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Zap2It 5/16/11 'Survivor' winner Rob Mariano: His win was 'really, really satisfying'

Zap2It 5/16/11 Rob Mariano's 'Around the World in 80 Ways' starts production immediately

Right Celebrity 5/15/11 Boston Rob Mariano is Survivor Redemption Island Winner

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/11 Rob Deserves The Win, But Will He? - Here's The Rankings

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/11 The Robfather Is In Trouble And He Knows It - A Stimpy Snarkfest

E!Online 5/12/11 Boston Rob Letting Castaways "Cut Their Own Throats," Says Survivor: Redemption Island Castoff

NPR 5/11/11 The Many Faces Of 'Survivor' Rob Mariano, All Of Which Are Smirking

TVFunSpot 5/10/11 Survivor 22: Robrobvor - Episode 12 - Everybody Loves Rob

Reality TV Fans 4/26/11 History Announces “Around the World in 80 Ways” With “Boston Rob” Mariano & Dennis Anderson

People 4/25/11 Rob Mariano Gets His Own Reality Show 4/14/11 'Survivor: Redemption Island' Recap – Boston Rob: "It's My Game"

BuddyTV 4/13/11 'Survivor' Recap: Boston Rob Reigns Supreme in Double Elimination 3/17/11 'Survivor: Redemption Island' Recap – Boston Rob Continues His Rule

TV Guide 3/11/11 Survivor's Russell: I'm Not a Survivor Whore Like Rob

People 2/24/11 Stephen's Survivor Strategy Blog: Boston Rob Rules the Roost

Zap2It 2/24/11 'Survivor: Redemption Island': Boston Rob dislikes good sportsmanship

Boston Herald 2/16/11 ‘Boston’ Rob ready to tussle with Russell

TV Guide 2/15/11 Rob vs. Russell: Which Survivor Vet Will Become King of Redemption Island?

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/11 "Boston" Rob Mariano - Stimpy's Take, Bio, Photo, Video And More

Reality TV Fans 1/14/11 CBS Announces Russell Hantz & Boston Rob Mariano to Join Tribes on Survivor Redemption Island

TV Guide 12/21/10 Survivor's Rob and Amber Welcome Baby Girl 5/17/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell Hantz vs. Boston Rob Mariano In Next Survivor?

LA Times 4/9/10 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains:' Coach dishes on his feather and bromance with Boston Rob

Reality News Online 4/8/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Why Rob Lost

Reality News Online 4/5/10 Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Boston Rob

People 4/5/10 Survivor’s ‘Boston’ Rob to Russell: ‘I Appreciate the Competition’

Fans of Reality TV 4/3/10 Recap: Interview With Rob - "The island was too small for both of us."

Reality TV Fans 4/2/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Rob’s Final Words

Reality TV Fans 4/2/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Secret Scene with Rob and Coach

Reality TV Magazine 4/2/10 Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Boston Rob Proud Of His Game

Survivor Fans Podcast 4/2/10 Interview with Boston Rob 4/2/10 Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains - Exclusive Interview with Boston Rob Mariano

E!Online 4/2/10 Survivor Superman Has Fallen and We Can't Get Up

LA Times 4/2/10 'Survivor:' Boston Rob discusses his depressing defeat

TV Guide 4/2/10 Survivor's Boston Rob on Russell : "The Island Was Too Small for the Both of Us"

Zap2It 4/2/10 'Survivor' villain Boston Rob Mariano: Russell Hantz 'made the right move'

US Magazine 4/2/10 Survivor Recap: A Titan Falls

LA Times 4/2/10 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Boston Rob's luck runs out early

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/10 The Titans Clash Tonight On Survivor: Rob Vs Russell - Commentary and Preview

Reality TV Fans 3/31/10 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Russell and Rob Have a Heart to Heart

People 3/2/10 Survivor’s Randy on Boston Rob: ‘I Blame Him For My Demise!’

Zap2It 2/26/10 'Survivor' villain Randy Bailey: Russell and Rob 'will screw their best friend'

E!Online 2/26/10 Survivor Eliminee: "Boston Rob Is a P--sy"

Reality TV Fans 2/18/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Boston Rob’s New Playbook

Reality TV Calendar 2/8/10 "Boston" Rob Mariano - Bio - Stimpy's Take and Interview

Zap2It 2/3/10 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 9 Rob Mariano

Reality TV Fans 1/8/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Boston Rob Mariano Interview

Reality TV Fans 1/7/10 CBS Announces 20 Former Castaways to Compete on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Reality TV Magazine 8/3/09 Survivor: Rob And Amber Mariano Are Proud Parents

People 8/2/09 Survivor & Amazing Race's Rob and Amber Become Parents
Reality News Online 9/22/08 The Canadian Reality Report for September 22: Some Dance, Some Chat, And Some Idols

Buddy TV 8/30/07 'Amazing Race' Star Gets Physical

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 Tontine Producers Reaffirm Support for Host Rob Mariano After Altercation

Minneapolis Star Tribune 8/18/07 Mariano won't unlock secret of where his new show will air

Bostonist 8/18/07 Boston Rob Shows Off Right Hook

Reality TV Magazine 8/16/07 Boston Rob In Fight With Tontine Applicant

Pioneer Press 7/27/07 'Boston Rob' coming to cast new game show

Star Telegram 6/29/07 Mariano gets set for biggest challenge

Reality TV World 6/26/07 Interview: Rob Mariano talks about his new 'Tontine' reality show

Reality TV Links 6/19/07 Casting Call - New Reality Show "Tontine" Hosted by "Boston Rob" Mariano

Celebrity Spider 6/19/07 "Tontine" to Offer Largest Giveaway in Reality TV History

Buddy TV 5/23/07 What Are They Up To? The Amazing Race's Rob and Amber 5/4/07 Rob and Amber ready to ‘revolutionize reality TV’

Our Sports Central 5/1/07 Reality TV stars Rob and Amber in Trenton this Thursday

Trenton Thunder 4/17/07 Rob & Amber Night

New Straits Times 3/25/07 The Rob and Amber show

TV Guide 3/16/07 The Amazing "Romber" Q&A You Just Have to Read

Reality News Online 3/13/07 “We Kicked Ass the First Three Legs” – An Interview with TAR: All-Stars’ Rob & Amber

Reality TV World 3/12/07 Interview: Rob and Amber Mariano talk about their 'Amazing' wipeout

Reality TV World 3/12/07 'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' eliminates Rob and Amber Mariano

Reality TV Calendar 3/12/07 Romber's Gone And I'm Glad

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 3/12/07 Brkich-Mariano team falters in 'Amazing Race'

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/07 The harder they fall

Reality TV Magazine 3/11/07 Amazing Race All Stars Results – Rob & Amber Eliminated

Trenton Thunder 3/7/07 Reality TV Stars Rob & Amber Coming to Trenton

LauraBelle 2/17/07 The Amazing Race – Rob and Amber: Against the Odds

Inside Pulse 2/12/07 The Amazing Race: All Stars Boston Rob Week: Monday - The Legend

LauraBelle 2/9/07 The Latest on Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano

Reality TV Calendar 1/22/07 "Amber Has A Hard Time Making Decisions": Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV World 1/22/07 Reality TV couple Rob and Amber Mariano see children in their future

Reality Shack 1/21/07 An Open Letter to Romber

Ottawa Citizen 1/19/07 Veteran reality-TV couple turns up on 'all-star' Amazing Race

Entertainment Weekly 1/19/07 Next ''Race'': the last you'll see of Rob and Amber?

Reality TV Calendar 1/18/07 "That Guy Must Have Hated You For Life!": Episode 1 Recap

Zap2It 1/16/07 Rob and Amber Lead 'Amazing Race: All-Stars' Cast

Boston Globe 1/11/07 Will Vegas be lucky for 'Rob & Amber'?

IGN 1/10/07 IGN Interview: Rob & Amber

Variety 1/10/07 TV Review: Rob and Amber: Against the Odds

Deseret News 1/8/07 Rob & Amber are back

E!Online 11/22/06 Romber's Amazing Return

NY Post 10/14/06 'Survivor' Rob Goes Sci Fi Route 

Sci Fi Wire 10/6/06 Mariano Investigates SCI FI

Jam! 7/28/06 Reality duo Rob & Amber eye new show

Zap2It 7/20/06 Rob and Amber, Yet Again

Coming Soon 7/18/06 Still Haven't Had Enough Rob and Amber?

Variety 7/17/06 Fox Reality wedded to duo

CBS 6/20/06 Rob Tries To Rescue Rusty's Owner

CBS 6/13/06 Rob Rescues Kids' Fishing Futures

CBS 5/16/06 Rob's Grandma's Sauce To Rescue

CBS 5/9/06 Rob To The Rescue Of Little Leaguers

CBS 5/2/06 Rob Tries To Drown Out Drum Noise

CBS 5/2/06 Rob Tries To Drown Out Drum Noise

Quincy Herald Whig 4/27/06 'Boston Rob' delivers backyard beauty

CBS 2/28/06 Boston Rob At The Wheel

CBS 2/27/06 Rob Rescues The Cub Scouts

CBS 2/24/06 Rob Gets In Over His Head

CBS 2/24/06 Rob Gets In Over His Head

CBS 2/23/06 Rob To The Rescue With Karaoke

Herald Courier 1/23/06 Rob to the Rescue

CBS 11/29/05 Teaching Poker Tests 'Boston Rob'

Reality TV World 11/22/05 Reality TV star Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano joins CBS' 'The Early Show'

Zap2It 11/22/05 Boston Rob Joins CBS' 'Early Show'

CBS 11/22/05 'Boston Rob' Goes Rural

Bay City Times 11/17/05 'Survivor' star Boston Rob puts giddyapin Fairview horse farm

Dallas Morning News 11/11/05 Inside 'Romber'

Jam! 11/6/05 Reality sinks in for Amazing racer

Inside Pulse 11/5/05 Ten Memorable TV Characters - Rob Mariano

Globe and Mail 11/5/05 Playing games with Rob and Amber is a different reality

Jam! 10/13/05 Rob and Amber milking quasi fame

Anderson Independent Mail 8/13/05 Celebrities praise Anderson area

Television Without Pity 6/10/05 Rob And Amber Get Married

Sun2Surf 6/6/05 Rob and Amber's amazing race

Reality TV Talk 6/4/05 Rob & Amber Get Married "The Taming of the Shrewd"

Reality Reel 5/29/05 The Amazing Race: Rob and Amber's Wedding

JokersUpdates 5/25/05 Rob and Amber's Fairytale Wedding

Reality Shack 5/25/05 Fab-U-Lous! – Rob and Amber Get Married

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married - The Recap

Reality HQ 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married

Reality News Online 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married: The Reality Fairy Tale Wedding

Pittsburgh Live 5/24/05 Rob & Amber tie the knot tonight

Reality News Online 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married: The Reality Fairy Tale Wedding

Pittsburgh Live 5/24/05 Rob & Amber tie the knot tonight

USA Today 5/22/05 Much 'I do' about...

Times Online 5/22/05 At last, 'Rob and Amber Get Married'

Times Online 5/22/05 I'm the luckiest girl in the world

Reality TV World 5/20/05 'The Amazing Race 7' runner-up Rob Mariano continues to fuel final flight conspiracy rumors

Extra 5/18/05 Rob and Amber Make the Ultimate Alliance

The Oregonian 5/18/05 Say 'I do,' then say 'bye-bye' 5/12/05 - Romber on ‘Live with Regis & Kelly’

Post Gazette 5/12/05 Amber and Rob finish runners-up on 'Amazing Race'

Patriot Ledger 5/11/05 Canton native, wife miss TV payoff

Chicago Tribune 5/10/05 'Race' couple who has it all might win more

Beaver County Times 5/10/05 'The Amazing Race' Win or lose, the game is up for Amber and Rob

Beaver County Times 4/27/05 'Amazing Race' Amber, Rob not so fast anymore

MSNBC 4/26/05 Readers feel strongly about Rob and Amber

Quad City Times 4/26/05 No love for Rob, Amber in their ‘Amazing Race’

Orlando Sentinel 4/26/05 They rule TV's reality

MSNBC 4/26/05 Rob and Amber's success hurts ‘Amazing Race’

NY Times 4/26/05 On TV, Reality Loves a Villain

Zap2It 4/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Registered

Times Online 4/24/05 What do you buy for a bride who has everything?

Toronto Star 4/24/05 Romber's to the altar 4/21/05 Rob & Amber: They're really a couple

Orwell Project 4/20/05 Rob Mariano And Amber Brkich Wedding Special Coming To CBS In May

Beaver County Times 4/20/05 'The Amazing Race' Amber, Rob near finish line

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 Reality Couple Rob & Amber Get Married On Television

TV is King 4/19/05 Rob and Amber to Get Married on TV

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/05 CBS Announces Romber Wedding Special Details & 1st Photo

TVRules 4/19/05 Survivor's Rob & Amber Get Married On CBS May 24

Reality TV World 4/19/05 CBS confirms 'Rob and Amber Get Married' wedding special to air on May 24

Zap2It 4/19/05 CBS Sets Date for Rob-Amber Nuptials

NY Daily News 4/19/05 'Race'-y pair ties the knot in a real deal

Zap2It 4/18/05 Rob and Amber Reportedly Wed

Jam! 4/18/05 'Ramber' wedding to face 'Idol' finale?

Entertainment Weekly 4/18/05 Isle to Aisle

Reality TV Calendar 4/18/05 Romber Married - Bahamas Ceremony Was Saturday

Reality TV World 4/15/05 Report: 'Survivor' couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano to marry on April 16

Beaver County Times 4/15/05 Upcoming nuptials kept hush by network

Times Online 4/13/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber and Rob still lead the race

POAC 4/12/05 They’re may be devious and you hate ’em. But Rob and Amber deserve to win ‘Race’

Beaver County Times 4/6/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber, Rob win another race, trip

USA Today 4/5/05 That Amber and Rob: 'Everyone hates them'

Seattle PI 3/31/05 Rob and Amber: an 'Amazing' disgrace

Beaver County Times 3/30/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber, Rob aren't making any friends 3/23/05  3/22: The Boy From Boston Makes it All Look SO Easy...

Beaver County Times 3/23/05 The Amazing Race - Rob and Amber ruffle more feathers with a win

Reality TV Calendar 3/21/05 In Defense of Boston Rob - The Best Ever

Reality TV Calendar 3/19/05 I Hate Rob & Amber

Beaver County Times 3/16/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber, Rob: By any means

Deseret News 3/1/05 And they're off!

Calgary Sun 3/1/05 Reality television’s Million Dollar Babies

Times Online 2/27/05 Reality Report - They're off

Zap2It 2/26/05 'Amazing Race' Puts 'Survivor' Vets to the Test

Chicago Tribune 2/18/05 Veterans of `Survivor' now in `Amazing Race'

Canton Journal 2/4/05 More Mariano on TV?

Entertainment Weekly 2/3/05 Survivors Rejoin Reality

Reality News Online 1/26/05 'Amazing Race 7' Coming Soon - So Are Rob & Amber

Digital Spy 1/21/05 'Survivor' duo to run 'Amazing Race'

Entertainment Weekly 1/21/05 All-Star Draft

Post Gazette 1/20/05 Amber, Rob to run 'The Amazing Race'

News Review 10/18/04 'Boston Rob' backs out of 'Survivor' show

Herald Sun 9/15/04 Boston 'robbed'

CBS 9/14/04 'Survivor' Lovebirds Perch In N.Y.

WKBN 8/24/04 Meet Amber and Boston Rob

CBS 8/17/04 Picks From Rob And Amber

Standardbred Canada 7/23/04 Survivor Stars at The Meadows

CBS 7/13/04 Rob And Amber's Wedding Plans

Reality TV World 6/29/04 'Survivor' Amber Brkich and fiance Rob Mariano negotiate for TV wedding

Boston Globe 6/8/04 15 minutes and ticking

Ottawa Citizen 5/14/04 Boston Rob's passion for hockey

Canton Journal 5/13/04 Family morphs into 'Survivor' addicts

TVRules 5/12/04 Survivor Winner Amber & Runner Up Rob To Appear On Leno

TV Barn 5/12/04 Take that, Dave -- Rob and Amber to appear on Leno

Post Gazette 5/11/04 Amber's Wave: She played 'the hardest game,' although Rob 'took all the bullets'

Patriot Ledger 5/11/04 Feeling like a million: ‘Boston Rob' to wed ‘Survivor' winner

Boston Globe 5/11/04 Rob, a 'Survivor' loser, becomes a winner in love

Chicago Sun-Times 5/11/04 Amber and Rob: A match made in dirt

USA Today 5/11/04 Rob and Amber's payoff: $1.25 million and two cars

Metro West Daily News 5/11/04 Love is the reality between Boston Rob and Amber

Reality News Online 5/11/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rob M. Lost

Reality TV World 5/10/04 Amber Brkich wins 'All-Stars', gets engaged to runner-up Rob Mariano

MSNBC 5/10/04 ‘Survivor All-Stars’ was all about the Robfather

Seattle Times 5/10/04 Amber wins $1 million, Rob's heart

Boston Globe 5/10/04 Rob loses 'Survivor,' finds love

Pioneer Press 5/9/04 Probst fascinated with 'Boston Rob'

Hartford Courant 5/8/04 Boston Rob, Unlikely `Survivor'

Sun Sentinel 5/8/04 All eyes on Rob and Amber as All-Stars winds down

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 14 MVP – Paranoia Smaranoia

Detroit News 5/7/04 Gamesman wows host of 'Survivor: All Stars'

Canton Journal 5/6/04 Mariano still in game

Zap2It 5/6/04 TV Gal Professes Her Adoriation for Boston Rob

Canton Journal 4/30/04 Mariano in the final six

Canton Review 4/22/04 Ardent Mariano wins again 4/22/04 Boston Rob's Choice of Hat Appropriate?

Reality News Online 4/20/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 11 MVP – The Fun House Mirror

Canton Review 4/15/04 Mariano in final eight

Edmonton Journal 4/15/04 'Romber' a Survivor force to be reckoned with

Dayton Daily News 4/15/04 'In Rob We Trust' mark of worthless coin

Reality News Online 4/14/04 Rob Mariano – The New Brian Heidik?

Times Online 4/11/04 Young. Famous. In Love? Amber and Rob noticed by People 4/9/04 - Episode 10: Let's Just Give Rob the Million!

Canton Journal 4/8/04 Mariano loses girlfriend to opposing tribe

Seattle PI 4/8/04 'Survivor' Insider: Rob holds the power as the two tribes move toward merging

Reality News Online 4/5/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 9 – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Rob?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/2/04 Santa Cruz’s ‘Survivor’ cuts deal with the Robfather

Dayton Daily News 4/2/04 Survivor mixes up tribes, hearts

Portsmouth Herald 3/31/04 ‘Survivor’ dines at a local tavern

Portsmouth Herald 3/30/04 ‘Survivor’ will visit local tavern

Canton Journal 3/25/04 Mariano gets the girl, wins immunity

Canton Journal 3/18/04 Mariano survives to enjoy luxurious trip with his tribe

Canton Journal 3/11/04 Mariano grows stronger on 'All-Stars'

Canton Journal 3/4/04 Mariano's balance leads tribe to victory

Canton Journal 2/26/04 Mariano gains strength on 'Survivor'

Survivor Review 2/22/04 The Return of the Rob-Father

Canton Journal 2/19/04 Mariano closing in on $1M prize on All Stars

Canton Journal 2/12/03 All-Star Mariano survives for another week

Canton Journal 2/5/04 Rob Mariano thrives on new 'Survivor'

Canton Journal 1/29/04 Mariano's second 'Survivor' odyssey begins Sunday

TV Barn 1/22/04 Who's in the final 2 of "Survivor Allstars?"

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed 11/9/02 Q&A with Boston Rob

Reality News Online 4/13/02 Why Rob Should Not Have Been Voted Out

CBS 4/12/02 Arrivederci, Rob

Survivor Fire 4/12/02 The True Survivor Story of Rob Mariano

The Trades 4/12/02 Episode 7 - We Are Dysfunctional Family

Zap2It 4/11/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Forms Soliantu, Cuts Rob

Reality News Online 4/11/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 7: The Robfather

Reality News Online 4/11/02 Why Rob Lost

CBS 4/11/02 Tribes Merge: Soliantu is Formed, Rob Voted Out

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/6/02 Beauty and the beast: Gina’s gone, Rob grows dangerous

Survivor Fire 4/3/02 Rob's Hometown Can't Wait!

Zap2It 4/1/02 Rob Refuses to Accept Defeat

Survivor Fire 3/27/02 Will The Robfather Make Rotu an Offer They Can't Refuse?

Zap2It 2/6/02 'Early Show' Reveals New 'Survivor' Cast


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