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News Articles about Survivor Samoa and Heroes vs Villains contestant Russell Hantz


TMZ 2/19/11 'Survivor' Snitch Exposed -- The Email Evidence

Zap2It 2/16/11 'Survivor: Redemption Island': Russell Hantz is sweeter, nicer this time around?

TV Guide 2/15/11 Rob vs. Russell: Which Survivor Vet Will Become King of Redemption Island?

TV Guide 2/1/11 Survivor's Russell Hantz Accused of Leaking Show Secrets

The Daily Beast 1/31/11 Survivor Spy Exposed

Reality TV Fans 1/14/11 CBS Announces Russell Hantz & Boston Rob Mariano to Join Tribes on Survivor Redemption Island

Reality News Online 6/1/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Why Russell is Actually A Hero

TMZ 5/31/10 'Survivor' Fan Favorite -- Immunity in Battery Case

Reality TV Magazine 5/23/10 Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Russell Fired Up Over Losing

Reality TV Fans 5/21/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell – America’s Favorite Player

TV Guide 5/19/10 Survivor's Russell: I Am the Best

TV Guide 5/19/10 Survivor's Parvati: There is No Way I Could Have Played Without Russell

Reality News Online 5/18/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Why Russell Lost

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/10 A Russell Rant - Pay No Attention To The Noisy Little Man - Commentary

Reality News Online 5/17/10 “There’s a Flaw in the System!” – RealityNewsOnline’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor Russell 5/17/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell Hantz vs. Boston Rob Mariano In Next Survivor?

E!Online 5/17/10 Survivor Loser Russell: "Sandra Sucks"

Reality TV Fans 5/12/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell, Danielle and Parvati Talk About Their Rise to Power

Reality TV Fans 5/8/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell Talks About The Love Triangle

Reality TV Calendar 5/7/10 Russell Blows Away Any Chance To Win - Commentary And Analysis

E!Online 5/7/10 Russell Hantz's Survivor Tribemate Says Their Alliance "Felt Like Being in an Abusive Relationship"

Zap2It 5/7/10 'Survivor' hero Candice Woodcock, villain Danielle DiLorenzo: Russell 'is just disgusting'

Reality TV Fans 5/4/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell Talks About Parvati’s Betrayal

People 4/26/10 Survivor‘s JT: ‘I Was A Victim of Russell’s Game!’

Reality TV Magazine 4/26/10 Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains–Russell Hantz Arrested For Assault

Gather 4/24/10 Survivor Heroes & Villians - Russell Hantz Arrested. See The Mug Shot Here [Photo]

TV Guide 4/24/10 Survivor's JT: I Wouldn't Give Russell the Idol Again

Reality TV Calendar 4/23/10 Russell Arrested This Morning In Louisiana - Report and Commentary

TMZ 4/23/10 Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for Battery

TMZ 4/23/10 'Survivor' Villain -- Collared for Mug Shot

People 4/23/10 Survivor Villain Russell Hantz Busted for Brawling

Reality TV Fans 4/17/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell Talks About Convincing the Heroes

Reality TV Fans 4/10/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Don’t Mess With Russell

Reality TV Fans 4/5/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell Ponders Boston Rob’s Alliance

Reality TV Calendar 4/5/10 Russell Will Be Back For A Third Season Of Survivor - Commentary and Report

People 4/5/10 Survivor’s ‘Boston’ Rob to Russell: ‘I Appreciate the Competition’

Reality TV Fans 4/3/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell Talks About the Immunity Challenge

Reality TV Calendar 4/2/10 If The World Ends Tomorrow Russell Will Have A Hidden Immunity Idol - Commentary

TV Guide 4/2/10 Survivor's Boston Rob on Russell : "The Island Was Too Small for the Both of Us"

Zap2It 4/2/10 'Survivor' villain Boston Rob Mariano: Russell Hantz 'made the right move'

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/10 The Titans Clash Tonight On Survivor: Rob Vs Russell - Commentary and Preview

Reality TV Fans 3/31/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell and Rob Have a Heart to Heart

Reality TV Fans 3/25/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell’s Long-Term Plan

Reality TV Calendar 3/25/10 Let There Be Praise For Russell The Dick™, Damn It! - Commentary and Snarkfest

Reality TV Calendar 3/25/10 Russell And His Ready For Broadway Moment - Commentary

NY Post 3/25/10 The greatest move in 'Survivor' history?

People 3/12/10 Stephen’s Survivor Strategy Blog: Russell Knights Coach

Reality TV Fans 3/13/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell’s Nemesis

Reality TV Fans 3/6/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell Digs for the Idol

Reality TV Calendar 3/4/10 Cringe Worthy - Are Russell And Parvati The Next Rob And Amber? Survivor Commentary

Digital Spy 3/4/10 Probst: 'Hantz should have won Survivor'

Reality TV Fans 3/2/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains -Russell on Back-to-Back Seasons

Reality TV Calendar 2/28/10 Russell Vows To Boot Parvati Before The Merge - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Fans 2/27/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell Cuddling with the Devil

LA Times 2/26/10 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Parvati and Russell get too close for tribe's comfort

Zap2It 2/26/10 'Survivor' villain Randy Bailey: Russell and Rob 'will screw their best friend'

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/10 Puppet Master Russell And His Unfair Advantage - Survivor Commentary

Reality TV Fans 2/15/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell’s New Game

E!Online 2/11/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains: How Far Will Russell Go? His Costars Slip Us Some Scoop

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/10 Russell Hantz - Bio - Stimpy's Take and Interview

People 1/11/10 Survivor’s Richard Hatch Says Russell Hantz ‘Went Too Far’

Reality TV Fans 1/8/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Russell Hantz Interview

Reality TV Fans 1/7/10 CBS Announces 20 Former Castaways to Compete on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

Reality TV Magazine 12/29/09 Survivor: Samoa — Russell Hantz Angry With 2nd Place

Reality TV Calendar 12/28/09 How Well Can Russell Play With The All Star Cast?

Reality News Online 12/23/09 Survivor: Samoa – Why Russell Lost

Fans of Reality TV 12/22/09 Recap: Interview with Russell Hantz and Natalie White – “Let’s rename it the social game!”

Reality TV Calendar 12/22/09 Neither Natalie Nor Russell "Deserved" To Win - Survivor Samoa Commentary

Digital Spy 12/22/09 Jeff Probst: 'Nobody outplayed Russell'

TV Guide 12/22/09 Survivor's Russell: "You Have to Love the Way I Played the Game"

Reality TV Fans 12/21/09 Survivor: Samoa – Red Carpet Interview – Russell

Reality TV Fans 12/21/09 Survivor Samoa – Natalie and Russell on The Early Show

Survivor Fans Podcast 12/21/09 Interview with Russell Hantz 12/21/09 Survivor: Samoa - Exclusive Interview with Russell Hantz

Reality News Online 12/21/09 RealityNewsOnline’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Samoa’s Runner-Up, Russell

NY Daily News 12/21/09 Natalie White wins 'Survivor: Samoa,' but runner-up Russell Hantz calls her undeserving

Entertainment Weekly 12/21/09 'Survivor Talk': Russell says 'I wanted to cry' at the reunion

NY Post 12/21/09 Did the right person win 'Survivor: Samoa?'

LA Times 12/21/09 'Survivor': In a huge upset, Natalie beats out Russell for the title of 'sole survivor'

People 12/21/09 Survivor: Samoa’s Russell Hantz: ‘I Am Really Good At This Game’

Zap2It 12/20/09 'Survivor: Samoa' finale: Natalie White wins Russell Hantz's game

E!Online 12/20/09 Survivor Shocker: Did Russell Really Just Lose?!

Reality TV Fans 12/19/09 Survivor: Samoa – Russell Explains Keeping the Idol

Reality TV Calendar 12/14/09 The Big Question - Can Russell Win? Survivor Samoa Commentary

TV Guide 12/14/09 Survivor's Monica: Russell's "Burned a Lot of Bridges"

Zap2It 12/14/09 'Survivor: Samoa's' Monica Padilla: Russell won't win the million dollars

People 12/12/09 Survivor’s ‘Danger’ Dave on Russell, Shambo & John

LA Times 12/11/09 'Survivor': Has Russell secured his spot in the final two?

Reality TV Fans 12/6/09 Survivor: Samoa Bonus Scene – Russell’s Kingdom

People 12/5/09 Survivor: John Calls Russell ‘The Best Player Ever’

People 12/4/09 Stephen’s Survivor Strategy Blog: Russell Rockets the Vote

People 11/20/09 Stephen’s Survivor Strategy Blog: Russell Knows When to Hold ‘Em

Reality TV Hall of Fame 11/19/09 Hall of Fame Moment for Survivor: Samoa’s Russell Hantz – No Clues, One Man, Two Idols

Reality TV Fans 11/14/09 Survivor: Samoa - Russell After the Immunity Challenge

Reality TV Calendar 11/13/09 Jeff Probst On Dead Rats And Russell The Pirate - Episode 9 Blog

People 11/13/09 Stephen’s Survivor Strategy Blog: Russell’s Idol Magnetism

LA Times 11/12/09 'Survivor': Russell may be one of the best players in the game's history

Zap2It 11/12/09 'Survivor: Samoa': Russell is my hero

BuddyTV 10/30/09 It Turns Out Russell Isn't So Bad After All

Reality TV Fans 10/18/09 Survivor: Samoa - Russell Hates Milk

Reality TV Fans 10/18/09 Survivor: Samoa - Russell Warns Monica

Reality TV Fans 10/16/09 Bonus Scene With Russell - Survivor: Samoa - Takin’ Care of Babies

Star Magazine 10/16/09 Exclusive: Survivor Star's Drug Bust Nightmare

Zap2It 10/4/09 'Survivor': Russell is a jerk, Ben is a racist

Reality TV Fans 10/3/09 Survivor: Samoa - Russell on Controlling Natalie

People 9/24/09 Jeff Probst on Russell: Survivor’s Most Notorious Villain Ever?

BuddyTV 9/18/09 Is Russell Hantz Really Evil Incarnate?

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/09 Russell Runs Riot And Boots Marisa - Premiere Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/09 Russell’s Rampant Evilness Is Not So Smart - A Stimpy Snarkfest

People 9/18/09 Survivor: Samoa’s Marisa Calihan Stands Up to Russell

Reality TV Fans 9/17/09 Survivor: Samoa - Sneak Peek: Russell’s Lie

Reality TV Fans 9/16/09 Survivor: Samoa - Sneak Peek: Russell’s Alliances

Reality TV Fans 9/15/09 Survivor: Samoa - Sneak Peak: Russell the Villain

Survivor Fandom 9/15/09 Survivor Samoa - Beauties and The Beast…Will Russell H. be tamed?

Reality TV Fans 9/14/09 Survivor - Puppet Master

Reality TV Fans 9/12/09 Survivor - Russell - Bad to the Bone

Reality TV Calendar 9/10/09 Meet Survivor Russell Hantz - Stimpy's Take, Bio, Photo and More

Reality TV Fans 8/30/09 Survivor: Samoa - Meet Russell Hantz


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