Planned for ‘The Simple Life’

Hello 1/21/04 Road Honour Right Up Paris' Street

Reality TV World 1/21/04 Fox to air "lost" 'The Simple Life' episode on 1/26, sequel also in the works

Zap2It 1/21/04 Fox Uncovers Still More 'Simple Life'

Digital Spy 1/20/04 'Simple Life' gets second season, extra episode

TVRules 1/20/04 Paris & Nicole Are Back In The Simple Life's Lost Episode 1/26

Ananova 1/20/04 Paris and Nicole honoured with intersection

Television Without Pity 1/19/04 So Long!

Zap2It 1/19/04 Second 'Simple Life' in the Works at Fox

Fans of Reality TV 1/18/04 Finale: "Go Home, Rich Bitches. Go Home!"

Washington Post 1/18/04 Hilton, Richie Try 'The Simple Life'

Washington Post 1/17/04 Fox Keeps It 'Simple': Reality Hit to Return in May

NY Daily News 1/17/04 Paris sequel in springtime

Media Life 1/16/04 How temporal is (was) 'The Simple Life'

TVRules 1/16/04 The Simple Life 1-14-04 Finale Summary

Reality TV World 1/15/04 The Simple Life - Finale Episode summary

Reality TV World 1/15/04 The Simple Life - Reunion Episode summary

Reality News Online 1/15/04 The Simple Life Finale: Final Apologies

Knox News 1/23/04 Does L.A. care about the Super Bowl?

SF Chronicle 1/23/04 HBO's 'Wild Ride' delves into Super Bowl's origins

USA Today 1/23/04 Pepsi ads wink at music downloading

Dallas Morning News 1/23/04 Houston hosts a variety of events for Super Bowl visitors

ESPN 1/23/04 Super Bowl facts from one to 38

Yahoo 1/23/04 Super Bowl Ticket Trouble Plagues Council

Houston Chronicle 1/23/04 Dispute won't keep EchoStar customers from Super Bowl

NY Daily News 1/23/04 Bowl clash figures to win Super rating

Business Wire 1/22/04 Staples Unveils First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial

AJC 1/22/04 Some Ads to Run During Super Bowl

Miami Herald 1/22/04 Anheuser-Busch again spending big on the Super Bowl

Boston Channel 1/22/04 Bakery Enjoying Sweet Road To Super Bowl

Washington Post 1/22/04 New Crop of Odd Super Bowl Ads to Debut

Houston Chronicle 1/22/04 Two Super Bowl shows promise a lineup of all-stars

The Trades 1/14/04 The Simple Life: The Long and Fast Goodbye

Extra 1/14/04 'The Simple Life'

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/04 Episode 7 recap - The Reunion

TVRules 1/14/04 Paris Hilton To Guest Star On Las Vegas

The Trades 1/14/04 The Simple Life: The Reunion

Reality News Online 1/14/04 The Simple Life Reunion: Back on the Farm

Reuters 1/14/04 'Simple Life' a Boon for Fox on Tuesday

Extra 1/13/04 'The Simple Life'

NY Daily News 1/13/04 Ledings share 'Simple' truths

ET Online 1/13/04 Inside Paris' 'Simple' Reunion

Bergen Record 1/12/04 Paris, you survived Arkansas; try us next

Elites TV 1/12/04 The Simple Life: A Prada Purse and Two Boys, Please

Toronto Star 1/11/04 Reality TV is best when it's simple

Reality TV World 1/10/04 The Simple Life - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 1/9/04 ‘The Simple Life’ Adds Reunion Special, But What About 2nd Season?

Zap2It 1/9/04 Gibbons Hosts 'Simple Life' Reunion

Fans of Reality TV 1/9/04 Where the Boys Are...Arkansas!

NoPointNecessary 1/9/04 Simple Life Episode 6 Recap "Where The  Boys Are"

Reality TV World 1/9/04 FOX to air 'The Simple Life' reunion special on January 13

Television Without Pity 1/9/04 I Know What Boys Like

TVRules 1/8/04 A Special "The Simple Life" Reunion to Air 1/13

TVRules 1/8/04 The Simple Life 1-07 - Oh, the humanity!

KHBS 1/8/04 Memories To Be Shared At 'The Simple Life' Reunion

TV Barn 1/8/04 Say goodbye already! "The Simple Life Reunion" PR

Reality News Online 1/8/04 The Simple Life, Episode 6: Showing Their Chops

The Trades 1/8/04 The Simple Life episode 106: Just Some Good Ol' Boys

ET Online 1/7/04 On 'The Simple Life': Curtains for Paris and Nicole?

Extra 1/7/04 'The Simple Life'

Extra 1/6/04 'The Simple Life'

Celebrity Justice 12/5/03 Nicole Richie in Court

Elites TV 1/5/04 The Simple Life: The Rear End of Western Civilization

Troy Record 1/4/04 Hilton Causes Fury In Small Town

TVRules 1/3/04 All New Episode Added To The Simple Life

Las Vegas Mercury 1/1/04 Idiot Box Savant: Rich people hate you!

Reality TV World 1/1/04 'Simple Life' to end with all new 1-hour 1/13 episode followed by 1/14 finale

Reality TV World 1/1/04 'Simple Life' marathon reruns leads Fox to the top of lackluster Tuesday 

Hollywood Reporter 1/1/04 'Simple Life' reruns bolster Fox Tuesday

Zap2It 12/31/03 FOX Milks More Bonus 'Simple Life'

NY Times 12/31/03 'Simple Life' Reruns Bolster Fox

Detroit News 12/31/03 Fox to Air Original Episode of 'Simple'

NY Times 12/30/03 In the End, 'Rich Girls' Has It All Over 'The Simple Life'

Dallas Morning News 12/28/03 Paris on replay - and no fee

TV Barn 12/27/03 Fox PR: Here's a shocker -- an extra helping of "Simple Life"

The New Republic 12/23/03 Simply Irresistible?

CNN 12/23/03 Bono, Nicole Richie, and the F-word: Broadcast indecency law

Times Record 12/23/03 Farm girls in area are too busy working to watch 'reality' show

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/23/03 Paris & Nicole Don’t Understand Why Stealing Is Wrong

Reality TV World 12/22/03 The Simple Life - Episode 5 summary

Television Without Pity 12/22/03 Been Caught Stealing

NoPointNecessary 12/22/03 Simple Life Ep 5 (Dec 17) Recap: Let's Get Stuff!

Television Without Pity 12/20/03 We'll Have A Gala Old Time

NoPointNecessary 12/19/03 Simple Life Ep 4 Recap "Ya'll Ya'll Ya'll Pies"

Reality TV World 12/19/03 The Simple Life - Episode 4 summary

Seattle Times 12/19/03 Hilton, Richie to ring in 2004 in Vegas

TVRules 12/19/03 The Simple Life 12-17-03 Summary

The Trades 12/19/03 Episodes 104 & 105: My Fair Ladies & Pretty Larceny

Fans Of Reality TV 12/18/03 Simple Life Recap- Wait--You Have To PAY When You Charge??

Reality News Online 12/18/03 The Simple Life, Episode 5: Birdhouse In Your Soul

Reality News Online 12/18/03 The Simple Life, Episode 4: The Dog Ate It. Really.

Washington Post 12/18/03 Paris Outdraws the Prez

NY Daily News 12/18/03 Paris outmatches Bush on TV

Dallas Morning News 12/18/03 Do networks cross the line by obscuring what is or isn't there?

Fans of Reality TV 12/17/03 We'll Have A Gala Ol' Time (12/16 recap)

TVRules 12/17/03 The Simple Life 12-16 Summary: Kiss My Butt!

Extra 12/16/03 'The Simple Life' 12/16/03 Fox milks 'The Simple Life'

Detroit Free Press 12/16/03 Heiresses' ignorance is viewers' bliss

Free Lance-Star 12/16/03 'Simple Life' reveals spoiled brats, if you ask me

Newsday 12/16/03 Down on the Farm, They've Seen Paris

Baxter Bulletin 12/16/03 Yellville residents talking about 'Simple Life'

Post Dispatch 12/15/03 'The Simple Life' is still good in Altus, Ark.

TVRules 12/15/03 The Simple Life December 16 Preview

USA Today 12/15/03 Richie's no simpleton

Television Without Pity 12/15/03 Super Sonic

Reality TV World 12/12/03 How "real" is 'The Simple Life'?

Washington Blade 12/12/03 We’ll always have Paris

St Petersburg Times 12/12/03 Simply put: Reality TV degrades a way of life

Reality TV World 12/12/03 The Simple Life - Episode 3 summary 12/12/03 They're rich -- but also simple

Sun-Times 12/11/03 Paris Hilton in Heber?

Media Life 12/11/03 'The Simple Life,' Fox's goof on a goof

Sun News 12/11/03 It's 'simple' to join up for hate-the-rich reality craze

NoPointNecessary 12/11/03 Simple Life Ep 3 "Would you like weiner with that?"

Hollywood Reporter 12/11/03 'Reindeer' game, but can't derail 'Simple Life'

NY Daily News 12/11/03 'Rudy' reins on Paris' parade

TVRules 12/10/03 The Simple Life 12-09 Summary: 1/2 Off Anal Salty Wiener Burgers

Fans of Reality TV 12/10/03 You Want Fries With That?

Reality TV World 12/10/03 Fox to broadcast new 'The Simple Life' episode on 12/17, ...

E!Online 12/10/03 Nicole Richie Staying Sober

TVRules 12/10/03 Simple Life Marathon & Extra Episode Added

Reality News Online 12/10/03 The Simple Life, Episode 3: Heiresses with Hairnets

The Trades 12/10/03 The Simple Life episode 103: Would You Like Fries With That?

Hollywood Reporter 12/10/03 'Simple' a hit, but CBS, NBC still victorious 12/10/03 Paris shows she's not shy

Reality TV World 12/9/03 Paris led 'Simple Life' with Arkansas student Trae Lindley during filming

E!Online 12/9/03 Paris Is Burning up Ratings

WXXA 12/9/03 Nicole Richie Applauded for Sobriety

Go Erie 12/9/03 Life on dairy farm not so 'Simple'

Reality TV World 12/9/03 The Simple Life - Episode 2 summary

Television Without Pity 12/9/03 Dairy Queens

NY Times 12/9/03 The Next Reality Show: Bumpkins Join Jet Set

Digital Spy 12/9/03 E4 takes 'The Simple Life'

Hollywood Reporter 12/9/03 Fox is betting the farm on Paris in wintertime

Chicago Sun-Times 12/9/03 We'll always have Paris, or another misfit celeb

ET Online 12/9/03 Paris & Nicole's 'Simple' Preview

TBO 12/8/03 2 Rich Gals Learning To Live `The Simple Life' Attract Viewers To Fox

Zap2It 12/8/03 Bonus, Repurposed 'Simple Life' Comes to FOX

Reality TV World 12/8/03 Second episode of 'The Simple Life' draws even better ratings 12/8/03 Fox is simply thrilled with the success of 'Simple Life'

Reality TV Talk 12/8/03 The Simple Life, Ep 2: "Don't Bother Crying Over Spilled Milk"

TV Barn 12/8/03 Fox PR: Bonus "Simple Life" ep

The Observer 12/7/03 Sex video gives Paris Hilton publicity money can't buy

News Journal 12/6/03 Folks glad 'Simple Life' passed them by

NY Daily News 12/6/03 Live from N.Y., it's Al & Paris

TV Barn 12/5/03 CBS PR: Nicole Richie w/Kilby

Reality TV World 12/5/03 The Simple Life - Episode 1 summary

Hello! 12/5/03 Hot tub dip gets Paris sacked

Sioux City Journal 12/5/03 'Life' proves intriguing for rich California girls

Television Without Pity 12/5/03 Green Acres

NoPointNecessary 12/5/03 Simple Life ep 2 Recap "Lucy and Ethel at the Dairy"

Washington Post 12/5/03 'Simple Life,' the Overalled Winner

NY Daily News 12/5/03 Keeping 'em on the farm

The Trades 12/4/03 The Simple Life episode 102: The Cows Come Home

Reality TV Talk 12/4/03 The Simple Life - Episode 1 Recap - This Ain't LA!

Mercury News 12/4/03 Rich girls aren't simple; they're just clue-challenged

Fans Of Reality TV 12/4/03 The Simple Life, Episode 2: You’d Better Work It, Girls

TVRules 12/4/03 Nicole Richie Makes Her First Talk Show Appearance

TVRules 12/4/03 The Simple Life 12/3: From Socialites to Slackers in Just 2 Days!

Fans of Reality TV 12/4/03 Ep 2 Recap: You'd Better Work It, Girls

TV Barn 12/4/03 Fox PR: "Simple" wins again

Reality News Online 12/4/03 Episode 2: Crying Over Spilled Milk until the Cows Come Home

USA Today 12/4/03 All quiet on Paris front

MegaStar 12/4/03 Hilton has hicks appeal 12/4/03 Fox TV has fun tormenting the farmyard rich chicks

NY Post 12/4/03 Don't Have A Cow But Paris Is Hit

ET Online 12/4/03 Rich Girls: Who's the Next Paris Hilton?

Washington Post 12/4/03 'The Simple Life': Two Foxes Make One Big, Happy Fox

The Trades 12/3/03 The Simple Life episode 101: Rurally Blonde

Slate 12/3/03 Embarrassing Riches

Reality TV World 12/3/03 Fox's 'The Simple Life' premieres well, draws 13 million viewers

Milwaukee Journal 12/3/03 Millions view Hilton living 'The Simple Life'

Zap2It 12/3/03 Hilton Breathes 'Life' into Fox

Elites TV 12/3/03 The Simple Life - Not So Simple

ESPN 12/3/03 Just here to help out Paris

Times Record 12/3/03 Altus Gives Thumbs Up To Show

Salt Lake Tribune 12/3/03 How many blondes does it take to milk a cow? 12/3/03 There's nothing 'normal' about Paris

Times Record 12/3/03 Altus Takes Center Stage

MTV 12/3/03 Paris Hilton's Co-Star — No, Not That One — Recording An Album

TVRules 12/3/03 The Simple Life 12-02-03: Two Worlds Collide

Fans Of Reality TV 12/3/03 Toto, We're Not In LA Anymore!

TV Barn 12/3/03 Fox PR: "Simple Life" simply mahvelous

The Trades 12/3/03 The Simple Life episode 101: Rurally Blonde

NoPointNecessary 12/3/03 The Simple Life Ep 1 Recap "Hooterville without the hooters"

Reality News Online 12/3/03 The Simple Life, Episode 1: Simply Hilarious

NY Daily News 12/3/03 Green fakers get yuks 12/3/03 Paris Hilton gets dirty

Knox News 12/2/03 Laughs come easy on Fox's 'Simple Life'

Reality TV World 12/2/03 'The Simple Life' producers already plotting sequel to the Fox series

The Gate 12/2/03 Paris Hilton And Her "Simple Life"

Chicago Tribune 12/2/03 Simply irresistible

Contra Costa Times 12/2/03 Go ahead, enjoy 'The Simple Life'

Arizona Republic 12/2/03 Can anyone be this dumb? 'Simple' stars give it a try

Media Life 12/2/03 Ah, Paris, with her clothes on

Beacon Journal 12/2/03 Simple stars for 'The Simple Life'

WABC 12/2/03 Nicole Richie: Enough with the Cows!

The Province 12/2/03 Gal pals ham it up on farm

Post Dispatch 12/2/03 Vuitton meets Wal-Mart and the result is actually amusing

Rocky Mountain News 12/2/03 It's simple: The rich are amusing

Baltimore Sun 12/2/03 Slinging dirt

Washington Post 12/2/03 How Low Will Fox Stoop? Here's A 'Simple' Answer

Chicago Tribune 12/2/03 Hilton's 'Life' a hoot compared to other offerings

Palm Beach Post 12/2/03 The Beverly Hills-fillies!

Courier Journal 12/2/03 'Simple Life' series is simply stupid

Seattle PI 12/2/03 Paris and Nicole are dumb as dirt; that's what makes 'Simple Life' a hoot

The Oregonian 12/2/03 Pampered and patronizing party girls make 'Simple Life' a cow pie of a show

Jam! 12/2/03 Simple minds

Star Ledger 12/2/03 Two ditzy heiresses trade the penthouse for the farmhouse

NY Daily News 12/2/03 Bad heir days keep 'Life' fun

Times Star 12/2/03 Little rich girls fare poorly in 'Simple Life'

Sun Sentinel 12/2/03 Simple Life's Hilton and Richie fumble and bumble with hilarious results

NY Times 12/2/03 With a Rich Girl Here and a Rich Girl There

Houston Chronicle 12/2/03 Paris Hilton's TV show proves wealthy different

TBO 12/1/03 You'll Love Paris (And Nicole) In `Green Acres' Spoof

USA Today 12/1/03 Making hay out of 'Simple'-tons

NY Daily News 12/1/03 Believe it or not, we can learn a lot from Paris Hilton

USA Today 12/1/03 Checking in with Paris Hilton

Times Picayune 12/1/03 Well-manicured farm hands

Post Standard 12/1/03 'Simple Life' series stars simple pair

Extra 12/1/03 'The Simple Life'

Deseret News 12/1/03 'Simple Life' is funny, but . . .

Seattle Times 12/1/03 Paris Hilton and pal Nicole Richie remain dense and unlikable down on the farm

SF Chronicle 12/1/03 Loveliness of Paris seems sadly vacuous

NY Daily News 12/1/03 Fact of 'Life': Paris sells

NY Post 12/1/03 Bedtime For Bozos

NY Daily News 12/1/03 Farm belt has a cow over Paris

AJC 11/30/03 Reality show has Arkansas city abuzz

Beacon Journal 11/30/03 'The Simple Life' loads of laughs 11/30/03 Paris plays a clueless blonde: Herself

Post Gazette 11/30/03 'Green Acres' becomes reality in 'The Simple Life'

Toronto Star 11/29/03 Goodbye, material world

Dallas Morning News 11/28/03 Pigs, goats, cows and plenty of 'Eeeews' on this farm

Hollywood Reporter 11/28/03 The Simple Life

SCN 11/27/03 Rich and rural meet in Fox's 'Simple Life'

Hollywood Reporter 11/27/03 The Simple Life

Hollywood Reporter 11/26/03 Hilton checks out from 'Simple' PR plan

Reality TV World 11/25/03 2nd Paris sex tape featuring Paris with Playmate Nicole Lenz surfaces,.

Reality News Online 11/25/03 From the Tabloid Life to ‘The Simple Life’

MSNBC 11/24/03 Hilton stars in ‘The Simple Life’

Television Week 11/24/03 'Simple Life' New Reality at Fox Studio

Extra TV 11/24/03 'The Simple Life'

Toronto Star 11/24/03 It truly is the simple life on celebrity reality TV

NY Times 11/23/03 Once You've Seen Paris: Everything Is E = mc2

Zap2It 11/22/03 Richie Sticks up for Godfather Jackson

Village Voice 11/22/03 Working Girls

Courier Mail 11/22/03 Down at the Paris end of the sty

Sun Sentinel 11/22/03 Let's check in on the Hilton sisters

Reality TV World 11/21/03 Nicole Richie defends M. Jackson, while Paris Hilton blows off Letterman

Extra 11/21/03 Paris Hilton

E!Online 11/20/03 Paris Hilton Disses Dave

Zap2It 11/20/03 Hilton Bails on Letterman Appearance

Daily Trojan 11/20/03 The Hilton sisters have done nothing to deserve their fame, fortune

NY Daily News 11/20/03 Paris can't bare to see sex tape

Detroit News 11/20/03 Paris Hilton to Appear on Letterman Show

Reality TV World 11/19/03 Rick Salomon and porn website trade lawsuits over Paris Hilton sex tape

TV Barn 11/19/03 CBS PR: Paris Hilton w/Dave

Herald Sun 11/19/03 X-rated Paris Hilton at it again

The Age 11/19/03 Heirheads: rich bitch snitched?

The Sun 11/19/03 New sex video of heiress

Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/03 See what Paris does with farm animals

E!Online 11/18/03 Paris' Sex Tape Saga Continues

NY Daily News 11/18/03 'Embarrassed & humiliated'

Sun Herald 11/17/03 Hilton never thought tape would be public

Rapid City Journal 11/17/03 Web Porn Company Sues Over Hilton Sex Tape

NY Times 11/16/03 The Season of the Heirheads

NY Daily News 11/16/03 Look at Paris Hilton, think Zsa Zsa Gabor

The Sun 11/16/03 £6million sex video bid

AJC 11/15/03 Hilton's Ex-Boyfriend Sues Over Sex Video

Herald Sun 11/14/03 X-rated Paris Hilton generates plenty of interest

E!Online 11/14/03 Paris Sued for Sex Tape Slander

Zap2It 11/14/03 Amateur Videographer Sues Hiltons

Reality TV World 11/14/03 FOX reschedules 'The Simple Life' premiere again...

Ananova 11/14/03 Heiress sued in porn movie row

Reality TV World 11/14/03 Paris Hilton's ex-paramour files defamation lawsuit over "sex tape" scandal 11/14/03 Heiress fired up by sex tape

NY Times 11/13/03 Socialite's Ex - Boyfriend Sues Over Sex Tape in L.A

Extra 11/13/03 Paris Hilton

Reality TV World 11/13/03 Paris Hilton "sex tape" story turns more bizarre....

Newsday 11/13/03 Her Video Is a Real Quickie

MSNBC 11/13/03 Hilton video making rounds on Internet

E!Online 11/12/03 Paris Hilton Sex Tape Hits the Net

NY Daily News 11/12/03 Simply Paris

NY Daily News 11/12/03 Steamy Paris is hot ticket

NY Post 11/11/03 Paris Bares No Shame In This Porn Vid

Arizona Reporter 11/10/03 TV Preview: 'The Simple Life' on Fox Dec. 2

Reality TV World 11/10/03 Paris Hilton sex video reportedly to be offered via new Internet porn site 11/7/03 Paris Hilton steamed over sex video

Reality TV World 11/6/03 Sex tape of 'The Simple Life' star Paris Hilton surfaces,....
The Sun 11/6/03 Heiress Hilton in porn fight

E!Online 11/5/03 Paris Hilton's Steamy Home Movie

CSM 10/31/03 Lifestyles of the young and famous

Reality TV World 10/29/03 Fox extends December 2 'The Simple Life' premiere episode to a full hour

Reality TV World 10/28/03 'The Simple Life's Nicole Richie in rehab over earlier drug charge

TVRules 10/27/03 Simple Life Premiere Expanded

E!Online 10/27/03 "Simple Life" Star in Rehab

USA Today 10/27/03 Born into wealth

NY Daily News 10/27/03 Sisters under the skin, too

MSNBC 10/15/03 Heir Heads

Reality News Online 9/23/03 Reality News Update, The Simple Life and New Prisoner Series

TVRules 9/20/03 Simple Life Gets A Tuesday Night Go Ahead

Zap2It 9/18/03 FOX Finds a Place for 'The Simple Life'

Reality TV World 9/18/03 FOX's 'The Simple Life' now scheduled to premiere December 2

Go Memphis 7/31/03 Fox's Simple Life, like, charms critics

Baltimore Sun 7/31/03 From Rodeo Drive to Wal-Mart specials

Reality TV World 7/30/03 Paris Hilton to guest star on 'The 70's Show' October 29 season premiere

USA Today 7/24/03 Could 'The Simple Life' be the next 'Joe Millionaire' for Fox?

NY Daily News 7/24/03 Paris plays in Peoria

Reality TV World 7/23/03 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's 'The Simple Life' postponed until October

Zap2It 7/23/03 FOX Pushes 'Simple Life' into Fall

TV Guide 7/22/03 Hilton's Sis Rejected Reality TV

Detroit Free Press 7/22/03 Good-bye, city life; hello, TV

Zap2It 7/21/03 'The Simple Life:' Arkansas Loves Paris in the Springtime 7/21/03 CBS heading for the 'Hillbillies'; Fox eyes 'Green Acres'

NY Daily News 7/19/03 Paris has seen the farm

Jam! 7/19/03 Hillbilly Hilton

St Petersburg Times 7/19/03 Is being funny enough?

Democrat-Gazette 6/22/03 Not so simple

Zap2It 6/17/03 FOX Sets Premiere Dates for 'Life,' 'O.C.'

Reality TV World 6/17/03 Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie's 'The Simple Life' to premiere on August 13th

News Journal 6/9/03 No tale for two cities: Reality TV skips area

Reality TV World 6/6/03 'The Simple Life' wraps up shooting early, leaves bad blood behind

KPOM 5/28/03 Altus Residents Say 'Good Riddance' to Reality TV

Reality TV World 5/19/03 Locals dish dirt on Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie's 'The Simple Life'

Reality TV World 5/9/03 FOX 'The Simple Life' star Nicole Richie faces felony heroin charge

E!Online 5/9/03 Scandal for Not-Yet Reality Star

The Smoking Gun 5/9/03 The Simple Life

TV Rules 2/11/03 The Simple Life To Air On FOX

Zap2It 2/11/03 FOX Asks Rich Girls to Live 'Simple Life'

St Petersburg Times 1/29/03 Families aren't lining up to be part of TV series

Globe and Mail 9/2/02 Wanted: Rich folks with no pride

Reality News Online 8/31/02 Green Acres is the Place for Reality TV to Be


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