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Reality TV Fans 2/4/10 Ratings Report: Shear Genius Returns for Season Three With Highest Rated Premiere Ever

Reality TV Magazine 2/3/10 Shear Genius Season Premiere: Who Will Make The Cut?

Reality TV Magazine 2/3/10 Shear Genius Gets a Makeover and a New Celebrity Host 2/3/10 Shear Genius Season 3: Episode 1 Recap 2/2/10 Shear Genius: Exclusive Interview With Kim Vo

Reality TV Fans 1/15/10 Bravo Announces Nexxus as Sponsor for Season Three of “Shear Genius”

Denver Post 12/8/09 Matthew Morris is second Denver stylist to appear on Bravo's "Shear Genius"

Reality TV Fans 12/3/09 Bravo Announces Stylists for Season 3 of “Shear Genius”

People 12/2/09 Camila Alves to Host New Season of Shear Genius

Reality TV Fans 3/5/09 Casting Call - Season 3 of Shear Genius
AfterElton 9/1/08 "Shear Genius"'s Charlie Price misses the final cut

Fans of Reality TV 8/30/08 Finale Recap: Getting Drunk and Buying Designer Clothes

BuddyTV 8/28/08 Exclusive Interview: Dee Adams, Winner of 'Shear Genius'
Zap2It 8/27/08 Finalewatch: 'Shear Genius': Head to Head to Head

BuddyTV 8/27/08 'Shear Genius' Finale Airs Tonight
Fans of Reality TV 8/22/08 Recap: Killing a Fly With a Shotgun

Fans of Reality TV 8/15/08 Recap: If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

Zap2It 8/14/08 'Shear Genius': All-ages show

Reality TV Magazine 8/13/08 Shear Genius Makes Fun of Others

Fans of Reality TV 8/9/08 Recap: Every Dog Has Its Day at the Salon

Reality TV Magazine 8/7/08 The Stylists Are Failing on Shear Genius
Zap2It 8/6/08 'Shear Genius': Groom This  

Fans of Reality TV 8/3/08 Recap: Charlie's Angels go to Hair Hell

Zap2It 7/30/08 'Shear Genius': Angels and Circus Clowns

Fans of Reality TV 7/25/08 Recap: Wigging Out
Fans of Reality TV 7/20/08 Recap : Begging to be Banged
Zap2It 7/16/08 'Shear Genius': You should try this at home
Fans of Reality TV 7/11/08 Recap: Sounds Liiiike…..Knife

Zap2It 7/9/08 'Shear Genius': It's spelled H-U-B-R-I-S

Fans of Reality TV 7/6/08 Recap: And The Emmy Goes To...The Orange!

Zap2It 7/2/08 'Shear Genius': Orange You Glad You Asked?

Fans of Reality TV 6/29/08 Recap: The First Cut is the Deepest

BuddyTV 6/25/08 Shear Genius: Season 2 Premiere Recap
Zap2It 6/25/08 Premierewatch: "Shear Genius"

NY Daily News 6/25/08 It's 'Shear' lunacy to cut blindfolded
Extra 6/25/08 Sheer Drama on 'Shear Genius'
BuddyTV 6/24/08 Shear Genius Inks Deal with Nexxus, Host Reveals First Challenge
RMN 6/24/08 'Shear Genius' sharpens the stakes
Advocate 6/23/08 Hair Apparent

Reality TV Magazine 6/22/08: Shear Genius Is Cutting Up

Reality TV World 6/16/08 Jaclyn Smith and Kim Vo dish on 'Shear Genius' second season
Entertainment Tonight 6/13/08 Update: 'Shear Genius' Reunites 'Charlie's Angels'
BuddyTV 6/10/08 'Shear Genius' Returns with a New Round of Hair-Cutting Action
Zap2It 6/9/08 Meet Your 'Shear Genius 2' Contestants

Celebrity Spider 4/15/08 Bravo Announces "Shear Genius" to Return for Season 2

Yahoo 1/6/08 Bravo puts Aussie hairstylist in dryer's seat

Reality TV Links 12/22/07 Casting Call - Shear Genius 2

Celebrity Spider 12/6/07 Bravo Orders New Seasons for "Shear Genius" and "Top Design"

Zap2It 12/6/07 'Shear Genius,' 'Top Design' Return to Bravo

Palm Beach Post 6/6/07 A South Florida stylist's brush with greatness

Reality Thumbnails 6/3/07 Shear Genius: The Finale - Shake It!

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/07 Only One Makes The Final Cut: Finale Recap

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/1/07 Recap: She Bob, He Bob, I Bob, You Bob

Reality TV World 5/31/07 Anthony Morrison wins Bravo's 'Shear Genius' reality hairstyling series

Celebrity Spider 5/30/07 Vidal Sassoon Guest Judges Bravo's "Shear Genius" Finale Tonight

Reality Thumbnails 5/29/07 Shear Genius: Episode 7 - Steppin' In

Reality Shack 5/25/07 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: Sheer Formula for Shear Genius

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/07 Daisy And Her Sex Kitten

Reality Thumbnails 5/22/07 Shear Genius: Episode 6 - Dy-No-Mite

Bainbridge Island Review 5/19/07 Reality TV show judge won't curl up and dye

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/18/07 Recap: Wedding Hair

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/07 Dis Your Partner And Go Home: Episode 6 Recap

Reality Check By Gina 5/16/07 Danna Dishes About The Cursed Allure Wall Of Fame & More

TV Guide 5/16/07 Angel Hair: Jaclyn Smith Gets in Her Reality-TV Cuts

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Wedding Bells Ring Tomorrow on "Shear Genius"

Reality Thumbnails 5/14/07 Shear Genius: Episode 5: Fig Jam I Yam

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/07 Victims Or Clients? Episode 5 Recap

Reality Check By Gina 5/9/07 Evangelin Dishes On Hedge Trimmers & Why It Was Her Time To Go

Celebrity Spider 5/8/07 Ken Paves & Christophe Guest Judge Tomorrow on "Shear Genius"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/8/07 Recap: Prom Hair Never Looked So Bad

Reality Thumbnails 5/7/07 Shear Genius: Episode 4 - Red Carpets and Giggles

TMZ 5/3/07 Jaclyn Smith: "Shear" Beauty

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/07 Hedge Clippers, Yeah That's A Good Idea: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/07 Ranking The Remaining 7

Reality Check By Gina 5/2/07 An Interview With Theodore Leaf

Reality Thumbnails 5/1/07 Shear Genius: Episode 3 - Rock, Paper Scissors, Hedge Clippers

Salt Lake Tribune 5/1/07 Culture Vulture: Homegrown talent makes cut on 'Shear Genius'

Reality Thumbnails 4/30/07 Shear Genius: Episode 2 - Do Blondes Have Move Fun?

Reality Thumbnails 4/29/07 Shear Genius: Episode 1 - Signature Styles and Top Props

Fans of Reality TV 4/28/07 Tool Size Does Matter

Celebrity Spider 4/27/07 Vanessa Williams Looks for a Red Carpet "Do" Wednesday on Shear Genius

Reality TV Calendar 4/27/07 Ranking The Remaining 8

Reality TV Calendar 4/26/07 The Long And Short Of It: Episode 3 Recap

After Elton 4/26/07 Shear Genius Recap 1.3 - "They're Bloody Crying Already"

Celebrity Spider 4/25/07 Shear Genius Stylists Get Their Shag on Tonight on Bravo

Fans Of Reality T.V. 4/22/07 Recap: I Know Color or Not

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/07 Hair Yesterday, Gone Today: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/07 Ranking The Remaining 10

After Elton 4/19/07 Shear Genius Recap – 1.2 – “Carrot Top in Drag”

Reality TV Calendar 4/16/07 Who Made The Cut? Ranking The Remaining 11

After Ellen 4/16/07 Hairy Competition on Bravo's "Shear Genius"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 4/13/07 Premiere Recap: Lather Up

Reality TV Calendar 4/12/07 The First Cut Is The Deepest: Episode 1 Recap

ET Online 4/11/07 Jaclyn Smith's 'Shear Genius'

News Leader 4/11/07 'Shear Genius' contestants charm with offbeat whimsy

Zap2It 4/11/07 Smith Lets Her Hair Down for 'Shear Genius'

NY Times 4/11/07 Dryers Hot, Pass the Pomade and Pray for a Good Hair Day

NY Post 4/10/07 Dis-tress call

Deseret News 4/11/07 This is 'Shear Genius'!

Inside Bay Area 4/10/07 Can Richmond stylist make the cut on TV? 4/9/07 Ridgewood stylist competes on Bravo

Bangor Daily News 4/6/07 Only time will tell if 'Shear Genius' makes the cut and survives the season

NY Post 4/1/07 Bravo's Makeover Shows Too Formulaic 

Celebrity Spider 3/16/07 Contestants and Judges Announced for "Shear Genius" on Bravo

Celebrity Spider 3/5/07 Nexxus Named Official Hair Care Sponsor for Bravo's "Shear Genius"

Celebrity Spider 1/12/07 Jaclyn Smith Named Host of New Bravo Reality Series "Shear Genius"

Hollywood Reporter 10/26/06 Cut and dried: Bravo, Reveille plan 'Top Hair'


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