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Reality TV Magazine 4/14/11 Secret Millionaire: Ali Brown Talks About Her Time On The Show

Reality TV Magazine 4/13/11 Secret Millionaire: Season Recap

Reality TV Magazine 4/12/11 Secret Millionaire: Ali Brown Talks about how She Became A Millionaire & Why She Did the Show

Reality TV Magazine 4/10/11 Secret Millionaire: Finale With Ali Brown

Reality TV Fans 4/10/11 Ali Brown Lives And Volunteers Among The Venice Beach Homeless Tonight On Secret Millionaire

Reality TV Magazine 4/7/11 Secret Millionaire: Gary & Diane Heavin Talk About Their Experience On The Show

Reality TV Magazine 4/6/11 Secret Millionaire: How Gary And Diane Heavin Became Millionaires

Reality TV Magazine 4/4/11 Secret Millionaire: Featured Charities

Reality TV Magazine 4/3/11 Secret Millionaire: Gary and Diane Heavin

Reality TV Fans 4/3/11 “Curves” Founders Gary and Diane Heavin Visit Houston’s Third Ward Tonight on Secret Millionaire

Reality TV Magazine 3/27/11 Secret Millionaire: John Ferber

Reality TV Fans 3/27/11 An Entrepreneur Helps Those Making A Difference On LA’s Skid Row Tonight On Secret Millionaire

Reality TV Magazine 3/24/11 Secret Millionaire: James Malinchak’s ABC Interview

Reality TV Magazine 3/20/11 Secret Millionaire: James Malinchak

Reality TV Fans 3/20/11 Mogul James Malinchak Goes Undercover In Gary, Indiana Tonight On Secret Millionaire

Reality TV Magazine 3/13/11 Secret Millionaire: Marc Paskin Recap

Reality TV Fans 3/13/11 Millionaire Marc Paskin Searches Detroit For Deserving Individuals Tonight On Secret Millionaire

U-T San Diego 3/11/11 La Jolla man talks about being “Secret Millionaire”

Reality TV Magazine 3/10/11 Secret Millionaire: Q&A With Dani Johnson On How She Became A Millionaire

Reality TV Magazine 3/6/11 Secret Millionaire: Series Premiere

Reality TV Fans 3/6/11 Entrepreneur Dani Johnson Blends Into The Mean Streets Of Knoxville Tonight On Secret Millionaire

Zap2It 3/6/11 Meet Dani Johnson: 'Secret Millionaire' donates to The Love Kitchen and more

Uncle Barky 3/4/11 The needy overcome the contrivances in ABC's Secret Millionaire

NY Post 3/3/11 'Secret' millionaires buy good PR

Reality TV Fans 1/6/11 Secret Millionaire – ABC Sneak Peek

Reality TV Fans 12/10/10 Secret Millionaire to Premiere March 6 on ABC

Reality TV Fans 8/25/10 Secret Millionaire – Summer Press Tour

LA Times 8/1/10 TCA Press Tour: 'Secret Millionaire' not an 'Undercover Boss'

Reality TV Fans 6/11/10 Secret Millionaire Coming to ABC

NY Post 5/19/10 Slum Dog richies return

Zap2It 9/11/09 ABC picks up 'Secret Millionaire' from FOX
Reality TV Calendar 12/21/08 An Experience You Can Not Buy
Reality TV Magazine 12/19/08 Secret Millionaire: Gregory Haerr gives big in Las Vegas
Reality TV Magazine 12/18/08 Secret Millionaire: Molly Shattuck changes lives in Shenandoah
Reality TV Fans 12/18/08 Utah Millionaire is in Las Vegas Tonight on Secret Millionaire
Reality TV Fans 12/17/08 Millionaire Cheerleader Molly Shattuck Tonight on Secret MillionaireReality TV Calendar 12/14/08 Living On $14 A Day Is Hard
Reality TV Magazine 12/13/08 Secret Millionaire: The $300 million dollar man leaves it all behind
Reality TV Calendar 12/12/08 "Regular Underwear Might Give Me A Rash!"
BuddyTV 12/11/08 Ad Man on Tonight's 'Secret Millionaire'
Reality TV Magazine 12/11/08 Secret Millionaire: Owner of DUB Magazine goes undercover in South LA
Reality TV Fans 12/11/08 Gurbaksh Chahal Goes Undercover Tonight on Secret Millionaire
Reality TV Fans 12/10/08 Co-Founder of DUB Magazine and his Wife Tonight on Secret Millionaire
Sign on San Diego 12/8/08 Imperial Beach upset by 'Secret' portrayal
Reality TV Calendar 12/5/08 Spreading The Wealth
NY Post 12/5/08 Don't Underestimate Teary 'Secret Millionaire'
NY Times 12/5/08 The Rich Save Their Souls (and a Few Poor People)
BuddyTV 12/4/08 Todd Graves on Being a 'Secret Millionaire'
E! Online 12/4/08 Secret Millionaire Richer Than Grammy Special
BuddyTV 12/3/08 'Secret Millionaire' Premieres Tonight on FOX
Reality TV Magazine 12/3/08 Secret Millionaire: Premieres Tonight
Reality TV Fans 12/3/08 Secret Millionaire Debuts Tonight on FOX
Newsday 12/2/08 Review: 'Secret Millionaire' On Fox
NY Post 11/10/08 Undercover Millionaire
Reality TV Calendar 11/3/08 FOX Goes Public With Secret Millionaires
Reality TV Fans 11/3/08 FOX Announces Contestants for New Reality Series “Secret Millionaires”
Baltimore Sun 11/3/08 Molly Shattuck to give away money on reality TV show

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