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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Rodger Bingham


The Louisville Channel 4/24/01 Rodger Survives David Letterman

Cincinnati Post 4/24/01 Rodger will pick an agent

News-Enterprise 4/23/01 Ode to Kentucky Joe

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/22/01 Rodger on camera again

Post Gazette 4/21/01 Survivor Hype 4/20/01 Leave It To Beaver

E!Online 4/20/01 "Survivor": Outback Daddy Ousted

Salon 4/20/01 The crying game

Zap2It 4/20/01 'Survivor's' Rodger Tried to Turn Colby

Gist 4/20/01 Cutthroat Island Not!

Channel Cincinnati 4/20/01 Tribe Speaks: 'Kentucky Joe' Ousted

Louisville Channel 4/20/01 Gallant Rodger Bows Out

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/20/01 Popular Rodger is sacked from 'Survivor'

Detroit Free Press 4/20/01 On 'Survivor,' teacher learns lesson in outback

Channel 6000 4/19/01 One 'Survivor' Sacrifices Self, Is Ousted

Time 4/19/01 'Survivor': Farewell, My Old Kentucky Joe

News Record 4/19/01 Survivor Watch

Brent High 4/19/01 Greatest Opportunities Christianity Has Ever Known

Milwaukee Journal 4/19/01 Teacher wanted six more days

Zap2It 4/19/01 Rodger Out of 'Survivor'; Keith Engaged

Reality News Online 4/19/01 Why Rodger Lost

Louisville Channel 4/19/01 One 'Survivor' Sacrifices Self, Is Ousted

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/16/01 Rodger wins with fans

The Louisville Channel 4/13/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Close Call

Cincinnati Post 4/13/01 Soggy campers shift alliances to oust Amber

The Louisville Channel 4/6/01 "Kentucky Joe" Survives Another Episode

Cincinnati Post 4/6/01 'Survivor' alum: Odds look good for Rodger

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/5/01 Rodger still most popular, as survivors face life after Jerri

Louisville Channel 3/30/01 'Kentucky Joe' Cracks Super Seven

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/24/01 Congressman turns to 'Survivor' star

Kentucky Post 3/24/01 Bingham backing Lucas' proposal

Louisville Channel 3/15/01 'Kentucky Joe' Joins Elite Eight

Detroit Free Press 3/15/01 Close but no Jerri; Alicia gets booted

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/14/01 Rodger replaced as most popular

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/3/01 Survivor leaned on Bingham after fire accident

Louisville Channel 3/2/01 'Kentucky Joe' Marches On

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/1/01 Injury plagues Rodger's Kucha tribe

Courier Journal 3/1/01 Kentucky's 'Survivor' survivor gets a Web site

Louisville Channel 2/24/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Latest Test

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/23/01 Bingham still surviving

Grant County News 2/22/01 Grant County's Look At Survivor II

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/22/01 Reality check: Rodger popular, but still long shot

Channel Cincinnati 2/21/01 Survivor's Rodger Gets His Own Bridge

Louisville Channel 2/21/01 Patton Honors Kentucky 'Survivor'

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/16/01 'Kentucky Joe' stays on 'Survivor'

Louisville Channel 2/16/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Another Week

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/25/01 OK, 'Survivor' fans, it's three down and 12 to go

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/19/01 Cincinnati enthralled with 'Survivor,' Bingham

Zap2It 2/14/01 Web Users Pick Rodger, Jerri as Next 'Survivor' Victims

Kentucky Post 2/10/01 Gov. Patton will meet with 'Survivor' Bingham

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/9/01 'Kentucky Joe' survives another week

Louisville Channel 2/2/01 Kentucky 'Survivor' Passes Round Two

Louisville Channel 1/29/01 Kentucky 'Survivor' Makes Cut

Cincinnati Post 1/24/01 G'Day, 'Survivor II'

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/11/01 Silence is required for 'Survivor'

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/11/01 New 'Survivor' competitors younger, tougher

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/9/01 A Dose of Reality Television

Channel Cincinnati 1/8/01 Survivor: Could The Old Guy Win?

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/5/01 A Survivor among us

Kentucky Post 1/5/01 'Regular guy' on CBS 'Survivor'

Cincinnati Post 1/4/01 Grant teacher on 'Survivor 2'

Channel Cincinnati 1/4/01 Local Man Revealed To Be 'Survivor' Contestant

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/4/01 Crittenden teacher 'Survivor 2' contestant

Bergen Record 12/29/00 'Survivor' players identified

Milwaukee Journal 12/28/00 TV secrets can't survive Internet

Zap2It 12/26/00 Identities Of 'Survivor II' Contestants Revealed

TV Guide 12/26/00 Ultimate Survivor II Guide

TV Guide 12/22/00 Ultimate Survivor II Guide

Zap2it 12/20/00 Identity of Third 'Survivor' Revealed

Zap2It 12/18/00 Website Identifies Another 'Survivor II' Contestant

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/26/00 Teacher may be on 'Survivor 2'


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