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Triangle Business Journal 7/2/13 Scotty McCreery back for this year's fair

Taste of Country 7/1/13 Scotty McCreery Sailing With ‘Duck Dynasty’ Crew on 2014 Cruise

Taste of Country 6/28/13 Scotty McCreery Will Strive to Be Half the Dad His ‘Daddy’ Was to Him

CMT 6/14/13 Offstage: Scotty McCreery Could Be on the 50-Year College Plan

The Boot 6/10/13 Scotty McCreery to Perform For A Capitol Fourth in Washington, D.C.

USA Today 6/9/13 Scotty McCreery splits time between studio, CMA Fest

Cleveland Post 6/3/13 McCreery gives back to Garner

Press-Enterprise 5/29/13 “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery blows in

Smashing Interviews Magazine 4/16/13 Scotty McCreery Interview: An American Idol's Life: Faith, Cracker Barrel and ...

Hampshire Review 4/8/13 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery to serve as one of festival's youngest Grand Marshals

Entertainment Weekly 4/7/13 Scotty McCreery's new single 'See You Tonight' sounds shockingly contemporary

Zap2It 4/5/13 'American Idol' preview: Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery will perform in the Top 6 week

Digital Spy 4/3/13 Keith Urban, Kaley Cuoco, Scotty McCreery to present at ACMs

Chicago Tribune 3/27/13 Interview: 'American Idol' Scotty McCreery is not your average college kid

The Boot 2/25/13 'American Idol' Season 12: Scotty McCreery Weighs In on Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban as Judges

Hollywood Reporter 2/24/13 'American Idol' Winner Scotty McCreery Does the 'Harlem Shake' (Video) 2/21/13 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery talks about stardom and his Atlantic City solo debut

Forbes 1/31/13 American Idol: The Education of Scotty McCreery

People 12/13/12 Scotty McCreery Takes You Inside the Christmas in Washington Concert

Digital Spy 11/29/12 Scotty McCreery: 'Keith Urban will be interesting on American Idol'

Wenatchee World Online 11/1/12 Clear as McCreery: ‘Idol’ star balances life in college and country music

Hollywood Reporter 10/25/12 'American Idol' On The Charts: Scotty McCreery and Adam Lambert Double Up With New No. 1s

Great American Country 10/10/12 Scotty McCreery Has A ‘Normal’ Life As A College Student

Reality TV Magazine 9/5/12 Scotty McCreery To Celebrate The Season With A Christmas Album

Daily Mail 8/15/12 American Idol's Scotty McCreery trips off the stage... and blames it on Brad Paisley

Reality TV Magazine 8/14/12 Scotty McCreery Tumbles Off Stage During Performance

News & Observer 7/2/12 McCreery gets two shows at 2012 State Fair

Taste of Country 7/1/12 Scotty McCreery Won’t Get Caught Up in ‘Sappy Love Songs’ on Next Album

Worcester Telegram 7/1/12 'Idol' Scott McCreery, fans shine at Indian Ranch

Charlotte Observer 6/30/12 The continuing education of Scotty McCreery

Taste of Country 6/29/12 Scotty McCreery Reflects on Life After ‘American Idol’ and What the Future Holds

Daily Pilot 6/28/12 American Idol Scotty McCreery is coming to O.C.

USA Today 6/26/12 Video: Scotty McCreery's 'Water Tower Town'

WRAL 6/19/12 Scotty McCreery boosts singers at Charlotte 'Idol' auditions

CMT 6/19/12 Offstage: Scotty McCreery Makes Clear Decision

CMT 6/18/12 Offstage: Scotty McCreery Looks for Balance

People 6/8/12 Scotty McCreery Graduates High School

Gather 6/5/12 'American Idol' Video: Scotty McCreery Changes His Name for Conan

Gather 5/20/12 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery Talks Teen Choice and 'Idol' Finale

News & Observer 4/23/12 Scotty McCreery receives third country music nomination

News & Observer 4/20/12 Scotty McCreery pitches well in loss

USA Today 4/11/12 Scotty McCreery sells a million

Reality TV Magazine 4/3/12 Scotty McCreery Talks College Plans, Idol and “Insane” Fans

Digital Spy 4/1/12 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery going to college

Zap2It 3/29/12 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery brings his 'Water Tower Town' to the 'Idol' stage

Reality TV Magazine 3/28/12 Scotty McCreery To Perform New Single This Week On American Idol

Taste of Country 3/26/12 Scotty McCreery, ‘Water Tower Town’ – Song Review

CMT 3/26/12 Scotty McCreery Will Sing on American Idol on Thursday

Digital Spy 3/23/12 Nicki Minaj, Scotty McCreery to perform on next 'American Idol'

Tucson Citizen 3/14/12 Idol winner is pitch perfect in mound debut

Yahoo 3/13/12 American Idol Scotty McCreery sparkles in long-awaited varsity pitching debut

Zap2It 3/7/12 'American Idol' Scotty McCreery to sing off eliminated contestants

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/12 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery covers 'Please Remember Me' for season 11's goodbye song

USA Today 3/6/12 Scotty McCreery finally sings 'Idol' exit song

Taste of Country 3/2/12 Scotty McCreery Goes on ‘High Alert’ After Pranking Brad Paisley

CBS News 3/2/12 Scott McCreery readies a return to his high school baseball team 2/28/12 Scott McCreery Goes Gold

News & Observer 2/26/12 Does 'American Idol' star have pitch?

Quad City Times 2/23/12 'American Idol' winner McCreery savors life on the road

El Paso Inc. 2/15/12 ‘Idol' Scotty McCreery on balancing stardom, homework

Country Weekly 2/13/12 Scotty McCreery Weighs In on ACM Nom

News & Observer 2/10/12 Scotty gets CMA nod, second gold single

USA Today 2/9/12 Scotty McCreery gets ACM new-artist nomination 2/8/12 McCreery to play Azalea Festival; queen announced

BuddyTV 1/24/12 'American Idol' Roundup: Scotty McCreery to 'Hart of Dixie', And Special Treatment for Jim Carrey's Kid?

Greenville Daily Reflector 1/24/12 Scotty McCreery accepted to ECU

Digital Spy 1/24/12 Scotty McCreery advises 'American Idol' hopefuls: 'Don't get stressed'

Digital Spy 1/24/12 Scotty McCreery thanks fans for "incredible year" - video

Zap2It 1/23/12 'Idol' Scotty McCreery heads to 'Hart of Dixie,' Justin Hartley joins him 1/16/12 Garner 'Idol' talks college plans, tour

USA Today 1/13/12 Scotty McCreery kicks off tour with Brad Paisley

Grand Rapids Press 1/13/12 Scotty McCreery a hit on Brad Paisley's 'Virtual Reality' tour

Reality TV Magazine 1/11/12 Scotty McCreery’s Debut Album Goes Platinum

Digital Spy 1/11/12 Scotty McCreery on college: 'It might take 50 years to get a degree'

Hollywood Reporter 1/10/12 Scotty McCreery's 'Clear as Day' Certified Platinum

USA Today 1/10/12 Scotty McCreery's album goes platinum

USA Today 1/9/12 Scotty McCreery looking at busy last semester

Grand Rapids Press 1/8/12 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery honored to open for Brad Paisley (video)

Star Tribune 1/7/12 No idle moments for Scotty McCreery

Charlotte Observer 12/26/11 McCreery wraps up big year with charity work

Digital Spy 12/5/11 Scotty McCreery wins 'Artist of the Year: New Artist' at 2011 ACAs

Zap2It 12/1/11 CMA Country Christmas: Scotty McCreery surprises a fan, sings 'Noel'

TV Guide 11/25/11 Video: Idol Alums Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Botch Lip-Synching, the National Anthem

Hollywood Reporter 11/24/11 'Idol' Alums Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina Flub Thanksgiving Performances (Video)

TMZ 11/24/11 'Idol' Champ Scotty McCreery - Massive Lip Sync Flub at Thanksgiving Day Parade

Digital Spy 10/24/11 Scotty McCreery returns to school in 'Trouble With Girls' video

Hollywood Reporter 10/21/11 AI: With Scotty McCreery's Successful Debut, Did Universal Learn From Sony's Mistakes?

Hollywood Reporter 10/20/11 'American Idol's Scotty McCreery Flubs National Anthem at World Series (Video)

BBC 10/13/11 American Idol's Scotty McCreery tops US album chart

BuddyTV 10/12/11 'American Idol' Roundup: Scotty McCreery's Debut Makes New Records

Zap2It 10/12/11 Scotty McCreery debuts at No. 1 on Billboard chart, breaks 'American Idol' drought

Hollywood Reporter 10/3/11 Scotty McCreery Talks 'Clear As Day' Tracks, Family Support and the 'AI' 'Pressure Cooker'

Gather 10/2/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery Had Clear Vision For Debut Album

NY Daily News 9/29/11 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery to tour with Brad Paisley in 2012

Gather 9/27/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery Talks Album, Slams Dating Rumors

Examiner 9/13/11 Scotty McCreery talks school, 'Clear As Day' tracks and cover released

Digital Spy 9/12/11 'American Idol's Scotty McCreery on returning to school: 'I'm just going to be a normal kid'

Examiner 9/11/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina give album details

Digital Spy 8/29/11 Scotty McCreery's new single 'The Trouble With Girls' to premiere Tuesday

Examiner 8/18/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery goes gold, talks about wild life since win

Reality TV Magazine 8/15/11 Scotty McCreery Releasing Debut Album In October

Examiner 8/12/11 'American Idol': Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery set album release dates

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/11 Scotty McCreery vs Lauren Alaina In The Debut Music Video Showdown

Idolhead Ed 8/10/11 Pia, Scotty, and Lauren videos out. See them here

MTV 8/9/11 'American Idol' Winner Scotty McCreery Releases Debut Video

Reality TV Magazine 8/7/11 Teen Choice Awards Pit American Idol’s Scotty McCreery Against The Voice’s Javier Colon

Examiner 8/1/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery dishes more on his debut album release

Examiner 7/27/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery reveals more details on upcoming album

Examiner 7/26/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina on new perks in life

Examiner 7/23/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina talk life with Google

Gather 7/22/11 'American Idol': Lauren Alaina Stirs Up The Scotty McCreery Kiss Again

Examiner 7/18/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina give back to charity

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/11 'American Idol Live' Tour: Scotty McCreery Impresses, Lauren Alaina Limps (Literally)

Examiner 7/15/11 'American Idol': Sneak peek of Scotty McCreery's first music video

Examiner 7/14/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery talks fame - David Cook visits Leno

Examiner 7/6/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina get producers, Toscano signs

Examiner 7/1/11 Scotty McCreery talks life-changing 'American Idol' experience

Examiner 6/29/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and the top 11 sing 'Stand By Me'

Examiner 6/28/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery leads top 11 on 'Gone'

Examiner 6/25/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina land management deals

Reality TV Fans 6/24/11 American Idol’s Scotty McCreery Wows at CMA Fest

Examiner 6/22/11 Scotty McCreery wants to 'separate himself' from 'American Idol'

Examiner 6/20/11 'American Idol': Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery will be 'friends forever'

Examiner 6/18/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery reveals more plans for upcoming album

AJC 6/16/11 Scotty McCreery’s ‘I Love You This Big’ enters country top 30

Examiner 6/14/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina talk about future duet plans

Reality TV Fans 6/13/11 American Idol: Scotty McCreery Interview

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/11 RTVM Battle: The Voice’s Patrick Thomas vs. Scotty McCreery of American Idol

E!Online 6/6/11 American Idol's Lauren vs. Scotty Round 2: The Verdict Is...

Zap2It 6/3/11 Scotty McCreery on post-'Idol' success: 'I am humbled and shocked'

Digital Spy 6/3/11 'American Idol' Scotty, Lauren perform duet: Video

Digital Spy 6/3/11 'American Idol' Lauren 'kissed Scotty for dare'

TV Guide 6/2/11 American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Shows Us How to Get "Scottified"

Digital Spy 6/2/11 'American Idol' Scotty, Lauren 'haven't changed'

Digital Spy 6/2/11 'Idol' Scotty 'doesn't get Bieber comparison'

Reality TV Fans 6/1/11 Idols Scotty & Lauren To Present At 2011 CMT Music Awards

Reality TV Fans 6/1/11 Scotty McCreery: New American Idol

Gather 6/1/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Sign Record Deal

Daily Mail 5/31/11 America's Idol Scotty McCreery is mobbed by fans as he visits Disney World

Reality TV Magazine 5/30/11 American Idol: Scotty McCreery’s Big Debut On The Charts

Gather 5/27/11 'American Idol' Scotty McCreery Clears Up Lauren Alaina Dating Rumors

Idolhead Ed 5/27/11 Scotty and Lauren knock Adele from her #1 perch on iTunes: My review

Hollywood Reporter 5/27/11 What Scotty McCreery Earns for Winning 'American Idol'

Daily Mail 5/27/11 American Idol winner Scott McCreery denies dating runner-up Lauren Alaina

Sydney Morning Herald 5/27/11 How Scotty McCreery won American Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/26/11 American Idol 10: Why Scotty Won

LA Times 5/26/11 Could Scotty McCreery's age have kept him from getting 'American Idol' top prize?

TV Guide 5/26/11 American Idol Champ Scotty McCreery: "What You See Is What You Get with Me"

Star Advertiser 5/26/11 4th judge cleared path for McCreery 'Idol' payout

LA Times 5/26/11 Scotty McCreery on winning 'American Idol' -- and what's going on with him and Lauren Alaina

The Pilot 5/26/11 Scotty Pulls It Off

NY Daily News 5/26/11 Scotty McCreery wins 'American Idol': How record industry will make him a commercial success

Digital Spy 5/26/11 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery: Q&A

TV Guide 5/26/11 American Idol's Scotty McCreery on Dating, Duet Rumors: Lauren and I Sound Great Together

TV Guide 5/26/11 Lauren Alaina: I Knew Scotty Would Win

USA Today 5/26/11 'Idol' winner Scotty McCreery: 'This is my new life!'

People 5/26/11 Scotty McCreery: I Shared 'Special Moments' with Lauren Alaina

Daily Mail 5/26/11 Scotty McCreery named American Idol winner with more than 122m votes cast

BuddyTV 5/25/11 Scotty McCreery's 'American Idol' Season in Review

Reality TV Magazine 5/25/11 American Idol: Did Scotty McCreery Deserve To Win?

News Observer 5/25/11 Scotty Wins!

Christian Post 5/25/11 Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol;' Thanks the Lord

Taste of Country 5/25/11 Scotty McCreery Wins ‘American Idol’ Season 10

Fox Sports Carolinas 5/25/11 New 'Idol' McCreery aims for return to baseball

Washington Post 5/25/11 Scotty McCreery, teen country crooner, wins ‘American Idol’ in record vote

Taste of Country 5/25/11 Tim McGraw Joins Scotty McCreery to Sing ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ on ‘American Idol’ Finale

Plain Dealer 5/25/11 Nice guy Scotty McCreery beats nice girl Lauren Alaina to win 'American Idol' crown

USA Today 5/25/11 Does Scotty McCreery have 'Idol' in the bag?

Zap2It 5/25/11 'American Idol' Live: Will Scotty McCreery shave his head?

Charlotte Observer 5/25/11 Suspense ends tonight for McCreery and fans

Zap2It 5/24/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery's final performances

WCNC 5/24/11 Where 'Idol' finalist Scotty McCreery found his voice

WRAL 5/24/11 Scotty's father talks nerves, deep voice

Taste of Country 5/24/11 Scotty McCreery Debuts New Single ‘Love You This Big’ on ‘American Idol’ Tonight

Gather 5/24/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Talk The Finale

Zap2It 5/24/11 Scotty McCreery could be most popular 'American Idol' ever, says Nigel Lythgoe

Us Magazine 5/24/11 Idol's Scotty McCreery Fights to "Stay Calm" for "Intimidating" Finale

LA Times 5/24/11 'Idol' a little bit country with Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

Reality TV Fans 5/23/11 American Idol – There’s Just Something About Scotty McCreery

Reality TV Magazine 5/23/11 American Idol: Scotty McCreery “Humbled” To Be In The Finale

BuddyTV 5/22/11 Scotty McCreery's 'American Idol' Season So Far

Examiner 5/22/11 'American Idol': Steven Tyler talks about Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

NBC 17 5/22/11 Scotty McCreery invites HS choral director to 'American Idol' shows

Gather 5/20/11 'American Idol' Spoilers: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Order Set

The Pilot 5/19/11 Scotty Makes Final Two on "Idol"

WRAL 5/19/11 Garner teen makes it to 'Idol' finale

News Observer 5/19/11 Scotty's fans cheer for the 'Idol' finalist

Taste of Country 5/19/11 Scotty McCreery Is Not Voted Off and Is Now an ‘American Idol’ Finalist

Gather 5/19/11 'American Idol': Pia Toscano Supports Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

News and Observer 5/19/11 Twitter goes wild for Garner bear

Taste of Country 5/18/11 Scotty McCreery Makes Us Believe in Him on Tonight’s ‘American Idol’

WRAL 5/18/11 Neighbors react to 'Idol' finalist's fame

Zap2It 5/18/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery's 'She Believes In Me' has us believing in him

MTV 5/18/11 Scotty McCreery's Pals Thought 'American Idol' Was 'A Far-Fetched Idea'

Taste of Country 5/12/11 Scotty McCreery Still Safe

News Observer 5/12/11 Scotty makes 'Idol' Top 3 in a nail-biter

NBC 17 5/12/11 Scotty McCreery to return to Garner after making 'American Idol' Top 3

Star Ledger 5/12/11 Lady Gaga inspires Scotty McCreery with spicy words, or did she corrupt him?

News Observer 5/12/11 Scotty Watch: When McCreery met Gaga

Taste of Country 5/11/11 Scotty McCreery’s ‘Young Blood’ Was Pumping on Tonight’s ‘American Idol’

Gather 5/7/11 'American Idol': Are Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Dating?

Taste of Country 5/5/11 Scotty McCreery Makes It to the Final Four on ‘American Idol’ Tonight

People 5/5/11 American Idol: Why Scotty McCreery Is Always on Your Mind

Zap2It 5/5/11 'American Idol' Live: Meet Scotty McCreery's three blondes

USA Today 5/4/11 Scotty McCreery sings 'Always on My Mind'

Zap2It 5/4/11 Scotty McCreery is 'Always On My Mind' on 'American Idol'

Taste of Country 5/4/11 Scotty McCreery Won’t Be ‘Gone’ From ‘American Idol’

Zap2It 5/4/11 'American Idol's' Scotty McCreery: 'Gone' shows off his wild side

USA Today 5/4/11 Scotty McCreery gets real, real 'Gone'

Taste of Country 4/27/11 Scotty McCreery Nearly ‘Flawless’ on Tonight’s ‘American Idol’

USA Today 4/27/11 Scotty McCreery says you've got a friend

Taste of Country 4/27/11 Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Duet Again on ‘American Idol’

Reality TV Magazine 4/25/11 American Idol: Scotty McCreery Fans Cheer Him On While Helping Tornado Victims

Taste of County 4/21/11 Scotty McCreery is Safe on ‘American Idol’ Once Again

News and Observer 4/20/11 Scotty ain't got that swing with the judges

Zap2It 4/20/11 Scotty McCreery goes 'Swingin'' on 'American Idol' - what'd you think?

USA Today 4/20/11 Scotty McCreery's just a-Swingin'

Taste of Country 4/20/11 Scotty McCreery Serenades ‘Idol’ Viewers With LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Swingin”

Charlotte Observer 4/20/11 Scotty McCreery's 'American Idol' boom continues 4/14/11 Garner native advances on 'American Idol' to top seven

Zap2It 4/14/11 'American Idol's' Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina's sweet 'American Honey' duet

News & Observer 4/14/11 Scotty stays pure country for movie night on 'Idol'

Gather 4/11/11 'American Idol' Spoilers: Contestants Get Zombie Treatment (photo)

NBC 17 4/7/11 Garner's Scotty McCreery advances on 'American Idol' with Elvis hit

USA Today 4/6/11 Scotty McCreery's all right, mama

Zap2It 4/6/11 'American Idol's' Scotty McCreery rocks some Elvis for Top 9

News and Observer 4/5/11 McCreery must pick a rock legend's song

Garner Citizen 4/1/11 Scotty McCreery’s Blue Crew to Appear at Garner Expo

FOX 8 3/31/11 Scotty McCreery's "Country Comfort" Keeps Him Safe

NBC 17 3/31/11 Garner's Scotty McCreery makes top 9 on 'American Idol'

News and Observer 3/31/11 Scotty Watch: Finding his Elton 'Comfort' zone

The Pilot 3/31/11 Will McCreery Stay on the 'Idol' Radar?

USA Today 3/30/11 No more second chances, but Scotty McCreery looks country comfortable

Taste of Country 3/30/11 Scotty McCreery Finds ‘Country Comfort’ on ‘American Idol’ Tonight

Hollywood Reporter 3/28/11 Scotty McCreery Leads Battle of Twitter Followers, With Casey Abrams in Close Second

Gather 3/26/11 Simon Cowell Talks 'American Idol' and Scotty McCreery

News and Observer 3/24/11 Win or lose, Scotty is already Garner's idol

WRAL 3/24/11 Garner teen makes it to 'Idol' tour

NBC 17 3/24/11 Garner's Scotty McCreery makes top 10 on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/23/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery's country-fried 'For Once In My Life'

USA Today 3/23/11 Scotty McCreery, the low-note lady-killer

Examiner 3/23/11 Scott McCreery shines during Motown Week on 'American Idol'

Taste of Country 3/23/11 Scotty McCreery Tackles Stevie Wonder’s ‘For Once in My Life’ on ‘American Idol’

The Pilot 3/23/11 McCreery's Journey Continues Tonight

News & Observer 3/23/11 Scotty watch: McCreery faces challenge on 'Idol'

Zap2It 3/16/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery goes Travis Tritt on 'Can I Trust You With My Heart'

Zap2It 3/9/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery fords 'The River,' knows his strengths

USA Today 3/9/11 Scotty McCreery covers Garth Brooks

Zap2It 3/7/11 'American Idol': Scotty McCreery to cover Taylor Swift?

Taste of Country 3/4/11 Josh Turner Says Scotty McCreery Is ‘Smart’ and Has a ‘Great Heart’

News Observer 3/4/11 Scotty watch: Garner singer named as 'Idol' finalist

Garner Citizen 3/3/11 Scotty McCreery makes ‘Idol’ top 13

Reality TV Fans 3/4/11 American Idol Top 13 Finalist Revealed

Garner Citizen 3/3/11 Scotty McCreery gets love from Lowes Foods

News Observer 3/3/11 Scotty Watch: He's first to the finals

Garner Citizen 3/1/11 Scotty McCreery performs ‘Letters from Home’ for semifinalist competition

Garner Citizen 2/24/11 Scotty McCreery makes it into ‘American Idol’ top 24

Garner Citizen 2/23/11 Scotty McCreery gets a pass after Beatlemania, though fate in top 24 still undetermined

Garner Citizen 2/17/11 Scotty McCreery makes it through final Hollywood round with ‘I Hope You Dance’

Garner Citizen 2/16/11 Scotty McCreery survives ‘American Idol’ group competition

Garner Citizen 2/10/11 Scotty McCreery makes it through first Hollywood round

Garner Citizen 1/26/11 ‘American Idol’ contender Scotty McCreery impresses judges, viewers

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