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San Francisco Chronicle 1/12/07 Sex. Blood. Intrigue. All Sunday nights lead to 'Rome.'

Detroit Free Press 1/12/07 There's less sex but lots of gore in 2nd season of HBO's 'Rome'

Chicago Tribune 1/12/07 `Rome,' `Longford' keep Duncan busy

NY Post 1/12/07 Rome Sweet Rome

Variety 1/11/07 Rome

Seattle PI 1/11/07 Hail to the return of HBO's 'Rome'

USA Today 1/11/07 'Rome' goes into decline

Chicago Sun Times 1/11/07 'Rome' returns, still naughty if not so naked

USA Today 1/10/07 There's no place like 'Rome'

Celebrity Spider 1/9/07 James Purefoy Refuses to Get Naked for Rome Directors

Jam! 1/8/07 HBO's 'Rome' returns Sunday

Orlando Sentinel 8/18/06 Feature Release: 'Rome'

Media Guardian 7/13/06 Rome to fall after second series

Zap2It 7/12/06 Two and Out for 'Rome'

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/06 All roads don't lead to 'Rome' on home turf

Celebrity Spider 12/21/05 Rome Complaints Rejected by UK Watchdog

Digital Spy 12/13/05 'Rome' gets Golden Globe nomination

Digital Spy 12/1/05 BBC Two's 'Rome' falls to series low

Television Without Pity 11/26/05 Kalends Of February

Chicago Maroon 11/18/05 HBO builds a television empire with epic, honest Rome

Television Without Pity 11/17/05 The Spoils

Chicago Sun-Times 11/17/05 Sexy, bloody, conniving 'Rome'

This is London 11/11/05 The fall of Rome

Television Without Pity 11/10/05 Triumph

Chicago Tribune 11/5/05 `Rome' -- a guilty pleasure

Television Without Pity 11/5/05 Utica

BBC 11/3/05 Rome drama draws in 6.6m audience

Media Guardian 11/2/05 Hail Caesar

BBC 11/2/05 In pictures: TV drama Rome

Manchester Online 11/2/05 Must see TV: Rome

The Independent 10/28/05 BBC's drama of epic proportions

The Independent 10/23/05 Lindsay Duncan: When in Rome...

Telegraph 10/22/05 Sex, violence - and authentic tableware

Television Without Pity 10/21/05 Caesarion

BBC 10/21/05 Rome drama generates shockwaves

Celebrity Spider 10/18/05 Rome Drama Too Explicit for Italians

MegaStar 10/18/05 Rome raunch row

Digital Bulletin 10/18/05 BBC defends explicit and bloody Roman Empire epic

Daily Mail 10/18/05 BBC's graphic view of Roman life

BBC 10/17/05 BBC backs its explicit Rome epic

SF Chronicle 10/14/05 In a dry season of TV drama, HBO's 'Rome' rises to the top

NY Daily News 10/14/05 The empire strikes back

Television Without Pity 10/13/05 Pharsalus

TV Week 10/10/05 BBC Fiddles While 'Rome' Burns

Chicago Tribune 10/9/05 5 things to love about `Rome'

Television Without Pity 10/7/05 Egeria

Television Without Pity 9/30/05 The Ram Has Touched The Wall

Television Without Pity 9/23/05 Stealing From Saturn

Television Without Pity 9/16/05 The Owl In The Thornbush

BBC 9/14/05 BBC holds fire on Rome 2

Television Without Pity 9/9/05 How Titus Pullo Brought Down The Republic

Television Without Pity 9/3/05 The Stolen Eagle

Zap2It 8/31/05 'Rome' Shows Promise for HBO; VMAs Down

USA Today 8/31/05 No place like 'Rome'

Media Guardian 8/31/05 Rome opens to 4m in US

Orlando Sentinel 8/28/05 Latin for adults: HBO's 'Rome' is first-rate

Star Ledger 8/28/05 HBO goes a'Roman for new series

Toledo Blade 8/28/05 There's no place like 'Rome'

Lansing State Journal 8/28/05 HBO's 'Rome' was built over 14 months, will last next 12 weeks

The Oregonian 8/28/05 Ancient Rome's brutality, backstabbing never get old

Baltimore Sun 8/28/05 HBO creates an ancient Rome that's true to its time 8/28/05 Lavish 'Rome' skimps on depth

St Petersburg Times 8/28/05 If ancient Rome had hair gel

Denver Post 8/28/05 We come to praise "Rome"

Plain Dealer 8/28/05 Rome' if you want to, but don't expect much

Mobile Register 8/28/05 On HBO, an empire is born

Post Gazette 8/28/05 TV Review: 'Rome' conquers 'Prison Break'

Washington Post 8/28/05 No Place Like 'Rome' 8/27/05 HBO's 'Rome' is good, but not quite 'Sopranos' good

Contra Costa Times 8/27/05 There's no place like 'Rome'

Kansas City Star 8/27/05 ‘Rome’: HBO’s imperial hubris?

Mercury News 8/27/05 Almost triumphant

Detroit News 8/27/05 'Prison' doesn't break out 8/27/05 Rome's Julius and gang add a touch of Sopranos

Rocky Mountain News 8/27/05 HBO empire builds hopes around 'Rome'

Zap2It 8/27/05 Costly 'Rome' Wasn't Built in a Day

Jam! 8/27/05 HBO's Rome epic series lacks spark

Courier Journal 8/27/05 HBO's 'Rome' has more sex, violence than ABC's fallen 'Empire'

Star Telegram 8/26/05 'Rome' Improvement

Boston Globe 8/26/05 Melodramatic 'Rome' drips with lust, greed, and murder

Detroit News 8/26/05 HBO rebuilds 'Rome' -- and it rules 8/26/05 Toga Party

Chicago Tribune 8/26/05 `Rome' bears a heavy burden

AJC 8/26/05 Sex, blood, betrayal rule HBO's 'Rome'

Jam! 8/26/05 HBO's new Rome series superb

Deseret News 8/26/05 HBO hopes to give viewers authentic 'Rome'

Newsday 8/26/05 No place like 'Rome' - thankfully

SF Chronicle 8/26/05 Class warfare, sex and death -- HBO charges boldly into 'Rome'

Hollywood Reporter 8/26/05 Success for HBO goes beyond state of 'Rome'

USA Today 8/26/05 HBO's 'Rome' burns with realistic depiction of ancient life

Detroit Free Press 8/26/05 Substance, suds mix in 'Rome'

Seattle Times 8/26/05 HBO tries to conquer anew with "Rome"

Seattle PI 8/26/05 See HBO's 'Rome' and sigh

Chicago Tribune 8/25/05 British to do justice to `Rome'

USA Today 8/25/05 HBO plots to make history via 'Rome'

SF Chronicle 8/25/05 HBO Debuts Epic Series 'Rome' in L.A.

NY Daily News 8/25/05 Attention will 'Rome'

USA Today 8/25/05 TV builds on the empire that was 'Gladiator'

Tampa Bay Online 8/24/05 Et Tu, HBO? Network's Overpriced Stab At Caesar Lacks Luster

Knox News 8/23/05 'Prison' raises no bars ... 'Rome' worth the viewing effort

Knox News 8/22/05 Rome wasn't built in a day ... or a night, either

Jam! 8/22/05 'Rome' looks at everyday history

NY Times 8/21/05 HBO's Roman Holiday

Toronto Star 8/21/05 As the Romans do

Entertainment Weekly 8/19/05 Rome Preview

Newsweek 8/15/05 All Roads Lead To 'Rome'

CSM 8/12/05 'Rome' is vital to HBO TV empire

Seattle PI 7/19/05 Fall TV Preview: There are lessons for HBO in its 'Rome'

Post Gazette 7/17/05 Press Tour Journal: When in 'Rome'... 6/30/05 For 'Rome,' HBO plans its most aggressive push ever

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/05 HBO tests its On Demand with 'Rome'

Coming Soon 6/29/05 HBO's Rome Premiering on Aug. 28

Zap2It 6/29/05 HBO Starts Building 'Rome' in August

MSNBC 3/26/05 The Rise Of 'Rome'

NY Times 10/21/04 HBO's Rocky Roman Adventure

Coming Soon 9/30/04 HBO's Rome Budget Grows

Zap2It 7/26/04 HBO Summons Producer to 'Rome'

Hollywood Reporter 7/26/04 Doelger builds HBO's 'Rome'

NY Times 4/5/04 Rendering Unto Caesar's Subjects

Media Guardian 2/20/04 Hinds gets top billing in Rome

Zap2It 2/19/04 HBO Hails Hinds for 'Rome'; Berry Gets 'Blues'

Hollywood Reporter 2/19/04 Et tu, Hines? 'Rome' series has its Caesar

Coming Soon 12/4/03 Director Michael Apted Helming HBO's Rome

Zap2It 12/4/03 Director Apted Helps Build HBO's 'Rome'

BBC 10/27/03 Epic Roman drama unveiled

Hollywood Reporter 10/27/03 HBO, BBC's 'Rome' to be built in 2005

Digital Spy 10/27/03 BBC to produce 'epic' Roman series


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